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It's a boys' life!
by Andrew van Ryan

copyright 2005

Part 13

          The wait for Matt to return my call was killing me! It had only been 22 minutes and already I was twisting and fidgeting in the big Lazy Boy recliner next to the phone in the den. 23 minutes had just passed when the old black desk phone from the 1940's began to ring. At first I jumped with surprise and then answered it on the second ring.


          "Well, I just had an interesting visitor." Matt began without greeting me. "Guess who it was."

          "Norman?" I asked.

          "Aren't you the smart boy!" he said, sounding like a TV game show host. "Bet you can't guess what we talked about!"

          "No, actually, I can't guess. I've been sitting here for the last twenty minutes imagining every possible thing! Now, just tell me what he said!" I demanded.

          "Well, it seems Paul called Norman bright and early this morning. He invited Norm to come over and they were together for about three hours, just talking."


          "Yeah, and Paul asked Norman if he'd like to go out Friday night!"

          "He did?!" I responded, not sounding too happy.

          "Yeah, he did." Matt sighed. "Look, I'm not too happy about it either. I thought they would at least take a few weeks before hooking up with each other, but this is pretty cold. Norman asked me if I thought you'd be mad at him for going out with Paul. I said you'd be a bit put out over it, then he told me he really wanted to go out with Paul! So, I said they should go out together and that you and I would do something Friday night."

          "So they're going to go out?" I said, sounding quite dejected.

          "Yeah, they are and I'm pissed!" Matt suddenly snapped. "I mean, I thought Paul really liked me, but now I see that he thinks I'm just a little kid because I'm in middle school and he's in high school! Norm's acting the same way, so screw 'em! I'm ready to just break up with Paul right now and besides, we should be together anyway! In fact, we should have been boyfriends all along! You and I really care about each other and all they care about is having sex! I bet they even did it this morning!"

    It was very unlike Matt to become agitated, but as he talked I could tell he was growing more and more angry. I was somewhat hurt by the way Norman had turned away from acting head over heels in love with me the day before, but then again Matt was right when he said we should have been together all along.

          "Yeah, screw them!" I responded. "I love you more than Norman any day of the week! We should just be boyfriends from now on. Shit, we were going to end up together anyway. I've known it for a long time now." There was silence at the other end of the phone. I listen for a second and heard nothing. "Matt? Are you there?" I asked.

          "You've known it for a long time?" he asked almost whispering. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

          "Because I knew you were in love with Paul." I replied.

          "Not as much as I am with you! Oh, Andy I love you more than anyone!" I could hear that certain brightness returning to his voice, the bright, happy sound that always made me smile whenever I listened to him talking that way.

          "If you'd said something earlier, I would have broken up with Paul right then. You know how much I love you!"

          "You would have dumped him to be with me?"

          "In a heartbeat! Andy, this is great! I thought you didn't want to be with me after what happened with Phil last year. I thought...."

          "Matt!" I interrupted. "Stop thinking so much, OK?"

    There was a pause, then I heard him giggle.

          "OK, Andy. So, what 'cha wanna do Friday? My parents are going away until Sunday!"

          "I wanna spend the night at your house, screwing!" I replied in an instant.

          "You gotta deal!" Matt shouted, before laughing a wicked little chortle. Catching his breath, he continued.

          "Speaking of screwing, what was that you said earlier about not coming over today and being grounded? What for? Did you do something wrong, or did something bad happen? Les didn't get you in trouble again, did he?" Matt quizzed, asking questions in rapid fire succession. "There's going to be at least six or seven guys here, not including you!"

          "Hold on!" I demanded with a laugh. "One thing at a time!"

    I related the story of the night before and told him why my dad had grounded me. I assured him Les had nothing to do with it, but I was pissed off at my brother anyway, for the comments he'd made at and about me last night. Then I told Matt how I had avoided getting a haircut, but I left out the part about grandmothers threat. I still wasn't comfortable with the idea of telling anyone about what happened between dad and me when I was little. I told Matt what I feared most about the haircut that my dad would have no doubt instructed Mr. Foster to give me. Most likely dad would have asked for a "regular boys" cut and I would have looked like I'd been scalped! Matt got a good laugh hearing me describe it as 'childhood hair abuse'.
    Then I asked Matt who were the boys coming to the Afternoon Sex Club.

          "Well, I called Tim and he's bringing Ricky and I saw Robert this morning. He's coming and bringing  a new kid named Danny, too. So, I'm expecting Paul and Norm to be here as well, unless they run off together somewhere." Matt explained. I could hear in his voice a certain bit of anger when he mentioned our soon to be ex-boyfriends. I myself wondered if Norman would even call me today. I felt a slight tinge of pain at the thought. Maybe Norman had actually planned it out and had only wanted to use me, right from the beginning. I didn't want to believe that, so I focused on something else.

          "Who's this Danny kid?"

          "Dunno." Matt answered. "Just moved in next door to Robert. All Robert knows is that he's gay. Oh, and that he's kinda goofy looking."

          "Oh, Great! Now we're gonna have the goof-balls hanging out with us?"

          "Yeah, well I told him next time he has to get approval before bringing someone we don't know."

          "Good Idea!" I replied, just as mother began calling my name from elsewhere in the house. "OK, gotta go, mom's calling. Talk to you tonight, OK?"

          "Yep, I'll call with all the gory details and make you jealous!" Matt snickered. "And if Norman comes, I'll fuck his ass really hard, just to make him sorry for being such a dickhead to you!"

    I laughed and said my goodbyes, then went to see what mom wanted. Turned out she and my sister were leaving to go shopping and that I would be home alone until they returned. Les had left earlier with his friend Eric and dad was working in the Carlton groves, probably until sundown. I grinned, knowing they would be gone no more than a minute before I would get naked and start a marathon jack off session!

    When they actually left, I listened to moms station wagon backing down the driveway while dropping my baggies to the floor. In an instant my young cock stood fully erect and I wrapped my hand around it. I had already fished my favorite boy photo out from where I kept it hidden inside my old radio. It was a picture from a magazine I'd found lying alongside the road one day when I was walking home from school during sixth grade. I had noticed it because our street wasn't well traveled and litter was uncommon. As I got near, I saw naked people on the cover! It turned out to be a nudist magazine from Holland. How it ended up on our street, I'll never know, but I was excited as hell that it did! I picked it up and hurried to my secret place in the barranca. Thumbing through it, I found a picture of a sun tanned blond boy about my own age, naked and skipping along a sun-drenched beach bordered with palm trees. His young cock was completely stiff and he had the most beautiful smile on his face. To me, the picture was the definition of total freedom! I quickly took my clothes off and masturbated feverishly, cumming three times before finally hiding the magazine and going home. A few days later I tore that picture from the page and smuggled it into my bedroom, where it had been ever since.
    Today, as I sat on my bed and stroked my cock, I gazed at the boys picture and dreamed of sucking his stiff cock, swallowing his sweet sperm and then licking him clean, after which I imagined him going down on me and suctioning the young semen from within my balls. I dreamed of him swallowing every drop and then begging for more. As my fantasy played out, I stroked faster and faster, until my sperm erupted almost without warning from the head of my pink banana. With my butt cheeks flexing and my thin legs shaking, I cried out loudly as the white flood spit forth. My issue arched through the air, splattering across the cork tiles of my bedroom floor to paint pictures of my sexual release. I moaned as the feeling subsided, letting the last pulse of boy cum land into my cupped left hand. Raising my hand to my mouth, I tasted myself and then with a slow movement smeared what was left of the sticky mass across my face. Lying back on my bed I panted, smelling my sex scent and pinching my stiff little boy nipples. I glanced again at the photo of the boy. His image, combined with the scent of my cum served to inflame my sexual desires again, so within a few minutes I was hard and pounding away at my youth once again. I lay there thinking "God, I love to cum!". Today would be great I decided, even if I wasn't at Matts' house with the other boys.
    I came three more times that afternoon and each time I swallowed all the semen my body produced. I was about to try a fourth time when I heard the phone begin to ring. Not worried about anyone coming home early, I jumped up and ran naked through the house with my stiff boyhood waggling about ahead of me. I answered the phone in the den and was surprised to hear Normans voice.

          "Hey, Andy! What'cha doing?" he asked cheerfully. I answered him truthfully.

          "I've been beatin' off for the last two hours and I can't come today." I replied to his question. Listening for his response, I heard only silence. I was just about to ask if he was still there when he spoke up.

          "You've been beating off for two hours and can't cum? What's wrong? Is your dick plugged up or something?" Norm asked, sounding worried.
    I sat in the lazy boy wondering if he was trying to be funny or if he was suddenly struck stupid when I realized that I hadn't said what I meant, or rather what I had said wasn't what I meant. For whatever reason, it struck me as being really funny and I began laughing out loud. Norman asked me what was so funny three or four times before I was able to get control of myself and tell him. After explaining how I'd been grounded and couldn't go to Matts house today, I told him I'd been wacking my meat and shooting sperm for the last two hours until his phone call interupted.

          "Are you still naked?" he asked.


          "Let me hear you beat off." he whispered.

          "What?" I replied, sounding somewhat surprised.

          "Let me hear you beating off." he repeated. "You know, hold the phone next to you cock while you're jerking it."
    I'm sure an evil grin spread across my face as the idea sank in.

          "OK. Listen to this!" I said excitedly before placing the handset next to my cock. I gripped my semi hard flesh and began hammering away at myself with a newly inspired sexual fury. I whipped my cock so fast and furious that the head of it began smacking against the handset, right on the mouthpiece. I flogged away for about a minute before returning the phone to my ear.

          "Can you hear it?" I asked.

          "YES!" he panted. "Let me hear some more!"

    I replaced the phone next to my quiviering joystick and shifted my arm into high gear. Whipping my sore but feverish penis at an unprecedented pace, I launched into my last orgasm of the day, shouting at the top of my lungs.

          "Nnnuuggg!! Fuck, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Without thinking, my hand swung the phone to my ear and I heard Norman cry out.

          "Ahhh!!! Fuck, fuck, fuck!!! I'm shooting my cum, you fuckin little queerboy! I love you!"

    I was a bit shocked when Norm called me 'queerboy', but he sounded so nasty that it kinda excited me, too. If anyone else had heard the two of us, they'd probably have though we were the two biggest perverts in the world. At least that's how I was feeling about what we'd just done at that moment. That moment was quickly forgotten when I heard the front door open and my mother and sisters voices!

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