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It's a boys' life!
by Andrew van Ryan

copyright 2005

Part 14

         I was in near panic when I heard mom and my sister arrive home, so when I hung the phone up without saying a word to Norman, I imagine he was wondering what had happened. However, I had to act fast and didn't have time to think about it. I went through the back door of the den and into the hallway which led past my parents room. There I turned right, passing the middle bathroom before dashing the last ten steps to my bedroom. Just as I was three steps from my room, my sister came around the corner at the other end of the hall. The look on her face was something of a cross between surprise and "Oh, no! What are you doing THIS time!" when she saw me, wearing nothing but tennis shoes and dried cum, scurrying into my bedroom! I slowed for just a split-second as she stopped in her tracks and gave me that "Hurry up!" look. I slipped inside the room and shut my door, remembering to twist the lock quietly. Just as I finished latching it, I heard my moms voice calling.

          "Andy! We're home!"

          "No, shit mom!" I whispered to myself as I leaned my back against the wall next to the door and slid to the ground. My eyes fell to gaze at the floor and as they did, I noticed where the skin on the top of my penis was raw and bleeding a tiny bit. Shit! I'd really beat my meat bloody this time I thought as I began to chuckle. The more I thought about what I'd just done for Norms entertainment, the funnier it struck me. I'd been sitting there whacking my dick against the mouthpiece of the phone as Norm beat off listening to me! I stopped laughing with a sudden quick intake of air as panic gripped me. What if I had gotten my cum on the phone! If anyone went to use it or answer it, they'd find a nasty little Andy surprise!
    I quickly found my baggies and a t-shirt. I looked into the mirror on my dresser and grimaced when I realized I still had dried cum smeared across my face. I took what remained in the water glass I'd used earlier and poured it onto a discarded towel I spotted lying on the floor. I washed the cum from my tanned skin, then used the other end of the towel to dry myself. Once I'd checked again in the mirror and satisfied myself that the cum was removed, I exited my bedroom and went to the den where I examined the phone. I found it to be free of sperm stains, so I exited through the front entrance and headed into the living room. Mom looked up from her big overstuffed chair and smiled at me.

          "Hi, honey! What're you up to?" she asked.

          "Nothing, just finally getting the shower I've been wanting all day!" I replied while heading through the living room towards the rear of the house and the back bathroom. Mom returned her attention to whatever it was she was doing and I hurried onward to wash my young, sore body in the steaming hot water of an afternoon shower. As I felt the water soothing my bruised muscles, my mind filled with what I had just done for Norman. I felt conflicted with my feelings for him. It was just three days since he'd revealed how much he wanted me and supposedly loved me, but then it seemed he was running off with Paul. Then we had masturbated while talking on the phone. I was really getting confused by it all. However, the thought of being with Matt appealed to me more than anything. He and I really did have a inner connection and we each wanted the other one as ours, so Norman running off with Paul was OK, just as long as he didn't think I'd still be his, too.
    I sat on the floor of the large tile shower and let the water run right over the top of my head for a long time as I thought about Norm. The more I thought of what had happened the last few days, the more I wrestled with my feelings. After a very long time I decided not to think about it anymore until tomorrow.
    Tomorrow! School started and I would be back with my classmates, back at the same place where I'd tried to slit my wrist the first day of last year. I was suddenly aware that I wasn't in too much better a position now, except for the fact that I had a little confidence. That was supported by my acceptance of myself, acceptance Matt had instilled in me. Matt, yes he was foremost in my mind again and making me feel better. I had a whole lot of things to be grateful toward Matt over. Then I began to wonder what was going on at his house right now, since the other guys would probably be arriving already. I couldn't help feel a bit of jealousy over the fact I wouldn't be there with them.
       "Andy! Get the fuck out of the shower!" I heard my brother shout. Then he started banging on the door with his fist. I opened the shower and yelled back at him.

          "OK, OK! I'm getting right out!"

    I quickly turned off the water and stepped out. Fetching a towel and wrapping it around me, I opened the bathroom door. Les stood there glowering at me as I passed him by. I think he was going to make one of his disparaging remarks, but for some reason he remained silent. His silence was nearly as bad as his remarks were, so I hurried away toward my bedroom where I locked myself in and laid on the bed. I hadn't even bother to dry myself off, since it was still summer weather, meaning the temperature was nearly 100 degrees, and would stay there until about seven or eight that evening. I just let the water evaporate from my body as I looked at the ceiling, lying back with both hands behind my head.
    My eyes wandered across the ceiling for a while, focusing on nothing. Becoming bored with that,  I sat up a little and began to inspect my young, growing body. I was thin and long, with feet that were too big. My arms and hands seemed a bit too long as well. My flat stomach had some definition of muscle, as did my thighs. When I glanced to the root of my cock, I did a double take. Could It really be? I thought, as I leaned forward for a closer look. There, illuminated in the late afternoon sunlight filtering through my window and shinning onto my naked skin, were a half dozen or so small dark hairs! Pubic hair! I nearly shouted out loud, I had finally started to grow a patch to prove my entry into puberty and adolescence! I must have had a smile from ear to ear as I sat there and wondered how to tell Matt when he called later.

   I spent the rest of the afternoon lying on my bed, naked and sleepy. I dozed off a few times before Matt finally called. I pulled on my baggies and hurried to answer the phone in the den. He related the afternoons' events, which were not as wild as I might have imagined. Paul had been there, but  Norman didn't attend. Matt had questioned Paul and he'd admitted to having sex with Norman that morning. Matt was mad and Paul had left in a huff, saying Matts' anger only proved how "immature" he was and how Norman was more 'adult' in his attitude. When Matt asked what that meant, Paul had said Norm could "love more than one boy at a time".

          "Well, maybe he can, but I can't!" I growled.

          "Yeah, so I banned them from the Afternoon Sex Club." Matt stated with a huff.

    I was angry and we talked for a while longer about our decision to get together. After a time, my curiosity returned as to what happened that afternoon at Matts. He detailed a few stories about trading blow jobs with the others, naming who did what to who. When he mentioned the new kid, Danny, I asked how goofy looking he was.

          "Roberts full of shit." Matt remarked. "He's real cute, just not an athletic type. Anybody who isn't a football player is a geek, according to Robert."

          "Yeah, Robert sucks." I replied. "And not very well!"

    The two of us laughed over my remark, until I heard my sister calling me to dinner.

          "Gotta go, Matt. See you at school!"

            "Yeah, meet me out front in the morning. Bye!" he answered.

    I said goodbye and hurried to dinner. The rest of the evening was uneventful and before long, I was fast asleep.

    The morning came early to me. I was awaken by my alarm an hour and a half before school. After a quick shower and some light makeup to my nearly normal eyes, I dressed in the chartreuse shirt with the white pokka dots, gray corduroy pants and new Cuban boots,  the local name for Beatle boots. I combed my hair into a perfect 'Prince Valiant' before joining my sister at the breakfast table.
    My mother never gets up before 9:00am and my dad had already left over an hour earlier to begin his daily rounds of the ranch. Les never ate breakfast, so it was just my sister and I. She commented on how good I looked and then admonished me for "whacking off in the house" the day before.

            "From now on, stay in your room when you do that!" She chided me. All I could do was blush!

    She drove me to school, where I took up a position by the front gate to wait for Matt. I wasn't really thinking about anything, as I gazed at the other students arriving. A few looked at me, some with disapproving looks and others (mostly girls!) smiled. I was gazing towards the administration building when my eyes feel upon a girl with really long blonde hair.
    OH MY GOD! Suddenly, my pulse raced and I found myself in a trance! She was beautiful! Her back was turned three quarters to me, so I could only see her profile, but her face was stunning! This hit me hard, since I'd never, ever been attracted to any girl before. As I stared, she turned to where she was nearly facing me. She had long, whitish blond hair, a turned up nose and green eyes. Her pink lips rivaled Normans for puffy seductiveness. She wore a tight light blue long sleeve t-shirt over a very thin body. As my eyes took in her form, I noticed she was still flat chested, like many other eighth grade girls. I then noticed how the t-shirt was a tiny bit too short, leaving about an inch of bare skin exposed at her waist. The hip hugging jeans she wore were skin tight, showing off her perfect bubble butt! I knew I was sweating, staring at her butt as she turned to face me completely. Her left thumb was stuck into one of the belt loops of her jeans and as I watched, she pulled the thumb loose. I watched in awe as her hand slipped down the front of the jeans to her crotch, where she grabbed hold and adjusted her nicely outlined cock.......

    What!? I saw a cock in those pants! My eyes suddenly rose to her face and I found those green eyes staring right at me. A smile crossed those puffy pink lips as I stared, not noticing they were coming closer to me. When I looked up into those eyes again, they were standing right in front of me. My eyes widened as the lips parted to speak.

        "Hi, you must be Andy! I'm Danny." he said with the most soft, sexy voice imaginable. "Matt told me what shirt you'd be wearing, and here you are!".......

                To be continued.......

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