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               Therefore, Any resemblance to persons living, dead or not yet born are completely accidental and unintentional, so don't go thinking I'm talkin' about you!

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It's a boys' life!

By Andrew van Ryan
Copyright 2005

It took a second to register, `cause I'd figured it was going to be Jim, but that wasn't Jims voice.  It was Normans.  And he was crying.

I let out a long sigh in an attempt to think of something to say.  I couldn't , so I just jumped right in with both feet.

"Norman, I don't know if I hate you or not. " I started. "But I know you're not making it easy for me to like you. Why'ya gotta be so weird?"
 I listened as he sniffled on the other end. Since he didn't answer, I began again.
  "How come you were showin' your cock to those kids?"  I asked very bluntly.
  That hit home and he began howling at the other end of the line.

            "I didn't do it!" he wailed.  "I swear, Andy!  I'm not a pervert!  Ask David Hayes, he was with me when those kids walked past.  It was Mickey and his little brother and sister, Andy.  You know what they're like!"

"Oh, Mickey?" 

This made things different.  Mickey was known for making things up just to get others in trouble, but still I hesitated.  If Norm was lying, I would find out.  I decided to call David as soon as I got off the phone with Norm.  David Hayes was a goody two shoes and never lied about anything for anyone.  I'd get the truth from him.  Yet, I still needed to deal with the sobbing mess I was talking to.

"That does make a difference. But, why do you always say weird shit and get into trouble all the time?  And why do you follow me everywhere?"  I began to unload, but halted when I heard his reaction.    

"Ahhwwww!!!" he moaned.  "You do hate me!  Why?  Why, Andy?  I love you!"

There.  He'd said it.  Norman said he loved me.  Norm, the thirteen year old tuff guy loved me, Andy the skinny, shaggy headed twelve year old , who was suddenly becoming aware that he felt really bad for making Norm cry.  I listened in stunned silence as Norm's tears flowed.  With a sudden feeling of guilt and sadness, I let out another long sigh.  Then I said something I almost couldn't believe I'd ever say.


"Well, maybe if you'd try not to act so weird, I could try to love you, too."

The sniffling at the other end kinda slowed, almost stopped. I heard his labored breathing relax a little, and then he spoke.

"You...You c..could?" he stuttered.  "Really?"

I paused, wondering if I was crazy or not.

"Yeah, I could try, but I'm not saying anything's for sure."  I back pedaled.  "I'll make you a deal, though.  If you'll stay out of trouble, I'll hang out with you."

"Really?" he asked.  I could hear his tears fade as he spoke.  "you'd do that?"

"Yeah, but I'm not saying I'm gonna be your boyfriend or anything like that.  I'm just saying we can try being friends, first. Then I'll see how I feel after a while."

"Jeez, Andy." He lightly sniffled.  "I'd be happy with you just being my friend.  I can't stand having you hate me."  I heard the tears beginning to fall again, so I spoke up before he could totally lose control.

"Wanna come over tomorrow?"  I asked.  Now I knew I'd lost my mind, inviting Norman to my house.

"But your mom won't let me."  Norm reminded.  What a relief, I thought.  Yet I'd told him I'd hang out, so I wasn't gonna back out completely.


"Yeah, OK.  Let's meet at my grandmothers instead."  I heard him gasp before I finished.  "You can apologize and then we can hang out.  She'll forgive you."

Brilliant, Andy!  I thought to myself.  This way, she'd consider letting me have Jim spend the night again and I could hang with Norman, who would be on his best behavior and trying to impress her.

"Is that a good idea?" he asked, truly not convinced.

"Of course it is."  I replied.  "You'll see, she's really a very sweet lady.  The reason she's mad at you is because you didn't apologize for waking her up.  It's never good to wake her when she's sleeping."

             "Well, I will apologize.  I always meant to, but I've just never seen her, except at her shop.  And I wasn't going to go in there!"  Norm
said, causing me to laugh.  Even being gay wasn't a good enough reason for a boy to enter her shop.  You see, she sold yarn and cloth to
the women in town who sewed their own clothes, or knitted them.  

             Norm might be gay and maybe a slight bit feminine looking, but he sure didn't want to be called a pansy.  That's what the last boy
spotted in her shop by some kids from our school got called.  Kids teased him relentlessly until their attention eventually waned after
finding another kid to victimize.  

             No boy other than myself dared enter Grandmothers shop, and I only got away with it because she was the owner.  Plus the fact
is, I possess a quick temper and had no problem smacking any kid stupid enough to say something dumb.  I'd developed an attitude
because I got teased so often concerning my well pronounced lisp.

It was known by most kids at school not to tease me about it, but every year some new kid would suffer the consequence of making

             "OK, then.  Meet me at her house about noon."  I instructed.  "I'll be sitting on the wall out front."

             "OK, I'll be there."  Norm said, still sniffling a bit.  "You're sure you wanna hang out with me?"

 That was a question I didn't know how to answer.  Did I really want to hang out with him?  Probably not, but I was going to try anyway.

             "Well, we'll find out tomorrow, I guess."

Just then, my mother called out dinner was ready, so we said our goodbyes.

             "Thanks, Andy.  I feel a lot better."  He said to me, sounding almost normal.

             "See ya at noon."  I answered and hung up the phone.

What had I done?  I shook my head as I started for the dinning room, doubting Norm and I could ever be friends, but I was going to try. 
 Yes, I would certainly try and if all went well, then perhaps, just maybe, I'd let him suck my cock again!

             The sudden thought of sex brought a wide smile to my face, which wrinkled up my nose.  The resulting jolt of pain stopped me in my tracks.

             "Owww!"  I cried, quickly bringing both hands up to my face.  The twinge of pain subsided and as I stood in the doorway leading to where dinner awaited, holding my damaged nose I decided yes, I have completely lost my mind.

             Okay, there's the first day of events leading up to the Afternoon Sex Club.  The next entry in my journal tells what happened the following day when Norman arrived at my Grandmothers house. My apologies as well for the length of this part. New HTML program I'm learning to use. The next post won't be so short!