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style="font-style: italic;">It's a boys' life!

by Andrew van Ryan

Copyright 2005

       Matt sat listening intently as Norman first apologized and then recounted what he'd already told me. When he finished, Matt let out a long sigh.

       "Dude, why didn't you just tell us before?" Matt asked.

       "I was too scared, after what happened. Besides, I don't know how to talk about things like love and sex."

    Truth be told, I wasn't all that experienced myself. Matt and I had fooled around during the previous year, beginning just a few weeks before Norm had stumbled across us. We'd suck each other off every now and then, or jack each other off while making out, but it had been because we were friends, not because we were in love. Not long after Norm discovered Matt and I having sex by the barranca, he'd begun to follow us. It seemed like everywhere we went, Norm was there. He never spoke to us at first, which un-nerved Matt. Then when he started saying that strange stuff, Matt got really scared. You see, Matt had been kidnapped when only six years old and held for two days by a teenager who lived in the same neighborhood. He was sexually assaulted by the older boy several times before the police rescued and returned him to his family. The teenager hung himself while being held in jail awaiting arraignment. The trauma from his ordeal still gave Matt nightmares. I knew Matt would understand Norms reasons.

        "I know how it feels, Norm." Matt nodded. "It's fucked up when it's forced on you, but doing it with a boyfriend is completely different."

        "Well, I really haven't done it that much and I've never had a boyfriend." Norm stated.

        "Ahemmm..." I signaled.

    The others all turned to look at me.

        "Well, are you gonna tell 'em or am I?" I asked Norm.

    He just stared at me open mouthed, so I spoke.

        "Never until now, that is." I announced.

    Matt looked at me with one of his patented looks of doubt.

       "You're fuckin' me, right?"

    His response brought laughter to all of us. I quickly countered what he had said.

       "No, but if you want me to..." I replied, giving an evil laugh. I looked to Norm and noticed the astonished look behind his laughter.

       "You really mean it, Andy? You really want me to be your boyfriend?"

       "Yep!" I answered before leaning over to him and planting a long, meaningful kiss on his lips.

       "OOoooooohhh!" Paul and Matt sounded together.

       "Hey, what's that in your pants, Andy? A big pink banana?" Matt said in his smart ass manner.

       "Why, you hungry?" I shot back and returned to kissing my newly announced boyfriend.

       "I'm getting jealous!" Paul announced.

       "Kiss your own boyfriend and stop interrupting us!" I shouted.

       "OK, I will." Paul huffed before adding "Bitch."

    This caused everyone to laugh again. Paul scooted over to Matt and they began making out. I returned to kissing with Norman and the room became quiet.  After a long while I noticed Paul and Matt, now in a reclining pose on the carpet, were sneaking peeks at the two of us.

       "What?" I asked after catching them for the third or fourth time. I must have looked annoyed, judging by the way Matt quickly became apologetic.

       "We're sorry." he softly replied to my gruff demand. Paul, however reacted in a most opposite and annoying way.

       "We know something you don't know!" he sang in a childlike manner. Matt scowled at him, while Norm got a puzzled look on his face.

       "OK. What is it?" I asked, feeling suddenly tense. Matt shook his head at Paul before speaking.

       "Well, I was going to tell you this right when we got here, but I got side tracked." he looked at Norm and nodded, then gazed at Paul.

       "Andy, it's probably a good thing, you getting together with Norm." He started. I noticed something in his voice that made me feel unsettled. My mind started to flash a dozen awful thoughts connected to my worst fears as Matt continued.

       "It's Jim." he said. Hearing this, I felt only a bit less fearful than a moment before. What had Jim said or done worried. Paul suddenly interrupted, blurting out what the two knew that I didn't.

       "Jim has a new boyfriend!"

    I turned to look at Paul, then to Matt and finally to Norm who seemed as surprised as me. Yet, in that moment I felt great relief.
It wasn't going to be hard telling Jim I'd decided to make Norm my boyfriend if he had a boyfriend, too. Although a small part of me felt jealous and another part felt curious, the greatest part of me felt happy. Happy to have Norm and happy that I wasn't going to feel bad when I told Jim about it.

      "Andy, it's for the best. Jim still acts like a little kid and you act so much older than you are." Matt said, sounding more like a parent than my best friend. "You and Norm even look good together, don't cha think?" he remarked, looking to Paul.

      "Yeah, they do." Paul agreed. I looked at Norm and he was blushing! This made his pretty face even more inviting to look at! I stared for a moment, then without realizing I spoke out loud.

      "Yeah. Besides, Jim and I weren't in love like Norm and I." Norm grinned from ear to ear as Matt and Paul cried out in unison.

       "In Love?!"

    They sat with their mouths hanging open until Matt regained enough composure to speak.
      "That was fast! When did all this happen? Jim didn't say anything about you two hookin' up. Have you guys been keepin' secrets from me?"

      "We just got together today, so you're the first ones to know. " Norm said, finally speaking up without having been spoken to first by Matt. Matt looked between the two of us and nodded his head. Norms' response seemed to please him and he smiled. I was happy knowing Norm was making tiny steps out of the past, moving into the future. A future which was going to include me in it.           

       "This is such a cool place." Paul remarked, changing the subject. "We can talk about`all this stuff and not have to whisper!"

       "Yeah, it sure is cool. I like being able to make out without the chance of someone seeing us." Matt added.

       "Too bad we don't have our own clubhouse or something. Then we could do this everyday." Paul said. His remark gave me an Idea.

       "I could ask Grandma if she'd let us hang out here on Sunday afternoons. She's gonna be working them from now on."

       "Hey! That'd be cool, Andy! You think she will?" Matt said, becoming excited.

       "Yeah, I think she will."

       "We could actually start something like a club." Norm added.

       "That's it!" Matt cried. "The Afternoon Sex Club!"

       "Yeah! We could get Timmy, Mark and Phil to come too!" Paul added.

       "OK, when Grandma gets home, I'll ask if we can do it." I agreed then added "Just as long as you guys don't try to take Norm away from me."

       "Oooohh! He's possessive already!" Paul remarked.

       "Not any more than I am!" Norm stated, pulling me to him. Just before planting a big wet kiss that thrilled me to heaven, Norm glanced again at Paul and quipped "He's mine, he's really mine!"

    The four of us spent the next twenty minutes or so divided and concentrating on each ones' partner. I was definitely getting to know Norman much better! He had told the truth about not being very experienced, and from time to time he'd whisper questions. I'd quietly answer them, if I knew how to. I really didn't have too much experience either, only with Matt and Jim. As I said earlier, Matt and I fooled around but were never boyfriends.

    Matt had been the first to meet someone he fell in love with and he had thought this boy loved him, too. I was a little bit jealous at first, but Matt would still sometimes want to be with me, playing what he called "the boys only game". I asked him why, since he had a boyfriend he supposedly loved, would he still want to have sex with me. "Sex and Love are different" He had explained. "You don't have to be in love to like having sex, but if you are in love you like to have sex as a way to express your love for each other."
    This was what his dad had taught him. Matts' dad, who was some kinda' electronics genius, worked at a company involved in the space program trying to get men to the moon. When Matt was little, his family had lived in Berkeley and all his dads' friends were Beatniks, or as he told us  "Beats. Beatniks are wanna-be's, not the authentic item". They were poets and writers and generally rebels, not fitting into most peoples' way of thinking. They spoke of things like free love and being 'young hips'. From what information I'd gathered at the library they were into a lot of drugs, too. When Matt told his dad he liked guys instead of girls, his dad had calmly replied "That's cool, if you can stand the heat." His mom said something similar, adding the warning "conformists will freak, so don't go telling that to the un-hip. They'll persecute you for being free and so honest."

    I already knew Jim and we started spending time together, since Matt was spending most of his time with his new boyfriend. Jim was getting to where he wanted to learn about sex and one night when I stayed over, he asked me about it. We talked in whispers until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning before falling asleep. The next day we talked about sex again. Later on in the afternoon I told him I liked boys instead of girls and he remarked how he thought girls were boring. I had to explain what I meant, and when I finished, he'd said "Cool! You wanna have sex with me?" After talking about sex for most of the past twenty four hours, I was horny as hell, so of course I said yes! I taught him to masturbate, which we did and then I showed him how much better it felt doing it to each other. He was fascinated when I shot four or five squirts of thin, semi white fluid onto his belly. His own dry orgasms were instantly addictive, and he wanted to try for a third time, but it was getting late and I had to go home.

    I figured he was just curious and it was a one time thing, but the next day he called and asked if I wanted to do it again. We met at the edge of the barranca that afternoon, then again two days later. Soon, it became an everyday occurrence. Matt had spent most of the summer with his boyfriend, but halfway through August, the guy dumped him and started hanging out with a girl! So, Matt did the most logical thing (at least in Matts' mind!). He started hanging out the girls brother, and that's how he became friends with Paul. Since I was spending a lot of time with Jim, Matt was hanging out with Paul. They seemed to become fast friends and now I knew why!

         "Let's go lay on the bed." I said to Norm. Paul stopped what he was doing with Matt to complain.

         "Hey, not fair! Why can't we use the bed?"

         "Use the Hollywood." I replied while giving Norm a hand to his feet.

         "The what?"

         "Hollywood bed." I answered, lifting my free hand to point at what appeared to be a free standing closet against the far wall. Paul and Matt looked confused, so I continued. "Pull the handle down and it'll open." They moved to the wooden cabinet while Norm and I moved to the bed. Pulling the handle, the two boys cried out in surprise as it folded down, revealing the bed it housed.

       "Oh, this is way cool!" Matt shouted as he jumped onto it. Paul followed him and they collapsed into each other. I giggled when I heard Matts voice.

       "Let's get naked!"

    The two of them started removing their clothes, shirts and shorts flying to the floor.

    "You wanna?" I said looking at my new boyfriend. Norm grinned at me.

    "How 'bout you undress me real slow, then I'll undress you?" he offered.

    "Let's do it!" I whispered before giving him a quick peck on the lips. Oh, my god! Those pretty pink lips!

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