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It's a boys' life!

by Andrew van Ryan

copyright 2005

We reclined on the bed and kissed, his pretty lips feeling soft and inviting as I began unbuttoning his black shirt with the button-down collar. Each button revealed more of Norms soft, yet boyishly muscled chest, his pale peaches and cream colored skin contrasting vastly with the darkness of the cloth. As I reached the fourth button, I broke our kiss and gazed down upon him. I looked up into his eyes, then down again as my fingers undid the pearled fastener.  I continued fifth, sixth, seventh and then pulled the shirt loose from where it was tucked into his pants. Letting it fall to either side of his body, I gazed upon his firm chest, its boyish masculinity and small pinkish nipples now revealed for my inspection. I leaned down and began kissing him right between his nipples before poking my tongue out, using it like a paint brush to draw a wet, glistening pathway toward the right pinnacle. Just before reaching it, I brought my head up and looked at him. He seemed in ecstasy at first, but then looked questioningly, wondering why I'd stopped.

       "OK. How'd you do it?" I asked.

       "Do what?" he replied, totally confused.

       "The smoke trick with the cigarette. How did you do it?"

    He looked blank for a moment then laughed.

       "God, Andy! You wanna know right now? OK." he said shaking his long dark locks, eyes crinkled from the grin on his face. "Simple. The first half of the drag off the cigarette, you swallow into your stomach and then pull the rest into your lungs. Then you blow out what's in your lungs so it looks like you've exhaled it all. Then you suck somebody's dick, pull away and when you look up, basically, you just burp!"

        "I knew it!" I grinned, shaking my head.

       "What the fuck are you guys talking about?" I heard Matt ask.

       "Nothing!" we cried at the same moment. I continued looking into Norms eyes and sighed. "You're a naughty boy for playing tricks on me. Guess I'm going to have to give you a lickin' now."

    I then proceeded to take my tongue to him, running it from his chest up his neck to his ear where I poked it in. Norm reacted wildly, wiggling while grasping my waist tightly with his hands.

       "Oooohhhhh!! Andy!" he groaned. "God!" His body shuddered from head to toe and then he whispered excitedly in my ear "Take my clothes off, now!"

    I wasted no time, and rose up on my knees to begin tearing at his belt buckle. Norm wriggled the rest of the way out of his shirt and started pulling my t-shirt over my head. We became somewhat tangled for a moment, but I raised my arms and let him slip the white tee off. I returned my attention to his belt, getting it loose just as he popped the snap on the beige baggies I was wearing. I heard his shoes hit the floor as he kicked them off, the sound of my own sandals following close behind. He lifted his hips for me as I unbuttoned his pants, pulled the zipper and yanked them down. Raising his legs to his chest, Norm allowed me to get them all the way off, and I flung them over my shoulder onto the floor.
    Suddenly, we stopped. Both of us panted heavily, as we stared into each others eyes. I grasped the waistband of his boxers as he held the top of my baggies with both hands. Norman realized I didn't have underwear on, and never did. He knew with the next move I'd be naked and I was shaking with the knowledge that with a single tug, his boyhood would be exposed to me for the first time in a year. I wondered what he'd look like, remembering his remark from the day before when he'd said that we were almost the same size now. My eyes fell to his crotch as I prepared myself.

       "Ready?" I panted.

       "Yeah." he replied breathlessly.

       "Wait! This won't work. I can't get yours off while you're doing mine." I wheezed, and pulled away. Norm loosened his grip and I stood up in the bed, letting my baggies fall to my ankles. Norm stared at my hard as a rock boy cock while it swung freely with every move I made. Letting myself down to my knees, I reached out and grasped his plain white boxers.

       "OK." I nearly whispered before slipping them slowly down his thighs. I watched as his small patch of black pubes came into view, contrasting sharply against his peach like skin. When his boxers caught on his cock, i tugged at them. In a flash, Normans cock popped free, swinging upright and slapping against his firm belly. I paused looking at him. The shaft of his boyhood flesh started straight from where it connected to his lower abdomen and then arched upward, coming to rest against his abdomen. The head of his cock was what intrigued me most. The skin of it was pink like the pink of his lips. It was only slightly darker than the shaft, which was a slight shade darker than the rest of his body. All in all, Norms body was a vision of soft, peaches and cream colors contrasting with the blackness of his hair. I noticed how his pubic patch was exactly the same color as the hair on his head and I also noticed that aside from these two places, his body remained hairless.

       "Andy, come here." he beckoned. I tossed his boxers to the floor and stretched forward, climbing atop him. As our bodies met, I felt my penis slide across his. Norm wrapped his arms around me and guided my lips to his. Kissing his bee stung lips felt awesome as he rolled us onto our sides. Now we lay side by side, grinding our youth into each other. I made little noises of  excitement  when he began probing into my mouth with his tongue. I eagerly opened to accept the wetness he offered, experiencing shivers when he whirled his tongue around mine. Norman was definitely a great kisser!  Our slippery, wet lips conversed a silent story, each telling tales of love newly found. I was beginning to feel light headed, intoxicated by sensations far beyond any I'd felt with Jim or Matt.
    I slid my hand down across his hips to reach the firm flesh of his bottom. Finding its goal, my hand massaged the half round cheek and in response he ground his hips into mine. I felt his hand rub against my hip as he pulled his body away from mine, just moving far enough to allow him to reach between us and grasp me by the balls. I groaned as his hand slid over and up to find the base of my cock. As he gripped the root of my sex, I gasped aloud.

       "Ah, God! Norman!"

       "Andy, yes." he moaned in reply.

       "Oh,Norm!" I cried "I wanna feel your cock!"

    I reached for his cock, but stopped.

        "Sit up!" I demanded. Norm looked bewildered, but did as I instructed. Next, I sat up in the bed so I was facing him eye to eye, pulled his legs over my thighs and scooted right up to where our ballsacks touched. I gripped my own silky rod and then found his. Taking it into the same hand I pressed the undersides of our shafts together. Surprisingly, they fit together in perfect form, his upward curve accommodating my downward curve as if they were a matched set. I began stroking us together, gripping the pulsing flesh as the excitement grew. I looked into his crystalline eyes and again covered his lips with mine. Pressing the flesh of our lips and cocks together gave me a thrill I'd never experienced before, as well it did for Norm. Soon, I was wanking us at full speed, my lips grinding against his as he whimpered with delight.

    I was moaning loudly as i felt the sudden pulsing of his cock against mine. This served to send me into overdrive and I came in an explosive jerk, which his body reacted to with violent spasms of its own. I was shaken by five, six, seven contractions, all my sweet cum spewing forth, coating Norms belly, cock and balls. His own spunk flew against my hairless groin, becoming at first a slick wetness which thickened as I continued jacking us. Finally, after one long tensing of my body, I relaxed and fell against him. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders, falling backwards onto the bed as he pulled me tight against him. We collapsed, panting and trembling in a tangle of boy.

       "Bravo!" Matt and Paul shouted while applauding the performance they'd just witnessed.

       "Shit! I forgot you guys were even here!" I said, breathing heavily.

       "Me too." added Norm as he blushed, making his face that most beautiful of colors. I smiled as he began to giggle nervously.
Looking into his eyes caused him to quiet down.

       "I love you, Norman." I said softly.
        "I love you, Andy. More than I ever knew was possible."


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