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It's a boys' life!

by Andrew van Ryan

copyright 2005

Part 7

      Norm and I both sighed deeply as we leaned toward each other, anticipating our lips to meet, but they didn't because we jerked away to stare in the direction of the loud voice that interrupted the quiet of the basement.

       "SUCK IT!" Matt shouted out. "Suck it as hard as you can!"

    Norm and mine heads swiveled to see Matt on his knees, straddling Pauls' chest and humping his cock deep into Pauls' mouth. Just as suddenly, Matt grabbed Pauls' head with both hands and thrust his cock as deep as he could into the boys oral cavity.  His hips began to shake violently in spastic rhythms.

        "Nnngg!!  Nnngg!! NNmmmmgggg!!" Matt shouted, tipping his head back.

    The uncontrollable contractions which shook through his tensed butt and leg muscles now spread until his whole body quivered.  With a sudden, final trust into the sucking mouth of his lover, Matt cried out and collapsed,

        "Paul! That was awesome! Best one yet..." he panted and then slid down in a heap along side his boyfriend. Paul smiled, snuggled up and spoke.

        "You taste so fuckin' good! I want as much of your cum as I can get!"

    It was at about this moment that the two sweaty, breathless boys looked at Norm and me.  We were blushing, silently staring at the pair.  We looked at each other and Norm spoke.


       "Like a couple of howler monkeys in the zoo!" I giggled. Turning my gaze to Matt I said "Dude! You're louder n' hell when you cum!"

       "Stop it van Ryan, or we'll take turns fuckin' your butt!"

       "Promise?" I asked, letting my lisp splatter while I batted my eyelashes at him. Paul shot me a mean look, but Matt laughed nearing hysteria.

       "Hey! His cute little bubble is all mine!" Norm shouted at the others with a jealous tone in his voice. "Nobody touches it except me."

    Norm smiled as he put his arms around me. However, I saw Matt glance me a sudden wilting look, and I knew why, too. He had been the one to take my virginity and we'd remained fuck buddies ever since. I knew he didn't want to lose me completely, but now that Norm and I were together, he thought he just might.

       "Andy, turn on the radio. I wanna listen to some music."  Matt said as he looked at me. His eyes gave me the impression Norms remark was foremost in his thoughts, thoughts of a doubtful future. 'Will that future have me in it?' his eyes seemed to question. Then I saw trouble, for the look in his eyes now spelled jealousy. He glanced at Norm, who was still gazing at me.
    I realized this was totally the wrong time to discuss any future fucking between Matt and me, but if I didn't do or say something real quick, Matt was going to open his mouth! An idea sprung to mind and I quickly went to work acting on Matt's request for music. I sprang from the bed, ran to the radio and turned it on.  Good luck was running with me, for as soon as I flipped the switch, it began blaring out "The Hippy Hippy Shake" by the Swingin' Blue Jeans. 
    I quickly turned, still naked and semi hard, to face the others. I sort of gave a little jump forward, put my hand out as if I were holding a microphone and began singing along. I also began to dance wildly about and as anyone who's ever seen me can tell you, I dance totally weird. I think it'd because I'm a drummer, actually. Drummers are used to setting a beat, not following one, so they naturally dance out of sync to the tempo. And that's exactly what I was doing!

       "You shake it to the left, you shake it to the right, you do the hippy shake, shake with all of your might!
        You do the shake, Yeah! You do the shake! You do the shake, Woo! The hippy,hippy shake!"

    Of course I took the opportunity to act out the songs lyrics as well, turning first left and then right while waggling my quickly inflating cock at them. The effect my little surprise performance had on the other three was perfect!  They all began squealing with laughter and cat-calling at me.  One by one they got up and joined me until all four of us were dancing about naked, singing and laughing together, celebrating in a spectacle of our youth. In a matter of seconds, I'd made a complete jester of myself and by doing so had defused what could have easily become a major misunderstanding between Matt and Norman.
    Matt needed to think before asking questions regarding any future sex between him and me, and Norman needed to realize just how faithful I am with friends. Given time, I knew Norms' jealousy would recede, but for now he was feeling too vulnerable. After all, things were moving along way faster than I ever imagined they would. Hell, the previous day I would have laughed at anyone suggesting Norm would become my boyfriend within 24 hours. Right now, we just needed to laugh and keep things light. And laugh we did!
    The four of us continued dancing about naked and singing wildly. It would have been a real sight to any outside eyes, but there was no way anybody could see into the safe confines of my Grandmas' basement, and we knew it.  After singing along to three or four more songs, we all fell breathless to the floor, laughing and chattering at one another. The thought of putting our clothes on never came to mind because we all enjoyed being naked together.

       "Hey, this is fuckin' great!" Paul remarked. "Too bad we can't get together like this every day."

        "yeah..." I panted, still recovering from the dancing.

       "Well, maybe we could all go to my house on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays." Matt said. "My parents each work late on those days and get home after eight."

       "Hey! I can have you guys at my house on Tuesdays!" Norm stated. "My mom works the evening shift that night. She's never home before 11:00."

       "That would make five afternoons a week of pure sex!" Paul remarked out loud. You could see the possibilities running away with his thoughts as a grin washed over his face.

       "OK, I'll ask, but we might as well plan on it for tomorrow afternoon." Matt announced. "I know they'll say yes."

       "Ask? Ask who?" Norm questioned, a note of concern in his voice.

       "Mom and Dad." Matt replied. "Don't worry, Norm. They're cool with us being queer. In fact, I think they'd be happy knowing I was home having sex with you guys, rather than wandering around the neighborhood. They're always tellin' me I should be careful, and well, the best way to stay safe is by staying home with a bunch of friends over. There's safety in numbers, so if we're together, we'd be safe, right?"

    We nodded our heads in agreement. Norm made a remark how it seemed all our parents knew their sons were homosexuals. I quickly pointed out that my parents didn't know and would certainly flip out If they found out. Paul agreed, saying his parents wouldn't let him live in their house if they knew. He also told us he wanted no one outside our group of friends to find out he was queer.

       "They can still put you in jail for queerin' off, you know. Or worse, they can have you committed!" he warned.

    I listened and became worried. The thought of being in jail scared me, but the idea of being in an insane asylum absolutely terrified me.

       "Can they really send you there?" I asked, my eyes wide with fear.

       "Yeah. I know it for a fact." Paul said with a sudden sadness. "My cousin was sent to one for three months, then...."
    His voice trailed off and I noticed his eyes becoming damp. Paul looked away from us and then he continued. "When he got out he killed himself." He sighed heavily and then added "His death crushed me so badly that I even tried killing myself."

    We sat in stunned silence, not knowing what to say. Matt spoke first.

       "It's gonna be OK, Paul. I know you tried it. So have I." Before Matt continued, he looked at me for permission and I nodded.

       "Andy, show Paul."   

    Hearing Matt say this, Paul turned back to face us, tears tracing his cheeks. He now turned directly to me and with a quizzical look, asked  "Show me what?"

    I leaned forward, held out my arm and turned it until he could see the three thin scars running diagonally across the soft flesh of my wrist. His eyes opened wide as he starred, but not as wide as Normans opened. The two of them cried out at the same time.

       "Andy!" they shouted. Paul continued to stare, but Norm suddenly grabbed me into a hug.

       "Oh, Andy! Why?" he sniffled.

       "You really wanna know?" I asked. He looked into my eyes and nodded. I looked at Paul and could tell he wanted to know. I looked at Matt. He already knew, 'cause he was the one who found me.

       "You don't have to tell 'em if you don't want to." he remarked, staring directly at me. "Really. It's OK if you don't."

       "No, I want to tell 'em. I don't think like that anymore and I want them to know they don't have to think that way either...." I answered. Pausing a moment and then taking a deep breath, I began.....


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