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It's a boys' life!

by Andrew van Ryan

copyright 2005

Part 8

        "It happened on the first day of seventh grade" I began. "Over that summer, Matt and I had begun doing it, but we weren't really boyfriends, 'cause I had a big crush on another boy named Phil, who I'd met in sixth grade. I spent lots of nights at sleepovers with him and we did it a couple times. Then school started and I thought everything would be like it was during the summer, that he and I would be boyfriends or at least best friends. That's not what happened. All that first day he ignored me, he even hid from me at lunchtime under the bleachers. I finally caught up with him after school had let out. I hung around waiting and when it seemed all the other students had gone, he finally appeared walking towards the parking lot to meet his mom. I ran up and asked him what was going on, and he got this strange look on his face. Then he called me a faggot, said he hated me and if I didn't leave him alone, he was going to tell the whole school about me!"

     I looked at the others and they were listening intently, even Matt whose eyes were already showing damp edges.

       "Then he called me what I'd been wondering about myself and worrying over. He called me a fucking freak." I sighed deeply and then continued. "His words felt like a knife stabbing me in the heart. I stumbled back, looking at him running away to his moms car and I snapped. I WAS a freak and I didn't want to be like that. I turned away and ran to the boys restroom. No one was left at the school so it was empty.  I pulled out my boy scout knife and just began slashing at my wrist. That's when Matt walked in."

    I looked to Matt and saw his eyes were wet, but he didn't flinch from picking up where I had left off.

       "Andy had been freaked out all day and I was worried about him. I knew what a shit Phil was being and so after school let out, I hid behind a wall and watched Andy confront him, watched Andys' face when he realized Phil didn't love him and watched as he ran to the boy's restroom. I ran after him calling out, but he didn't hear me. When I opened the door, Andy had sliced open two cuts and he made a third just before I knocked the knife out of his hand. He fell down weeping and telling me to just let him die. I bent down and hugged him tightly before checking his wrist. The cuts weren't too deep, 'cause he hadn't sharpened the knife recently. Good thing too, because he was really slashing hard at himself when I caught him. Anyway, I helped him up and got some paper towels to make a compress. I knew if any teachers or the office people saw us, we'd be toast. They would've called the police and who knows what would have happened then, but I got him up and out of there through the back gate. He was sobbing and I damn near had to carry him through the orange groves to get to the back fence at my house."
    "I succeeded in getting us there without being seen, but then I had to explain what had happened to my mom and dad. I didn't wanna lie to them, so I told the truth and that's when they knew for sure Andy and me were gay. They didn't say anything about it, instead they helped clean his cuts and got him calmed down. They decided he didn't need stitches and bandaged him up really well. Then they helped me come up with a story to tell Andys parents."

    When Matt paused, I took over telling the rest.

       "We told my parents I got cut when I slipped going over the fence to Matts house. They bought it and everything seemed OK, but it wasn't. If Matt hadn't been my friend, I know I wouldn't be here today." I sniffled and glanced up at him. Dropping my eyes, I continued.
       "I was determined not to like boys anymore, but that was just nonsense. I knew it, but I was still thinking of myself as a freak. I guess Matt and I would have become boyfriends if it wasn't for me trying not to like boys. Matt and I still did it from time to time, and after a few months I began realize there was nothing I could do about it. I was homosexual and that was that. Then Matt met you, Paul, and I started hanging out with Jim, but Norm..." I said before a long pause. I let out a long sigh, then continued.
        "Norm, I treated you badly 'cause you scared me. I thought you really were a freak, until the other day when I smashed my nose. When you saw I was hurt, you really cared and helped me get home. It was then that I realized you really did feel something about me. Last night, when you called, I realized something about myself, too. I'm not a freak, and neither are you. In fact, I realized there's nothing wrong with any of us. We're only different because we love other boys instead of girls. So, what's the big deal? I still like hot cars and playing my drums and hiking and camping and all the stuff other boys like to do. So what if I like guys? I'm happy the way I am and I like myself. I'm never going to think of myself as a freak again. Never."

    I paused at this point, realizing that I was beginning to ramble a bit. I had only one last thing to add.

       "None of us are freaks and don't any of you forget it."

    I looked at each of my friends, beginning with Norman and ending with Matt, whose eyes were still damp. I reached out to him and he fell towards me. I took him in my arms and kissed him, gently.

       "Thanks, Matt. I love you." I said when we broke the kiss. Then Norm did something unexpected. He leaned over and kissed Matt, too!

       "Thank you for saving Andy, Matt. You're a true friend."

    Matt looked shocked, but quickly smiled.

       "So, can I still do it with Andy?" he grinned.

       "Yeah, but just don't steal him from me." Norm answered. This was totally unexpected and I know my face showed my surprise. Norm noticed and grinned at me. "It's OK Andy. I know you two love each other, but I love you too."

    I looked at Norman and smiled.

       "I love you, too, Norm." I said and hugged him tightly.

       "OK, lets' change the subject." Paul suddenly announced. "Lets' talk about something happy!"

    This got a giggle and a groan from the rest of us. He just sat there with an expectant look on his face.

       "What'dya wanna talk about?" I asked.

       "I dunno." he shrugged. "Ah... Are you guys ready for school to start?"

       "NO!" Matt and Norm shouted. I thought for a moment before speaking up.

       "When's the first day?" I asked. The others looked at me dumbfounded.

       "DUH!" Paul huffed. "Tuesday!"

       "THIS Tuesday?!"

       "Andy, don't you know what day it is?" Matt asked. I looked down and frowned.

       "No..." I answered softly. The others all began laughing at me.

       "You did it again! You forgot what month it is, didn't you?" he laughed.

       "I guess, but at least I didn't forget what year it is this time!"

       "He forgot what year it was last summer. Didn't know the date, month or year!" Matt told the others.

       "Or what day of the week it was." I added, smiling to myself.

       "Well, school starts on Tuesday." Norm stated. "At least I'll have one friend at High School who really knows me." he said referring to Paul, who was starting his freshman year, too.

       "Andy and I have each other, plus they're the other guys still in eighth grade. Most of our friends will still be there."

       "Yeah, you kids will have lots of fun!" Paul sniffed at us.

       "Kids!" Matt and I cried. "Get Him!"
    Matt and I jumped on him and started tickling him. Norm paused, then jumped in too. We writhed about on the floor, a tangle of naked, laughing boys with arms, legs and asses waving wildly about. I couldn't help but get hard, feeling their naked flesh rubbing against me.

       "Lets do him!" Matt cried out. 

        "Suck my cock, traitor!" I shouted, shoving my now erect boyhood at his mouth. He was laughing with his mouth open, so my cock went right in. His mouth closed and his eyes bugged out.

       "Ummmppp!" he muttered, looking completely surprised. I was actually surprised myself, but not as surprised as I was when he began bobbing his head up and down the length of my stiffy! As Paul lay on his back sucking my cock, Norm crawled between his thin yet muscled thighs. Taking Pauls' stiff dick in his mouth, Norm began working up and down while reaching between his own legs and stroking his cock. I was on my knees alongside Pauls' head, so Matt stood up and waved his boner in my face. Not needing any more invitation than that, I opened my mouth and let my best friend enter. The four of us were so incredibly excited by the idea of us all doing one another that we became nearly frantic. At some point Paul got Norm to move around so he could take Norms cock in his hand and he bagan jacking him off at a furious rate. Matt, who was the only one without his mouth stuffed full, began moaning loudly. This drove the rest of us to even greater excitement .

       "Mmmmhhh!!! MMMMhhhh!" I began moaning and the resultant vibration to Matts' throbbing meat sent him even higher.

       "Ahh! Suck me Andy! Suck me!" he cried. Paul began moaning and groaning on my root, while Norm began making quick whimpers.

       "mmm! mmm! mmm!" he muttered, as he took hold of the base of Pauls cock with his hand. Leaving just the head in his mouth, Norm began masturbating him in a frenzy.

    Suddenly, Matt grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep into my throat. His orgasm hit and the first splatter of jizz filled my mouth, sending me over the edge. As I began to spray my sperm into Pauls' mouth, his own orgasm arrived, sending a thick white wad onto Norms' tongue. As he swallowed Pauls' load, Norman too began shooting ropes of pearl white cum, which flew onto Pauls' skin and down his still stroking hand. With one last cry, Matt stepped back and stumbled to the floor.

       "ahhAAAHHH!!" he cried, falling away. With my mouth no longer full, I vocalized my own animalistic utterance.

       "Haauuu! Fuck!" I shouted and fell forward, landing on my outstretched arms. My cock popped out of Pauls' mouth, allowing him to finish swallowing the sweet treat I'd deposited.

       "Mmmmmm!" he sighed, as his orgasm subsided. Norman continued to suck the head of his cock, all the time whimpering, until Paul became too sensitive and had to pull him off by his ears.

       "Stop! Stop, stop!" he cried as Norm looked up. Seeing the three of us grinning at him, Norm broke into the biggest smile I'd ever seen.

       "Pretty cool, huh?!" he giggled, as the rest of us collapsed in a heap. We lay there panting and wheezing, all the while shooting smiles and glances to one another. When I noticed the other three were all staring at me, I reacted the only way I could.

         "Wow...." I exhaled and then broke into uncontrollable laughter.


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