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It's a boys' life!
by Andrew van Ryan

copyright 2005

Part Two:

Return of the Prince

Chapter one

           I stood there, staring with my mouth open. I felt as if I were frozen in place as Dannys' eyes bore holes into me. It took all my strength just to speak, and when I did, it was in a near whisper.

          "God, you're beautiful!"

     He immediately began to giggle and blush.

          "Shhh! Someone might hear you!" Danny whispered in reply. Then he said something totally unexpected, something that brought me back to earth.

          "What's wrong with your voice?"

          "Huh? What do you mean?" I asked. "Is something wrong with it?"

          "Well, it's like all raspy and thin." he replied. "It doesn't sound anything like what I expected. And you've got a lisp, too!"

          "I don't sound like this all the time!" I announced with worry. "When I talk like my Moms' family, I sound completely different!"
    Danny looked at me like I was speaking a different language or like I'd told him I could fly by flapping my arms. His reaction, however, was simple.


          "My mothers English" I explained,  "and my English grandparents live here, too. So I was taught to speak both American and English dialects. Here, listen."

     I took a moment to think about it, then opened my mouth and began to speak like I did whenever I was with my mom's parents.

          "I can speak with a cultured, educated accent, as my grandparents both speak in this manner. They hail from the countryside, south of London, yet both attended University at Oxford."

    Danny just stared at me for a moment, then broke into a ear to ear grin.

          "Wow! That's pretty cool, Andy!"

          "Yeah, Prince Andrew!" A voice behind me said. As soon as I heard it I knew it was Matt.

          "Matthew!" I shouted as I spun around to face him. "When did you arrive?"

          "Right about the time you started into your Prince Andrew routine." he smirked. "I see you two have met."

          "Oh, yes!" I answered. "Danny introduced himself and ...."

          "OK, drop the Prince Andrew accent!" Matt chided. "You're starting to sound like a foreigner!"

          "Oh, yeah... yeah, but you know it's not that simple Matt." I started explaining, all the while trying to drop back into my regular voice.

          "Yeah, I know." Matt giggled, then turned to face Danny. "Once he starts talking like that, it takes him a while to be normal again."

          "Why be normal?" Danny laughed. "Besides, it sounds kinda cool when he talks like that."

    As the two of them talked, I fell into a trance, gazing at Dannys' beauty. Oh, my God, he was hypnotizing me with every little movement, every word spoken. Danny was without a doubt the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen in my life and as I watched him, I felt an emotion well up within me, an emotion I had never felt before. I was stunned by the feeling, but not as stunned as I was about to be!

          "Look at the pretty little girls!" A voice behind me said. I was suddenly slapped hard on the back of the head by someone.  As I flinched, I saw an arm reach out from behind me, its hand at grabbing Dannys' butt.

    I quickly turned around to find John Springsteen, the school bully glaring at me. I was going to open my mouth and insult the large moronic fool, but I didn't get the chance. I barely noticed from the corner of my eye as Danny seemed to step back and do what kinda looked like some sort of Ballet step, swinging about with his left leg and then twisting to hop onto the right leg while spinning completely around in a circle. When he did this, his foot came flying up, catching John square on the jaw with a solid smack and sending the large, overweight boy crashing onto the ground. The beautiful blond boy then stepped in front of the quivering kid lying in a heap on the ground, pointed at his face and shouted loud enough for everybody close by to hear clearly.

         "Never grab my ass, you faggot!"

     Johns' face, which was already wet from the tears that were streaming down, twisted into an uncomprehending mask of pain. Not only had Danny hit John, but he had hurt him, too.

          "C'mon!" Matt cried. "Let's get outta here!"
          "OK, just walk away calmly." Danny said, sounding very controlled and with little emotion.

    We stepped past John as he lay crying on the ground and walked toward the inner courtyard of the school. Matt led the way and I brought up the rear, with Danny between us. I kept looking over my shoulder to see if anyone were coming after us, but no one did. Matt wandered around until he found two of our other friends sitting at a lunch table talking. We all sat down as if nothing had happened and Matt started up a conversation with the boys. I just stared with a blank expression at Danny, who looked at me with a cute little smile on his face.

          "Well?" he finally asked.

          "What happened back there?" I whispered. "How'd you do that?"

          "Kick Boxing." He replied. "I learned it while we lived in Hawaii."

          "You're from Hawaii?" I asked.

          "Hell, no!" he giggled. "I'm from Downey! My dad's in the space program and we move around a lot. The last year we spent in Hawaii, but then he got transfered here."

          "What does he do?" I asked, being truly interested in anything about the space race.

          "Can't tell ya." he replied "But everyone in town will notice in about a week. Very secret stuff!"

    As Danny talked to me, he became quieter so that I really had to strain to hear his voice, but I didn't mind. This boy was fascinating, not to mention cute! As we spoke, he would flip his hair back from his face and each time he did, he'd smile at me. My hair, being in a 'Prince Valiant' cut was kept away from my eyes and face, but Dannys' was just long and straight. Really long, I noticed again. It fell almost to his waist, in fact. His hair was far longer than I'd ever seen on any boy and looked amazing on him.

          "So, who was the bully?" he asked me.

          "Oh, John. He's a dick." I remarked, before looking over my shoulder to see if he might be anywhere nearby.

          "Don't worry!" Danny giggled. "He won't bother any of us for the rest of the year!"

    I leaned over towards Danny and glanced around nervously before speaking.

          "Why'd you call him a faggot?"

          "Simple." he replied. "Everyone close-by heard what I said, so now he's the one that will get called faggot, not us."

    I looked at him and wrinkled up my nose, showing that I didn't quite follow him. Danny thought a moment and started again.

          "It's like this. He who gets called the bad name first is stuck with it. No matter how much that creep tries, he's the one who got called Faggot on the first day of school, so he'll be the one called by that all year. Even if he tries to point his finger at me and call me a faggot, it won't change the fact that he got his ass kicked for pinching my butt and that I called him a faggot first."

          "I guess, but that's a really bad name." I suggested.

          "Don't we all know it!" He replied. "But after what I did to him, I don't think anyone's going to be calling us that. Not anytime soon, anyway."

          "Yeah, but I really hate that word."

          "Worse things to be called than that, but not many." Danny agreed, looking off into nowhere and nodding his head just a bit. The moment passed suddenly as he turned his attention back to me.

          "So, where you from?"

          "Me? I'm from right here, Yorba Linda."

          "You're kidding? I didn't know anyone was actually born here!" Danny giggled. "Ever been anywhere else?"

          "Sure! Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon." I replied.

          "I mean, have you ever lived anywhere else?"

          "Well, I live in Skyforest for part of every year, if that's what you mean."

          "Skyforest? Never heard of it." Danny shrugged.

          "Up in the mountains, by Lake Arrowhead." I explained. "My dad runs the Boy Scout camp at Green Valley Lake every summer. So we leave here two weeks before school lets out and usually stay until Labor Day weekend. Except for the last two years, 'cause my mom had to work down here most of the summer."

          "ANDY!" Matt shouted.

          "What?!" I cried, swiveling my head around nervously. I guess I was still expecting some kind of retaliation from the Springsteen kid.

          "I've been trying to get your attention!" Matt huffed. Just by the way he spoke, I knew he was mad. Without saying another word, I got up and moved around the table to sit next to him. Danny seemed to be curious, but not offended by my sudden change of seat.

          "What were you two talking about?" Matt asked, obviously directing the question at Danny.

          "Little bit of everything. " Danny replied. "Kinda like you and I did yesterday." He smiled at Matt and I noticed Matt became a little less agitated while staring at Danny. Matt leaned back a little and relaxed even more before speaking again.

          "We better start heading to our classes. The bell's about to ring." Matt announced before he questioned Danny. "Who you got for First Period?"
          "Mr. Brown, History." Danny replied.

          "He's cool." I remarked. "Over there." I said and pointed to room 118.

          "We've got Choir. See you at break." Matt said to Danny and then started to get up from the table.

          "Choir?" Danny quizzed, looking right at me. "What, you got a third voice to sing with?"

          "Hey! Andy sings really good!" Matt shot back. I noticed a sharpness in the tone of his voice, which wasn't like Matt at all. At least not like the Matt I knew!

          "I can sing...." I remarked in a quiet voice. I actually felt kinda hurt by Dannys' question.

          "Well, if you sing anywhere as good as you look, then you must be great!" Danny grinned before suddenly turning away and hurrying off toward his class. Matts' mouth swung open as if to speak, but just then the bell began to ring.

          "C'mon! Let's go!" I cried as I began pulling him along by the arm. Matt started muttering to himself as he stared over his shoulder in the direction Danny had gone.

          "I'm not sure I like him...." he stated, apparently thinking out loud.

          'Oh, no!' I thought to myself.
    It would appear that jealousy was rearing its ugly head, just when a happy future with Matt had seemed so certain!

          "Why me?" I questioned under my breath. "Why me?!"


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