It's a boys' life!

by Andrew van Ryan

copyright 2005

The Return of the Prince
Part two

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       As we entered Miss Galakmans' choir room, Matt seemed to return from his distracted state of mind to the here and now. Miss 'G', as we had learned to call her during seventh grade, looked up from her desk near the blackboard where a few lines of some four-part Bach choral piece were already written out.

            "Well, hello Matthew! And here's our star soloist, Andy, too!" she cooed, making me wish to vomit, quite actually. I hated the way she made every word seem to have some sexual charge to it. Eeewww.... Miss G and sex! Vomit and Yuck!

             "Hello, Miss G!" Matt said with a slightly naive, yet boyishly naughty tone in his voice. Matt might not have been the best boy vocalist in the tenor section, but he certainly knew how to receive an "A" mark on his report card from Miss G.

             "Hello, Miss G." I added. "And how are you today?"

    Not missing a beat, Miss G redirected her eyes to focus on me.

             "Fine, Andrew. Did you spend the weekend with your Grandparents?" she asked, and I knew she could hear the "Prince of Main Street" in my voice. What could I do about it? However, I tried, once I'd made the conscious effort to speak like my moms' family, it would always stay that way for a while. I think it's because I learned it instead of naturally having the pronunciation of my grandparents' British dialect. I don't remember when my grandmother first started teaching me to pronounce everything the way she did, but I figure it must have been about three minutes after I said my first word! Can't you just see it?

          "mama!" little Andy says.

          "Say Mother!" Grandmother Alma instructs the boy with her proper accent.

          "Yes, mum. Can I get you any tea, please?" Little Andy replies and runs to start the kettle.

          "White please, and with two sugars!" the happy woman beams at her half English, half-colonialist heathen grandson......

          "Now, Andy, I want you to learn every address Winston Churchill delivered to Parliament by next week!"

          "Yes, mum!" the happy little boy answers before shouting "Man United rules!" and running outside to join his teammates.

    Well, I imagined something like that was how Grand mum Alma saw things from her perspective. When I was just a tiny boy, my grandparents would live with us during those summers at Skyforest. I was immersed in their speaking voices all day long for three months at a time and would actually have to TRY NOT to speak with an accent each September when I'd return to school. Sometimes, it lasted a few weeks before my Californian accent returned to me. Never the other way round, though. It would take me no more than two minutes in the presence of the Queens' English before it was falling off my tongue as if I'd been born to it.
    Not a worry, though. I always felt it might become an asset at some point in life. Hey, after all I had a relative working in Hollywood who got lots of jobs as an actor, for the simple fact of his ability to mimic other accents. This was a talent that both my sister and I had seemingly inherited, but one our brother Les had failed to receive. Oddly, Les was the only one of us three siblings who felt determined to have a career as an actor! I figured he'd get all the parts where it called for the character to be an asshole.  Type casting, I think they call it.

     Anyway, as we strode to find our seats, Miss G called after us.

          "You boys are dressed quite nicely. Andrew, is that a 'mod' shirt?"

    As I was pondering what the hell she meant, an unfamiliar voice spoke out and I got the second surprise of the day.

        "Mods wear all kinds of togs, Miss. But I've seen them in similar shirts to that."

    I turned to see who owned what was without doubt a Northern English accent, most likely scouse or perhaps Merseyside. The voice emanated from a small, brown haired boy who was no taller than I was. Meaning he must have been about five feet tall. He was grinning from ear to ear and I couldn't help but notice how cute he looked, in some sort of elf-like way. Yeah, elf-like. As he smiled, something about him said "tree dwelling elf of the most devilish variety. Approach with caution".

         "Oh, you must be Teddy Tamsend. I've heard about you!" our teacher smiled.

          "Yes, mum!" the boy answered, without any trace of being shy. "That would be me, if you've heard good things. Bad things and it would be my cousin you're speaking of."

    A few of the students laughed at the boys' joke, while Matt and I used the time to find our seats and plant ourselves.

          "Well, Andrew. If what I've heard about Teddy is true, then you might have competition as a soloist this year."

    'Good' I thought to myself. I had liked being given solos the previous year, but I already knew a few fractures in my boyhood voice had occurred over the summer and soon, my voice would really start to change. So if there were another boy who could take the solos, I wouldn't mind it at all.

          "Great!" I replied. "I shouldn't be our schools only soloist!"

    Miss G smiled at me, and then turned her attention to taking the role. I glanced at the small elf-child named Teddy, to find him grinning at me. As I glanced away, Matt leaned over and whispered in my ear.

          "Uh, uh! Don't even think about it, Andy! I've got enough problems with you and Danny, so don't you dare make friends with that kid!"
    I looked at Matt, quite surprised by his remark. I leaned over to reply to him and whispered my response.

          "You don't have anything to worry about Matt. I thought you knew that already."

    He just looked at me for a moment, and then broke into a large grin.

          "OK." was all he said.

    Half way through the class while I was singing a difficult part, my voice broke and Miss G looked as if she were in shock. After a brief conversation concerning my changing voice, we continued until the bell rang. I noticed Teddy glancing my way a few times, but I tried not to notice.
    Science class was next and as usual, I found the subjects we would be covering to be easy. History was next, and then came morning break. As soon as Matt and I exited room 118, we saw Danny scanning the crowd. When he spotted us, he not only headed in our direction, he RAN to us!

          "Hey!" he called as he came to a stop. Then he continued in a soft voice. "Matt, I'm sorry if I made you upset earlier. It's just that I don't know anyone yet and Andy and I seemed to hit it off. Please don't be mad, OK?"
    Matt was stone silent for a moment, the he leaned forward, whispering into Danny's' ear.

          "OK, we're cool as long as you remember Andy's mine. You can only fool around with him at our Club meetings and only then if I'm included."

    Danny didn't hesitate at all.

          "Cool! Then we can all be friends!" he said aloud. "C'mon, lets' go hang out at the lunch tables."

    I fell in behind Matt and Danny, but as we walked towards the lunch area, I began to feel as if everyone was making decisions about my life without even asking me. The thought entered my head of how my two companions might just as well be dissecting a frog. Well, maybe not that bad, but it still was making me feel less than loved. This brought Norman to mind, again. Why had he professed such love for me and then cheated on me with Paul? I might be unable to choose weather or not I liked boys, but I definitely could make my own decisions about who to like and whom I would make love with. Now, I was starting to feel like telling Danny and Matt to go fuck themselves. However, since I was walking behind the two of them and their, ahem, 'behinds' were swaying back and forth in front of my eyes, I soon became too distracted to remember why I was feeling mad in the first place!

          "Stop staring at them." a calm voice said softly from over my left shoulder. I wheeled around to find Robert following me. "Danny's my new neighbor." he added in a louder voice, obviously intending for Danny to hear.

          "Oh, Hi Robert. What're you doing?" Danny said in a sour voice as he turned around to greet him. "Remember what I said last night?" he added.

          "I remember, but Andy's my friend, too."

    'Yeah, barely' I thought to myself while wondering about the way Danny's' mood had suddenly changed. This seemed odd, to say the least. Why would Robert say that? This day was only a third over and I was already getting nerved out. Why were these guys making a big deal about my friendship? Maybe I would have to declare to them my intention of being Matts' steady boyfriend from now on. Then again, maybe I should just keep quiet and see where this goes.

    We made our way to the table that was farthest from the rest, the table we always sat at since we claimed it the first week of last year. Other kids knew it was ours and not to challenge us over it. Matt was leading the way, followed by Danny with me right on his heels. Robert walked only a step or two behind me, which I didn't feel comfortable with.
    Robert was a boy that would most likely grow out of his current fascination with homosexual encounters, judging by the way he still ogled girls and talked about them. It's just that in our town, eight grade girls didn't have sex. Hell, they didn't even kiss boys! We're talking conservative and religious.
    So, to my point about Robert. Robert liked getting his cock sucked and would return the favor, if he had to. It seemed that he wasn't all that into it, however, when he was doing the sucking. Or maybe he was just bad at it! Anyway, I'd sucked him off at a few sleepovers' last year and he'd done me in return, but never getting me off the way Matt, Jim or Norman had. To top it all off, Robert also had a mean streak. He thought it was funny to pinch me if I wasn't paying close enough attention to him. This made me angry as hell when ever he did it. However, mid way through seventh grade, Robert was hit by a car while riding his bike. He ended up wearing a body cast for three months, and then dual leg casts for another two.
    When his mom and dad were really busy and needed someone to watch him for a few hours, they'd sometimes call me. I soon discovered his cast was cutout around his cock and balls, going all the way back to the top of his butt crack. He wore a pair of cheap gym shorts over the cast, but I decided to pay him back for the times he'd pinched me and pulled them off every time we were alone. Then I'd tease him by stroking him 'til hard, getting him excited and nearly to the point of cumming before feigning loss of interest. I'd quit jacking him off and sit looking bored as he begged me to finish him. Sometimes I would, other times I'd make him finish himself, but the worst way I'd treat him was when I'd make him suck me off before slowly jerking him to climax while watching TV instead of him. I was truly being mean, but I figured Robert had physically hurt me with his brutal pinching and I'd had the bruises to show for it. All he had to put up with from me was some good old-fashioned prick teasing.
    When he was finally out of the casts that'd helped keep him from re-injuring the numerous broken and fractured bones he'd suffered, I was shocked to see how weak he was and how his body had shrunken beneath the plaster layers. I felt bad and vowed never to be mean to someone who was suffering from any type of injury, illness or condition again. When Robert invited me over a few weeks after he was free of the casts, guess what? The asshole pinched me again, and then called his mom when I threatened to smack him!
    Damn, he pissed me off and so I ignored him until I was about to leave for Skyforest when school let out at summer vacation. He had called and asked me to spend the night at his house, to keep him company while his parents attended an office party given by his dads' boss. I decided to go ahead and sleep over, and Robert gave me the best blow job I'd received up to that date. The next day however, Jim let me fuck him for the first time as a going away for the summer present and I forgot all about Roberts' blow job.
    When I returned in August, my mind was set on fucking Jim again and in fact, had completely forgotten about Robert. When he called a few weeks ago, I wasn't too interested in getting together and so today was the first time we'd seen each other since he'd sucked my cock. I'd been getting some good sex the last few days and to tell the truth, Robert just didn't turn me on anymore. He did work out all summer to make his body look good again, but it wasn't enough to attract me. Muscles and a tight, tanned body couldn't hide his nearly empty head, which still seemed to harbor an attitude I didn't like.

    I sat to the right of Matt during break and Danny sat to my right, leaving Robert to sit on the other side of the table with two other boys who'd also joined us. Tim and Ricky were homosexuals, but anyone outside of our group of friends would have had a difficult time figuring them out. I hadn't considered the idea of them liking boys until we'd been on a Boy Scout camping trip together.

    I joined Boy Scouts to have fun and that's just what I did when I caught Tim and Ricky naked atop a sleeping bag. Tim and Ricky were 69'ing, and so I joined them, turning it into a three way suck fest which lasted until each of us had cum three times. After that, we referred to this as a "3x3". Another act became known as the "2x4", which means two boys giving head to two boys while being ass-fucked by two other boys. A real Boy Scout treat!
    My thoughts of Tim and Ricky were interrupted by  Matts'  voice calling be back to reality.

          "Andy!" He shouted. "Are you listening to me?!"

   Feeling a bit pissed off by Matts' behavior, I shot back at him.

   "Is there a reason you're destroying my daydreams?"

          "What? Why are you getting pissed off at me? I'm only trying to invite you to come over after school today!"

          "Oh." I sighed, before replying. "What do you want to do after school?"

          "WE...." he said, while stretching out his arms to indicate all the boys at our table, "want to have a "club" meeting. Would you like that?"

          "Shit, yeah!" I nearly shouted. "I'll come!"

          "I bet you will, Andy." Danny smiled before winking at me. "I'm really betting you will".

    To be continued.......

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