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It's Money Honey

Chapter 1

The New Girlfriend

It was the first day of my senior year. My new wardrobe had arrived; the cars had been washed and freshly polished. The staff had been pre-prepped on everything that was going to happen. It had become my tradition to throw a huge party on the first day of the new school year. It was highly exclusive, invitation only. Even with that, people would be lined up at the gate, attempting to get in. begging to be let in.

# # # # #

The bright light of the sun shined through the windows that made 2 walls of my room. My body lay covered to my waist with the sheet. I didn't move as the sun warmed my back and soon my whole body. It felt nice to feel the warm sunlight flow over me. There was no one to share my bed with so why not let the sun do a desperately desired and needed job. I was lying on my stomach, hugging the pillow and soon after my alarm began to blare the music on my iPod I had plugged into it. I grabbed the remote from the table the controlled my entire house. I opened all the blinds in the house with a push of a button, more a tap on the screen. I started my shower with another tap. I turned on the few lights that were needed. I sent my breakfast order down to the kitchen where the staff would be arriving soon enough to make it. I never liked having the staff in my house before I woke up.

As I stood in the shower, its 9 heads spraying me from different angles, I began to think about things. I hit the power head button and waited as the 9 heads slowly shut off. I heard the rushing water as it gushed through the pipes, finally reaching the large head in the ceiling of the shower. It was about 2ft in diameter which meant a lot of water falling down at once. As the water dropped down onto my body it pushed me down slightly like it always did. It had a ton of power and force when it first hits you so you tend to get pushed down a little at first.

After I got dressed in a black polo with skin tight skinny jeans with rips in the knees and a few going up my thighs topping it off with a pair of flip-flops I walked down to the kitchen to grab my simple breakfast of coffee, 2 slices of french toast and some grapefruit. I took a seat at the bar in the kitchen as the cook finished everything off and put it all together. He placed it down in front of me with a broad smile.

Thank you Mario.” I said as I picked up my cup of coffee and sipped on it.

You’re welcome Jay.” I didn't like the staff calling me sir, or Mr. or anything like that. I asked them all to call me by my first name, Jay.

After I finished breakfast I left the kitchen, thanking Mario once again for the wonderful breakfast, like always, and headed into the garage. I had my pick of any type of car I needed, SUV, sedan, convertible, roadster, coupe, crossover, and pickup, whatever was needed. The garage bays were split in half, one half on each side of the house. Each garage bay was also 3 floors, 2 below ground and 1 above. The 3rd floors in both garages required my access code since they were my better and more exotic cars, like my Bugatti, Phantoms, SLS AMG, SLR McLaren, SLR Stirling Moss, things like that, cars that were very high end, and very hard to get your hands on. I got the love of exotic cars from my Dad.

I went right over to the east garage where my SUVs were, the car I normally drove was my Range Rover. That was the car I took to school, to keep things calm and cool. It was one of my favorite cars. A Range Rover Autobiography with 22” black 5-split-spoke rims and not a drop of chrome anywhere on the exterior. I had a panorama roof put in, bucket seats and changed it from a 5 seater to a 4 by adding a rear center console.

I sat in the driver's seat with the key fob in my pocket. As I pushed the ignition switch the car roared to life. I gripped the steering wheel and carefully backed out of the bay. After grabbing my sunglasses from my collar and opening the door.

As I sped down the long driveway I couldn't help but think of what all of this has cost me. I mean I have my choice of cars most people would never even get to see in person, I have several large homes across the country and in different countries. After my parents died I was left with nearly a trillion dollars in bank accounts alone. With the homes, cars, art, clothing, everything, I had more money than people would make in 10 different lifetimes.

Most people would think I was living the ultimate life of fame, fortune, beauty and happiness, I wasn't. I didn't have anyone to love intimately; I didn't have a mother, a father, or any siblings I knew of. My parent’s death wasn't a shock to me. They loved to live dangerously and were constantly doing things like swimming with tiger sharks, climbing up the side of an active volcano, free falling from a plane 30,000ft in the air without a parachute into the ocean, anything to get their adrenaline pumping. I used to be the same, until their death. They had even written their will the week before. They said they knew their lifestyle was going to catch up to them at one point; it was only a matter of time. When it did they expected it.

My mother's dream was to go into space. Living in Miami it wasn't that far of a trip up north to the space center and since they had friends in high places she got her dream. She went into space with my father and they both were on the space center for about a week. When they were returning home there was a malfunction in the landing gear. They crashed into cliff side and luckily were killed instantly, instead of suffering.

I didn't like to show-off a lot. At times it was nice, at others it was pointless. I tried to live a not-so-extravagant lifestyle for the sake of myself. I didn't need all these people knowing who I really was. That would just complicate things for me and most likely my friends.

My phone ringing broke me from my thoughts.

Hello.” I said answering without even looking at the caller ID.

Hey Sexy.” It was Fay. She was my best friend. After my parents moved me here my freshmen year of high school we became great friends. She was my first friend and has been my best friend for years now.

Hey Cutey.”

I was wondering if you could give me a ride. I think my car is at your house.” She tried to sound innocent but it really wasn't working.

Yeah, it is. You can get it after school. You better be ready when I get there.”

How long?”

Like 15 minutes.”


See ya then Cutey.”

See ya then Sexy.” I clicked the end button on my phone and dropped it in the cup holder.

I had already gone through the gate at the end of the driveway and was making my way down the street of the housing development to the main gate. I pulled up to the gate hut and just waited for the guard to open the gate. I went right and headed into the city and towards Fay's condo building. It was a very large building, 40 floors tall. Each condo a custom designed condo to meet the owner’s specifications. She was waiting out front like always. When I pulled up she instantly knew it was me and walked right over to my car. She slid into the front seat wearing a dark denim mini skirt and a white halter top that tied around her neck with low-top white Converse sneakers. She looked amazing like always.

Hey, you look amazing,” I said as I took off out of the main entrance of the building.

Thank you Sexy. You look fabulous.”

Thanks. So how was your weekend?” I asked as I weaved in and out of traffic.

Eh. Okay. Dad's new girlfriend wants to meet you. I told them we could do dinner at your place.”

Okay. Details.”

Her name is Denise. She’s a photographer's assistant for some large magazine. They have been dating for about 4 months now. She graduated high school 3 years ago. Same one we go to.”

Wow, your Dad, is like a perv.”

Yeah I know,” she growled as she finished her makeup

Okay so you want me to send a car and everything?”

Depends which one you were thinking.”


Perfect. Maybe when she learns you're 18, single, wealthier than my father ever will be, and live by yourself she'll try and hit on you. Then you tell her to leave my dad for you but don't let him know who it is. Then dump her ass.”

You don't like her do you?”

No, not really.”

Okay. So the usual routine?”


As I sped into the parking lot I noticed just about every head in the parking lot turn as I pulled into my parking spot. It wasn't marked as my spot; just everyone seemed to know it was mine. No one ever dared to park there, especially after my little “incident” last year. When someone tried to park in my spot I had their car towed and flipped over in the field next to the school. After that no one ever tried to park there again.

Well, let's get this over with. Sammy and Nicki will be waiting for us,” Fay said as she hooked her arm through mine as we walked up the main steps of the school, her heels clicking away at the concrete.

Sammy and Nicki were twin brothers who were my best-guy-friends. Between the 4 of us, we were the most popular kids in school, me being the richest, Fay being the prettiest, Sammy was the best in sports with Nicki being a close second, but he was more a lady’s man. They played football, baseball, field hockey, ran track and cross country, even played volleyball when the season started. Because of this they both had some of the best bodies in school, next to mine. They had the muscle mass, the firm, solid muscles beneath the skin but mine was toned, tanned, and perfect.

I was every girl's dream at that school. I could have anyone of them I wanted with just a wink of my eye and smile on my face. The only thing that made that useless was the fact I was gay. I didn't want a girl I wanted a guy. I knew who I wanted but knew he was way out of my league. If he even noticed me at all. My best friends all knew and were perfectly fine with it.

Nicki had been the most supportive of the 3. He was always looking out for me but when it came to the guys I dated he went over the top. He got to know the guy's friends, the guys he dated before (if any), where he lived, what car he drove, everything. I knew he meant well and sometimes it helped having him like that, other times it was horrible. A few times I wanted to beat him over the head with a bat after some of his stunts. A few times I even had to drag him out of the house and drive us both somewhere we could talk. Most of the time he had good logic behind his actions and others he was just going on instinct which turned out to be right most of the time.

In the few years I have lived here I have been through about 3 boyfriends, all have been screened by Nicki. To this day I'm still a virgin. I know it’s sad, but I haven’t really trusted any of them enough to go that far in the short time we were together. There was only one who I trusted that much and he disappeared the day before I was about to give it up.

His name was Cole and he was amazing. We had just both turned 16 and we were in love. We had made it to 6 months, my longest relationship yet. He was tall, muscular, handsome, played baseball and was Greek. At 3 months we had both realized how strong our feelings for each other truly were. Finally, we both got enough courage to tell each other we loved the other. After that, things were great, almost too great. Sammy loved him and even said he wanted us to stay together.

At 6 months I knew I wanted to give it up to him and figured our anniversary would be the best time. I was getting ready for our date that night. He was suppose to come over and get me to take me out to dinner and a movie then back to my place to spend the night. He never showed up, he never called. I never heard from him again.

Later that night I sped over to his house, nothing was in the house. It was completely empty. When I asked his neighbors they all said they had just left. They were there the day before but were gone that morning. I'm not sure why but I never resented him. I just kept loving him.

When I got back after checking his house there was a card taped to my front door. There were only 3 simple words written in the card: I LOVE YOU. No name, nothing else other than those words and a little heart under the words. I knew who it was though, it was him. I missed him by minutes if not seconds. How could I have missed him? Maybe if I had been here things would be different. After that I tried not to let things get to me. For weeks I stayed home and didn't leave my room. I didn't feel like I could.

Hey Nicki.” I said walking up behind him.

Hey Jay.” He turned around and gave me one of those quick side hug.

How was your weekend?”

Not bad. Relaxed at home with Sammy.”


In the short amount of time we had, the 4 of us moved into the cafeteria where me mostly talked and just killed time, waiting for the bell to ring. When it did I walked with Sammy to our first hour while Nicki and Fay walked to theirs, in the opposite direction of ours. We took our seats, towards the back right next to each other.

Our first class was Calculus AP. Sammy and I were fairly smart and loved to challenge ourselves. We were both tied for valedictorian of our class this year.

After Calculus Sammy went to English Lit/Composition AP while I went to my first elective of the day, Student Aide. That meant I was going to be working in the office, running errands for anyone who needed.

After a boring period of texting and listening to my iPhone, I went to U.S. Government AP. The teacher made it seem like it would be a fun class. Most of our class was going to be spent listening to lectures, watching videos, simple things. I normally sat in the back and kept to myself. I knew this class would become my study hall. I figured if we were going to do half of those things I could get some other work done for my other classes.

From Government I went to English Lit/Composition AP with Fay. We always sat together in the last row, middle seats. The perfect place to sit in that class. Any time we were in the same class we sat like this. The teacher saw right around you, didn't notice you, nothing. The teacher was really annoying and most students ended up sleeping, so this class was fairly quiet. Finally, leaving that class Fay and I headed to meet Nicki and Sammy for lunch.

After lunch I took off to Physics II AP. Physics was an extremely boring class. We hardly did anything in it and I could see a repeating pattern in the future. After Physics, I had a free period. I was trying to see who wasn't doing anything that period, but of course, no one was free. I decided to go out and get some coffee and just relax.

I sped into the parking lot of one of the remaining few Starbucks' in town. I stepped out of the Rover, watching as the few people on the patio turned. They usually were the ones out of a job or just too lazy to work.

I took a minute waiting at the stop sign to quickly answer all my new texts from just about all of my friends. Some of the people who weren't invited wanted an invitation, while others just wanted to talk.

# # # # #

I pulled into the parking lot just before the last bell rang. I needed to get something out of my locker. I had left the few things in there from the day. I also had to get Sammy, Nicki, and Fay as well. \

When I got to my locker, there was a small corner of paper hanging out of it. I turned the dial, entering the combination quickly. When I opened my locker a small, yellow note fell out onto the ground. When I picked it up, I noticed the heart penciled onto the front.

Dear Jay,

You may not know me, but I know you. My love for you has been growing since the day I laid my eyes on your beautiful face. Your amazing smile, perfect nose, dazzling eyes that entice me with each glance I steal from afar. Oh how I wish I could just take you in my arms and never let go.

I really wish we could be together. If only you were gay. Maybe then you would like me, maybe then you could feel these same feelings I feel for you.

The reason I am telling you all this is because I feel I should, instead of just admiring you from my current distance. Maybe now I can move on from you. I truly hope so. Each day seems to become a bigger strain on me with every sight of you I get. Maybe one day, one day in the future, I can tell you who I am. Maybe then I can come to terms with myself. I am so confused right now. As I write this note my feelings for you overtake everything I thought about myself. I always considered myself straight, until I saw you. You flipped my whole world upside down.

With the deepest regards and love,

Your Secret Admirer. <3 <3 <3

His hand writing was elegant and clean. He must have spent lots of time practicing it.

This note got me thinking, who wrote it. Why wouldn't they just come out and tell me to my face. It’s not like I would out them to everyone and maybe I would give them a chance. Why can't a person actually grow a pair and be a man about shit like this. A real man would come out and tell me to my face how they feel about me. Maybe if they can't do that then they don't deserve to date me.

I'm not sure why but thinking deeper into this was making my blood boil. Just as I closed my locker the final bell rang. I watched as all the students slowly emptied from their classrooms, into the wide hall. Fay came up behind me, followed by Nicki, then Sammy. We all walked out to the student parking lot, where my car was parked by the doors. How nice it was to have picked the perfect spot to park.

Like always, Nicki was up front with me, Fay was behind him and Sammy was behind me. We always ended up sitting like this.

# # # # #

When we got back to the house, Mario was working on the food.

Okay, so what do you guys want to do until the party starts?” I asked walking into the sunken living room and falling back onto one of the couches.

Boat back yet?” Fay asked as she sat next to me.

Should be.”

Then we could go and relax on the water. That and you did want to take it to the marina before the party, right?”

Yeah, I guess we could.”

Okay, I'm gonna go change then.” Fat said as she walked up the stairs, Nicki and Sammy followed her up while I went out to get the boat ready to go.

Fay, Nicki, and Sammy spent so much time here they just started leaving clothes here. Fay has her own room, next to the twins' but she normally stays with me when she does stay over. Which is a lot.

As I walked down the long stone path, I looked around the yard. Many exotic plants had been planted in my yard. There wasn't a lot of grass, since I didn't care for it. I really didn't like having a back yard except for the waterway, pool, spa, and the view of the city that was about it. That didn't mean I didn't keep it looking perfect though.

I had been thinking of moving for a while now. I wasn't going to move out of Miami or Florida, just into either a smaller house, or a high rise condo. I was leaning more towards the condo, but then the house because of the cars. That got me thinking; why not sell the cars I hardly drive anymore. Pretty much anything on the first floor was the ones I drove the most.

The boat wasn't really a boat, more a yacht. In total length it was about 110ft. The main deck had one huge main room that was completely sunken. Above that was the Bridge. The bow was mainly a large couch, bed, like thing. The stern had a nice place to lay out on and just relax.

The staff had already been called in to detail the boat inside and out before I moved it to the marina as planned. It wouldn't be too much of a hassle to have them pack up and take a break while we sail around the bay for a bit, then head over to the marina.

# # # # #

After a couple hours out on the water, I had the crew take us to the marina where I had a car waiting for us.

While on the water, Fay and I had talked a bit while the twins just relaxed. Before I left I had one of the deck hands drive my G55 over to the marina.

As we walked down the deck to the parking lot I noticed the twins swaying slightly.

"I take it you guys were drinking?" I asked looking back at them.

"Ju-just a lil-little," Nicki answered stifling a belch.

"Well, make sure you don't puke in the Mercedes." Just as I said that, the car came into view. It was all black, black windows, black lights, black rims. Everything but the Mercedes Star was black. One of my many modifications was removing the center rear seat and replacing it with a center console.

"Fay, you're up front with me," I said as I climbed into the driver's seat while the twins were trying to get into the back.

"Did you just get this thing cutey?" Fay asked as I backed out of the stall and took off through the isle of the parking lot.

"Oh, got it over the summer. I just got it back from the shop with everything painted and the new rims."

"I love it."

"So do I."

"It's so, high, and comfortable."

"That's why I bought it. The height and I figured what's taking another car off the lot, I do technically own it." I laughed.

"Yeah, speaking of which, do you think I can get a trade in for my Z350?"

"What were you looking at?"

"Maybe an SLK or something like that."

"Okay. This weekend we'll go to the dealership and we can look around."

"Thanks babes."

"Welcome sexy."

By now the twins had fallen asleep in the back seat. It was quite amusing. Sammy had sprawled out across the center console, with his head against Nicki's shoulder.

"Awww, look at that. The twins like to cuddle." Fay laughed as she looked back at them.

"Get a couple pictures; we can use them for their birthday card."

"You're horrible, I love it." She pulled out her phone and turned back around to take a couple pictures.


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