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It's Money Honey

Chapter 10


Part a

Since I had decided to take the LFA home from the dealership last night I didn't have my Rover. I was debating taking something else to school today but I said screw it, might as well show everyone else up. I grabbed my keys out of the lock box and walked back through the house and out the front door. Clicking the unlock button the car chirped briefly.

# # # # #

Shit Jay!” Fay said as she walked over to me, standing outside the car at her building.

Yeah, brand new, first one off the line.”


They named it the Stealth Bomber.”


The design team who designed this exact one. Specially made. It’s a special Matte Black paint job; they offer a similar one to buyers but not this exact one. The rims are painted to match. Lights smoked out, everything is.”


I know.”

“What's with no Rover today?”

“Left it at the dealership I was working at yesterday.”

“Ah, that's good.”

“And why is that?”

This way you can show the whore up. She thinks she’s all that in her SL63.”

My Rover is better than that anyway.”

I know, but people don't realize that off the bat, everyone thinks it’s just a normal one, not the supped up model you got.”

I know, but still, we all know it.”

I know, but still, now everyone will know it.”

Hold on, Nicki is calling.”

Okay.” I hit the answer button on my phone, switching it to speakerphone.

Hey Nicki.”

Hey Jay, can you give us a ride today, we don't feel like driving.”

Sorry guys, no room.”

You're Rover seats 4.”

“Not in the Rover today.”

What!? Then what are you in?”

Brand new LFA.”


Just got it yesterday.”

“Awesome. I guess I'll make Sammy drive.”

“Okay, see ya at school.”

See ya.”

# # # # #

Pulling into the parking lot at the front of the school, just about every heard turned as I revved the motor before pulling ahead and down the isle to my spot. I took a minute to breathe and relax. After driving all that way to school I was hyped up on adrenaline all because of the car. It had a lot of power and I was still trying to learn how to control it all.

Ready?” Fay asked as she took hold of my forearm.

Yeah, let's go.” I said as I turned the car off, grabbing my phone out of the cup holder.


We both opened our doors at the same time, stepping out together. As I looked over the top of the car to Fay we both smiled, knowing today was going to one of the best days in a very long time.

Let's go Jay.” Fay said as she hooked her arm through mine, tugging me towards the main entrance of the school.

I clicked the lock button on the key-fob, hearing the car chirp I kept walking with Fay.

# # # # #

In my first hour we had a substitute so I knew we weren't going to be doing much. She was fairly old, her hair wasn't gray but her face had a few wrinkles along with her hands. She was having a hard time calling role and I knew she would either get my name right, or totally brutalize it. While at the office yesterday I called the school and had my name changed from the fake one my dad had me using to my real name, Vutali.

Okay, class, again, settle down. Now, how do we pronounce this one, is it Vu-t-al-ee?”

You mean Vutali?” I asked.


Yeah, Jay Vutali, right here.” Was all I had to say to one: get her attention. Two: everyone else attention, and last Andy's. I think she was shocked the most. I just sat back in my chair. “It's my real name. I've been using a fake one for this reason exactly.”

I KNEW IT!” Was all Andy said before the sub snapped at her, attempting to get her to shut up.

You're right Andy. I am the sole heir to the Vutali fortune, every dealership, office building, security company, anything with my last name, I legally own.” There were a few whispers among the students.

Can we continue now?” I asked, out of a last ditch effort to move things along.

Uh, yes, of course.” The sub said, finally moving things along.

# # # # #

Leaving my 4th hour class I headed to meet up with Sammy, Nicki, and Fay in the cafeteria. Normally we just found a table where ever, most of the time it was over on the patio because there was always an open table. Fay was in her usual place waiting for me at the end of the hall where my class was, one over from hers. I knew Nicki and Sammy would already be getting food. They usually found us after we got a table.

Hey Fay.”

“What the hell happened in 1
st period?” She asked, not even really letting me finish my statement.

Oh, that. Yeah. Well yesterday while at the office, I called and had my name changed to my real name, then we had a sub so she was taking role and yeah, things just played out.”

“Thanks for telling me all this on the way over this morning. I mean you could have at least told me that you changed your name.”

Sorry, I didn't think it would matter. You knew who I've been this entire time.”

Yeah but still. I got told this morning in 2nd that I was dating the heir to the Vutali name.”

Ah, well you are.”

No, Brad is.” She said in a hushed whisper.

Technically you both are. Just him more than you.”

Eh, I don't consider us dating though.”

Ah, glad to hear it.” I laughed as we walked into the lunch room, her hand grasping my bicep. The doors from the halls were solid and always kept shut. They also led you right out to the center of the cafeteria then you had to go down about three steps to get to the actual cafeteria. As we walked though the doors, everyone's attention was on us. News in this school spreads fast and news like that is a big deal. Our school is all about the money, who your parents are, how much they make, the size of your house, where you live, every thing is a factor.

Well, looks like you're the hot commodity now.” Fay laughed as she smiled and squeezed my bicep.

I think they're looking at you though.” We walked down the steps, towards the patio doors. It felt as if everyone's eyes were following us.

Are they watching us?” Fay asked as we reached the doors, me holding them open for her.

I think so. It felt like it.”

Yeah, it did.” Luckily no one was outside so it was just me and her, until the twins got here.

Hey.” Nicki said, Sammy echoing him.

Hey guys.” Nicki took a seat next to me while Sammy took the one next to Fay, across from me.

Nice car.” Nicki commented, pointing to my car just off to the side of the patio.

Thanks. Got it for selling the most cars in the Florida division.”

Nice, nice.” Sammy said as he dug into his food.

So, what's up you guys, we haven't hung out in a while?”

Oh, not much.” Nicki said, somewhat nervously.

Hmmm. And what about you Sammy?”

Oh, not much. Just life. Been grounded for the last couple weeks or so.”

What for?”

Oh, just some goofing off. Nothing much.”

Bull Shit. You both were caught with girls weren't you?” I asked as they both just kind of picked and pushed their food.

God, you guys could have been smarter and made sure your parents weren't home.”

We weren't caught with girls!” Nicki said all of a sudden, shocking both me and Fay.

Okay, sorry.” I apologized, looking down at my phone and replying to the text Brad had just sent me.

It's okay.” He assured, bumping my arm with his elbow. His smile returned, as he looked to me. I smiled back and just shook my head as I leaned over, using my shoulder to bump him back.

So, we all meet at Jay's after school?” Sammy asked, smiling a cocky grin as he did.

Sorry, Aunt Marilyn is town.”

“Ah, really. Then all the more reason to go. We haven't seen her in a while.” Nicki added.

Yeah, she’s here on vacation from the kids and John.”

Figures. How many do they have now?” Sammy asked.

Still the 3. Carly, Raymond, and Marshal.”

And John.” Don't forget him. He’s always been like a 4th kid.” Nicki chuckled as he added.

“That's true. Never saw what she did in him. No one in the family did.”

We can't even see it.” Fay piped up for all three of them.


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