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It's Money Honey

Chapter 10


Part b

After school I walked with Nicki out to my car while we waited for Fay and Sammy.

So what was the real reason you guys got grounded.”

Just goofing off.”

Bullshit Nicki, you never could lie to me.”

“Jay, just drop it please.”

No Nicki, clearly something is up. Just tell me. You know you can trust me. It is me after all.” I almost begged as I made him face me. I could see the tears beginning to boil in his eyes. I could see Fay and Sammy coming our way. “Get in the car. We're going to talk about this.”

Okay.” He agreed, as I unlocked the car, letting him get in.

Hey, Fay ride with Sammy.” Was all I said as I tossed her the keys to the Yukon that the twins drove to school and got in the driver's seat.

Okay.” She smiled as she walked to the driver's side, while Sammy bitched about it being his SUV. I just laughed as I climbed into the driver's seat, starting the engine.

Backing out of the stall, I quickly turned around and sped out, seeing no one on the road or ahead of me. Instead of going left, I went right. This was the long way home but it was scenic and was mainly all surface streets running along some beaches.

You okay bud?” I asked as I noticed him wiping his eyes again.

Yeah, fine.”


Where are we going?”

You'll see. Just relax it’s the scenic way home.”


Slowly I drove further down the road, looking for the turn off. It’s fairly well hidden with the overgrown plants on the sides of the street. It was a single lane road. One way in, one way out. The short, untamed road was just long enough to get the car to the parking lot on the side before disappearing under a thick blanket of the golden sand of the small beach. No one was ever here when I was. It was subtle, secluded, calming. The lapping waves slowly rolling in and out as the large waves diminished into these.

Where are we?” Nicki asked as I parked and shut off the car.

A beach I found a while ago. I used to come here when anything was bothering me. You can't tell anyone where this is.”

I would never think of it, it’s too beautiful. Peaceful. Tranquil.” We both climbed out of the car, carefully shutting the doors. The car chirped as I hit the lock button on the key-fob.

I know, that's why I still come here.”

Why did you bring me here?”

I knew you would be able to relax here, maybe talk about something.” I said as we walked to the waterline, fairly close in distance.

If you promise not to tell anyone, only Sammy knows.”

You know you can trust me with anything, I trusted you the most.”

I know. Where to start though?”

From the beginning.”

Easier said than done. It’s a long, twisted tale.”

Well, sit, I'm listening.” I told him as I took a seat in the warm sand, just out of reach of the lapping waves. Nicki took a seat next to me, playing with the sand in his hand.

So, I guess this all started freshman year. Things were easy then. It was just the four of us. You were new and Fay kept telling us to be your friend, maybe you would come out of your shell. Well after about a week we got to know you and things were perfect. Me and Sammy had basically dropped all our old friends for you and Fay. You two were all we needed at the time. Well some of my friends got mad that I left them for you. One mainly being this guy, Andre. He’s Ukrainian. Average European guy. Well he used to be my best friend when I left my old group for you guys; he left me, as friends. There was more behind us though. Me and him fooled around once. Nothing too far, just some kissing and exploring. He was really good and I was trying to learn from him. He was a real stud. Well I was supposed to go over to his house one day. When I got there he had a couple friends over already. He told me in the beginning it was just gonna be me and him. Well I guess when I left the group, he turned it into everyone comes over. He took me out front, made sure no one saw us, and he gave me one last kiss and said goodbye. Then walked back in and I walked home. All 5 miles of it. That gave me some time to think, I figured I could deal with this with you guys, bury myself into our friendship. That worked, helped me get over things. See what was important then.”

He took a deep sigh as he tilted his head back and dug his hand into the sand. I took his other hand in mine, giving it a good squeeze as I smiled up to him, making him smile back. Then he continued.

“Fast forward a few years and we get to about 2 months ago. Andre showed up at my house. The minute I opened the door he knew it was me. He was the only one who could tell us apart, other than you and Fay. He pulled me into himself and held our kiss. Luckily I was home alone. I dragged him inside and things just went great. We basically picked up where we left off as kids. When he broke the kiss he said he wanted back in my life, that he wanted to see where things could go and maybe rekindle an old, desperately needed friendship he was stupid to lose. I agreed. We began to hang out more and more. A couple times it was hard to resist and I had to kiss him, those soft lips, his firm body against mine, my hands roaming up and down his back, him almost doing the same. A few times I stayed over at his house, telling Sammy I was staying at a girl's place. When I did we shared his bed, and it was nice. Our bare skin rubbing together, just our lips really connecting. When we would finally get to sleep he would keep his body against mine, his arms around me and him wanting mine around him. I would lay awake at night just feeling his heart beat, his breath on my skin and his body against mine. Now I have no idea where I am. After the first time, I realized that guys weren't for me, I wanted a girl. A fiery little blond with perky tits and a trim body. The minute he kissed me again, I knew I wanted him. He was everything I wanted and needed. But I can't get my mind around it, how can this be happening? I need to know what's going on.” His tears had stained his cheeks as his last few words left his quaking lips.

Nicki, its love. You can't control who you love or who you want, only your heart. And your heart wants Andre. It wants the Love that only Andre can show you. That's how things can change so fast. That's why they're changing so fast.” I said as I turned to face him, taking his hand in both of mine and squeezing it tight.

Are you sure Jay?”

Positive. It sounds just like love. Your heart wants who your heart wants.”

I know, but it doesn't feel right. Like I'm not sure if I want him like that.”

Nicki, I was the same way in the beginning, I didn't wanna believe it. But I gave it some time. I spent some time with the guy, and things just felt right after a while. Things just settled and things laid themselves out. It worked out perfectly.”

Really?” He asked, wiping his eyes.

Yeah, same way you were. Only thing different was that I didn't have anyone to talk to and things moved faster.”

Damn. I can't imagine not having you here to talk to.” Nicki threw his arms around my shoulders, pulling me with him as he fell back. I just started laughing and soon enough so did he.

God Nicki, I love you bitch.” I said in that brotherly way, but also like a best friend.

Love ya too Cunt.” He said as he rolled off me, swatting me on the chest.

Come on, Sammy and Fay probably think we're having wild sex.”


So Sammy knows?”

Yeah, he kept trying to get me to call you.”

So you weren't grounded?”

Nope, he was trying to help and I was just a disaster.”

Okay. Good, now come on you Sexy Beast, we have to get to my house.”

And why is that?”

Because when we do, you're going to call Andre, and demand he takes you out tonight then I'm going to get to meet him and judge him for myself.” I smiled as I pulled him up from the seat and began to walk with him to the car.

Ah, okay then.”

Getting in the car, Nicki had a broad smile across his face, and his eyes seemed to light up from earlier. Leaving the small beach I sped home, trying to get there in a decent amount of time. Classes ended at 1:30, I left the parking lot about 1:50, and it was about 2:20 now. I knew Fay and Sammy would already be at the house and we were only a couple miles from the house, you could almost see it from the road we were on. Speeding seemed to make things go faster. Doing 85 on a fairly long stretch of land that was only about 12 miles long went by fast.

And look, there's the gate to Star Island.” I pointed out as I came to a stop at the stop sign where the main road and the side street met.

Nice. This car is so damn fast.”

I know. I love it.” I laughed as I turned onto the main road, heading towards the gate hut. Turning right I pulled off to the far right side, the second gate. There were 3 other cars in the left lane of the gate. I used this gate because the guard knew me and always let me through.


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