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It's Money Honey

Chapter 10


Part c

# # # # # BRAD # # # # #

Hey, can I borrow your car?” I asked Diane as I walked out from the bathroom after spending an hour getting ready.

Yeah, sure. Leave me your keys.”

Here ya go.” I said digging mine out of my pocket and placing them on the coffee table.

Mine are hanging up.” She said as she changed the channel, while wearing one of my shirts. She used to do it a lot when we were dating and still does it when she just lounges around the apartment.

Thanks.” I said, walking into the kitchen, grabbing the keys off the hook on the wall.

As I made way downstairs I sent Jay a quick text, giving him about a 20 minute heads up. I found Diane's LX parked next to my truck.

# # # # # JAY # # # # #

Brad says he'll be here in 20.” I said as I walked out of the bathroom, Fay and Nicki lying on my bed with Sammy reclined back in the chair in the small sitting area.

Who’s Brad?” Nicki asked.

My date.” I replied from my closet as I found a pair of dark skinny jeans and a light blue shirt with dark blue stripes. It was simple, nothing to flashy, simple. Brad told me that he was taking me out to some small restaurant but wouldn't say what else we were doing; only it wasn't only dinner.

You got a date?”

“Yes Nicki. I got a date. Not that hard in this town.”

I know, but why haven't we met him yet?”

Because I've only known him just short of a month and he asked me out last weekend.”

Yeah, I came over and they were laying on the couch. Pizza box from the night before on the coffee table.” Fay added as she began to laugh.

“Geez, when did he ask you out, before or after?” Sammy asked, almost cracking up.

He actually asked me out, after dropping me off at home, after he got me from the Hilton downtown, after that crazy bitch Andy followed me there, in the SLR.”

Oh, that's where she got those photos.” Nicki said, as his laughing diminished.

Yeah, then he kissed me and asked me out. He came back over later with the pizza and we fell asleep on the couch, together.”

Ah, okay. Now I get the full story.” Fay added as I stepped out of the closet, rolling up my sleeves and fixing my collar and the bottom of my shirt.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Get over it.” I said as I went back into the bathroom to fix my hair.

What's with all the fixing Jay?” Sammy asked as he walked into the bathroom sitting on the toilet.

I really like him. He’s a great guy, we've been talking all week, nonstop. Even during classes and practices.”

Wait, where does he go?”

Ummm, Barry University.” I giggled as I fixed my hair one more time.

A college guy?”

Yeah, he’s only a second year student.”

So he’s what, 20, 21?”

Almost 21.”

And what sport does he play?”

Who said he played a sport?”

You did.”

“Damn, well if I tell you you'll know who he is so no.”

Ugh, fine.”

This goes for all of you, when Brad gets here you're all staying in this room. None of you are going to meet him, tonight. Fay already did because she didn't call before she came over.”

Yeah, and caught you guys in the act!” Nicki announced as Fay and Sammy cracked up.

Shut up Nicki!” I warned as I walked back into my room.

Oh, lighten up Jay, and I think he's here.”

And why's that?”

“Because I can see a car at the gate.” I quickly grabbed my phone, forgetting I had left it on the counter in the closet.

Someone, buzz him in!” I said as I darted out of the room, down the stairs and to the front door.

Have fun Jay!” I heard Fay call out from the top of the stairs.

I waited a few minutes as I saw the lights of the car pulling under the overhang and then the car shut off and a car door open. My heart was beating so fast I thought he would be able to hear it, even through the front door. I heard a couple of footsteps as he climbed the steps to the door. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath as I heard his strong hand, knocking on the solid door. Carefully I walked to the door, only a few steps from the landing only a few steps up.

Hey.” Brad said as I opened the door and he stood there, his usual sexy grin on his face and a glimmer in his eyes.

“Hey. I said as I smiled back, waiting for him to make the first move. I was always awkward at this moment. I knew Brad could see this so he did, leaning in he placed his hands on my hips, lightly tugging on me to move me closer to him. Our lips met as my body just relaxed into the kiss.

Hope ya don't mind.” Brad said after he broke the light kiss.

Not at all. I missed you.” I said, leaning in for another kiss.

Missed ya too. Longest week of my life.”

Same here.”

WOO! Get some!” I heard this from behind me, already knowing it was Sammy.

Shut the fuck up Sammy, I WILL kick your ass later.” I warned as I pushed Brad outside, closing the door behind me.

Sorry, my dumb-ass friends.” I laughed lightly.

Hey, it's okay. We all have those.” He laughed as we walked down the steps, hand in hand. He opened my door for me and everything.

Thanks.” I said as I sat in the front seat as he walked around to the other side.

Whose car is this?” I asked, curious as to why he wasn't in his truck.

Oh, my roommate's.”

Oh, okay.” I smiled as he stared up the car. “So where are we going?”

This nice little restaurant on the far side of the marina. It has a great view.”


“Not really. Yeah they have sushi but it’s not only that.”

Oh, okay.” I smiled as I reached over, taking his hand as it rested on his warm thigh.

You like sushi?” He asked, squeezing my hand.

Eh, not my favorite thing.”

Ah, I'll have to remember that for later.”

# # # # #

Yeah, coach likes running us hard.” He answered my question about practice as we sat in the dimly light corner of the restaurant.

Oh, well you guys probably deserve it.” I chuckled as I felt his foot rub against mine.

And what makes you say that?” He asked with a smile on his face.

Maybe because I know how you can be and somethings I just kind of can tell.” I smirked, taking a sip of my water.

Oh yeah? You think?”

No, I know.” I smirked again as he kept that sexy grin across his face.

# # # # #

Dinner was nice. The restaurant was small, quiet, and peaceful. We sat out on the small patio that was above a small marina. Our conversation was minimal and light.

So, what's next?” I asked as we walked out of the restaurant, through the parking lot.

A movie?” He asked as he opened my door.

Sure.” I said getting in as he shut my door.

Okay, so what movie?” I asked as he got in and started the car up.

What's playing?”

I have no idea.” I laughed.

Well what about the classic movies they play down town all the time?”

Let's see. Big theaters, no one goes to them, dark, why not?” I asked with a broad smile as he sped out of the parking lot and down the street towards the freeway.

I love the way you think.” He smirked.

Yeah, I love my thinking process as well.”

I was looking out the window when I felt his strong hand reach over and take mine in a firm grasp. I looked over at him as he brought my hand to his lips, placing a light kiss on the top of it. I smiled as I looked back over at him while he kept driving down the freeway. Deciding to one up him I leaned over and quickly kissed him on the cheek. Even with only the light of the moon I could see his cheeks getting a little redder.


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