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It's Money Honey

Chapter 12

The Perfect morning

# # # # #NICKI# # # # #

Basking in the soft sunlight of the new morning I didn't bother opening my eyes as I pulled Andre's smaller frame closer to me as we lay tangled together beneath the soft sheets of his bed. Subconsciously I began rubbing a small area of his chest with my hand, nuzzling the soft skin of the crook of his neck. The faint scent of his cologne clung to his skin with a mix of sweat and sex. I'm sure most of the sheets would be stiff today, considering the sheer velocity of his cum even after the 3rd round he was still shooting as much as the first time if not more. That always got me off right away, watching his body convulse as I held the thick piece of meat in my hands, not even stroking it at this point as he launched shot after shot onto his very well defined abdomen and even a shot or two his his chin. I was quick to lap it up after the last shot as I would rest myself atop his body, holding him close as I erupted inside his tight orifice, using my mouth to clean as much of his sweet cum off his body before rolling off of him.

Morning stud.” He whispered softly without turning his head.

Morning Horny.” I barely moved my head to kiss his neck up to his earlobe.

I'm not the horny one.” He protested lacing our fingers together as he clutched our hands together on his chest.

Yes you are, you're the one who would straddle my cock after only like a minute after the last round. You were already hard and ready to blow again.” I smirked, rolling onto my back and pulling him with me. He flipped over so we were laying chest to chest. Re-lacing our fingers together on one hand I grabbed his other and held it tight in my grasp not wanting to let it, or him go anytime soon.

Only because I knew you wanted to go another round. And you did every time.”

“Except for the last time when I just pulled you down into me.”

Yeah, which was nice. I always felt safe in your arms.” Andre nuzzled my neck as he slipped off to my side, our hand laced together.

The only reason I didn't fight is because I wanted to ride that big dick more later and not just ware it out in one night.” He giggled a bit, lifting the sheet to reveal our nude forms, both of us only semi hard.

# # # # #JAY# # # # #

The warm morning sun, the soft sheets, the comfy bed, the amazing person wrapped around my body, there's nothing better. I could feel his soft breath against the nape of my neck, his strong arm was till wrapped around me, his strong hand in the center of my chest. Raising my hand up I gently placed it over the top of his, intertwining our fingers. Sinking further back into his warm body I felt the smooth skin from his broad, perfectly defined chest, down his flat, taut, abs, even through the fabric of his boxer briefs I could feel the warmth of his thighs and hips. His legs were smooth and soft, he shaved them for football, and they felt great against mine. Sinking further back into his larger body his other arm wrapped around my lower body, subtly rubbing my abs with his strong hand. Soon the alarm was blaring from his side of the bed.

Damn.” He said softly as he rolled away from me to turn the alarm off.

Why is it on?” I asked rolling onto my stomach.

Saturday practice.” He groaned as he rolled back to me, pressing his lips against my neck.

Can't you miss it?” I asked, pleading.

Sorry Babes. I'll be back by 11, it's only a three hour practice.” He said, rolling over to the edge of the bed, sitting up.

Fine.” I wrapped myself in the large down comforter, embracing the faint scent he had left on it. “Smells like you at least.”

Huh?” He asked as he pulled on a pair of track pants.

The comforter. Faintly though.”

Ah, well here.” He tossed me a shirt that he had worn yesterday.

Much better. Better scent.” I smiled as I pulled it over my head and under the covers.

I'll see you later Baby-Boy.” He leaned over the side of the bed, kissing me deeply on the lips and then walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Shit!” I heard him call out from the living room.

What Baby?” I called out from my safe haven of my blankets and his soft shirt.

The garage door is broken again, they can't open it. My truck is parked in there.” He said, coming back into the bedroom.

Ah, well I'll drive you.” I said, tossing the covers off and grabbing my jeans from the night before and a button down shirt out of his closet.

No, no, you go back to bed, I'll call a ride.” He protested as he ushered me back to bed.

I wanna do it. And I need to get up now anyway.” I protested buttoning a few buttons on the shirt.

Okay. I'll go get my gym bag out of my truck and you can meet me at the front entrance.” He said as I followed him out, slipping my shoes on as I walked out of the bedroom.

Brad took the elevator to the parking garage and I took the stairs out to the lot where I was parked.

# # # # #

Pulling into the parking lot of the practice stadium there were a few other players standing outside the entrance. Seeing that I pulled into a place in the second row back, where no one would be able to see into the car for sure now, even though they normally wouldn't be able to with the dark tint.

Okay, I'll see you later Babes.” He said, leaning over and quickly kissing me on the cheek.

“And I'll be here to pick you up. May not be in this, but I'll be here.” I smiled as he got out of the SUV and walked to the back. Before he got out I pressed the button to open the back hatch. He grabbed his gym bag out of the back and shut the hatch. As he passed by my door he winked at me.

# # # # #

After running back to Brad's I grabbed my things, getting in using the key he gave me before I dropped him off. I was still kind of tired but nothing a quick nap wouldn't fix. The drive back to my house from his apartment was fairly boring. I didn't have the radio on because I really wasn't in the mood for music, well any noise other than my own thoughts.

Pulling off the causeway and onto the bridge I let out a soft sigh knowing I wouldn't have to do anymore driving until later. It had only been an hour since I dropped Bard off so I still had three hours to get a nice quick nap in before then. It wasn't a long drive to the stadium to get him, only about 20 minutes or so. Sometimes I hated living in a house instead of living in a nice condo with valet parking. But it was my parents house, the house where I spent the last few years with them. Shutting the car off as I parked under the overhang, I grabbed my back pack and headed inside.

Home at last, oh home at last!” I said as I walked through the door, dropping my back pack at the elevator doors as I passed by on my way to the kitchen.

And who are you talking to?” I heard Fay ask before I even got into the kitchen.

Myself. Didn't realize you were here.” I said, taking the seat next to her at the counter.

Yeah, stayed the night last night. Told my Dad I couldn't go to dinner with him last night because I was staying over at a friends house.”

Okay.” I said, getting back up and walking over to the fridge. Reaching in I grabbed a bottle of Fiji water and walked back over to the counter, staying on the opposite side of the counter from Fay.

Well, I'm going to go take a nap before I have to go get Brad from practice. Try not to wake me.” I said, walking out of the kitchen.

Okay. I'm gonna take off anyway.”

Okay, lock the door when you leave.”

Car is in the garage.”

“Even better.”

# # # # #

I was quick to fall asleep which was nice. My bed was still made up from when I left, luckily. I was having a nice, calm dream about nothing in particular while wearing the shirt he had given me that morning, it was really soft and comfortable. I had also taken one of his pillows, just for a keep sake. I had wrapped myself in my large comforter, like the way I had with his. The only thing that was wrong was the fact I only got an hour of sleep since the buzzing from the gate woke me right up.

Yes.” I said, talking into the intercom.

We have a delivery.” The male voice said back.

What is it?”

Your car.”

“Which one?” I asked, not having a single idea.

A white Rolls-Royce Ghost.”

Hold on.”

I picked up my phone, searching my contacts for Dan's number. I figured he would know what the hell was going on.

“Dan!” I said when I heard him pick up his phone.

Uh, yes Jay.” I could hear his anxiety in his tone.

Why is there a white Rolls-Royce Ghost being delivered to my house, right now?” I asked, closing my eyes.

Oh, remember a couple months ago you had me place an order through the dealership for that car. Well it got delayed in delivery, I sent you an email about it. They sent me the delivery form yesterday which I immediately forwarded to your phone and email.”

Okay. Thank you.”

“Your welcome sir.” I clicked the end button on my phone then pressed the button on my intercom to open the gate. Pulling on my jeans and changing into a clean shirt I went downstairs to meet them while they were dropping off the car.

Jason Vutali?” The driver of the large flatbed asked.

That's me.”

ID please.”

Sure thing.” I dug into my back pocket for my wallet, then pulling out my ID I handed it to the man. “Here you go.”

Thank you. Sign here, here, and initial here.” He said pointing to a few lines on the paper.

And here you go.” He said as he handed me a set of keys while the other two men unloaded the car.

Thank you.” I said lastly. I opened my wallet one last time, placing my ID back into it and then taking out a couple 20's for them. “Here, for you and your friends.” I said, handing him all three of the bills.

Thank you.” He said with a smile as they finished unloading the car. After they were done they headed back out the open gate. Quickly, I closed the gate behind them.

I was debating going back upstairs to go back to bed and just staying awake as I sat out of the front steps. For some reason I didn't feel like moving. I played with the keys in my hand examining them carefully. My mind began to drift.

This car makes number 37.” I said out loud to no one in particular. I had no garage space left to park it in, anywhere. All three levels were full. “I think its time to move. Maybe just build a parking garage.”

Well Dad, I did it, I did what you were trying to do.” I looked up to the sky as I spoke. My Dad always told us that when the garage is full, we'll move. My Mom would just laugh and tell him it would take him years. Not really. When they left me, it was about half full already.

# # # # # # # # # #

Well kiddo, we're here.” I could hear my Dad's voice, waking me up from my sleep. We were flying back from our usual family vacation we took every summer. This year we went to Monaco. It was beautiful. The best part though was I got to spend some quality time with my parents.

Where?” I asked, sitting up and rubbing my eyes.

Miami.” He said with his warm smile.

Cool.” I smiled as I looked past him to see my Mom looking out the window as we touched down.

I think this was the best vacation so far.” I said as my Mom turned and smiled at me.

Yeah, I think it was too.” She agreed.

The jet didn't go to the terminal, instead it went off to a small area on the tarmac with a couple cars parked there. I went into the back with my Dad to get our bags. He was a little taller than me, just under six feet, and his jet black hair wasn't even turning gray yet. He was in a nice polo with black slacks and loafers. He was in perfect shape because he ran, worked out, lifted weights, everything. My Mom was the same way although I was a little taller than her. She had beautiful rich brown hair that hung just past her shoulders. She wasn't 40 yet, just like my Dad.

We didn't have a lot since most of it we had shipped back instead of bringing it with us. It all fit perfectly into the back of my Dad's car. My Mom was already in the car while the driver helped us put everything in. I slid into the middle seat, sitting between them. This was my first time seeing the new house since we packed everything up before we left for vacation.

# # # # # # # # # #

The ringing of my phone made me jump. My alarm to wake me up was going off and I had forgotten all about it. I quickly shut it off, slipping my phone back into my pocket. I stood up from the steps and walked around the front of the car to the driver's side. Holding the keys in my hand I touched the small square on the handle. As I touched the square the doors unlocked.

# # # # #

I pulled into the parking lot a few minutes before he told me to and found the same place where I had parked in this morning. Shutting the car off I tilted open the sunroof to catch the nice breeze off the bay blowing over the area. Reaching down, I grabbed my phone from the cup holder, unlocking it by sliding the small square over on the touch screen. Sliding through each page I found the email app, tapping on it to pull up my inbox. Sorting through each email I found one from Dan with the subject of “Car delivery” I tapped on it to open the email. I looked at the recipients, my email and my cell phone.

Why the hell does it go to my email and not my phone?” I asked out loud in a soft tone.

Hitting the home button I checked the time then locked my phone back, placing it back in the cup holder. Hearing some noise I looked up to see Brad and a few people walking out of a side entrance from the locker room. They were laughing over something when his friend motioned towards my car. I knew they couldn't see in, the windows were tinted dark and I was too far away. Picking up my phone I unlocked it again and opened my conversations, right to Brad's

<Hey, like my new car? I think your buddy does.>

<Ya, he says hes gonna be driving something like that one day.>

<Big dreamer, small world.>

A few minutes later he was walking over to the car. The light tapping on the trunk lid let me know he had closed it. He walked around the side, stopping at the back passenger's door. He tried to look in before he walked another couple of steps to the front passenger's door and getting in.

Nice, uh, Phantom knock off.” He mocked as we pulled out of the parking lot.

For the record, this is the top of the line, brand new, model just released to the market, and I have every other model back at the house.” I said, smirking at him as we stopped at a light. He leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, surprising me.



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