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It's Money Honey

Chapter 13

Box it up

“Three months.” I said as I unpacked the last box from my house into my new condo. No one knew I was moving, well had moved, yet. If they asked about the boxes I told them I was putting things into storage to make room for the newer things. It was mainly true. I was putting things in storage to protect the things I wasn't taking with me to the condo.

“Today makes mine and Brad's 3 month anniversary, yet I'm sitting here unpacking my shit and he’s in class. Not how I thought this would work.” I was placing the black and white pattern flatware in the dark wood and glass cabinets. Shutting the cabinet door I ran my hand over the metal handle and then over the frosted glass that made up most of the cabinet. I found the perfect Penthouse condo which I was lucky to own, under the company’s name.

Before my parents death my Father had begun the building of 4 high rise towers, 2 were setup as low income housing apartments and condos while the other two were setup as luxury condominium buildings. Vutali East tower was the low income apartment tower. Vutali West was the low income condominium building. Vutali North and South were the luxury condominiums. All 4 towers were positioned at the correct points as if they were on a compass rose. Well Vutali North were setup as completely custom condos for each owner, the thing was the top three floors were setup as one single condo, untouched until after a few months of going unsold and I decided to design it myself. It was completely designed modern, sleek, and urban in styles. After a couple calls I found out it was still unoccupied so I decided, why not make it occupied?

That's where everything has landed now. Every free chance I get I'm moving boxes and things around. My time with Brad had been cut short lately but I planned to make it up to him tonight. A long past due date night.

The main phone was ringing which was setup right next to the fridge. The caller ID said “Front Desk” so I knew someone was here for me.

“Hello.” I said as I clicked the answered button on the receiver.

“Mr. Vutali?” The clerk asked.

“Yes. How may I help you?”

“You have a visitor by the name of Daniel Vincent.”

“Send him up.”

“Right away sir.” The clerk said as we both hung up. I took the, now empty box and put it inside the doorway of the dining room. For the time being it was the room where I was putting my trash that had to go out, which meant placing it in the shoot just outside my door.

Hearing the soft digs I knew Dan was at the door. I walked out of the kitchen, down the hall lined with a few pieces of art on one side and large floor to ceiling windows on the other. Entering the large sunken living room I walked around it all, taking in the 3 walls of windows with the large patio on the outside edge. Before opening the door I stopped at the LCD screen, turning over to the camera that was positioned next outside of my door.

“Hey.” I said, opening the door for him.

“Nice place.”

“Yeah, I did design it.” I smirked shutting the door behind him.

“Yeah, well here's the papers I told you about. To finalize everything for the “purchase” of this place.” He said handing me a folder of papers.

“Okay. I'll bring them in tomorrow after I go over them.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow Jay.” He said, walking out the door.

# # # # # BRAD # # # # #

After practice I took a nice, long, hot shower. My body was sore all over. My muscles ached, even in a few places I didn't think could hurt. Being the last guy out of the locker room was nice because I could take my time in the shower and getting dressed. After a long walk out to my truck which I parked under an overhang much further from the entrance than I remember. My legs were burning with pain with each step. I knew I had to cancel my date with Jay. I know he'll understand.

Collapsing on my bed I dropped my gym bag by the closet door as I walked in. I kicked my shoes off using only my feet. I slid up to the head of my bed, just laying back. Unbuckling my belt I slid my jeans off my legs, letting them drop at the foot of the bed. Reaching over my shoulders I pulled my shirt up and over my head, dropping that next to my bed. Picking up my phone which was laying on the pillow next to me I quick dialed Jay's number and put it on speaker phone, laying it on my chest.

“Hey Babes.” His voice was crisp and clear with his usual perky tone.

“Hey Baby. I have to cancel. I hate to do it to you but coach road us hard today and everything is sore.”

“Everything?” He asked in a deep, seductive tone.

“Well, not everything, but most of everything.”

“Ah. Makes more sense. Its fine though. I was about to call you and cancel. I have a lot of paperwork and I have to go into the office tomorrow. I've been doing paperwork all day. So tomorrow?”

“Game tomorrow.”

“After that?”

“I'm all yours.”

“Perfect. Can't wait. Oh and I'm bringing Fay, Nicki, and Sammy.”

“Okay. I'll leave some tickets at the box office for you.”

“Perfect. Thanks Baby.”

“Have to make sure you get in, and consider it a makeup gift as well.” I heard him chuckle a bit.

“The perfect gift.”

“Well I'm tired Baby, I'll text you tomorrow.”

“Okay. Get some sleep Babes.”

“I'll try. Might be hard because your not here.”

“I know. But hey, I have your pillow and your shirt.”

“And I have your pillow.”

“Yup. See, this is all working out.”

“Yeah, sure. Night Cutie.”

“Night Sexy.”

# # # # # JAY # # # # #

After hanging up with Brad I walked from the living room back into the kitchen. The fridge was freshly stocked, especially after I went to the store earlier. With one less thing on my mind, I grabbed the bottle of Fiji water out of the door and walked out of the kitchen, down the hall, opposite from the living room, to the stairs and up to the second floor.

The condo was 27,000 square feet, 3 floors, one bedroom and 3 bathrooms. The master suite was on the second floor with a large great room taking up the whole third floor. There was a small kitchenette up there with it. Each floor had a more than average sized patio, all on the same side, layering over on another. All the patios were on the same side of the building, not all of them were the same size as mine though, none actually. Another feature of the Penthouse condominium.

I stopped outside my room, looking out the window across from my door. The city was lit up, like ever night. Tonight though, it seemed there were a bit more twinkle in the lights than normal, a little more glitz and glamor. It was nice though, peaceful almost. I walked over to the door, turning the handle and pushing it open. This was the first time I had stayed in this room, it was styled like the rest of the condo. Sleek, modern, urban. The 3 styles which I favored and always seemed to work perfectly together.

The bed was attached to the wall at the headboard, nothing else to support it or hold it up. It didn't need anything else though. There were steel bars making up the frame of the bed, going into the wall then down into the floor. I know all this because I designed the bed myself. Peeling off my clothes I left I dropped them in the hamper just inside the closet door. Walking past the closet door I walked into the bathroom. Black and white marble with earthy tones and chrome accents with a touch of green where it’s needed here and there. The large mirror was hung from the ceiling with back cables that let it tilt out from the wall a bit. The black marble counter tops have a white marble inlay running around the edge, about an inch in from the edge. The green, white, and blue bowl that sat on the top of the counter was the sink bowl. The faucet jetted out from the wall, about 3 inches above the bowl with the handles on either side of the faucet, on the wall as well.

The shower was in the corner and two of the walls were windows out to the city. There was a switch inside the shower which allowed you to turn the glass from fogged to crystal clear, just like my office. The rest was marble walling with sliding glass door, which slid into the marble wall that was also the only wall that was shared with the rest of the bathroom. The bathtub was next to the counter. It was a custom made tub just for that bathroom. With 36 jets it was like lying in cloud 9, not on, in cloud 9 itself.

The soft carpet felt good on the bottom of my feet as I padded across the room from the bathroom to the bed. I stood at the foot of the bed, my back to the windows. The head of the bed was connected to a short wall that faces the rest of the room while the bed faced the windows. Turning to face the windows I fell back onto the bed, onto the large down comforter. I slid up to the overstuffed pillows, moving one to find Brad's pillow that I still had. It had the faint scent of his shampoo still lingering on it from the other day when he stayed over at my house and when he took my pillow. Sleep came quickly to me as I wrapped myself in the comforter and sunk into the very soft bed.


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