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It's Money Honey

Chapter 16

cat fight

# # # # # FAY # # # # #

Waking up that morning the sky was clear with a few clouds sprinkled across the sky. It had finally stopped raining sometime last night. Not too long after I got off the phone with Jay about being forced out. I knew today would mean damage control, the first person I knew I would have to deal with was Andy. That bitch was always trying to knock him down. Little did she know it made him stronger and gave him more courage to do the things he did. When she threatened to expose him as a fake for using a fake name, he beat her to the punch. Jay was strong, he always was but only because I could deal with damage control before hand and then let him smooth things out. I know today would be no different.

# # # # # JAY # # # # #

Good morning Baby.” Brad's soft voice said from behind me. After last night's events I decided to have him stay over with me.

Morning Sexy.” I said, still a little groggy as I kept my eyes shut, rolling over to lay my head on his chest.

Come on, time to get up. You have school today and I have a couple classes.” Running his strong hand up and down my back as he cooed.

I don't wanna go to school today. I wanna stay here with you, right here. All day.” I groaned as I clung even tighter to his warm body. I could feel his body shake as he laughed a deep laugh.

I know. I wanna do the same but we have classes to go to. This weekend though we can spend all day together.”

Okay. I'm holding you to it.”

Okay, but we have to meet with the booster club for Sunday brunch at the country club. Everyone has to go.”

But I'm not on the team.”

I know but everyone including the girlfriends of the players.”

But I'm your boyfriend, not your girlfriend.”

And it looks like that this will make them reconsider their wording.”

Fine. But I'm driving.”

“Deal. Although it’s out on Fisher Island.”

We'll take my yacht then.” I opened my eyes and looked up to his, into those deep brown pools of the love he had in his heart for me.

“I love you Baby-boy.” He said softly, pulling me on top of his warm, solid body.

I love you too Sexy.” I said, leaning in, placing my lips firmly against his.

Come on, no time to play today.” He said, leaning back and pulling me up and out of bed with himself.

Fine.” I groaned as he put me down on the soft carpet in my bedroom.


# # # # #

Brad left after we ate breakfast together. He got a call from his coach who told him he needed to see him right away. I didn't ask about what, already knowing. His coach wasn't old but wasn't that young either. A middle-aged man with a few gray hairs on the sides. He was married with 2 kids. I knew all of this only because of Brad telling me about him last night. He gave me a quick rundown of all the major players on the team.

Looking at my watch I realized I still had to pick up Fay and get to school. I quickly dashed down the stairs and out to the garage. Since it was such a nice day after such horrible weather I grabbed the keys to my white LP560-4 Spyder. I was kind of glad that I just had it detailed inside and out.

As I started the motor I put the top down while listening the large V10 purr. Pulling out of the bay I almost didn't shut the bay door I was in such a hurry. Stopping at the gate I hit the button on my cell phone which was linked to my security system and shut the open bay door.

# # # # #

Sorry I'm late Hun. Lost track of time this morning. I was thinking about everything that was going to happen today.” I said as Fay got into the car and I sped off.

It's okay. I understand. I'm preparing myself as well.” She said, folding down the visor and flipping open the mirror.

What for?”

Well I was your girlfriend.” She said, applying a bit more eyeliner then flipping the visor up.

Yeah, so you get to play the grieving girlfriend. You still get to wait till Graduation to have to date anyone.”

I know but still.”

Okay, whatever. And here we are.” I said pulling into the parking lot and revving the motor while putting the top up before shutting off the engine.

And look, everyone already has their eyes on that nice ass of yours.” She said as I walked around the front of the car and she hooked her arm through mine, still.

I think their looking at the fact you're not being a total bitch to me.” I corrected her.

I'm not that much of a bitch. I mean you could have warned me before I saw the live broadcast.”

The what?” I asked, not even remembering being told about a live broadcast.

Yeah, 5 o'clock news they had a live broadcast of the press conference at Vutali Incorporated. Anything at Vutali Incorporated comes in as breaking news and a live news feed, if possible.”

Ah, okay. I didn't think about the time.” I said checking my watch.

Shit Jay, fancy enough Rolex there?” She asked pulling my hand back up and looking at the diamonds laid in the ring around the platinum clock face.

Oh ya, I just got this one. Diamonds in the 12, 3, 6, and 9 along with one on the minute and hour hand and another in the center.”

What is that white gold or platinum?” She asked as she dropped my hand back to my side.

Platinum.” I smirked as we walked into the foyer of the school.

As I opened the doors for Fay everyone's eyes were on us. Clearly everyone knew now and it was time to really be myself. Nicki and Sammy seemed to come out of nowhere. Soon they were walking behind me and Fay as we made our way down the halls and into the cafeteria. A few people were whispering back and forth as I passed, I could make out a few of the comments, none I cared about.

“Well, well. Looks like the liar was lying about something else. How surprising.” Andy said as me and Fay walked into the cafeteria.

Drop it bitch.” Fay quipped as she unhooked her arm from mine and took a step towards Andy.

Why? Because your boyfriend turned out to be a fag? Or because you let him fuck that STD infested pussy of yours?”

Look her you little fucking cunt. One, he’s not a fag, he’s just like you and me, well at least me. He’s a human being. Two, I'm still a virgin, unlike you. Don't try and deny it. We all saw the pictures, and the video. And three, at least I was closer to dating him than you ever could.” She said, getting closer and closer to Andy with each verbal bitch slap to the face.

You wanna know why he picked you to date, because you look more like a man.” Andy said in a low tone that I could barely hear.

That's it bitch! Your ass is mine!” Fay screeched as her hands jetted up from her hips to Andy's hair and then curling into a fist which landed right in the center of her face. I could hear Andy's nose break from where I was standing.

Andy had her arms wrapped around Fay's waist as she tried to fight her off but even in heels Fay was kicking her ass. Andy tried to stumble back but it didn't work. Fay spun both of them around as she took Andy's whole head, slamming it against the wall. Fay pinned her against the wall with her hand tightly gripping Andy's hair while she also held her arm, twisted behind her back.

Kiss the wall bitch.” Fay growled through gritted teeth.

Make me!” Fay began to slowly slide her head forward, dragging on the heavily stuccoed wall.

Kiss. The. Wall.” Fay growled again.

Make. Me.” Andy hissed again. Fay slid her head against the wall again, then using her heels to trip Andy, dropping her to the ground falling on top of her body. Fay pulled Andy's head up by her hair slamming it back down into the carpeted floor. Andy spit a bit of blood along with a tooth.

Fay,” I said in a firm tone. “Enough.” Fay got up, smoothing out her dress.

Kiss my shoe bitch.” Fay growled one last time, putting her shoe in front of Andy's face. I could see the look of defeat not only in Andy's eyes but also her friends who were huddled off to the side. Andy slowly inched forward as her lips made contact with the front part of fay's stilettos.

Jay, take me home. I have to change and burn this dress. I got the cunt's blood on it.” She said walking over to me and hooking her arm through mine.

Fine. Get our class work guys?” I asked of Nicki and Sammy as we walked back down the hall, towards the main entrance.

Of course.” Nicki answered for both of them.

Thanks. Come over to the house after class.”

Okay.” Sammy chimed in as they turned down another hallway from the main hall.

Well, that was interesting.” I said walking out to the sunny afternoon.

Eh, I've always been able to kick her ass. She’s all talk and I'm both. The bark and the bite.” Fay said as we got back into my car.

Okay, yeah but still. It was interesting. Especially with everyone crowding around.”

Yeah, I think Sammy was getting a little hot under the collar.” She giggled as I put the top down after starting the engine.

Why do you think that?”

Because the look in his eye.”

So he likes a strong woman. Nothing wrong with that.”

“Yeah, but it was me, that's the creepy part.”

Only a little bit.”

Only a lot.” She corrected me.

# # # # #

I sat outside under the overhang while Fay ran up to her condo to change. Just as she walked out of the building in a simple silver dress with sequence on the top half of it with a black belt wrapped around her chest just under her breasts and black heels on with a pair of black sunglasses that kind of wrapped around her face the song “Cooler Than Me” by Mike Posner came on. I was in awe by not only her timing but also how her wearing something so simple could make her look so beautiful.

Finally.” I said as she shut the door and I pressed down on the accelerator, speeding out of the overhang.

Sorry, had to actually find something to wear.”

So what shall we do on such a nice day?” I asked glancing over at Fay.


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