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It's Money Honey

Chapter 17

The booster club

Sunday came way too fast for me. Brad and I spent all of Saturday together, just me and him. Essentially we locked ourselves away in my room. Luckily he didn't have a game this weekend, since there was the whole team conference thing Sunday with the booster club.

# # # # #

Laying in bed I was wrapped in Brad's strong arms as he laid behind me, holding me close to his chest, close to his heart as he always told me. I could feel his body shifting and moving around a bit as he pulled me closer, tightening his grip around my body. It felt as if our bodies were just going to melt together with how close he was trying to pull me into him.

We can't be one person Baby.” I said with a slight chuckle.

I can try can't I?” He asked.

Ya, but don't squish me.” I said, rolling over and sliding closer into is warm body.

Okay.” He tightened his arms around me as he buried his face into my neck, lightly placing kisses on my neck, tickling me as he did.

Baby, knock it off.” I gasped between laughs. “That tickles.”

Really?” He had briefly lifted his lips from my neck to ask.

Yes.” I pulled his head up to look him in the eye.

Damn. Well my fun is over.” He said, sliding down and resting his head against my chest.

How can your hair be this soft?” I asked running my fingers through his silky smooth head of hair.

I don't know.”

Well I love how it feels.”

That feels good.” He moaned as he closed his eyes and pushed his head slightly higher into my hand.


# # # # #

It took us some time to finally get out of bed but when we did Brad was still hanging all over me.

“Wanna take a shower together?” He asked in a hushed whisper from behind me as I stood at the bathroom counter.

Brad.” I sternly said.

What? It's been 3 months and like a week. I think it’s time we at least see each other naked, fully.” His tone was soft and sweet, yet husky.

No. not yet. Not until I'm ready Baby.”

Fine.” He unhooked his body from mine as he walked over to the shower, opening the door and turning it on.

I love you.” I said walking over to him with a towel in hand.

Love you too.” He said as he took the towel. I walked out of the bathroom while he got in the shower.

I sat on my bed thinking about how today would go down. I hadn't talked to or seen anyone from Brad's team since we came out. We had talked when he got back from seeing his coach. Luckily, his coach was with us and fond someone like Brad might actually help the team. Neither of us could figure that one out. He wasn't sure how his teammates would take it though. Since practice had been canceled because the weather had been really bad lately they also moved the brunch thing today to some hotel in Bayshore, not too far from my house, luckily.

I got back up and walked into the bathroom finding Brad's boxers on the floor. Taking a breath I dropped mine from my hips, landing on the floor next to his. I walked the few steps to the shower door, carefully reaching for it and pulling it open to find Brad standing under the water with his back to me and his head tilted back and eyes closed. Walking into the shower I carefully reached out and took his firm cheek in my hand as he jumped a bit and turned around, covering himself as he did.

Jay? I thought you didn't wanna shower together?” He asked uncovering himself when he saw I wasn't.

At first I didn't, then I came to my senses and realized I had a star quarterback in my shower naked.” I laughed as I stepped under the spray of water.

Good choice.” He said from behind me, placing his hands on my hips.

“I think so.” I leaning back into him.

I like this.” He whispered into my ear.

Like what?” I asked turning my head so our lips connected.

This.” He slid his hand down to my bare ass, cupping one cheek in his strong hand and giving it a firm grasp.

Oh, is that all I'm good for now? My ass.” I asked dragging both his arms up and over my shoulders.

No. there's also your money.” He leaned down a bit to plant his lips against my neck again, not moving them though.

Ah. For that, you're signing a prenup.” I warned with a smile, tilting my head to the side.

Fine by me. I know we'll never have to use it though.” I could feel his smile against my neck.

Good answer.” I smiled.

I thought so.”

# # # # #

After our relaxing shower together we had to be quick getting dressed or else we would be late. As we rushed down the stairs I took a quick look at the weather and saw that it was suppose to be sunny, which meant I could take something a little more flashy than normal.

Which car Babes?” Brad asked as we walked into the garage.

Last bay. I'll be right there, I have to get the keys.” I said running back into the house, into the kitchen and grabbed the set of keys off the counter and jogged back out to the garage, to the last bay.

Ready?” I asked getting into the car.

Yeah. But did we have to take such a flashy car?” He asked with a smirk as I pulled out of the bay.

What do you mean? I wanted a convertible so we're taking one.” I said speeding down the driveway to the gate.

Yeah, but the Turbo S?”

So what? It’s me Babes. You know who I am, and this is who I am.”

Yeah, and this isn't you. You're not this flashy.”

Just be glad it wasn't the Bugatti.” I warned, putting the top down while I waited at the light at the end of the bridge to turn left.

Okay, maybe.” He said taking my hand in his.


As I turned he turned up the radio and that was the only noise for the rest of the ride. Even without talking I knew Brad was nervous. So was I. The way he was holding my hand said it all. He was rubbing the top my hand with his thumb. Most of the ride he was looking out his window, occasionally squeezing my hand when he would glance over at me.

# # # # #

Pulling into the Ritz-Plaza hotel I went straight for the valet while I watched a couple cars with Barry U. football stickers go to the parking garage. Stepping out of the car I handed the keys to the valet attendant standing there. He took my name and gave me a part of the envelope that he put the keys in. before he walked away I tipped him a couple bucks.

Walking around the front of the car I took Brad's hand in mine as he guided me into the large hotel. Just holding his hand I could feel his heart beat was racing. I gave his hand a quick squeeze when we first walked into the hotel lobby. He looked down at me with almost pleading eyes. Looking into his hazel eyes today I could see the fear he had. I knew this would be a huge milestone for him today and I was going to be right by him for every minute.

Relax Baby. I can feel your heart beat in your hand.” I whispered to him as I tugged on his hand to get him to walk forward.

I'm trying and you're helping.” He said leaning down to kiss my cheek.

I'm gonna be right here for you baby.”

Thanks.” He said with a smile as he turned to face me as we stepped onto the empty elevator.

Anytime, it’s what I'm here for.” I smiled as the elevator came to a stop on the second floor.

I know. Just like I'm here for you.” As we stepped off the elevator he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, hugging me tightly into his side.

Ready?” I asked as we reached doors into the large restaurant that they were holding this thing in.

As I'll ever be.” He went to reach for the door handle when I thought of something and quickly pulled his face into mine.

Pressing my lips against his hands slid to my waist as mine cupped his face. I felt his tongue flicking at my lips, wanting to be let in. I smiled and soon could feel his own smile creeping across his face as I slid my hands down to wrap around his neck.

Better?” I asked pulling back to look into his soft eyes.

Much. You know just how to relax me.” He said placing a quick kiss on my lips as he turned back to the door and I hooked my arm through his, resting my hand on his solid bicep.

Well, yeah. After three months I'm supposed to.” Walking through the door we walked into a large foyer before the long hall that lead to the restaurant.

We could hear everyone else inside and it was making me nervous now. I'm not sure how but it just was. I tightened my grip on his bicep which I knew gave away how I was feeling. Reaching over he patted my hand on his bicep. I smiled up to him, trying to over my own worries. The hallway was cold and dimly lit taking those last few steps into the large room filled with not only large guys but also their dates, and a few people who I knew could make or break Brad's very possible career in the NFL one day. I didn't want anything to go wrong and I could already see something going wrong.

Stepping into the large room my heart literally stopped. Everyone turned their attention to us as Brad waved to a couple friends, I was guessing. We slowly began to walk again, smiles and all when as if out of nowhere a couple people began to clap, then a few more, and a few more, and a few more. Soon everyone was applauding for some reason that was almost everyone but a few guys off to the side. I was guessing they were either drunk or didn't like us. Either way this was not going to be fun.

Brad,” An older guy in dark slacks with slightly graying hair, mainly on the sides, came up to us. “Glad you guys could make it.”

Thanks Coach.” Brad said shaking this hand.

Jason, right?” He asked turning his attention to me.

Uh, Jay.” I said shaking his hand.

Okay. Well come on, you guys are seated next to me and my wife.” He turned while I let Brad lead me.

“And this is my wife, Evelyn.” He said standing next to a woman who was much I knew was much older than she looked.

Nice to see you again Brad.” She greeted shaking his hand then turning to me.

And it's a joy to meet you. . .”

Jay.” I said shaking her hand.

Ah.” She said as Brad pulled my chair out for me and his coach did the same for his wife.

Thank you.” I said as Brad took his own seat.

Coach, you never said what this whole thing was about.” Brad said, leaning forward a bit.

Ah, simple. It's all about you two.” He said with a smile.

Huh?” I asked in disbelief.

Well, when the booster club saw your little press release, they immediately called their own little meeting to address this whole thing. In return the president of the booster club has a daughter who is dating one of the player and she just so happens to be the head of that little group, what’s it called?” He asked turning to his wife.

The Buccaneer Bitches.” She said, taking a drink of whatever she had in her glass.

Yes, them. Anyway, the bi-laws state that anyone dating a player is allowed to join. That means you Jay. Not only are they here to recognize you as a new member but also honor you both for your courageous act of coming out.”

What the hell is a Buccaneer Bitch?” I asked looking at the door as a few more people came in.

They are the girlfriends, and a few wives, of the players, but as I said their bi-laws only state anyone who is dating a player can join.”

Ah. And they're here to make me one of them?” I asked.

They feel if the booster club is going to recognize your relationship then they'll recognize you. And like I said, the head girl's Father is also the president of the booster club. He in a way made her.” He smiled with a slight chuckle.

Okay, fun.” I smiled as Brad laughed, taking my hand in his on in my lap. “At least they spelled my name right though.” I said picking up the name card in front of my seat.

# # # # #

Mr. Laron, president of the booster club, made some long drawn out speech about how they wanted to personally support Brad's lifestyle and his relationship with me. He also wanted to “personally” thank me for coming. I already knew what he had in mind, Brad's coach supported my thoughts. He told me that Mr. Larson was hoping that maybe showing some good, southern hospitality, maybe I might give a generous donation for some new gear.

After he made his speech this fairly young looking woman got up and hugged Mr. Larson so I knew it must have been her Dad. She got up and made another long, drawn out speech about acceptance and tolerance. I could see the boredom in Brad's eyes, even from sitting next to him. For most of the speech she was scanning the room with her eyes or looking down at her note-cards, towards the end she kept her eyes on Brad and I.

. . .It's not every day you see a relationship like the one shared by Brad and Jason. I hope their relationship will last for a long time. And as it is my honor, I would like to reach out and offer you, Jason, the opportunity to become a Buccaneer Bitch. So will you join us every Wednesday to help orchestrate everything and anything to do with the team?” She asked looking right at me.

Sure.” I said smiling a wide, fake smile. As a few people clapped, including Charlotte, the one giving the speech.

Great. We usually have the meetings at my Father's house. I'll give you the address later.”

# # # # #

Brunch was okay I guess. You had your choice between french toast, an egg white omelet, or Belgian waffles. All came with your choice of bacon, scrambled eggs, or sausage. Brad went with the waffles and eggs while I went with the omelet and bacon. After we all ate me and Brad were some of the last ones to leave with his coach, Mike, and his wife. They had parked in the garage so they had to turn the opposite way from us.

Walking out to the valet stand I was resting my head against Brad's arm with our hands intertwined with our fingers laced together. He was using his thumb to rub my hand. I closed my eyes, letting Brad lead me again, feeling our hands laced together, his much larger hand clasping my smaller hand. Feeling the slight breeze against my skin I opened my eyes just as Brad opened the door for me.

We walked over to the valet window, handing the guy the ticket. As we walked over to the pickup area I spotted Charlotte with her boyfriend, the second string quarterback. They were waiting for their own car as well.

Jay!” She called out, after spotting me and Brad. “Over here!”

Crap.” I said under my breath as I put on my fake smile, walking over to them.

Hey.” I said in a chipper tone.

Hey.” She said with a very white smile.

Here's the address where we have the usual meetings.” She said in a very bubbly tone.

Anything I should bring?” I asked taking the small piece of paper out of her hand and looking at it before pushing it into my pocket.

Anything you want.” She smiled. I could see my car pulling around the corner.

Okay. Wine okay?” I asked just as my car pulled up.

Sure. Bring a red and a white though. Just in case.”


Mr. Vutali, your car.” The same valet who took it said.

Thank you.” I said walking around to the driver's side and getting in, slipping him another tip.



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