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It's Money Honey

Chapter 18

white & red

I was going through my closet looking for something formal but not too formal, which could also be worn casually. I was already in a pair of faded jeans with rips in them going from just below my knee up to about the bottom half of my thigh. I was tearing through my closet looking for something to wear. I didn't even hear my phone go off. Finally finding something I pulled it on, slipping on my black flip-flops and grabbed my phone off the counter in my closet and dashed out of room, almost running down the stairs to the kitchen and grabbing the two wine bottles out of the kitchen. I grabbed my car keys walking out of my living room, stopping to arm the alarm system. I had ran back to the house after school to change and grab a couple bottles of wine that I had kept in the fridge, a couple cheaper bottles but still good wine. The only reason I came back to the house was because there were still some clothes here.

Walking out the front door I walked over to my white California, the top already down, I laid the bottles down in the front seat and then walked around the front of the car and carefully got in, trying not to get anything on my jeans. I already knew that this would just be another popularity contest. Many of the players were already getting endorsements from different people or getting paid from the school just to play for them. Lucky for me I had to drive all the way up to North Island. Not that far from my home on Star Island, only about 15 miles.

Yes Ashlyn.” I answered my phone, putting it on speaker phone.

Jay, where are you. I thought you were coming in today.”

I am, after I go to the stupid meeting thing with the Buccaneer Bitches. Why?”

Because Carry just moved my office up to the top floor with yours.”

Okay. What else?”

We have a couple things we need to talk about.”

Okay. And Ashlyn, I meant to tell you this the other day, anything in the media concerning Brad from this day on is now also your responsibility.”

Okay. Already figured that because he’s now officially tied into this corporation just from dating you, which means any and all publicity is handled by me.” She said.

Okay. I have to go Ashlyn. I'm almost there.”

Okay. We still need to. . .” Was all she said before I hung up. Normally I didn't do that but sometimes she got annoying and I was pulling into the driveway of the large home, behind a brand new black BMW 3 series sedan along with a couple other cars.

I was guessing it was Charlotte's by the license plate reading: CHARCHAR and it had a Buccaneers sticker in the rear window. Stepping out of the car I grabbed the bottles out of the front seat, clicking the lock button on the key-fob. As the car chirped I walked around the front of it, between it and the BMW, and right up the stone steps in front of the house. Walking across the small patio with water lilies growing on either side that were already in bloom.

Knocking on the large solid wood door I could hear a few voices coming from inside of the house. Surrounding the large door was a stone framing which looked to be about a foot wide which was surrounded by large panes of glass about 1 foot wide and 3 feet high. Between each pane about a 1 inch wide piece of the same stone surrounding the door. The light was coming down just right on either side of the overhang that it hit the glass, lighting it up perfectly.

Jay, you're early, well earlier than most people.” Charlotte said opening the door in a simple black dress coming down to the middle of her thigh with a white belt around her waist.

Oh, I thought I would be late.” I smiled as she stepped aside to let me in. “I had to stop by my house to change and grab the wine.” I held up the two bottles in my hand.

Oh. Perfect.” She said taking the bottles out of my hand walking down the hall to my right. “They're still cold.” She said feeling the bottles.

Yeah. My wine cooler makes its own dry ice essentially.” We walked into the large kitchen where a few other women sat.

Jay, these are a few of the other Bitches.” She said putting the wine in the fridge. “This is Giselle. She's married to the first string center.” She said motioning to a beautiful black girl with light skin and very vibrant blue eyes and beautifully wavy hair. “This Kelly-Ann. She’s dating the running back.” She said placing her hand on a blond woman sitting next to her on a stool. “And this is Marley. She's married to the second string center.”

And who are you dating?” I asked Charlotte.

Second string quarterback.” She smiled with her words.

Ah, okay.” I smiled.

Eh, Bitch!” I heard someone call out as I heard the front door shut. “Who’s pushing the Ferrari out front?” I heard the clicking of a pair of heels on the hard wood flooring then a black woman with slightly darker skin than Giselle with her hair done up in a tight ponytail.

That would be mine.” I piped in from my seat on a stool.

Ah. And you are?” She asked looking me in the eye.

Jay Vutali, I'm dating Brad Dalton, star quarterback, sorry first string quarterback.” I quipped, just trying to shove it to Charlotte.

Oh, oh, okay.” She said with a smile now.

Have you told him yet?” She asked looking Charlotte right in the eye.

No, that's today main topic.” She said calmly, but clearly through gritted teeth.

What the hell are you guys talking about? Clearly it’s about me.” I asked bluntly.

Ah, see the bi-laws clearly state that anyone dating the first string quarterback is instantly the head of the Buccaneer Bitches, since Brad wasn't dating anyone until now that position went to the person dating the second string quarterback which is Charlotte.” Kelly-Ann answered turning to me with a wide grin.

Kelly-Ann!” Charlotte warned in a firm tone. “That was supposed to be a surprise.” She had a broad smile across her face as she said this.

Oh, sorry.” Kelly-Ann said looking down into her glass.

Really?” I asked smiling broadly.

Yes.” Even though she didn't show it physically I could see it in her eyes and hear a twinge of pain in her voice as she admitted this.

And if I refuse?” I asked out of curiosity.

Then it goes to a vote.” The woman whose name I still didn't know added. “By the way, I'm Shannon.” She said with a smile.

Oh, well no point for any more politics, and it is my new responsibility.” I said, watching as Charlotte's eyes showed her emotions she tried to cover with that smile. Despair, anger, hatred.

# # # # #

One by one the rest of the woman arrived they all introduced themselves to me and welcomed me to the club. Every last one of the girls seemed as if they could be a model. It was clear that they all knew the bi-laws and all knew what was going to happen today. When the last girl arrived Charlotte called the meeting to order. Everyone just kind of found a seat in either the kitchen at the counter, the larger table or in the den which was connected to kitchen with nothing to block the view.

I now call this meeting of the Buccaneer Bitches to order.” Charlotte called out as she banged a small gavel on the small circular piece of wood. “I would like to thank Jay for coming and accepting our offer to join our group. As you all know, he is dating Brad Dalton for those of you who didn't know or who did not show up to the brunch last Sunday.” She said looking right at Shannon who mouthed the word sorry. There were a few snickers and a few whispers amongst the crowd. “And as the bi-laws clearly state anyone dating or married to a player is allowed into the club. They also state that anyone dating the first string quarterback becomes president of the Buccaneer Bitches, so without any further adieu, I open the floor to the new president.” She said motioning towards me.

Thank you Charlotte.” I said smiling broadly as I looked out to the crowd to see many of the other girls smiling as well. “So, as my first order of business I guess we should pick the new meeting place, my house is more than enough to accommodate all of you. I'm also guessing it's closer to most of you on Star Island than out here on North Island.” Most of the girls agreed. “I'm not really sure where you all were so for the rest of this meeting I'll let Charlotte take over for whatever you originally had planned for today's meeting and then next time I'll take over and give it a shot.” I said Looking back over to Charlotte who smiled broadly.

Okay, thank you Jay. I hope I can be of help any time you need it with any questions you may have.”

# # # # #

This may actually be fun.” I told Fay as we sat in the lounge, watching whatever was on TV at the time.

Doesn't sound like it.” She said moving over closer to me.

I think it will be. Especially just to shove it to Charlotte. Apparently she’s a total bitch and I can already see it.” I laughed a little with Fay.

Okay Hun, have fun.” She said patting my shoulder.

Oh, I will.”

Now, can you give me a ride?” She asked yawning as she closed her eyes.

Sure.” I said standing up and reaching my hand out for her.

Thank you.” She said as she stood and slipped her shoes back on.

# # # # #

I dropped Fay off at her condo at about 10pm and then quickly sped over to mine. I wanted to sell some of the cars I didn't drive, because most of them were gas guzzlers and I didn't drive them as much as my parents did or when I first got them. There were some cars I knew I couldn't get rid of. Any of them that my Dad took special pride in, that was a lot of them.

Pulling into the garage no one was really down there except for me. I pulled into the Penthouse parking area, putting the top up on it before shutting it off. I walked over to the elevator in the little area of only 10 parking stalls and hit the button, sliding my key-card through the reader next to the button. The door opened after a few seconds since no one else had gone up or used it since this morning before I left for class so it was still there. The doors shut after a minute as I rode it to the top getting off it as the doors opened.

There was a large, circular room with windows on either side of the elevator doors, looking out to the bay. Both elevators, the one for the Penthouse only and the other 3 for the rest of the building were all lined up in the same shaft which was a large column like structure on the side of the building. The walls were painted a soft white with a good sized light fixture hanging from the domed ceiling. I placed my hand on the exterior panel next to the door. The screen flashed green as the small square panel on the door slid over into the door, revealing the lock and door knob. This was a top of the line door my security division had created specificity for this condo. The whole door was like a normal door only covered in an inch of steel with the 4 pins going into the studs, floor, and ceiling. The pin going into the ceiling was by the hinge on the left side of the door while the one going into floor was in the opposite corner of the door and the last two, the normal one by the handle with another across from it going into the other stud. When the screen flashed green it meant the 3 extra pins had been retracted into the door leaving the forth to be undone by the traditional key lock as well as a normal lock.

Walking into my condo I kicked my shoes off in the little dark hard-wood floor area by the door and then walked over to the bar and walked behind it to grab a bottle of Fiji water. After grabbing my bottle of water I walked down the hall, past the kitchen and up the stairs to my bedroom.

Walking into my closet I stripped off my clothes, like I did every night, down to my boxers. I cleaned out my pants pockets, finding my phone, wallet, and my keys. I put my keys in the lock box in my closet and my wallet on the shelf where I put my watch as well. I hit the home button on my phone, pulling up the picture of my and Brad. Fay had taken my phone and he had lifted me up, putting me on his shoulder after he won game on Monday. All of this was done at the valet stand outside of the stadium. Thinking back to that night I smiled to myself and unlocked my phone to call him.

Dialing his number I walked out of my closet and over to my bed, using my free hand to toss back the blankets. It rang a few times and then went to voicemail. My spirits were crushed a bit but I knew he was probably asleep already, he said he had a pretty brutal practice today. I put my phone into the charging case and put it on the Powermat to charge. Sliding down into my covers I had just closed my eyes when my phone began to ring.

Picking it up I knew it was Brad just hearing the ring-tone.

Hey Baby.” I smiled as I answered the phone.

Sorry I didn't answer your call. I was helping April bring some things into the apartment.”

“It's okay. I just wanted to call and tell you good night and see how you were doing.”

Ah. I'm good. How about you? How did the whole Buccaneer thing go?” His smile was evident in his tone.

Great actually. I became President.” I smirked.

How?” He asked surprised.

Simple, the bi-laws state that anyone dating the first string quarterback takes the position of the President of the Buccaneer Bitches.”

“Ah, well I'm glad me training my ass off is helping you gain diplomatic ground in your new club.”

It's also helping me shove it to that bitch Charlotte.”

Is that all?” He asked in a perky tone.

Basically. Oh, and, almost forgot, I love you.”

Love you too. This weekend, I only have a game Friday night. I was thinking we could spend the weekend together again. Maybe in a nice hotel this time?”

I got something better than a hotel. But the weekend part sounds perfect.” I said, thinking that it would be the perfect idea to tell him about the condo.

Okay. And what did you have in mind?”

Oh, just something that I think you'll like. Think of it as our own little getaway for now.”

Okay? Does anyone else know where we'll be or of this place?”

Nope. Just me right now, oh and Dan. He knows about it because he helped me find it but come this weekend, only you and me will know about it, and Dan.” I added in a low tone.

That makes everything perfect.”

Oh, I know.”

After a few more minutes of talking to Brad we said our goodbyes and hung up so he could go back to helping April and I slowly lulled myself to sleep, putting my phone back on the charger. I held on to Brad's pillow, trying to pretend it was him. His scent was still lingering on the pillow. It was soothing. Most of time we would end up falling asleep with him holding me from behind with his face buried in my neck, close enough I could smell the faint scent of his shampoo mixing with the light scent of his cologne. Those two scents mixing together always soothed me right to sleep.



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