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It's Money Honey

Chapter 19

The weekend

Friday night I had packed up a few things into a bag, mainly the last few things I needed from the house. It was just my extra toothbrush, some toothpaste, deodorant, extra bottle of cologne, and a couple articles of clothing I had left to make it look like I was still living there when Brad came over to stay the night. I hauled the duffel bag down the stairs and out the front door where I had my Cayenne Turbo S parked. I clicked the unlock button on the key-fob, opening the back hatch and putting the bag in the back I shut the hatch and walked around to the driver's side, climbing into the driver's seat. I started the engine and pulled out from the overhang, off to get Brad.

The power of the engine was over powering almost. With just a light tap on the gas I was at 75 in no time, I quickly got up to 80 and hit the cruise control. Most of my ride would be along the freeway so there really was no need to go any faster or slower until I had to get off or pass someone.

Getting off the highway I could see Brad's building from the stoplight. When it turned green I stepped on the gas, pulling across the intersection and turning left. I sped up to pass the slower cars that were just starting up at the next intersection as the light turned green while I was still going about 55 after slowing down at first. No one was in the right lane with me even as I came up to the next intersection, turning right and heading North, all the way up the freeway to his apartment building.

Turning into the front lot I sped into the back lot to pick him up. He was already waiting for me outside with a small bag on one side and his gym bag on the other side, both sitting on the ground next to him. Pressing the button the back hatch opened as he walked around to the back. After putting the bag in he closed the hatch and walked over to the passenger's side, opening the door and climbing in.

Hey Cutie.” He leaned over, quickly kissing my cheek as he shut the door.

Hey Baby.” I said, taking off out of the back driveway and onto a small side street.

Just down the street there was a barely used parking lot and with minimal lights. At first when I pulled into it Brad looked at me with a raised eyebrow but I just smiled, zipping to the back corner of the lot. Shutting the car off I unbuckled my seat belt and crawled over the center console, placing my knees on the outer edges of his seat and my hands on his shoulders.

I missed you.” I said in a soft tone as Brad slid his hands up my legs, resting on my hips.

I missed you too.” He told me back looking me in the eye. “You got contacts.”

And you noticed. Yeah. I got them today. You like?” I asked.

Well purple is an unusual color, but yes. They fit you and look great on you.”

Thanks.” My tone was soft as I slowly leaned in, placing my lips on his a first, his hands tightening their grip on my hips while slowly his lips moved in motion with mine. My hand slid up into his soft locks of hair, tangling themselves in the clump of hair that I held in my grasp. He pulled our bodies closer together, running his hands up my back and then back down to slid under my shirt. His hands were a little cooler than I was so the feeling of his hands on my bare skin sent a chill down my spine. I could feel his lips turning up into a smile as he tapped his fingers along my spine ever so lightly, it was like they barely touched it at all.

I slid my other hand up to his cheek, gently caressing it as I slowly leaned back to look into his beautiful eyes.

“I love you.” He whispered gently rubbing the small of my back, his hands still under my shirt.

I love you too. And you know how you said it first, back when everything just kind of broke?” I asked him, I could see him thinking about it. “Yeah, well you ruined our first “I love you”. Just so you know.” I smiled as he laughed.

How so?”

Oh, I don't know. Saying it for the first time while in the middle of a scandal like that one. I was going to wait till everything was said and done. While we were laying in bed that night, nothing on and the only light is that of the full moon shining in from the windows. My head laying on your chest as it gently raises and falls, me listening to your heart beat, and you gently running your fingers through my hair like you like to do at night. So you owe me now one romantic moment of equal or greater value.” I smiled as I finished my statement.

I'll make it up to you, you'll see.” He smiled as I leaned in once more, placing my lips against his again.

You better.” I warned.

I will, you know I will.” He said pulling me into a tight hug, resting my head against his shoulder I closed my eyes and just agreed with him.

See, I can be romantic.” He whispered into my ear softly before resting his head against mine.

I know you can. I'm not dating just because you're Brad Dalton. I also wanted all that romance I know you have in you all to myself.”

Well it's all yours.”

Come on.” I said lifting my head and climbing back over the console and into my seat.

What, no kiss?” Brad asked, shocked as I reached over, taking him by the jaw and pulled over to me, kissing him quickly before letting him go.

Better?” I asked, starting up the engine.


I pulled out of the parking lot and headed back to the freeway and back towards the beach. Reaching over, Brad grabbed my water bottle and took a long swig from it before putting it back down and dropping his hand next to mine. While stopped at a stop light I traced the grooves of his palm with my finger. When the light changed I took his hand in mine, lacing our fingers together as I pushed down on the gas.

# # # # #

And here we are.” I said pulling into the parking garage and zipping to the back wall where my cars were all parked.

Where are we?” Brad asked as I punched in the code to open the gate separating the Penthouse parking from the general parking.

Vutali North. The luxury condo building my Dad had spent years building but never got to see finished.”

And why are we here?” He asked as we climbed out of the truck, walking to the back to grab our bags. Brad trying to play strongman grabbed both our bags and wouldn't let me carry mine.

Because the top 3 floors make up the Penthouse which had gone unsold for some time now so I decided to move into it. A change of scenery.” I said walking onto the elevator with him.

Ah. And no one but you and me know about this place?”

“Only Dan.”

So we can turn this into like our own little retreat. Just you and me, all alone on the top floor of a high rise condo building.”

Yup. The floor below us is a vacation house so they're never here but it doesn't matter because there's a big enough gap between the 2 floors that nothing can be heard from either side..”

Which means we can make loud, screaming love and not have to worry about annoying downstairs neighbors?”

Nope.” I smiled as the doors to the elevator opened.

Stepping off the elevator Brad was right behind me as I placed my hand on the panel and it went green. I couldn't contain my smile as I turned the key and opened the door as the lights were signaled to turn on. I had set some lights to turn on when something like a door is opened. When the front door is opened after having the lights shut off in the living room they turn on along with a few in the bar area. Brad dropped the bags next to the door while I make the quick call down to the front desk for my mail.

Putting the phone back on the base on the wall I walked over to the bar, stepping behind it and over to the large sub-zero fridge that blended in with the cabinets for the most part. Opening the fridge I grabbed a bottle of SoBe for me and Brad and walked back around the bar and into the living room. He was already sunk into the large leather couch and was searching for the remote.

Picture frame Babes.” I said leaning against him.


The remote for the TV.” He reached over picking up the picture frame with a digital scrapbook of and various people, mainly him. He took a minute to watch as the pictures rolled through, and finally I reached over and tapped it, pulling up the main menu.

Damn.” He said scrolling though everything.

Yeah, just like the one at my house.” I smiled hooking my arm through his and pulling my feet up on the couch.

Getting comfy?” He asked, swinging his arm over my shoulders.

“Yeah. I ordered pizza and I figured we could watch a movie.” I said, hearing a knock at the door.

Hold on.” I said getting off the couch and walking over to the door. Finding a doorman holding my mail, bundled up by a rubber band. “Thank you.” I said taking the mail and sorting through it.

Babe, close your eyes.” Brad said as I sat back down on the couch, leaning over the coffee table and sorting the mail out.

Okay?” I said sitting back and closing my eyes. I could feel Brad getting up off the couch. Feeling him sit back down I turned to face him.

Open.” He told me softly as I opened my eyes. In his hand was a single long stem red rose.

Awww, Brad.” I said, taking a deep whiff of the sweet scent of the rose.

Glad you like it.” Putting the rose down on the coffee table I slid back to the armrest, smiling broadly at Brad who was sitting at the other end of the couch.

Come here.” I said softly while motioning with my finger.

Yes.” He said as he crawled closer to me.

Closer.” I said again, putting my knees up as he crawled through them, placing his hands on either side of my waist.

Yes.” He said again, the tip of his nose inches from mine.

I love it, almost as much as I love you.” Sliding down I wrapped my arms around his neck, sliding under him while looking him right in the eye.

I love you Baby-Boy. You mean the world to me and I never want to let you go, so I won't.” His head dropped last few inches to mine. My hand slid forward into his soft locks as his lips touched mine. Softly at first but soon we were attacking each others lips with a hunger only known as lust.

I love you my Sweet Prince.” I said, caressing his soft cheek with my thumb as we broke the kiss.

I'm your Prince now?”

Yeah. Until I met you my life was boring, I had the same schedule day in and day out. I was falling into a funk and it was only a matter of time.” I admitted for the first time to anyone.

From now on, if you ever need to talk about anything, anything at all, I'm right here. I always will be.”

Thank you Baby.”

I love you.”

Love you too.” I said, rubbing the tip of my nose with his as I closed my eyes. “Now, where were we?” I asked in a soft yet seductive tone.

Let's see I had your shirt almost all the way off, you were sitting on my lap, your hands were tangled in my hair while mine were rubbing your back. Oh, and we had our lips locked very tightly.”

Well, let's go from there. The back rub did feel good.” I admitted feeling his hands slowly creep their way to the bottom of my shirt, pulling it up bit by bit.

Sit up.” He whispered to me softly. I did as I was told without even opening my eyes. As his hands slid up they pulled my shirt along. Lifting my arms he yanked it over my head, dropping next to the couch, placing his hands on my bare skin. Carefully he laid me back on the couch. Lightly he kissed my neck and collar bone, barely making contact but still enough to feel it.

“Roll over.” His voice was soft as he told me this. I carefully rolled over, still with my eyes closed. I no longer felt him as close to me as he was, physically. Laying on my stomach I felt him shift, resting just below my ass as his hands were placed on my shoulders and began rubbing downward. I felt his lips make contact with the back of my neck as he rubbed the middle of my back.

Baby,” I moaned as he rubbed deeper and deeper into my muscle tissue. “That feels amazing. Where did you learn to do this?”

Years of playing football and getting a good sports massage you pick up on a few things.”

Lower please.”

Of course.”

Can you take my pants off, I can't move. You've turned me into mush.” I laughed as I felt his hands slip around the front of my waist and unbuttoned my jeans slowly slipping them own my legs, running his hands down my legs.

Better?” he asked returning to his position.

“Much. Thank you.” I rolled over, still under him, and opened my eyes to find him shirtless as well. “Ooh, very sexy.” I commented running my hands up his sides to his chest.

Why yes you are.” He pulled me out from under him, and then sat me up to look me in the eye. His strong hand cupping my face as his other hand was wrapped around my waist.

Hehe. Look who’s talking Mr. 8-Pack.” I quipped leaning back, being held up by his strong hand, eying his amazing body up and down.

Well I have to stay in shape to keep you interested.”

No you don't. As long as you don't get fat we're fine.” I smiled hooking my arms around his neck.

Oh, thanks.” He rolled his eyes with his amazing smile.

He pulled me in close to himself again. Resting my head against his shoulder again I closed my eyes, taking in my surroundings in a new way. His hands seemed to dance up and down my back while our chests were pressed together and his head was resting against mine. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and back. I could feel his warm breath on the nape of my neck. His warm hands on my skin and his soft lips lightly kissing my forehead while I smiled just knowing that this God among men is mine. His body was mine to crave and lust over and I got to see the things that most people would never.

I love you.” I whispered into his neck, kissing it lightly.

Love you too Baby-Boy. I'm never gonna let you go, just so you know.”

What about when you have a game or practice?”

Simple, you're small enough I can put you on a necklace and wear you as my lucky charm.”

Ha, Ha.” I said smiling into his neck. “Baby, whatever you're new cologne is, keep it. It's really turning me on.” I said drinking in his new scent.


Yeah. I want you right now more than anything.” My voice was laced with my lust for him right then.

Not yet Baby. It's too early.” His voice was level and firm with his words.

Huh?” I asked looking up at him.

I won't have sex with you tonight. Not until I know you're ready.” I was so embarrassed I buried my face in his broad chest and groaned.

“I wasn't talking about sex silly. Not that far.”

Oh, then what were you talking about?” I could hear the smile in his voice.

Well, I was talking to Diane the other day. She told me you had an amazing tongue. She was very descriptive about your guys' past sex-life. The thing was she couldn't get over your tongue and some of the things you did with it.” I smiled up to him as his face went red and I could feel his body warming up.

Oh, really?” He asked looking up.

Yeah, and I mean she was vivid about the rough surface of your tongue swiping across her, well, her lips. She told me that you did things to her she never even considered having done.”

Well, uh, yeah. Did she also tell you that involved some alcohol and that it had been months since either one of us had had sex so we were both really, really horny?”

No, but after hearing all that I wanna feel how she felt. I wanna know what your tongue can. . .” Before I even finished my statement the phone began ringing. I smiled making him smile too and I quickly jumped up and walked over to the cradle hanging on the wall.

Hello.” I said into the receiver.

Mr. Vutali, there's a pizza delivery here for you.”

“Send him up.”

Right away sir.” He said, hanging up the phone as he did.

The pizza will be here in a couple minutes.” I told Brad who was laying on the couch now. “I guess I should go get changed then.”

“Go put on a robe, even better bring one in for me too. Let's have some fun with the pizza guy.”

Okay. I smiled, dropping my boxers right there by the door and walking to the bathroom downstairs. I grabbed the 2 black silk robes hanging in the small cabinet, pulling one on and loosely tying it around my waist.

Walking back out to the living room. Brad was already down to nothing and was conspicuously placing the clothes around the living room.

Here you go Sexy.” I said handing him the robe as he tied it loosely around his waist, leaving the top open like mine to expose his amazing chest and abs while the bottom of his robe hid everything else.

Thank you Cutie.”

Did I tell you want Ashlyn calls you?” I asked just thinking about it.


My hunky Boy-Toy.” I smiled while Brad began to laugh.

Your what?” He asked in disbelief.

My. Hunky. Boy-Toy.” I repeated.

Well, if I get to be your hunky Boy-Toy then you get to be my. . .”

Baby-Boy.” I stopped him before he could think of anything.

Nope, Bank-Baby.”

Your what?”






No.” The ringing at the doorbell stopped our small argument.

Walking back around the couch I walked over to the LCD screen next to the door, checking to make sure it was he pizza guy. Seeing that it was I opened the door to his surprise. Smiling broadly I took the pizza from him, passing it to Brad who took it to the counter.

Babe, where are my jeans?” I asked looking for my wallet.

Far window.” He said pointing to the corner of the room, on the stairs leading down into the sunken living room.

Thanks.” I walked over to them, picking them up and pulling out my wallet.

Here you go.” I said handing him a couple 20's with more than enough left over for a good tip.

Thanks man.”

Did you see his eyes when you answered the door?” Brad asked as I shut the door.

Yeah. I was debating flashing him.” I smirked.


Kind of.” I blushed a bit as Brad brought the pizza over to the coffee table.

Wow.” Was all he could say as he turned back after turning away for a minute, giving me enough time to undo my robe and let it drop to the ground.

Yeah, but then I decided to flash you.” I said walking over to him sitting on the couch.

You shave?”


You shave.” He was pointing to my crotch.

Oh, yeah.” I blushed.

I like it.”


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