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It's Money Honey

Chapter 2

A Party

The loud thump of the music could be felt even in my bedroom on the third floor where me and Fay were getting ready.

After getting back from the marina, I let the twins sober up then get ready, while me and Fay double checked everything from security, to the accessible rooms, to the food, which really didn't need to be checked.

The party had been started about an hour ago and me and Fay were nowhere to be seen. We were never around for the opening. We had been pretending to date for quite some time. It was one of the best covers we had thought of. Fay didn't like being hit on and when everyone figured out we were dating, most quit asking her and of course no one ever bothered me then about my lack of dating girls.

Me and Fay were ones for a grand entrance with as much flare as possible. Tonight was no exception either. She was in a fire-red strapless dress with black flames rising up from the bottom and reaching up the sides of the netting-type material that ran up the middle of the dress. The dress was skin tight and barely reached her knees, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her heels, more like stilettos, were the same design. The heel was shaped like a flame, black even, while the rest of the shoe was red, the same shade as her dress. Her hair was done in large curls with a black headband. Her necklace was a simple black onyx stone, with a red stone above, hanging on a platinum chain. The necklace hung low on her neck.

I was dressed in a red shirt, matching her dress color, with black skinny jeans and black Nikes with silver accents in both my jeans and shoes. My shirt was unbuttoned a little bit from the top and from the bottom. My hair was spiked up and had a bit of red put in it with some temporary dye. My only jewellery was a simple platinum chain hanging around my neck.

You ready?” I asked walking out of my bathroom while Fay was sitting on the edge of my bed, wrapping the lace from her shoe up and around her leg, to about her knee.

Yeah, as ready as I could be in this amount of time.”

Well, you told me you wouldn't need that much time, this time, to get ready.”

And you believed me?”

Yeah, I did.” I laughed as she tied the second bow above her knee.

Come on, I'm done.”

And you look amazing.”

Thanks. You look just as good.”


We made our way down to the second floor where we walk down the large main stairs right into the foyer.

I hear, our song playing.” I said as we stood at the top of the stairs.

So Happy I Could Die” by Lady Gaga. The top half of the stairs split into a Y with a large landing at the bottom, where they met.

Yup.” Fay walked to the other set of the stairs while I stood at the first.

“Ready?” I mouthed to her across the opening. She just nodded her head as we walked down each step, her heels clicking on the marble steps. The volume of the music had been turned down a bit and everyone seemed to gather around the bottom of the stairs.

# # # # #

The party was perfect. Even the people outside were having fun. At first security was trying to toss them off the property, but who am I to deny someone having fun. I told security as long as they stayed in the driveway and didn't get too out of control they were fine.

# # # # #

After the party, the twins crashed in their rooms while Fay crashed in mine, she was already there before me, changed out of her dress and into one of my dress shirts. As soon as I climbed into bed she rolled over and wrapped herself around me. I couldn't help but do the same to her, she was my best friend.

# # # # #

Morning Babes.” I said as Fay came down the stairs and into the kitchen where I was making breakfast. I gave Mario the day off after how hard he worked last night.

Morning.” She was already dressed and ready to go.

How did you sleep?”

Perfect. I swear that bed is magic. I can't ever have a bad nights sleep.”

Yeah, I know.”

Morning.” The twins chimed in with true twin fashion of simultaneously.

Morning guys.” I replied, flipping the last of the pancakes off the skillet and onto the plate. “Eat if you want it.” I set the large plate of food down on the counter and went to get plates. By the time I got back, the guys had a couple pancakes in their hands and were eating them without a plate or silverware.

Oh come on guys! Manners, damn.” I tried to complain while they just laughed and kept on eating.

Don't worry about them Babes, they're the lower half of the male spectrum.”

HEY!” Sammy moaned with a mouth full of food.

The un-evolved end, might I add.” She continued.

Yeah, I know. I really hope, no, I know I will never date anything like that. Make sure the next guy I date isn't one of their friends.” I said as Fay got a plate for both of us and we started digging into the food.

And what's wrong with our friends?” Nicki asked.

They're your friends.” Fay quipped as she began to eat.

# # # # #

After our last class, the twins had football practice so me and Fay took off back to my house to get their Denali and drop it off at the school for them. They had left it at my house from the weekend, along with Fay's 350 Z.

After dropping their car off I took Fay back to my house so she could get her car. After she took off, I switched out of my Range Rover into my Turbo S Cabriolet. I hadn't driven it in a while and figured it could use a good drive maybe to the beach or just down the open road.

Grabbing a pair of Gucci sunglasses and my keys, I took off out the door. I had put this car under my usual black cover with my family crest stitched into it. My Dad had started doing it when he found a place that would make one for him and ever since, those were the only covers we ever used.

This was one of the few cars I owned that wasn't black, white, or silver. It was dark red and the only reason it was that color was because I liked it so much. Maybe it was the perfect color for the car. It looked really nice with the black and red interior.

# # # # #

I pulled into the large shopping mall's parking structure and turned right toward the valet. The guy working the stand was really cute. He was slim but I could tell he had a nice body under those tight fitting clothes. His hair was spiked up and cut cleanly. His eyes were a bright, vibrant blue.

I was trying not to get to distracted while I was here, at least not until I was done shopping. I normally didn't go shopping unless I needed something or was gift shopping for someone. My phone ringing brought me out of my thoughts as I walked into the mall and walked around the first floor.

Hey Hun.” I answered as I noticed Fay's number pop up on the screen.

Hey Babes. So what are you up to?”

Not much, took the Turbo S out to the mall.”

Which mall?”

The really big one with the cute valets.” I laughed thinking of the guy who parked my car.

Is the one with hella vibrant blue eyes and hot body working today?”

Short dark brown hair, usually spiked?”


He parked my car.”

He can park his car in me.” She said in a low tone and a chuckle.

I wanna park my car somewhere in him.” She had me laughing and now she was laughing just as hard.

You should get with that. I know he is the help and all but still, he’s hot.”

You sound like your Mom, Always sleeping with the help.”

She is a slut.”

Yeah, really?”

And what are you doing at a mall anyway?”

Nothing you need to worry about.”

Ooooooh. Sounds like boy shopping.”

Maybe.” I said a little lightly with a small laugh, almost a giggle.

You're horrible.”

“I know. Hope you don't mind that I'm stepping out on you.”

Hey, I did the same thing the other night.”


Oh, so when I do it, I'm a slut. When you do it. . .”

I can play my favorite card.”

Which is. . .”

Don't be coy Babes.”

I hate when you play that card.”

Yeah, I know. But you said you would stay by me for any reason, even my taste in people.”

I hate you at times.”

But you love my money.”

Yes I do. And did I hear you right? You took the Turbo S out. Not your Rover. I thought you didn't want anyone finding out about you.”

I don't but I figured this mall wouldn't have anyone we know. And yeah I took the Turbo S, it needed some attention.”

Is that the black one with the 5 spoke rims?”

No, dark red with the 5-twin-spoke rims.”

Oh, I love that one.”

So do I.”

Which one is the black one then?”

The coupe or convertible?”

Hard top convertible.”

Oh, the GT2 RS chop-top. Its got the 20 inch split spoke rims and a custom hard-top along with a nice Bugatti motor.”

Now, that is a fucking nice car.”

Yeah, it was my Dad's.”

He had good taste.”

Well, Mom had a helping hand in that.”

I bet. I loved your Mom.”

So did I.”

You wanna come over later?”

Sure, what time?”

Whenever you want to.” Her tone was soft and very compassionate.

Okay. I'll try to stop by if I can.”

Okay. It would be nice to have you over later.”

Yeah, it would be nice to see the view.”

Well, get your shopping done and have fun. Call me later.”

I will. Love ya Babes.”

Love ya too.”

I clicked the end button on my phone, finding myself in the food court. I was hungry, but not a full meal hungry. I went out to find a snack, which turned into tea from Starbucks.

As I walked from store to store I really wasn't sure what I was going to buy for Fay. Her birthday was in a few months and I still hadn't found anything I thought served her 18th birthday justice. She wasn't into fashion so much it consumed her life, so that really wasn't an option. I was lost in my thoughts about this and it was going to be hard, I knew it.

# # # # #

I found myself in a small boutique style store. I was thinking of getting her something small, something special. There was a small jewelry counter in the back of the store so I started from the back and worked my way forward. There was one thing that caught my attention. It was small gold heart on a chain. It was simple, plain, perfectly Fay.

Hi.” A clerk said from behind the counter.


Need any help?”

Yeah, can I see the gold locket right there?” I asked, pointing to the necklace with the heart locket.

Sure.” She opened the back of the case and reached into the front of the case and brought the necklace out. “Here you go.”

Thank you.” I took the necklace out of the box, holding it in my hand. “I'll take it.” I said simply to the clerk.

You haven't even seen the price yet, sir.”

Don't need to.” I pulled out my black card, holding it between my fingers I flashed the clerk. Her eyes got wide then she just smiled and walked off towards the register with the necklace and me following.

After buying the necklace and the useless up-selling of the clerk, I took one last look around the first floor of the mall. Even if I wasn't shopping I would have to go up to the second floor because the valet pick-up wasn't on the same floor as the drop-off. I never understood why they did this, other than to try and get you buy some more crap. That always seemed so sad to me though.

As I got onto the elevator, it being closer than the escalators at the other end of the mall, there really wasn't anyone on it. Stepping out of it I was crowded by a sea of people trying to get on. I worked my way through the crowd, almost. Passing by the last few people I bumped into a guy. He was fairly tall, taller than me which wasn't saying much since I was about 5'7” and had been for a while. I went right into his strong, firm chest. I fell back onto the ground and flat on my ass. The skylights made this outrageous glare from overhead, keeping me from seeing his face for a minute. As I looked ahead of me all I saw were these legs from the calf downwards, lightly dusted with hair, perfectly sculpted, and tanned.

Sorry 'bout that.” He stuck his hand down for me to grab, of course I did.

It's okay. It was partially my fault too.” I said as he pulled me to my feet with one thrust. He was strong, still not saying much with me at about 135lbs. He had a firm grip too.

Nonsense. You were just trying to get out of the way of those freaks.” He laughed a deep, hard laugh.

Still I hadn't looked up to his face as I wiped myself off. When I looked up to him, he was perfect. A strong jaw line. Golden tanned skin without a single blemish. Dark brown, slightly hazel eyes. Shortly cut hair with a bit of gel to hold it up. The entire time he had a smile on his face, showing off those bright white teeth.

Brad.” He said simply.

Jay.” I said shaking his now outstretched hand with a firm grip.

I take it you've never been here before?” He asked. His words seemed to just roll past his beautifully plump lips.

And what makes you think that?”

Just tha' you came up the elevator instead of walking down to the stairs or escalators.”

Ah. Well I have been here before, just forgot about the elevator.” I laughed.

Clearly you forgot.” He laughed with me.

I guess I should be going.” I said after we stood in silence for what felt like several hours but was only 30 seconds.

Same here. You got a phone?”

Why you askin'?”

I don't know, maybe we could swap numbers and hang out sometime, you seem down to Earth.”

Yeah,” I began to reach for my phone but for some reason decided against it. “It must be in the c. . .uh I think its dead.” I lied. Wow I lied on the spot like that.

Oh well, here.” He reached into his back pocket and dug out his phone. “Put your number in mine and I'll text you later so you can have mine.”

Okay.” I flipped open his phone and quickly entered my number.

Here you go.”


We both just kind of walked off after that. He headed the opposite direction from me, towards the escalators while I headed to the parking garage.

# # # # #

Sitting in the driver's seat of my car always relaxed me for some reason.

When I got into the car there was a piece of paper in the cup holder.

I was just wondering if, you know, you would want to go out on a date or something sometime?

If so call or text me,



It was from the cute valet. The only reason I knew it was him was because he had gotten my car for me and his name tag said Jacob.

I lightly chuckled to myself, looking for him but sadly, he was already gone. I decided I would go over and see Fay, maybe tell her my good news about the valet, to her it would be some really tragic news. I knew she would just say “Oh, really. Well So-and-So owes me some money now. I win the bet” or something like that. She was known to try and make it seem like she knew all along, while in reality, she had no idea and was most likely guessing the total opposite the entire time.

# # # # #

I pulled into the valet at Fay's condo about half an hour later. I had taken a long, slow drive to think and clear my head. I just wanted to relax and calm myself down. With the top down and the wind gently blowing on such a wonderful day, how could you not just relax.

# # # # #

Hey Babes.” I said as I walked through the door and into Fay's huge condo. Her dad had designed the entire building, each floor, each condo he had worked with each client to create their perfect home. He had taken the top 2 floors and created his own home for him and Fay. The roof was surrounded by these large glass panes about 10ft high. The roof had a large patio area with a large 15 person spa.

Hey Hun.” Fay called from the sunken living room.

I walked down the three steps behind the couch. I vaulted myself over the back, landing right next to Fay.

Nice landing.” Fay turned her head to look at me quickly with a soft giggle and a soft smile.


Come on.” She got up and headed towards the door.

Where are you going?”

Just come on.” I walked back out the door, following her down the elevator and to her car.

Let's take mine.” I offered.

Nope. Get in.”


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