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It's Money Honey

Chapter 20

Saturday practice

I was awake before Brad was which was nice because when I sat up he moved his head over and rested it on my chest. Gently stroking his soft hair while running my finger over his flawless skin on his shoulder. I loved how his dirty blond locks created a great contrast to his golden tanned skin. Sliding back down I slid in close to his warm body. Resting my head against his strong chest. His light snoring stopped as his arms tightened around me and he rolled onto his back, pulling me with him.

Why'd stop, that felt good?” He asked, his eyes still closed.

Stop what?”

Running your fingers through my hair. It's relaxing.”

Oh, because I wanted to lay down.”

Ah, comfy?” He asked looking down at me.

Very.” I confirmed pulling the blankets up over my shoulders.

Good.” He began rubbing my shoulder with his hand that he had resting on my shoulder. “What time is it?”

About 8:30.”

Perfect, I still have some time to relax, here, in bed, with you before practice.”

Yup. It's nice.” I said sliding to his side, keeping my head on his chest but resting my body against his side.

Very nice.”

You have a game tomorrow don't you?”

Monday night.”

Okay, we have Monday off luckily.”


Yup. Staff development day.” I smiled.

Lucky. I miss those days of a set schedule day in and day out. So easy.”

Well it's my last year and we're almost half way through it.”

Yeah, so what are we doing for Christmas?”

What were you thinking?”

Well, I wanted to go see my family and I was hoping, maybe you would come with me. My siblings want to meet you.”

You have siblings?”

Yeah, a younger sister and brother.”

How come I never knew this?”

Because we've never really talked about family and you've never asked.”

How old are they.”

Farrah is 17 and Johnny is 15.”

Great, they're in high school too.”

Ah, but they think you're in college.”

You lied?”

Yeah, just a little.”

Okay, sounds like a plan. Should I book a hotel room just in case?”

No, I doubt my parents will care.”


I love you Baby.” He said, rolling us over so he was laying his head on my chest.

Love you too Babes.” Resting my hand on his head I began to run my fingers through his hair.

Now I know why you fall asleep so fast. This is really relaxing.” He said closing his eyes.

Yeah, and now I know why you like doing it, it’s kind of fun.” I smiled.


Laying there I just kept running my fingers through his hair and before long Brad was asleep again. I reached over, grabbing my phone off the nightstand and checked it. A couple new emails and something marked in my calendar. Opening my calendar there were a couple things booked for today, first was Brad's practice and then I had to go into the office for something. I had put that in there last month and now I couldn't think of what it was.

Putting my phone back I smiled as I looked down to see Brad peacefully sleeping, not snoring though. He had one hand behind my back, resting on my lower back and his other was resting on my side. I placed my hand over his, the one resting on my side and gently picked it up, sliding my hand under his as I rested it back down. One of my favorite things about my relationship with Brad was everything he said, everything he promised, he meant every word of it. No matter how out there, how crazy, how stupid, he would do it if he said he would. That's how I knew he loved me. And Diane told me the same thing. When he told her that he loved her he meant it. And he was showing me that.

Come on Baby, wake up.” I said gently shaking his shoulder.

What time is it?” He asked rolling onto his back and stretching.


Okay. Perfect. What's for breakfast?”

Cereal, I'm too lazy to cook.” I laughed as I got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom.

Such a sexy ass.” Brad called out as I walked across the room.

Why thank you, Mr. Big-Tent-Pitcher.” I laughed poking my head out of the bathroom door.


You're standing at full attention Babes.” I smirked walking back into the bathroom.

Oh!” Hearing him get out bed I knew he would walk right into the bathroom.

When I get back I wanna pick up where we left off last night.” He said placing his hands on my hips as he lightly kissed my neck.

I was thinking the same thing.”

Good.” I moaned as I braced myself against the counter, tipping my head to the side as his lips danced across the nape of my neck.

Baby, we can't you have, ugh, practice, ugh, and I have to run to the office, but, ugh, I can't remember why.” He was gently grinding his body into mine as he lightly bit my neck.

If I get a hickey tonight will not happen.” I warned as he moved to the other side.

And if you have 2?”

Months will go by before you even see me in just boxers.”

Oh damn.” He moved up to suck on the lobe of my ear.

Fair warning.”

I felt his hands slide forward and around to my rock hard member. His strong hand gripping it firmly as I let the moan slip from my lips. He turned me around and instantly lifted me onto the bathroom counter, taking my stifling hard member in his hand again. The palm of his hand was soft as he twisted his hand around the base. His other hand slid back to cup my ass as he kneaded it with one hand and began grinding his thick member into my thigh.

Oh Brad.” I moaned, tipping my head back.

You like that Baby?” He asked in a tone laced thick with lust.

Yes, God yes.”

Slowly, his hand slid up my shaft stopping just below the head as his thumb slid up and over his the head, pressing down lightly but enough to make me moan as my head fell back and Brad's lips began running up the front of my neck. His hand slid back down to the base, squeezing lightly as it made contact with my pelvis. As he slid his hand up and down, stroke after stroke, the speed of his hand increased and soon I was moaning as my balls grew close to my body.

Brad,” I moaned loudly as he covered my mouth with his. My eyes felt like they rolled back into my head as shot after shot of hot white cum jetted out from the tip of my dick, coating my chest and abs as well as his hand.

I love you.” He whispered as he nuzzled my neck.

Ah shit Brad. I love you too.” I could still feel his throbbing member pressed between my leg and crotch.

Feel better now?” He asked, his tone deep and thick, laced with lust.


Good, now let me help clean you up.” He whispered slowly kissing his way from my neck to my chest. Dragging his tongue across my chest he collected the globs of my cum into his mouth. My fingers were tangled into his soft hair as he moved further down to my abs, doing the same as he did with my chest.

His lips danced over my abs, lightly kissing every inch as he went. Those same soft lips lightly bit my chest as they reached it. As his lips found mine his tongue dug into my mouth, exploring the moist cavity as I drug mine over his, feeling the rough surface. With his tongue retreating he used the tip to flick the underside of mine, pulling it with his into his. As I explored the cavity there was a faint, distinctive taste, I guessed it was my cum. Pulling away his tongue swiped across my lips, only using the tip.

Mmmm. Your cum is sweet, just like you.” He said as his eyes fluttered open so I could look right into his golden brown eyes today.

“I'll have to get a taste of yours tonight. No time to try now or we'll both be late.” I stated looking at the clock hanging on the wall next to the shower.

We quickly rushed to get ready and out the door. After throwing some clothes on and brushing our teeth we rushed out the door, almost fast enough I almost forgot to lock the extra pins in the door. Quickly locking those we headed down to the garage with a set of keys in my hand I clicked the unlock button, watching as the first car on my right flashed it's lights. As I walked around to the driver's side I hit the trunk button as I popped open, letting Brad put his bag in the trunk as I got in and started the car.

You think we're gonna make it?” He asked as we pulled out of the garage and onto the street.

Let's see, 600 horses, 740 pounds of torque. I think we'll make it.” I laughed pushing down on the accelerator as I swerved through traffic.


Yup. I love the big V12.”

600 or 65?”

65. Do you really think I buy anything else?”

No, but I had to ask.”

I know.”

Shit, how fast are you going?” He asked looking over at the speedometer.

Only like 85.”

Damn, this thing does have a motor.”

Ah shit Baby, you're gonna be late. Hold on.” I said in a flat tone pressing down further on the accelerator.

SHIT!” He said shutting his eyes tightly.

Yeah. I like to go fast.” I warned as I watched the needle climb from 85 to 90 to 95 to 100, stopping just behind 105.

Okay, open your eyes. We only went 105.” I said patting his hand that was firmly gripping the armrest between us.

You really do like going fast.”

I love it.” I laughed as taking his hand in mine and squeezing it firmly.

Good, we're here.” He sighed a deep sigh as I pulled into the parking lot of the stadium.

I pulled right up to the locker room entrance for him. Before getting out he leaned across the armrest, planting a quick kiss on my cheek.

Have fun and try not to get hurt.” I smiled as he opened the door.

I'll try.” He smiled back to me.

I pressed the button to open the trunk before he got all the way to the back. Grabbing his bag out of the trunk he shut the trunk and quickly moved into the locker room before I pulled away. I watched him go in and shut the door behind himself. I quickly pulled out of the parking lot and sped to the office, still trying to remember what I was supposed to do today. While waiting for a large cruise ship to pass under the bridge I checked my phone, nothing. I checked my notes, email, calendar again, and saved texts.

As the bridge went back down the cars ahead of me slowly began to go and so I slowly pressed down on the gas. I waited for the right moment to merge into the other lane speeding up to stay in time with the car behind me and ahead of me. Pressing down a bit more I merged back into the other lane, ahead of the three slower cars I was behind earlier. The lane was mostly empty except for a few cars way ahead of me. Slowing down I pulled into the left turn lane with a car already there ahead of me. At first I sat back a bit, the lawful amount of space between me and him. After him waiting a few minutes I crept up a bit, trying to push him to go. Finally he turned, making a complete U-Turn.

Turning left I turned onto the narrow, one-way street that lead right into the back entrance of the parking garage. Along the road I was on were mainly the back entrances of strip-mall stores or single stores and restaurant. Stopping at the gate I rolled down my window to enter the code, watching as the gate rolled opened. You could only enter the garage this way, there was a separate gate to exit onto another one-way street about a block over. Pulling around to the front of the parking garage I parked in my marked spot. Before shutting off the car I made sure all the windows and sun-roof was closed. Turning the car off I stepped out of the car slipping my phone into my back pocket.

# # # # #

Stepping off the elevator everyone was running about the office, Ashlyn's assistant had moved into the desk next to Dan and Steve. Ashlyn's office was next to Carry's and across the office from mine with the large conference room between my office and theirs. At first no one noticed me until I walked past them all with Amanda (Ashlyn's assistant) almost running into me. She stopped and first said hello then dashed back to her desk to get something. I walked into my office finding a large box in the corner. Grabbing the box I put it on top of my desk and grabbed the knife out of the top drawer in my desk.

Inside the box were 8 new Blackberries. This reminded me what today was, today was the day I gave out work phones. I had been paying the bill for their personal phones since they were using them as their work phone as well.

Carrying 5 of the boxes I walked back out to the main area where all 3 of our assistants were sitting at their desk and it just so happened that Ashlyn and Carry were there too. Walking past each desk I dropped a phone at Steve's, Dan's, and Amanda's desks on top of all their papers. I handed the last 2 to Ashlyn and Carry who were talking with Dan.

These are your work phones. Transfer all your work related emails, texts, numbers and things like that to these. These will stay on at all times. If this phone rings you pick it up no matter what you are doing. Each phone has the other numbers already programmed into them so you have each others number.” I announced as they all slowed down their work to look at the box I had just given each of them.

Finally.” Dan sighed with a smile.

“Yes, I know. Long overdue.”

Very.” Carry added.



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