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It's Money Honey

Chapter 21

A fatal finally

After Brad's practice and a long day just sorting through things going back to the condo was a nice retreat. I had sent Dan to get him from practice and drop him off at the condo. When I got home that night Brad had made a nice, big dinner for us. We ate in mainly silence like we always did, it was nice not having to talk but just enjoy his company. After dinner we shared a long hot shower and then just relaxed under the silky soft sheets. Soon I was asleep on his firm chest. His strong arms held me close to his body all night. I woke up once in the night to shift to lay next to him, doing so I pulled him over on his side and he returned his arms around my body and his face in the crook of my neck.

# # # # #

Waking up the next morning Brad was awake but still laying in bed, holding onto me.

Morning.” He said softly as he nuzzled my neck.

Morning” I stretched, still in his arms. Turning my head our lips met in a soft kiss.

What are the plans for today?”

“Not sure. I was thinking of just relaxing for the day.”

Okay, but first can you run me back over to my apartment. I need to study for a test tomorrow.” I could feel his smile as he pressed his lips against my neck.

Sure.” I smiled back placing my hands over his.

We can go after breakfast.”

Okay. You're cooking though.”

Fine by me. Bacon, eggs and waffles it is.”


# # # # #

After laying in bed for a few more minutes we decided to get up, hearing our stomachs growling for food. We pulled on a fresh pair of boxers for the day before using the bathroom. While Brad made up the waffles I was attempting to make eggs over easy but I ended up scrambling them. After finishing up the eggs I went to fry the bacon. Brad made the last few waffles and was soon over by me, finishing the bacon while I grabbed the waffles and eggs, putting them on the counter, across from the stove. I grabbed a couple plates out of the cabinet with a couple glasses.

Bacon's done.” Brad smiled turning off the burner and carried the plate with the bacon on it over to where I was, putting with the other plates of food. I handed him a plate as I picked up a couple waffles, a scoop of scrambled eggs with a couple pieces of bacon.

This all smells way too good.” I smiled as I walked around to sit at the counter.

Yes it does.” Brad followed suit and sat next to me, pulling his stool a little bit closer to mine.

# # # # #

After cleaning up the kitchen we got dressed and headed out the door. Reaching into my pocket I found a set of keys, only finding them after I thought I forgot a set up in the condo. Walking over to the Cayenne I unlocked the doors for both of us as I climbed into the driver's seat, starting up the engine before Brad even closed the door.

It wasn't long before we were cruising down the causeway towards his apartment building. Coming up to a light I slowly pulled to a stop, taking Brad's hand in mine as we looked at each other and smiled. I smiled broadly as the light turned green and I slowly pushed down on the gas. I was in the far right lane and before I could even think twice I caught a quick glance of the large semi barreling towards us. Since there was no one next to us the semi didn't hit anyone else before the large front end of the semi collided into the side of our SUV. We were sent rolling over the sidewalk and over the barrier separating us from the large drop to the crystal blue waters below the bridge. Before we hit the water me and Brad were still close enough I pulled him into me one last time as we shared a deep kiss. He pulled me close into him as we hit the water.


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