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It's Money Honey

Chapter 3

The Office

I pulled into the large office complex standing high in the sky and stretching wide. This building held my father's old office where he ran his dealerships, real-estate company, security company, and insurance company from. It was easier running all these companies from this one office rather than from an office at each building. As a child I would come here all the time with my mother just to see him for lunch or when we were out on this side of town visiting family or friends.

Good morning Michelle.” I said to the girl who was working the counter in the main lobby.

Morning Jay.” I heard her call as the elevator doors closed. I rode the elevator all the way up to the top floor.

The office was busy with the 3 other people who were working in it. The first was my assistant, Daniel (Dan for short), next was my second in charge Carolyn (Carry), finally was her assistant Steve.

Good Morning Sir.” Dan said as I walked past his desk and straight back to my office

Morning Dan.” He got up and followed closely behind me as I walked down the long hall.

I put the purchase receipts on your desk. The transfer papers need to be signed before next week. The lawyers are coming in in an hour for the conference and the settlement discussion. And the fund-raiser donations need to be okay-ed today.”

Okay. When the lawyers get here, send them to the sky conference room and then when everyone else gets here, send them in there. Till then, don't bother me unless you have to.” I closed my office door and flipped the switch flipping it from the clear glass to the frosted glass look that prevented anyone from seeing in.

Today I had to come into the office to deal with an ongoing lawsuit between one of my dealerships and an unsatisfied client. It was a total bullshit claim with them trying to say that we removed and sold the rag-top from his car, then we tried to resell it to him, when his car was in for a standard maintenance service. Where his car was being worked on was in the middle of the shop, without another car on either side of it. He claims that he noticed this while driving and was so angry he almost lost control of his car and ran it off the road. We were going to be settling on a price today, no matter what.

# # # # #

Sitting in the large conference room with 10 other people was nerve racking. I had done this a couple times before but it was still nerve racking.

The people in the room consisted of my team of lawyers, in total 7 people, 4 men and 3 woman. They were all seated to my right with Mr. Longfellow, the man filing the lawsuit, Mr. Issac, his lawyer, and Mrs. Longfellow to my left with their lawyer between me and Mr. Longfellow and his wife on the other side on him.

Now, what do you want?” One of my lawyers, Stephen Daniels, the head of my team, asked folding his hands on top of the large metal and glass table.

We were thinking, about, half a mil.” Mr. Issac said. Stephen looked at me while I just lightly shook my head.

Not do-able.”

Then a new car.”

What kind?”

Carrera S cabriolet. Just like the model that was gutted.”

We'll pay for the replacement of the top, a new top, and 1,500 in compensation.” I countered, speaking before Stephen could.

We want more.”

Be grateful I'll give you that. We both know this was a bullshit lawsuit. I run my dealerships to the finest extent. Nothing like that could have ever happen. There isn't a single place where it could have happened without it being caught on tape.”

We still want more.”

Let me put it like this: you take my offer and walk out of here without a counter suit of defamation of character, or before you even make it to your cars a lawsuit for twice whatever you're asking will be sitting on his desk and in your mailbox.” I said motioning to Mr. Longfellow and Mr. Issac. “Wait, cut the deal in half. We'll pay for half of the cost of repairs and only give you 750 in compensation.”

Not a chance.” Mr. Issac said.

Then this meeting is over. We'll see you in court and be ready." I said as I stood up and walked out of the room while everyone else collected themselves.

I didn't even bother to stay around. I told Dan that I was leaving for the day and to send the rest of the paper work to the house. He agreed and immediately got up to collect the rest of the papers from my office.

I finally made myself down to the lobby where Michelle was working the counter still.

Hey Jay.”

Hey Michelle.” I walked down the hall to the office parking lot and where I had parked.

I passed through the security door and walked across the isle to where my car was parked. Before leaving I had grabbed my bag which had a few papers I needed in it. The black paint sparkled in the sunlight.

# # # # #

I pulled under the over-hang, shutting the car off. I got out and pulled my bag from the passenger's seat.

It wasn't long before I was upstairs, changing out of my dress shirt and slacks into a pair of cut-off's and a T-shirt. I walked down to the second floor and out onto the deck. The deck sat above the garage so it was fairly high up.

I sat facing out to the waterway, and out to the boat. I sat in a lounger with my feet up and a cool breeze blowing across the deck. I could smell the salt from the water as the wind rustled the trees and bushes around the bottom of the deck.

The loud ringing from my phone made me jump a little.

Hey.” I answered.

Hey. Come get me.” Fay's voice was crisp and clear through the phone.

Sure. You at home?”

No, I'm over at Kelsey's.”

Kay, I'll be there in a few.”

See ya then.”

After I hung up I headed back inside and out the front door. I grabbed the keys to the XFR that I had taken to the office earlier.

The only reason I was taking this and not the Rover to get Fay was because the Jag had completely blacked out windows and it was ready to go. The Rover was parked in the garage and the Jag was out front.

# # # # #

When I pulled into Kelsey's driveway Fay was sitting outside on the large patio with Kelsey and a few other friends of theirs. I didn't even have to honk. She walked over to the car and got in.

The Jag?” She asked as I sped down the road.

Yeah. I took it to the office today and I didn't park in the garage.”

Oh. Glad I didn't say my man was coming to get me.”

I wouldn't have cared. I doubt I'll be able to keep it a secret much longer.” I said, passing a couple cars as I pushed down on the accelerator just a bit more.

Well, we can at least try to keep it under wraps for a little bit longer. Maybe we can make it to the end of this year.”

Maybe, doubt it though.”

What's wrong Sweetie?”

Nothing, just tired I guess.”

Oh, okay.” For the rest of the ride we sat in silence.

When I pulled up out front of the house I didn't bother pulling the car in the garage again.

I'm not sure how it happened but me and Fay both knew that instead of just sitting around the house we walked out to the backyard and out to the boat.

What were you thinking we could do?” I asked as we walked onto the front deck and laid on the large bed like couch.

Not sure. We could just cruise around and get some sun.” She offered.

That sounds good. The crew is working today anyway.”

# # # # #

In no time we were out on the water, soon out of Miami and into the open waters.

This is nice.” Fay commented as she came out after changing into a bathing suit.

Yeah, it is.” I agreed as I laid back against the side in just a pair of swim trunks.

We should have called the twins.”

They're out of town for a game, remember?”

Oh yeah. When do they get back?”



Your drinks.” The waiter said, holding a tray with 2 margaritas.

Thank you.” I took one them and passed the other to Fay. The waiter walked off and back into boat.

These are good.” Fay commented as she took a sip of the drink.

Yeah, I know.”

How did you get them to serve you alcohol?”

Simple, large paychecks and contracts that are legally binding and do not put any legal responsibility on them and a confidentiality agreement.”

Hmmm. I like your thinking.”

Well, it was more the lawyers doing and they are the best.”

Oh yes they are.”


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