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It's Money Honey

Chapter 4

A Dinner Party

Tonight was the night Fay wanted to have her dad and his new girlfriend over at my place for dinner. Fay wanted me to park a couple of the high priced, more exotic cars out front, just to show off, so I did. I decided on the Supersports convertible, DBS Volante, and my Phantom Drophead Coupé. I had the DBS parked in front of a garage bay and the other 2 were parked under the overhang, leaving more than enough room to let the limo pull up and let them out.

I decided to dress in a pair of charcoal slacks with black pinstripes, a dark purple dress shirt with a black design on the back with a pair of black loafers with white contrast stitching. The slacks hung a little loose on my legs, but it was nice and they just barely dragged on the ground.

Sir, your guests have arrived.” One of the waiters informed me over the intercom while I was finishing getting ready. For a dinner party I usually hired a few people to come in and help, since they would only be working in my house for tonight. I decided to forgo the usual ‘Please call me Jay speech’ none of them would have listened to me anyway.

Thank you, get them settled in the lounge and tell them I'll be down in a minute.”

Yes Sir.” I slipped on my shoes and grabbed a simple platinum chain with an infinity symbol hanging on it.

I sprayed a bit of cologne on before leaving my room and walking over to the elevator.

Stepping off the elevator I was only a few steps from the large marble entrance to the lounge where everyone was sipping on drinks.

Good evening all.” I greeted as I entered the room.

Ah, Jay, good to see you again.” Jared, Fay's dad greeted me as he reached to shake my hand.

It’s good to see you again too, Sir.”

Oh please, Jared is fine. It is your home after all.”

Okay then, Jared. And might I ask who this beautiful woman is?” I questioned taking Denise's hand, already knowing who she was. I lightly kissed her hand as I bowed and she sat next to Jared.

This is my date, Denise.”

Well you do have exquisite taste in woman.” This was going to be too easy tonight.

She found me actually.”

Oh Jared, we all know you were the one who just so happened to bump into me again at the bookstore, not an hour later.” Denise giggled as she corrected him.

Well, how couldn't I, you did hypnotize me with those gorgeous eyes and that sparkling smile.”

Sir,” A waiter addressed me in the lounge again. “Dinner is ready.”

Thank you.” I turned to my guests after excusing the waiter. “Well, are we all ready for dinner?” I asked.

Oh, I'm starved.” Fay spoke up first as she stood and fixed her dress.

Me too.” Jared agreed with Denise nodding her head.

Jay, your parents have a beautiful home.” Denise commented as we walked down the hall lined with priceless pieces of art that my father and mother had collected over the years.

Ah, this isn't my parents’ home. I live here by myself.” I corrected her. Fay and I shared a look as that piece of information earned a small, almost unheard gasp from Denise.

And what might I ask is your last name again? I don't think I caught it.”

Vutali. Jay Vutali.”

As in Vutali car dealerships?”

And the real-estate group and Vutali security, all of those.”

Oh my, you are so much younger than I had expected to be running all those.”

I know, I get that a lot.” I laughed as we all took our seats at the large solid oak table with mother of pearl inlay. I sat at the head of the table with Fay to my right, Jared to my left and Denise to his left.

Anyone for wine?” I asked as the first salad was served.

Red if you have any.” Jared stated with a broad smile.

Same for me.” Denise agreed.

None for me.” Fay said as she took a sip of her water.

I'll be right back then.” I excused myself from the table to go to the wine cellar. It was just off the kitchen.

How’s dinner coming Mario?” I asked as I walked into the kitchen.

Very well, if I say so myself,” Mario replied as he was putting the finishing touches to one of dishes of the evening.

Perfect.” I opened the door to the cellar and stepped in, flipping on the lights as I did. I picked out a very nice red wine that I could never pronounce the name but was a very early year.

And what did you bring up?” Mario asked as he stirred something.

This.” I handed him the wine as I took a whiff of what he was making.

Ah, a very good wine and an even better year.”

Yes, that is why I picked it.” I agreed as he handed the bottle back to me and began to stir the sauce again. I made my way back into the dinning room to find everyone quietly eating the salad that had been placed in front of them.

Here we go. A 1908 red, that I am sure you will enjoy as much as I do.” I uncorked the bottle and began to fill the glass in front of Denise, then Jared, finishing off with me.

Thank you.”

# # # # #

By the end of the evening I had gotten Denise to flirt back with me and she was eating out of the palm of my hand while Jared suspected nothing of the sort.

# # # # #

I eventually did text Brad back a few days ago, he replied straight away and remembered who I was, surprising because it was over a week since I ran into him at the mall. Since then we had been texting every couple of days

He seemed like a really nice guy, he was becoming a good friend.

As I sat in class the next day, I began to think. It had been a couple weeks since I ran into Brad at the mall. We had been texting back and forth every couple of days.

He seemed like a really good guy. He was becoming a really good friend.

# # # # #

Laying in bed, on the large boat, I was at peace. I had decided to sleep out on the boat rather than the house. I just needed to relax more. I had the crew sail out to sea, not too far from Miami though. Everything was planned out. They were to sail out of the bay and not too far into open waters before turning around and being back, before I had to leave for class the next morning.

I rolled onto my stomach, to look out the large windows at the front of the bedroom. To my left was the city, glowing with light. To my right was the open sea. The rolling waves, gently rocking the boat back and forth. The light of the moon lighting the waves as they clashed together. The soft sounds from the seas could barely be heard through the glass.

I tossed the sheets back from my body, revealing my nearly nude form, only clad in boxers. I walked to the large sliding door, opening it and stepping out onto the hard wood of the deck. Standing against the railing I looked out to the city, taking in a deep breath of the fresh air. The light breeze began to nip at my bare skin, causing the loose legs of my boxers to billow out. A smiled crept onto my face as I pushed the waistband of my boxers down, letting them glide down my legs and landing on my feet. Using my foot I kicked them back into my room as I stood out on the deck, my bare skin feeling the breeze blow around me and over the twisting waters of the deep, dark ocean.


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