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It's Money Honey

Chapter 5

The Picture

It was late in the morning, almost noon, I had been home all day. I wanted to get out, just relax and see the city if nothing else.

Walking into the garage I went over to the elevator at the end, entering my code to open the doors. I dropped down to the 3rd level, the best of the best. I only ever came down here to either relax, hide out, or when I first lost my parents. That was to mourn though. Every single car I had was painted a different color. It was too hard to look at the colors and not think of my dad and his love of these cars.

Standing, looking over the hood, the black paint sparkled under the florescent lighting. I walked over to the lock-box, again punching in my code as the door popped open. I pulled out a set of keys, not looking as I did. I clicked the unlock button as I closed the small door on the lock-box and turning to face all the cars. The car that chirped couldn't have been any other than my father's favorite car, a SLR McLaren. He had gotten it in white, I had it painted black.

As I pulled out of the garage I still had the top up. Pulling out onto the freeway the top was down now and the wind felt great gently blowing through my hair. The sound of the engine roaring as I pushed the accelerator down further. There was barely any traffic out on the freeway. As I weaved through traffic I noticed a few people turn to look and even a few who tried to keep up with me. The thing is when my dad got the SLR he upgraded it from the V8 it had to a V12 which gave it almost 700 horses and almost 800 torque. The thing had more power than a Lamborghini SuperVeloce. Like I said it was my father's car, my father always gave his car the best of the best.

As I pulled off the freeway I had just missed the light and was now stuck waiting for it to change. As I looked around I noticed a few people turning to look at the car then at me. As the light turned green the car in front of me didn't move. I revved the motor a couple times, trying to get her to move. Finally she realized that the light was green and took off. I sped down the street, following her as she went. I pulled up next to her as we came up to the next stop light. As we both came to a stop she put the top down on her little Miata. She looked over to me, smiling as she flipped her hair. I just turned and looked back at the road ahead of me. I took off before she even noticed the light had changed. She tried to play catch up but I got a head by a couple blocks while she was still grinding gears.

I had to grab a few things from the office so that was my first stop. I pulled into my spot right up front not worrying about the top on the car. Michelle was in again, like always.

Morning Michelle.” I said as I walked through the doors connecting the parking garage to the building.

Morning Jay. I didn't expect you to be in today.”

Just have to grab a few things.”


No one was in the office today, like I had expected. Unlocking the door and turning off the alarm I walked over to my office, turning on a few lights as I went to see. I grabbed my briefcase and a couple stacks of paper from my desk, stuffing them into my briefcase. As I was walking out I noticed a box on Carry's desk addressed to me with a note taped to the top.

To Jay

From Apple

Was the entire brief note so I grabbed the box and walked downstairs, locking up the office.

After putting everything in the trunk I sped out of the parking garage.

# # # # #

Pulling up to the small deli the entire patio outside was packed with people. It was a nice day so there were going be a lot of people out. Again most of the people turned their head to look at the car and then at me. Walking through the doors I wasn't paying anyone any attention as I ordered my usual sub, chips, and an iced tea with lemon. Everything here was made fresh every day. It was family owned and operated. After ordering I took a seat at the bar, across from the counter. My glasses were still on, since the bar faced the bay the water made a large glare with the sun.

Jay, order up.” I heard someone call

Thanks Derek.” I said recognizing the man as the owner.

Taking my seat again I quietly ate, just looking out to the bay and occasionally watching as people walking down the street would turn and look at my car. Where the deli was, wasn't always the best neighborhood. It was middle class but still that didn't mean people wouldn't try and steal a car.

As I walked out the door I tossed my trash away. I didn't even bother opening my car door, I just hopped over it and fell perfectly into the seat. Pushing the start button the motor roared to life. Pulling out onto the street yet again I noticed a flash go off from the sidewalk, as I turned to look I noticed the one person I could have gone without seeing for a while.

Her name was Andy Sax. She was the captain of the Varsity Cheer squad and was the most plastic person in the entire school. Me and her never saw eye to eye. Ever since I shot her down and then I turned around and started “dating” Fay, she was not happy about that. The fact that I had picked Fay over her was like driving the final nail into the coffin. The minute that happened she burst through that coffin and just went ballistic. She has come out and flat out said it that she hates me. I, of course just laughed it off and walked away.

The flash was her camera going off as she laughed. I'm not sure why but for some reason she had always been so interested in exposing the fact that there was more to me than what everyone got to see normally. I'm not sure why but I always had this weird feeling that she would be the one to finally get me. Well she just did. Somehow I know this is going to open every other door for everything else.

Today was already a bad day, now it just got worse.

I saw her get back into her 4Runner and attempt to follow me. Pressing down on the accelerator I ran the red light, turning right not even bothering to stop. I did notice the cop parked at the corner and I didn't care. He lit me up as I passed and I pulled over immediately.

License and registration please.” The cop said as he walked up to the door. Already having them ready I handed him both and just sat back. I knew what was going to happen, it happens every time I get pulled over, not like I get pulled over very often.

Here you are Mr. Vutali.” The guy smiled broadly handing me back my license and registration.

Thank you.”

Sorry for the inconvenience Sir.” I just nodded my head in his direction then took off, still being followed by Andy. She was staying close to me.

I pulled into the large hotel’s valet, checking in my car. The guy took it, handing me a slip in return. Andy followed me doing the same with some other valet. Walking through the lobby I kept my head high and didn't look back although I knew she was still following me all the way. I really didn't care. If she thought there was more to this than there was then all be it. I walked right into the men's bathroom and over to the nearest urinal. After going to the bathroom I washed my hands and then rubbed a bit of water on my face.

Hey, is there a blond chick, looks to be in high school, still out there?” I asked a guy who just came into the bathroom.

Uh, yeah.”

Thanks man.” I said as he washed his hands and walked back out. Checking to make sure no one else was in there, I went over to the door, locking it finding no one else in the bathroom. I dialed Brad's number and waited for him to answer.

Hey Jay.” He answered.

Hey Brad.”

What's up?”

Not much, just wondering if you could come get me.”

Yeah, sure. Where are you?”

Downtown at the Hilton.”

Okay. I'll be there in a few minutes.”

Can you pull around back.”

Uh, sure. Yeah.”

And you have tinted windows right?”

Yeah. Blacked out actually.”

Okay, thanks again Brad.” I sat on the bathroom counter, waiting for Brad.

I heard a honk then got a text from Brad telling me he was here. I walked over to the window, sliding it open and pushing the screen out. The window luckily was close enough to the counter so I had that to boost myself up with. The drop from window was short and there were a couple of boxes that broke my fall. I could hear Brad laughing as I dropped. His truck was really high and the running boards weren't that much of a help.

Need some help?” He asked leaning over from the driver's side.

Yes please.” I said, bowing my head.

Here.” He came round to my side and bent down, lacing his hands together. I put my foot into his hands as he boosted me upwards. “There ya go.”

Thanks.” I said pulling the door closed the door.

Your welcome.” He said, walking back over to his side and pulling himself up and into the seat. “So where's your car?”

Parked in valet.”

Ah, so did you just wanna hang out with me?” He asked as he smiled and pulled back out onto the road.

Yes but also because this crazy bitch followed me and so the bathroom was the only place I could get away from her.”

So you want me to swing by valet so yo can grab your car?”

Just drive past real quick.”


He drove by the front of the hotel, I saw my car parked right up front, the top was up luckily because there was a huge crowd of students gathered in the front and more and more coming.

I see my car.” I laughed as laid back in my seat.

Which one?”

Black roadster with the top up.”

The SLR McLaren?”

Yeah, it was my Dad's”

Oh.” He could see my tearing up, I knew it. “Hey, what's wrong?”


Hey, what's wrong, honestly.” He asked again, putting his arm around my shoulders.

I never knew that so many people would really care about the fact of who I really am.” I hadn’t told him anything about me, well nothing to do with who I am or my past.

Jay, what the hell do you mean.”

Brad, my last name is Vutali, as in Vutali dealerships, security, real-estate group, all of that.”


Yeah. The thing is my Dad had me using a fake last name for school, for all those reasons. But now that bitch just found out but she hasn't found out everything. All she knows is that I have a lot more money than what I let onto. Which means a lot more doors are going to open along with some old wounds that I don't need opened.” I reached up, wiping my eyes.

Come on, let's get you home.”

Okay.” I said as I rested my head against the window.

# # # # # BRAD # # # # #

As I pulled into Jay's driveway I was in awe. The house was huge, there was no doubt about that.

Hey, we're here.” I said, gently shaking his shoulder. He had fallen asleep against the window. He looked so calm and cute, as if he were finally at peace. I'm not sure at all what had happened today or in his life, but I wanted to know, I wanted to be there and help him through it.

Huh?” He asked as he stretched, his shirt riding up a bit at the bottom exposing the tan, taught skin over the well defined V.

You're here, at your house.” I laughed as I turned my truck off.

Oh,” a light laugh escaping his lips.


Thanks Brad.”

Hey, I'm always here to help. Especially with a friend.”

Still, thanks.” That's when I did it, I leaned in, placing my hand gently on his cheek and pressing my lips against his. Somehow I got the courage to go this far I thought. Our lips met and he didn't pull back. He slid closer to me, placing one hand on my thigh and the other on top of my hand that was gently stroking his cheek now.

Wow.” Was all he said as we parted and he fell back into his seat.

Yeah.” I agreed, mirroring him exactly.

That was, wow, amazing.”


Yeah.” He glanced at me, biting his lip as he blushed and looked down to his hands in his lap.

You're so cute when you do that.”

Do what?”

Blush.” That made him blush even more. “You wanna go out sometime?”

Uh, sure.”

What about Friday?”


Come on, let me at least walk you to your door.” I opened my door, walking over to his side just as he opened his. I helped him down as he hopped out.

I'll see you Friday I guess.” I said as I stood, shifting my feet nervously at his front door.

Yeah, Friday.” He leaned in, taking my hands in his and leaning up to kiss my cheek. I could feel my cheeks getting hotter as he did.

Bye Cutey.” I said as he opened the door.

Bye Sexy.” He said, closing the door quickly.


And now we get down to business, I know the first few chapters were mainly about the money and shit but I had to get that out of the way sadly, otherwise the story didn't feel right to me. It feels a bit better and things are coming along better. Now we are really getting into things.

One must pour the foundation to build the skyscraper called life.