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It's Money Honey

Chapter 6

College Football

OH MY GOD!” Was all Fay said as I showed her Brad's picture.


That's Brad Dalton, the first string star college quarterback of University of Miami.”

Holy shit! You've got to be kidding?”

I'm not.”

You are.”

I'm not!” She said as her smile got really wide and she began to giggle.

# # # # # BRAD # # # # #

He’s cute.” My ex-girlfriend, Diane, said after I showed her a picture of Jay.

I know. I've got a date with him Friday.”




I know.” I laughed as I dropped my phone on the couch next to me and finished eating the sandwich I had made just before she got here.

You gonna offer me something to eat?” She said, sitting next to me in the recliner.

Want some?” I asked, holding out my sandwich, still with a mouth full of food.

Sure.” She took the whole sandwich from me, taking a huge bite. For a small chick she was not weak in anyway.

Your welcome.” I said, taking it back.


She got up and walked into the kitchen. I could hear her digging through the cabinets looking for food. I heard the stove click on and the shuffling of the pans. Soon the sizzling of something on the stove and the smell of some kind of meat being fried blew towards where I was sitting. As she came back into the room with a plate of food I turned to lie back on the couch, kicking my shoes off and putting my arm behind my head.

What did you make?” I asked, changing the channel.

Fried some chicken and just put some hot sauce on it with some rice.”

Where did you get rice from?”

Chinese food from Monday.”

Was there still some of that in there?”

Yeah, just some of the fried rice though.”

I guess I missed it.”

Yeah, you did.”

She sat back down in the chair pulling her feet up and crossing them.

Diane and I were still living together in the same apartment, different rooms though. Even 3 months later we were still friends. After about 6 months of having sex constantly we both realized that we didn't want or need the other person. The funny thing was we were both experimenting with each other. Now what we both learned after 6 months was that we were both gay. I only realized this after having a 3-way with another guy. She said the same thing but when we had one with another chick, another ex-girlfriend of mine that turned out to be Bi.

Where’s April?” I asked her while flipping through the channels.

Her parent's house for the week.”

Ah, fun.”

Yeah, I guess.”

I'm tired.” I yawned as I stretched my arms and legs.

Then go take a nap.”

Why? Then I'll be up all night and then be fucked tomorrow for practice.”

You're the star honey, you can't be fucked, well unless you want Jay. . .”

Shut up.” I said as I tossed one the pillows on the couch at her.

I was never sure with you.”

Ha-Ha. Well I'm still not sure, still new to this whole, guy-on-guy dating thing.”

It’s just like when we were dating. Nothing different other than its guy not a chick.”

Yeah, and that's not big at all.”

Oh will you relax.”

How can I? He’s so sweet and cute, I don't wanna lose him.”

“And you won't, it’s you.”

Do you remember the last time I dated someone?”

Yeah it was me.”



You turned out to be gay.”

Just like you.”

And how do you think that makes me feel. I have yet to keep a steady relationship.”

Will you relax, you'll do fine.”

# # # # # JAY # # # # #

It was about 9 o'clock and I was lying down on the couch, the house was all locked up. Mario had the day off along with everyone else. I was about to make some dinner for myself when the loud knocking at the door nearly made me fall back as I walked up the steps from the sunken lounge into the hallway. Figuring it might be Andy or one of her crazy bitches, I grabbed the baseball bat that I kept around for some reason. I walked up to the front door, stopping to look at the LCD screen that was linked to the camera next to the door.

Hey.” I said, putting the bat out of sight and opening the door to see Brad there, with a pizza box in his hand.

Hey Cutey. Had dinner yet?”

No, I was about to go make something.”

Well, I beat you to it.” He said holding up the pizza box.

Nice choice.” I said, opening the door wider and stepping to the side to let him in.

Yeah, thought you would like it.”

What happened to Friday?”

Couldn't wait, plus I wanted to check up on you.”

Ah, well just so you know, I'm much better.”

That's good.”

Come on, we can eat in the lounge.” I said, closing and locking the door behind him, then guiding him into the lounge.

Want something to drink?” I asked as he sat on the couch, putting the pizza on the coffee table.

Water is fine.”


As I walked into the kitchen my phone went off. Andy had sent me a text with a picture of the gate at the end of the island. I didn't even think twice, I walked over to my security panel and closed my gates, engaging full outdoor security. I locked all my windows and doors that weren't already locked. I didn't bother calling security figuring that she would go away after realizing she wouldn't be able to get in. I grabbed some plates and our drinks, checking the exterior cameras as I walked out of the kitchen.

Here ya go.” I said, putting down the glasses and handing him a plate.


So what kind of pizza did you get?”

Meat lovers.” I couldn't help but smile and giggle a bit.

What?” He asked as I laughed.

Nothing.” I giggled again.

No, seriously, what's so funny?”

Nothing.” I reassured.

Ah, okay.” Finally he got what I was laughing at and he even chuckled a bit.

I take it you got it, finally.”

Yeah, and you're a dirty minded little boy.”

And I bet you like my dirty mind.”

Maybe.” He said stretching the syllables.

Hmmm. Is that a yes maybe or no maybe?”

It’s a maybe maybe.” I couldn't help it, leaning up I pressed my lips to his once again. It was quick but still something. I could feel my cheeks getting hot and he was just smiling.

How about now?” I asked, blushing still.

That's a, uh, your mind is beautiful, so a yes.”

Awww. You're sweet.”

Yeah but you're cute so I have to be sweet.”

And you're sexy.”

And you're cute.”





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