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It's Money Honey

Chapter 7

Fay & BRAD

Some time last night I ended up falling asleep while watching TV with Brad. We had finished off the pizza and had decided to watch some TV before he had to go. Somehow he ended up pulling me on top of him, which was really nice. His chest was solid and very well defined. The arm that he had laid over my waist was thick with muscle. I had rested one of my hands on his bicep, feeling the firm muscle beneath the taught skin. His shirt was stretched tightly over his arm.

I woke up the next morning in the same spot that I had fallen asleep in, on Brad's chest, in the lounge, on the large leather sectional couch. The TV was still on low and Brad was still asleep. His face was soft and he seemed to be at peace as he laid there under me. I sat up for a minute to look down at him, and then lay back down, burying my face in his neck. I could still smell the faint odor of his cologne. I'm not sure how to describe it other than Brad. It was rugged, musky, masculine, but also soft and with a bit of sweetness to it. It was perfect for him. I slid my hand up to the top of his head, running my fingers through his soft hair. His golden brown locks a little long, but not so long he couldn't gel it up. His hair was soft.

I felt him shift as he slowly sat up. Both of his arms went around my waist as he adjusted his legs so they were crossed and I was sitting in his lap, facing him. His eyes were still shut but soon flickered open. His hazel eyes peering right into mine.

Morning.” He said in a groggy tone.

Morning.” I said in a hushed tone, not as groggy as his, but close.

Sorry about just letting you sleep here. I meant to carry you up to your room.”

It's okay. This couch isn't so bad and you made it better.”

Yeah, it is comfy.” My hand was still in his hair as his eyes drifted upwards.

Sorry.” I said as I slid my hand out of his hair and back down, draping it loosely around his waist like he had his around mine.

It’s okay. I kinda like it when people play with my hair, it feels good.” He laughed as he raised hand and ran his fingers through mine.

It does feel good.” I said as he pulled his hand back up, then returning it to my hair.

Told ya.” He said as I tipped my head back, following his hand and he just smiled broadly.

JAY!” I heard Fay call out then the closing sound of the front door.

In here.” I called out, jumping up from Brad's lap and fixing my clothes while he did the same.

Whose truck is that out front?” She asked as she walked through the doorway and down the steps, her heels clicking on the floor the entire time.

Uh, it's mine.” Brad said as he lay back on the couch.

Oh, Brad.” She said, twiddling with a bit of her hair.

Brad, this is Fay. Fay this is Brad.”

Nice to meet ya.” He said, sitting up and extending his hand to her. She took it in earnest.

I should, uh, probably get going.” Brad said as he stood up and fixed his clothes once more.

Uh, okay.” I said, watching him as he slipped his shoes on and grabbing his keys and phone from the table.

I'll see you later Jay.”

Brad, Fay knows, and she’s fine with it. She’s been my cover for a while now.” I said as he stuck his hand out instead of leaning in like I thought he would.

Oh. Okay.” He said taking his hand back and leaning this time. Gently our lips met as he pressed his lips to mine. “I'll see you later Baby.” He said this time as he pulled back, resting his forehead against mine.

Okay Babes. Are we still on for Friday or are we counting this as our first date?” I asked as I walked him to the door.

Of course. This was just me making sure you were okay. Friday I'll take you out for our first date.” He said as he held both my hands in his and kissing me one last time.

I can't wait.” I said as I opened the door for him after he let go of my hands as he stepped towards the door.

I'll be thinking of you.”

And me you.”

Now get out of here before I decide to keep you for a while longer.”

And you would mind?”

No but I know you have class and practice.”

Yeah but only practice today.”

Still, I don't need you late for that.”

But I'm the star, I can't get in trouble.”

Yes, I know you're the star.”

Fine. I'll go but I won't stop texting you.”

Okay.” I laughed as I pushed him out the door.

Bye Baby.”

Bye Babes.” I said as I closed the door.

I locked it back and waited for him to get through the gate to close that. I was smiling the entire time, even though he was leaving. Fay was laying on the couch we had slept on last night. The pizza box, plates, and glasses were still in the lounge and still scattered on the table.

So. . .” Fay said as she picked up the pizza box, dropping it back down on the table.

What? He came over this morning.”

With pizza?”

No, that was my dinner from last night.”

Two glasses, two plates, and an extra large pizza box. Yeah. One person.”


I think he came over last night with the pizza and then he stayed over with you.”




“Knew it.”

Hey can you take me to get my car?”

Where is it?”

Hilton valet.”

Ah. Okay. Tell me why its there on the ride over there.”


And we're taking your SLR.”

SLS because the SLR is the one we have to go get.”

Okay. Fine.”

# # # # #

Getting into the SLR I followed Fay out of the hotel's valet and back to the house. It was a quick trip considering the cars we were in. Fay had the lead on me for a bit, until I zipped passed her when she got stuck behind a semi.

Finally you get here.” I said as I parked the SLR under the overhang.

Oh shut up, that damn semi pulled out in front of me on purpose, I know it.” Fay said, closing the door on the SLS.

Okay, whatever.”

Yeah, sure.”

Okay so now what do you wanna do?”

“Well, I was thinking, maybe, we could go down to the dealership and look at a new car for me.”

How come I should have guessed you would still want a new car.”

Because you should know me.”

Yeah, I do know you.” I laughed

Can we go?”

Yeah sure.”

Yay! Which car are we taking?”

GranCabrio in the garage.”

Okay. You're driving.”

I had planned on it.”


So I had some fun writing this chapter I guess because I've been caught sleeping like that and it just brought back some memories.

To make up for the late updating I decided to post this chapter a little earlier and as a reward for all you waiting readers. Thank you. I hope you're all enjoying the story so far. The mid point for this story is coming up soon which means Book One is almost over which means the largest twist I could think of is coming. Hehe. Just a little teaser for you guys. I know you'll like it, love it probably.

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