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It's Money Honey

Chapter 8


It was only Wednesday and I was going crazy with anxiety. I hadn't been in school since we hadn't had school for a couple days now. Even though it was only Wednesday morning I was still getting ready for school. Well I was just looking for something to wear. So as I stood in my closet in nothing but a pair of blue and black striped boxers, tearing through just about every piece of clothing I owned, I didn't hear my phone or my security system go off. As I walked back into my room I heard the beep of my phone, indicating a new text and then the buzz of the gate, from someone pressing the button.

Yes!” I said as I walked over to the panel next to the patio door, facing the driveway.

Jason?” I heard a voice say, an unfamiliar voice. Jason was my full name and almost no one knew it.

Who is this?”

Take a guess Kiddo.” That's when it hit me, my Aunt Marilyn.

Aunt Marilyn?”

That's right Sweetie. Glad I caught you before I left.”

Yeah, let me buzz you in, park in the open garage bay.” I hit the open button for the gate and another for the guest garage bay.

I checked my phone again, the text was from Brad.

Brad <Hey Baby, I got a minute off from morning practice, thought I would text you. Can't wait for Friday.>

The text made me smile. I walked into my closet once again, tossing my phone onto my bed. I pulled on a pair of skinny jean cutoffs and a nice electric blue shirt with a black design across the chest. I slipped on a pair of flip-flops as I walked out, slipping my favorite necklace on and grabbing my phone from the bed.

Auntie!” I called out from the stairs.

Yes Jay.” She said, walking in from the garage.

There you are, what are you doing here?” I asked as I gave her a nice big hug, taking her bags and placing them at the bottom of the stairs.

Figured I would stop by for a visit, see how you were doing.”

Well, I'm doing fine. I'm about to leave for school though. I'll have to talk to you later. Just let the staff take your bags to the guest house or room, which ever you want. The suite downstairs is the same as last time.” I offered as I grabbed my Range Rover keys and walking out to the garage.

# # # # #

Hey Love.” I said as Fay climbed into the passenger's seat of my SUV. She sank back into the leather sport seats. Her heavy sigh told me something was up.

Jay, she found out everything.”


About your mom and dad.”

Who, what?”

Andy, the bitch dug up the records and found out.”

Shit!” I said, slamming on my breaks and pulling over to the side of the road.

I know. I only found out because SHE told me.”

God Damnit! The one thing she didn't need to know.”

I know. Well at least I think that's what she was talking about.”


She came to me and said 'I know the truth about Jay and his family' then she just walked off laughing and saying how she was going to expose you as a fraud.”

Okay, maybe she doesn't know about mom and dad. Maybe she was just talking about the money, the family name.”

Hopefully. She’s a dumb bimbo, how would she find out?”

Not sure.” I said, pulling back out onto the road, soon getting on the freeway.


Well Aunt Marilyn is in town.”

That's good. What's she in town for?”

Just wanted to come check in on me.”

That's sweet of her.”


The rest of the ride was spent in mainly silence except for the radio on low. Since the roads were being worked on near the school it was down from 3 lanes on the main way in to a single lane. I hadn't though about this coming in so I took the main way instead of the back way that almost no one used because the roads were so bad. Pulling into the lot I took my usual spot, this time though as I got out of the truck I noticed everyone staring. It was really weird. Fay hooked her arm through mine, like always, as we met at the back of the truck.

Come on, I doubt she found out.” Fay said as she patted my arm.

I hope not.” I said as we walked through the doors to school.

# # # # #

Plastered from wall to wall, locker to locker, were posters. The pictures were of me getting out of the SLR and underneath in big, bold letters “Who is Jay, really?” of course in red. I could already see Andy's smirk as she stood with her slutty cheerleader friends just down the hall. She noticed me the minute I walked in.

If she thinks this going to get to me, its not.” I told Fay as we walked down the hall, towards our lockers. Fay didn't say anything as we passed Andy, she did just so happen to use her hand bag to hit her in the head though, as she shifted it up her arm. It wasn't any purse as well, it was bigger, pretty heavy when it was empty, but it also had some big pieces stitched onto it.

Fay, relax.” I said as we got out of ear shot of Andy.

What?” She asked innocently.

I saw you hit her with your bag.”

Did not, I simply shifted it up my arm.”

Hitting her as you did.” I added.

Oh, so what. She’s a hoe, she should be used to getting hit by her pimp.”

Hush!” I said as I nearly dragged her to our lockers.

Fine.” She pouted as we walked down the hall.

# # # # # ANDY # # # # #

The minute Jay Vutali walked through the doors at the end of the hall, I noticed him and his skank of a girlfriend, Fay. He turned me down for her, her parents are divorced, and mine are still happily married. We had money, she didn't, how could she, her parents were divorced. I drove a BMW, she drove a Nissan. We were polar opposites. Me being the North, and she being the South. I was gold and she was silver. I may have said I hated him, but really I was deeply in love with him.

Andy!” Marisa, one of my best friends called out to me.

Yeah.” I said, smiling as I directed my attention back to my friends.

Who is Jay, really?”

He’s none other than the heir to the Vutali fortune.”

WHAT!?” Just about every girl in the circle said in unison.

Yeah. I followed him to his house on Star Island and on the gate it said Vutali Manor. There was a plaque right where Ivy usually is grown up around to cover it.”

Are you sure it was his?”

Positive. He’s gone there the last 3 days this week.”

Couldn't it be Fay's?”

HA! Yeah right, like that whore has any money at all.”

What makes you say that?”

Her parents are divorced, she can't have money.”

Uh, you do know who her dad is, right?”

Does it look like I care?”

I don't know, do you?”



Let's go, I need to get something from my locker.”

# # # # # JAY # # # # #

Auntie, I'm home.” I called out, walking through the front door.

Hi Honey. How was your day?” She asked as she walked out of the kitchen to greet me.

It was long; I'm going to go change. I'll be down in a minute.” I said, climbing the stairs.


I changed out of my cutoffs into a pair of straight legged jeans. Kicking off my shoes, I put them back on the shelf where I keep them. As I walked back out of my room, I grabbed my phone off the bed, checking it and finding another text.

Brad <Baby, hey>

Me <Hey Baby. How was your day?>

Brad <Long, I have a break before practice luckily.>

Me <Yeah, that's good.>

Brad <How was yours?>

Me <Good, my Aunt showed up. She’s staying with me for a few days.>

Brad <So, I can't stay over Friday?>

Me <Well I'm not sure when she’s leaving. LoL.>

Brad <LoL. Okay. So that's a maybe.>

Me <That's a maybe.>

Brad <Well, practice will be starting in a few, I'll text you after Baby.>

Me <Okay Baby, have fun, don't get hurt.>

Brad <I won't, promise.>

Me <Okay.>

So, how was your day?” I asked as I walked into the den, where my Aunt was sitting in one of the large recliners with her feet up. Like always she was reading one of her novels and watching TV.

It was good, ran a couple errands I needed to run while I was down here, baked some desserts for you. Just relaxed really. I left John at home with the kids. I needed some time away.”

Ah, so that's why you're really here.” I laughed, as I flopped down onto the couch.

Yeah, seeing you is an added bonus.”

Well, I'm glad I'm a bonus.”

“I also stole John's car.”

What's he driving now?”

The new S400.”

A hybrid?”




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