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It's Money Honey

Chapter 9


Fay, are you ready yet?” I called out as I walked into her condo, using the key card to get in.

“Almost. Which car do you have today?” She asked from the bathroom.

Rover, like always.”

Oh, I thought since yesterday we could, oh, I don't know, maybe take like a Ferrari or something.”


What? I was just wondering.”

Maybe, tomorrow, it depends what happens today.”


I was sitting at the counter in the kitchen, texting Brad before his morning practice. Tomorrow was our big first date and we were both really nervous. I just wanted everything to go right, whatever he had planned. I really didn't care what we would end up doing, I just wanted to spend some time with him, it's been all week and we haven't seen each other.

Okay, I'm ready.” Fay came out in a wine red dress with ruffled layers that came to her mid-thigh. Her hair was curled slightly at the bottom and she wasn't really wearing any make-up other than her lip-gloss and some eye-shadow. She had her heels in her hand with her small black leather clasp purse. She took the bar stool next to mine as she slipped on her black stiletto like heels.

Damn.” Was all I could think to say.

Yeah, I figured I would show that whore up.”

Well, you do that anyway.”

Thanks.” She leaned over, kissing my cheek.

Okay, so you're ready?”


Let's go.”

We both headed back down downstairs, Fay hanging on my arm the entire time. Even walking through the lobby she kept a firm grip on my bicep. I could tell she was deep in thought just by her actions. Normally she would lead, this time it was me. Normally she walked with an air of confidence, this time she just walked. Normally she would make sure everyone noticed her, this time I doubt she even cared if there was anyone in the lobby. There was something on her mind and she was deep into her thoughts and whatever it was.

As we got closer to my SUV, I opened the door for her, even helped her up a bit into the passenger's seat. Still she just sat there, thinking. I sped out of the valet, weaving between cars to get out of there faster.

# # # # # BRAD # # # # #

Diane, have you seen my gym bag?” I asked as looked through the closet next to the front door.

Uh, no. where did you leave it at?”

I'm not sure, I need to find it though. My American Lit. book is in there and I need it to study for tomorrows test.”

Just use mine.”

Which version is yours?”

The third.”

Mines ninth.”

Ah, better find it then.”

Yeah, I know.” I said, shutting the closet door and walking to my room to grab my truck keys.

As I walked down the stairs, I couldn't help but think of Jay and our date tomorrow. I had been planning this all week. It wasn't going to be anything too special, just a nice relaxing dinner, a walk down by this secluded beach, then just see where things go from there.

Walking over to my truck, I clicked the unlock button twice to unlock the back doors as well. I dug through my back seat, looking for my book or gym bag. I didn't find my bag but I did find the book. Luckily it must have fallen out of my gym bag and slid under the seat. I locked my truck back up, and headed back upstairs to my apartment.

# # # # # JAY # # # # #

Jay, Mrs. Liles is here to see you. She says she has a present for you.” The secretary at the front desk informed me over the intercom. I had gone into one of my dealerships to work on a few things from there instead of my office.

Thank you Raina, I'll be right out.” I saved the files I was working on to my computer, and headed outside to meet with Mrs. Liles, the head of the Florida division for Lexus of America.

Mrs. Liles, nice to see you again.” I greeted her in the foyer of the dealership.

“Oh Jay, please call me Lyn.”

Okay, Lyn. My secretary said you had a present for me?”

Ah, yes, that. I made a very special delivery for you. Come on, follow me.”

Okay.” I said as we walked out to Main Street, from the office doors it was only a few feet from the doors.

And here we go.” She said as we walked up to a brand new black LFA on the back of a flat bed truck. The workers were just uncovering it.


Yes. The first of only 500 to be made.”


Glad you like it. You sell the most Lexus' in the state, figured they wouldn't mind giving you a thank you gift.”

Damn.” Was all I could muster up to say as the car got unloaded from the truck. It was jet black with light blue brake calipers, blacked out windows and smoked tail and head lights. Even the Lexus emblems were painted black, but polished to stand out.

This exact LFA has been properly named the Stealth Bomber because even at top speeds it’s extremely quiet. Barely any noise upon start-up. The only real time that there is a lot of noise is when the motor is revved. The special Matte Black paint job is one of a kind and can not be duplicated, unless you give us permission. We do offer a similar version of the Matte Black, but its nothing like this. It can stop and turn on a dime. Its light weight construction makes for higher speeds, higher torque and higher horse power. Its automatic, I hope you don't mind.”

Not at all, I prefer automatics over manuals. Always have.”

So I take it you like it?” She asked as I walked around the car, examining every inch of it, from bumper to bumper.

Love it, but no spoiler, not even one styled into the body?”

Oh, there is, its just hiding.” She said as she knocked on the back end of the car.

Ah!” I said as I smiled, knowing I would have fun with that.”

Here you go Jay.” Lyn handed me a key-fob that she dug out of her pocket.


Well, go ahead, take it for a spin.”

Okay.” I said as the guys finished unloaded the car and was returning the equipment to the back of the truck.

I opened the driver's door, taking in the new car scent that wafted from the interior of the car. It was black, white, and red leather on the inside. The front of the seats was white, the backs red along with the steering wheel. The carpets were surrounded in black leather along with the door panels. The instrument dials and center console was white leather. There were carbon fiber accents everywhere. I gripped the steering wheel as I pressed the start button while pressing down on the brake. As the car roared to life I jumped a bit at the sound of the engine. I didn't expect such a small car to have such a big engine, not even for a supercar.

Carefully I pulled around the flatbed, making sure there weren't any cars coming down the road. The setting sun behind me made a perfect setting for a nice, first drive in this supercar. The road I was on was hardly used, except or making car deliveries and to access most of the service bays of dealerships. The Lexus dealership was at the end of the block, and on the outside street that wrapped around the whole Auto-mall, the street I was on was a back, inside street, mainly used for cut across the Auto-mall.

I quickly hit 65 and the spoiler showed itself. It slowly rose from its bed as I pressed further down on the accelerator. I slowed to a stop at the end of the long road. Lyn was right, the car could stop pretty fast even coming down from 85 only a few second ago.

# # # # #

I pulled under the overhang, shutting the car off. My Aunt's car was parked under it too, but facing the opposite way. I grabbed my brief case out of the passenger's seat, putting a couple folders in it as well.

Aunt Marilyn.” I called out as I walked through the front door.

Yeah honey?”

I'm home.” I said, walking into the living room, finding her sitting on the couch with her feet up.

Okay, how was your day.”

Not that bad after going to the dealership.”

How so?”

“Well Mrs. Lyn Liles dropped by. She’s the head of the Florida division of Lexus of America. Said she had a present for me, oh it was some present. A brand new, one of a kind, LFA. Custom paint job, matching rims, smoked lights, hand made interior, the works.”


“Yeah, apparently I sell the most Lexus' for Florida, said it was the least they could do to thank me.”

Your dad built an amazing company and an even better name.”

Yeah, I know.”

Well, it’s late. You should be getting to bed like I am.” She said as she got up and headed down the hall towards the guest suite.

Night Auntie.”

“Night sweetie, I'll see you in the morning.”


I made my way over through the lounge and up the elevator to my room. I stripped down to my boxers and went into the bathroom. Quickly, I brushed my teeth, using some mouthwash before checking my smile. As I lay in bed, I used the control panel to close all the curtains but one set that looked out to the back yard, lock the doors, and set the alarm. I turned my light off, rolling over to look out the windows to the back yard and then out to the ocean. It always helped to soothe me to sleep. I never knew why, it just did.


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