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book 2:

Picking Back Up

chapter i

The awakening

Well, this should be an interesting start for a new chapter in the lives we begin to follow this time around. I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. It's taken me some time to get things to what I feel is the appropriate place to pick things back up. So now, I let you go onto Book 2, Picking Back Up.

# # # # # # # # # #

The subtle beeping of the machines almost seemed to coincide with the soft sobbing of the tall man hunched over the bed of one young Jason (Jay) Vutali. He had been by Jay's bedside for a week straight now. Jay's assistant had informed the 4 armed guards that were the personal detail to Jay that the young man would be there and not to disturb him. All 4 guards were posted outside the room. Two of them on either side of the door while the remaining 2 directly across the hall from them. They had strict orders no more than one was to leave the area at any time. They were only allowed to be gone for 20 minutes at a time.

It was now about 12:30am and the only light coming into the room on the 20th floor of the hospital was that of the thin sliver of moon hanging high in the almost bare night sky. There was a light knock at the door to which the young man wiped his eyes as he raised his head, his hand still clutching Jay's.

Yes.” He called out as the door slowly cracked open and one of the men dressed in black suits stuck his head in.

Cole, Shy is going on break.”

“Fine. Don't disturb me again until I open the door.” He ordered in a mellow tone knowing that the man was unable to see his tear stained face.

Yes Sir.” He quickly nodded his face before quietly closing the door.

Cole bowed his head taking Jay's hand in both of his as a few tears dripped on them. He was deep in thought. Thinking of how he should have been the one to pick Jay up rather than Jay picking him up. Jay though insisted that he pick him up and pay for everything that night. He knew that when Jay woke up he would make it up to him.

# # # # # # # # # #

The night Cole had been thinking about was the night that Jay got into a horrible crash. Someone tried to cut Jay's brakes but they didn't cut them all the way through so they didn't fail right away. Jay were trying to slow down but couldn't so he veered to the right, the railing was already weak and it just gave way when he hit it going about 50 miles an hour. His car hit a rock under the surface of the water. His seat belt locked up and he slammed his head against the steering wheel which got pushed upward. If Jay hadn't veered he would have hit a car full of kids and more than likely killed every last one. After that he was called a hero, everyone said he sacrificed his life to several of people he didn't even know.

Jay was coming over to get Cole but he forgot to give him the new address for the house his parents moved him into. He was going to pick up Cole from his house across town before they went out for dinner and a movie. It had rained a bit earlier that day but had stopped when Jay left and picked back up a bit while he was driving and when he crashed. Jay was rushed to the hospital and right into the ER. Something had happened when he hit his head and he slipped into a deep coma. The only thing that saved him from being completely crushed was the fact Jay's Dad had this almost shell like body molded into the framework of the SUV made of carbon fiber so it really prevented even more damage from being done to Jay.

The thing that shocked and confused people mostly was the fac5t lightening struck the light post on the bridge, knocking out the only lights along the bridge but Jay was found laying on the sidewalk on the bridge. The woman who was driving the smaller SUV that Jay dodged jumped out of the car and began CPR on Jay constantly telling him he wasn't going to die, he had more god to do in this world.

All of this had only happened about a week ago meaning it was all still so fresh in Cole's mind and life.

# # # # # # # # # #

It took some time but soon Cole was sleeping soundly with tear stained cheeks. He slept fairly soundly once he was asleep except for the reoccurring nightmare where he lost the love of his life, Jay. Finally being shocked bad enough he awoke in the early hours of the morning, only getting a few hours of sleep, he was used to it though.

He stood and stretched before walking over to the small bathroom to empty his bladder and wash his face and hands. After doing this he walked over to the door into the hallway, opening it partially getting the attention of the same guard from the night before.

Yes Sir?” The guard asked.

Roscoe, can you get me some coffee, please.” Cole asked in a tone drained of all emotion and with cold eyes.

Anything else?” Dave asked lifting his glasses to double check the image of the man before him.

No.” Cole said closing the door and taking a deep breath wit his hand still firmly on the door.

As he was walking back over to the bed and his chair there was another knock on the door. Checking his watch he knew it was time for the nurse to come in and give Jay something.

Come in.” He called out taking his seat next to the bed.

Time for his meds.” The nurse said pushing a small cart into the room that had a few things on the top.

Like every other day.” Cole said tonelessly as the nurse inserted the needle into the small spot in the IV specifically for this purpose. After doing this a couple times she walked back out of the room to head to the next room.

After she left Cole took Jay's hand gently in his and sat back in his chair, not letting go of Jay's hand. Fay, Nicki, and Sammy all said they would be coming in to see him today so he had asked Fay to grab some clothes from Jay's that he had left there. Lacing their fingers together he took one deep breath, hunching himself over the bed. He took another deep breath, this time before he could let it out he felt a strange grip on his hand, it was briefly but it was enough to distract him from his deep breaths he briefly forgot to exhale.

The next thing was not a grip on Cole's hand but a grunt, a low, soft grunt from Jay but still enough for Cole to hear it. Cole Quickly took Jay's hand in both of his and whispered gently to Jay, trying to encourage him to wake up. Cole felt Jay's hand again squeeze his hand as the other gripped the sheets tightly. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the remote clipped to the rail of the bed, reaching over he pulled it from the clip and pressed the call button several times.

Come on Jay, wake up. You're so close, wake up.” Cole said softly as he heard a few voices and several footsteps outside in the hallway.

What's going on?” The doctor asked as he came into the room walking over to the bed, with a guard behind a couple nurses who had all followed him in.

He squeezed my hand and grunted a bit.” Cole said with eyes pleading for something, an answer hopefully.

The doctor and nurses were silent as the guard shut the door and stood against the wall. Using the small penlight he checked Jay's eyes first then his pulse and breathing.

Pulse increased. Breathing normal, blood pressure normal.” The doctor said aloud as a nurse took some notes in his chart. He checked the machines and his IV all hooked up to Jay somewhere.

Everything is reading fine, brain activity has increased.” The doctor noted out loud.

Doc, he did it again.” Cole said, almost shocked as he felt Jay squeeze his hand once again. “Quick, take his hand!” The doctor did as Cole said and sure enough he too felt the squeeze of the hand from Jay.

Nurse, get the reverse sedatives, quickly.” He ordered as the nurse who wasn't doing anything dashed out of the room, the guard holding the door for her.

Quickly she rushed back into the room holding a bottle and a hypodermic needle. The doctor loaded the liquid into the needle and then injected it into the IV. They waited a few minutes which to Cole felt like a life time. Soon Jay was grabbing at the sheets and found Cole's hand which he squeezed very tightly. He turned his head to face Cole as his eyes just seemed to flutter open.

Hey.” He said in a dry tone.

Hey.” Cole replied as the tear slipped from his eye and he carefully leaned down to lightly kiss the love of his life on the lips. “Don't you ever leave me again.” He warned pulling back to wipe his eyes.

Okay.” Jay smiled as he laid back on the bed and took a couple deep breaths. “What happened?” He asked looking from the doctor to Cole.

I'll leave you guys to it for a few minutes. You must have a lot to catch up on.” The doctor said as he left the room his nurses following along with the guard.

What's the last thing you remember?” Cole asked figuring he could fill everything in from there.

The semi hitting me and Brad in my SUV. We were going to get something I think from his apartment. We were crossing that big bridge. We were the only ones on the causeway and when the light turned green this huge semi came barreling through the intersection and knocked us over the edge of the bridge into the water and then darkness.”

Whose Brad?” Cole asked in a strained tone.

My boyfriend Cole. After you left me I moved on.” Jay said in a soft tone trying not to hurt Cole.

Jay, I never left. You were coming over to get me but I forgot to give you the new address for the house. Someone tried to cut your brakes but they didn't cut them all the way so they didn't fail right away. You were trying to slow down but couldn't so you veered to the right, the railing was already weak and it just gave way when you hit going about 35 miles an hour and they said your car hit a rock under the surface of the water. Your seat belt locked up and you slammed your head against the steering wheel which got pushed upward. If you hadn't veered you would have hit a car full of kids and more than likely killed every last one. They're calling you a hero Jay, you saved 6 kids lives.” Cole said as a few tears dropped from his eyes.

“No, no. I went over to your house, you weren't there. I talked to your neighbor. She said you guys moved that morning and then just disappeared. I went home. Locked myself away for a week in my room.” Jay said now knowing the feeling of having his entire world ripped from his life in one instance. But to him it felt more like he was ripped from his perfect life and thrown back a few steps.

Yes, yes Jay. You've been in a coma for a week.”

“No, its been like a year since you left, and. . .and. . .and. . .” Jay just broke down then. He lost all control of himself and Cole was quick to cradle him in his strong arms as Jay sobbed against his shirt. Cole rubbed his back trying to get him to calm down.

What day is it?” Jay asked raising his head up a bit to wipe his eyes.

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010.” Cole said softly as he continued to rub his back with his strong hands. Jay had missed the feeling he got when he was with Cole. This sense of absolute security, the way Cole held him, his hand, his body. The way Cole hugged him with those strong arms and kissed him tenderly as he held Jay close.

Well happy 6th month anniversary, late anniversary.” Jay said resting his head back against Cole's soft shirt.

Same to you Baby. I still love you, even if it is a little late.”

I love you too you big lug.” Jay chuckled as he looked up to Cole and felt their lips connect. Jay felt their lips touch and slowly grow closer together, it was the same as he left, almost. He didn't feel the spark he felt when he kissed Brad in his dream world or when he used to kiss Cole. His feelings weren't as strong for Cole as they used to be, that was something that hit Jay quickly but he did still love Cole, just not like he used to.

My Little Cutie.” Cole cooed to Jay as he lightly hugged him close to his body.

And you remember I hate that name, I can tell.”

Damn, you remember how you hate it.”

Yeah. How long have I been in these boxers?” Jay asked as he looked under the sheets and moving the gown.

It's about 1am now so since 7am yesterday morning.” Cole said running his hand with Jay's along his leg and tugging at the leg of the boxers.

“Oh, okay.” Jay smiled as he covered himself back up.


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