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Picking Back Up

chapter XIV

Howdy Neighbor!

I woke up the next morning, my head on Ares' chest, he had one arm around my shoulder and the other tucked behind his head. His chest softly rose and fell as he breathed in and out his eyes closed softly. The faint odor of sex lingered through out, our clothes draped everywhere and the large smear on the window where I had blown my own load and he had tried to lick it up. The tent in the sheets made me giggle as I let my hand find it's way down to it. I let my fingers graze the warm skin, the heat of the muscles resonating was impressive. I reached past his rigid member and went for his smooth balls. I loved playing with him since they were sensitive enough that even the right fabric could have him at attention. He hated the fact that I found out all because I wanted him to last longer so I began gently rubbing them and tugging on them but instead when I pulled my mouth off his member or suck on his balls he unleashed the months load all over the kitchen counters and some even shot over my head, landing on the top of my ass.

“Strong punch, strong shot.” Ares told me as he scooped the glob off my backside, placing his finger against my lips.

With my finger tips I barely grazed them across the bottom of his large cum filled balls, watching as a jolt seemed to run through his body and his member flicked itself. My lips now wet with my drool, I wanted him badly. I carefully placed my lips against his chest, the sparse hairs in the cleft between his well defined pectoral muscles tickling my lips before I moved down further. Ares was a fairly sound sleeper, used to me by now having to get up early he never really woke-up when I got out of bed.

With my hand now rubbing beyond his balls I smiled, knowing he had never had anything up his ass other than the metal bead type device he used a few times while we were in bed. I didn't want to fuck him, more suck him off and then use my tongue to play with that hot ass. It was so well defined and muscular that it made me drool. I loved when we were in the shower I got to run my soapy hands all over it. I always washed it for him when we were in the shower, not even letting him touch it.

Gliding myself down lower and lower I smiled, as the sheets were thrown back to reveal his nude form. Legs spread, one arm to the side, the other tucked behind his head, and his cock at full attention, now throbbing a bit as I played with his balls with my free hand. I positioned myself between his thick thighs, kissing around the base of his member, coming from the bottom of his abs where I tongued the deep lines which formed the “V” to his tapered waist. I could taste the faint saltiness of sweat and cum. I pressed my face against the head and shaft of his towering member, kissing where it jolted out from his body, his pubic hairs nicely trimmed into a tight triangle above the base, pointing down to the base. I now had my fingers around his balls and my middle finger rubbing his hole softly. Since he couldn't shave back there I always did it for him and loved doing it since it gave me a chance to kind of play with his body more. He would just laugh and hang his head while he propped himself up against the wall.

I lowered my body to lie flat between his legs, letting me lay flat on the bed with my face on the side of his member. Placing my lips on the warm skin of his inner thigh I flicked the soft skin with my tongue, making his legs spread wider as he readjusted his body. Moving both his hand behind his head and opening his legs even wider for a better access point for me to get into. I gently picked his legs up, resting them over my shoulders as I lifted his ass off the bed and moved my face between his muscular gluts. I could already see his tight puckered hole before even pressing my tongue to it. He had done this to me enough times I knew he would be awake any second. Flicking his hole with the tip of my tongue I heard him release a deep moan and his body shift with his hand finding the back of my head and his fingers tangling into my hair.

Oh fuck. What a way to wake up.” I heard him moan as I hungrily attacked his ass with my mouth.

What a delicious breakfast.” I briefly pulled up to look him in the eye as he laid back against the pillows.

I went back down, returning to my attack.

# # # # # # # # # #

I love you.” Ares kissed my lips softly. “I love you.” Another kiss. “I love you so much.” Another kiss. We had been laying in bed for the last three hours, just cuddling. With the large windows across from our bed we had an amazing view of the mountains with the rays of sun and the shadows of clouds against the steep peaks was soothing. Around the tops of the clouds were low clouds and what looked like rain. I knew a big enough rain storm could cause a mud slide and potentially seal us out of the city. For some reason I didn't mind at all. In fact it was interesting to think that with just one simple storm a big enough mud slide could come down from the hill and cut all connections from the outside world, all caused by something as simple as the water cycle.

I love you too baby.” I giggled, pulling his face to mine and our lips together. I rolled so I was under him and his body was pressed against mine.

Amazing.” He smiled, keeping himself up with his arms.

Come on, I wanna get the Cayenne into the shop and then see what I could do with the S400.”

Fine. If we have to.” He rested on top of my body, his head on my shoulder and his arms on top of mine.

We do, I have an appointment and then we have to meet up with the guys at the airport so they can follow us with the other cars.” My hands wrapped around his body, my palms against his bare back.

Okay. As long as we can drive the SLS home.”

Sure.” I kissed the soft skin of his warm cheek.

# # # # # # # # # #

After a few more minutes of cuddling I flipped us over so I was on top and then promptly jumped and ran into the bathroom, locking the door behind me as I started the shower. The water was nice and warm and once Ares had stopped banging on the door I unlocked it and cracked it open, cracking it open a bit before jumping into the shower. He was quick to join and quick to wrap himself around me under the spray. After our shower we got dressed in silence and kept on our sides of the large closet. The thing I liked the most was that it was large enough for us to have a half each even with my excessive amount of clothes. I had gotten rid of a lot of things that I didn't wear too often.

Be careful.” I told him as we walked into the garage.

I will. You too though.” With his strong hands he cupped my face and kissed me deeply before pulling back and opening my door for me.

I will. Want me to wait for you at the gate?” I asked sitting in the seat with the key in the ignition.

Nah, I'll catch up.”

Okay.” I pulled my door shut as the garage door opened behind me. I smiled and waved to Ares as I carefully backed out of the bay and turned to pull down the driveway. I had already linked the built in door openers in the cars with the garage doors and gates. I had opened everything before we even went into the garage so I was quick to get out of the garage, and then out the last gate and onto the main drag of the development. As I came up to the gate at the front of the development there was another car pulling out just ahead of me which I had seen going into our direct neighbors. They had the smallest house in the development from what I could see but they had a lot of land. Once I was out on the highway, traffic picked up a bit so it took a few minutes to get out on the highway after my neighbor got out on it. There were a large developments with track homes in them past ours and they wanted to develop the small area between the group of developments into a small town so people wouldn't have to go all the way into town every time they needed something. So far they had gotten a gas station, a small general store and a sheriff's station. And that had all been built since we were out here looking at the property.

I was quick to pull up to the speed limit of 65 and then even quicker to pass it, a long with most of the traffic. Driving through the hills above the city was nice with the occasional view of the skyline and I could even tell which tower was the one being built for the company. Until it was finished we would be working out of the condo which was the one I had bought for myself and Ares if we hadn't found a house or hadn't had the house finished by the time we moved out here. It was large and open and now filled with all of our desks and everything we had in our old office.

# # # # # # # # # #

Within 20 minutes of leaving the house I pulled into the parking lot of the body shop and found a spot in the back, backing in my Cayenne into the stall. The office where I had to fill out paperwork and double check things was off to the side of the 3 large bays where they worked on the cars. The metal door was kind of hard to pull open at first since I didn't expect it to be as heavy a it was.

How can I help you?” The woman behind the desk asked, looking up from her computer.

Vutali, I'm here to drop off my Cayenne with the rims.”

Ah, yes, right on time. You have the rims correct?”

Yes, the 23 inch customs. They're in the back of the Cayenne.”

Okay. Just go ahead and pull your car into the first bay right here.”

Thank you.” I walked out of the office and right over to my Cayenne where I had left it unlocked. One of the mechanics guided me into the bay and then took my keys after I told him the rims were in the back. Ares pulled up about then and I told him to wait in the car.

One last thing.” I smiled, walking back into the office where the girl was typing away on her keyboard.


I have an S400. I have rims and everything for it but I was wondering if you guys offered any body kit like things to add onto it.”

“Of course, what size of rims were you going to want on it?”

It has 20's on it and I wanted to put 21's on it.”

We have a few kits we can put on it.” For the next few minutes she went over the kits with me.

If you want you can drop your Benz off with us in a few minutes, they should almost be done with your Cayenne.”

“Really? That was fast.”

Yeah, it's a slow day.”

Okay, yeah.” I smiled, pulling out my wallet. “Go ahead and ring up the kit and the rims right now if you can.”

Sure thing.” She typed in somethings into her computer and then rolled her chair over to the register. I handed her my card which she ran through the machine and then gave me the receipt along with 2 slips, one for the Benz and the other for the Cayenne.

Here you go.” I handed her back the copy I had to sign.

Okay, once they're done with your Porsche you can pull the Benz into the same bay.”

“Okay. Thanks.” I walked out to Ares who had the sunroof open and the windows cracked open.

Hey.” I slid into the seat and took his hand in mine.

Ready to go?” He asked.

Not yet. They'll be done with the Cayenne in a minute and then we're leaving the Benz here to get a few modifications.”


And here we go.” I got back out of the car and walked over to the mechanic who had just stepped out of my SUV. The rims I had installed were 23 inch simple 5 wide spoke rims with 3D nautical stars starting in the center and stretching out to each spoke, only going about an inch and a half into each spoke. The spokes were painted Basalt Black like the body of my SUV with the stars done in chrome. They made a great contrast to the rims.

After switching out the cars I sped off to the small airstrip we flew into where they were flying in my cars. It took 2 of the large Cargo planes that my company used to move the freight and company vehicles to and from different cities up and down the east coast. The majority of the company was focused in Miami but it stretched all the way up to Maine. I wanted to work out from Montana all the way up and down the west coast and then connect the 2 coasts.

When we pulled up they had all the cars loaded onto semis except for the SLS which I had called and told them to leave it off and leave room for an Cayenne. There was one car carrier which could hold up to 10 cars, 5 on top and 5 on the bottom with 3 flat beds with pods on the back. In the pods were my 6 rarest cars; the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Pur Sang-Black and Grand Sport-White, The Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss, and both the SLR McLaren coupe and convertible, lastly my Lexus LFA. The rest of my cars were all covered from top to bottom with all weather covers for the long haul up the hill to the house.

Mr. Vutali, welcome.” I was greeted the head of the shipping department who was handling my cars. “Quite an impressive collection of cars.” He smirked a bit, as he guided us over to the SLS.

Thank you, this isn't even half of what I used to have.”


Yeah. I was at like 40 something before I moved here.”


Just a hobby my father got me into.”

Ah, well, all your cars are in perfect condition and the 6 that you requested are all in the pods on the flatbeds with the SLS left off the truck with room for your Cayenne.”

Perfect. And when will the rest of the cars be here?”

Tomorrow and they will delivered as asked at the times specified.”

Perfect.” I smiled, opening the driver's door, stepping back as it flipped open.

Anything else sir?” He asked, looking very nervous.”

Yes, you're fired. After your sister quit I have no need for your position.”


Yeah. My dad did it for your sister and when she quit this winter, I wanted to wait to do this.” I slid into the seat. “Oh, yeah, and here's your ticket home.” I handed him the ticket for the commercial flight back to Miami which I had in my back pocket.


“Yeah, I don't splurge when I fire people. Your flight leaves in an hour.” I closed the door to keep from hearing his bitching as security came over and escorted him from the premises.

# # # # # # # # # #

We got back to the house before the trucks did so I opened the gates, leaving them open before zipping up to the deck area, parking the SLS in one of the six bays on the same level as the deck. As you rounded the corner of the house the garage bays were right there between the house and the driveway. Ares went inside while I walked out onto the deck, stepping over to the Carrera to pull it into the garage to make enough room for all the cars to be sorted out onto the deck.

The trucks are at the main gate.” Ares said , sticking his head outside. “I let 'em through.”

Thanks babe.” I stepped over to him, pulling his face to mine as our lips touched.

Need my help?”

Not yet.” I smiled, hearing the rumble of the large trucks as they came to a stop at the gate. I walked over to the edge, watching as they turned around with large carrier backing through the first gate at the end o the driveway.

Okay.” He stepped back inside the house as I made my way down to the trucks.

The first car off was the Cayenne which I had them put that in the garage bays on the main level. All the cars were organized by style and which mean the 2 sedans were off next. I only had kept my Mulsanne and Ghost which were backed up to the edge of the deck all the way to the end. Next off were coupes. The first off was my GT coupe which I had been waiting for mostly, next was the Supersports coupe and then the GT2 RS coupe. Those were backed up against the sedans. As the rest of the cars came off the truck they were organized and sorted into the right areas and groupings. Once the cars from the hauler were off the truck it went on its way and the first pod hauler backed into the garage. Each pod was on its own trailer after the first car was pulled off the trailer the back set of doors were opened so the car in the second pod could just pull across the ramp and then through the first pod to go down the ramp off the trailers.

Okay babe, now I need some help.” I smiled, poking my head inside to find Ares lounging on the couch.

“With what?”

Moving the cars into the storage garage.”


Perfect, thanks babe.” I had been putting the keys in a large duffel bag which had been left in the trunk of a car. I reached in and grabbed the set to the LFA which was in the front row.

After an hour of directing where each car needed to go we got everything settled in the underground garage. It wasn't so much underground as it was under the deck. The driveway curved to the left once you went through the second gate since the supports for the house were on either side of the house and then a few that ran up to the mater suite were in the middle essentially that meant the rest of the house could fall down, even though it never will, but the master suite would still be standing, 3 ½ floors above the ground. The total height of the base type structure beneath the house was a floor and a half about, 20 feet high from the ground. Well the way the base of the house was designed there was empty space beneath the deck which I considered the first floor since the first floor of the house had been built on it. There was a small panel that was an elevator down into the storage and then a set of stairs that led down into the driveway just behind the gate. It was all hidden behind secret panels. The door that lead into the driveway tunnel also lead into the storage area, that door was hidden as well behind another secret panel.

Howdy neighbor.” I had just set foot on the deck when I heard the voice call from over the edge.

Oh,” The fairly good looking man had stepped out of the same black E350 BlueTEC that I had followed out of the development earlier today. “Hi there. Give me a minute.” I smiled walking back down the steps quickly to get out front.

Hi there.” I smiled stepping through the gate.

Hi, I'm Calvin, me and my wife live right over there.” He pointed to the house that was directly next to mine.

Nice to meet you, I'm Jason.”

“Nice house.”

Thanks. It's my work of art.”

With a years worth of work it would be mine as well.”

Yeah, sorry about the noise and everything if any of it disturb you.”

Oh, no. it didn't bother us at all, only everyone else, whose further from the noise than me and then the house across from me is a vacation house. Those are the Thorpe's, real estate moguls from New York. Me and my wife, Shavon are retired.”

Ah, okay. My foreman was just calling me every other day saying how much the neighbors were complaining.”

They were more likely complaining about the change to their perfect little world and the fact your house is the largest by far in most the state.” He laughed, he seemed like a fairly nice guy and down to earth.

Yeah, I always found comfort and security in size. I've always grown up with it.”

In here, we all have. The only way you get in here is if you're from old money.” He smirked with a chuckle.

You're not like the others are you?”


Well everyone is driving either the new S-class, the big 7 Series, a Bentley, or something along those lines, not you. You're in the supper efficient E-Class diesel. You're down to earth.”

Yeah, well I saw what it started doing with my kids and I knew I was the same and had to change. Also, I'm a fan of clean diesel, my wife drives the ML350. She doesn't go anywhere that often anymore.”

Same with Ares, he likes hybrids so when we move here I bought him that new Cayenne Hybrid and the S400.”

I may have to look into hybrids.”

I'm not one for them, but that's just me.” I smiled.

Oh yes, my wife wanted me to give you these.” He stepped back to the back door of his car and fished out a small tin. “She's always baking new things for a different cook-book, she made these last night.” He handed me the metal tin which felt to be full of cookies.

Thank you. Tell your wife we appreciate the gift, you are the first ones to introduce yourselves to us.”

Well, welcome to the neighborhood.” He smiled, reaching for the handle of the driver's door.

Thanks Calvin.” He smiled, slipping into his driver's seat of his car and then backing through the gate. I began walking back up the driveway after he had pulled around the small center divider and then he head back down the short drive to his gate at the end of his driveway.

Once back on the surface I closed the gates and shut off the lights in the tunnel and stairwell as well as the storage area. When I finally made my way back inside the house I found Ares asleep on the couch. I grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch, covering him up with it as I went into the kitchen, looking for something to make for dinner.


Trying to get back into things and it's kind of working out. I hope you guys are still enjoying the story mostly.




To start anew is to forget who you are. . .”