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Picking Back Up

chapter ii


# # # # #Quick Clarification# # # # #

So to clear things up a bit, Jay was in a coma like state where he dreamed all of Book One basically. Essentially it was suppose to be interrupted as him reliving his life before the crash that sent him into the coma and then slamming into the present with the second crash in his “dream” that soon wakes him up. He was suppose to basically resent Cole in a way for leaving him but he was also suppose to realize that he needs to move on after coming to with some things about Cole which won't get mentions, just for your knowledge and better understanding. I hope this helped, I got a lot of feedback asking what the hell just happened, what's going to happen with Brad, and Cole. Well Brad you'll find more out about him in chapter 12 or 13, but you will have to kind of put 2 and 2 together for that one. :)



# # # # # # # # # #

The next few days I stayed at the hospital. I learned about the security detail, I remember each of them from my Father's personal security team who near the end followed both my parents around the world. They were the best. Security guards turned naval officers, turned mercenaries, turned hired guns, turned special ops members, turned private security consultants, turned private security guards. It was hard the first day trying to walk. Cole had to support me for the first few steps I tried without the walker they gave me. After a day of that and roaming the halls of the hospital with Cole at my side I got back into things. Time moved on and things were getting back to normal. Nicki, Sammy, and Fay all came to see me at some point before I left the hospital. Nicki was like a second Cole, very protective.

After I signed the discharge papers Cole wheeled me down to the main lobby with 2 security guards in front of us and 2 behind us. He was careful when he put me in the large black SUV in the middle of the 3. Cole sat next to me as the 4 guards got in, 2 in front 2 in the third row. We were quick to take off and soon the 3 SUVs were constantly changing positions, shuffling me and Cole around.

All three 3 SUVs got off on the same exit. Instead of going the same way though, one went right, one went left, ours went straight ahead. We pulled into Cole's house where we pulled into the garage and he helped me out of the SUV.

“Why are we here?” I asked holding onto his arm as he guided me into the house.

We're here for now. One SUV went to your house, another went to Fay's. Its something the security team decided that would be best for you. Incase the people are following you then they want to change things up incase they really are following you then they won't be able to now.” Cole smiled as we walked into the den where I sat down on the couch, pulling him down with me.

Okay, so I take it we'll be moving again soon?” I asked resting against him after we both got comfortable.

Maybe. The SUVs are all suppose to leave, regroup and then just disappear.”

Okay, where are you parents?” I asked not hearing anyone.

Not here, I have no idea actually.” He said smiling as he rubbed my shoulder.

Well I wanna go to my office. I need to check upon a couple things.”

Okay, we can go later. The SUVs are suppose to regroup there so we'll just tag along.” I rested my head against his shoulder.

Can you help me upstairs then to take a nap?” I asked squeezing his hand.

Yeah, sure.” He helped me off the couch and we slowly made our way to the back of the house to the stairs.

“Here.” He said bending down and picking me up as if I was weightless.

COLE!” He did it so quickly I didn't realize what he was doing until I was actually up in his arms.

Relax. This will be easier on your legs.” He smiled kissing me on the cheek.”

“Thanks Cole.” I felt my cheeks getting hotter as he climbed the stairs with ease.

Your welcome Baby.” He said reaching the top of the stairs and then walking down the hall. He was still carrying me with the same ease.

You can put me down now.” I said as we walked into his room where everything was setup like he had it at his old house.

I know, but your easy to carry and I like this.” He smiled as he bent his head to let our lips meet. Still, the spark wasn't there any more. I knew I would have to talk to him about it, not now though, its still to soon.

Now, try and get some sleep.” Cole said as he gently put down on the bed.

# # # # # # # # # #

After getting dropped off at the office building I told Cole to go home, I would call him if I needed anything and I was going to be here for a while so he didn't need to be there. The captain of my personal security team, Roscoe, stayed with me not letting me send him off. He said it would be a disrespect to my Dad if anything happened to me or if I needed help and no one was around.

Roscoe, I'm fine.” I said as he held the door open for me into my office.

Good, well I got it for now.” He smiled following me in as I saw Ashlyn, Amanda, everyone from my “Dream” world. He took his sunglasses off, putting them on the back of his head as Dan smiled up at me, Steve handed something over to Dan and Carry was talking to Amanda and Ashlyn.

Fine, take a seat over there. I have some paper work I need to do, research some things.” I pointed to the desk behind Dan.

Okay.” He said taking a seat and undoing the couple of buttons on his jacket.

Dan, follow me.” I said as he got up and followed me into my office.

Yes Jay?” He asked as I took a seat in my desk and he stood at my side.

Get me the records on the Penthouse in Vutali Tower North. All the records for any cars I own or am currently purchasing, and any and all purchase receipts and records for anything I may have purchased leading up to my accident. Oh, and get the record on my Rover, pictures and all please.” I smiled leaning back in my chair.

Sure. Want anything to drink?”

Mocha Frappuccino, and anything you guys want. Usual tab.” I smiled as he walked out of the office.

A few minutes later Dan walked in with a couple files and out them in front of me.

This is everything on the Rover and the Penthouse. The records will be up in a couple minutes. They had to find a hand-truck to bring up the boxes.” He smirked as he took a seat in the plush leather chair.

Thanks Dan.” I smiled picking up the Penthouse file first. “So I did finish and furnish it, okay. And I own it.” I smiled thinking that was at least true.

Yeah, you had me file it into your name a while ago. There's also a list of the cars you have there. Its updated each time you bring a new one into the garage or take it out. It should be on your computer.” He said looking over to the screen.

Okay, thanks.”

Wow, my Rover is trashed.” I said looking at the pictures before skimming over the report.

Oh yeah.” Dan agreed as the guy with a hand-truck with boxes on it got stopped by Roscoe who checked him and the boxes.

THANKS ROSCOE!” I called out loud enough for him to hear as he sent the guy on his way while he checked the boxes. He looked up at me and just smiled.

I need a new one then.” I smiled thinking about going shopping.

Why, you have like 40 cars already.”

Hey, go get the car records please.”

“Sure.” He got up and pulled the door in, pulling it far enough back to keep it open.

Here.” He smiled putting the box down on the desk in front of me.

Thanks.” I said grabbing a couple of the files out of box I sat back just reading what cars I had. It was looking like each car I had in my “Dream” I had in real life. Well a few more, not many though, a couple BMW's and another Porsche.

# # # # # # # # # #

After spending some time in the office I called Nicki to come get me, luckily he was driving the same model of SUV as the security teams. Roscoe rode in back as I rode up front with Nicki. At first Roscoe wasn't quite willing to let us go with Nicki but after some convincing on both our parts he gave in and got in back. I had him drop me off at home where there was already a black SUV parked out front. Roscoe helped me out of the SUV and into the house as the 4 guards got out as I did and made their rounds, checking things out. I waited a bit and after grabbing a few things from my room I figured I would need. Roscoe carried my bags down to the garage where I had him put it in my M6 and had the security team leave first and then me and Roscoe took off following them.

I waited for the gate to close before I went on down the road. I had told them I was going to Cole's figuring the security team would meet me there but instead I was going to my condo.

Where are we going?” Roscoe asked as I sped down the causeway.

My condo. Don't even call it in to your team. Only you, me, and Dan know about it.”

Okay.” He said adjusting the seat back a bit.


I can see it in your eyes. You don't have the same feelings for Cole as he does for you.” Roscoe was laying back a bit in his seat as he said that and I came to a stop.

Yeah. How'd you know?” I asked turning to look at him quickly.

Like I said, I can see it in your eyes and the way you act around him and how you react to advances. I'm trained in noticing this shit too.”

“Oh yeah.” I said looking ahead as the light changed.

Yeah, don't lead him on Jay, it's not right. Let him move on or at least try to and maybe you can find something without hurting him or cheating on him.”

I know, I need to but I'm gonna wait some time.”

Okay, just don't let it go on for too long, okay?”


I pulled into the parking garage and over to the Penthouse parking seeing all but one spot taken. I saw Dan's white M5 parked in one spot so I knew he was here but there was a black BMW 650i coupe parked next to it I didn't know. I had Roscoe grab my bag again for me as we made our way up to my Penthouse. Everything was the same, even the code I used for the Penthouse door.

Nicki?” I asked seeing him lounging on the couch with Dan getting something from the bar behind the counter.

Thought you might come here.” Dan commented sitting at the counter.

Yeah, it is my condo.”

Sorry Jay, I didn't wanna stay at my house with my parents fighting and all and I was gonna ask you if I could stay with you but when I went to your office Dan told me I could stay here. I'm staying in the guest room, haven't even been in your room and Dan was here showing me things.”

Okay, okay. What guest room though?”

The one upstairs with the entertainment room.” Nicki said getting off the couch and giving me a hug as I walked over and took a seat at the bar.

Oh, okay. Well Roscoe won't leave so you'll be sleeping with me.” I smiled as he laughed a bit.

Sounds good to me.” He smiled sitting next to me and rubbing my shoulder.

Good.” I said smiling up at him.

Okay, well I'm gonna get going, I'll see you later Jay, Nicki, Roscoe.” Dan said grabbing the black leather messenger bag off the counter and out the door.

Is that your 650 downstairs?” I asked Nicki as Roscoe took a seat on the couch adjacent to ours.

Yeah. My parents got it for me today. Sammy uses the Denali more than I do and I never have a car when he uses it so they got me my own.”

Oh, okay.”

Roscoe, we're going to bed.” I said getting up as Nicki followed.

Night guys.” He said as we walked up the stairs and into my room, the same as my “Dream” world.

How you doing?” Nicki asked as we brushed our teeth next to each other.

Fine.” I said spitting and rinsing my tooth brush off in the sink, him following me.

Okay. No pain?”

Nope.” I said smiling.

Okay, that's good.” He peeled his shirt, revealing that amazingly toned body. His large pecs were well defined and chiseled. His abs were beyond the point of a 6-pack, the full 8-pack and they made up this deep V that dropped into his shorts which clung to muscular ass forming into a pair of strong, well defined legs. His broad shoulders made for large arms which were mostly muscle. He had a body similar to Brad's but slightly smaller.

Yeah.” I smiled as we both stripped the rest of the way to our boxers, well for me trunks.

Nice undies.” He smirked as we both slid into the bed.

“Thanks, now why are you looking?” I asked smiling.

Well such a nice ass is hard to miss.” He winked at me as his hand found my thigh under the sheet.

Kinda like how your small dick is hard to find?” I smirked, moving his hand away.

Ha Ha.” He said putting one hand behind his head.

What, just asking.”

Oh, sure.” He said looking over at me.

Well I am. Although I'm more into a thick cock than a long one. I like something that I can just barely get my hand around as I'm kneeling on the floor in front of him, his dick at full mast, dripping precum, my hand holding the base of it as I gently and carefully flick my tongue over the tip and down the shaft of the guys cock making his whole body shudder. I want something to open me wide as it pops my cherry and gets buried inside my hot hole and son floods it with his hot juices.” I smiled laying on my back with hand on my chest and semi in my trunks. Nicki was looking up to the ceiling with me.

Okay little Mr. Horny, get some sleep.” Nicki laughed as he turned off the light on his side of the bed.

Oh, fine. You know you're no fun.” I said turning my light off before returning to my position in bed. I rolled onto my side, facing away from Nicki as I felt him shift as well.


One last thing, a special thanks to my Editor Phil, he has been working with me nonstop to make sure this things gets out on time and to make sure I have a good stock of chapters, edited, and ready to go. And congratulations to Alec and Phil on their engagement. I actually put Alec in the story for later chapters. And Dan is loosely based off Phil but soon when I begin to develop him more he takes up more characteristics. You'll see. Hehe.

I love the feedback I got from everyone.




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