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Picking Back Up

chapter Iv


About what Baby?” Cole asked as I pulled onto the main street, turning towards his house.


Oh, okay.”

Cole, we've had the greatest of times and made some of the best memories for me. From the minute I met you I knew you would be the one for me, or so I thought. While I was in that coma I saw a world that could have happened, I don't want it to happen even if I'm basing my actions of something as simple and ridiculous as a coma dream, as a feeling, as a possible vision I have my reasons. I really hope you can understand that I have to end things now before I drag you on, and drag you down. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I did that.” I finished just as I pulled into his driveway.

I only have 2 questions. I understand you somewhat but I have to ask. What about the spark? The spark that is there when we kissed.” He asked as I put the car in park.

It's gone for me Cole. From the minute I woke up it wasn't there anymore. It was just gone.” I didn't even look at him, I couldn't.

And my second question, can we still be friends?” The sound of dismay and depression was thick in his voice as he asked, fearing the answer I had, the answer he didn't want to hear.

You and me both know that for you to move on, we have to stay apart and for me to move on myself, we need to stay apart. Maybe later down the road, later in life we can be friends, I don't know though.”

Okay.” Was all he said before getting out of the car and not even stopping to turn and look at me before he went inside his house.

Shifting the car into gear I sped back to my house. I swerved through traffic, dodging cars and just trying to get home faster and faster. I didn't stop at lights unless I had to absolutely. There were a few lights that I did have to stop at, only because they were turning across the lanes or driving across the lanes. The rest of the time I would just run the lights trying not to think about anything, hitting high speeds that I knew before even reaching I should have slowed down. I didn't though, I didn't want to. It was too easy to slip away into my own world at these high speeds.

The only time I slowed down was when I came up to the gate at Star Island, and only because the gate was closed. Pulling into the driveway of my house I found Roscoe and a few others there, parked out front of my house. I pulled into the open garage bay and quickly shut it before Roscoe could even get in. I walked through the house and right to the front door, I entered the code to unlock it, turned the lock, then the handle and pulled it open.

Roscoe, just Roscoe.” I said leaving the door open as I walked into the kitchen. I heard the door shut and the sound of footsteps as I saw him come into the kitchen.

You okay?” He asked sitting at the counter while I sat across the kitchen from him, on the counter.

No, yes, I guess so. Nothing’s changed. Got rid of something I don't need any more. Ran almost every light on the way back here, hit speeds that are probably more than twice the legal speed limit.”

Okay. At least you didn't get pulled over.”

Not like they actually do anything. Cops are too afraid that I can cut some funding they get or something. I'm not sure. I can't, I know that.”

Lucky you.”

No, it sucks. I want a challenge, I have nothing to hide from now, nothing to work with, work around. I'm going out.” I said getting off the counter and walking back into the garage.

Jay,” Roscoe called out from the door into the garage.

What Roscoe?” I asked turning to look at him as I punched in the code for the garage elevator.

I'm not going to come this time, but this is the only time I won't come.” He said shutting the door.

The elevator came and I got on, punching in the code for the third floor. I walked out of the elevator and down the hall, all the way to the other side of the house. I never understood why my father built this room on each floor of the garage, below the house. In both rooms were a small kitchenette with running, drinkable, water. In the other room it doubled as a bedroom and living room. He always told us that if anything happened, if someone broke in, we were to run down to one of the rooms and wait it out. There was also a phone so we could call for help. In the beginning I understood why but now I don't because there is so much security on the island and around it that no one could get on the island even if they wanted to.

Dad, if you can hear me I could use some help. All this shit is too much. I try to hold it together, I try to think like you did and try to keep things running how you wanted them to run but it’s hard. I understand why you did all the things you did, why you took all those exciting vacations, they helped you relax. I'm still in high school Dad and now I'm also running your multi-billion dollar fucking company that really is just more of an empire than a company. There is no way in hell I can run this thing for much longer. I know you built the team to help you run it but I can't take your place, how you had things and I know I'm not suppose to pick up exactly where you left off but I feel like I'm not even close. I feel like that by now you would have so many other things going and everything would just be done by now. I just need some help Dad.” I said leaning against the wall, sliding down to the floor to pull my knees up to my chest and resting my head against my knees. The tears came quick and things just broke down and the flood gates broke.

I sat there for what felt like forever just crying and waiting for an answer from my Dad or my Mom, someone really. It was hard thinking about them because I knew I would never have them back, I knew I would never be able to hug them again or tell them how much I loved them or just spend time with them like we used to.

I hate this!” I shouted through the tears. “I hate my fucking life! It’s pointless, useless!” I screamed something I haven't done since I was a kid.

I miss them.” I cried softly, falling to my side and sobbing. “How did I deserve this?” I asked not wanting an answer, just wanting something better than an answer, I wanted the past, I wanted my parents back. I wanted to be able to cry on my mom's shoulder right about now. Someone to help me through this would be nice right about now. I wanted my dad to hug me tightly and tell me everything would be alright, then try and bride me to smile. Just the though, the act, made me laugh and smile again.

Picking myself back up into a sitting position against the wall I wiped my eyes and looked up at the ceiling, the soft lights made for a warm glow all throughout the garages. I got back up and walked the rest of the way to the far garage bay stepping up to the black silk car cover covering one of my favorite cars. Ripping the cover from the car the paint of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Pur Sang special edition sparkled and glittered in the light. It was my favorite car not only because it was a very rare limited edition but also because I used my own money to buy, the money I had earned from the work I had done in the office when I was working with my dad. I had only had it a few months and now it was time to have some fun.

After carefully driving the car over to the lift bay I raised the car to the top level, opening the bay. The unique thing about the lift bay was even if there was a car parked in the bay it was raised into this compartment above the garage which had room to hold 2 cars, stacked onto top of each other and with the sensors in the cars that gave all the data about the cars to a computer in the lift bay it allowed for them to be locked in without damaging them. It could also tell if there was a car in the bays on the first or second level lift bays. That's why I always parked cars that sat low to the ground in them because it didn't require as much room for the cars to be stored.

As the bay door opened I started the motor which roared to life. I opened the gate as I pulled out of the bay and carefully drove past the security guards. Reaching the street I shut the gate behind me before pulling out onto the street. I cruised down the street to the gate, stopping to wait for the guard to open it. Again I cruised across the bridge, stopping to wait for my chance to run right at the light. When it came I sped off passing everyone on my left as I watched the needle on the speedometer go further around the dial reaching 85 the spoiler raised up from its housing. The engine roared and revved as I tapped the gas a little bit more as I came to a stop. I waited for the bridge to come back down and for the other cars to catch up.

I reached over to the radio turning up the Bass, then the treble, and then the volume as “Sexy Can I” By Ray J came n over the radio. I hadn't heard this song in a while and it was one of my favorites. The sun was almost right in front of me so I grabbed my glasses, slipping them on over my eyes and ears. I gripped the steering wheel as a few more cars came to a stop behind me as the bridge dropped back down. While I waited for the light to change I revved the motor a couple times, each time an overly aggressive growl came roaring out. I could see into the car next to me, a car filled with beautiful women and all of them looking over at me as I rolled down the window and smiled at them as the light turned green and I shot off like a rocket. Smiling the whole way. Again I left the other cars gasping for air in my exhaust. The next light turned yellow just as I topped out at 88mph and I had no intentions of slowing down. The motor was roaring and growling as I passed a few slower cars.

I sped onto the causeway and all the way over to the left lane knowing I was going to be on it for a while. I was cruising at about 75mph, a little over. I noticed Andy Sax pass me in a brand new white SL with the top down. I had the windows up so she couldn't see in when she passed. Thinking for some fun I got over into her lane as she merged into the left lane. I quickly pressed down on the accelerator and sped up to 85, matching her speed. She glanced over at me as I rolled down my window and smirked at her and her jaw dropped. I flipped her off as I pressed down on the accelerator and watched the spoiler adjust to a different angle. I rolled my window back up as I got off and turned towards the Auto-mall. I went all the way back and pulled into the parking of Vutali Luxury Motors (VLM). This was the dealership where most of my clients placed orders for their custom fitted luxury car. It was certified to do multiple brands like Bentley, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, just the AMG division of Mercedes. Not even my Mercedes dealership was able to place orders for AMG, but they were the allowed to do regular Mercedes cars, just them though. They didn't want AMG and Mercedes placing orders at the same site.

Stepping out of my car I noticed Andy pulling into the smaller parking lot behind the employ lot. I clicked the lock button on the key-fob hearing the car chirp. I waited a minute before walking inside and watched her walk down the sidewalk toward the dealership.

Well if it isn't Andy Sax, what the fuck are you doing here?” I asked holding the door open for her as she walked up to the dealership.

Seeing my Dad, what about you Jason?” She asked as I stepped in behind her.

Simple, placing an order at my dealership, you know Vutali Luxury Motors.” I smirked walking over to the brand new Audi R8 Spyder.

Huh?” She asked as I reached for my wallet, pulling out my ID and showing her.

See right there, it says Jason Vutali. And as everyone knows anything with the Vutali name is owned by the Vutali corporation which is owned my Mr. Vutali which is currently me.”

So your real name is Jason Vutali?” She asked as I noticed an older man walking out from the offices and over to us.

Yup. And I'm here to fire someone and order a new car.” I smirked just as the man who was my assistant manager for this branch hugged Andy so I guessed it was her Dad.

Hi Daddy.” Andy said as she hugged him back.

Hi Andy, whose your friend?” He asked extending his hand to me.

Jason Vutali, your boss.” I said smiling as I watched as his face first went to shock then pure joy, at least fake joy.

Mr. Vutali, I'm so glad to meet you, I've only ever heard the best things about you.” He said as we returned our hands to our sides.

Thank you and I presume you are Mr. Sax?” I asked.

Yes sir, 1st assistant manager here.”

Ah, well you're the one I came to see.” I kept my smile on my face as I prepared for my next statement. “You're fired. Collect your things, you have 10 minutes to return your company car and get off the grounds or security will be more than happy to help you. Anything you leave behind will be thrown in the garbage.” I said flatly walking over to the reception counter and asking the girl to call security.

May I ask why sir?” They both had followed me over there.

Because your daughter is driving a loaner car which are given to customers who need a car while we are working on theirs, which is clearly against policy, and your sales records are below last quarters and last quarters were your worst to date. Your contract clearly states instant termination if sales drop below the worst quarters sales of an employee who has been with the company for at least 24 months, or 8 quarters. You are currently working in your 30th month. Because of this you are also not eligible for the unemployment from the Vutali Corporation, now you're wasting your time.” I smiled as I took a seat behind the reception counter next to the girl. Mr. Sax and Andy both quickly darted into his office just as security arrived.

“Mr. Sax.” I told the large men.

Yes Sir.” They responded as I smiled and they dragged both Mr. Sax and Andy from the building.

Hold on.” I said getting back up.

And Mr. Sax, you are no longer eligible for any other job in the Vutali Corporation. Thank you for you're service.” I said turning back to walk to my office.

Sitting in my large leather chair I turned on my computer and was now waiting for the order form screen to pull up for the Audi R8 Spyder which I wanted to purchase. I figured it would be fitting for a replacement of my Rover. While I was finishing up my order Fay called so I put it on speakerphone, putting it down on the desk.

Hey Fay.” I said typing a few things on the keyboard.

Hey Jay, what's up?”

“Nothing just got done firing Andy's Dad and watching security drag them from the building.” I smiled thinking about that.

Nice, how did you do that?”

“Simple, his sales were down from last quarter which had been his worse so far and the contract states those are grounds for instant termination so I did just that.”

Oh, were they really?”

Eh, not that much worse but HR will probably remark them to make it look worse.” I laughed thinking back to when I found out they did that.

Wow, that's, um. . .”

“I know, horrible but it’s to avoid a lawsuit and it is true they're just pushing numbers higher, not much though. They just move things around, giving a couple sales to other employees. It's good for everyone.”

Okay, sure it is.”

It's business Fay, everyone company does it, sadly.”

Yeah, I know.” She agreed with a sigh.

And what might you be doing?”

Nothing, just sitting at home. When you're done there can you swing by and grab me?”

“Sure.” I said picking the phone up after sending the order in.

Thanks Jay.”

I'll be there in a few, I'm done here.” I said locking up my office.

Okay, I'll be waiting.”

Okay.” We both hung up after that just as I walked out the door.

I stepped over to my car, hearing it chirp as I unlocked it. I started the motor up as I closed the door, smiling as it roared to life. I carefully backed out of the parking lot and sped off to get Fay. I always loved the sound of the motor on a sports car. The roar of it as I sped down the road, the power it gave with just a tap of the gas, everything about it. Sitting behind the wheel of a car with nearly as much power as this car gives you an adrenaline rush like no other but behind this you're soaring. 1001 horsepower, 700 lbs/ft of torque, the huge 6.75 liter V12 engine, nothing can even come close to his car. This was one hell of a machine only for a true appreciatory of cars to enjoy. It’s not really a car it’s really a work of art, an extension of my being. As my heart raced the car went faster and faster. The world round me slowed down, almost coming to a halt. It was almost a spiritual movement for me. I slowed down to pull into the condo building where Fay was waiting out front.

What is this?” She asked getting in the car.

My Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Pur Sang.” I smiled taking off again and merging into traffic.

Damn, I've never seen it before.”

Really? I thought I had taken you out in it before.” I said glancing over at her while slowing down at the light.

Nope, not me.”

Well I'm driving it tomorrow to school.” I said smiling as the light changed and I waited for the cars ahead of me to go.

You sure Jay?”



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To start anew is to forget who you are. . .”