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Picking Back Up

chapter v


Monday morning was not only the new beginning of a week but also my new life. Not really my new life but another chance at the life I lived in my “dream” where I had made mistakes that maybe I could fix or just prevent from happening this time. I woke up Monday morning with a plan, go to the school and un-enroll myself from public school then enroll myself in an online school. That way I could work more, live a little more without spending all those hours in a class room.

Roscoe didn't let me sleep in at all. He called his team who pulled up in 3 black S65 sedans with everything blacked out, lights, rims, windows. I called Fay and told her there was a change in plans but I would still be picking her up. Roscoe rode in the front seat while I rode in back. He was actually driving when we got out as the lead car which meant he was going to speed and speed he did. That was one of the things I liked about Roscoe, he knew how to drive.

Pulling into Fay's condo building the last car pulled into the lead. The other guy in the front passenger seat got out to open the back door of my car for Fay. She slid into the back seat not saying a thing just a smile across her face. I reached over and patted her hand that was resting on the armrest between us.

You're perky today, it’s a nice change.” I said turning to look at her.

Yeah, well look at how we're being dropped off at school.”

You're being dropped off, I'm un-enrolling then re-enrolling in homeschooling. That way I can work more on the newer things that are coming in and not have to worry about school.”

Oh, okay.”

And that means you're going to need to get a new ride or drive yourself to school from now on.” I smiled at her as she returned the smile as well.

“I know. I still want to take another look at cars this weekend.”

“Okay, I'll pick you up Saturday and we can go to a dealership so you can look around.” I promised her as she said okay.

Sounds good to me. Thanks Jay.”

Your welcome.”

For the rest of the drive we rode in silence until we pulled up to the school. We were the middle car as all 3 came to a stop in the front of the school. Roscoe got out and opened my door while the other guard opened Fay's. I watched as the passengers sitting up front of both, the front and back car, got out and followed behind us while Roscoe and the other guard stayed to our sides.

This is, um,” Fay began but seemed lost for words.

Fun, yes.” I smiled over at her as the crowds of people separated outward to make room for all of us,

Okay, not my choice for a word.”

One of you, stay with Fay today.” I said out loud before she walked off.

I'll be fine.” She said, trying to reassure me.

I don't need all of them. And it’s just for today just to make sure you're okay.”

Okay.” Roscoe nodded his head at the guy who was standing next to Fay who then went off with her down the hall.

Roscoe had the other 2 men stand by the office doors while he went in with me to fill out the paperwork. It took a few minutes to collect the papers for me and it only took a few minutes to fill them out right there. Handing them back to the women behind the counter she looked over them before printing out a copy of my transcripts. As I walked through the door into the halls the 2 guards followed behind us out to the cars where one got into the front car and the other got in the front seat next to Roscoe. The cars all left, I told Roscoe to take me home for the time being. I wasn't feeling that great and was tired.

My phone buzzed as it laid on the seat next to me. Picking it up I noticed the new text from Nicki.

Nicki <Hey Jay>

Jason <Hey Nicki>

Nicki <Where are you?>

Jason <Heading home. Wasn't feeling good>

Nicki <Okay. Can I come over later?>

Jason <Of course you can>

Nicki <Great. I'll see you later>

Jason <Okay. See you later>

Closing out the conversation window we had pulled up to the condo building where Roscoe got out with me as we entered through the main entrance and into the lobby. The Penthouse elevator only stopped on 3 floors, garage, lobby, and the Penthouse. The attendant at the desk called the elevator for me which arrived at the lobby just as I approached the doors. Stepping onto the elevator I leaned against the other set of doors at the back of the elevator, closing my eyes and crossing my arms across my chest. The elevator was quick to reach the top floor and the doors to open. The air in the foyer was warm and welcoming as we stepped off the elevator. Roscoe waited patiently as I unlocked the door going through the rigorous tasks to unlock the door. He opened and held it for me as I walked in and right up to my room, stopping before walking up the stairs.

Roscoe,” I called out hearing the door shut. “I'm going up to lay down for a minute. Nicki is coming by later, let him in please.”

Yes Sir.” He replied standing at the other end of the hall.

Thank you.” I said before climbing the stairs to my room.

Walking into my room I kicked off my shoes into the closet, tossed my shirt into the hamper in the closet, and dropped my jeans by the bathroom door. I walked into the bathroom to relieve myself before laying down. I fished my semi erect member through the fly of my tight trunks. I took a couple deep breaths as I heard my stream hit the water in the bowl. Shaking the remaining drops from the tip as I tucked it back inside my trunks. Reaching down I pressed the polished lever on the tank of the toilet before stepping over to sink to wash my hands. Looking in the mirror I let my eyes glide over my body, taking in the tone of the muscles beneath the skin. I never really stopped to admire my own body.

My pectoral muscles were fairly well defined with a small space between the muscles but not enough for anything. My abs were softly defined but also firm and solid. Placing my hand on them I gently rubbed a small area as I straightened my back and turned to a slight angle to see the rest of my body. I had to admit, I was damn hot. Looking at my ass, clad in a thin layer of cotton I had to agree I would fuck my own self and I was feeling quite confident with my looks. Nicki had once told me that I had a very nice ass and quite a few times he had trouble taking his eyes off it. That made me blush as he smiled and turned a light shade of red as well.

# # # # # # # # # #

I was quick to fall back asleep and stay asleep. It was nice feeling the soft fabric of the sheets rub against my body as I sealed myself away from the world with them. It felt like I had only been asleep for a few minutes when I felt the bed dip down a bit next to me. I heard the sigh and then the sound of the TV being turned on, but low. I rolled over, already knowing who it was I lifted my arm, bringing it down quickly and forcibly. I heard it hit him and him yelp in pain.

Shut up. It didn't hurt.” I smirked, still not opening my eyes.

Yes it did. You bully.” He said, mocking a voice with a hint of pain.

Did not. I barely hit you.”

Fine.” He returned the swat to my arm.

Don't hit me!” I said sitting up to look at him.

Don't hit me then.”

I'll hit you if I want to. You're in my house.” I smirked again.

And I'm your guest, you shouldn't hit me.”

You're more like a brother than a guest anymore.”

So what, we're in like a sibling rivalry?”



Fine.” I laughed, mocking him before I lunged at him. Wrapping him in a hug that I desperately needed right then. He returned the hug which felt even better. This is why Nicki is my favorite. He always knew what to do and he didn't care that he showed his affection even around other people, only for me though.

Thank you.” I said softly as I tightened his my grip around him.

Just for you.” He smiled, leaning down to place the soft kiss on my cheek. It was quick and I knew that he didn't mean anything by it. Like I said, he always showed his affection just simple things like that, to more so reassure me, nothing sexual.

For the next few hours we laid there, Nicki not letting go of me and me not wanting to move. The human contact was nice, great actually. Much better than I had ever thought it would be and dearly missed after so long. Nicki could make the best of everything bad in my life. He was the sunshine to my darkened world.

Laying there we watched some TV, a movie eventually after not being able to find anything worth watching. I smiled knowing that I was luckier than ever to have someone like him in my life. His cologne was a perfect fit for him, rugged with that sweet undertone, perfect to describe him. Something in my heart was beginning to build. I knew Nicki was gay but I saw him as a brother. Not as a boyfriend. Then again, my heart was telling me to take the chance, see where it goes. Even with these feelings running through my head I soon was soothed to sleep by Nicki rubbing my back and running his fingers through my hair.

That night, I slept amazingly. Probably one of the best nights of sleep I've had in a very long time. I didn't wake up once, not even when Nicki moved and stripped me. I only woke up the next morning to find him behind me, his arm draped over me. I was only awake briefly though because I rested back down to enjoy the next few hours of sleep that I needed, wanted.


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