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Picking Back Up

chapter viii

A Fighter eh?

4 Days:16 Hours: 23 Minutes

Tick. . .

Tock. . .

Tick. . .

Tock. . .

That was the clock since the last time I was with Ares. We had been texting every minute of it though. I was beginning to feel unstoppable right about now and Ares was the cause of it all. I guess I should take this moment to really describe Ares not only as the compassionate, caring, gentle, unique person he is.

Ares Apostal Daniels stood at exactly 5'11” with short chocolate brown hair and piercing green eyes and a slight muscular build. His build had a little more muscle than mine and a lot of definition. I knew this from us sending a couple pictures back and forth, nothing more than shirtless. Lifting weights every other day and running every day kept him in great shape. His parents and most of his family still lived back in New York where he grew up until he moved here for work and school when he was 18. In the short time I had known him I knew he was a huge flirt and he loved showing it. I asked once if I was the only one he was like this with, referring to the flirting. Simply, he told me that he didn't have anyone in his eye like he had me.

# # # # # # # # # #

It was a typical Wednesday for me, I was laying on the couch, TV on, a bottle of Cherry Coke on the coffee table, and my phone on my chest, the view of the city from the high rise tower where my condo was perched. I was waiting for Ares' reply to my message after I had gotten home from the office about half an hour ago and he was getting ready to get off. I reached out for my drink just as my phone began to vibrate on my chest.

Ares <Hey. Finally, I'm off!>

Me <Yay! How was your day?>

Ares <Eh. Long, boring. Typical.>

Me <Yeah, same here.>

Ares <Gotta love the work though, gotta pay the bills somehow.>

Me <Yup, I know how that goes.>

I was beginning to feel bad that I wasn't telling him the truth, but sometimes I had to keep things a secret.

Ares <Yeah. Wanna catch a movie, maybe dinner tonight?>

Me <Depends, what were you thinking?>

Ares <Picnic.>

Me <Hmmm. Where at?>

Ares <The beach?>

Me <Sure, why not?>

Ares <Park in the same lot you did last time.>

Me <Okay. See you in 20?>

Ares <I'm already here.>

Me <Even sooner then.>

I jumped off the couch, slipping on the pair of Guess Donatos before heading off to the garage to jump in my Alpina B7 to speed over to the beach. Traffic was light but still heavy through most places and it was pissing me off since it was keeping me from my Ares. I was tapping my foot on the floorboard, waiting for the light to change. It was taking forever.

Finally.” I said to myself as the light changed and I waited for the 2 cars ahead of me.

A few minutes later I pulled into the parking lot at the park. I pulled into the stall across from him. He was digging through the back of his white Escalade. He didn't look up when I pulled in so I quietly walked over to him, slipping my hands into his back pockets. As he stood up I connected my lips to the back of his neck with a smile.

Hey Boo.” He said, wrapping his arms around his back, cupping my ass.

Hey Baby. I missed you.”

Missed you too. Now can I see your cute little face.” Stepping back a bit I let him turn around. Placing my hands on his hips I smiled as I leaned up a bit to plant a soft kiss on his lips. “Now that, I've missed the most. Amazing lips on an amazing guy.”

I should be saying the same thing.” I pushed myself back up, kissing him again, pushing him back against his SUV. I forced my tongue into his mouth, rubbing it over his and then around his mouth. I raised my hand, draping it around his shoulders and then slowly raising my hand to play with his soft hair. I felt his body move back, pulling mine with it. He pulled my legs up so my knees were on either side of his waist, his hands on my waist, sinking to the bottom of my pockets.

FAGGOTS!” Broke the kiss for us. The word rang through the air. Ares pushed me off him, well not pushed, but moved me aside as he jumped from the back of his SUV, springing after the guy who said it. It took me a minute to realize where they were but after grabbing the set of keys on the edge of the cargo area I closed the back hatch and went over to Ares, pulling him off of the guy.

“Ares,” I said, grabbing his arm and pulling him up. “Leave him, he's nothing but scum.”

First, I want him to say sorry, to you.” He bent down, pulling the guy up by his collar and getting right into his face.

You heard me ass-wipe, apologize.”

“Look man, I'm sorry, for not doing more.” He erupted with laughter. Ares reeled his arm back, slinging it into the guys chin.

Baby! Let him go, I wanna get back to the night we can salvage.” I said, pulling him back as he went for the guy again.

Fine. I don't ever want to see you again jackass. And if I do, I won't let anyone hold me back from pounding even that sorry, pathetic apology out of you.”

Dragging Ares away the guy just laid there, rubbing his jaw, wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't fractured or something worse. Ares was very strong, his arms were thick and solid with muscle that I loved feeling them in my hands. I pulled him back to his SUV, unlocking it with the keys and then pulling the back hatch up, sitting on the edge to examine the small scratch on his cheek and his fists.

Sorry 'bout that babe. I hate when people like that do shit like that.” He said, hanging his head.

It's okay, just try and tone it back please, for me. I've never liked violence unless it's like a guy defending me or something, that's super sexy.” His cuts weren't too bad or deep really. I grabbed a couple band-aids from the kit in the glove-box, putting them on the 2 cuts on his hands, one on each.

Then you're not gonna like my job.”

What is it?” I asked, smiling as I planted a kiss on each band-aid.


Like on TV?” I asked actually kind of, well really interested.


That's so hot.” I breathed, pulling him into me.

# # # # # # # # # #

That was the best dinner ever.” I said as we put all the containers back into the large cooler.

Well yeah, you're here.”

Such a flirt, it'll get you everywhere with me.” I smiled, scooting closer to him, resting against him. We had found a nice spot by one of the guard shacks so we could rest against it. He wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. I could feel those muscles working and flexing, man they felt good.

I figured.” He smiled, leaning down to connect our lips.

Open your legs, I wanna lay down.” I smiled after the pause, watching his face for the response I knew he would give.

Okay.” He pulled his feet up, bending his legs at the knee, I slid between them, resting my shoulders against his chest. He placed his hands on my hips, his head on my shoulder, nuzzling my neck. I pulled his arms around me the rest of the way, lacing our fingers together with opposite hands. The smile on his lips was pressing against my neck, his soft lips began to move across my neck.

Knock it off babe.” I giggled. “That tickles.”

Does it?” He asked, that sly tone lacing his voice.

Yes! Now can you please stop, I hate being tickled.”

Good to know for later.”

Don't even think about it.” I warned, holding his hand tightly laced with mine, turning my head to look him right in the eye.

I'm not, right now.”

Uh huh.”

I really like you Jason.” He blurted out, placing a soft kiss on my lips.

I really like you too Ares.”

I wish we didn't have to be apart for such a long time.”

When's your next fight?”

Tomorrow night. Why?”

For starters, expect me at every fight from now on, secondly, I don't wanna be alone, you don't wanna be alone tonight, so why don't we just crash at your place?”

Yeah, why not? Nothing sexual. Just keeping each other company right?”

Yeah! Boxers at least at all times.”

Yup. And hey, you can help me relax before my fight tomorrow.” He smiled.

Not in that way, just like back rub and shit right?”

“Yeah, and after I hit the gym a quick rub down after I jump in the shower.”

Okay, that's fine. Did that with an ex.”

Cool, you know what to do then.”


Come on, I have these amazing cupcakes back at the house.” He said, pushing me up with such ease.

I love cupcakes. What kind?”

You'll see, well taste.”

Fine,” I pouted as I helped him fold up the blanket he brought. “I have to run back to my place real quick, grab a change of clothes for tomorrow.”

Okay, I'll text you the address.” We shared a kiss before I opened the door to my car and he kept walking to his. He was loading things as I backed out of the stall, quickly speeding back to the condo.

# # # # # # # # # #

After packing the small duffel bag I rode the elevator back down to the garage where I had parked. Checking my phone before turning the car back on Ares had sent me his address which I recognized as Central Island, which wasn't far at all from North Island where Charlotte lived. Tomorrow, already knowing Ares would want to go to the gym I would run some errands on the way back I could go see if she was real and maybe living there. I just wanted to see if there wasn't some truth, some reality to my dream. I guess I should also check South Island, the third island in the small chain, just to see.

Placing my phone in the holder I started the car up, not wanting to wait any longer to be away from my guy, my Baby. It felt good to say that again, well think it I guess. Who gave a fuck, I wanted to say it, I said, live with it!

Pulling through the open gate I watched it close behind me as I slowly crawled the car up to the front of the house. Turning the car I parked in front of the garage bay to my left as well as the left of the large front door. His SUV was parked in front of the other bay to my left. As I was climbing out of the car, duffel bag in my hand, Ares stepped out of the house, changed from his jeans and dress shirt to a pair of basketball shorts and a plain T-shirt. He took my bag once I was close enough and after our quick kiss. He lead me through the door with his arm around my waist. I rested my head against his shoulder after we passed the stairs and he dropped my bag at the bottom of them. When you walked into the house there was a hallway on either side of the large entry way which had a very nice and very tasteful glass sculpture of 2 men's bodies together. One was holding the other body up which was curving backwards. The muscles were even sculpted into it. Around the clear glass bodies were different plants made of vibrantly colored glass. All of it on a platform held up by 4 thick columns. The dome at the top was black with twinkling stars. I was guessing it was different during the day. A small set of about 8 steps lead up to an opening with frosted glass panel squares on both sides. I assumed that was how you got upstairs since the opening between them slanted upwards which had a large light fixture protruding from the wall itself.

Wow.” I said spinning back to admire the large light, art, fixture, piece, I'm not really sure what to call it.

Like it?” He asked, sliding his arms around me, his legs spread a bit for balance.

Yeah, but I love the piece up front.”

“That, was a gift from a friend of mine, took him like 4 years to do it. We had to take out the dome to bring it in.”

Amazing, beautiful.”

Yeah, he does amazing work, well actually everything here he did. Weird thing is he's straight and you'll see why it's weird later.”

I can see it now.” I smiled as I barely turned my head to look at him as he examined the statue.

I always saw that as me and the guy of my dreams.” He told me, kissing my cheek.

Ah, that's cool.”

So I guess that would make the other one you.” He kissed my cheek again, peck after peck, making me smile and giggle like a school girl, bad and much over done comparison, but it works the best does it not?

Way too sweet Baby.”

“You're never too sweet and I can never be too sweet with you, Boo.” He reached up, tilting my head enough so our lips could lock together, I loved the way our lips just meshed together. They fitted so perfectly, as if they were made for each other. Slowly our bodies turned together so we were facing each other. It didn't take long for his body to have mine pressed against the wall. His right arm was over my head, his left around my waist, holding our bodies together. My arms were around his neck as if to hold me up it seemed. Even though he wasn't that much taller than me, or so it seemed, he had about 3 inches on me so he was bending down a bit for our lips to connect. He moved his right arm down and around my waist between me and the wall. I felt his body lower a bit as his arms slid under my buttocks, as he came back up his body hoisted me up. Pressing his body against mine he held me up with the wall to my back. This made us even so he didn't have to bend down to kiss me and I could get a better angle to get under his shirt. The muscles layered on his body were in short, amazing. I had to moan just feeling them under my fingertips.

Damn.” Ares said as we broke the kiss, needing to do so for air.

Huh?” I asked pulling my hands up and draping them over his shoulders, using one to play with his super soft hair.

You, I know why you moaned.” His smile as so amazing.

Oh yeah, whys that?” I asked, smiling right back.

My body turns you on huh?”

“What? Psh. No.” I wasn't even trying to be convincing. It was pointless.

Yup. I'm going to have fun with that.” His smile grew wider as he leaned in to place another soft kiss on mine.

Fine. Whatever. I don't even care. This is way too amazing.”

Yeah, it is. How did I get the most amazing guy in all of Miami, no Florida. Florida and New York since that's all I can vouch for right now.” He smiled, pulling back from the wall, still holding me up. We continued on through the hall to the dimly lit lounge like room across from the large gourmet kitchen.

Want a snack?” He asked setting me down first on the couch, then gently hovering over me, until I pulled him down to me, turning us so we were laying on our sides, face to face.

Yeah, something spicy.” I smiled, curling my arms around his body. “So bring those lips back here.” I pushed our lips together, forcing my tongue into his wet, hot, mouth.

Oh yeah, very spicy, hot, very you.” He pulled back very briefly before I pulled him back into me, flipping us so he was under me. With my legs on either side of his waist and my hands roaming his chest at first he was in shock I think but then he slid his hands under my shirt. I felt his tongue pushing on mine so I slid mine back to my mouth as his followed mine back. After roaming my mouth for a moment his slid out and his teeth sunk into my bottom lip. His moan could be felt through his muscles as I tweaked his hard nipples, clearly they were very sensitive.

Your body turns me on and my hands turn you on.” I smiled, as he let my lip go after pulling it out.

Yeah, those are, very very, ultra sensitive.” He was having trouble talking which was obvious and hot.

Yeah, I noticed and I like it.” I whispered with a very devilish grin across my face. He was biting his lip and I was just rubbing his nipples with my thumbs in small circles.

I have some business to take care of now.” He smirked, taking deep breaths to calm himself before talking.

Take a shower then. Just make sure to clean the wall before I take one tomorrow.”

I don't get it on the wall, only over my neck and chest.” He smirked, cracking one eye open to look at me.

Oh?” I asked curious now.

Yeah, I just have to point it up and when I fire it goes up and you know that whatever goes up, must come down.” Him talking like that made my own member go rock hard, as if it wasn't before, and twitch a couple times.


Okay guys, things are going to be steady like this for a little bit longer before they really pick up and things are just gonna jump right into everything. Lucky for me the movers are bringing things in shipments per day so I'm getting things unpacked fairly quick. By next weekend they said they would have everything here which means I'm going to try and get the chapters out maybe 2-3 chapters a week. Depends how things go.

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To start anew is to forget who you are. . .”