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Picking Back Up

chapter IX

A Bad boy, so hot

After our little fun on the couch we somehow were able to make our way upstairs and find his room. The set of stairs on the right lead up to his room while the ones on the left went up to the great room/entertainment room where the 3 guestrooms were. His room was more like a hotel suite, more than mine was. There was yet another tasteful piece of art, a simple sketching of Ares' nude hanging on the wall. He was standing in the middle of the octagon his head down, body laced with sweat, and a single, dim light highlighting most of his features. The ring was simple with nothing more than the large UFC badge in the middle, just below his feet. I loved the picture, not just because it was Ares nude, but also because it was so beautiful it showed him and his body in a whole new life.

We kept our boxers on at night and while he was taking a quick shower I was watching TV while cuddled under the blankets. After he was done he came out, donning a big smile and a clean pair of white and gray striped boxer-briefs. He jumped onto the bed and was soon under the blankets with me and held onto me, not wanting to let me go for the little amount of time after we were laying there before we both fell asleep, me resting on his body and him sitting up in bed. Some time later he moved me so I was laying on his pillow and he was holding me, his arms running around my body and his chest against my shoulder blades.

When I woke up he was showering my neck and shoulder with a soft kiss ever so often with his softer lips. His hands were both on my chest with our legs intertwined.

Good morning.” I yawned softly, rolling over to face him.

Morning.” He planted a soft kiss on my lips before pulling me into him, resting his head on my chest.

How did you sleep?” I asked, beginning to play with his hair.

Better than I have in a very long while. What about you?”

Same.” I smiled, pulling him up and rolling us to our sides.

What do you want for breakfast?” He asked, rubbing the tip of his nose with mine.

Anything, I really don't care. And I'm not that hungry.”

Okay, wanna go out to eat then?”

“Sure, I have to run some errands, I'll drop you off at the gym on the way.”

Okay. Thank you Boo.” He leaned in, kissing the tip of my nose.

Anytime, Baby.” I returned his kiss with one to the lips. We opened our eyes about the same time as we gazed into each others eyes.

# # # # #FROM: ARES# # # # #

With each punch I gave a small grunt as my fist sunk in a bit to the large bag hanging from the ceiling and my trainer, Matt held it from behind. Switching from hands to my legs I worked in a kick between a few punches. Going in close and keeping my arms tight I went ballistic, first with punch after punch to the bag then with the kicks, raising my legs high enough to be kicking at about the gut level.

Come on Ares!” Matt began chanting. I went faster, faster, landing punch after punch in rapid recession. With a jump, spin, and throwing my leg I kept my arms up in defense as it hit the side of the bag, stopping me mid spin and sending me down. Landing on my feet I was out of breath, my hands were a little sore, mainly from keeping them in the same position, clenched tightly.

Good?” I asked, pulling my mouth piece out and stretching my fingers.

Good, for a warm-up.”

Yeah, it is, just a warm-up.”

Yeah so come on, weights. Then a mile.”

Fuck, fine.” I sighed, laughing a bit as we jogged around the track running around the top of the gym to the weight area.

He wanted me doing a small amount like always to begin. With 45lbs in each hand I raised the weights up, touching gently then lowering them to my sides, curling my arms as I came down. Pushing back up I extended my arms out the entire way then down, up and down, up and down, my typical routine before a fight. It was only 10am and my fight was at 8pm so I had some time. This gave me time to relax, eat, and get some rest before my fight.

Okay, tell me about this guy.” Matt said, picking up some weights as well.

Jason, Jay for short.” I breathed, pushing a breath of air past my lips. “A little shorter than me, about to turn 19, works for his dad's company, born and raised here. Very cute.”

Hobbies? Job title? Looks?”

Hobbies, the beach, spending time with friends, life. Job, I have no idea, never asked, don't care. And he's a few inches shorter than me, amazing eyes, amazing smile. Nice, tight body, slender but a lot of definition.” Putting the weights back I grabbed a set about 5lbs more.

How long?”

“'Bout 5 days.”

He coming to your fight?”

Yeah, he hold me last night to expect him at every fight.”

He going to college?”

Said he wasn't in school right now.”

I'd say no.”

Who knows? I really don't care either. He's smart, funny, cute, amazing, mine.”

Sounds like someone is falling and falling fast and hard.”

I don't care. If I am, there's a reason.”

I know, I know. And he knows you're Bi right, not just gay?”

Yeah, of course.”

And how did you guys meet?”

Funny story actually.” I had now switched to the bench and was lifting the large bar with about 100lbs total on it. “He was walking down the beach, found a place to sit, I saw him alone, so I asked to join.” I puffed out between lifts.

Lemme guess you used some cheesy line like. . .” He trailed off in thought for a minute before I helped him.

You just looked lonely and I figured I could maybe make a new friend.” I repeated to him, word for word of what I said to my amazing new boyfriend that really first connected us.

Wow, and that got him. Very nice.” Matt laughed a bit as we switched places, me becoming his spotter and him laying back on the bench. We could lift and bench about the same weight. He used to be a fighter but retired after winning a world title once and then opened a gym and became a trainer at that very gym.

Yup. And he's out running errands after staying the night with me last night and more likely than not tonight as well.”

Didn't have work today or tomorrow?”

Nope.” I smirked broadly remembering that Matt had just finished his 3rd divorce and came out with actually lowering the limits on the prenup on her end.

Wow, so is he, uh, giving it up already?” He asked fairly shyly.

No, and I told him I would wait, I wasn't in it for just the sex.”

# # # # #FROM: JASON# # # # #

After dropping Ares off at the gym I sped off to the condo to grab a quick change of clothes for the fight. Ares told me I would be in the VIP section with his trainer and a few other people. When I asked if there would be paparazzi he said more than likely since the other fighter, Damien Taj had quite a few very popular and extremely sociable friends who liked to attend his fights. Before hoping out of the car I checked the gas gauge, almost empty, just like the Navigator.

Damn. Well, it just means I have to pick another car, and I'm feeling my Italian heritage coming out today.” I smiled to myself, shutting the car off before closing the bay door behind me. Grabbing my phone I stepped out of the car and quickly walked to the elevator.

As I reached the penthouse floor I checked the large mailbox outside the penthouse, it was where my mail and packages could be dropped off if I didn't pick them up after 3 days. It was big enough to hold the dry cleaning bags which I told the desk attendant to take right up once they came in. I took the bags inside, walking back to the guest room, well more of a depository for my thing at this time. Packages for work, suits, the occasional tux, things of that nature that normally take up room somewhere else were put here. Hanging the bags up I checked each one until I found it, the black sports coat with a black outline of the family crest on the back, with black slacks with the contrasting white pinstripes were finally back from the cleaners. I grabbed that bag and then a pair of black loafers tossing them onto the couch before dashing up the stairs to grab an undershirt. After grabbing a black leather belt, black socks, and the black silt dress shirt I dashed back down the stairs. Before leaving I switched the keys and then grabbed my things, stuffing the socks in the shoes, hanging the shirt up on the 3rd hanger in the bag, in front of the jacket which was in front of the slacks and then putting the belt through the loops around the inside of the bag for a belt.

Slinging the bag over my shoulder with one hand I grabbed the shoes with the other hand. Slipping down the elevator I walked over to the white Granturismo S coupe parked next to my Jaguar I put the shoes on the trunk lid to dig my keys out of my pocket. Clicking the button to pop the trunk I grabbed the shoes as the trunk began to open. Laying the bag down on the floor of the trunk I laid down the small towel before placing my shoes down. Closing the trunk I clicked the button as I reached for the door, hearing the locks click undone. Sliding into the seat I put the key in the ignition, turning it over as I closed the door. As I backed out of the stall I opened the gate and was quick to dash through it, watching it close behind me. Puling out onto the street I waited for my opening and took full advantage of it as I pulled out into traffic, quickly catching up to their speed.

Hey Baby!” I said, pressing the button on the steering wheel to answer the incoming call.

Hey Boo, Matt let me go early. Can you come grab me?”

“Sure. I'll be right there.” Well that blew my idea for looking for Charlotte.

Okay, thanks.” He stretched the 'S' on the word which made us both laugh a bit.

I had to run to the house to grab a couple things so I switched cars.”

So you're in the Navigator?”

“No, my first Baby. My Maserati.”

Damn Boo. Well okay, that really shouldn't take you long to get here then.”

Nope, it won't.” I laughed turning off Hallandale Beach Blvd and onto Ocean Blvd, that went right past the only ways onto the islands where Ares was living. “I just turned onto Ocean, I'll be there in like 10 minutes.”

Okay. I missed you. Hurry up so I can see you.”

I will, promise.”

“You better.” Clicking the button on the steering wheel again I ended the call and focused on the road, pressing down a bit more on the gas.

It didn't take long as I swerved through traffic, coming close to running the 3 lights along the road to soon be pulling into the large parking lot of the even larger gym. Quickly, I spotted Ares standing out front of the gym, the small gym bag at his side on the ground. There really wasn't anyone out and moving in the parking lot at this hour which I was chalking up to the fact it was Thursday and it was about 11:30am. As I came to a stop in front of him he smiled, reaching for the door. He tossed his bag over in the backseat and slid into the front, leaning over for a kiss as he closed the door. Of course I gave him the kiss he was looking for and maybe a little more.

How was the gym?” I asked, waiting for traffic to turn into my favor and make an opening for me.

Good, more than ready for tonight, or so Matt said.”

That's good. I need to run a couple more errands, wanna come with me or do you want me to drop you off first?”

Just drop me off. I wanna take a shower, get a snack, and relax a bit.”

Sure thing.” I smiled, quickly zipping across the lanes of traffic, turning to head back to his house. This time the lights were in my favor and let me go without almost breaking a few laws. “But hey can you grab my stuff out of the trunk and take them in with you?”

“Sure. Clothes for tonight or something?”

Yeah. Good thing they just got back from the cleaners.” I smiled, turning off of Ocean Blvd and onto the short road which lead out to the island.

That is a good thing.” He smiled, taking my hand in his and giving it a squeeze.

You're such a dork.” I laughed looking over at him as he gave me this dopey look.

So? And do you have to run those errands, I just wanna relax and cuddle up with you.” He pleaded as I pulled into the driveway.

Maybe not right now.” I smiled, as his smile grew.

Thank you Boo.” He said. Just as I had unbuckled my seat belt he polled me over the center-console, right into his lap. Pulling my face to his he latched our lips together.

If you do that every time, don't even beg, just tell me and I'll do it.” I smiled as we parted from the kiss.

Anything you want.” He promised me, stroking the side of my face with his hand.

Come on Mr. Romantic, let's go cuddle like you promised me.”

I slid back over into my seat to get my keys and phone while he grabbed his bag from the back and slid out of the car. Locking the car with one click I popped the trunk with another click. He grabbed my shoes while I grabbed the bag. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek as I closed the trunk.

Go take a shower and I'll make you something to eat.”


What kind?”

There's some pastrami in the fridge and a couple jalapenos in a jar, can you just put something together?”

Of course, or I wouldn't have asked.” I smiled, pulling him into a kiss after hanging the bag in the small closet by the front door.

You are A-MAZE-ZING!”

Now go, take a shower.” I said pushing up the stairs.

“Fine, I'll go.” He laughed as I smacked his ass as he finally took a step by himself.

Hey now, you can have that later if you want, go make me food right now.” He covered his ass with his hands as he turned around and walked up the stairs backwards, smiling the whole way up.

# # # # # # # # # #

Ready Babe?” Ares asked, walking into his large closet wearing something similar to mine but he was in a silver dress shirt which had the top button undone to show off his nicely defined chest.

Yup. Are you?” I asked, turning towards him.


“Hold still.” I told him, stepping towards him. He spiked his hair for the fight and it had fallen a bit on the side so I pushed it up a bit.

Okay.” He laughed a bit, wrapping his arms around me tightly. “Thank you.”

Gotta make sure my hottie is lookin' extra hot tonight.”

As long as I'm hot to you I don't give a shit what I look like, within a certain extent.” He smiled broadly and a bit wider after my kiss.

Are they sending a car or what?” I asked taking a last look in the mirror, smoothing my clothes out.

Nope, it's not that big of a fight.”

“Okay, we'll take my car.”

Don't worry about it. We'll take mine. That way I can drive and you won't have to drive.”

Okay, if you want.”

Yeah, I like driving before a fight. It soothes me.” He smiled, taking my hand as we walked out of his room and down the stairs.

Fine by me.” I smiled to him, pulling his arm over my shoulders.

He lead me through the lounge just off of the main entry way and through the small entry way that was like a washroom, minus everything that should be in it. He held the door for me, flipping on the light as he closed the door behind him. In the 3 car garage there were only 2, neither under a cover and at either end of the garage, the 3rd bay between them. He pulled out a set of keys from his pocket and clicked the car the furthest from us, a nice Jaguar XKR coupe in this very vibrant white.

Okay, I guess I can roll in that.” I laughed, following him over to the car.

Oh whatever, you're driving that XF.”

And a Navigator, oh and the Maserati parked in your driveway.” I smirked, as he opened the passenger door for me.

Okay, well change of topic.” He said, sliding into the seat and pressing the button on the dash for the garage door. “These fights, aren't exactly, ethical in the eyes of the community.”

What do you mean?” I asked as he started up the car, slowly backing out.

Essentially back alley fights but in the basement of a club.” He took my hand in his, clearly searching for support.

Damn, makes you even hotter.”

Really?” He asked, speeding down to the main drag.

Yeah, my Baby, a bad boy, fighting against the law.”

“And now I know what turns you on. This is only half of my fights. The others are regulation fights.”

Okay so it's like a double image, I love it.” I smiled, as we stopped at the light, I pulled his lips to mine.

Another thing, when we get there, we go in the front, we get a drink from the bartender, he'll slip you a card with your change, keep it. That's how you get your mask.”

My mask?”

Yeah, the audience members wheres a small mask along with the fighters. Another thing, if the cops do finally catch on, there's an exit across from where we came in, go through that and catch a ride, anyone will give you a ride. Just get out of there, don't wait for me. First chance I get I'll call you. They haven't raided the club ever and it's been going strong 25 years.”

Okay, got it.” I smiled as he pressed down on the gas, heading towards downtown.

# # # # # # # # # #

Right about now I was glad I went with the coat to cover up the design on the back of the shirt. As I was running out of the house I didn't check the shirt and grabbed one with a design instead of the plain one I wanted. He pulled up to the club, paparazzi flashing their cameras away but security held them back at the edges of the building, where the lines started to get in. Valet took his car and we were escorted into the VIP line which took us right into the club, no ID checks. He grabbed a hold of my hand as he lead me through the large crowd of clubbers and right to the bar. He ordered for us and then paid the bartender who in return gave him back the same amount of money back. Ares slipped me a card into my pocket and then lead me to the bathrooms. Checking the hallway, waiting to see if anyone was coming and they when it was clear he took me the janitorial closet and dug past some of the typical crap to a wall with tools and other things hanging on the wall. He pushed the wall back a bit and then slid it over, revealing the dark hallway which he pulled me into. Turning around he closed the wall, sealing away the light for only a brief moment before lights running along the floor slowly glowed. We followed the lights hand in hand down the hall for a few steps then turned into another hall and finally down the steps to another door.

I see you've brought a guest this time Ares.” The woman at the door greeted us.

Yup, Jason, this is the club promoter Yarsi.”

Yarsi, this is Jason.” He handed his card to the woman who pulled out a mask for him and then I did the same. He tied the mask for me around the back of my head.

Thank you.” I said.

Yarsi, can you give him the table with Matt.”

Of course. Right this way Jason.” She said as Ares went another way.

Hold on.” I said, walking back over to Ares.

“What is it?” He asked.

This.” I pulled him in for once last kiss for luck.

Good luck sexy. Kick some ass.”

Just for you.” He said and then jogged off to what I was assuming the locker room of some sorts.

Did he explain the routes to you?” She asked, sliding her key card through the readers on the side of the door then punching in a code.


Okay. Follow me to your seat.”

Yarsi lead me to a small table for 2 people where an older guy with about the same build as Ares was already sitting there. He was dressed in a black suit.

Sir, this is Ares' guest.” Yarsi introduced us, him with a drink already.

Matt.” He said extending his hand for me.

Jason.” Yarsi walked back to the door as I slipped into the seat.

You must be Ares' Jason, am I correct?”

You are. You must be his Matt.”

I am. Nice to finally meet you. You're the only thing he talks about it seems.”

Same to you. He told me about you earlier today.”

Don't hurt him.” Matt said after a moment of silence.

I've never even thought of it.”

I've known him since he was 16 and started training, I've not once seen him this happy in all that time.”

I promise, as long as I can control it, nothing will happen to him to hurt him.”

Good, I know you can do a lot at that too.”

What do. . .”

We both know who you are, Ares is blind when it comes to those things so my guess is that he has no idea. I'll keep it that way.”

“Thank you.” I said catching on.

Drink sir?” The small woman dressed in a suit like outfit asked, holding a tray with empty glasses.

Rum and coke.” I said without thinking.

Another scotch.” Matt ordered taking the last sip of his glass and handing it to the woman.

Coming up.” She said walking away.

Another thing,” Matt addressed me. “Down here, Ares goes by the Greek God.”

Got it.”

Final call for bets.” Another woman called out walking through the tables, dressed similarly to the woman who took our drink order but taller.

Over here.” I called, waving my hand.

Minimum bet is 100, no maximum.”

500 on The Greek God to win.”

You got it.” I handed her the cash and she handed me a ticket.


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