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It's My Life pt.1

BUZZZZZ!!! With that it was the weekend. Full two days of relaxing and going out I thought to myself as I got up to leave class. Don't get me wrong school isn't the most boring thing ever and Mr. Eadens class is always fun, just today with the game and all, I had other things on my mind. Tonight was the big basketball game against Capone Grove our main rivals in the area. "Hey so what are you doing tonight?" Joe asked me.

" Got a game dumb ass. What you forgot a whole two minuets after the announcements?" I chuckled thinking of how much Joe can make me laugh at times.

"Nah just keeping you on your heels as always big guy. You forget I have to be there also didn't you?" he smirked at me.

"Sorry kid, being a male cheerleader isn't always the first thing on my mind." We always loved being smartass' to each other. Joe was one of my closer friends so he knew I meant nothing when I teased him. I said later to him as I left to go to my own locker on the third floor.

Oh before I forget, the names Jacob. everyone calls me Jake though. I'm your normal 17 yr old guy. I am one of 3 kids to my parents, the other two being my sisters Melinda being the oldest and Giana my twin. You could say I was a jock who lived on the right side of the tracks and was very well to do, I did play basketball and run track during the winter and spring times. But I wasn't the average jock either, during the fall I you could find me helping out on our schools fall play. You could say I was a pretty diverse person. Not to toot my own horn but I was pretty good and sports so I figured I would try out something different for fall instead of Football. I had brown hair that's crew cut kinda like Justin Timberlake's. I'm 5'11 and very nicely built. I was a good-looking guy and never had a problem getting the ladies. But the ladies weren't what I was interested in, if you get my drift. I was pretty popular and for obvious reasons I wasn't out, only a select few people know about me being gay. I don't think many people would care, but it was just something I would rather not deal with, but it was something I didn't care to deal with right now.  But that's all for right now back to my story.

"So I'll see you later at the game then Kara, I have to run back to my house to grab my gear since I forgot it and Giana is being all dumb about going to get my stuff since she has to go buy stuff with her dance team ho's." I said jokingly as I grabbed my jacket to meet up with Ally to leave.

"Alright J! I expect that great game you kept bragging about it to me in Eadens class and all!' she said as she left to go to her girls basketball practice.

"He Ally! What's up suga suga!" As I walked over to her, Joe, and Connie who were all standing in the schools courtyard.

"Your so ghetto Jake, makes me question what your trying to cover." She gave me a look as only she could. See, she was my best friend and she knows everything about me, she was a drama kid though so I guess opposites really do attract! Ally was the first person I told about when I came out to her and she was speechless but she said she always kinda thought about it in the back of her head. In her words, "Come on, who plays basketball and runs track., but still has the time to help with the school plays?!" I love her like my sister so her shrewdness makes me laugh.

"Nothing at all my love! For I am a man of no mysteries." I said with a knowing smirk and gave her and Connie a hug. "So what is all the little huddle about? Anything good happen or all you guys just looking for yours truly?"

Connie gave me a little punch and screamed, " OH YES JAKE WE WERE WAITING FOR YOU!! But now that you here, where is your sister at, we were supposed to meet 5 minuets ago and she's' not answering her cell." I looked around and realized she didn't go to her locker either which was right next to mine. So I gave her a call and she told me she had to take a test and tell Connie to wait for her. Matt joined us and we left to our cars.

Ally, Joe, Matt and I walked over to our cars. I unlocked it and me and Ally threw our bags in my Escalade and she jumped in while I went to talk to Joe for a second. "So what are you doing after the game tonight?" Joe was such a cutie, he's around 5'9 and is nicely built two, very A and F-ish, he might be the closest thing to a guy best friend I had. Only downside is he's str8 though. or so I though.. but more on that later.  "I heard B was having a party. So I was heading up there after since more then likely everyone will be there." B being Bianca our class's party thrower, she had the biggest house and her parents were always on business trips. Don't get me wrong I have a big house but hers is huge.

"Yea, I could take you in my car with me, just have Matt pick you up or something." I said left and gave Matt and his chic Meg. a wave and walked to my car.

"Dude your so in love with that guy! It's so obvious at times, I don't care what you say Jake, You like Joe and that's all that's to it boi.. and YES that is with a I and not a Y!" We laughed and headed out the parking lot listening to the radio and discussing our day and our plans for the evening. She had a date to go on with this guy from another school she met through a mutual friend of theirs. I dropped her off and headed home to my house for my stuff and if I had time, a quick nap before I have to be back at the school.

On my way home though I started to think about what Ally said to me. Did I like Joe? Is he even Gay? And if he is, would be be interested in me? Waite what am I thinking.. Joe is like my brother I couldn't think of him like that. or could I? I mean we were there for each other a lot. We would joking act gay.. joking for him atleast and we did hug every now and then and we did share some late nights talking to each other this summer and this year when we just wanted to talk or had nothing better to do then joke around with each other. I mean, when he and Tiff broke up I was the one he called. I don't know something about Joe did seem different at times but I always just figured that was just Joe. Could it be more or was it something other then just being himself? I'm tired that's all, I'm def. gonna take a nap before I head back to school, even if it's 20mins.

I went in the gates to our subdivision and drove down the windy road to our house. Parked it right next to my dads' car and walked inside. I saw a letter from a college but figured I would check it out later. I went into my dads office and saw him busying around, he said he had to leave on business for awhile and that my mom was coming home from her mother's house with him in 4 days so not to make a mess of the house. I gave my old man a hug and went to my room where my bag was with my uniform. I figured what the hell, I don't have to be at school till 5:30 and my dad is leaving, Diana is off with Connie buying the basketball team flowers since it was our homecoming/big game for the basketball season and the dance team had decided to treat us to something nice. I decided I would put on some Dashboard and just rest for the 2 hours. I drifted a sleep thinking of everything from the game, to Joe, to wondering if my mom is having fun on her vacation or if my dad had told Giana already since she kept saying she knew something I didn't know.. and then right back to Joe. Why did I suddenly realize this stuff with Joe and why did it have to happen the one night I really need to be on my heels for the game? I sighed and just took in the music and eventually fell asleep listening to Dashboard.

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It's My Life
Feb. 2004.