Jack's New School


This is pure fiction and any resemblance between any living or dead characters is purely co incidental.



Jack Tolly was your average 12-year-old English schoolboy, good at sports, without being outstanding, a very good academic, particularly in English and Maths, and he is of average height at about 5 foot and weighed roughly 90lbs, where he differs from other 12 year old boys is that in the penis department he really is outstanding, soft his penis is almost 4 inches and when he erects he gets almost 6 inches and he is still growing!! And with a pair of balls to match, when he is in speedos he really turns the head of both adults and other boys and girls.

He gets embarrassed when he changes for PE at school and has taken to wearing a jock strap to stop his cock and balls from flailing around when he does cross country running, it was suggested he do that when he had to tell his dad he had problems with his balls and he took him to see their doctor and he examined him and found chafing, so straight after they set off to a sports shop and purchased a few boys jock straps.

Jack lived in London in one of the boroughs called Dulwich and went to Matthew Weston High School situated nearby, not a good school actually with low pass rates and his parents were forever trying to get him into a better school, although Jack was happy where he was, he had taken an entrance exam for the King Edward the Sixth Grammar School though and his parents had high hopes he would pass it, any day now they would get the result.

It was the summer recess and Jack was his usual self, he played with his friends in the park, either soccer or cricket, depending on how many of them there were and the rest of his time he divided in going into London itself and shopping and playing with his computer games and such, he had a girl friend named Sophie, who was almost 14, they usually went to each others houses and were never left unsupervised so they could have quality time together, except one time when they met in the park by accident after Jack had been playing soccer with his mates.

The others had gone home and Jack had decided to have a practice on his own in keeping the ball up, known as keepyupy when Sophie spotted him as she was coming home from her grans house, they had gone into some bushes well away from the playing area and prying eyes and had a kissing session, this also amounted to Jack getting turned on by Sophie's close contact of her body as Jack was in PE shorts and a tee shirt but seeing as how it was a hot day he was shirtless and his erect nipples rubbed against Sophie's tee shirt and her pert breasts.

They both moaned as they kissed each other deeply, all the previous celibate months frustration was coming to the surface as he held her tight against a tree, his hard cock was pushing against the jock and that caused his a lot of discomfort and he kept adjusting himself, that was in between feeling Sophie's breasts, she reached down and felt at Jack's boy crotch "what's that?" she asked as she felt at his jock "it's my jock strap" Jack answered and blushed a deep red "what's it do then?" asked Sophie.

Jack looked around nervously and then turned to Sophie "it protects my balls when I do sport, stops them swinging about when I run and helps to keep them protected if I get a bang in them at soccer" he explained with a red face "oh I see" said Sophie and she grinned mischievously. "Let me see Jack?" she asked.

"What? You want to see my jock?" Jack said looking nervous again "yeah let me see it" Sophie said again

Jack looked around nervously and saw nobody was anywhere near and he hooked his fingers into his white PE shorts waistband and pulled them down his tanned legs, the white jock strap came into view and it was obscenely pushed out a bit as his erect cock tented it now, without saying anything Sophie reached out and pulled the strap of the jock out and his erect cock and his large balls came into view "bloody hell Jack!!" she squealed as she saw his fully erect cock, at its fullest length of 6 inches, the foreskin was still over the end and that went into a little tassel of skin.

She quickly grabbed his cock and he moaned "ohhh hell!" as she roughly wanked him and gripped his cock tightly, "arghh I'm going to cum" Jack moaned as he was so aroused by Sophie's unexpected grabbing of his cock, he shot a couple of squirts of his watery sperm onto the tree and tried to squirm free of her grasp as his cock head was so sensitive now "fuck! Sophie, why did you grab my cock like that?" he shouted.

Sophie looked embarrassed "I don't know, all I know was I just wanted to see your cock, I heard some boys from your school talk about how big it is and then when I saw it "Oh" boy did I want to feel it" she said "and it's a beauty, better than some men's I have seen on the internet" she went on.

Jack put his now softened cock back in the jock pouch and pulled up his shorts "you have been looking at cocks on the net?" jack asked "yeah, well I was curious after I heard them boys talking about you" she went on and still looked embarrassed.

Jack felt proud that he was being talked about in that way " well I always dreamed that one day you would wank me, but never thought that you would do it like that" he said, Sophie grinned and replied "well next time I will do it better Jack and you can see my tits and feel those as I do it to you, I got to go now, see you later" with that she kissed him quickly and was gone out of the bushes, Jack adjusted himself and picked up his football and left as well and contemplated what had happened a few minutes ago.

When he got home his mum said a letter had come for him and she wanted him to open it, he grabbed it and ripped it open and read it quickly, he beamed at his mum "I passed mum, I have been accepted into the King Edward" he said and she ran and grabbed him and smothered him with kisses "ohh fantastic" she said "but someone needs a shower, you smell all sweaty" she went on and pulled away from her son.

"Yeah I will go take a shower and change" Jack said and grinned at his mum "well soon we will have to start to shop for your new uniform, ready for the new term in Sept jack" his mum said as she looked at the letter again "on the back is the list of required school uniform and guess what Jack?" she went on "what mum?" Jack said and looked enquiringly at her.

"Well because you're under 13, you have to wear grey school shorts and long socks Jack" she said and looked up at him. "Mum I stopped wearing those when I was in junior school, when I was 11!" Jack exclaimed, "Well it says here that all boys up to the age of 13, and that's you Jack because your birthday is not until next April, will have to wear them as part of your school uniform, so we will have to shop for those, there is recommended shops to go to in London" his mum said.

"My mates will laugh at me" Jack replied and looked crestfallen "nonsense Jack! They will be jealous, that's what they will" exclaimed his mum "besides you look good in shorts, you are always changing into them when you came home from school" she went on "well they are PE shorts mum, and I feel comfortable in those" he replied.

"Well anyway go get a shower and change into something decent and we'll go into London and get some of your uniform now" his mum said

Jack grinned and nodded his head and shot off upstairs into his room, he stripped off his sweaty tee shirt and old trainers and dirty socks and stood looking at himself in the mirror and flexed his muscles and thought of Sophie and how she had wanked him, albeit for just a couple of minutes and how he had shot his spunk onto the tree, he got hard again and his cock hurt in the jock so he pushed his shorts down and undid the jock strap and freed his erecting cock.

He stood naked and erect and he stroked his throbbing 6 inch cock, he decided he would have to wank off in the shower to get rid of his erection, so he opened his door and peered out and made a naked dash to the bathroom and locked the door and ran the shower, he stepped under the warm water and washed himself all over and then grabbed the shower gel and soaped himself and played with his soft balls and started to wank himself off, he had swirling images of himself and Sophie naked, but also an image of his best friend at school Nathan came into his mind, he had seen Nathan naked a few times at school when changing for PE and had been struck by the lovely bum he had.

Nathan was 12 like Jack and although his cock wasn't as big, he had by far a nicer looking bottom and at times Jack had longed to feel it and he had gotten hard thinking about it and felt that he had a touch of bisexual in him, soon the feelings overtook him and he gasped as he shot 4 spurts of watery cum onto the shower wall and he kept wanking until the sensitive feeling in his knob made him stop, he gathered his breath and finished washing off and then exited the shower and dried off and wrapped the big bath towel around his waist and unlocked the door and went back to his room, on the way his mum was on the stairs "Jack, get some underpants on, I want to measure you, you have grown a bit since I last bought uniform for you, so I want to measure you again" she said as she passed him and went into her room.

Jack finished drying off and went into his underwear drawer and got a clean pair of white cotton trunk underpants and quickly slipped them on and adjusted his still semi hard cock in them, just in time as his mum came in with the tape measure, she measured his height and chest and then his waist and down his leg to sort out what length of grey school shorts he wanted, they decided that he would have pairs that went to just above his knee, she checked his sock drawer and found he had still got some long grey school socks from when he last wore school shorts and they still fitted him, he grumbled as he tried them on though and his mother said he would have to wear them whatever he said.

The measuring over Jack dressed in his favourite cargo shorts and blue polo shirt and slipped on his new trainers, he went downstairs to his mum and they set off to the train station for the short journey into central London, his mum fussed that it was only a few weeks to when he had to start at his new school and was busy writing a list as they waited on the train, Jack in the meantime was looking at another boy around his age who was standing just a few feet away from him, he was dressed in blue sports shorts and a white tee shirt and kept looking at Jack, Jack smiled at him and he smiled back.

Jack noticed that the boy was every now and again adjusting himself in his shorts and noticed the lad had the beginnings of a tent in them, that aroused Jack and he too adjusted himself in his shorts, the announcer said that their train was delayed by 15 minutes and his mum groaned, Jack smiled and looked at the boy, he was walking towards the men's toilet and kept looking over his shoulder and smiling at Jack, Jack said he needed to go to the toilet and said he would be back in a few minutes, his mum just nodded and carried on writing her shopping list.

Jack followed the boy to the toilet and when he got in saw the lad standing at a urinal, he smiled at Jack and slightly turned and showed Jack his boy cock, he had a nice cut cock of about 5 inches hard and he was stroking it, Jack licked his lips and went and stood next to him and unzipped his own shorts and pulled out his semi hard cock, he heard the boy gasp when he saw Jack's throbbing 6 inch cock with the foreskin still over the knob "wow that's big!" exclaimed the boy "your big too" replied Jack as he stroked his own cock and pulled the foreskin up and down his hard shaft, "let's go in a stall" said the boy, Jack nodded and they went into an empty stall and locked the door.

"Wank me" said the boy and pushed his hard cut cock towards Jack, Jack took hold of it and started to wank the young boy "arghh Mmmm yeah" the boy moaned in a low voice and then reached out for jack's hard cock and started to wank it "oohh yeah ohh ohh" Jack moaned as the boy wanked him quickly, both of them were very close to cumming and the boy repositioned himself so they were facing the toilet bowl and directed his cock and Jack's to it.

"Argghh I'm cumming" moaned the boy and shot 3 good spurts of thin watery boy sperm into the toilet bowl, that set Jack off and he followed suit and shot 4 spurts of his cum into the bowl, both boys let go of each others cocks and the boy grabbed some toilet roll and cleaned his knob off, he passed some to Jack and Jack cleaned around his sensitive knob and put his softening cock back into his shorts and zipped up, the boy did the same "my names Luke, I am almost 13, what's yours?" asked the boy "its Jack and I am 12" replied Jack.

"Pleased to meet you Jack, we had better go, your mum must be wondering" Luke said Jack nodded and Luke undid the door and looked out and saw it was empty in the toilet and they both exited the toilet just as the announcer spoke that the train was imminent "you going into town?" asked Luke "yeah, were off to buy me new school uniform for my new school in Sept" Jack said "which school Jack?" asked Luke "King Edward the Sixth" replied Jack

"No way!" exclaimed Luke "I go there" Luke went on, Jack looked surprised and then grinned at Luke, "looks like I will enjoy it then" he said and grinned at Luke, the train arrived and jack said he had to go and join his mum, so both boys moved towards Jack's mum "mum this is Luke and he goes to King Edwards" said Jack as they waited for the train doors to open "well you and him should get acquainted Jack, Luke can fill you in with what its like" said his mum and smiled at both boys as they found a seat and sat down

"Oh yeah we will get acquainted" replied Jack and turned and smirked at Luke, who grinned back at him, the two boys sat together as Jack's mum sat on her own and perused the shopping list, Jack told Luke his surname and Luke told Jack his, he was Lucas Osborne, Jack then told Luke that his mum had a list of shops that stocked King Edwards Grammar school uniforms.

"Excuse me Mrs Tolly" said Luke, she looked up and smiled at the polite boy "Jack tells me you have a list of shops that stock uniform for Jacks new school" he went on "yes Luke that is right" she answered, "well Rigby's in the Strand has the best range and the top discount and they will deliver it for you free, I hope it helps as they is quite a lot you have to get including all the sports gear" Luke carried on.

"Well thank you Luke, I think we will check that store out first as we don't have all day" said Jack's mum and smiled at him again, she was really warming to Luke's manners and wished Jack would follow suit. They soon arrived at Victoria station and Luke said he would show them where the shop was, they caught the tube train and got off at the Strand, a little ways along the road was Rigby's School wear shop, "I have to go to a shop a bit further up the road, but can I call back in a few minutes and see how your getting on?" asked Luke.

Jack's mum told him he could and they both thanked him and went into the shop as Luke set off up the road, a male assistant came to them and asked if he could help and Jack's mum explained their situation and he smiled at Jack and said they could set him up with all he needed for his new school, Jack's mum said she had taken some measurements, but the man said they would take some more precise ones to get the best size's for Jack.

Whilst Jack's mum was seated and given a nice cup of tea and a biscuit Jack was taken to a side room and the man took measurements, height waist and chest size and shoe size and then took Jack back to his mum and said he would go and sort out the uniform Jack would require "that Luke seemed a nice boy Jack" said his mum as she sipped on her tea "I hope you and him become friends at school Jack" she went on Jack smiled and was about to say something when Luke came into the shop.

"Hi again" Luke said and smiled at them both Jack and his mum smiled at Luke and said hi. Just then the man came back with a pile of clothes and put them on the counter, there were black school jackets and grey school shorts and a couple of shirts and a tie "oh hello master Luke, how are you today sir?" asked the man "oh I'm fine Mr Lassiter how are you?" asked Luke "I am fine young sir" Lassiter replied

"You know Luke?" asked Jack "oh yes he is the store owners nephew" Mr Lassiter replied as he sorted out Jack's shorts "now if you would like to come back to the measuring room we can see if this uniform is the right fit for you sir" said Lassiter Jack looked bemused at Luke, who just grinned back at him "I'll come and help if that's okay" said Luke and winked at Jack, Jack nodded then looked at his mum and she smiled and also nodded, they set off for the measuring room with Mr Lassiter bringing up the rear with the clothes.

They reached the room and Jack went in after Luke " I think I will sort out Master Jack if that's alright Lassiter, if that's okay, as soon as he has dressed in the uniform we will come to you and his mother for a showing okay?" Lassiter nodded and smiled and put the clothes on the table and left the room and shut the door.

"Right get undressed quickly Jack" said Luke Jack looked at Luke and smiled "naked sir?" he said and smirked  "no just to your underpants you sexy nutter" said Luke and grinned back at him.

Jack quickly took off his shirt and stood just in his shorts and trainers and then bent down and took them off, he stood up and undid his cargo shorts and slipped them down his tanned legs "oohh sexy!" exclaimed Luke and rubbed at his own short front as he surveyed Jack just in his white trunk underpants "mmm nice pants Jack and he went over to Jack and had a feel of Jacks soft cock "damn we don't have much time and I wanted to feel your cock again" said Luke as Jack had a feel of Luke's rapidly hardening boy cock through his shorts.

"Better not then" said Jack and looked a bit downcast at Luke "no later okay when we have tried all this stuff on for your mum" replied Luke as he handed Jack a pair of grey school shorts and he slipped them on, next a pair of long grey school socks and then a white school shirts were slipped on and Luke helped Jack tie the school tie and then he slipped on the black school shoes and the black school jacket with the King Edward logo on the breast pocket "Mmmm you look great" said Luke as he looked at Jack in the full uniform, Jack turned and looked in the mirror and even he had to admit he looked good in the shorts, especially with his tanned legs, they left the room and went back to his mum and Jack stood as his mum looked him over.

"Oh yes, that looks fine on him, he looks so handsome" exclaimed his mum and Jack blushed and Luke grinned and Mr Lassiter beamed at them all, Mr Lassiter checked the room at Jack's shorts waistband and declared there was enough room for growth and he shouldn't need new ones before he got to 13 and was able to wear long trousers, Jack's mum thanked him and said they would take 3 sets of uniform shorts and jackets and a dozen school shirts and a couple of ties and six pairs of the grey school long socks with the red piping on the top.

"Jack you also need some new underwear as well" said his mum  "I will take Jack to the boys underwear section Mrs Tolly" said Luke "thank you Luke, I will sort out the bill when you come back" replied Mrs Tolly "he will need new PE kit as well, white shorts for gym and black for football and some white PE vests as well and new white plimsolls for gym work" Luke went on.

"Well sort out those as well while your there please Luke, you know what's required at the school" said Jack's mum as she accepted another drink of tea. Jack and Luke set off to the boy's underwear racks and picked out a few pairs of underpants, mainly white cotton trunks again and a couple of pairs of white briefs, next they went to the sports section and got Jack three pairs of white PE shorts and the same in black and a couple of pairs of white plimsolls along with some white PE vests.

They had finished all the shopping for Jack now and Jack said he would go and change back into his own clothes, Luke followed him as Jack's mum totted up what they had bought and settled the bill, it was to be delivered later today so they wouldn't have to carry it around in London, meanwhile Jack and Luke went back to the changing room and Jack stripped off the school uniform and laid it on a small table, he turned and stood in just his underpants and Luke came over and stood in front of Jack and smiled "I reckon we will have a new handsome boy in school from Sept" he said and smiled again, Jack coloured up and looked embarrassed and then smiled weakly, Luke reached out and felt his cock through his underpants, Jack moaned softly as Luke felt his hardening boy cock "mmm and I hope I can have some more of this" Luke said as he fondled Jack's cock, he reached up and pulled Jack's underpants down and bared his throbbing boy cock and stroked the foreskin up and down, dropping to his knees he took Jack's foreskin covered cock head into his mouth and Jack groaned audibly.

"Ohhh yeah ohh wow!" moaned Jack as sucked on his cock as he squeezed Jack's young balls "oohh I'm close to cumming" moaned Jack and tried to force his cock more into Luke's mouth, then he quickly stood on his tiptoes and shot 3 good spurts of his sperm into Jack's throat and groaned as he did so "argghh yeah, it's here ohhh fuck!" and tried to pull away from Luke's mouth as his knob was getting sensitive, Luke was having non of it and held onto him and cleaned off his cock as Jack squirmed.

Finally Luke let go of him and pulled off his softening cock "mmm that was real tasty" said Luke licking his lips, Jack stood with his underpants around his ankles panting, his soft cock hanging over his ball sack "better get dressed Jack me lad" said Luke and passed Jack his shorts and socks, jack pulled up his underpants and took the clothes off Luke and quickly slipped them on, and then his shirt and trainers and was good to go, they straightened up the school clothes and left the room.

"There you two are, I was wondering where you had got to, we have to be going jack" said his mum scolding him "we were just tidying the school clothes up mum and Luke was telling me what to expect at my new school" replied Jack and looked at Luke who was grinning at him "I think he will fit in nicely Mrs Tolly, no problems at all" Luke said and again grinned at Jack who grinned back.

They left the shop and Luke said he had to be somewhere now and could he see Jack again sometime before the new term, Jack said he went swimming usually on Sat mornings and he could go with him if he wanted, they made a time and Jack and Luke said their goodbyes and exchanged mobile phone numbers and then they went their separate ways "he seems a very nice boy Jack" said his mum as they set off to do more shopping "yes he is mum isn't he?" said Jack "he helped me a lot today" he went on and behind his mum's back he smiled to himself and hoped him and Luke could become best friends at school and out of it.

I hope you liked my little story and maybe I will write some more about Jack and Luke, just let me know what you think at     samthesexyman@gmail.com