Jack's New School


Part Two


Jack was looking forward to seeing Luke again and the next day he called him to see if he still wanted to go swimming on Sat morning, Luke said wild horses wouldn't stop him from going, as he was calling he got a text from Sophie, she said she wanted to meet him in the park, so Jack said his goodbyes to Luke and said he would see him outside the swimming pool at 11 am.

Jack went to the park to meet Sophie, he was a bit mixed up over his feelings for her and for Luke, he liked Sophie but wasn't sure what he wanted from her, they met at the bandstand and went to sit on a bench nearby.

For a few minutes they said nothing and then Sophie spoke up "Jack I have something to tell you, I don't want to be your girl friend any more, I have met someone else my own age" at first Jack said nothing, he just stared at Sophie "so it's over then?" Jack replied "yes Jack, I have been meeting this other boy for about 2 months now, he is 14 as well as me, you don't know him, he doesn't come from round here, I met him on a weekend away my family took me on" Sophie explained.

Jack just sat staring at his feet, he couldn't look at Sophie, she stood up and turned to Jack "I'm sorry Jack, I think you and I are just not right for each other, you're a good looking boy and you will soon find a new girl friend, but its just not going to be me" Sophie said.

She leaned down and kissed Jack on his cheek "bye Jack" and then walked off, Jack watched her go, feelings of bewilderment and then hurt and anger surged through him, he felt like running after her and grabbing her and telling her he loved her, but somehow he didn't feel that at all, which baffled him, images of Luke were going through his mind and that baffled him more.

He sat on the bench trying to comprehend what Sophie had told him for a while and then decided he had better get home before his mum came in from work, right now he wished he had a dad to fall back on and open his heart to, Jack's dad had abandoned them when Jack was a baby, he had gone off with another woman and his mum never spoke of him much when Jack asked about him. Jack never really thought about him much, he had his mum and that seemed enough for now.

Jack got home and went up to his room and took off his trainers and lay on his bed and thought about Sophie and her breaking up with him, a few tears flowed, mainly because he really liked her, maybe as a friend though, but when he thought about it he didn't really love her, but Luke was a different proposition, Jack couldn't seem to get him out of his head somehow and as he thought more and more about Luke, his cock got harder in his shorts, so much so he had to lower them and his underpants and wank himself as he thought about Luke sucking him off yesterday.

He rapidly came to a climax as he pictured Luke sucking his cock and he cried out in ecstasy as he shot his cum up his bare chest "argghh Luke!!!" he cried as he shot 4 good spurts of boy cum onto his heaving bare chest, he lay with his cock softening on his chest and came down from his orgasm, he reached over and grabbed a couple of tissues and cleaned himself up and pulled up his underpants and shorts and then lay on his side and fell asleep dreaming of Luke.

Jacks mum woke him up when she came in "hi Jack, how are you son?" she said as Jack wiped his eyes of the sleep "oh I'm okay mum, just had a couple of hours sleep" Jack replied "well you obviously didn't hear the phone, there's a couple of messages on the answer machine" his mum said.

She pressed the listen button on the machine, first message was just advertising something or other and she quickly deleted it, second one was for Jack "hey this is Luke, sorry I got your house number from the school clothing store, you aren't answering your mobile Jack" said Luke's voice Jack grabbed his mobile and saw his battery was dead "anyway I just wondered what plans you had for the next couple of weeks, I am going with my rents to the South of France, we have a small villa there, we'll be there two weeks and come home the week before we start back to school, my cousin was supposed to have come with us but he is ill with some sort of fever after coming back from Africa, so I thought of you, give us a ring anyway" the message went on

Jack looked at his mum "could I mum?" he asked hopefully his mum thought for a minute "Jack, we haven't got a lot of money to spare son, your new uniform cost and arm and a leg and there is probably other stuff to get as well" she replied "I have some saved up mum, about 150 I think, you remember from those odd jobs I did in the winter, I never touched any of it, at least let me get some information off Luke's rents" Jack pleaded.

His mum thought a bit more "well okay let's see what his parents say and what it will cost, seems as though you have free accommodation anyway" she said

Jack grabbed the phone and called Luke back, he got Luke's mum, as Luke had just slipped out to the shops for her so he put his mum on to talk to her, he sat patiently listening to one end of the conversation, it seemed like ages as they talked and laughed in places and Jack kept looking at his mums face for any sign that she would say yes to him going, he saw none.

After what seemed and age she hung up the phone "mum what did she say?" asked Jack hopefully

"Well she said her nephew was supposed to have gone with them and he was down with some serious tropical disease after being on holiday with his parents in Africa, he's okay but can't travel, so Luke told her about how he met you and me and asked if you could come, she told me that have a two bedroom villa in the South of France near the beach and its got its own small pool, they will set off driving there on Monday for two weeks and all you have to take is clothes and a bit of spending money" Jack's mum explained

"And! And!" Jack shouted excitedly "and what?" asked his mum trying to stop herself laughing "and can I go mum please, pretty please?" went on Jack and looked at her with a pleading face that only a 12 year old boy can make, a melting of the heart type face.

She looked at Jack "okay then, you will have to use that money you have saved and I will give you some more, I'll get it all changed into Euro's tomorrow Jack okay?" she said.

Jack beamed a smile a mile wide and jumped up and hugged his mum "thanks mum, you're the best in the world, will you be okay on your own though for two weeks without me?" he said pulling back "yes I guess I can manage without my hunky son" said his mum trying not to giggle, "now go get cleaned up for dinner, then call Luke and thank him and his parents, after we will have to get your clothes out to take, shorts and tee shirts Luke's mum said and keep it light, they have a washing machine there so stuff can be washed" Jack's mum said.

Luke set off back upstairs and found his phone charger and put it on charge, he stripped off in his bedroom and went naked to the bathroom next door and turned on the shower, he jumped in and his mind wandered to sunny, sandy beaches and seeing Luke naked and being with him for two weeks, his cock arose and he started to stroke it, he had to wank off so made it quick and shot a good load onto the tiled shower wall, he washed himself off again and his cock softened and he jumped out and dried off and wrapped the towel around his waist.

Getting back to his room Jack found some clean white trunk underpants he liked and a pair of blue PE shorts and a blue PE shirt and his old PE plimsolls, his phone rang and it was Luke "hey sexy how are you?" asked Luke "I'm okay how's you, should you be saying that, suppose somebody hears you?" replied Jack

"Its okay, the rents aren't here, they went to catch the late shops seeing as it's Friday" Luke replied "so what you doing then?" Luke went on "just had a shower and going down to have dinner, hey do you want to come over and eat with us?" asked Jack "there should be plenty as mum has made a Shepard's pie with vegetables and homemade apple pie and ice cream for afters" Jack quickly went on.

"Mmmm sounds yummy, yeah all I got here is a sandwich until the rents get home, I think we were having a takeaway anyway" said Luke "hang on I'll just check with mum" said Jack and went on downstairs, Luke heard him ask his mum and she said there was plenty and Luke was more than welcome "hey Luke, I had an idea, want to stay over tonight?" Jack said and looked at his mum who nodded her approval; she thought it would be a good idea to get to know Luke a bit more seeing as how she was letting Jack go on holiday with him.

Luke thought for a moment "I would have to clear it with the rents, so I will ring back in a few minutes okay" he replied "okay, call me in a few" said Jack and rang off

Five minutes later Luke rang back and said it was okay with his rents, they said it was a great idea as they now could stay in town and have a nice meal and not have to get back for me, he said he would pack his swimming stuff and they could go a bit earlier to the pool for a swim the next day.

Twenty minutes later Luke was at Jacks door and Jack ran to open it and beamed at his new friend, they went into the kitchen where his mum was busy cooking dinner and she said it'll be ready in 15 minutes and Luke could wash up if he wanted, Jack took him upstairs and showed him his room and the spare bed in there where Luke would be sleeping "you want to wash up Luke?" asked Jack.

"I want some of this" Luke said and grabbed hold of Jack and kissed him so quickly Jack didn't have time to answer, as he did so Luke had a feel of Jack's cock through his thin PE shorts "ohh mmm yeah" Jack moaned as he was groped and his boy cock instantly got hard "have I got time for a shower Jack?" asked Luke

"Sure you have plenty of time" answered Jack and Luke grinned and stripped off his tee shirt and kicked off his trainers and pulled off his socks and then undid his cargo shorts, Jack stood back and admired the near 13 year olds sexy tanned body, Luke saw him staring and grinned and made a pose like a body builder and that showed off his muscled arms and chest, he stripped off his trunk underpants and his boy cock swung free it was a good four inches of boy flesh and rapidly erecting "quick you had better get in the shower before mum suspects something and she comes up" said Jack nervously as he watched his naked new friends cock power up to its full length.

Luke grinned and followed Jack to the bathroom next door and Jack switched on the shower as Luke stood waiting, still with his cut cock pointing to the ceiling "its warm enough now Luke, get in" Jack said and stood aside and let Luke into the shower cubicle "will you join me?" asked Luke looking hopeful "I already had one earlier, remember!" replied Jack "and anyway I don't have time, see you downstairs, I'm going to help mum set the table okay, towels are on the shelf next to the shower" said Jack and before Luke could reply was out the door and going down the stairs as fast as he could, he really wanted to climb in the shower with Luke, but he was a bit scared about his mum finding them naked together.

Luke was a bit disappointed but shrugged his shoulders and knew there would be plenty of opportunities later for him to get Jack naked, he quickly showered and was thankful when his cock went down, turning the shower to cold helped, he quickly dried off and wrapping the towel around his waist went back to Jack's room and grabbed some clean underwear out of his bag and a pair of his favourite white PE shorts and white tee shirt and put on his white PE plimsolls he liked to wear as well, he went down and joined Jack and his mum who were dishing up dinner.

All through dinner Jack's mum questioned Luke about the holiday and was more than satisfied with Luke's description of the villa, after a good dinner that Luke said was fantastic the boys cleared the plates and stacked them in the dish washer and joined Jack's mum in the lounge where she was watching television, they stayed awhile and then Jack said "wanna go upstairs and play some computer games Luke?" "Yeah that'll be great," replied Luke, he was getting a bit bored with the reality program Jack" s mum had on the television.

Jack kissed his mum and said they would probably stay upstairs until bedtime, they were going swimming tomorrow he said so would be up early, she kissed him back and said goodnight to Luke, and both boys scampered upstairs. Jack switched on his PS3 and they played a few games and it was even, both boys got tired now and decided it was time for bed.

They went and brushed their teeth and Jack went downstairs and said they were going to bed and would be up around 8am "well tomorrow we also have to sort out clothes for you to take and your money Jack" said his mum "yeah we can do that when we get back from swimming, Luke's mums said pack light anyway, so I reckon shorts and tee shirts, I have new ones, so that will be okay" Jack replied, Luke had come down and was right behind Jack.

"That'll be more than enough Mrs Tolly, that's all we take, and a couple of swimming costumes" Luke butted in "one bag of clothes and a good pair of sandals, pair of decent trainers, old PE plimsolls as well will be good, I usually take my old ones and dump them when they have been used" Luke went on.

Mrs Tolly nodded and said her goodnights to the boys and they scampered off upstairs to bed, Jack shut the door and opened the window a little more as it was hot "what do you normally sleep in Luke?" asked Jack as they undressed to their shorts "nothing" replied Luke grinning "oh!" replied Jack and looked a bit nonplussed "I usually sleep in my underpants or sometimes pyjama bottoms, but I reckon naked is cool" Jack went on and grinned back at Luke, who had by now stripped down to his underpants and stood with his erection tenting them.

Luke waited until Jack had stripped to his underpants and they both stood looking at each other, Luke put his thumbs in the waistband of his white briefs and slid then down and off and stood with his cut cock sticking up "Mmmm lovely sight Luke" said Jack as he slid his white trunk underpants down and his cock slapped up against his bare belly, for a few seconds they stared at each other and then came together and Luke leaned in and kissed Jack on the lips, his tongue came out and he tried to push it between Jack's lips, they parted and he and Jack tongue twirled, their cocks pressed together and they hummed and arghhed.

After a few minutes they broke the lip lock "ohh wow!" said Jack "that was awesome Luke, where did you learn to kiss like that?" Jack went on after grabbing some more hair "just something I picked up" replied Luke and grinned, Luke lay on Jack's bed on his back and patted the side of him and a naked Jack climbed next to him, they both stretched out and then Luke took hold of Jack's throbbing cock and proceeded to wank his foreskin up and down, Jack was moaning and Luke shushed him, next Luke leaned down and took Jack's cock in his mouth and sucked on Jack's uncovered knob "arghh ohh Mmmm yeah oohh yeah" Jack moaned, a bit quieter now though.

Luke swivelled round and presented Jack with his throbbing cut cock in a 69 position, Jack got the message and although he had never sucked another boy's cock before, he didn't hesitate and sucked on Jack's bare knob, causing the Luke to mumble a low moan, the all too familiar feeling in Jack's balls was beginning to start and he thrust his pelvis up and pulled his mouth off Luke's cock and shot his hot sweet sperm into Luke's mouth, coming down slightly he continued sucking Luke's cock and soon his pelvis thrust and rammed his cock into Jack's mouth and  he shot his sperm into Jack's mouth, being a novice it took Jack by surprise and he couldn't swallow it all, some leaked from his mouth down the shaft of Luke's cut cock.

Jack pulled off Luke's cock after he had cleaned it up "oh wow!" he said "that was awesome Luke" he continued, "well there will be more of that and other things as well Jack" Luke replied and grinned at Jack, they straightened up and climbed under the thin summer duvet and Jack switched off the bedside lamp, they kissed in the dark and held each other and drifted off to sleep.

The alarm went off just after 8am and the two boys were spooned in bed together, they yawned and Jack's cock was hard and he needed to pee, he reached around Luke's naked chest and felt at Luke's cock, it was also hard and he moaned softly as Jack had a good feel of it, Jack got up and his cock led the way to the bathroom and he had a good long pee, as he finished Luke was by his side, with his hard cock poking Jack in his bare bum, Jack giggled and stood aside and let Luke take a pee, he watched as Luke aimed his hard cock down into the bowl and watched the yellow stream of pee mix with his, Luke shook his cock and both boys left the bathroom with their cocks now soft and dressed and went downstairs and started breakfast, they made coffee and did some cereal for themselves, Jack's mum came and joined them and sipped coffee whilst Jack and Luke made some toast for her and themselves.

Breakfast over they went upstairs and got their swimming stuff and said goodbye to Jack's mum and set off on the 15 minute walk to the swimming baths, once inside the baths they found a family changing enclosure and went in and locked the door and stripped off, both boys were soon naked and Jack bent over and looked for his speedo's in his bag, Luke came behind him as he bent over and Jack felt something trying to press between his bare bum cheeks, it was Luke's hard cock, he stood up quickly as Luke was probing in his crack with his cock.

"You going to bum me Luke?" said Jack in a voice that trembled slightly, "would you want me to Jack?" asked Luke "I don't know, I have never done it and it may hurt a lot, maybe one day Luke" Jack replied and turned round to face him, Jack's cock was erect now and they came together and their cocks rubbed against each other, they grabbed each other's bare bottoms and simulated sex as they kissed deeply, both boy's shot their load of sperm simultaneously and it squirted up their bare chests between them, they stayed holding each other for a few minutes and then they heard other voices in the changing room and pulled apart, the sticky mess was on their bare chests and on their now soft cocks, so Jack found some tissue and cleaned his cum off and then Luke's they slipped into their speedo's and grabbed the bags of clothes and left the changing cubicle and found a locker and stored their stuff and went and had a quick shower.

Once they reached the pool itself they dove in and raced each other up and down the pool, then they did some diving practice and rested a bit in the shallow end, the pool was quite empty really, only 4 others in, they chatted about the holiday, "Jack I need to tell you something about the holiday" said Luke, Jack looked puzzled "what about the holiday Luke?" Jack asked.

"Well for one thing when we are at the villa we tend to go nude and at the beach as well" Luke said and looked at Jack "you mean all of your family totally naked Luke?" exclaimed Jack and looked shocked, "yes all of them, mum dad and me and my cousin if he had come with us" Luke answered.

Jack looked stunned and said nothing at first and then said, "Would I have to be naked?" "Not if you don't want to Jack, its optional of course, but I just wanted to forewarn you, you will see a lot of people on the beach naked" Luke replied.

"Would you go naked Jack?" asked Luke  " I don't know, I am a bit worried about, you know, my cock getting hard" Jack replied and went red in the face, "Well don't worry Jack, you will probably see a lot of men and boys with erections, nobody takes any notice Luke and after awhile it will go down and you will happily swim and walk naked and get a gorgeous all over tan on that sexy body of yours" Luke said and grinned at Jack.

Jack smiled, a bit of a weak one though while he was taking it all in "did your mum tell my mum about it being a nudist area?" asked Jack, "no I don't think so, would it bother her?" Luke replied and looked at Jack. "It maybe she would Luke, I think you had better let your mum know that I know now and to ring my mum and put her in the picture" Jack said.

"I will when we have finished our swim, had a shower and dressed" replied Luke, "so lets carry on a bit and then get out and have a snack after, my treat" went on Luke, they swam up and down the pool and didn't speak, Jack was still trying to get his head around the fact he would maybe go naked on holiday, it sort of appealed to him that he would be naked and other people would see him, they swam for about another 20 minutes and then set off for the men's changing rooms, Luke got the bags and gave Jack his shower gel and grabbed his and they went to the shower room and saw there were some men and boys taking a shower, some still had their swimming costumes on, but a few were naked and Jack was looking at some of the men's cocks hanging down.

He stripped off his own speedo's and thought that as he well may be naked in France he might as well start here, Luke did the same and they took shower heads side by side and started to shower, they glanced at boys and men showering and looked at cocks small and large, the boys felt theirs hardening so Jack said "let's go before I get fully hard" and grinned at Luke, he grinned back and nodded and left the shower room and grabbed their towels on the way out and wrapped them around their naked waists.

They found the same family changing cubicle and slipped inside and took off the towels and dried themselves, both boys had gotten hard again, Jack came over to Luke and quickly dropped to his knees and sucked Luke's cock into his mouth and Luke moaned quietly and stood and grabbed Jack's head and thrust his cock down the 12 year olds throat, soon he was thrusting hard and trying to stifle a groan, then he let rip with his boy sperm down Jack's throat, Jack swallowed all his boy cream and soon Luke pulled his softening cock out of Jack's mouth.

Luke had Jack lay on his back on the bench and he pushed Jack's bare legs up and then started to lick at Jack's boy hole, he had to tell Jack to quieten down as he was licking at Jack's bum hole, then he started to suck on Jack's hairless balls as he wanked Jack's cock, Jack's head was going from side to side as his boy balls were sucked on and his bum hole fingered, a finger was hitting a spot in Jack's bum and he was in heaven, Luke started to suck on Jack's knob and finger him as well, "argghh ohh yeah ohh" Jack moaned ever so softly as he shot 5 good spurts of his thick sperm into Luke's throat, then had to push Luke off his sensitive cock head, eventually he let Luke clean off his cock head with his tongue and then they both dressed and went to the cafeteria and had a cold drink of fresh orange juice and some chocolate, Luke rang his mum and explained that he had told Jack about what they liked to do on holiday and she should let Jack's mum know.

Luke's mum said she was meeting Jack's mum in town for a shopping spree and would let her know, just then Jack's phone rang and it was his mum letting him know she was off shopping with Luke's mum, Jack said he knew as Luke was talking on his phone to his mum.

Jack and Luke went to Luke's house and up to his room, they both stripped down to their underpants and sat at Luke's laptop looking at gay porn, they found some sites that had boys and men having sexy and Jack said the look on a boy's face about the same age as Jack was a picture as the man had him on the bed naked on his side and was ramming his big cock up the boy's arse and playing with the boy's erect cock, both Jack and Luke were hard again looking at the pictures and then they found a video of two boys their age fucking each other, they took each others cocks and wanked each other until one boy pulled his cock out of the other boys bum and shot his sperm onto the boys bare back.

Jack looked at Luke and said, "Fuck me like that Luke" "you really want me to?" answered Luke "yeah I want you to do me up my bum" Jack replied and went over to Luke's bed and took off his trunk underpants and knelt down on his knees on the bed and presented his bare bum to Luke, Luke came over and took his own briefs off and stood with his throbbing cock pointing at Jack's bare bottom "you sure you want this Jack?" Luke said again.

"Yeah, come on fuck me Luke, fuck me good and hard" Jack replied in a gruff voice, "well first I got to lube you up" replied Luke and went to his closet and got a tube of jelly and spread some on his throbbing cock and fingered some of the jelly into Jack's young virgin bum hole "argghh fuck arghh, that's cold" groaned Jack and he played with his own cock as Luke first stuck one and then two fingers in his bum hole and then had three fingers in and lubed Jack's hole up.

After a few minutes Luke felt Jack as ready and he lined his hard cock up at Jack's bum hole, he gripped the 12 year olds naked hips and pushed gently into Jack's puckered arse hole "argggh fuck ohh fuck, hell that hurts" shouted Jack "take it out Luke, fucking take it out!!" he shouted even louder now.

"Shush its okay Jack, I have stopped okay, I'll just hold it in you" said Luke in a soothing voice as he stood at the end of the bed with just his bare knob in Jack's stretched bum hole, Jack calmed down and a few minutes later Luke carried on pushing his cock into Jack's bottom, it seemed easier now, and Jack only cried out once and he began to like the full feeling he was getting.

Luke began a slow fucking motion and Jack was soon cooing as he was being fucked by Luke's six inch cock "argggh ohh yeah, that's fucking great ohh yeah fuck me Luke" moaned Jack as his sweet spot was getting rammed by Luke's knob, all too soon because of the tightness of Jack's bum hole Luke was ready to spunk in him, he leaned on Jack's naked back and whispered in his ear "here it comes my lover, my seed is about to spurt in you" and thrust deeply into Jack's bowels "arghh fuck yeah, spunk in me Luke, I love you so much" Jack growled as Luke's hot teen sperm shot into his belly, spurt after spurt of Luke's hot teen seed spurted inside him and Jack groaned and his cock spurted forth his sperm all over Luke's duvet cover.

Both boy's came down from their spunking and Luke pulled out of Jack, his cock was still a bit hard and covered in Jack's and his juices, it was bright red and the knob seemed bigger than the shaft as Luke found a cloth and cleaned off his cock, he wiped Jack's bum for him and then handed Jack the cloth and he cleaned himself up and the sperm he had shot on Luke's duvet.

They sat side by side on Luke's bed and held each other "wow that was some fucking you gave me Luke" said Jack after a bit "I felt so good inside and I cummed with out touching my cock, sorry I made a mess on your bed" Jack went on and looked sheepish at Luke, "no worries Jack, it will clean up and I will squirt some of my deodorant on it so it won't smell of cum" replied Luke and laughed.

Both boys looked into each others eyes and Jack said "I think I love you Luke" "well I know I love you Jack Tolly" replied Luke and kissed Jack on the lips, they held the kiss for as long as they could and then broke away and got their breaths back " I will go naked with you in France, that's if my mum will let me now after you mum tells her what will likely happen" Jack said

"My mum is very persuasive Jack, if any one can get her to let you go, its my mum" replied Luke, just then they heard the front door go and Luke heard his mum's voice "she's back Jack" he said and then a different voice was heard and Jack recognised it as his mum's, they quickly got dressed and went downstairs.

"Hi mum" said Jack on seeing his mum sitting in the lounge "oh hi Jack, didn't know you were here son, what you boys been up to?" his mum answered and she had a funny look on her face.

"Oh nothing much, just on Luke's laptop that's all" Jack replied trying to work out why his mum looked the way she was "oh right well we had better be off soon, we are coming back later to have dinner here as we have been invited and I need to get home and have a nice bath and change" Jack's mum went on.

Jack said goodbye to Luke and his mother and said he would see them later and Jack's mum said the same and they set off to walk the short walk home, Jack helped his mum carry the stuff she had bought "Mum did you and Luke's mum chat about the holiday?" Jack said after a bit as his mum wasn't saying much, "yes we did Jack, she told me they often went nude on holiday as it was a popular area for naturism" replied Jack's mum "so I can still go then?" asked Jack "of course you can still go, why wouldn't you?" she said.

"Well with all the nudity going on" said Jack and he looked away as he was reddening up "nudity is nothing to be ashamed of Jack, we all come into this world naked, and besides me and your dad used to do it on holiday before you were born, in fact you were conceived when we were at a naturist camping place in the south coast" Jack's mum went on and grinned at Jack "too much information mum" said Jack looking even more redder now.

"Will you go nude Jack" asked his mum, now Jack was really embarrassed and looked away and didn't answer at first, and then quietly said "I dunno, I might" "well Jack you have a great body for a 12 year old and I know your quite big down below, so if you have got it, you might as well flaunt it" said his mum and laughed out loud "Mum!!!" Jack exclaimed and looked around to see if anyone had heard her.

"Jack I gave birth to you, I have seen you naked many times through your short life, I even saw you admiring yourself in your room a couple of weeks ago, you were naked and erect and I was impressed" Jack's mum went on and embarrassed Jack even further as his face was now blood red, "you saw me naked!!!!" he stuttered " I never heard you mum" he went on "that's because you were too busy admiring your big cock in the mirror Jack" his mum said and almost fell over laughing at her embarrassed son.

"Oh mum, how could you?" Jack asked almost in tears "calm down Jack, as I said your in great shape and will wow them on the nude beach in France" his mum giggled, they carried on not speaking at all now, Jack was in deep embarrassment and soon they go home and Jack helped his mum in silence putting the stuff she had bought away, she opened one bag and showed Jack some new school socks she had bought for him and some new underwear.

"Oh before I forget Jack, a letter came from King Edwards school this morning while you were out swimming, it says you have to see the school doctor for a physical and medical exam, its for all new starters they said, I have filled in the acceptance form, you will have to present yourself at the school three days before to school term starts, dressed in school uniform, so that can be inspected as well" Jacks mum told him

Jack looked at her "and you will be glad to know I won't be going with you, as I can't afford to take a day off work, maybe Luke will accompany you?" she went on. Jack just looked at her and then said yeah I maybe will mum, do I have to have it then?" "Yes, sorry school rules it says," replied his mum

Jack took a shower and changed into some clean clothes and waited, watching television while his mum got ready, which always took ages, eventually she was ready and they set off for the Osborne's with his mum carrying a bottle of wine, they were greeted warmly when they got there and were soon all chatting brightly over dinner, the talk was mainly about France and Luke's mum gave Jack's mum a small list of what to pack for Jack, soon the night was over and Jack and his mum said their goodbyes and thanked the Osborne's for a wonderful evening and left for home, with Jack saying he would call Luke tomorrow .

That night Jack lay in bed, naked of course now and dreamt of his two weeks away with Luke and the loads more sex they would have.

Coming Soon Part Three   "The Holiday"

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