Jack's New School



Part 4



Luke and Jack set the poolside table ready for lunch, a selection of cold meats and salad with crusty bread, washed down with a crisp dry white wine for the adults and cola for the boys, there was fresh fruit for afters.

Helen chatted to Jack, asking him if he was looking forward to starting school in a few weeks, Jack smiled and said he had to pass a medical first, if he failed that then the King Edward wasn't an option, she laughed and explained it was a rudimentary medical exam for sports fitness and that Luke had to have it before he started and he passed with flying colours.

Luke grinned at that statement and said he would tell Jack all about it later, the boys cleared off the dishes and stowed any food left over in the fridge, they came back with ice lollies out of the freezer and Stuart said they would eat out tonight at a local fish restaurant, all of them then lay on the loungers in the hot sun and caught a load of rays, the boys were browning nicely, Jack especially as his bottom was now really tanned.

The boys dozed off on their backs for a good hour or more and then woke up almost together, "Shall we take a walk up the beach Jack?" asked Luke, Jack looked at him and nodded and they slipped on their flip flops and had some more sun tan oil sprayed on them and then they set off and were told to be back by sundown as they needed to shower and get dressed ready for the restaurant.

Luke led Jack onto the beach; it was sparsely populated with just a couple of families and a few couples and the odd individuals sunbathing nude, on the way they saw Henri, he was laying on a towel on the beach and he greeted the boys "hello you two, how is your holiday going?" Henri said in his best English.

"It's going great Henri, we are both enjoying the sun so much" answered Luke in his best French "is it your day off today?" Jack asked in his French, which wasn't brilliant but understandable, "yes Jack it is my day off, I was just catching a bit of sun" replied Henri in English.

"Where are you boys going?" Henri asked "we are just taking a walk up the beach then maybe a dip in the sea on the way back Henri" replied Luke "may I walk with you? I have had enough laying on the beach" asked Henri, Luke looked at Jack and he just nodded and Luke turned to Henri "sure, you can walk with us anytime Henri, we can't be late though as we are going into the village to eat tonight" Luke replied.

Henri smiled and packed up his stuff and Jack looked at Henri's firm teen body as he bent over to pick up his back pack, his cock was about 5 inches and uncut and his balls dangled low between his legs, he was well tanned all over and Jack though he must spend a lot of time naked.

As they walked Jack chatted to Henri in French, with Henri correcting any mispronunciation, Jack found out he was 18 and in college and hoping to go to university in Paris that Sept, although he hadn't heard yet if he had been accepted for his course in computer sciences, he had no girlfriend, sometimes Jack and Henri brushed together gently as they walked and Jack shot a glance at Henri and there was something between them, as Henri kept grinning at Jack.

They walked to some rocks that jutted out into the sea and decided to have a swim there in the almost still sea, it was lovely and cool in the crystal clear water and Jack and Luke splashed about with Henri, they played grab under the water and Henri kept having a feel in Jack's bum when he got close, Luke swam off some distance and shouted for them to come and get him, Jack was about to set off when Henri swam over to him and whispered in his ear "I want you Jack" Jack looked alarmed at first "you want me, why?" Jack replied.

"I saw you being fucked by Stuart by the pool earlier, I was taking some cuttings from the bushes and saw him ram his cock in you and you loved it, now I was some as well or I will tell Stuart's wife and Luke of course, I know you two are lovers" Henri quickly said as they both trod water.

Jack swam off after Luke and thought about what Henri had said, Henri was a good swimmer and being nearly six foot tall easily overtook Jack and Jack was no slouch at swimming, he slowed slightly so Jack could range along side of him and then turned his head and said so will you meet me sometime so we can have sex?" "I have see you looking at my cock, I think you want it Jack" Henri went on.

Jack stopped swimming because Luke was out of sight in some rocks that were jutting out, he trod water "okay Henri, you have me over a barrel, I will meet you for sex, but promise me you won't tell Helen or Luke what Stuart did to me, will you?" Jack said and looked tearful, please do not cry Jack, I mean you no harm, you will enjoy my lovemaking with you, like you did with Stuart, I have a big cock I know and I am sure you can take it up your bottom, and I will not tell anyone what I have seen" Henri explained.

Jack nodded and felt he was in a trap, but what could he do, he sighed to himself and then swam off to shore to find Luke, he found him among some rocks, slightly hidden from view, Jack came up to him and Luke grabbed him and kissed his lips deeply out of sight of Henri who was swimming to the rocks slowly.

"I need the toilet Jack" said Luke "Just pee by the rocks, or go into the sea Luke, nobody will see you" replied Jack "no you don't understand, I need the toilet for something else" Luke went on "I think my stomach is off somehow, I am going back to the villa, I hope I make it okay" Luke said with a look of concern on his face, "okay you set off then quickly and I will catch you up after I say goodbye to Henri" said Jack, Luke nodded and quickly set off up the beach.

Henri eventually swam up to the rocks, "What's happened to Luke? Where has he gone Jack?" Henri asked, "he's not feeling well, he needs the toilet he says" answered Jack "I think I will go now myself Henri" Jack went on, "well lets go then and you can call at my small apartment on the way, remember your vow Jack?" said Henri and smiled wickedly at Jack, "Jack nodded and hoped it wouldn't last long.

They set off up the beach and were soon at Henri's small apartment set back from the palm trees, Henri led Jack through the small well kept garden and got a key from over the door and the two naked boys went into a small living room with a bedroom off to one side and a small kitchen and a bathroom next to the bedroom.

Henri grabbed Jack and kissed him, Jack didn't respond at first and then Henri grabbed Jack's soft cock and started to wank him, with his other hand he grabbed Jack's hand and put it on his hardening cock, "wank me Jack, get it real hard so I can put it in you" said Henri, Jack did as he was told and soon both boy's were rock hard and Henri dropped to his knees and sucked on Jack's cock "argghh ohh mmm" Jack moaned as Henri took his whole cock down his throat "ohhh fuck yeah, oh god yeah suck me Henri" Jack moaned softly.

Soon Jack was pumping his cock into Henri's throat as he held the older boy's head and he cried out "argghh fuck ohh yeah I'm cumming" and he stood on his tiptoes and shot his hot boy cum down Henri's throat, Henri gobbled it all down as it spurted and then let Jack's cock slip out of his throat so he could get his breath.

He then stood up and took Jack to his small bedroom and pushed him on the bed, Henri's cock was engorged now, he reached into a bedside cabinet and got lube out, he motioned Jack to lay on the bed on his stomach and then he smeared Jack's bottom with lube, fingering it into his boy hole, then the clambered on top of Jack and pushed his cock between the 12 year olds bum crack, he tried to push his big cock into Jack's boy hole, at first it didn't go in and Jack squealed as his knob tried to penetrate him.

But at last the knob pushed in and Jack took a deep breath and pushed back and his muscles relaxed and Henri's cock slid in, he gripped Jack tightly and rammed his cock in deep "argghhh oooh fucking hell, it hurts!" cried Jack, Henri held his hand over Jack's mouth as he thrust ever harder into Jack's young bum, his body almost covering Jack's as he fucked him hard, the pain was unbearable, but Jack knew he would have to endure it and hope then Henri would be satisfied.

Henri began moaning as his orgasm was close and he gripped Jack tightly then arched his back and cried out "argghh ohhh arghhhhhhh oohh yes, ohh god, its here!!" he shrilled and shot his hot teen sperm into Jack's bottom, again and again the sperm spurted inside Jack and then at last Henri was spent.

Henri lay on top of Jack getting his breath back and then rolled off him, it left Jack feeling empty as Henri's big teen cock pulled out of his arse, but he was glad it was over, he gingerly got off the bed and asked to use the toilet, Henri waved him to the door and Jack went quickly to the toilet and sat down and let Henri's teen sperm squirt out of his bum, he sat there letting it run out of him until nothing dribbled, Jack saw a bidet there and went and sat on that and washed his cum covered bottom clean, he felt at his hole and it was still open, so he grabbed the extending pipe at the side and pushed it into his bum hole and started the water flowing into his bottom, he flushed the residue of Henri's sperm out of his hole and then dried it with toilet paper, he then went back to Henri who was laying naked on his bed with his cum covered cock laying on his thigh, he smiled meekly at Jack.

"I am going now Henri, I hope you will keep your side of the bargain, you have fucked me good, so much of your seed spurted in me, I had better go as Luke will be wondering about me" said Jack, Henri just nodded and waved him away, Jack let himself out and skipped off down the beach as the sun was setting, he soon reached the villa and went over to Stuart and Helen by the pool, they were drinking wine, "oh you made it back okay Jack" said Stuart, "yes sorry I am a bit late, it was Henri teaching me some French, time got away from us" replied Jack looking flustered.

"Well change of plan Jack, Luke has gone to bed, he isn't feeling well, maybe too much sun too quick, he had to dash to the toilet and he was sick as well" said Helen, "so I am afraid the dinner in the village is cancelled and there is cold salad and some chicken if that is okay, and I think Luke should be on his own tonight in bed, just in case he feels ill Jack" she went on.

"So we made a bed in the lounge for you Jack, is that okay?' Helen asked, "yes that's fine, I hope Luke feels better tomorrow" replied Jack, "so do we Jack" said Stuart "now go and grab some food and come and join us here, a glass of wine for you as well" Stuart went on and poured out Jack a large glass of chilled white wine, Jack skipped off inside and grabbed some chicken legs and cold salad and a piece of a French stick and scraped it with butter and came back outside and ate and drank with Stuart and Helen, the evening was very still and hot and they sat outside until after 9 pm chatting.

Stuart said it was time they all went to bed as it had been an exhausting day and grinned at Jack, he grinned back and they all grabbed something to take in and left the pool area, Helen said to leave the glasses and dishes and they said goodnight and went upstairs, Jack went with them to say goodnight to Luke, he was fast asleep though so he left him and went downstairs in the lounge and lay on the bed they had made up on the large couch, Stuart came down and kissed Jack goodnight and had a quick feel of Jacks cock, he grinned at him and then went off upstairs and switched the light out as he went.

Jack lay there in the dark thinking about the day and what had gone, his bum was sore and he wished he had some cream for it; he soon went asleep though.

Jack awoke with a start in the morning, he didn't actually get in the bed they had made up for him just lay on top as it was so hot, a noise woke him up, it was Luke, trying to tiptoe past him but catching the couch with his leg and blaspheming, "you feeling better Luke?" asked Jack quietly.

"Yeah, I need a drink of water, mum left me some on the bedside cabinet, but it's too warm, I need cool water, what you doing down here?" asked Luke "well when I got back, your mum said you had been sick and you were asleep in bed, they said it maybe best you were on your own, so they made a bed up for me here" replied Jack.

Luke joined Jack on the big couch, Luke took a good drink of the cold water "Mmm that's better, I needed that, I'm so dry, and hungry" Luke exclaimed, he looked at Jack, Jack's cock had it's morning wood and was waving about, he giggled and waved back at it with his hand, both boys went into fits of giggles, "Mmm I see you two seem to be having a good time" a voice said, it was Luke's dad, he was standing in the lounge doorway.

Jack tried vainly to cover up his erection, "don't bother Jack, it isn't as if I haven't seen a boy's cock hard before, Luke got them all the time when we first had this place a couple of years ago, besides it shows your both growing up and virile, "Dad!!! Behave will you!! We are respectable young naturists," said Luke grinning.

"Well someone feels better, but doesn't smell good though, phew!!" replied Stuart and held his nose, "nor me either" said Jack and they all laughed

"Okay you two, go hit the showers and dress in shorts and tee's as well, we are going to drive out this morning, I need to gas the car and we need supplies as well, I will cook us breakfast, so chop, chop and be back in 15 minutes okay?" said Stuart.

Jack looked at Luke and he threw back the thin sheet, his cock was still hard and Stuart gave him a wink as he passed him to go upstairs to their bathroom, Luke followed and soon both boy's were lathering up in the shower together, "wash my bum for me Luke please" asked Jack and turned and bent over, Luke parted his bum cheeks, "fucking hell Jack, your bruised back here" remarked Luke.

Jack quickly reared back up and almost went white, "is it bad?" asked Jack to Luke, "well it doesn't look good, its all red and puffy around your bum hole, who did that to you? Mmm as if I didn't know already," Luke said, Jack started to cry, he couldn't look him in the eye and turned away "hey its okay Jack, I know what Henri is like, he hit on me last year and hurt my arse as well, he is not know for his finesse in sex" said Luke and turned Jack towards him.

Jack looked down and felt ashamed, "I have some cream in my bag, I will put some on it after and we will see how that goes, no fucking you for a couple of days, right?" said Luke trying to sound a bit helpful, when in truth he wanted so much to fuck his best friend, they finished up the shower and dried off and went back into the bedroom, Luke found his cream and smeared some on Jack's bum hole, he got hard as he did it and so wanted to push it into Jack, he finished and patted Jack's bare bum and then he slipped his underpants on and shorts and a tee as Jack found his stuff and dressed.

They went downstairs and saw Helen and Stuart had gone out to the pool and were having breakfast, they too were dressed and they chatted and Helen fussed over Luke, dishes went away and they soon set off in the cool of the morning, Stuart stopped at a petrol station and filled up and then they drove for about 10 miles or so to a shopping complex, they mused around the shops and Helen bought a nice light summer dress and some shorts for the boys and Stuart.

Luke and Jack were in a computer games shop, looking at and playing with games, that is something they missed, they had to be dragged out after a good hour playing around with the various games, they set off to the supermarket and stocked up with wine and beer and soft drinks, and the groceries they needed, Jack said he would treat everyone to lunch so they ate in a little bistro in the village on the way back.

Jack's French was improving leaps and bounds, he gave the order and even tasted the wine when it was brought, even though him and Luke were having a soft drink, Stuart explained it was the person who ordered the food who got to taste first, the waiter winked at Jack, a young guy of about 19 or 20, Jack blushed and Luke dug him in the ribs.

They got back to the villa around 1 pm and Jack and Luke helped unload the car and stow away the groceries and then skipped off upstairs and stripped naked, they sprayed each other with the sun spray and then went downstairs, Jack was alarmed to see they had visitors, it was Collette and Julien, both were naked, Collette stared Jack for a few seconds and then smiled at him, he tried to hide behind Luke, but Luke kept moving.

Stuart introduced Jack to Collette and Julien, Julien was tall for 15, whilst Collette was small and petite at just 14, and Julien's cock was around 4 or 5 inches, soft, but seemed pencil thin, with a long foreskin, his balls hung low as well, and no pubic hair, so Jack guessed he shaved it. Collette had pert small breasts with dark nipples, no doubt due to the sunbathing she did, and she had a quiff of pubic hair just above her pussy.

They joined the boy's on the loungers and chatted excitedly, they said they had arrived early that morning after an overnight drive from Paris; they grabbed a few hours sleep they said and were looking to get a few hours sun before they had to visit their grandparents a few miles down the coast for dinner that night with their parents, Helen offered then some soft drinks and they eagerly accepted, Collette seemed enamoured with Jack and focussed her attention on him, he seemed embarrassed by it all though.

Julien on the other hand had Luke in his sights, he kept chatting to him all the while they were out by the pool, eventually Luke and Jack were a bit bored of all the talk and they said they were going to take a swim to cool down, they dove in and were soon followed by Julien and Collette, the French brother and sister played tag games in the pool with Luke and Jack, Collette especially kept swimming under Jack as he trod water and grabbed his cock, Julien also kept having a grope at Luke, when he swam past him.

They all soon grew tired and got out and lay on the loungers to dry off, then Collette suggested that they all go up the beach to an ice cream vendor for an ice cream, she had some Euro's she said in her small shoulder bag she had brought, Jack and Luke weren't all that bothered but they decided to go anyway to keep the peace so to speak.

Saying goodbye to their hosts, Collette and Julien took the lead and set off up the beach, Luke had gone to get a cap as his mum said he needed to not get the slight sunstroke he got yesterday, he brought Jack one as well and they set off after Julien and Collette, they had bought all of them chocolate ice creams and they sat on some rocks on the near deserted beach, being midweek, very few French came as their major holiday didn't start until the next weekend when the Osborne's were ready to go home, time had flew by and they were well into their second week.

Julien was feeling Luke's leg, Luke actually didn't like Julien, somehow he felt the boy was too pushy and full of himself, although he did like the attention his leg his deeply tanned leg was getting and he soon erected, Julien grinned at him and as they had finished their ice's, he reached over and had a feel of Luke's hard cock, Luke groaned softly as Julien rubbed his hand over Luke's cut cock.

Jack was sitting with Collette and she kept teasing him and also having a feel of Jack's deeply tanned leg, she asked if he worked out as she said he had a firm upper body, she got him to flex his muscles and she felt at them, in doing she accidently brushed his boy nipples and he too moaned softly, her pert breasts were inches away from Jack and they rubbed over Jack's bare chest as she leaned over to feel his other arm.

She took Jack's hand and put it to her breast, he felt at her soft mound and she softly moaned and closed her eyes, Jack's cock rose and she reached down and squeezed his cock, "Mmmm you have a big one Jack" she cooed to him, Jack blushed and she then pulled his hand to her pussy and he fingered her pussy lips and she closed her eyes as he fingered her deeply "arghh yes Jack, that is good" she moaned, meanwhile Julien had Luke's cock in his hand and was wanking the lad, Luke had Julien's cock also and rubbed his long foreskin up and down, and both boy's groaned, next Julien dove between Luke's legs and sucked on Luke's cock head.

"Let's go around the rocks where nobody can see us" said Collette to Jack and took the young lad's hand, Jack followed here around to where the rocks rose up from the water, she stood and put her back to the tall smooth rock and opened her legs, she pulled the nervous Jack towards her and kissed him deeply and rubbed his hard cock, she whispered "I want your sausage in me Jack" and then giggled, Jack smiled weakly "I have never done that before with a girl" he replied nervously.

"Well I will show you what to do, it's easy Jack, just push into me and start thrusting," Collette explained, she took hold of his rampant cock and guided it to her pussy, she opened her legs wider and watched as Jack took his cock and pulled back the foreskin exposing his bright red leaking knob "ohh what a lovely cockhead, its so big Jack" she cooed, Jack breathing was erratic and slightly shallow as he positioned his cockhead at her pussy entrance and pressed forward "arghh ohh yeah ohh argghh oohh" Collette moaned as Jacks cock penetrated her moist pussy.

As soon as he was inside her he suddenly started to fuck her "arghh ohh fuck yeah, ohh your so tight and hot" he moaned as he rapidly sped up and soon he was ramming hard in her, his boy balls slapping against her, she hung on to him tightly as he fucked her rapidly "argghh ohh I'm cumming" Jack moaned "ohh no, don't spunk in me Jack, please no cum in me" Collette moaned and pushed him off as he was shooting his boy sperm, his cock was shooting as he was pushed out of her pussy "arghh ohh fuck!" he moaned.

Meanwhile Julien had Luke against the rock on the other side and was ramming his teen cock into Luke's bum hole "arghh ohh fuck ohh yeah ohh god!" Luke moaned, Julien was gripping the young English lads naked body and ramming all of his hard teen cock into Luke's willing hole argghh yes Luke, take all my friend ohh fuck yeah I'm cumming" Julien moaned, he gripped Luke harder and shot his teen sperm into Luke's bum hole and that set off Luke and he splashed his teen sperm onto the rock in front of him, Julien had pulled out of Luke and was laying against the rock panting.

Jack and Collette had walked into the sea to clean up and then were followed by Luke and Julien "so you lost your virginity with a girl Jack, how was it?" asked Luke, Jack smiled and looked a bit coy "it was alright, I didn't last long, maybe next time it will be longer" he explained and Luke grinned at him.

They heard a voice "Jack! Luke!" they turned and looked up the beach in the direction of the voice, it was Stuart. "Oh thank god I found you Jack, please come back with me, I have some bad news son" said Stuart who was a bit out of breath.

"What's wrong, what's the matter?" asked Jack looking alarmed as he came out of the sea "it's you mum Jack, she has had an accident, the French police have come to see you" Stuart said

"Please tell me what's happened Stuart" said Jack now looking worried, they all hurried back up the beach to the villa and then Helen gave Jack and the rest of them a towel each to wrap around them and Jack and Stuart went into the villa, leaving Luke and Julien and Collette by the pool with Helen, "what's happened mum?" asked Luke and looked worried "it's Jack's mum, she has been in a car accident, it doesn't look good, the Gendarmes are explaining what happened to him, your dad will look after Jack".

Luke wrapped his towel around his waist and went into the villa to see what was being said; Jack was sitting on the couch and he was sobbing on Stuart's shoulder "Luke take over please, I need to speak to the Gendarmes in private, Jack's mum is seriously ill in hospital in London" Stuart said, Luke took over and sat next to Jack and softly cuddled his best friend "it's okay Jack, I am here now" Luke said, Jack looked up at him and smiled very weakly and continued sobbing uncontrollably.

Stuart went into the kitchen and spoke to the Gendarmes for a few minutes and then they left and he came back "right Jack, we need to get you back to London as soon as possible, I will book us two flights from Nice, the police are going to give us a ride to the airport, there is room on an Air France flight from Nice departing in two hours, so Luke go with Jack, get him showered and dressed in 15 minutes while I sort out the payment and speak to Helen" Stuart explained.

Luke nodded and guided the sobbing Jack upstairs, he got him in the shower and washed him down, all thought of sex was out of both boys minds as Luke quickly helped Jack to shower and then dry off and dress.

Stuart spoke on the phone to the airline and booked the last remaining two seats on the flight, then he went to Helen and explained the plan, she wanted to go as well, but realised that there was no room and somebody had to drive the car back, so she said she and Luke would follow on with the car, Stuart dashed upstairs and quickly showered and dressed and then met Jack downstairs who was in shorts and a polo shirt and had his small bag packed with his passport and money.

They said their goodbyes to Helen and Luke and Collette and Julien, who both kissed Jack and wished him and his mum well and then they left for their villa up the beach, meanwhile Helen cuddled Jack and said everything will be okay, "hey Jack, try not to worry mate, everything will be okay" said Luke and kissed his best friend goodbye and then Jack and Stuart left with the Gendarmes in their car.

Luke sat down and started to sod, Helen comforted her son and then said they would set off back tomorrow and to go and get his and Jack's stuff packed and then they would have a light supper and get an early night, Luke nodded and scampered off upstairs and started to pack his stuff in his case.

Two hours later they had packed all the stuff and were sitting by the pool eating chicken and salad and sipping on a glass of wine, nothing was being said until Helen piped up "you love Jack don't you Luke?" at first Luke said nothing, he just stared out to sea as the sun was going down "how did you guess mum?" Luke said "well Luke it was plainly obvious that you and Jack were close, and me and your dad put two and two together and realised you and him were more than just friends" replied Helen.

Luke looked at his mum and seemed close to tears, "I am worried about him mum, I wished I had gone with him as well" he said "well we all would have loved to have gone, but we must get the car back as well, we will set off early tomorrow and drive as far as we can and then stop the night somewhere in a hotel" Helen explained.

Luke nodded and finished his food and said he was going to bed, they picked up the dishes and took them to the kitchen and Luke locked up and said goodnight to his mum and kissed her and went up to his room, he climbed in bed and lay there in the dark thinking of his dad and Jack.

Meanwhile Stuart and Jack made the flight and with a couple of hours were in London, they made a quick dash by taxi to the London hospital where his mum was

End Of Part Four.

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