Jack's New School



Part 5





Stuart and Jack landed at Heathrow and grabbed a taxi straight to the London hospital, they went to the reception and were sent to the ICU, there they reported to the nurses station, it was just after 11 pm, the nurse showed them to a side room where Jack's mum was.

Jack stood at the end of his mum's bed, he was horrified to see all the tubes and wires and machines bleeping and lights blinking around her, "what's going on Stuart?" he asked with a nervous voice, "it's okay Jack, she is in good hands and what you see is normal in case's like this" Stuart replied and took Jack's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

The nurse asked Stuart to step outside, he explained who he was and the circumstances, she explained what had happened, there was a policewoman down the hall in the small rest room just getting a drink and a bite to eat, she would explain fully about the accident she said, in the meantime, Jack's mum was stable but in a coma she said, both legs and arms were broken, she had internal injuries that she had surgery for, the next 24 hours would be crucial she said.

Just then the policewoman came back and asked who Stuart was, he explained and that Jack was in with his mum, Jack saw through the window that Stuart was talking to the police so he went and joined them, the policewoman explained that jack's mum had been out with a friend having a drink, she had left her friend and was crossing the road to catch her bus home, a car came speeding down the road and hit her head on, it didn't stop, but they found the car and traced the owner, he was being interviewed as they spoke she said.

Jack stood next to Stuart clutching his hand as the policewoman spoke, Stuart told her that Jack would be in his care and his wife was on her way back from France driving her and their son Luke, and should arrive sometime tomorrow evening.

Jack said nothing then went back to his mum's bedside when the policewoman said she would sit in the relatives lounge if needed, Stuart joined Jack and together they sat watching and waiting for Jack's mum to wake up after a couple of hours Stuart suggested they go home as there was nothing they could do here "I am not leaving her!!!!" said Jack defiantly and looked sternly at Stuart "but Jack your tired and need some rest, and food, you ate nothing on the plane" Stuart pleaded, "listen Stuart, I am not leaving her and if you try to get me to go I will tell that policewoman what you did to me in France" Jack replied and looked even more defiant.

Stuart looked at Jack, he couldn't comprehend what Jack was going through right, but he knew he was over a barrel, if he forced Jack to leave then he knew Jack would tell the policewoman "okay I am sorry Jack, I overstepped the line in France, I let my feelings run riot, seeing to handsome young lads naked and at times erect got to me, I won't force you to leave, but at least let me get us some food" Stuart said.

Jack looked at Stuart and knew he had the man where he wanted him "you fancy your son?" Jack asked "Jack I lost my head with you, I am bisexual, have been since my teen years, I did stuff with boys at boarding school a long time ago, I have slept with men even though I am married, my wife doesn't know and never will I hope, Luke walks about naked a lot at home, and I know he is sexually active, with boys and girls, I just lost it that's all" Stuart explained and looked doleful now as he slumped in a chair on the other side of the bed.

Jack felt for him in a way, he knew Stuart shouldn't have done what he did, but he hadn't exactly pushed him away and had loved Stuart's cock in him "well I wasn't exactly stopping you Stuart, maybe I should have done seeing as how I am in love with Luke and wouldn't do anything to hurt him, so we will forget about it okay?" Jack said, Stuart looked at Jack and he nodded, "now I feel hungry, a soft drink and a sandwich please" went on Jack.

Stuart got up and went and saw the nurse and she directed him to the canteen, Jack sat down next to his mum and put his hand in hers and held it softly and sobbed "oh mum, please get well, I need you so much, please don't leave me" he sobbed.

Stuart came back after about 15 minutes with some ham salad sandwiches and two cans of pop and some cakes, he and Jack ate the food in silence, except for the gentle bleeping of the machines that were keeping his mum alive, both of them were tired now and dozed off to the sound of the machines.

Meanwhile Helen and Luke had done a lot of driving and had now stopped at a small hotel on the edge of Paris, they still had about half a days drive left to get to the Eurostar train, they had grabbed a snack and then went upstairs to the room, very tired they undressed completely and got into the twin beds, Luke had been quiet all day, unlike him really, he was soon asleep and Helen lay there thinking of Stuart and Jack and of course Jack's mum, she gradually drifted off to sleep.

In the hospital a night doctor came and checked on Jack's mum, Jack woke up with start "is she going to be okay doctor?" he asked rubbing his eyes, the doctor finished checking his mum's vitals and then turned to Jack and smiled, "I will do everything in my power to make her better young man, no promises mind, but she is stable and that's all we can ask at the moment" he said.

Jack smiled weakly and Stuart woke up "is this your dad son?" the doctor asked "no it's my best friends dad" Jack replied and went on to tell him their circumstances "well look we have rooms for relatives to stay, nothing special mind, just a bed and a private bathroom with a shower, I'm sure we can fit another bed in and you two could rest there, we will get you up if anything occurs, but it's highly unlikely that she will wake up in the next 8 or so hours at least" said the doctor.

Stuart looked at Jack, he expected him to rise up and reiterate his defiance, but he didn't, "you sure you will wake us?" enquired Jack "yes I will get you here personally son" the doctor said "okay, we will take a nap then" said Jack, the doctor went out the room and chatted to the nurse on the nurses station and she went off, 20 minutes later she came into the private room and said a room had been arranged just down the hall for them to sleep in.

Jack and Stuart followed her and showed them the room, two small beds were side by side and a couple of bedside cabinets and then she showed them a small shower room with a toilet and wash basin, all towels and toiletries were provided she bade them goodnight and left them, "I need a shower Stuart" said Jack "so do I Jack" answered Stuart, "you go first Jack" went on Stuart.

Jack undressed completely and Stuart looked at him, "god he was so sexy" Stuart thought as he gazed at the naked Jack, his cock was hanging down soft, he was brown all over now, his lovely bubble butt was just right for a boy his age, Jack went into the shower room and then came out after a couple of minutes, "why don't you join me Stuart?" he asked "ermm no I think not Jack, lets not go there again son okay" Stuart replied.

Jack grinned, "why not, we both enjoyed what happened last time?" he said, "Jack if your punishing me by teasing me then its wrong, I did wrong last time with you, I find you attractive of course, but your only 12 and I could get in a lot of trouble if we did anything else" Stuart explained as he too undressed and his cock betrayed what he was thinking, it was rampant.

"Well something shows me you want to," said Jack, who was wanting sex so bad, he didn't know why, he just felt he needed a release and wanking himself wouldn't do. Stuart was in turmoil now, he wanted the sexy Jack so much, but his head was telling him to leave Jack alone, his heart won and he went into the bathroom with Jack, it had a remarkably large shower and Stuart decided it was because they must get disabled people staying, he ran the shower until it ran warm and then him and Jack got in.

Jack spread shower gel all over him and then passed it to Stuart who did the same, it was bog standard stuff but was okay, Jack got a good lather up over his 12 year old naked body and then asked Stuart to wash his back for him, Stuart grabbed the wash cloth and started to put shower gel on it and rub it over Jack's sexy back, with the sports Jack did he had a muscular back and Stuart loved looking at it, his own son had a great back, but Jack's beat him all ends.

Stuart washed all the way down Jack's back and then into his crack, Jack bent slightly letting Stuart have access to his bum hole "arghh yeah that feels good" Jack moaned as Stuart fingered the wash cloth into Jack's hole, his fingers went in deep and had Jack moaning, Stuart reached round to Jack's front and grabbed Jack's hard boy cock, he pulled Jack's foreskin right back and wanked him as his own cock reared up and pushed into Jack's boy hole, Jack felt Stuart's knob push around his hole.

"Yeah push it in Stuart, fuck me" moaned Jack softly, Stuart was in turmoil now, he was already past the point of no return and in deep trouble, he gripped Jack's ample bottom and with one push entered the 12 year olds bum "arghh ohh yeah ohh fuck! Yeah" growled Jack softly as he was penetrated by Stuarts big cut cock "argggh fuck Jack, your so tight" moaned Stuart as he rammed his big cock in Jack's young bum.

All too soon his seed was bubbling up in his balls and he gripped Jack tightly and moaned "arrghh ohhh fuck, I'm cumming" and buried his cock up to his trimmed pubes in Jack's willing bum, he shot spurt after spurt of his hot man seed into Jack "ohh yeah, ohh god spunk in me Stuart!" Jack moaned, Stuart was gripping him tightly and shooting his adult seed into Jack, then he subsided and let him go, he lay against the shower wall and got his breath back, Jack turned round and his engorged cock stuck obscenely in the air.

"I need to cum Stuart, I need it so bad" moaned Jack as he stroked his hard boy cock, Stuart looked at Jack and then turned round, "fuck me with your big cock Jack, its man sized now boy, I haven't had a cock in me for years, give it to me boy!" Stuart moaned.

Jack positioned himself behind Stuarts bare bum and Stuart parted his bum cheeks and Jack slipped his bare cock head in Stuart's crack, he had to stand on tiptoes to get to Stuart's height but managed on the second attempt to penetrate Stuart's bum "arghh fuck that hurts, ohh fuck ohh god yeah" Stuart moaned as Jack rabbit fucked him, he gripped Stuarts deeply tanned bare bottom and fucked hard into his lover's dads arse "arghh fuck ohh your tight" moaned Jack as his ball sack slammed against Stuart's bum.

He was soon about to cum and he moaned "ohh yeah ohh god yeah I'm cumming arghhh" Jack groaned and shot his young sperm into Stuarts bum, four good spurts filled Stuart up and then a couple of lesser ones came out as he pulled out.

Jack was exhausted now and lay back against the shower wall, after a couple of minutes getting their breaths back they cleaned off and exited the shower and dried off, then they went back into the bedroom and climbed into bed, Jack smiled at Stuart "we are quits now Stuart, no more sex between us, I am all Luke's now okay?" said Jack, Stuart looked at him, "okay, no more Jack, but please don't say anything to Helen or Luke okay?" Stuart replied with pleading eyes.

"You got it, I won't tell anyone Stuart" said Jack and turned out his bedside lamp and was instantly asleep, Stuart lay a few minutes and contemplated his actions and decided he would try and forget what had gone on and he too switched off his bedside lamp and dozed off, they slept for a good 8 hours and a knock on the door woke both of them up, Jack rubbed his tired eyes and a nurse told them it was good news.

Jack quickly got out of bed when the nurse had left, his cock told him he needed to pee, it was hard, Stuart smiled as he waited until Jack had finished and then led by his hard cock he went to pee as well, Jack quickly dressed, he had only one change of clothes, a clean polo shirt and underpants and socks, which he rapidly got in, Stuart came out and Jack said he was going to see his mum, before Stuart could reply, Jack was out the room.

Stuart dressed as well and joined Jack in his mum's room, Jack turned to him "mum's awake Stuart" Jack said and beamed at him "yes I see she is, she must be very tired Jack, so please take your time" Stuart said and observed Jack's mum, she was gripping her son's hand tightly and trying to smile "it's good to see you both" she croaked.

"Oh mum!!" Jack said and burst into tears and buried his head in her lap "steady on Jack, she is still very ill" Stuart said and came and lifted up Jack's head, he gripped Jack's shoulders as he spoke to Jack's mum "how do you feel Lind?" he asked "horrible Stuart, but glad to see you both, where's Helen and Luke?" she replied shakily "they are on their way back with the car Linda, we came by plane" Stuart explained.

Linda looked at Jack "my aren't you tanned Jack" she said, Jack lifted up his polo shirt and showed her his bare chest "oh my how brown you are Jack, is it all over?" she went on, he moved away from the bedside and turned away and undid his shorts and dropping his shorts and underpants and exposed his bare brown bottom to his mum, Stuart looked away although he didn't want to.

"Oh god you did go nude didn't you" his mum croaked, Jack pulled up his pants and shorts and turned and grinned at his mum, just then a nurse came in and said the doctor was coming, they all moved away from the bed and then the doctor came in, he smiled at Jack and Stuart and asked them if they had a good sleep, they said they had and he carried on looking at Jack's mums charts "mmm she is making remarkable progress, we didn't think she would come out of the coma yet" "is she well enough to come home doctor?" asked Jack "oh no young man, she has to stay with us a bit longer, but I can say she is doing okay so far" the doctor replied and smiled at Jack.

Jack and Stuart stayed for about an hour and then the nurse said she needed to sedate his more again and it would be best they went home and got some rest themselves and come back later, Jack was about to say he was staying and then he saw his mum open her eyes and say "go with Stuart Jack, get some rest please, I'll be okay son" she said very softly and then closed her eyes.

Jack reluctantly said he would and then went back to the room they had slept in and packed his bag and Stuart's as well and came back to Stuart who was outside the room, they thanked the nurse and set off to Stuart's place.

Outside the hospital he put a call in on his mobile to his wife, after a few rings Luke answered "hello Dad, how is Jack's mum?" he asked "she's awake and doing fine Luke, where's your mum" Stuart replied "she's in the shower, we got up about 15 minutes or so and we are going to get some breakfast and then set off to the Euro Train, I'll get her to ring you when she gets out okay" said Luke "in the meantime can I speak to Jack please dad?" Stuart handed the phone to Jack, "hello Luke" said Jack "hello sexy, how are you?" asked Luke.

"Missing you sexy," replied Jack and he grinned at Stuart "ahem! Can you and my son keep it clean please Jack?" Stuart said, Liam had heard what his dad had said and giggled, Jack giggled back "I am doing okay now Luke, thanks, mum will be okay they say, we are just setting off to your place for something to eat and a sleep, I got about 8 hours last night but still feel tired" said Jack "well use my bed then Jack, its more softer than the spare room bed and thinking of you sleeping naked in my bed with make my day" Luke replied and grinned, that had Jack giggling and Stuart guessed his son had said something sexy to Jack "god, teenage boy's today!!" Stuart thought to himself.

Stuart took the phone from Jack when they had finished and rang for a taxi and 10 minutes later they were on their way to Stuart and Helen's place, Stuart cooked Jack bacon and eggs and sausage and he watched as Jack ate his sausage seductively and laughed as he made he was sucking a cock, "Jack Tolly your incorrigible" said Stuart, Jack laughed out loud "well I will take that as a compliment as I don't understand that word" replied Jack.

They finished up their breakfast and Stuart's mobile rang, it was his wife, so Jack said he was going to get some sleep and Stuart waved him upstairs, Jack went to Luke's room and stripped naked, he was hard again, he lay in Luke's bed and thought about him, he rubbed his cock and needed to get off, he hung over the side of Luke's bed and saw he had a cloth under there, he grabbed it and found it was quite big, Jack decided he wanted to turn over and rub his cock up the bed, so he lay on the cloth and started to fuck his cock up Luke's mattress "ohh yeah ohh that feels great" moaned Jack as he rubbed his hard boy cock up the bed, he was in a fast fucking mode now and images of Luke were flashing through his mind as he rapidly came "arghh yeah ohh fuck yeah ohh god!" Jack moaned as he shot his hot boy sperm onto the cloth, four good spurts of his hot sperm.

He lay a few minutes getting his breath back and then grabbed the cloth and cleaned himself up and threw it under the bed and drifted off to sleep, Stuart got him up after about six hours of sleep and told him they should get to the hospital "is there a problem Stuart?" Jack asked "no it's okay Jack, just though you would like to go, Helen and Luke will meet us there later, they are well on their way through the tunnel now Jack" replied Stuart.

Jack said he would get up in a few minutes and lay there waking up, he got out of bed naked and made his way to the bathroom, he peed and then took a quick shower, he smelt of cum, so was glad to wash that off, he used some of Luke's toiletries and then went back to Luke's room and got dressed and then downstairs, he had a quick drink of orange juice and then Stuart phoned for a taxi and they set off to the hospital.

Jack's mum was awake and greeted them, Jack had bought some flowers from the hospital shop as they went in and a nurse took them off him and found a vase to put them in, they chatted a bit and then Stuart went off to get him and Jack some sandwiches and a drink, just after 8 pm Helen arrived with Luke, the two boy's were so overjoyed to see each other they openly kissed each other passionately. Jack's mum smiled to see the boys in a clinch "ermm I think that's enough lads" said Stuart, the boy's parted and grinned "it's okay Stuart, I guessed awhile ago there was something about Jack and Luke" said Linda in a voice that was barely above a whisper "his dad was bisexual, so I guess it is like father, like son" she went on.

Jack's face was a picture, he was stunned "dad liked men as well?" he said after a few minutes "well he told me he had had a couple of male lovers before he knew me, and one guy after" Linda said, Luke was grinning at Jack as he seemed to squirm a bit in embarrassment.

The subject was dropped as the doctor came in the room and told them what was going to happen "Mrs Tolly will have to stay with us for a few weeks yet, I'm sorry Jack, but she is not well enough for home at all yet" he said Jack looked crestfallen at that statement "but you can visit anytime and a room will be available for you to stay overnight if you wish, I am afraid she will still be here when you start back to school in the Autumn though" the doctor went on.

Stuart said that Jack could stay with them until Linda was better and able to look after him, they had a spare room and could accommodate Jack easily, Luke smiled at Jack and he grinned back and was looking forward to staying with Luke.

After a couple of hours they said goodbye to Linda as it was time for her sedative to get her through the night, Jack was left alone with her for a few minutes to say his goodbye "now take care Jack, do as your told son, it's good of the Osborne's to look after you, I know you and Luke are more than just good friends so please don't give them any trouble son" Linda said "I won't mum I promise" Jack replied and they kissed, Jack left her when the nurse came back with her injection and he set off with the Osborne's, they stopped at a supermarket to get fresh milk and bread and stuff and called for takeaway Chinese food when they got home.

Luke said they would need a bigger bed "why Luke, we have a perfectly good spare room for Jack?" replied Helen. Jack and Luke looked at each other "we want to sleep together mum!" exclaimed Luke "we did it in France and we were naked there" he went on, Helen looked at Stuart, who just shrugged his shoulders.

Helen looked at Luke "its one thing on holiday Luke, there was only that bed available, now there are two in separate rooms" Helen said, again the boys looked at each other "mum we are in love, we have had this talk in France, you said you were happy with us and for us, what's wrong with us sleeping together?" Luke replied.

Helen looked at Stuart for support and saw none, he just shrugged his shoulders again "okay, a bigger bed it is then, but some ground rules okay?" she replied, Luke nodded and looked over to Jack, he nodded as well "well first no sexual contact in front of your father and me okay?" "Secondly we will tolerate a bit of kissing and cuddling, no further though okay?" Helen said.

The boys nodded their agreement, "nudity is not a problem in this house, we all saw each other naked on holiday, so to ban it is hypocrisy, but erections are dealt with in private okay" stated Stuart, the boys giggled and Stuart went red and Helen burst out laughing, Stuart joined in as well, they finished off their meal and for that night Jack had to sleep in the spare room, both boys were tired and were told they had a lot of work to do the next day, what with sorting a new bed out and getting Jack's stuff over and then visiting Linda, they all opted to get to bed early.

Jack kissed Luke and then both boys said goodnight when they got upstairs and went off to their respective rooms, both were asleep almost instantaneously, and slept right through the night and had to be woken at 10 am "breakfast in 15 minutes" shouted Stuart to the boys, they scampered about getting ready and shot downstairs to a breakfast of cereal and toast and fruit juice and tea or coffee, within 30 minutes they were out and off to a bed shop to pick out a new bed.

After looking at plenty of beds Jack and Luke picked a king sized one, Jack and Luke said they still had Euro's left and asked the salesman if he would take them as payment, he said he was heading off to Spain in a couple of weeks and he could use them, they settled on a good rate and Jack and Luke handed their Euro's over, the bed was to be delivered the same day after 4pm, so next they stopped off at Jack's house to get his stuff, Helen got some clothes for Linda from her closet as Luke and Jack sorted out Jack's clothes, Stuart went and turned off the water and electric and gas and he emptied the fridge and packed it all away in a freezer bag they had, soon they had all packed the stuff up and loaded the car, it was only a short drive home and they soon had the stuff upstairs and packed away, in Luke's room they dismantled his bed, Luke grabbed his cum towel and smelt fresh cum on it and grinned at Jack, he grinned back "looks like someone shot a good load last night" said Luke as he quickly stowed it away in his laundry basket.

"Thinking of you lover boy" Jack replied and giggled, they had a quick grope and a kiss and then quickly parted when they heard Luke's dad come up the stairs and help them take the dismantled bed into the spare room, Luke hovered up his room and declared it fit for habitation, they went downstairs and grabbed a quick sandwich and a drink before the bell rang, it was the new bed, it was taken upstairs and two men put it together with the help of the boys and then slid the new mattress on and left, Jack and Luke jumped up and down on it and were scolded when Helen came with clean sheets and pillows, soon it was now a proper bed, they lay on it and cuddled and fondled each others hard cocks, a voice shattered their fondling, it was Luke's mum saying they were setting off to the hospital, they scampered off the bed and joined Helen and Stuart in the car and they all set off.

They spent two hours with Jack's mum and then said their goodbyes, back at home Helen had left a casserole in the oven ad they sat down to chicken casserole and vegetables, followed by gateaux and fruit as well, washed down with some French wine they had bought back, it went down a treat, they all sat watching a movie and then Luke and Jack said they were off to bed and Luke kissed his mum and dad, Jack stood back while he kissed them and then came up to Helen "thank you Helen for letting me stay and being so understanding, we won't let you down" he said, Helen had a tear in her eyes, "Jack we are all glad we could help out, I know you love Luke and we do understand, we trust you both, I can't begin to contemplate what you must have been going through those few days after you were told about your mum's accident, but I will be your surrogate mum until your mum is able to take over" Helen replied and wiped her eyes

Everyone had a lump in their throats, the boys had damp eyes as well and Jack went and hugged Helen and then Stuart and then him and Luke skipped off upstairs, they stripped naked in record time and lay on the bed fondling each others erect cocks "you wanked since France?" asked Jack "no I had to share a room with mum, my balls are aching to spill my sperm" Luke replied and grinned at Jack, quick as a flash Jack had his mouth over Luke's bare cock head "ohh fuck yeah, ohh god, suck on that knob" Luke moaned, he held Jack's head and started to thrust upwards, he face fucked Jack's mouth and soon he spurted his boy sperm down Jack's throat, Jack swallowed all his lover's sweet seed.

Luke pushed Jack off his sensitive cock head and regained his composure, "I love you Jack Tolly" Luke cooed "I love you too Lucas Osborne" replied Jack and they kissed deeply, twirling their tongues in each others mouths, Luke was wanking Jack's cock as they kissed and then he pulled away "this needs some attention" said Luke as he wanked Jack's fat cock "fuck me Jack? I need you r cock in me," Luke said and presented his bare brown bottom with its pink boy hole, Jack quickly dove down and tongued his boy hole "arghh ohh yeah oh god that's great" moaned Luke as his boy hole was licked out.

Jack's cock was leaking precum and he wet his fingers with it and smeared it over his cock and pulled the foreskin back, he smeared the rest over Luke's boy hole and fingered him, he was ready now, so he mounted Luke, he held on to Luke's bare back and rammed his hard cock into Luke's waiting boy hole "arghh fuck, ohh god yeah mmm ohh fuck, bum me Jack" Luke moaned softly, Jack thrust deeper into Luke's bottom making him moan and groan, his balls slapped against Luke's low hangers and then he growled and moaned "arghh fuck yeah, I'm cumming" Jack growled and shot his boy sperm into Luke's bowel's.

Five good spurts and it was over and he broke away from Luke and they both lay back on the bed, a few minutes rest and Luke found a clean towel and wiped his bum clean and Jack's cock, he had to hold it tight as Jack was squirming around because of the sensitivity of his knob, cock's and bums cleaned they climbed into bed and kissed each other goodnight and spooned up in bed naked and fell asleep.

End of part 5

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