Jack's New School



Part 8



Jack lay in bed and contemplated what would happen if news got out that at 12 he had fathered a child, it didn't bear comprehension what would happen if the press got hold of the story he thought.

Luke lay with him as any good friend would, words weren't spoken between them, it didn't seem appropriate to start a conversation thought Luke, every now and again Luke squeezed Jack's hand to show he was there for him.

Stuart came home from work and after a brief conversation with his wife he set off upstairs to speak to Jack, he knocked on the door and Luke answered and told him to come in.

"Jack I know your upset, but please don't shut us all out, we can help you all the way and we aren't going to let anything happen to you, either here or at school, I have your DNA result and I have spoken to Collette's parents in France and they are getting a copy emailed over to them as we will be getting a copy of Collette's baby's DNA, they will be compared here and in France and we should know soon if you're the father" said Stuart.

Jack sat up in bed and looked first at Stuart and then at Luke, "I am sorry I did shut you out, I am trying to come to terms with whether I am a father or not, I am worried the newspapers will get hold of it and I am worried about telling my mum, which indeed I will this evening" Jack replied.

"Well I understand your worry Jack, but I am assured by Collette's parents they want it kept secret and have taken steps the ensure this, we won't be saying a word nor the school doctor, after all he is bound by the Hippocratic oath, as for telling your mum, we will give you space tonight to tell her privately, or if you wish we will be there, its your call Jack" Stuart went on.

Jack got out of bed after Stuart had left and got dressed and he and Luke went downstairs to eat, Jack didn't eat a lot, mainly picking at his dinner, they set off to the hospital and Jack asked if he could go in alone, they all agreed to let him have at least half and hour on his own and sat in the car while Jack went in alone, Jack bought some chocolates and flowers and went up to his mum's room.

"Hi Mum, how are you doing?" asked Jack and beamed at his mum "I am doing okay, what is wrong Jack? You never bring me gifts unless you have done something wrong" Linda answered, Jack realised that his mum would always see through him, he smiled at her and closed the door and drew up a chair and took a deep breath and recounted his problems.

Linda said nothing while Jack told her what had happened so far, then she just looked at him after he finished "well Jack, you aren't the first 12 year old to get a girl pregnant and most probably won't be the last, it'll be no use scolding you as the deed has been done, it's what we do about it if what you have told me is true" she replied.

In a way Jack seemed relieved that his mum hadn't sounded off at him, but he knew she was right, things would have to be done about the baby "I plan to be a father mum!" Jack said quickly "I want to see him or her grow up and be there for my child, with your help of course" he went on quickly.

"Well that's to be commended Jack, but there are two in this equation and Collette and her parents may not want your input in the child's life, but we will get in touch and tell them what you want" Linda replied.

Just then Luke and his parents arrived and knocked at the door, Jack opened it and let them in and Linda greeted them warmly "Jack has told me what has gone on and I want to thank you what you have done so far and hope until I get out of here you will continue helping him" Linda said, Luke's parents said they would continue to do everything in their power to sort this out amicably.

They all chatted for another 30 minutes or so and then it was time that visiting was over as the buzzer went, they said their goodbyes and left, on the way home Luke said "it seemed to go well Jack" and looked at him, Jack shrugged his shoulders, "well I will feel much better when I know the result of the tests, one way or another" Jack replied.

Silently they all agreed with that and were soon back at home, Luke's parents said they fancied a drink alone at the pub down the road and the boy's should go to bed, Luke and Jack agreed and they let themselves in the house while Luke's parents locked the car and walked down the road to the pub for a quiet drink and a chat.

Luke and Jack went upstairs to their bedroom and they stripped naked and lay on the bed, Jack leaned over to Luke and kissed him full on the lips and then leaned back "sorry for being a pain Luke" Jack said "hey! It's okay Jack, you have been through such a lot, now get over here and let me fuck you!" Luke replied and grinned" Mmm sounds a great idea, hurt me Luke, ram your big cock into my bum and make me squeal" Jack replied.

"No Jack, I will never do that, I will never hurt you, I will make love to you, make you moan a bit, but in ecstasy" replied Luke and grabbed the lube from the bedside cabinet as Jack turned his bare bum towards him and Luke lubed up Jack's boy hole and his own now hard, cut cock, he positioned his bare knob at Jack's hole "Mmmm, I'm going to make slow love to you Jack" Luke whispered in Jack's ear as he pushed gently into Jack's bum.

"Arghh ohh yeah ohh god yeah" Jack moaned softly as Luke thrust gently into him and he felt Luke's cock tease his prostate, Luke thrust in and out with alternating long and short strokes, it was driving Jack wild and he moaned and groaned all the time, his prostate was being stroked on the upstrokes and also on the down, his own cock was leaking like a tap and dribbling precum all over the bed covers.

"Oh fuck oh yeah Luke, do me please, cum inside me!" Jack growled as again and again waves of ecstasy wafted through his 12 year old naked body, beads of sweat were appearing on both boys naked bodies, Luke had kept this up now for over 30 minutes, he was close now to letting loose his seed into Jack's bowels "I can't do you much longer Jack, I will have to shoot my cum soon" Luke moaned almost breathlessly.

"Yes, yes, oh god yes, thrust in me and spurt your hot spunk in me Luke, please oh please, I need to cum as well, my balls are so full of it" moaned Jack, "arghh yeah ohhh yeah, take it Jack, take my cum!!" moaned Luke and thrust deep and hard into Jack and shot 6 good spurts of his hot sperm into Jack's bare bum.

Jack shot cum across the room as his prostate was rammed again, it splattered on the wooden floor by the closet, Luke was right up inside Jack now and still pumping sperm into him, Jack could feel Luke's cock head had expanded, it was all over now and both boys were panting, Luke lay holding Jack tight to him, still with his cock deep inside him, he nuzzled at Jack's neck and kissed him as both boy's came down from their coupling.

"Oh fuck! That was good, That was really good" exclaimed Jack when he got his breath back, Luke agreed and they grinned at each other and then Luke rolled off Jack and his cock plopped out, it was half hard still and a thick globule of sperm trickled out of his cock head, they lay side by side cuddling in the aftermath of the best sex they had ever had together.

"We both stink of cum and sweat Jack!" exclaimed Luke, "I think its best we take a shower before getting into bed" Luke went on, Jack nodded and both naked schoolboys climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom, Luke ran the shower and both of them stepped under the warm water, they washed each other, both boys cocks didn't get hard as they washed their balls and Jack skinned back his foreskin and washed his knob clean off his cum.

They both felt extremely tired as they dried off and then went back to the bedroom and climbed into bed, they were asleep in minutes after kissing each other goodnight and both of them slept soundly, never hearing Luke parents come home, a little the worse for wear with drink.

Saturday was a lazy day, Stuart and Helen had a lie in because they drank a bit too much at the pub the night before, so Jack and Luke made their own breakfasts and decided what to do with the day, they decided to phone up George and see if he wanted to go swimming, but when they rang he was already out with his rents getting last minute school stuff, the weather was good so Luke and Jack decided to go to Jack's place and nude sunbathe on the roof for probably the last time that late summer.

They took some food and drink and were soon there and laying naked on the old mattress, they had been dozing for a couple of hours when Jack's phone went, it was Luke's dad "hey Jack, guess what?" Stuart said "what, then?" Jack replied a bit annoyed he had been disturbed "they results came in of the DNA tests, the lab just phoned to let us know what the outcome was, they had been emailed the DNA of Collette's baby and they had yours of course" went on Stuart "And! And!" shouted Jack down the phone, the silence was deafening and Jack was agitated.

"Well it's good news buddy, your not the daddy?" said Stuart "the DNA wasn't a match, so rest easy Jack" he went on "oh great, oh fantastic, thanks for ringing Stuart" said Jack jubilantly.

Luke was laying at Jack's side and was eager to here the news and when Jack finished the call Jack put him in the picture about what he dad had said, they clutched each other close and Luke said he was over the moon that Jack wasn't the father, then he pulled back and looked at Jack "well if you aren't the father, then who is?" Luke asked "don't know and don't care" replied Jack ecstatically.

Jack immediately dove down on Luke's cock and started to suck him "arghh ohh fuck yeah ohh yeah, wish you had good news like this all the time Jack" Luke moaned and then looked at Jack and grinned, Jack was sucking like a boy possessed and soon Luke was getting that all too familiar feeling in his balls "ohh fuck, here it comes Jack, arghh yeah take it boy!" Luke groaned and shot his load into Jack's throat, the grabbed the young boy's head and rammed his cut cock into his mouth as he spurted his teen sperm.

Luke's cumming was soon over and he pushed Jack's head away from his sensitive knob "Oh wow Jack, that was awesome, I ain't ever cum with that force before " Luke said as he came down from his spurting, Jack grinned and licked his lips of the residue sperm. Jack lay on his back with his own cock sticking up like a tent pole, Luke spied his chance and leaned over and took Jack's foreskin covered knob into his mouth and Jack groaned "oh yeah, finish me off Luke, suck that fucking hard cock".

Luke pulled his mouth off briefly "oh I do love it when you talk dirty Jack" he said and laughed, Jack laughed as well as Luke went back to sucking on Jack's foreskin covered knob end Ôarghh yeah that's great" moaned Jack as he slightly lifted up to let Luke get more of his cock in his mouth.

"Fuck, I'm cumming" moaned Jack and gripped Luke's head tight and shot his cum into Luke's throat, five good spurts of his thick cum shot into Luke's throat and he swallowed it all down.

"Mmmm that was nice" Luke said as he pulled off Jack's cock and licked his lips, Jack leaned up and kissed Luke and then pulled away "Mmmm I love you Lucas Osborne " he said "I love you too Jack Tolly" Luke replied and they both grinned and took a drink of the orange juice they had bought, they lay back down and drifted off in a sleep and woke when Luke's phone went off, it was a txt from his mum to come home and get ready to go out to eat as they were going to celebrate Jack's good news.

They both scrambled to dress and then put the old mattress back inside the loft and climbed in after it and locked the window and left the house, in ten minutes they were home and Jack and Luke went and got ready to go for dinner in town, they dressed in their best suits and had a taxi to a smart restaurant with Luke's parents, there they had a slap up meal and even a glass of champagne and a glass of wine with their meal, at 9pm two tired and slightly tipsy boys were bundled into a taxi with their parents and set off home.

They went straight up to bed and aid goodnight to Stuart and Helen, Jack thanked them both for a great evening, they stripped out of their suits and lay on the bed just in their underpants and went fast asleep, Sunday was another lazy day, but Jack went to see his mum at lunchtime to tell her the good news, she was overjoyed and told Jack that all being well she would be out of hospital next week sometime, Jack was over the moon now and hugged his mum.

Tomorrow was Jack's first day at his new school and he was so looking forward to it, he skipped to the station and back to Luke and Sunday lunch was ready as he could smell the roast dinner and licked his lips as he opened the front door, "just in time Jack, go wash up son and join us in the dining room" shouted Stuart.

Jack rushed upstairs and washed up and joined them at the dinner table and told them the news that his mum would be coming out next week, they all said that was great news and they would have to get the other spare room ready that day, just in case she came home early in the week.

End Of Part 8

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