Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Edited By: Trevor

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Chapter 74

Jacob and Dewayne walked out of the restaurant holding hands heading to the elevator. They wanted a little alone time with each other before going to bed, but it did not work out. The fire marshal and several other firefighters walked in. As soon as they entered into the hotel, Jacob saw them and his stomach fell.

"Don't let them or anyone get you mad or angry at the world." Dewayne leaned over and whispered into Jacob's ear. Jacob turned and smiled at him as he leaned in to kiss him. The fire marshal and the other firefighters turned their heads because they did not want to see two men kissing right in front of them. They knew Jacob was gay, but they did not want to see it. When Jacob broke the kiss with Dewayne, he noticed the way his guests were.

Not paying them any mind, he walked over to see what they wanted. The fire marshal spoke as the other firefighters just stood back listening. "Mr. Hernandez I would like to speak with you and Mr. Serna about your house if you guys have time. I know it is late, but we tried earlier and were told to come back at this time."

"No problem, please take a seat." Jacob pointed to the couches in the lobby. "Let me go and get my grandfather." Jacob continued as he walked to the restaurant. A few minutes later, he and his grandfather walked over and joined the fire marshal in the lobby. Before the fire marshal said what he came down to say, he introduced his staff to Jacob and Al.

"The reason I needed to speak with you is to let you know where we are in the investigation of the fire. First we can tell you the fire was started in the den by what we call a fire bomb." Jacob had no idea what a firebomb was nor did Al. "By the looks on your faces, you are confused on what I am saying.

What it is made out of is gas in some kind of a bottle with a cloth sticking out of it that is lit as they toss the thing into a window. When it hits, the bottle breaks and the lit cloth burst the gasoline into flames. Now normally firebombs are small and only damage the room that it is thrown into, but there were several things that led to the fire spreading,

First and most importantly who ever was the one that threw the firebomb really wanted to make sure the house burnt down to the ground. We found all around the house signs of gasoline. Someone got down, actually took the time, and poured gasoline around the entire house. What confuses me on this part is that none of the neighbors saw anything."

"Excuse me I am sorry to interrupt, but that clears my grandson and anyone that lives in house then." This time it was the firefighters' turn to look at Al and Jacob confused. "What I mean is that if gasoline was used, the fire had to be set immediately in order for the gasoline to burn or it would have dried up. The police have written statements from our neighbors seeing Jacob and everyone leave together and not return until the house was burning down. There is no way by what you are saying that the police can be still looking at my grandson and his friends for this."

"Sir I have no idea where the police are as far as their investigation into the fire. Our job is simple here. We are to find out how the fire was started and why did it spread through the entire house as it did. Normally a fire that is started by a firebomb thrown through a window as I said would not have burned down the entire house. Especially a house the size you all have.

On top of the house being dosed with a lot of gasoline, the construction work that was done to it was not up to par. Whomever you used to join the four houses took way to many shortcuts. They would not have been caught taking those shortcuts if the house did not burn down. The chances of someone torching a house are slim and they knew that. That is why they took the chances they took."

Al did not like hearing what he was hearing. They paid the construction company top dollar to join the houses and thought they were doing the job right. Now he finds out because they did not do job right, it lead to the house burning completely to the ground.

"Can you prove that the construction company cut corners? The reason I ask is that they billed us for material and hours as if they were doing the job right. So on paper they are covered, which makes a big problem for us. Unless you can back up what you are saying about the shortcuts, we cannot sue that construction company."

The fire marshal pulled out our file that contained hundreds of pictures. He laid them out on the table and walked Al and Jacob through them. By the time he was done walking them through the pictures, there was no doubt things were missing in the construction work and other things that was done beneath the wall were not done right.

"I am not showing you this for you to sue the construction company. Your grandson made it clear that he is going to hire his own investigators to go over our work, When they do that, they will come up with the same conclusion we have."

Al did not like the tone the fire marshal was talking to him in. "We are still going to hire our own investigators, but you have to give us a copy of your investigation, including the pictures, right?"

"Yes, we are required to give you a copy of the entire file. In fact, the copies I brought with me today are yours to have. I have the originals at the office so please keep these pictures and this copy of the report." Then fire marshal started to gather all the pictures and putting them into a pile for Al and Jacob.

"One last thing I do have some good news to deliver. The house burnt down to the ground, but the basement didn't." Al was surprised to hear that. "There was a concrete floor between the fire and the rooms down in the basement. Water down there, maybe a foot, foot and a half. Nothing in the dressers or off the ground was damaged. So whenever you all want to go down there and get what is down there, you can. I recommend you do it soon since there is nothing to keep people out."

Al cleared it with the fire marshal for him and a few guys to go down there tomorrow morning to get the stuff down there. Once they set the time, the fire marshal and the firefighters that came with him left, leaving Jacob and his grandfather alone in the lobby.

"Jacob, we have been worried about the cash we kept in the house in the safe. Tell me that you locked the cash in the safe down in the basement as we discussed."

"Yes grandpa the money was put in that safe, not in the safe up stairs. We agreed it was safer down there and no one knew about that safe. Plus all the important paperwork we had to keep at the house, instead of our deposit boxes at the bank, I put in that safe as well." Jacob felt even better knowing that they did not lose birth certificates and other items that were only of value to him.

"Okay I will get everything out of that safe tomorrow. The money and the paperwork I will put in the safe deposit boxes at the bank until we have our new house built. Make sure in the basement in the new house they put in the top of the line safe. We need to keep cash like this at home in case an emergency comes up."

"I agree and already put that on my list." Jacob got up to go upstairs to be with Dewayne, but Al called him back over. Jacob was tired and did not want to discuss the fire, the new house, or anything dealing with the last couple of days. All he wanted to do is snuggle up with his big teddy bear and fall into the dream world.

Jacob started to laugh to himself when he thought of Dewayne as his big teddy bear. He does not have one hair on his chest, back, or shoulders. The hair he has on his legs is noticeable, but thin. The reason he thinks of his Dewayne as a big teddy bear is his broad shoulders. Dewayne does not even have to work much to keep his beautiful body. Jacob has hated that about him ever since they got together because he has to work hard in the weight room to keep up with Dewayne, which he never can.

"Jacob, can I have fifteen more minutes of your time please? I know you want to go up and be with your boyfriend." Jacob nodded his head and sat down on the couch, "There is been a couple of things going on in Austin that has not been released to the press. I even lied to you all on why I have been up there the last week or so.

Let me rewind that a little. I said half-truths because I had to. What I said is true that I was going up there to help the governor out on getting his legislation through the state houses. I left out the part that the governor has been asking me to be his chief-of-staff for a while now. Because of everything that has been going on here, I refused the position."

"Doesn't the governor have a chief-of-staff? That guy I see on TV sometimes, what's his name, Rich something or rather?"

"Rich was his campaign manager when he ran for the governorship and became his chief-of-staff when the governor was sworn in. Last summer he stepped down from that position because of what happened with the bills being pushed through and he did not know that was going on. He felt he should have known what the state houses were doing and he should have stopped it. The governor felt differently and didn't want him to step down, but he did it anyways."

Jacob was confused because he has seen him on TV recently and he could swear the title he had was chief-of-staff to the governor. Now his grandfather is telling him differently. On top of that it is starting to sound like his grandfather is about to deliver him news that he does not want to hear.

"I know right now isn't a good time to make any major decisions, but the governor needed my answer today or he was going to move on." Al moved closer to Jacob. "This guy is the first republican I really like and believe in. He is the real deal for the regular citizens, not the rich and special interest groups. There has not been a politician like him in very long time. I want to be part of his inner circle of change, so I took the position.

You have to trust Jacob, I thought long and hard before I said yes. You are very smart and can run this company by yourself. To prove that to you, I am handing over controlling interest of the company to you. You now own ninety percent of the company, leaving me with only ten percent."

"I don't want the company grandpa, I want you." Jacob could not hold back his tears. "You were the only one in the family that accepted me for who I am. You believed in me and never looked down at me. What am I going to do without you here grandpa? I need you more than the governor needs you!"

"Jacob, you are strong, you don't need me. You doing anything that you set your mind to. Moreover, you have a strong boyfriend behind you. He loves you so much. He will be right here for you, whenever you need him. I am still going to be here for you. I might be in Austin, but you can still call me when ever you need to."

"But grandpa I don't want you to leave. I never wanted you to leave when you left the last time. You are needed here a lot more than you are needed up there. I need you grandpa; I really do need you to stay, PLEASE!" Jacob said through sobs.

Al pulled his grandson into him and held him tight. Neither of them said a word until Jacob settled down. In fact, neither of them said a word for a few minutes. When the silence was broken, Al broke it. He let go of Jacob and looked at him with a serious look on his face.

"You don't need me Jacob because you are a lot smarter then me already. I know leaving the company we have built together, in your hands, it is going to thrive. Between your brilliant mind and my business sense, the Angel Corporation will grow into one of the largest companies in the world by the time you are twenty-five.

Moreover, you have the CEO I hired to run the day-to-day operations. All you have to do is look at the big picture and grow the company. With everything I put into place already, your hands are going to be filled. That doesn't even include the new dealerships you have that I know continue to grow as well."

Without going into a lot of detail, Al told Jacob what he has been doing. He could not believe that his grandfather was building other companies within the corporation. All along, he thought he knew what they owned, but boy was he wrong. Al has started new branches in the corporation that is going to bring in millions of dollars monthly.

"When we have more time, I will walk you through everything line by line. Until then, you look at the big picture only and let the CEO run the small things. He knows about these things and that is why I chose him." Jacob still was not comfortable with the idea of a CEO and Al saw that in his face.

"You are the owner of this company Jacob and Mr. Olson knows that. He reports to you and me only. If he does something that is in breach of his contract, fire him. You will not get any objections from me. You do not even have to get my permission to fire him. If he is in breach of his contract, he is gone.

With that said, I know he will not ever do anything that will get him fired. He came highly recommended and I had several interviews with him before offering him the job. He really wants this job and I know he is going to help us grow our company. He has a lot of experience that we can take advantage of."

Jacob did not fight with his grandfather about the CEO. He agreed with him and that ended that conversation. They spoke a little bit about what role Al is going to play before calling it a night. By the time, Jacob was heading up stairs; he was a little more comfortable about his grandfather now leaving than he was when he was first told. He still did not want his grandfather to leave, but knew he could not stop it.

When the alarm clock went off, Jacob was wide-awake. He had a restless night, maybe sleeping a couple of hours. At one point during the night, Jacob got up and sat down in the chair so he would not wake up Dewayne. The good thing that came out of that is he was able to watch his boyfriend sleep, which he enjoyed.

He moved the chair close to the head of the bed and just stared at Dewayne, looking at every inch of his body that was above the covers. Even though he wanted to see another part of Dewayne, he respected his boyfriend and did not look under the covers. He just explored everything above the covers, and got a hard on doing that.

Dewayne joined Jacob in the shower and they washed each other's back, but paid more attention to other parts of each other's body. Before they knew it, they were both sporting a huge hard on and knew that there was only one way to get rid of it. They were limited in time, but that did not matter.

Jacob was on his knees, with the warm water running down his back. Little by little, he took Dewayne's dick into his mouth and did not stop until he had the entire thing. Once he felt Dewayne's pubic hairs brushing against his nose, Jacob started to pull back, but did not let the entire dick out of his mouth.

Right when the tip was on his lips, Jacob went right back down on Dewayne, driving Dewayne crazy. He reached out to grab on to something to support himself, but there was nothing for him to grab. The walls were slippery because of the water and the steam from the shower. Therefore, his hands just kept sliding down the wall. Unable to support his big frame, he started to slide down the wall.

Just as his butt hit the faucet, he hit his climax. Grabbing a hold of Jacob's hair, Dewayne started to shoot cum shot after cum shot down Jacob's mouth. Wanting it all, Jacob closed his mouth around Dewayne's dick, making sure that there was no way any cum his boyfriend is shooting will leak out.

Even after Dewayne had nothing left to shoot, Jacob wanted more. He went back to work on Dewayne, which just took a short time for him to get hard again. Even though he knows he could shoot again, he wanted Jacob's dick inside his mouth even more. Reluctantly Dewayne pulled Jacob up from the shower floor and started kissing him.

He felt Jacob's throbbing dick between his legs and wanted it in his mouth. Dropping to his knees, he took Jacob's dick entirely into his mouth all at once, causing Jacob to moan. Dewayne looked up to Jacob with his dick in his mouth, but could not see Jacob's eyes, because he had them closed tightly.

Just like him, it did not take long for Jacob to reach his climax. Just like Jacob, Dewayne did not want to lose a drop of cum so he wrapped his mouth around Jacob's dick so tight that it caused Jacob to shout. Dewayne quickly moved his hand over Jacob's mouth and kept it there as he continued to take in all of Jacob's sweet seed.

Once Jacob was spent, he slid down the wall and joined Dewayne on the floor of the shower. They sat there in each other's arms letting the water of the shower roll down their bodies. When the water went cold, it caused both of them to jump up and get out of the shower. Jacob grabbed the towels while Dewayne turned off the water. When he turned around, he saw Jacobs smiling face looking back at him.

Jacob wrapped the towel around Dewayne and with another one he dried Dewayne's hair, shoulders and chest. Dewayne notices that Jacob got hard again and he wanted to relieve that for him, but Jacob did not let him so he grabbed a dry towel and dried every inch of Jacob, brushing against his hard dick several times in hopes that he would shoot another load for him to enjoy, but he did not.

They quickly got dressed, made their way down to the restaurant, and joined the others at the breakfast table. The conversation that was going on at the table was the same one they were having last night, the new cars. Joey and his group just sat there in silence because they had no idea what David, Tony and the others were talking about.

As the guys talked about getting their new cars, Jacob felt bad for Joey. "Hey guys please let me have your attention for just a minute." Jacob started to hit his spoon against his cup. "Those of you that were not at our late dinner last night probably have no idea what those that were are talking about.

Let me give you the long and short of it. Last night I gave a gift to those in my house and I know it is not nice of us talking about it here in front of you. Since you guys do not have driver licenses or not of the age to drive, I can't give you the same offer. However, if you are still here in the shelter when you get your driver's license and it is okay with Harold and those in charge here, I will offer you all the same thing.

For now though I would like to offer something to the shelter." Jacob looked at Joey. "I would like to offer you my friend Joey three brand new vans from my Ford lot to be used as the vehicles here at the center. That way neither you nor anyone that works for the center has to use their own personal vehicle to transport everyone here from point A to point B." Joey got up and hugged Jacob.

"Thank you for your offer Jacob, thank you! You have always had a big heart and I hope that some of that rubbed off on me in the time I spent with you."

Dewayne leaned over to Tony and whispered something in his ear. Tony shook his head in agreement and whispered something back to Dewayne, who got up from his seat and cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "Excuse me everyone, Tony, and I would like to offer something as well to the shelter." Everyone looked at Dewayne.

"We would like to offer credit cards to be used at our seven eleven service stations to fuel up the vehicles that are being used here at the shelter. This is a good thing you are doing Joey, and Tony and I would like to help out with at least the gas to your shelter vehicles."

Joey walked over to Dewayne and Tony and hugged them both. "Thank you guys for this, really thank you. This will help a lot and I promise you that I or anyone involved with the shelter will take advantage. I know gas is not cheap, even at what you are probably paying for it. Thank you very much for this!"

"Okay, okay enough with the love fest here!" Tony shouted! Everyone started to laugh, lightening up the room. Joey returned to his seat and finished his breakfast. Before they headed out to school, they split into two groups, half went with Alex and the other half went with Jacob. The only thing left to decide was who was going to pick up Ethan, which Jacob closed that conversation down quickly by volunteering.

All the way to Ethan's house, they all looked at the cars, trucks, and SUVS that were passing them on the road. When they saw one they liked, they shouted they wanted that one. By the time they drove up to Ethan's house, each of them had changed their minds at least three times each. Jacob enjoyed seeing his friends so happy.

Before Ethan walked out, Jacob asked the everyone not to talk about what he is giving them in front of Ethan. At first, they did not understand why, but after thinking about it for a few seconds, it clicked. Jacob did not want Ethan to feel bad or out in the cold on not getting a vehicle. They know if Jacob could give Ethan a vehicle, he would, but it is not up to him since he does not live with them at the house.

Right when they agreed not to talk about the cars in front of Ethan, Ethan got into the truck. "Hey guys, good morning!" Ethan was more chipper than he normally is and they all noticed it. "Man I was worried that maybe you might have forgotten about me. I was about to start walking to school."

Jacob pulled back into the street. "No it is just the traffic was actually worse than it was yesterday. I guess we have to leave a little earlier in order to beat the traffic." Jacob looked at Ethan in his review mirror. He saw the big smile across Ethan's face and knew that kind of smile only comes from one thing, a boyfriend, or girlfriend.

"What is up with you Ethan? You have a grin on your face that can only be caused by one thing, so tell us." Ethan turned all shades of red. "No worries Ethan, nothing you say to me or the guys here will ever be repeated. So come on spill the beans, what has you so happy that you are walking around d with that big grin on your face?"

"It isn't what you think Jacob. Derrick and I did not have sex or anything like that. Its just I had a chance yesterday to be with him. I don't know what it is, but he really makes me happy. There hasn't been anyone in my life that I can remember that can make me as happy as Derrick makes me. I don't know why and I don't care! I love this feeling and I hope it doesn't go away."

Jacob sat there silent as he drove into the school parking lot. It seems that love is in the air, he thought. Not only is he and Dewayne unable to see clearly right now due to wanting to be with each other, it seems Ethan and Derrick are in the same spot. The only difference that Jacob could see is that Ethan and Derrick have that thing known as new love and he and Dewayne have been together for a while now and their love is growing stronger every day.

"Jacob, could I speak with you for a few minutes please?" Jacob turned around in his seat, looked at Ethan, and saw his facial expression had changed. It went from happy to concern. He looked over at the guys and nodded his head to them. They knew what the head nodding meant and got out of the truck to leave Jacob and Ethan alone.

"What is going on Ethan? You have me a little worried here!" Ethan climbed over the armrest and sat down in the passenger's seat. "You were happy when you got into the truck and now you look very concerned. I thought I was the only one that changed that quickly, attitude wise!"

"I am sorry Jacob, but I need your opinion on something." Ethan waited for a verbal answer from Jacob, but all he got was a headshake. "Well I think there is something up with my father. I can't put my finger on it, but I think he is starting to suspect something. He wasn't happy with me last night and..."

Ethan went on to tell Jacob what happened at home after work during dinner. Ethan isn't used to talking to anyone about his personal life and more so this part. He has hidden this part of his life from everyone for so long, he does not even know how to act. One thing he does know for sure of is that he is not going to go around and be a fairy. He wants to be like Jacob and that is to act manlike how he was born. Then when he is alone with Dewayne, he is with him as a couple should be with each other.

"Look Ethan every household is different on every front and more so this one. I can tell you for sure that your mother knows already. She hasn't said anything to you, but she knows. All she is waiting for is for you to be comfortable enough to talk with her about it. Now as far as your father, he might know, but I cannot be as positive as I am about you mother. It is something that is in mothers that they see everything that we try to hide."

"So what do you think I should do then? If he knows, he isn't going to stay quiet about it much longer. I don't want it to explode at the dinner table tonight or any night with my brothers there. In my own time I want to come out to my brothers, but not all at once."

"What I think you need to do is sit down with your mother first and be honest with her. Then with her help you go to your father. You will be surprised what mothers can do. Even though it may look like your father is in charge that may not be the truth. Behind the scenes, your mother is the one that is usually calling the shots."

Ethan heard Jacob loud and clear and agreed with him. He thanked Jacob for talking with him and promised to talk with his mother soon. Nothing more was said. They got out of the truck and made their way into the school. When they reached the breakfast line, David and the guys had saved them a spot in the line.

Meanwhile back at the old house Al showed up as promised with several people from the office to help him move things out of the basement. This is the first time he has seen the house since he has been back. He could not believe what it looked like. What use to be the prettiest house on the block, and the most expensive one, is now nothing but rubble.

The fire marshal was already there doing his final report on the house while he waited for Al. When he saw Al drive up, he put everything away and walked over to him. They greeted each other and made small talk as they made their way through what use to be the front entrance of the house. Just like the boys the night of the fire, Al could not make heads or tales of where he was once he entered into the house.

He made his way down the hall towards the basement door, which is not there anymore. Being as carful as he could, he started his way down the long concrete stairs. When he reached the bottom, his feet got soaked with water.

"I am sorry Mr. Serna for not warning you that the water is still here. Since we are not even in spring, the weather has not been hot enough for it to evaporate. There is still about one foot of water still down here, so be careful."

Al shook his head and continued on his way. It was too late for him to watch out for the water since his feet were already soaked. As the guys started to move out the things that Al told them to, he went over to the wall where the safe was at. The fire marshal could not believe there was a safe on that wall when Al took the picture down. Then when Al opened and started pulling out cash, he was stunned even more.

"You know that it's not safe to have that amount of cash in your home. If anyone would have known that you kept that amount of money on hand, they would have broken in here and robbed you." The fire marshal said in a loud enough voice for anyone that is standing out to hear. Al turned and shot the fire marshal a dirty look.

"No one knew about this, not even those living in the house. My grandson and I were the only ones that knew about this safe and what was in it. Since we kept it that way, there was no way anyone else would have found out and tried to rob us. But in the new house we are not going to keep this amount of cash at home."

"Well that is good to hear. The only reason I said what I said is for your safety and your family safety. People now a-days do stupid things for money. If they think they could get their hands on a good sum like that with low chances of getting caught, they'll go for it."

Al just shook his head and went back to clearing out the safe. "Mr. Serna I hope you are not thinking by me letting you down here today means that the house is being released, because it isn't." Al closed the safe and turned around. Once again, he did not like the tune the fire marshal was talking to him in.

"What I mean is that I do not have the authority to do something like that. I got permission from my bosses to let you come down here and move things out. The only reason they said yes is because they didn't want anything that is valuable to be stolen due to these rooms not being secure."

"Who has the authority to release what my grandson and I own if not you?" Al at this point is barely holding in his anger he has for the fire marshal. Now he can see why Jacob got so angry so quickly. These guys love to talk down to you and think they hold everyone's lives in their hand. Even he, does not act like that, he treats everyone with respect.

"After I cross my T's and dot my I's on my report, I hand it off to the detectives that are assigned this case. Then it is up to them when the house is going to be released. It could take just a couple of days from when I give them my report to months. It all depends on how the investigation is going and how fast they can wrap it up."

"In other words they can hold onto what is not theirs for as long as they want?" The fire marshal shrugged his shoulders. "We will see about that. If they think they can jerk me and my family around, they have another thing coming. I will take this city to court again and win. Trust me they do not want to pay my family millions of dollars again."

Al pushed by the fire marshal and went up stairs. He secured what he pulled out of the safe in the trunk of the car before taking off his wet shoes and shocks. Since he was not prepared for the water in the basement, he did not bring another pair of shoes or socks. All he could do now was to stop by the hotel on his way to the bank.

Jacob walked into the ROTC building and made his way back to the officer's office. He started to put together the things he needed for the officers meeting when Colonel Pigeon called him into the inner office. Jacob put down the binders on the desk and walked into the office. He found Colonel Pigeon and his sergeant sitting drinking coffee.

"It is good to see you Mr. Hernandez!" The Colonel said with a big smile on his face as he pointed to the seat in front of his desk. "I understand that your house burnt down over the weekend and on top of that you had a death in the family. That is why you were not here yesterday because you were attending a funeral?" Jacob nodded his head.

"Well you missed an important meeting yesterday that you needed to be present for. We were discussing if we should go to the Air Force Academy or not. I know none of our schools in the district has ever gone, but this battalion has just won state for the fourth year in a row. The last three years we won every drill and rifle meet here in the city and New Mexico. I think it is time to see if our teams can play with the big boys."

"I know that Major Moore was thinking the same thing. In fact, that was one of the concerns he had when we were making the proposal to Mr. Dick, to be our sponsor. He wanted Mr. Dick to add that into the proposal and give us the money without us having to go back to him with our hands out for more money."

"Exactly, and that is why it was important that you were in that meeting yesterday. I found Major Moore's plans for this year and I like them. But you guys must not have sold Mr. Dick on giving this battalion more money for that trip because we barely have enough to cover our Military Ball and everything else that is left for the year."

"You are right Mr. Dick didn't give us that money because we didn't ask for it. When I walked in there to present the idea of his company being our sponsor, I pulled that out." Colonel Pigeon looked at Jacob with a mixture of emotions. "The reason I pulled that out is because we were already asking him for a huge amount of money. By having that there could have caused us not to get his backing."

"Did you clear it with Major Moore and Colonel May before taking it out?"

"No I didn't clear it with those two. It was my call, not theirs since they were not the ones sitting there asking an owner of a company to give us money for nothing." Jacob sat up straight in his seat. "Until the day you own something like Mr. Dick and I own, you will never know what I am talking about. We are businessmen, that want something in return for our investment. Companies do not stay in business by giving away the store."

"Okay that was then and this is now. You are now the owner of the company that is sponsoring this battalion. Is it possible for you to increase the amount that was originally given to us so we can take this trip as well?"

"Let me look at the numbers and I will let you know." Colonel Pigeon did not like Jacob's answer. He thought he was going to get a positive answer right there and then, but instead he is getting an answer he would normally get if he did not know the person. The thing that Colonel Pigeon does not know is that Jacob is going to release the funds. He just wants him to sweat it out for a while.

"Is that all sir? I have an officers meeting to run and if I do not get out there I will not have enough time to go over everything you want us to." Colonel Pigeon shook his head. Jacob got up and made his way to the door. "Thank you sir and I will let you know if it is all possible for the Angel Corporation to release more funds in the next day or so."

"One last thing Mr. Hernandez before you go." Jacob turned and looked at the colonel. "I don't know if you could be battalion commander or brigade staff and student council president at the same time next year. You might need to drop out of the race if I find out that you cannot hold both positions."

"Why do you assume I will pick ROTC over student council president if it comes down to that? IF you present it to me that I have to choose one or the other, I will choose student council president." Colonel Pigeon could not believe what he was hearing. "By the way I have been treated in this battalion; I owe no allegiance to it."

"Can I ask you if you choose not to come back next year, do we lose the funding?"

"I cannot say either way Colonel Pigeon right now. When it comes, down to refunding the battalion, my staff and I will look closely into it before giving you or Colonel May our answer. To be truthful with you it has to be worth what we are giving. Also, I will not let my personal thoughts and feelings of this program move my decision in either direction."

"When you and your grandfather bought out the McDonalds here in El Paso, you made it clear you were going to be far away from the decision making on the funding. Then you said that again, when you got the car dealership, but here you are saying the opposite. Is there anyway for now that we can deal only with your grandfather?"

"No sir that is no longer in the cards as of last night. My grandfather has turned over controlling interest of the Angel Corporation to me since he is going to become the chief-of-staff to the governor of Texas. I now own ninety percent of the company and my grandfather owns the other ten percent. That means I have the final say on anything that we do or give as a donation or sponsor from now on.

However, let me say again I will not let my personal feelings about this program or those that are in it to influence my decision. At the end of the day if it is still a good investment, we will stay as your sponsor. Who knows, to make it easier on Colonel May I might just offer to be the only sponsor for all the battalions in the brigade."

Colonel Pigeon walked over to Jacob. "What happened to us Jacob? What I mean is that we got along so well when you attended Austin High School, before I became the senior army instructor here. However, since then, you and I have been at each other throats. What went wrong to change our relationship?"

Jacob looked down at the floor and then back at Colonel Pigeon. "I wasn't the person that changed, it was you. It seemed that once you came down here and had to see me every day, you changed towards me. I do not know if it is because I am gay or my owning what I own, but it was you that has changed. I miss the old Colonel that I was able to go to and talk to without the fear of being judged."

"I am sorry if I have made you feel that way Jacob. I respect you and everything you have become. You will be the student we will ask our other students to strive to be long after you graduate. Nothing came easy for you, but you never quit. From being shot, to getting cancer and someone trying to kill you, you never let it get to you. Heck, you forgave the person that shot you and then tried to finish the job. That says a lot."

Taking a deep breath, he continued. "I will not lie to you I was surprised to hear that you are gay. When I look at you I cannot see that in you." The colonel looked Jacob straight in the eyes. "Does it bother me, yes, but you've got to remember that I grew up in a totally different time than you. Still that is no excuse and I am getting over that. I am learning that there is nothing wrong being who you are, nothing! Moreover, you make it a lot easier for old people like me, to get over the wrong thinking we do.

Let us just try to move on. I want it back to the way it was when I first met you and before I came here. Your face lit up when you saw me, which it does not anymore so I will continue to work on becoming the person that I know I should be, accepting all people no matter who they are. You give me time and I promise you things will get back to the way they were your freshman year between us."

Jacob understood where Colonel Pigeon was coming from. He came up in a generation that was taught that being gay, the word had an entirely different meaning back then, homosexuality was evil, and those that chose to be gay were going to hell. At the same time, agreeing with Colonel Pigeon and understanding why he thinks the way he does has not changed Jacob's mind dealing with the funds. He will look at it when the time comes making his decision then.

As Jacob got the officers meeting going, downtown Andy Jr. walked in to meet with Alex's attorneys for the second time. He didn't expect much to come from the meeting since the last one didn't go so well but they called yesterday and asked to meet again. When he walked out last time, he figured that he would be looking for another law firm to help him out with the young kid that he was arrested.

He only waited in the lobby for a few minutes before being called back into the same conference room he was at the first time. A few minutes later Mr.'s Nunez and White walked into the conference together. They greeted Andy before sitting down at the conference table, and getting right down to business.

"As promised my partner and I went down to visit with the young man in question." Mr. Nunez pulled out the picture of the kid Andy Jr. knew was arrested. "He doesn't belong behind bars. The poor kid looked afraid of his own shadow and that is not good in there. The gangs will rip him apart in no time.

After speaking with in jail with him, I we went over and spoke with his mother the next morning. At first, she refused to give me the time of day because she thought she would have to pay for speaking with me. Once I got her to understand that she is not being billed, she sat down and spoke with me. At the end of the conversation there was nothing much more she added to help us with this case anymore than you already told us."

"Okay, so what does that mean? You guys see that it might be a hard case so you will not take it?" Andy really did not like where this conversation was going.

"I am not saying anything of the sort. What I am saying is that I had hoped that his mother was going to give us more information that might help us get her son out, but she did not. Without getting more facts that can help us, we have to go in front of his judge to try to convince him to put the young man back on probation. That is going to be hard to do because of the judge he has."

"So what then, he is going to be sent up to prison for stealing a video game when he was fifteen? Come on, that is not fair to anyone, more so for a kid that cannot make it in prison." Andy slammed his fist on the table. "Damn I wish I never called the police on this poor kid. I should have just asked him to turn his car around, but no, I had to do every thing by the book and now look. A poor young guy is going to prison."

"Mr. Hernandez we are not saying we can't get this done. No sir we are not saying that at all. What we are trying to tell you is that it is not going to be easy. Don't get your hopes up because we pretty much need a miracle at this point."

"Can I borrow you phone please?" Mr. Nunez nodded his head as he and Mr. White got up and left the conference room to give Andy some privacy. A few minutes later, Andy called them back into the conference room. "I am supposed to call my younger brother back in fifteen minutes. He is going to call the DA and do what you were supposed to do, get this poor kid out. He has been in there long enough!"

"Mr. Hernandez you need to stop taking this so personally. I have said this before to you and I will say it again. This kid is the one that was arrested because he did not follow the rules of his probation. If you allow us to run with this, the worse that will happen to this him is his judge will send him to a detention facility, like a halfway house, for ninety days. That is the worse; he isn't going to go into the prison system."

"No I don't even want that. Either he gets out on his probation or no probation at all." Andy got up from his seat. "Come on, this kid is only in trouble because he went into a home of his friends and took a video game. His friend's mother did not even want to press charges, but the DA still went ahead and prosecuted him anyway. No one should be prosecuted when the one that was harmed doesn't want it done."

Both lawyers did not say a word to Andy. They sat in silence waiting to see what Jacob is able to do. In their minds, they do not think Jacob has that kind of pull at his young age. Not even people double his age could pick up a phone, call up the DA, and have someone released.

Time seemed to stand still for everyone in the conference room. What was fifteen minutes seemed like eternity, but it finally passed. Andy picked up the phone and called his brother back. A few rings later Jacob answered his cell phone. By the tone of his younger brother's voice, he knew it was good news.

"Jacob if you don't mind can I put you on speaker so Mr.'s Nunez and White can hear the news as well since they are sitting here with me." Jacob did not object so Andy put the call on speaker. Before getting into the reason the call is being done, Jacob and the attorneys greeted each other.

"Well as you all know Andy there called me up letting me know that you guys were unable to get the young man out of jail." Mr. Nunez tried to jump in to defend him and his partner, but Jacob would not let him. "Look I don't have that much time before I have to go to class. So let me talk and then if there are any questions we can discuss them later."

No one objected to letting Jacob continued without interruptions. "I understand you guys work with these kinds of cases?" They answered yes at the same time. "I don't understand then why you couldn't do what I just did and speak with the DA and convince him that this is not the kind of case he wants to go after when there are hardened criminals out there running the streets.

You two did a great job on giving Alex another chance at life. That is why I recommended my brother seek you out to see what you can do. If you were able to get a person like Alex into Juvenile dentition instead of prison after everything he has done, this case should have been a walk in the park."

"Excuse me Mr. Hernandez you do not know what it takes to get things done in each case. You are just what sixteen years old, with no life experience behind you?"

"I am seventeen with a lot of life experience behind me already. I know how the courts work and how each case is different. That is why I said that if you were able to get the harder case as Alex had done, I don't see why you had a problem with this one. The only thing I could think of is that you guys really didn't have your heart into it."

What Jacob just said, did not make either of the attorneys happy. They tried to defend themselves to him, but he did not let them butt in again. No matter how many times they tried to talk, Jacob continued to tell them how disappointed he was with the way they worked with this case and that he will never again recommend their law firm to anyone.

"You made me look like a fool with my brother by not able to get things done. I could have picked up the phone at the beginning and did what I did here today, but I wanted it done through the court system, as it should have. Now I had to step in and call up the DA and do something you guys do every day, convince him this case has no meat on it.

Anyway, enough with that I need to start my way to class. Please contact his parents and let them know that the DA is going to drop the case and release him from probation. He should get out sometime late this afternoon because the DA needs to get the judge to sign off on their paperwork. If one of you could be there to represent the young man in court, I would appreciate it."

"Yes of course one of us will be there, just give us the time." Jacob gave them all the information that the DA gave him. "Okay it looks like he is going to keep the same court date that we got, so that is no problem on both of us being there. Please Mr. Hernandez before you go understand this one thing, we were ready to do what ever we needed to do to get this young man out of there. I know you think we did not care about this case, but you are wrong, we did. Please understand that before you go off talking about us to others."

"What I don't like is that you guys didn't get a court date the very next day after my brother spoke with you. You had this kid sitting in a jail cell longer than he should have. That is telling me that you did not have your heart into this case. Not like, you did with Alex's case. That is neither here or there, we got the outcome we wanted.

After you represent this young man in court this morning, the case is over. Send a bill with today's court appearance to me and that should be it. I will get a check in the mail as soon as I get the bill." The bell rang for first period.

"Mr. Hernandez there is not going to be a charge for our service. We did not do much and what we did is not worth charging you. All we are asking in return is that you keep us in mind for any future work you may need done in the courts personally or with your business." Mr. Nunez got up and leaned into the speaker of the phone.

"I really do not have any more time to spare this morning. Let's pick this up another time, shall we?" Both of the attorneys said yes at once, as Jacob said goodbye and hung up the phone. As soon as the line went down, Mr. Nunez picked up the receiver and hung it back up to release the line.

"Please inform your brother that we can handle anything he needs done with the courts either personally or with his business. If he allows us to be his law firm of record, he will not regret it. We will be available to him, his family, and friends night or day. All that is needed to give us is a phone call." Mr. Nunez said in almost a pleading voice.

"I will let my brother know that. Just make sure you are at the court house for this case and get this young man out." Andy got up and shook both of the attorney's hands. "Once everything is done, please give me a call and let me know he is out."

Before leaving the conference room, Andy handed Mr. Nunez a paper with the hotel number and his office number. They thanked him and once again asked him to mention what they said to Jacob. Andy just smiled, nodded, and walked out.

Back at the high school, Jacob was rushing to get to his first period class. In order to beat the tardy bell, he had to run from his locker up stairs to the fourth floor where his first class is. Just as the tardy bell rang, Jacob and Mr. Riley walked into the classroom. The teacher looked up at Jacob, smiled, and started to take roll call.

Jacob sat down in a desk in the front row forgetting that Mr. Riley had him change seats yesterday. He had him move to a desk in the back, near the door for security reasons. He did not want anyone walking up behind him and hitting him or worse. In addition, that allows Mr. Riley to sit near the door in a seat out of the way from the other students.

Mr. Riley tapped Jacob on the shoulder as he leaned down and whispered in his ear. "You no longer sit in that desk anymore. Please move back to the desk where you were yesterday so I can sit down and stop disturbing this class." Jacob grabbed his books and walked to the desk that he was sitting in the day before.

Once he settled in, the teacher started her lecture. A few minutes into her lecture, an announcement came over the intercom. It was some kind of code that no one knew except the teacher. She walked over to her door and locked it. Before she was able to lock the door near Jacob, his entire detail came rushing in. They whispered something into Riley's ear that got his attention.

He walked over to Jacob and asked him to get up and get in the middle of the detail. Jacob did not ask questions and he did was he was told. As they made their way to the door, the teacher had locked it already and refused to unlock it for them. Mr. Riley tried to get her to unlock it, but she ignored him and walked to the front of the classroom.

"Kids I need you not to worry about what is going on and listen to me. Please leave you books, papers, and everything else at your desks and get up. Move to the back wall and try to make a single line there. Those that do not fit against the wall, stand in front of those that are against the wall. This is probably a drill, but I don't want to take any chances."

Mr. Riley walked up to the teacher. "Ma'am with all due respect what you are doing here is putting the kids in more danger than keeping them safe by putting them against the wall, but that is not my area to comment on. What my area to deal with is the security of Mr. Hernandez here. By you refusing to unlock the door, you are hampering me from doing my job. So I am going to ask once more nicely for you to unlock the door and let me and my detail out with Mr. Hernandez."

"I am sorry but I cannot do that." The teacher put her classroom key in her pocket and started making her way to the back of the room. "I must follow the procedure that is written in order to keep my students safe. At no time will I break from that procedure."

Mr. Riley could not believe how dense the teacher was being. The procedure she is following is putting her students in arms way, not keeping them safe. It reminded him of the stories his father use to tell him about the drills they use to do when they went school. Whenever a certain bell went off, they were instructed to get up from their desks and go into the hallway and put a book over their heads to keep them safe in case a bomb would to hit the building. Whenever his father would talk about those drills, he would joke about it by saying `like a book would keep them alive if the building was falling down'.

Seeing that he was not going to get anywhere with the teacher, he went over to talk with his guard detail to see what they knew. In order for the other students not hear what they were talking about and panic, Mr. Riley and his detail whispered to each other.

"The only thing I know is that there were gun shots on the first floor. Immediately the school went into lock down. That means the shooter is still in the building somewhere. On top of that they have no idea if it is a student or an adult or what the person is after."

"What about the governor's kids are they still in the building or did they get out?"

"That is what alerted us to what was going on. One of the older sons of the governor has a class this period on this floor. They were pulling him out of that classroom and taking him down the stairs. As they passed us, the head of the security detail stopped and quickly told me what was going on. He handed me this for us to use to get Jacob out."

The security agent handed Riley a piece of paper with a map on it. He looked down at it and saw it was a route out of this building. He looked over at the teacher and thought about asking her again to let them out, but decided he would be wasting his breath. If they were going to get out of this room and out of this building, he was going to have to find a way out by himself.

He did not like Jacob being against the wall as his teacher instructed him and the other students to do so he pulled Jacob into the corner and ordered the other security agents to surround him. Unlike the governor's son's security detail, they are stuck in the classroom for now, but hopefully not for long.

It was not long before they actually heard several gunshots echoing in the hall. The girls in the classroom and some of the boys started to scream and even cry. Riley could tell by how loud the gunshots were the shooter was on their floor or at least on the staircase. It is just a matter of time before the shooter makes their way to the classroom and get to Jacob if that is who they are after.

At that very moment, Riley knew he had to find a way to get Jacob out of the building just in case the shooter or shooters are here for him. He got up and walked over to windows, but found that they were not the kind of windows you could open. On top of that, he could not even break the glass because El Paso High just went through a remodel. The new windows are those if you try to break them, they just shatter, but will stay in place.

Seeing that, Riley knew the only way to get Jacob out of the building is by using the hallways where the shooter is. Something he really did not want to attempt. Not with the gunfire so close to where he is. Just as he was looking for another way out, someone started to pull on the door, trying to get in. Riley went back to Jacob and covered him up.

Who ever was trying to get in tried several more times before giving up. When they thought the person was gone, they heard more gunfire echoing in the hallways. That was the last draw for Riley. He knew he had to get Jacob out of the building in order I ensure his safety. He whispered to the other agents and they got up, pulling Jacob with them.

They walked to the back door of the classroom and looked out. Riley could see a skinny figure walking down the hallway, but could not make out it out if it was a boy or a girl. Once thing he is for sure of is that the person is a kid and more than likely attends this school. That is the only logical way that he or she could have gotten into the building.

The teacher walked up to Jacob and demanded that he sit against the wall with the other students. Causing Riley's attention to be diverted from watching where the shooter headed off. That did not make Riley happy at all. He turned and looked at the teacher with anger in his eyes. She knew that she screwed up.

"Ma'am I will not tell you how to teach and you do not tell me how to guard this young man." Riley whispered so where he did not scare any of the students even more. "Because of you thinking your way of doing this is the right way you have cornered me, my detail, and Mr. Hernandez in this room. If that shooter is after Jacob, he or she will be able to get him thanks to you. So I would like if you would just go over there and attend to the other students while I figure a way to fix what you messed up and get Jacob out of here."

The teacher did not like being talked to in the manner that she was, but did what she was asked. After she walked away, Riley pulled in all the guards with Jacob in the middle and asked them if they had any idea on getting Jacob out of here. They looked at each other, back at Riley, and just shrugged their shoulders.

"I know this is only your second day here, and you do not know this high school as well as I do." Jacob spoke up. "There is a way out of this classroom that you do not have to use these doors." Jacob looked over to the teacher's desk and right behind it was a single door that was shut.

"Where does that door lead to and how do you know about it?"

"That door leads into a room where they keep everything that we dissect. Once you are in there, a small stairway leads to the roof of the building. Once you are up there, several other doors lead to other parts of the fourth floor. If we use the door to the far left or right, it will get us to the lab that is right at the staircase."

Riley does not like the plan, but it is the only plan they have. "Okay we are going to get up and do through that door Jacob is talking about. Once we are on the roof, we will make our way to the right side of the building and use that door since I saw the shooter walking down the hallway to the left of the building, any questions?"

"I only have one, how do you know about these doors Jacob? The only reason I am asking is I do not want to go through those doors and then find out you heard about these doors on the roof from your friends. If you haven't seen them with your own eyes, I really do not want to take the chance."

"I have seen those doors myself many of times. My first year here Joey and I were responsible for raising the flag every morning. The flag poll is on the roof of this building. A couple of times we looked around and found that the key we had actually opened the doors to led to that room over there." Jacob pointed in the direction of the door behind the teacher's desk. "We actually took a few things from there and threw them off the roof."

That is all the security agents needed to know. They got up and put Jacob in the middle of them as they made their way to the door behind the teacher's desk. Riley was surprised to find the door unlocked. He thought that he might have to fight with the teacher to give him the key to the door, but was thankful that he did not have to do that.

As they made their way through the dark storage room, they knocked a few things over, but did not stick around to find out what. They continued on their way and found the skinny staircase Jacob said was going to be there. One of the security agents made his way up the stairs before the rest and opened the door. He lay down on the ground and looked out to see if the coast was clear. Once he was sure there was no one up there, he got up and made his way out.

Riley sent another agent up the stairs to help the first clear the roof, while he and the remaining agent stayed with Jacob. Once they cleared the roof, they gave the all clear. Quickly they moved up the stairs and out on the roof. Just as Jacob described, there were two doors to the left, two doors to the right and one in the middle that led back into the building.

Not wasting any more time they made their way to the door on the far right. Just as they reached the door, it flew open and a young kid with a hood came running out with a gun drawn pointing down the stairs. Immediately Riley pushed Jacob behind him and the other security agents as they pulled out there guns.

The hooded kid turned around and pointed his gun at Riley and the others. "Who the fuck are you?" The kid yelled out, unable to keep the hands around the gun steady. Riley saw that and knew this was not going to end well.

"If you want to live to see your next birthday, you will lower your gun and place it on the floor. I will not say..." The hooded teenager started cocking the hammer of the gun, causing the security agents to react. Gunfire broke through the quiet air making Jacob drop to his knees and hide behind his security detail.




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