Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Edited By: Ed

Edited By: Trevor Johnson

Love scene written by Trevor

Chapter 76

Back in Jacob's office, Jacob had to settle Ethan down in order to understand what he was talking about. Between his shaking and sobbing, he was unable to make out a word that he was saying. He knew the main reason that he was unable to settle down was that they could hear his father yelling from the lobby. Just as Jacob was about to walk out to have Mr. Critchfield removed from his office, it got quiet.

"Okay Ethan you need to take deep breaths in order to calm down. I can't understand anything you are saying right now. So breathe in and out, in and out." Jacob started to rub his back, and after a few minutes of rubbing Ethan's back and him doing breathing excises, he stopped crying and shaking.

"I'm sorry for all this drama! I know this is a place of business and family problems should not be brought into the place where a person works. Please don't get mad with my father and fire him. If you have to fire anyone, fire me."

"Ethan no one is going to get fired here today even though you are right about this not being the place for all this. Don't worry about that. Let's talk about what caused all this drama as you put it. Why are you running away from your father? And why is he so angry that he is willing to lose his job by making a huge scene like he did?"

"I did what you asked me to do and that was taking those folders down to Alex and Matt. When I was heading back up here, I decided to stop in and say hi to my father. As I approached his office, I heard him on the phone. I was going to leave when I heard him say my name several times. So I walked back to see why he was talking about me.

At first, I couldn't figure out the conversation or who he was talking about. Finally, after a few minutes I put one and one together and figured out that he was talking to my mom. That was the easy part, the way he was talking. What they were talking about was harder. All I knew was the conversation was about me."

Ethan wiped his nose before continuing. "He saw me yesterday in the parking lot when I got in the car with Derrick." Ethan started to cry again. "He saw me kissing Derrick and now he is very angry with me. By the sounds of it, he does not want me around. I don't know what to do Jacob, I don't know. I have no one or family here and even if I did, they will not take me in because I am a stupid fag."

"Don't you ever say those words again in front me, do you understand me?" Ethan shook his head as he looked down at the floor. "Neither you nor anyone like you are stupid. As far as the word fag, it is like a curse word. So do not ever use that word even if you mean it in jest. That word was made to cut people like you and me down and I don't like it at all.

Now if your father is angry like you think he is and he kicks you out, you have a place to stay. You will always have a place to stay at my house. So don't you ever worry about living arrangements?" Jacob sat down next to Ethan. "I don't think your father is the type of person that is going to kick you out, trust me when I say that. The record I have and others in my house, I am talking out of experience."

"Why then was he saying those things to my mother on the phone? He isn't happy with me at all Jacob. In fact he sounded so angry, he might actually hit me."

"First I will not let that happen and let me tell you how I plan to follow through on what I just said. If your father doesn't settle down, you are coming with me to the hotel. You will not return to your father's house until I am confident that he will not raise a hand against you. If that is never, then you will have a place at my new house to call your own.

Secondly, let me go out there and test the waters. I need to see if your father is angry, and if so, can he be settled down. I do not want you out there until I am certain that no harm will come to you. Moreover, if he raises his hand against you, I will have no other choice but to call the police on him, which I don't want to do. So you stay in here while I go out there and see what is going on with your father?"

Ethan shook his head as Jacob got up. He patted Ethan on the shoulders trying to reassure him that everything was going to be okay, but he knew it would not work. As he walked out of his office, he looked back to make sure Ethan was okay. Still not confident that he could leave him alone in his office, he asked one of the security agents to keep a close eye on him and to keep him in the office.

Once he was satisfied that he has done everything he could to make sure Ethan was safe, Jacob walked to the lobby. On his way there, he tried to figure out how to approach this whole thing. The last time he dealt with something like this, he was where Ethan is now. This time he is the one trying to make sure that everything is going to be okay and no harm is going to happen to a friend of his.

When he stepped into the lobby, Jacob was surprised to find not only Mr. Critchfield sitting there, but also his sons that work with him at his side. They looked up at Jacob as he approached them. They didn't look angry, instead they looked lost. Jacob knew by the looks on their faces, they had no idea what was going on.

As soon as Jacob walked up to Mr. Critchfield, he stood up. "May I go back there and talk with my son please. I am not going to hurt him in any way. All I want to do is talk with him and let him know that everything is alright."

The elevator door opened and Mrs. Critchfield came running out into the hallway. She had no idea where to go since this was her first time in Jacob and Al's building. Seeing that their mother was lost, the two older boys went over to get her. When she walked up to her husband, she refused to talk with him. Instead, she looked at Jacob and asked where Ethan was and if he was okay.

"Ma'am he is fine and is in my office right now. My name is Jacob, and these others here are..." Jacob introduced everyone that she did not know. "If you would like, I can take you and your husband to one of my conference rooms where you may have some privacy to talk with Ethan." Jacob looked at Ethan's older brothers.

"I am sure you two are needed down stairs in the print shop. By the time you get off, things will be settled." Carl and Paul tried to object, but their mother did not allow them to. They reluctantly left and headed back down to the print shop. As soon as the elevator door shut, Jacob escorted Ethan's parents to a conference room as he promised.

"Before I go and get Ethan, I need to let you two know a few things. I have no right to tell you how to run you house or bring your kids up. However, I do have a right to tell you how to conduct yourselves in my place of business. If there is any show of a threat to me or anyone in this room, you will be pulled out of here by force and arrested." That grabbed the Critchfield's attention.

"My mother is working every minute of every day trying to make up for how she handled the news of having a gay son. Trust me, you people do not want to be in my mothers shoes and do what she did. Ethan is a good guy and I will do anything to help him out. So if you guys throw him out for being true to himself, he will have a place to stay with me."

"Mr. Hernandez we have no plans to kick our son out. All we want to do is talk with him and let him know that everything is okay. Please can you just bring us our son and leave us alone while we talk with him. What is going on is a family issue that you have no part of, so with all due respect, just get our son, and let us go home."

"Adam you will shut up and sit down. You've done enough damage here tonight!" Mrs. Critchfield looked at her husband with daggers in her eyes.

"I am going to go and get Ethan and if he asks me to stay in here, I am going to. If he wants to be alone with you, I will do that as well with one exception, the guards will stay in here to make sure no harm comes to him. I know you have said that all you want to do is talk with him, but in the heat of a discussion, tempers do fly."

Jacob did not wait for a response from Ethan's parents since it was not for them to decide. He walked back to his office and found Ethan where he left him, sitting in the chair with his head between his legs. When Ethan saw Jacob walking in, he got up and started asking how his father was, if he was angry, and on and on.

"Your father is more worried than angry, just like your mother." Ethan interrupted Jacob asking him why his mother was here. "I think she came down here because she heard all the commotion when your parents were talking on the phone. Again, they look more worried for you than they are angry. I have them sitting in a conference room waiting for you. If you are ready and if you want to, we can go over and talk with them."

"Promise me Jacob that you won't leave me alone with them, please Jacob, promise me that you won't? Even if my father demands that you leave, you won't?"

"I already made it clear to your parents that I am not going to leave you alone. At first, your father did not accept it, but your mother made him. She seems to be a very nice and understanding person. All that matters to her is your safety."

With that said, they walked out of Jacob's office and over to the conference room. As soon as they walked in, Ethan's parents got up and walked towards their son, but Ethan hid behind Jacob. When they saw that, they sat back down in the chairs they were sitting on when Jacob and Ethan walked in.

"Okay I am going to say a few things, then shut up. First, there will be no yelling in this room. If anyone raises their voice even once, I will close off this meeting and send everyone home. Second, let the person talking finish saying what they have to say without interrupting them. And finally if anyone gets up and shows any kind of threat to another in this room, you will be removed and this talk is over."

Everyone agreed with the ground rules Jacob set. He stepped back and handed the floor over to the Critchfield family. No one talked at first. They sat putting their thoughts together as they measured each other up. Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Mrs. Critchfield was the first to speak up.

"Ethan you have nothing to fear from me or your father. What ever you heard, you misunderstood. Your father and I were just talking about something he saw yesterday when he went to pick you up at school. We talked about it last night and agreed to leave the subject alone until you were ready to tell us."

Clearing his throat, Ethan started talking. At first, he stuttered, but as he got going, the stutter disappeared. "Mom, I heard dad saying that he was going to confront me about what he saw yesterday in front of my brothers at dinner tonight. That isn't waiting for me to be comfortable talking about it."

"I know sweetheart and your father knows he was wrong. He was not going to do that. He was just angry because he thought his relationship with you was a lot closer than it seems right now. You do know that you can come to us about anything that is going on in your life, no matter what it is, without judgment from us. We love you kids and all we want is for you guys to be happy no matter whom you are dating or your friends."

"Ethan, son, you are everything to me and your mother. We do not want to lose you because of who you are. The only reason I wanted you to come and tell us what I saw yesterday is so I can protect you. You may not know this, but there are people out there that are waiting to hurt you and the young man I saw you with yesterday.

I do not know if they are just confused, stupid or just refuse to accept that you and others like you are just like them, the only difference is whom you love. Because of hate or confusion, they do stupid things like beatings, or worse, murder. If anything like that happens to you, I do not know what I would do.

One thing is for sure, I would seek out the person that hurt you and kill them. No one will get away with hurting any of our kids, no one. If the worse happens, I know I will not be able to go on living. A parent is not supposed to outlive their kids. A parent also shouldn't lose their kids to hate and stupidity."

By the time Adam finished, everyone in the room had tears in their eyes. Jacob just looked on and wished he had that acceptance when he came out to his mother. As he said, she is trying to make up for that, but it would have been great if she would have accepted him for who he is like Ethan's parents are doing.

"Mom, dad I am so sorry for disappointing you. I never wanted to disappoint you. I tried so hard to be like my brothers, I could not. I am sorry mom, I am so sorry!" Ethan started crying, causing his mother and father to get up and walk over to him. They pulled their son into a hug and did not let go of him until he stopped crying.

"You could never disappoint us son, never." Adam mumbled as he held his son tight. "Like your mother said, all we want is you guys to be happy that's all. If you love this young man, we are fine with that. Just as long as he treats you right, because if he hurts you, he has me to deal with!"

Ethan laughed as he wiped the tears from his face. "There is no way he will ever hurt me, he is a great guy mom and dad. He really cares about me and protects me. I want you both to meet him so bad so you can see that. When you do, I know you will like him as much as I do."

"I am pretty sure we will. That is one thing about you. You will never befriend a person that is no good." Mrs. Critchfield said as they sat back down. "What is the young mans name?"

"His name is Derrick, and he's just starting college." Ethan pulled out a picture of him and Derrick from his wallet that they took at the mall. "See how nice he looks. He is really a great guy. Ask Jacob, he's met him already." Ethan's parents looked at Jacob.

"It seems that you and my son have become very good friends." Adam got up and limped over to Jacob. "Thank you for watching over him. I know when he started going to school; he was lost because he had no friends at first. When you and your group became his friends, the son I knew came back to me. I thought we lost him when we moved down here."

"Mr. Critchfield he is a great guy. He makes us laugh so much. I do not see how we can do without him in the group. As far as Derrick is concerned, he seems to be a nice guy as well. I only talked to him one time, but there is something there I cannot put my finger on. It is not anything bad, but it feels like I know him from somewhere, which I know that cannot be. The day Ethan introduced us was the first time I have seen him."

Adam patted Jacob on the shoulder and returned to his son's side. They talked until Adam had to leave and go back down to the print shop to shut it down. When he returned, he had Ethan's brothers with him. They walked in and sat down looking back and forth from their younger brother to their mother and back again. Trying to figure out what was going on, but they were unsuccessful.

"Ethan, why don't you talk with your brothers and get everything out in the open since they are here. I am pretty sure they are wondering what is going on with you and your parents." Jacob whispered to Ethan. As he agreed, he looked over at his brothers.

"Paul, Carl, I have something to say, but first promise me that you will not get mad at me or be different to me once I say what I need to say." The two older boys looked at each other and then at Ethan. Paul smiled as he spoke up.

"There is no need to tell us what we already know little brother. Thank you for trusting us and willing to tell us, but there is no need." Carl jumped in. "Yeah Ethan there is no need to tell us. We are cool with it as long as you are happy."

"Um, how do you guys, um know. I have never said a word and I don't think I show any signs of being, you know." Ethan could not believe that his brothers actually knew. He thought that he was careful and never let it out.

"Come on little bro, you had girlfriends, but you never got serious with any of them. Whenever we asked you about how your dates went and if you kissed her, you always changed the subject. There is nothing wrong being in love with a guy, as long as the person you love loves you back. Does the guy you are dating love you as much as you love him, like we know you do?"

Ethan smiled as he started to tell them about Derrick. Just as he did with his parents, he showed his brothers the picture of him and Derrick. They whistled as they do when they see a hot girl and congratulated Ethan on getting such a hot guy. They talked a few minutes before their parents said it was time to go home.

Ethan was the last to leave the conference room. "Thank you Jacob for everything you did for me tonight. I do not know what I would have done without you. Just you being here made all the difference, I know it." Ethan spoke for the first time like his old self since the whole blow up started.

"You are part of my extended family and being part of my extended family, I will do what ever it takes to make sure nothing happens to you. If things ever get bad or you just need to get away from your house, you will always have a room at my place. There is no need for you call, just come on over."

Ethan smiled at Jacob, thanked him again, and headed out to join his family. Although he was worried about letting Ethan go home, Jacob knew he had no other choice but to let him. Hopefully his parents are not two faced people and they are the people they show the outside world, nice and understanding.

As Jacob was shutting the lights off in his office, Dewayne walked in and wrapped his arms around Jacob's waist. "You know you were great tonight dealing with everything. I don't know how you do it, but you seem to always make everything alright." Dewayne leaned in and started to kiss Jacob up and down his neck.

Instantly Jacob got hard and he could feel Dewayne's hard dick pressing against his butt as well. He knows if they are not careful, they will explode in their pants. Reluctantly Jacob broke the grip that Dewayne had on him and walked out of the office. Stunned on what just happened, Dewayne followed his boyfriend to the elevator rearranging his dick in his pants so no one can see it.

When they got to the parking lot, the guys were standing there looking at Dewayne's new car. The minute they saw Jacob and Dewayne walking up, they started to tease them. One after another said something, not mean, but all in good fun.

"I thought you said Jaguars will be off limits." David voice was louder than all the rest.

"They are off limits for you guys, but not for my handsome boyfriend." Jacob grabbed Dewayne's hand. "I will give him what ever he wants that is within my means. But you guys can pick any new car or truck on any of my other lots as long as it is not a Jaguar."

Both Dewayne and Jacob got into the convertible at the same time. As they drove off, Jacob yelled that they will see them back at the hotel. They just watched as the two love birds drove away and could not help but laugh. None of them were bothered that Dewayne got a Jaguar and they could not. All that mattered to them was that they are going to get a new car or truck of their choice.

Everyone noticed the new hot guy as soon as they walked in to eat dinner. He helped Franseca in the kitchen and serving the food. They could not help but look at him. He had black hair that curled at the ends that they all liked, but what caught their attention the most was the color of his eyes, an off blue.

Jacob looked a couple of times, but he did not go head over heels on him. He admitted to himself the guy was hot, but not as hot as the guy that is sitting at his side and shares a bed with him. The day Dewayne said yes to going out with him, Jacob knew he had gotten the guy he wants to be with for the rest of his life.

After they finished eating, they all helped clean up and then went up to their rooms to get their home work out of the way. Before Jacob was able to shut the door to his and Dewayne's room, Chase came barging in all excited. He was talking so fast, no one could understand a word that he was saying. Finally, he slowed down and repeated what he said.

"Did you guys see the new guy Marco?" Jacob and Dewayne shook their heads. "I know I told you Jacob I never had feelings for a guy like I have for a woman until I saw Ethan, but when I saw Marco, it started all over again. What is going on with me? Do you think I am a closet case that is not willing to admit the truth about myself?"

Dewayne was confused on what Chase was saying. "What is going on here you guys? What is this about Ethan and now about that new guy down stairs?" Chase realized that he just outed himself. The only other person beside Patricia and Ethan that knows about what he is struggling with is Jacob. He has not come out to the others yet.

"Dewayne, please promise me that you will not repeat anything I just said in here. None of the other guys know what Jacob knows and by the look on your face and what you just said, Jacob hasn't told you either." Chase explained to Dewayne what he told Jacob in the truck several mornings before. When he was done, Dewayne promised not say a word.

"Look what I think you need to do Chase is take it slowly. You still do not know if you play ball on our side of the fence, in the middle or on the other side. Until you are certain on that, it is better that, you take it slow. You can't afford another broken heart of any kind this soon after breaking up with Patricia and losing Ethan."

"But Jacob the guy is hot, don't you agree." Chase did not give Jacob a chance to respond to his question before asking another and another. By the time, Chase stopped asking questions. Jacob lost count of the how many. He even forgot some the ones in between the first one and the last one.

"I will help you find out if the guy likes girls or guys. I will even help you, if you want, to see if you are his type. However, at the end of the day, it will be up to you to make it work. In order for that to happen, you have to be truthful with him and yourself. If you want a girl on your arm whenever you are in public and him as a secret, you need to make sure he is okay with that before you guys even start talking about dating."

"Jacob, trust me when I say I learned from Ethan. If I think, he is the one. I will not date anyone else but him. At the same time, I do see where you are coming from. So before you do anything, let me think long and hard about everything. It will not be right to ask anyone to be a secret, I don't care who the person is."

The conversation died after Chase asked for time to think about what he is going to do. They called it a night and Chase headed to his room. Since Jacob was not going to school the next day, he took a quick shower and rejoined Dewayne on the bed. Snuggling up against Dewayne for his body heat, Jacob started to brush against his arm.

Little by little he moved from his arm to Dewayne's chest and then to his abs. As he was moving Dewayne's shirt up, he noticed the impression of Dewayne's dick getting noticeably bigger by the minute through his jeans. He looked up at him, smiled as he copped a feel. Dewayne's dick was jumping in his hands; Jacob wanted it in his mouth.

He moved down on the bed until his head was level to Dewayne's waist. Slowly he undid the belt and slipped it off. Tossing it to the floor, he went right to work on the button and then the zipper. While Jacob was pulling down the zipper, Dewayne pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes.

Taking a deep breath, he put his mouth on to his lover's dick and very quickly went right down to the pubic hairs, taking Dewayne's breath away. Pausing he looked up and smiled before coming back up to the tip of his lover's big dick before pausing once again then going right back down on him. Soon he had a steady rhythm going and his lover began gently moaning in ecstasy. He felt Dewayne's hands moving up and down his neck and back before eventually dropping down to his buttocks, spreading his cheeks he inserted first one then two fingers, slowly going in and out of Jacob's sweet pink hole.

By now, Dewayne was almost ready to blow and he forced Jacob away from his throbbing dick quickly moving between his legs lifting them up onto his shoulders. Just as swiftly as Jacob had gone down on him he did the same, and this time it was Jacob whose breath was taken away as Dewayne began pounding in and out of his love hole. Jacob had already worked wonders with his mouth on his lovers dick so it did not take Dewayne long to shoot his load into Jacob's guts. Because the boys had not had sex for a few days, there was a lot of juice to unload.

Finally, Dewayne pulled out, and immediately moved down on Jacob's dick taking him all the way into his throat before pulling out, right up to the bulbous knob on the end. Repeating the process, he got faster and faster until Jacob was getting very close to bursting point, thrashing around on the bed moaning loudly not in pain but joy and happiness as his boyfriend brought him to an almighty climax filling his mouth. Trying not to swallow because he wanted to share the love juice with his boyfriend, it began to trickle back down his nose and out of the corners of his mouth. Finally, Jacob started to get soft so Dewayne reached up to kiss him pushing some of the juice into Jacob's mouth while swallowing the rest. They lay in each other arms gazing into the others eyes, wallowing in the afterglow of love.

They both got up to have a shower together which resulted in both of them getting hard again, except this time they relieved each other manually while their mouths were locked together in love kisses.

Later in bed, Jacob looked at the clock and realized that they had been making love for almost three hours. They both kissed declaring their love for each other before heading off into a deep satisfied sleep.

The police chief faked a phone call in order to get out of his house without questions from his wife. He claimed that his office just called and needed him at scene of a homicide right away. Since this was not unusual, his wife believed him. On his way out, she asked him to be careful and to pick up a gallon of milk on his way home.

After kissing his wife goodbye, he got into his official vehicle and drove off, but not to a homicide as he told his wife. Instead he headed to a run down part of El Paso were the residents do not watch out for each other. They keep to themselves because that is the only way they can stay safe.

Pulling into the garage of an abandoned house, where he had parked a stolen car a couple days ago. The police-chief got out of his car and walked into the house, making his way to the master bedroom in the dark. He started to unbutton his shirt as he walked to the closet. He pulled out a bag of clothes that he put there the day he left the car. After getting out of his uniform, he put on a pair of worn out black Levi's, a black hoody over his white t-shirt, black tennis shoes and cap.

Once he felt he was unrecognizable, he made his way back to the garage and got into the stolen car parked next to his official car. He made his way to the lower valley to a park where he had someone waiting for him. A park that normally at night has no one around and that is why he chose this place for the meeting.

When he drove up, he looked around to make sure he was not followed or there was no one else in the park. As soon as he was sure that there was no one around or had followed him, he got out of the car and made his way to a side of the park that even during the day no one would hang out at due to all the crime that happens there.

As he approached the cement wall, he saw a figure standing there in the shadows. Not wanting to grab attention, the police-chief did not yell out. He just walked up to the guy and made sure it was the person he had set up the meeting with. Before he could see the persons face, the person started talking. The police-chief raised his finger to his lips, asking the guy in the shadows to shut up.

He did what was asked and shut up. The police-chief walked up to him, and he started to whisper. "Do you have my money? I did what you asked, so you need to pay me and make sure I am never looked at as the one."

"I will make sure you will never be looked at for anything in your life again." The police-chief reached into his pocket of his hoody. "I have your payment right here."

Due to not able to see their own hands in front of their faces, the guy talking with the police-chief didn't see him bring out a switch blade until it was sunken into his gut several times. The fourth time the police chief sunk the blade into his gut he broke the handle off, leaving the blade deep inside the gut.

Within seconds, he fell to his knees, clutching at where the blade is. He tried to get it out, but could not. He fell to his side and then onto his stomach. He looked up at the police-chief, and mumbled something, but due to the blood coming out of his mouth, the police-chief did not understand what he was saying.

To make sure he was dead, the police-chief went over and picked up a huge rock and walked back over to him. He raised it above his head and threw it with all his force onto his head that was bleeding out on the ground. When the rock hit his head, it exploded all over the place.

Satisfied that the guy was dead, he made his way back to the car and back to the house where he left his official car. He quickly made his way back to the master bedroom. After pulling off the clothes he had changed into, including the gloves, he tossed them into a bucket and poured gasoline on them before lighting a match.

After getting back into his uniform, the police-chief walked back over to the bucket and tossed the handle of the switchblade in. He stood there watching as the clothes and the handle burnt up. When there was nothing but ashes, the police-chief kicked over the bucket and poured the rest of the gasoline on the floor as he made his way to the garage.

He tossed the plastic gasoline bucket into the flames and pulled out of the garage. As he drove off, he kept looking through his rearview mirror to make sure the house was not up in flames just yet. He knew that the house was going to burn down, but he did not want it in flames as he drove off so the neighbors did not come out and see him or his car as he drove away.

Once he was sure he was not seen, he turned on his radio. Knowing that he needed more than just telling his wife he was going to a homicide, he needed one. Hoping that there was a death somewhere in El Paso, the police chief listened closely. It was his lucky day. One came across the radio and headed to it.

When the police chief arrived at the scene, the investigating officers were surprised to see him. They briefed him on what they knew before giving him a walk through of the scene. Once the police-chief felt he had his alibi set, he thanked the investigators and headed home, not forgetting to pick up the gallon of milk his wife asked him to.

The next morning Jacob and Dewayne slept in. They did not have to wake up early since Jacob was taking the day off from school in order to meet with the new CEO. Since what had happened the day before, Dewayne was not about to let his boyfriend out of his sight so he decided to join Jacob and his grandfather to meet up with the new CEO.

When Jacob did roll out of bed, he made sure not to wake up his sleeping beauty. He slowly rolled out of bed, threw on running pants and a t-shirt before heading down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for him and Dewayne. When he stepped out of the elevator, he ran right into his grandfather.

"I hope you boys are awake and getting ready. We have to get to the airport by nine, in order to get through security. That leaves you guys about forty minutes to do what ever you need to do in order to get ready and eat."

Jacob looked over at the clock on the wall and saw it was less than forty minutes. He turned and pushed the button for the elevator. As he waited, he told his grandfather about the conversation he had with Cody the day before. Before he finished, he noticed his grandfather was not happy at all, about what was being told to him.

"Go up stairs and get ready, you are running out of time. I will take care of the police-chief and those that are working with him trying to pull us down a notch or two." Al turned and walked away pounding the newspaper against his leg. As Jacob got on the elevator, he heard his grand father mumbling. "The thing I do not understand about this guy is why he is being this way with us. We have never done him anything."

Wondering if his grandfather was speaking to him or himself, Jacob held the elevator for a few minutes until he was for sure he was not the one that his grandfather was talking to. Once he was for sure, he got into the elevator and headed up stairs walking quickly to his room. When he went in, he found that Dewayne had gotten up and was getting ready.

While the boys were getting ready, Al called in a favor. Not even fifteen minutes after hearing the news from his grandson, he had a reporter that he knew from Austin on the line. A reporter that they use whenever they need something leaked, but not tied into them being the ones that leaked it to the press.

"Mr. Serna good morning, how is you this morning?" Al said fine. "Is the rumor true, you are the new chief-of-staff for our governor?"

"Well I will tell you what. I will give you that answer and an interview right now if you do me a favor. I know you are always fighting to out scoop each other. Being the first one with an official answer to that question will help you guys out sell the other publications you are always trying to out sell."

"Fine I will do you a favor as long as you honestly answer my questions and give me an actual interview. None of this brushing off my questions, or beating around the bush! I want a frank conversation with you not holding back."

"I do you one better there Chad, I will let you sit down with me here in El Paso and have your interview. You know I have never done that before. The only thing I ask in return is for you to leak this information I am about to give you to others in the press room and I see it on the evening news tonight and on your front page tomorrow."

"You have my undivided attention Mr. Serna. What ever you want leaked it sounds very important. Can I say the information came from you or do I have to say it came from a high position administrator in the governor's staff?"

"You cannot say it came from me. Eventually I will come out and confirm the story and once again, I will confirm the story directly to you. That way you will be the first one to be able to use my name as the one that has confirmed the story. Are you fine with all that or should I call on someone else in the press room?"

"No sir, no, I am fine with everything you are asking. I am sure I will not be allowed to run my interview with you right away. So when will I be able to interview you."

"As far as I am concerned, you can run the interview when ever you feel you are ready. I will suggest that you get down here right away and have the interview because when I return to Austin, everyone is going to get the answer to the question you asked. I do not want you to lose out on being the first since you are doing me this favor." Chad agreed and told Al that he will be on the next plane out to talk with him.

"Good, now let's get down to the main reason I have called you. We have a police chief-here in El Paso that has a hard on for me, my family, and anyone that is even close to my family. The only reason for that is because he has been asked by the Democratic Party to find dirt on the governor through me since they are not having luck doing it any other way."

Al went into detail about what has been going on with the police-chief, not leaving anything out. As Al was recounting all the facts, Chad could not believe the story that was being thrown into his lap. He wanted to keep it for himself, but he made a promise to leak it to the pressroom in order to get it on the six o'clock news.

"Mr. Serna I do not even know where to begin on this. This guy to me sounds really dirty and we will make sure everyone knows that. I am sure the more we investigate, the more stuff we are going to uncover. You are not first he has done this to, and if he is not stopped, you will not be the last."

"That I agree with and hope the voters here in my county see it as well. They are the only ones that can get him out of office fast. An internal investigation will take excessively long and by the time they reach a solution, the public has forgotten all about it. So he will just get a slap on the hand because the blue protect their own."

Chad and Al talked until Al heard his grandson and his boyfriend talking as they made their way to the restaurant. Al thanked Chad and made it clear that this story needed to be leaked out in time for the six o'clock news in order for him to get the sit down interview. Reluctantly Chad agreed before they hung up on each other.

In no time the boys were showered, dressed and went down stairs in the restaurant to eat breakfast. As soon as they finished eating, they joined their grandfather out front of the hotel. He was sitting on a bench, in the fresh morning air, smoking his pipe. When Jacob saw that, he knew that his grandfather was worried. The only time he pulls out his pipe is when he is worried.

Trying to be considerate to his grandfather, Jacob did not ask him straight out what was on his mind. No matter how he asked, his grandfather did not open up. When he was about to ask him straight out, they arrived at the airport. Not wanting to get his grandfather angry before being introduced to the new CEO, he dropped the subject.

After parking the truck, they made their way in silence to the terminal where they are going to meet up with Oscar Olson. They did not have to wait long, almost fifteen minutes after they arrived, Mr. Olson's plane landed. As they disembarked from the plane, Mr. Olson was in the middle of the line. As soon as Al saw him, he walked up, greeted him, and then brought him over to Jacob and Dewayne.

"Oscar I would like you to meet my grandson Jacob and this young man beside my grandson is his boyfriend, Dewayne." Mr. Olson shook Jacob's hand and then Dewayne's. "Do you have any other bags besides the one you are carrying?" Oscar informed Al he had a few more to pick up. "Let's go on over to baggage claim, get those bags before we head off."

Al and Oscar walked in front, with Jacob and Dewayne in the back. When they got to the baggage claim area, Oscar right away saw his bags and grabbed them. To help, Jacob and Dewayne took a bag each. When they got to Jacob's truck, they tossed the bags in the back and then got in.

"So do you want to go to the hotel to freshen up first or do you want to look at a few parts of the company that you are a CEO of." Al asked as he lit up his pipe.

"I like to hit the ground running when ever I start a new job. There will be plenty of time for me to rest when I die. So why don't you show me some of the business and then the main office. I would like to meet the staff and then sit down with you and your grandson to see what I need to do first."

Just as Oscar said he wanted to see parts of the company before heading to the main office, they were at a corner at the lights that had one of their McDonalds. Jacob turned on his blinker and the car on his left let him through in order to turn. They parked and all of them got down and headed into the store.

No one knew the owners and the new CEO had just walked into the store. They went on as if they were regular customers stopping in for coffee and pancakes. The wait was not long at all and when they got to the counter, the cashier was polite and professional. After giving their order, they got their food faster than they thought they would.

After they finished eating, Jacob, Dewayne, and Oscar got up and headed back to the front. When they walked up, they asked to speak with the store manager. The cashier thought that she did something wrong and tried to solve a problem that was not there. As she headed back to her store manager, she still thought that she had done something wrong.

"Good morning, I am the store manager, how can I help you?" A middle age woman spoke in a high pitch, chipper voice, as she walked up. On top of the chipper voice, she had this big grin across her face that matched her personally.

"Yes my name is Jacob Hernandez and this is Dewayne Sheppard and Oscar Olson." The big grin disappeared as the store managers expression went serious. "Mr. Olson here is the new company CEO and you of course know I am one of the owners. We just stopped in to look around and would like it if you could give us a tour of your kitchen."

"Of course sir, you don't have to ask. As you know this store is one of the newer ones you have, so everything is top of the line." The store manager started to explain as she stepped aside and let Jacob, Dewayne and Oscar through. "If you can, please do not get near where the food is being cooked because you don't have hair nets or hats on."

No one objected and stayed as far away from the clam grills, regular grills, fryers and the table that they put everything together as they could. They wanted to see what they were doing, so they popped their heads over the shoulders of the employees as they worked. The store manager did not mind that as she gave the tour.

When she was done, they talked a little in the office with her on what they saw when they walked in and how they were served, which was all good news. That made the manager so happy, that the big grin returned. Seeing that, Jacob, Oscar, and Dewayne thanked her for her time and headed back to the front to rejoin Al.

From that store, they stopped at a couple more as they made their way to the Dodge dealership, on the Westside of town. This is the first time any of them have been there, so when they got the tour of the place, it was new to all of them.

Right away when they stepped into the show room, the General Manager came up and introduced himself. He had recognized Jacob from the meeting at the main office and did not want to do anything that would land him up like the General Manager of the Ford Dealership. After all the introductions were made, they were shown around.

When they got to the service department, they found no service manager. "What is going on here sir, why isn't there any service manager on duty?" Oscar asked as he looked around the sally port. "You should have plenty of staff here that you can promote from within. It shouldn't be hard to get a service manger."

"I agree, but the company policy is to hire managers from the outside, not to promote within. Due to that fact, service managers are hard to get here in El Paso. We have to give them a lot more than they are getting where they are at in order for them to even think about changing dealerships. That kind of funds is just not in our budget."

Oscar looked at Al and then over at Jacob. "I understand the old policy was that, but that will change. Soon a new policy manual will be out and you will see that many of the policies that were in effect under the old ownership will not be in effect with me. One thing I do want you to do more than anything else is promote from within. That will raise moral! Every worker you have will go that extra mile knowing that they can get promoted for going above the norm."

The General Manager loved the idea and asked if Jacob and Oscar could do a few interviews. Neither of them had a problem with it, so they were taken to the service managers office. A few minutes later, the General Manger handed them a list of five names. As Jacob went down the list, one of them jumped out at him.

Not wanting to show any favoritism, Jacob went through the interview process with all the people the General Manager sent to him and Oscar. When they completed all the interviews, Jacob did not ask what Oscar thought, he called back Carlos's dad to the office. Seeing that, Oscar got up and joined Al and Dewayne in the lobby of the service department. They asked him why he came out without Jacob, but he did not answer them.

"Mr. Alexander Valdez, I know your step son, Carlos Medina." Carlos stepfather's smile quickly disappeared. "He is a very good friend of mine through a mutual friend, Alex. He came to me a while back to see if I could help you out with your hours when he found out I inherited the dealership you work at. To tell you the truth, I have been meaning to get down here to see what I can do to help you out. It's just one thing or another came up, but I am here today."

Mr. Valdez smiled at Jacob, but inside he knew he was not going to get the promotion. In his past he has seen that owners or higher mangers do not promote those that they know either personally or though a mutual friend. They never wanted others to think they were given special treatment because of that friendship.

"You have been here almost as long as I have been alive. Two years shy!" Jacob started to laugh, trying to lighten up the mood in the room. "Because of that, you are the most qualified person here going for the job. The only thing I have left to ask you is if you were offered this job, will you stay in the position no matter what other dealerships around town or out of town try to offer you?"

"If you would to give me the opportunity to run this service department, I will stay here until the day I retire. No other company in town promotes from within, like you are willing to do." Mr. Valdez moved to the edge of his seat.

"Okay I like that answer." Jacob handed Mr. Valdez a paper with the salary and benefits that come with the position of service manager. "That is what I pay all my service managers company wide. There is no wriggle room on anything on the paper. Either you take it, or I move on to the next person on the list."

The pay service managers get is almost double the amount that he makes a year right now. In addition, all the benefits he would be getting as well are more than he has right now. He would be a fool to turn down the offer or try to haggle with the pay. He looked back up at Jacob and handed the paper back to him.

"I have only one question for you, if that is okay?" Jacob nodded his head. "If I would accept the job this position, how secure am I? What I mean is will you fire me because the business slowed down or anything like that."

"Look I understand things are going to happen that are not in your control like what you just mentioned. There are only a few things that I will sign off on to terminate employment. The first us if the employee is caught stealing from the company. Second, the employee does not come to work. Third, the employee is rude to our customers. In other words, you fire yourself with me."

"Thank you for being up front with me. Most owners and higher managers normally are not that upfront with their employees. With that said, I do accept the position of service manager if you are offering it to me."

Jacob got up from the seat and walked out from behind the desk. "Mr. Valdez, why don't you take a seat at your desk?" Mr. Valdez just stared at his young boss. "Please come down to the main office on Friday to sign the paperwork that will officially make you the service manager. Until then, you are acting service manager with all the bells and whistles that come with the position."

"I do not know what to say, really I don't." Carlos's stepfather said as he walked out of the office with Jacob. "Let me thank you for your trust that you are giving me with this job. I promise you that you will not regret giving me this chance. I will make this service department the best one in the company in no time."

"I know you are the right man for the job and that is why I gave it to you. If you need anything from me to help you make this the best service department in the company, just pick up the phone. If you have any questions, pick up the phone. I may not be able to answer them when you call, but I will get back to you with the answers you need."

The only reply Jacob was getting from Mr. Valdez was him thanking Jacob. When they walked out to the lobby, Jacob introduced the new service manager to the General Manager and the others sitting there waiting for him. After the congratulations were said, Jacob and those that came with him took their leave and headed to the main office.

Not wanting to leave Jacob's side, Dewayne hesitantly got off the elevator on his floor. Before getting off, he and Jacob made plans for lunch. When Al, Jacob, and Oscar got off on their floor, they introduced Oscar to everyone as they made their way to his office. Al and Jacob were going to leave him to settle in, but he wanted to get right to work so they went to one of the conference rooms to lay down the foundation for the future.

"Oscar there has been one big change since the last we spoke down in Austin when I hired you. I am stepping away from the company almost completely. My grandson now owns ninety percent of the company, and I own the other ten percent. That means he has the say on everything, and I am just a silent partner."

"Oh, so you are no longer going to be involved in the company?" Oscar looked at Al with a concerned look on his face. He was not comfortable with having a boss that has not graduated high school yet. The only silver lining to that was half of the company was owned by Al, which now has now changed.

"I am not going to completely step away from it, but most, if not all, of the decisions are going to be made by Jacob here. He is more than capable! If he were not, there would be no way I would hand over a company this size to him. I hope this is not going to become a problem. If it is, we need to discuss it now and get it out of the way."

"Youth at times is good and at times it is not. For example today dealing with the promotion at the Dodge dealership, he did not ask for my input. He just made the decision without any discussion, something I am not used to. If I am going to be able to do my job right, I need to have input on all matters in this company."

"With all due respect sir, I do not report to you about anything I do." Jacob did not like that Oscar was informing him that all things must be run through him before any decision is made. "You are here to help me run this company. I would have made that clear if I was part of the hiring process when you were hired, but I was not. Because of that, we are running into each other right now.

That is neither here or there anymore! There is no use on even talking about something that I cannot change. >From this point on this is how things will run. Ninety-nine percent of the time, you will be involved in all decisions that are made in this company. We will discuss each item, but at the end of the day once the decision is made, you must execute it without any reservations to it. If the staff sees that the top leadership is at odds with each other, they will take advantage of the situation."

As Jacob went on, Oscar saw finally, why Al was doing what he was doing. For a seventeen-year kid, he surely does not talk or acts like one. He actually sounds and presents himself as if he has been doing this for decades. There is no doubt, now he can get along with Jacob, and take orders from him, he really does know what he is doing.

"There are going to be times when I'm going to depend on you for your experience. Heck that is one of the reasons my grandfather hired you. Your experience will come in handy as you help me make this company the largest it can be, and successful. As that happens, you will be rewarded as well for your contributions on making it happen."

"I have no problem with anything you just said here. Where and what do you want me to get started on Mr. Hernandez?" Oscar opened the leather book he was carrying to a note pad.

"Well first I plan to meet with my father this morning and offer him the VP position to the dealerships branch of the company. We found with Ana being the VP to the McDonalds branch that things run a lot smoother. A daily briefing keeps me up to date on those stores. As well it frees me up not to deal with the small items of that branch."

"I like that idea a lot. Having VP's in charge of each section does free us up to make sure everything is running smoothly. If we are bogged down on the small things, we will never get up from underneath that stuff. Too many good companies out there fail because the owners want to be involved in every little thing. In other words a person could only be stretched so far before they reach their limits and things start to fall apart."

"Okay why don't you Oscar and Jacob head on over to the Mesa McDonalds and sit down and speak to Andy." Al got up to leave, but remembered something. "Wait Jacob, have you talked with Ana about this yet? You don't want to offer this job to your father without at least informing her that you are planning to take him away."

"Yes grandpa I talked with her about this in yesterdays meeting. She had no problem with me promoting my dad to VP. In fact she would have put his name in for the position if she heard I was looking for someone for that section of the company."

"How soon can Andy start if he accepts the position?"

"Ana doesn't need a two week notice from him since he is just making a move inside the company. His assistant manager can step up into his shoes immediately. Therefore, it will be up to my father when he starts. I plan to ask him to start immediately if he accepts the position. That way he can learn about the business and then teach me."

"Get it done Jacob! You and Oscar go on over and meet with Andy while I deal with things in Austin. From this point on, this is your show. Please keep me appraised on what is happening and if needed I will help you along the way. Other than that, I am stepping away and handing you the reins of this company."

Jacob started to get an empty feeling in his gut as his grandfather talked. He is still not used to his grandfather leaving. Not wanting to sound selfish, but he always thought that his grandfather was always going to be there for him. Now the governor of this state is taking his security blanket away, something he is not adjusting to very well yet.

As soon as his grandfather left the conference room, Jacob got up and walked out, followed by Oscar. After grabbing a couple things from his office, Jacob met up with Oscar at the banks of elevators. They rode down to the lobby in silence, and on their way to Andy Sr.'s store, they made small talk. Nothing big, just getting to know each other, or at least Oscar tried to get to know Jacob.

Andy was surprised to see Jacob walking in. He immediately walked over to his son to greet him and meet the person that was with him. He had heard that his father in law had hired a CEO, but he had no idea when the CEO was coming in so it was no surprise to him when his son introduced Oscar as the company CEO.

"Dad, can you get away for a while? I need to speak with you about something important, and I need your undivided attention." Immediately Andy asked if he was okay and then if everyone in the family was okay. "I am fine dad and as far as I know everyone else is okay. They are either at work or school, but they are okay."

After getting a drink, they headed to a table in the corner of the lobby. "According to mom, you love going to work everyday. She cannot remember the last time you were this happy walking out the door to earn a dollar. So I will understand if you say no to what I am about to offer you because at the end of the day I want you to be happy."

"Jacob I do enjoy coming to work everyday, but if you need me somewhere else in the company, I am more then willing to transfer. Just as long as my pay doesn't change that is." Andy started to laugh, causing Jacob and Oscar to join in.

"Trust me Mr. Hernandez what we are here to offer you is not only another position in the company, but it does come with a pay jump. Don't worry about losing pay." Oscar looked over at Jacob. "Why don't I let Jacob here explain everything to you? I just started a few hours ago and still don't even know where the restrooms are."

"According to mom and looking at your resume, your jobs back in Utah were mainly in the auto industry. To be more precise, you worked in the service department in one of the larger dealerships back in Utah. Do I have that right?" Andy nodded his head. "Well I have opened a new position at the main office that has your name written all over it.

It took grandpa and me a couple of months to figure out that we needed a VP for the McDonalds part of our company. Things fell through the cracks because we did not realize it fast enough. We have no plans to make the same mistake twice so we have created a VP position for the dealerships in the company. What that job consists of..."

Jacob went into detail about the job he is about to offer his dad. He did not just give the good the job has to offer. He also gave the bad and everything in between. As Jacob went into detail of the job, Andy stopped him a couple of times to ask a question or two, but he did not interrupt his son to the point it stalled the conversation.

"Grandpa feels that the person we put in this position should already come with experience in the auto industry. I agreed with him, but with one add on. I wanted someone in the position that I can trust, which to me that is only family or very close friends. That is why I am here offering you the VP position."

When the offer was said, it blew Andy away. He knew it was coming by the way his son was talking, but he still was not ready for it when it did. All he could think about is how lucky he has been since he had moved to El Paso. He knows that he would not have gotten anything close to what he had here, mainly his family back. The job promotions are a plus, but all he was hoping for when he came into town was to be part of his family's lives once again.

"What about Ana and this store? I do not want to leave her in the lurch after she has put so much trust in me when others didn't."

"I had already spoken with her, yesterday. She has no problem with you accepting the position if you want it. In fact, as I told grandpa earlier, she told me that she would have recommended you for the position if she became aware we were looking for a VP. With Ana you have an ally, and a very good one."

Jacob handed his father a folder that contained what the position pays. "It seems this is becoming a favorite system of mine in the last couple of days. There is no wiggle room with the pay, or the benefits, that are being offered to you. If you want more pay or better benefits, you will not get them. So what do you say dad, will you become my new VP?"

Laying down the folder, Andy looked into his sons face. "I would be honored to become your new VP for the dealerships. There is only one question I have for you, when do I start this new job?"

"According to Ana you can start as soon as tomorrow. She has already informed your assistant manager to take over your shifts and put another manager in his. All you have to do is go and see her, hand in your store keys. Since you are staying within the company, there is no need to change the combination to the office safe or the locks to the doors. But you will be pulled off the list of managers for this store at the bank."

"I have no problem with any of that. As soon as my shift is up here, I will go down to the main office and speak with Ana. Then I will stop by your office and sign the paperwork if that is okay with you?" Jacob agreed. "I guess the only other question I have is the dress code, what do I wear?"

"That's easy, a suit." Jacob smiled at his father. "You will have your own office on my floor with your own assistant. On top of that, you will have a company vehicle to drive to the different dealerships. That company vehicle comes with a company gas card that you can use at any of the seven elevens in town. Please do not use that gas card to fuel your personal vehicle. You can, though, use the company vehicle for personal use."

Jacob went over a few more of the procedures before letting his father get back to work on his final day as the store manager at the Mesa McDonalds. He and Oscar went straight back to the office where Al took over showing Oscar around so Jacob could deal with the people in his office. When his grandfather told him he had people waiting for him, he had no idea what he was talking about since he had no meetings on the books. However, when he walked into the office, he knew what the meeting was all about.

"Mr. Hernandez good afternoon, I am glad to see that no harm came to you after yesterdays shooting rampage at your high school. When I heard the news on what was going on down there, you came to mind." The private detective said as Jacob made his way to his seat behind his desk.

"Thank you for your concern Mr. Iglesias, I really appreciate it. If you do not mind, I would like to get right to it since you were not on my books for today. According to our deal when you were hired, the only time I would hear from you was when you had something to report to me. So am I correct to assume that you being here in my office that you have found out something on what was asked of you?"

"Yes sir Mr. Hernandez, I have something that will knock your socks off. At least it did to me when I confirmed my information." Jacob leaned forward, with an anxious look on his face. "As I promised you, I dropped everything I was doing to just work on your case. After confirming what I found out was correct, I came right down to see you.

I looked into what happened to your childhood friend and his sister. After an exhausted search, I located him. He is alive and well living with his sister. His name is no longer Ralph and his sister's name has changed. You will not believe where I found them." Jacob could not believe this guy is beating around the bush the way he is doing. He wanted the answer and if Mr. Iglesias does not give it to him soon, he will force it out of him.

"Your childhood friend's name is..."


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In my mind, there is nothing worse than a bent cop, and in such a high ranking one it is so much worse.

I was a bit worried about the arrival of the new CEO but it looks like Jacob and him will get along for now.

My first love scene while working with Jacob, I hope you enjoyed it. I have a lot more sex or love in my stories while Jacob tones his down a bit. You notice I said love scene because these two are so much in love they do not have sex, they make love to each other. Moreover, no kinky or weird stuff either. That just is not in their makeup, also I cannot imagine any rough stuff either, although I did make it a bit rushed and rough at the start because these two had not been together like this for a while what with the fire and everything else so they were both hot and ready. Let me know what you think.

Jacob is sticking to the theory of keeping the big jobs in the family, and why not, they are less likely to do the wrong thing, because they have not only the job to lose but family trust as well.

I think I know what the cliffhanger is about but I am not saying anything because Jacob is just as likely to change things around if he thinks we have guessed, so DON'T LET ON IF YOU THINK YOU KNOW. Please write and let me know what you think about the stories, my editing, my love scene, anything.