Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it's in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

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Edited By: Trevor Johnson

Love scene written by Trevor

Chapter 77


This guy is getting on Jacob's nerves already. The same question kept going through Jacob's mind, why doesn't he just come out with it. What is so hard that he can't just tell him what he found out? It's not like whatever it is will cause Jacob to jump out his office window to his death.

"Your childhood friends name is no longer Ralph. Believe it or not, you have met your childhood friend and have gotten to know him." Jacob hit his fist against his desk out of frustration that Mr. Iglesias seems to not want to spit out the answer. "Derrick Rawson is Ralph and his sister is the baby that was stolen that night."

"What the hell, are you sure about that?" Jacob got up from his seat and walked around to sit next to Mr. Iglesias. "I admit I got a weird vibe from Derrick, and when I met him it got me thinking about my old friend, but I never thought in my wildest dreams that Derrick is Ralph. How certain are you with the information you just gave me?"

"Before coming down here and telling you what I found out, I went down to South Dakota where the leads took me. They were adopted from a firm that was closed down three years later for illegal adoptions. They were getting their kids from all over the world, but could not prove in almost ninety percent of their adoptions that the kids were given up legally by their birth parents.

In cases like Ralph and his sister, they didn't take them away from the adopted parents since they didn't have a complaining birth parent yelling fire. But in many other cases, they pulled the kid out of the adopted home because they had a complaining parent saying they never gave her child up for adoption. Just like Ralph and his sister, their kids were kidnapped from their home in the same manner.

When I read the complaints, it was too close to your story. So I started looking into the cases were the kids were not pulled from the adopted parents, to see when the kids were adopted. I never thought it was going to be as easy as it was. They didn't split up Ralph and his sister. In return that made is easy for me to narrow down my search."

"Wait it a minute I don't understand all this. First you are telling me that Derrick is actually my old childhood friend Ralph. Secondly, you are telling me that he has been living with his kidnappers every since he and his sister was kidnapped. How is that possible? Wouldn't he have known that he was kidnapped and with his kidnapper?"

"You are misunderstanding me. I never said he was living with his kidnappers and those are the people he is living with now. What I am saying is that the kidnappers sold them to an adoption agency that was closed down several years after your friend and his sister was kidnapped. That agency bought kids, which is illegal to do so, and then put them up for adoption at a huge profit."

Still Jacob didn't understand what Mr. Iglesias was talking about. Even if Ralph wasn't living with his kidnappers, he would have known he was kidnapped. That fact would not change and that is what is bothering Jacob! Once his friend had a chance, he would have taken off with his little sister to the police or at least a phone and called the police.

"Look Jacob, let me see if I can explain it a little better." Mr. Iglesias pulled out several files from his briefcase that contained pictures. He handed the pictures to Jacob. "As you can see the picture of Derrick looks exactly like the picture of your friend, with the exception of his hair color. The kidnapper bleached his hair and put on glasses to hide the identity of Ralph. Also take a look at the picture of the baby."

Jacob took the file and started going through the pictures. He compared the picture from the adoption file to the picture that was posted on the front page of the local newspaper in Cheyenne Wyoming the day after he and his sister were kidnapped. Just like Mr. Iglesias said, they are exactly the same except for the glasses and hair color.

"Okay let's say I believe you, but there is something that is still bothering me. Why didn't Ralph try to escape when he had a chance? He was eleven when he was kidnapped. That means he would have known what was going on around him no matter where he was taken to. My friend was not a stupid guy."

"Your right about your friend not being stupid, but a lot of things happened that night that might have done the trick. First he witnessed his sister brutally raped and then killed. He couldn't stop it and then his younger sister and he were kidnapped, and again he couldn't do anything about it. More than likely he escaped into himself and just blocked away his first eleven years. That is not uncommon to happen with what your friend went through in less than a couple of hours.

And secondly on top of all that, he was more than likely kept locked up in a dark basement room with no lights or anyone to talk to for a while. Look at the dates between the kidnapping and when he and his sister were brought to the adoption agency. There is almost two months difference. If it wasn't for the pictures, I would have never looked at those files and would have moved on."

Mr. Iglesias pulled out more pictures, including year book pictures from Derrick's old high school, and handed them to Jacob. "Over time his hair did actually change from red to the color he has now, as you can see in the pictures. But his facial features are a dead give away of his father." Hugo handed a picture of Ralph's father to Jacob. "There is no way this young man isn't related to this man. Also take a look at the young pictures of Ralph's mother and compare them to Derrick's sister."

Placing the four pictures side by side on his desk, Jacob did exactly that. He compared father and son, and daughter and mother. They do look a lot alike, but that is still not enough proof on Jacob's mind to go and tell Derrick or his adopted family about what he found out. If he is wrong, he would have destroyed a happy family.

"One last thing Jacob, I didn't even stop there with the pictures. I went down to see Ralph's mother. She was hard to find since after the kidnapping, she moved as far as she could from Cheyenne. When I finally found her, I told her who I was and what I was doing. At first she was hesitant, but when I told her who hired me, she was more open to my request. I asked her to give me a DNA sample from her so I can compare it to several kids I think might be her kids, which she did.

The reason I said several kids is because she was not the one that hired me to find him. So she shouldn't get the answer before you when I found out. The DNA test was a match to Derrick and his sister. I got their DNA from them throwing away cups and cans. I didn't ask them for it because I knew the answer would have been no. Plus I didn't want to raise any flags with their adoption parents just in case they knew the truth."

"What are the chances they are in on the kidnapping?"

"That Jacob I cannot answer one hundred percent. Right now with what I have at hand, it looks like they are not involved. The way they adopted was illegal to a point, but not enough that they will get arrested." Hugo knew Jacob was confused on what he just told him. "The other adopted parents that lost their kids when the adoption agency was closed down, didn't go to jail. Nor did the police come in and take away the children from the adopted families. If the law was broken, the state of South Dakota would have done that."

There was a lot of information that had just been given to Jacob, and he still hasn't been able to digest the first thing Hugo said. One thing is certain right now, Derrick is Ralph. Now with that information, Jacob knows he needs to figure out if he is going to tell Derrick what he found out. He looks so happy with his family and he doesn't want to destroy that.

"Jacob I know you have a lot to figure out in a short period of time. The only thing I am asking you to do is have the courtesy to inform Ralph's mother what I found out. I can't because I was not hired by her like I said before. But when I left her, she begged me to keep her in the loop on my findings."

"The problem I see for me is I have no right to destroy the happy family Derrick is part of. There is no way he or his sister will ever forgive me if I come around and tell them that they were kidnapped and everything else you have told me. Even though you have the facts backing you, I do not have that right.

Now concerning Ralph's mother, if I would pick up the phone and let her know what you found out, she will be on the first plane out here. There is nothing I can say or do to keep her from doing that. It has been six years that she has been searching for her kids, and that alone will make her want to see them."

"Exactly it has been six horrible years for her looking for some kind of answer on what happened to her kids. I want you to put yourself in her shoes, and think how you would be feeling right now. The poor woman told me that she thinks that her kids are dead and are buried in an unmarked grave somewhere near her old house. It is time to put her worries to rest and tell her that her kids are alive and well."

Hugo got up and handed Jacob Ralph's mothers new number. "Do the right thing sir and call her. I understand what you are feeling and thinking, but she has the right to know about her kids." He gathered up all the pictures and put them back into the files they belong in. "These files are your copies to keep. I have the originals of everything."

Jacob got up from his seat and walked around his desk to write out a check to pay Mr. Iglesias. "You did very good work here on this; I would like to hire you on full time to deal with all my back grounds checks of my employees. I know you are a one person team, but that wouldn't matter with me. I will set you up with an office here in my building along with the staff to get the work I need done."

"That is a very nice offer and I would like to talk more about it. Why don't you put together what you are willing to pay me and we can talk again about this." Hugo took the check from Jacob and put it in his wallet. "One thing though, if I do accept your generous offer, I would like to continue doing what I am doing along side of what you will be paying me to do. That might be a problem for you since you will give me a position with staff."

"I wouldn't have a problem with that at all. In fact I would have suggested that when we started talking about the job more in detail. Let me do a little digging and find out what a person gets paid in the position I am asking you to fill. Once I get all my ducks in a row, which will be in a couple of days, I'll be calling you to set up a meeting."

Hugo agreed and thanked Jacob once again for the offer. Jacob walked him out of his office and over to the elevator. Once he got on the elevator and the door closed, Jacob went back to his office. He sat down behind his desk and opened the paper that Hugo gave him with Ralph's mother's phone number written on it. He just looked at it, debating if he should call her or not. A few minutes of going back and forth, Jacob opened up the middle draw to his desk and put the files that Hugo left, along with Ralph's mother's number inside and closed the drawer.

A voice that always brightens up Jacob's mood brought him out of his thoughts and back to reality. He looked over towards the door, he saw Dewayne standing there with a big smile across his face. Almost immediately the smile on Dewayne's face disappeared and was replaced with a worried look for Jacob.

He knows Jacob's looks all to well, and the look on his boyfriends face right now is between worry and concern. Not waiting to be invited in, Dewayne walked over to Jacob and knelt down in front up him. He took his hands into his, and started rubbing them together to try and bring Jacob completely out of his mind.

Before he could ask what was bothering him, Jacob told him what he just found out. As he told the story, Dewayne reacted the same way Jacob did when he was first given the facts. His reaction quickly changed from surprised to being stunned in a matter of seconds as Jacob told him about the DNA test and pictures.

"I really don't know what to say, I really don't! You knew from the beginning that something was up with Derrick, but you couldn't put your finger on it even though it was right there in front of you. The reason he made you flash back to a memory you thought that you had forgotten is because your old childhood friend was standing right there in front of you. At some level, your mind picked up on that and it was trying to tell you who he was, by forcing you to remember those memories."

"The day I saw Derrick for the first time, I should have seen my old friend, but I didn't. I am so damn dumb on not picking up on that! Dam it..." Jacob slammed his fist on his desk. "Now what am I going to do with this information? If I do what I am supposed to do, and that is inform Derrick, I could destroy him. According to Mr. Iglesias he more than likely is suppressing the memories of what happened that night his sister was raped and then killed. By going to him and telling him what I know, I could be ripping his old wounds right open that could destroy him in the process."

"You have no other choice but to go and tell him Jacob. In fact you should be on the phone right now calling the police and report to them that you and that guy you hired uncovered a kidnapping. Even though his adopted parents were not the ones that did the kidnapping, they shouldn't be allowed to keep Derrick and his sister."

"Oh yeah I call the police and what are they going to do?" Jacob pulled his hands away from Dewayne and got up from his seat. "Let me tell you what they are going to do. First they are going to rip Derrick and his sister out of that home. Then put them into a system that doesn't give a shit about them. In return they will be lost in red tape for years. How is that right to Derrick, his sister and his adopted parents?"

"It isn't right Jacob, but you have no other choice. Those two kids were kidnapped from their home, what five, six years ago. Their biological parents have to be worried to death about them even till today. You have in your hands information that can put so many peoples' restless nights at an end. It shouldn't be hard for you to do what is right."

"I agree about Ralph's mother, but I will be destroying many more lives if I try to fix others with this information." Jacob looked straight at Dewayne. "How do we even know for sure that Derrick and his sister are going to even want to leave their adopted family? Again I could be doing more harm than good by letting people know what I know."

Dewayne got up from the floor and walked over to Jacob. "Why don't you do this first? Go and see Derrick today and tell him what you found out. Once you do that, you make the call to his mother and let her know what you found out. Leave it up to her if the police should be brought into this or not. After all she is the person that would need to be filing the police report."

Not saying a word, Jacob stood there at Dewayne's side thinking about what he just said. It makes a lot of sense, and is probably the best solution to what lies before him. He should talk with his old buddy and let him know what is about to come down the pike. Hopefully if he doesn't remember anything, after talking it over, things will start coming back to him about that day six years ago.

Since Jacob landed up working through their scheduled lunch and was unable to make it, Dewayne decided to bring lunch to him. It was almost three, and Jacob started to tease that they are eating an early dinner, rather than a late lunch. The teasing did lighten up the mood in the office, but it didn't last long. Dewayne could see in his boyfriend's face that he was no longer in the room with him. He fell into his mind, more than likely thinking about what they had just discussed.

Jacob couldn't stop thinking about the pending conversation he is going to have with Derrick, a conversation that he is dreading. One part of him wants this to happen so he can have his old friend back. But the other part of him doesn't want to have the conversation. He knows once he opens this can of worms, it can never be closed again. So many people are going to get hurt, and maybe even go to jail when all this is over.

After eating their lunch quickly, Dewayne and Jacob cleaned up their mess and got ready so they could go together as planned to the architect's office a few blocks down from their building. They talked as they walked to his office, but they didn't go anywhere near the subject from earlier. Neither of them wanted to destroy the others mood. They knew by bringing that subject back up that is exactly what will happen.

When they arrived at the architect's office, they didn't have to wait long. Almost immediately they were called into his office. When they walked in, they got right down to business. Dewayne handed him his and Jacob's drawings and then explained to him what they were looking at.

"You do realize that there is no house like this here in El Paso?" The architect said as he looked over the drawings that were handed to him. "By the looks of these drawings you guys put together, there is going to be over thirty rooms in this house. Something that big is going to cost, and I mean cost. Are you guys sure that you do not want to scale this project back some in order to save on money."

"Even if we did, we can't. We need the house that big in order to fit everyone that lives with us comfortably." The architect looked up from the drawings to Jacob. He wanted to make sure he heard right, and Jacob read that. "You heard me right sir, we need the house to be that big. Since we have all that land, we are going to build a house that we want and we like. There is not going to be any settling here."

The architect looked through the drawings several more times before putting them down on the desk. "I understand you need the blue prints as of yesterday, is that correct." Jacob and Dewayne both nodded their heads. "Okay I'll stop what I am doing and get to work on them immediately. As long as there are no more changes to these plans, I should have the blue prints to you no later than by the end of the week, is that quick enough?"

"Yes that is perfect. That way as soon as you get them to us on Friday, we can deliver them by hand to the construction crew that's going to build the house. My grandfather already has them starting to clear the land and getting some of the permits, two things they can do without the blue prints. Once they get them from you, they can get the rest of the permits they need and get started on construction."

"Make sure before you leave this office you guys are okay with these plans. I don't want to get a call later today or tomorrow after I get started asking me to add something or take something away. No matter how small you think it might be, it will make me have to start all over again on the plans."

Jacob and Dewayne did as the architect asked and talked it over. "No we have no changes to the house or will have any later. Just as long as you can do everything we have listed, we are done." The architect informed the boys he had no problem at all with anything they had planned before they headed back to their office.

Mean while back at the office, as the boys were meeting with the architect, Al was on a conference call with the governor's staff and the governor, and they were just wrapping up the meeting. It was the normal morning meeting, just held in the afternoon due to Al having to deal with the new CEO. As soon as the meeting broke up and the staff left, Al and the governor started speaking about a couple of personal items.

"Al I was wondering if you or anyone you know has an opening for a person to clean up your offices. The reason I am asking is because the press secretary's wife wants to do something during the day while her kids are in school. She is tired of staying around the apartment all day long. Something about she got used to working and wants to continue."

"It has to be boredom, because it can't be money since Johnny is making good pay as press secretary and then on top of that, are his VA checks every week."

"Exactly, it isn't a money issue; its just she has a lot of free time. Before Johnny got out of the military, the kids were younger and needed their mother around all the time, not any more. So she needs something to do with her free time, and you are the only one that came to mind to ask if you had anything for her. Everyone else would do it, but in return they'd want me to do something for them."

"That is the sad reality of today, people do not believe in doing favors without expecting something back in return. As far as any open positions in an office building, I have none and those I know are fully staffed as well." The governor sighed. "But sir, I do have something that might be in her wheel house.

As you know one of my grandson's friend's mother was hired to clean the house. When she was hired, the amount of work was no where near the amount of work she is doing now. She brought her sisters over from Juarez to help, but they went back to be with their husbands and family. So she is by herself again and needs help. If Johnny's wife has no problems on house cleaning and helping out Franseca with other duties, my grandson will hire her."

"I don't see why not. Cleaning an office and cleaning a house to me is the same. I might be wrong there, but I don't think so. Let me run the idea up the flag pole with Johnny and see what he thinks. If his wife wants the job, I will have her contact you or Jacob for an interview, if that is okay?"

"That is okay with me. Let Johnny know if she takes the job, she and her family will have a place to live. Jacob is having two houses built on the property besides the main house. One for his mother, father and sister, and the other that is being built is for who ever he hires to help out with the upkeep of the house."

The governor and Al talked a little about the house and where they stand as far as it getting built. When Al informed the governor that Jacob and Dewayne was meeting with the architect as they were speaking, he was surprised. And then when Al told him that the construction crew has already started clearing the land, he was even more surprised.

"I understand you want the house built quickly, but that is moving at mega speed. Before you know it, you guys will have your new house built and ready to move in. Do you know what the house is going to look like?"

"No, I have no idea what it is going to look like! I left all that in Jacob's and Dewayne's hands since they are the ones that need to be happy with it. The only thing I do know for sure is that Virginia and I will always have a room at the house."

As they were talking, Johnny, the press secretary, entered into the governor's office. The governor informed him what Al has offered, and he liked the idea. Before calling his wife, he told the governor that there is no doubt that she will take the job, so let Al know not to hire anyone, the position is filled.

Not meaning to, Al laughed as he overheard the press secretary and how excited he was. When the governor got back on the line and informed Al of what Johnny said, Al promised not to look any further. They talked a little longer and then let each other go. But before they did, the governor confirmed when Al was coming back to Austin.

The moment of truth for Jacob came faster than he had hoped it would. He and Dewayne knew where Derrick was going to be thanks to Ethan. Since Ethan and Derrick started going out and Ethan came out to the group, all he would talk about is Derrick this, Derrick that. Through his conversations, he laid out Derrick's complete schedule.

Before heading out to meet up with Derrick, Jacob left his grandfather the keys to his truck so he and Oscar had a way to get home. They picked up Dewayne's car after they finished up their meeting with the architect, knowing they had to deal with what Jacob found out earlier and in order to do that, they would need another vehicle. After making sure their grandfather was okay driving the truck, they left.

As Jacob nervously made his way to the community college, the police-chief arrived at a brutal homicide at one of the local parks. When he heard the call over the radio, it felt like the air in his office got sucked out. He knew the only way he could control the investigation is by being there from the beginning. That way he could push the investigation in the direction that he wanted, unsolvable.

When he got out of his car, he acted as if he had no idea what direction he needed to go. Several officers pointed him the right direction when they saw him heading the wrong way. After getting the directions where the body was at, the police-chief thanked the officer and made his way to the area he is really familiar with.

"What do we have here sergeant?" The chief asked the uniform police officer as he covered his nose to the smell. "Sir as you can see it is a brutal murder. First the male was stabbed, and then the killer actually threw this huge rock on top of his head to make sure he was dead, which is making it very difficult for us to id the victim."

"I am confused here, how do you know first this is a male, the head is gone." The sergeant pointed to the mid section of the body. "Stupid question, I get a stupid answer. Here is my other question, how do you know for sure how the killing took place. All that we could know is that the killer threw the rock on the guys head and then stabbed him. Unless we know for certain how everything went down, we can't put anything in writing. A defense attorney could get the defendant off on that."

"Firstly sir, why would a killer throw a rock this size on the guys head, smashing it, and then stab him? That doesn't make any sense. Plus the victim wouldn't have laid there and allow someone to crush his head in."

"I have seen stranger things in my career, trust me when I say that. Let's not put anything in writing until we know for sure what happened here. Like I said we don't want to give the defense anything to hang their hat on to get the killer off."

"I agree with you on that, and that is why I held off on making my assumption on how the killing took place till I spoke with the witness." The police chief felt as if the sergeant just threw him a low blow to his gut. "There is a witness who saw everything. He is sitting over there." The sergeant pointed to the wall where there was a bum sitting between two officers.

"I would like to speak with this witness." The police chief didn't wait for an okay from the sergeant, he started his way to the bum.

The sergeant didn't object, but thought it was odd that the police chief was even there, more less wanting to speak with witness. He wrote it off as being the political season and he needs to look like he is on top of everything in his city. Lately he has been getting thrown all over the stage on being out of touch with his officers.

As the police chief made his way to the witness, all he could think about is tainting him. If he introduces himself and starts asking questions, the witness will never be believed if he comes out and says it was him. Anyone would believe the only reason the witness is pointing his finger at him, is because he saw him the day after the crime.

"Hello sir, my name is Shane Carnes, the police chief for El Paso County. I understand you witnessed what happened here. Can you tell me what you saw please?"

The bum looked up to the police chief, burped, and started talking with a slur. "I already gave me story once, why do I have to say it again. It hasn't changed at all." The police chief convinced the witness to say it once more. He went over the events from the night before, and his story changed quite a bit from his first statement. The only thing that stayed the same was the guy was tall and he never got a good look at him.

The police chief pulled the sergeant to the side. "There is no way we can use anything he says. The guy can barely sit! There is no way he saw the murderer clear enough that he can testify. Even if he did, he never saw the persons face. That we know for sure because that is the only thing he hasn't flipped flopped on with his recount of events to me."

"Sir I would like to take this guy in and have him sober up. Who knows, he might remember everything a lot more clearly when has no alcohol in his system."

"First we are not running a shelter down in the county jail. It cost the tax payers of this city close to a thousand dollars at day to, cloth and feed each of them. There is no way I can justify this expense to the public. And second of all, the guy has changed his story already several times. Alcohol or not, his statements will be thrown out by any judge due to him changing his story as many times he has already."

"With all due respect sir, I am not giving up on this witness. If you do not clear me to book him in the county jail to sober up, I will arrest him for public intoxication. One way or another I will have him in the county jail by the days end."

"No you will not!" The police chief started to yell. "You will obey the direct order that has been given to you by your police chief. If you disobey my orders, I will have your stripes and your job, is that understood?" The sergeant didn't move or say a word. "I said is that understood sergeant? If you do not answer me, I will have you relieved of duty right here, right now."

The sergeant finally answered "yes sir." "Wanting to arrest a person that came forward trying to help that is just wrong. You guys complain that you do not get help from the citizens of this city whenever a crime happens, I wonder why. They will not come forward to help if they get arrested themselves."

The police chief walked back over to the witness and thanked him for coming forward. He asked the officers that were at the witness's side to take him to a shelter where he could have a meal, shower and a comfortable place to stay if he wants. Hearing what just happened with their sergeant, they did what they were asked.

"Do not think our talk is the end of what you did here. When I am done with you, you will be directing traffic at funerals." The police chief yelled at the sergeant as he walked passed him. "As soon as the detectives get here, hand over the scene to them and report back to your precinct captain."

The sergeant saluted the chief of police as he walked back to his car. As he watched the police chief disappear, he couldn't help but feel that something was wrong. From the moment he arrived it was strange and then how he reacted with the witness. The sergeant kept trying to tell himself it is election year, but he couldn't sell himself on that.

While he was trying to make excuses for the police chief's weird behavior, Chase was behaving even weirder. As soon as the bell rang ending the day school, he went rushing back to the hotel to get a glimpse of the guy that occupied his thoughts all day long. He knows he will only get to see the guy for a few minutes, but that is enough to keep him going until he returned back after work.

As soon they drove up to the hotel, everyone went up to their rooms to change for work, except Chase. He went looking for Marco, trying to hide that he was looking for him. When he ran into him in the kitchen, he pretended that he went in there for something to drink, and Marco bought it, hook, line and sinker.

"So how was your first complete day?" Chase leaned against the counter as he opened the Pepsi he grabbed from the refrigerator. "My first day at the print shop I was nervous the entire time, which I had nothing to be nervous about since Alex owns the shop. If I was that nervous on my first day at a job that a friend is the owner, I can only guess how nervous you probably were all day long."

"No I wasn't nervous at all. Don't get me wrong when I first woke up, I was, but Franseca made me feel right at home. She is a great woman and I am glad that she is the one that is training me. In my past jobs, I had good trainers, and bad trainers, but none of them come even close to Franseca."

"Yeah she is great, but you do know she isn't an employee here at the hotel. She is the mother to Alex, and will leave here when we all do."

"Yeah I am aware who she is and who she works for. But still she is the one that was asked to train me and I'm glad. When she and you guys leave, I'm going to really miss her." Chase looked at Marco as if he was weird, causing Marco to laugh. "I know that sounds strange since I've only known you guys for not even a day, but you and her are the only ones that have really talked to me." Marco looked around the kitchen to make sure there was no one else around. "Can I tell you something?"

Chase stood up straight looking straight into Marco's eyes. Instantly he melted, felt weak at the knees. Trying his best not to give away that he has the hots for Marco, he mustered all his strength, stood up straighter than ever and cleared his throat. "Yes you can tell me what ever you feel you can trust me with. What ever you say to me, will never leave my lips, and that is a promise."

""This is weird, I have never trusted anyone this quickly as I feel I can trust you. I don't know what it is, but it is definitely weird." Marco put down the dish towel and leaned against the counter that Chase was leaning on. "When I met you yesterday, I immediately could see that you can be trusted with almost anything. I hope I am not wrong on that."

Shaking his head back and forth, Chase tried to swallow, but he couldn't, his mouth was even dryer than it was before he drank the Pepsi. No girl, or even Ethan, has ever made he feel the way he is feeling right now. A dry mouth, sweaty hands and arm pits, barely able to stay standing and unable to think straight.

"I understood when I applied for this job, I would be working in a shelter mostly made up of gay teens, which I have no problem with that. What I have a problem..." Here it comes, the dreaded answer Chase didn't want, Chase thought as he stood there with a big smile on his face. The guy isn't gay or doesn't like being hit on by those that are. "With is I was unaware that one of the floors, or could soon be several of the floors, are made up of gang members that were locked up for major crimes."

Breathing in a sigh of relief, Chase felt good it wasn't what he thought Marco was going to say. "Marco, those that are going to be released into the program from jail are not going to be those that will break the law again nor do any harm to anyone here. Keep in mind that the judge who is releasing these guys into the program lives right here in this hotel on the top floor. He will never put himself or his family in danger.

"Yes I understand that, but I wish I knew those kinds of kids are also living here." Marco turned his head and started to talk softly. "They don't take too kindly to people like me and the other kids that this shelter I understand was originally built for." Chase's heart started to beat a hundred miles minute. He wanting to ask Marco to repeat what he just said so he can make sure he heard him right, but he didn't, he didn't want to sound or look too interested. Right now the only thing he knows for sure is that Marco is gay.

"The gang members love to get their hands on us and just beat us as if there is no tomorrow. Even some of them will actually rape a guy, to prove that they themselves are not gay, which I find weird. If they rape another guy, and actually enjoy it, then no matter what they say will not convince me that they aren't gay."

Stunned on how open Marco is being, but at the same time Chase is agreeing with every word he is saying. "That is a question or concern for the ages. These guys are locked up most of their lives, and you can't tell me that they don't get tired of making love with their right hand. That leaves them with no other choice but to have sex with another guy, but yet they are the first to come out and show hate towards gay people. I don't see how they can balance that in their minds, but some how they do.

With that said, I really don't see there is anything for you to worry about. First you don't look or act gay at all. I think that is what really bothers those guys in the gangs. Guys acting like women when they are guys. Secondly, you are surrounded by a very good group of people like Joey and his friends. So when we leave, you are going to be okay. And finally, you and I are friends. If anything goes wrong or one of them does anything, I will be just a phone call away when ever you need to talk."

That last part put a big smile on Marco's face. "I might be over stepping my bounds here, but I need to ask." Marco nervously played with his belt. "If I am, please don't get angry or throw a punch. I was wondering who you like. What I mean by that is do you like girls, guys or neither of them?" Marco tried to play off that he was nervous by laughing, but Chase saw right through it.

"To tell you the truth, I really don't know. I've always considered myself straight, because all I have gone out with is girls. I was almost even a father, if it wasn't for my ex having a miscarriage. But lately I have been having these weird feelings. It started with one of our friends when I first met him and once again when I saw you yesterday."

"What do you mean weird feelings?"

Just as Chase opened his mouth to answer that question, several of the guys walked in to get him for work. He leaned into Marco and whispered that they will pick this conversation up again when he gets back. As he walked out of the kitchen, he couldn't help but look back to Marco who was smiling back at him.

While the guys headed to work, Jacob and Dewayne drove up to the Westside community college campus. They drove up and down the parking rows looking for Derrick's car. When they found his car, they parked close to it and got down. They walked over, and made themselves comfortable knowing that he is about to leave his last class.

When the bell rang, Jacob and Dewayne snapped to it and got off of Derrick's car. It didn't take long for the parking lot to be flooded with a sea of college students making their way to their own cars in order to go home. Derrick was among the pack in the middle, and when he saw Jacob and Dewayne, he started to worry. The first thing that came to his mind that things did get worse at Ethan's house and they are here to inform him that Ethan got hurt or even worse.

"What is going on guys, why are you here?" Derrick asked as he approached his car. "Is everything okay with Ethan and his family? Please tell me that nothing went wrong last night or today with what happened last night."

"No, everything is just fine with Ethan. I am sorry to make you worry, but we are not here to talk to you about Ethan." Derrick finally relaxed for the first time since he saw Jacob and Dewayne. "We are here to talk to you about something far from Ethan and his family, but it might be or worse." Immediately Derrick tightened up again.

"I really don't know how to even start this conversation with you." Jacob looked at Dewayne for support. "Let me ask you a question and depending on your answer, I will know how to deal with what I came here to talk with you about. If you found about something that could ultimately hurt a lot more people than it helps, would you keep the information to yourself, or will let the person know that could be hurt by knowing it?"

"That is a weird way to start a conversation." Derrick opened his car door and tossed his book bag into the back seat. "Without knowing what kind of information you are talking about, I would think I would tell a person that I know something about, what I know, if it is the truth. No matter if at the end, it will hurt a lot more than it helps like you said. The person deserves to know about anything that may, or may not affect his or her lives."

"You are right there, but it is not just something like your boyfriend cheated on you or someone hit your car and drove away without leaving you his or her information. The information could have drastic endings if it comes to light. Besides the hurt it'll more than likely cause, it could also land up several people in hot water."

"Look Jacob if it is the truth, it needs to be said. If it is half-truths or information that can't be backed up by facts, then the person needs to keep the information to him or her self until they could make sure whatever they know is true by getting the facts." Derrick was tired and didn't want to continue playing this what if game. "If you have something to tell me and you know it is the truth, just let me have it. If you want to continue doing this back and forth, I am sorry, but I do not."

"I didn't mean to upset you Derrick. I just was feeling you out since I really don't know you. Or should I say I don't know the now you." Derrick looked at Jacob with frustration and confusement in his eyes. "You are a good guy and you are treating Ethan with a lot of respect and love, and that is why I opened this conversation up the way I did. I wanted to show you the same respect that you have shown me, the guys and Ethan."

The sun started to set behind the Franklin Mountains in front of Derrick, causing him to not be able to see Jacob and Dewayne clearly. The sun rays were a bright yellow and orange color, going straight into his eyes. He moved to the front of the car, instead of the other side because he didn't want Jacob and Dewayne to have the same thing happening to him, happen to them.

"I really appreciate the kind words and everything, but if you do not mind, can we get right down to it." Derrick tried to say it as nice as he could, without sounding rude, but it came out that way anyways.

"When we met you, you told me and the guys that you were from South Dakota or some where around there, right?" Derrick shook his head. "Besides here, is that the only city you have lived in? By any chance do you remember living in Wyoming? To be more precise, Cheyenne, Wyoming, have you ever lived there?"

Thinking about the questions for a few seconds, Dewayne started to get images flashing through his mind. Images that he has seen before, but never paid them much attention to them because he thought it was just his mind playing tricks on him. When they got very bad, he talked to his parents about them, and they told him the same thing. Even for a while, his parents sent him to therapy to help him deal with the haunted images he got.

"To be honest with you Jacob, as far as I can remember, we have only lived in two states, South Dakota and now here in Texas. For some reason I can remember a time living else where. I can't say it was Wyoming, but it was somewhere else besides back in South Dakota. The problem with that is when ever I brought this up with my parents; they told me I was watching too much television. Even my therapist told me it was just my imagination getting away from me."

"If you don't mind, can you tell Dewayne and me about those images you keep getting? You know the places you are seeing and what you are doing."

Derrick leaned his head into his right hand and started to really concentrate. "The most vivid of the pictures or actual memories is some small mountain of dirt or mound behind what looks like a school. I'm on top playing with a couple of other guys. I can't see those guys at all, but I can make out three figures playing with me. I also know I was young, maybe ten or so. The reason I know that is because of the way I am talking and standing.

One of the other memories that are just made up by my imagination is of this house, no more like a mobile I think. I have a lot of memories of that place with a friend I think. He seems to be my best friend because we are always at each other houses. More his, than mine, but we are always together."

"Okay, is that all you are remembering, or is there more?" Derrick looked up at Jacob, not angry, but not happy, more confused than anything else by the question. "Let me put it another way, do you remember anything else than the moody hill, and that friend you think was your best friend, at least in your mind that is."

"I don't know where you are going with this, but I don't like it." Jacob pleaded with him to give it more thought, and he agreed. "I remember a playground at my elementary school. The reason I know it was elementary is because of what was in the playground. These big letters that was actually the alphabet, jungle gym, swings, and so on. I think it is the same group that I was with behind this school on the mood hill always we were together whenever we were out there."

Jacob pulled out a photo album that he picked up when they were at the hotel. It was one of the few things he kept in storage down in basement. The only reason it was still in storage is because he never got around to unpacking it when he and Joey moved into the new house. He opened the photo album to a page that had his pictures that his mother gave him from Rossman's Elementary School. The school that he and Derrick attended together when they lived in Cheyenne!

"Take a look at these pictures and tell me that those memories you are having are just your imagination."

Derrick took the photo album and looked at the pictures very closely. He couldn't believe that the things that were in his mind actually exist. He believed his therapist and parents when they told him that he was just his imagination getting away from him. Now right before him is proof that the memories he has are actual true memories.

"Where in the hell did you get these pictures Jacob?" This time when Derrick looked up at Jacob there was no question that he was angry. "These are exactly like what I have been seeing in my mind, exactly. Is this some kind of game or something?" Derrick clutched his head as new memories started to flash through his mind.

These memories were not happy memories. Instead they are pictures of a really bad scene that is unfolding before his very eyes. He slammed the photo album on the hood of his car, and raised his left hand to his head, trying to get the thoughts to stop, but they wouldn't. The harder he tried to stop them, the more new memories started to pop in. It was like a dam broke, and there is no way on stopping the water flowing from it.

"What are you seeing now Derrick?" Jacob walked up to him, but got pushed away. "I am not trying to be mean here, but you shouldn't fight these memories. Let them come to you and let me try and help you sort through them."

"No, I just want them to stop, please get them to stop." Derrick started to hit the sides of his head with both hands. When it didn't work, he started to hit himself even harder and faster, hoping that the memories would stop. "Please Derrick stop hitting yourself. You are going to hurt yourself for something that you can't stop."

Carefully, Jacob walked up to Derrick and grabbed his arms. When he couldn't hit himself anymore with his hands, he tried to hit his head against the hood of his car, but Dewayne stepped forward and stopped him. The memories just kept flooding in, and there was nothing he was able to do about it.

He fell to his knees, and clutched his head between his hands. All of a sudden Jacob and Dewayne started to hear crying coming from Derrick. "I didn't stop that guy from hurting my sister. Why couldn't I stop that guy from hurting her, why?" The sobs got louder as Derrick hit the ground with his fist. "She is gone because I couldn't protect her."

"There was nothing you could have done Derrick, nothing. We were only eleven years old when that happened. What could an eleven year kid have done to a grown up that was hurting your sister that night? If you would have stepped between him and her, you would be laying right beside her in the ground. You did the only thing you could have done, and that is survive that night."

"No I could have acted like her brother and tried to save her. She didn't deserve going through what she was going through by the hands of that guy." Derrick looked up at Jacob with teary eyes. For the first time since he met Jacob, he was able to see his old friend that he grew up with, which got him crying even more.

Jacob fell to his knees with tears in his eyes and pulled his friend into a hug, trying to console him. "I know this is a lot to take in all at once, but I am here for you. So are Dewayne and the other guys. No matter what happens from this day forward, you can count on all of us being in your corner."

Derrick nestled his head in Jacob's pit of his shoulder. For the first time since the memories started to flood in, they stopped. He was able to think straight and that made him think of a lot more questions that he doesn't have the answer for. He looked up at Jacob and started to wipe the tears from his face.

"Wait a minute here, I think you are wrong." Derrick got up from the ground. "There is no way I am that kid because I am two years older than you. When all this happened, I was thirteen, not eleven." Derrick took deep breath. "I might have witnessed it, but I am not that kid. Yeah, I witnessed it that explains these memories, I am a witness."

Getting up from the ground, Jacob walked over to Derrick who was walking back and forth. "I am sorry, but you have been lied to about your age and a lot of other things. Think about everything you are remembering. There is no way that you were just a witness because it doesn't explain the other memories. I bet you if you talk with you parents and ask them for you school transcripts for those two missing years, twelve and thirteen, they will not have them. Why, because you are two years younger than you have believed for the last six years."

"No, I have asked my parents that question and they told me that my real parents before they died home schooled me. That is why they didn't have any school transcripts prior to them adopting me. So you are wrong, I am just a witness, nothing more than that. As far as the other memories, I don't know where they came from, but they don't matter."

"Come on Derrick, those memories can't be easily written off like that. You almost perfectly described the playground of our old elementary school. The hill behind it and my house that I lived in back in Cheyenne, you described them down to the last detail. Plus you were told that you were never in Wyoming, how could that be? Let's just say you are right, you are just witness, and how could that be since you were told that you were never in Wyoming."

"I don't know the answers to any of those questions. Maybe you are good on messing around with people's minds or something like that. All I know is what was told to me when ever I had these memories. They were part of a wild imagination. Please if you do not mind, I would like to leave and never talk about this again."

"I know it is easier to deny these thoughts than to deal with them, but eventually you will have to deal with them Derrick." Jacob pulled out the files that Mr. Iglesias gave him and handed Derrick the pictures. "Give me a few more minutes and after I am done if you still don't believe me, I will drop it. These pictures I would like you to take a look at them please. Take a very close look at them."

Giving Jacob what he wanted, Derrick took the pictures that were of him with blonde hair and red hair. The closer he looked at them, the more he saw it was the same person. The only difference was the obvious, the hair color and glasses. Besides that, it is the same kid starring back at him.

"The picture with the red hair was the picture that your mother gave to the police when you were taken from her. The other picture that you have is you, but a few months later with glasses and your hair color was changed. That picture came from the adoption agency where your adopted parents got you from. Here take a look at this picture." Jacob handed him a picture of his real father. "That is a picture of your real father. Can you see that you are spitting image of him?"

"All I know you found a way to doctor these photographs." Derrick handed the photos back. "Why are you doing this to me Jacob? What did I do to you to make you do this to me? Just let me be so I can live in the world that I know. Please Jacob, just leave me alone and we will pretend that this conversation never happened."

"I am sorry Derrick, I wish I could. I wish I never had to be the one to deliver this news to you. To tell you the truth, I didn't want to deliver this news to you, but the private detective I hired, that found all this out will more than likely go to the police, like he has to by law, because he uncovered a kidnapping. Before he did that, I felt it was just right for me to come and talk with you about this."

Jacob is now lying out of his teeth. He has no idea if Mr. Iglesias is going to go to the police or not. Since he did uncover a kidnapping, he needs to, but he doesn't know if he will. The way things were left, everything from this point on is in his lap.

"Put aside your thoughts that I might have..." Jacob stopped and thought for a few minutes. "How did you put it, doctored the pictures. Put aside that thought for a moment, how can you explain this away?" Jacob handed Derrick the DNA test. "That there is a DNA test that was done on you and your biological mother. As you can see, it is a perfect match, which means only one thing, she is your mother."

As Derrick looked over the results of the DNA test, the walls that he put up to keep him from believing the memories he was having was true, came tumbling down. Once again tears started to roll down his face. This time he didn't sob out loud, but he was crying still the same. He has no other choice but to deal with the truth.

"I am sorry Jacob for acting like a jerk! I just can't believe that my nightmare is actually my real life." He wiped away the tears from his eyes. "What am I going to do now? Those people I have known for six years as my parents are those that kidnapped me and my little sister." The memories of the night his sister died came flooding back once again. "They are the ones that killed my older sister right before my eyes. How could anyone be that cruel? They act as if they are Mr. and Mrs. Roger?"

"They were not the ones that kidnapped you Derrick. So don't ever think badly about your adopted parents. They gave you a loving home for six years, not knowing how you were brought to the adoption agency. By the way you talk about them. I can honestly say they would have reunited you and your sister with your real mother."

When Jacob said his real mother, his head popped up like a hound dog when he finds what he was seeking. "Is my real mother and father still alive? Do they still live in that house where all this happened" Are they still looking for me and my sister? Come on Jacob; please tell me what ever you know about them."

"If you would breathe between questions and let me answer them, I will." Jacob patted Derrick on the shoulder. "Your mother is still alive, and as far as your father, I never met him. No, she isn't living in the same house. She moved as far away from there as she possibly could. The memories it brought back were memories she didn't want to deal with, just like you. And yes, she is still looking for you and your sister. She never gave up hope and gave up looking for you guys."

Derrick started to pace up and down the empty parking lot. The only cars there were his and Dewayne's. Everyone had already gone home, including the teachers and office personal of the community college.

"What do you want me to do Derrick? Do you want me to reach out to her and tell her what I found out, or let you?" Derrick stopped pacing and looked at Jacob. "I think it might be better if I am the go between. You don't want to give your mother heartache when she answers the phone and you tell her who you are. Remember she is no longer a spring chicken. Plus you will have to figure out how you are going to deal with this with your adopted parents. That is one conversation I don't want to be part of."

"Tell me about it Jacob. I don't even want to be part of that conversation. Forget my adopted parents, how am I going to tell my sister. Our adopted parents are the only parents she has known her entire life. There is no way she is going to take this news good. She is way too young and as I said, she doesn't know our real mother."

"If you want, I can be with you for both conversations. Just name the time and date and we will deal with this together. Now what about your real mother, do you want me to talk to her and let her know about all this? The only reason I keep asking is because I don't want her to get a surprise if the shit hits the fan. The first person the police are going to call when this stuff gets out is your real mother."

Rubbing his chin, Derrick thought for a few minutes before answering. "You go ahead and call her up and tell her everything. Find out if she wants to see me and my sister. If so, before you set it up, get with me about the when and where! That way I know I have a certain amount of time to sit down and talk with my adopted parents and sister."

The three sat out there in the parking lot for another hour or so talking. Mostly it was Jacob and Ralph talking about when they were in elementary school. At no time did they go near that horrible night. They both know that they will be talking about that night very soon and with a lot of people.

Finally they called it a night, and parted ways. Before Jacob left Ralph, he made sure his old friend was okay. Even after Ralph said he was, Jacob asked Dewayne to follow him to his house to make sure he doesn't drive off Transmountain Road on his way home. When he got home safe and sound, Dewayne and Jacob headed to the hotel.

When they arrived, the guys drove up at the same time. They all got down from their vehicles and started making their way in, talking. Jacob noticed that it wasn't Alex or Matt driving the SUV, but it was Franseca. He asked where Alex and Matt were, but none of them knew. Even Francesca kept closed lipped on what she knew.

Since she went and picked up the guys from work, she has to warm up the food. That gave Jacob time to place the call he dreaded as much as the talk he just had with his old friend Ralph. Making his way to an empty room for privacy, Jacob shut the door and walked over to the night stand. He sat down on the bed, pulled out the number that was given to him from Mr. Iglesias and dialed the number. A few rings later, he heard a voice that he hasn't heard for a very long time come over the line.

"Hello ma'am, I do not know if you remember me or not, but I am..."

"Jacob Hernandez, I recognized your voice the very first word that came out of you mouth. It hasn't changed much since the last time I spoke with you many years ago. Since I can remember you have had that heavy dark voice that set you aside from all the other kids your age. How are you? I really do miss our talks we use to have."

"I am fine, in fact very good considering everything that has been going on lately." Jacob started to nervously go through the files from his bag. "I wish I was calling you to catch up, but I have some news I need to let you know. Before I do that, I need you to promise me that you will hear me out."

"You know I always will hear you kids out. I think I know what this phone call is all about. A few weeks ago, give or take, I met a private investigator you hired to see what he can find out about Ralph. I knew you guys were best friends, but I didn't think you would have remembered him, more so to hire someone to get answers that we both have been seeking since he was taken from us. What got you to do that?"

"Around the time the private investigator paid you a visit, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I saw someone that opened the flood gates of memories that I thought I had locked away and threw away the key, but boy was I wrong. After remembering that ugly weekend, I needed answers on what happened to Ralph, so I hired Mr. Iglesias.

He followed up every lead he found, and came to see me this morning to inform me what he found out. The information he gave me was unbelievable at first, but he had proof to back up everything he was telling me. I have some news that I know you have been waiting six years for. I would..."


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