Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Edited By: "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 86


Jacob was standing back stage as he listened to Principal Michaels speak. He looked across the stage and saw Markus and his football players looking straight at him. They had these weird smirks on their faces that got Jacob wondering what they had up their sleeves. He looked around to see if there was anything there to give Markus and his friends plan away, but there wasn't anything.

Then Jacob looked around the stage, above him and at the floor of the stage, but again nothing. Just then Dewayne walked up asking Jacob what he was looking for. Jacob didn't answer Dewayne, he just looked over the jocks who were still staring at him with the same weird smirk on their faces. Dewayne looked over where his boyfriend was looking and saw what Jacob was seeing, which got him a little nervous and doing the same thing Jacob had just done.

He got out of his mind and leaned over to Jacob. "Hey ignore those asses! They know that they are losing control of a position that they have always had, which isn't making any of them happy right now. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get out there and say and do whatever they have to hoping to get enough of the student body to follow them."

Jacob looked at Dewayne with a knowing look in his face. He knew exactly what Dewayne was saying and was thinking the same thing way before anything was said, but to actually hear it out loud is turning it to reality. He knew he wasn't the only one getting the same vibe from those guys. His boyfriend is getting the same vibe, which is making him a little nervous.

"Jacob don't worry about anything." Dewayne moved Jacob so where they were looking each other in the eyes. "I'm am pretty sure that is why the Principal is out there saying what he is saying, because he wants to make sure the very thing you and I are worried about won't happen. However, let's not kid ourselves on this; they are jocks and will do anything to stay in power and run everything as they have been since any of us can remember. I do remember and keep in mind I'm a year older than you!"

Jacob started to laugh when Dewayne winked at him. "I know you are a year older than me, but there are times that I act a lot older than you, which needs to stop." Jacob pulled Dewayne into him. "Have I told you today how much I much I love you?" Dewayne nodded his head. "Well let me tell you again because I never get tired of saying it and I hope you never get tired of hearing it." Jacob looked straight into Dewayne's eyes. "I love you with all my heart! No matter what the future holds for us, as long as you are by my side, I will be the happiest person on this earth."

Dewayne wanted to respond, but he was all choked up, he couldn't. He just stared into Jacob's eyes and slowly moved in. What seemed like eternity to the boys but was only seconds, their lips met and they held the kiss until the gym erupted into applause. Jacob broke the kiss and just as he looked to the stage he saw Markus walking on.

Patiently he waited or a moment and then Principal Michaels called out his name. He straightened out himself, took one last look at Dewayne and started his way onto the stage slowly. Every step felt like someone was punching him in his leg. However he wasn't about to let on that he was in pain, he kept going, gaining speed as he made his way up.

When he finally got to the top of the stairs, he looked out to see the gym was packed. He was surprised as he made his way to the podium at how dead quiet the gym was. Even Dewayne was worried so he made his way to the top of the stairs and looked out to see every student sitting there not making a sound or even moving for that matter.

No one on Jacob's side knew what to think about what was going on. They didn't expect this reaction and weren't ready for it. Principal Michaels and the teaching staff were worried that this wasn't a good sign. Principal Michaels started to think that somehow the video from this morning had backfired, but how he didn't know. But something was definitely going on here and it isn't good.

Then all of a sudden the gym broke out in chants and applause as the students rose to their feet. They chanted out Jacob's name over and over again. Even when Jacob finally got to the podium, the chants didn't stop. They just got louder and louder, longer and longer.

`Jacob, Jacob, Jacob' the students chanted, and then slowly the chants changed. `Jacob is our student council president, Jacob is our student council president, Jacob..." Principal Michaels tried to interrupt, but the chants were so loud, no one heard him. He gave up and stood back, hoping that the students would wear themselves out quickly.

However it wasn't quickly! The students switched back and forth between the two chants for over fifteen minutes. When it looked like they were wearing themselves out, they got a second wind and went on for another five minutes. Finally when the chants this time started to get lower, Principal Michaels knew that they had worn themselves out and started talking again.

"Please take your seats so we can get this debate started. Since you all used almost twenty minutes of the given time allotted for this debate, the debate will be twenty minutes less." The students started to boo. "Let's not waste anymore time or there will be no debate at all!" The students quickly quieted down and sat back in their seats.

"Now let's get through the opening statements, unless you guys want waive the opening remarks so there are is more time for you students to ask you the questions that are weighing on their minds." Jacob didn't need look across the stage at Markus. He already knew his answer and gave it. Right after Jacob waived his opening, Markus did the same. "Okay then, let's get this get the first question, who would like to ask it?"

Principal Michaels looked out to the gym and was stunned to see almost every student jumping to their feet and raising their hands. Since he has been in teaching has he hasn't seen students wanting to engage into their student politics like he is witnessing right now. He looked over to his assistant principals and nodded to them to select the first student.

One of the schools assistant principals walked over to a student that had his hand up and gave him the microphone to throw out the first question. "Yes, um, this question is for Jacob. This school and every school in this city that I know of have always had a school jock in charge of the student council. Why should we change tradition? I mean, what can you do that will make a difference to this school that Markus over there can't?"

Jacob cleared his throat as he leaned in to the microphone. "Well I think the way things have run with a jock in charge of the student council in the past is the answer to your question." The students broke out into laughter. "First, once they are elected, they don't do a thing for any other group out there except the football, basketball and baseball teams. If you aren't part of these teams, but are part of another, you won't get equal treatment from those that are in charge now.

Second, they never show up for the student council meetings. Without the student council president there, nothing can be done. There isn't a second in charge like a student council vice president to take over and run things whenever the student council president isn't there. Because of those factors, nothing gets done the entire year,

And finally, I won't be one of those student council presidents. If you all give me a chance, I will be equal to all teams and groups that are in this school. What the teams have now, won't be taken away. In fact, I will give them a lot more than they have right now." Some of the jocks stood up and started to applaud. "And the other groups that don't get anything from their student council's efforts, that will change. I will give them equal footing and make sure they have everything that they need as well." This time the entire gym broke into applause.

Before Principal Michaels could tell Markus it was his turn to rebuttal, Markus started. "Come on now, you guys can't believe all the hot air that is being blown at you right now. The only reason Jacob here could say what he is saying is because he is the richest student here. If he didn't have money, he couldn't promise what he was promising and none of you would even be thinking about electing him.

The way things have run in the past may not have been equal, but at least it was run by us the students. If you give this office to Jacob, it won't be a democracy. No it will be a dictatorship, and Jacob will be the one calling the shots. None of us would be able to stop him because he would be buying all of us off by giving our teams and programs what we want. We can't be the first students in this schools history to elect a dictator, and a gay one at that."

Most of the student body started to boo, but the jocks and the popular kids applauded Markus' remark. Jacob wasn't stunned or caught off guard by Markus' comments, he was expected him to start throwing punches the moment he had a chance on things that have nothing to do with what they were up there to talk about.

Principal Michaels didn't like any of what Markus just said, mostly the last part. He pounded on his microphone to get the jocks and popular kids in the gym to quiet down. "I made it clear at the beginning of this debate that there won't be any of that personal mudslinging going on here Markus. If you do it once more, I will end this debate!" All the students booed when they heard their principal threaten to end the debate if one mean thing is said again.

"Principal Michaels, please forgive me for interrupting you, but let Markus do all the mudslinging that he wants to. It just shows what a little person he is. Without the mudslinging, he knows that he won't win because when it comes down to doing what's right for all students here at our school, he won't do it. So let the little man mudsling all he wants. At the end of the day all the students here will see who is the right person for the job is."

Principal Michaels stepped back from the middle podium and let the next student ask their question. "This question is on the topic that Markus just brought up. Jacob if you didn't have the money you have, can you honestly stand up there and tell us that you can deliver on the promises you are promising? So many other students in the past have stood where you are standing now, promising what you are promising, and when elected, they can't deliver."

"Let me say this as clear as I can. I won't use my own money to deliver on the promises I have made in my bid for the student council president position." That grabbed everyone's attention, including the school staff. "I know I can deliver on each and every one of my promises without going to my money to do so and let me tell you how."

Jacob moved out from behind the podium, walking slowly, but straight up. The students looked at his legs and couldn't take their eyes off of them. They were half expecting to see Jacob in cast or braces or something worse, but he is walking out there on the stage with jeans covering his legs as if what happened over the weekend never happened. It intrigued most of the students, but they tore themselves away from Jacob's legs to hear what he was going to say.

"When I first came here to El Paso high and joined the JROTC unit here, just like most of the other programs, we had to go door to door selling something to make money to fund the things we wanted to do throughout the year. At times we fell short of reaching our goal, so we had to take things off the list of things we wanted to do. So I took it upon myself to look at what I could do to help out my battalion from having to not be put into that position again.

I went out to the local community and put recruited sponsors for not only this program here at this school, but for EVERY other ROTC program in the El Paso Independent School District. Now we don't have to go door to door selling candy bars in order to pay for what we really want to do. We have plenty of money to do everything we want to do and then some."

The students broke out into applause. "I plan to bring that same method of doing things to every program in this school. If you give me a chance, I will go out there and get out community involved in each and every one of the programs here at this school. So just like the ROTC units here, the other programs won't have to go selling candy bars in order to buy new uniforms, equipment or anything else that is needed."

Jacob returned to his podium, but before he was able to get behind it, Markus walked out from behind his and hit Jacob, almost pushing him over. The student body saw that and started to boo Markus. Markus looked back at Jacob, to the students, back at Jacob, trying to play that he had no idea why the students were booing him.

"Jacob you are good with words, but let's be honest, that is just what they are; just words. If you are given this office we are both seeking, you won't be able to deliver on what you are promising without digging into your own money." Markus turned and looked straight at Jacob.

"Let me use what is left of my rebuttal time to ask you a question Jacob." Principal Michaels stood up to stop Markus from doing that, but sat back down to see where this was going. "Is it true that you and the Principal have been talking about bringing back Driver's Ed? With what I've heard, you are going to be the one donating everything for this program, out of your own money. So how can you stand there and say what you just said when you are talking with the Principal about paying for an entire program out of your own money? You are buying votes."

Principal Michaels didn't know how Markus found out about that conversation, and he wasn't happy. Just as he was about to jump up again to stop Jacob from answering, Jacob had started to talk. He looked around the gym to see what reaction Jacob was getting, and was pleased that it looked like the students loved the idea of the Drivers Ed program coming back. That got him thinking that this might actually back fire on Markus.

"You're right, Principal Michaels and I have been talking about bringing back the Drivers Ed program for a couple of weeks now. In fact, we have knocked out the final details how it will happen just yesterday. As soon as the cars can get here and Principal Michaels can get it on the course list, it will be offered out to anyone that attends this school." The students jumped up from their seats and started to applaud.

"But let me tell you one thing Markus, I don't plan to go out and get the cars for the school." Jacob moved from behind his podium and raised his left pant leg. "I just don't have luck when it comes to giving cars away." The gym went dead quiet. It was so quiet that the students could hear the student next to them breathing. Then Jacob started to laugh, and little by little the other students started to laugh along with Jacob. "I want the cars to get here in one piece and if anything that I have learned from this last weekend is that I have bad luck when it comes to giving away cars to my family and programs that I care deeply about."

Markus was lost for words. He knew he had just put his foot in his mouth by putting out that questioning, allowing Jacob to use it to put in the fact that he risked his own life to save the lives of his friends. He looked out to his fellow football players for help, but all he got was blank looks back. They as well were lost for words and had no words in encouragement for Markus.

"Markus, I believe you are the better candidate for student council president." A student spoke in a low voice that didn't look like a jock, but a nerd, which confused everyone. "At least with you we know what we are getting. Jacob on the other hand we have no idea. He is promising us the world, but with what I have seen those that promise the world like Jacob is are usually pulling our chain. I just wanted to say that so hopefully others can see through Jacob's lies."

"Well thank you for that and let me say you are dead on with what you just said. Those that come out and promise that they could turn water into wine, normally are lying. That is exactly what Jacob is doing and you guys have to see that. I really hope you don't learn this when you can't doing anything about it." Markus looked at Jacob with a smirk on his face.

"I don't know about you guys, but have we heard one thing Markus will do if he is given a chance to be our next student council president. He can get down and wallow in the mud really well, but he has not yet stated one thing that he will do. I have stood up here trying to get this debate back to what counts; you, the student body and what I will do if elected.

Our cafeteria is getting run down and needs to be completely redone or torn down and a new one built. The library might have been okay when this school was first built, but now there are well over two thousand students here. There are times I need to get a book or just be in the library but can't because it is full or the book isn't there. Don't get me started on the computers in there or any other room in this school because we won't be getting any anytime soon.

Besides those items, there are some many other things that need to be done to bring our school back to the way it should be, the way it was when it was built, The Lady on the Hill. This school was the pride of the Westside, the crown jewel of the El Paso School District, but it doesn't look like it and it is time for that to change."

For the next thirty minutes the debate went along as it did for the first thirty minutes. Markus not really saying anything that would make a difference to the students, instead he threw as much mud as he could. Several times the jocks and popular kids helped Markus by interrupting Jacob or stopping other students from asking Markus questions that would put him on the spot.

Jacob tried over and over again to get the debate back on the topic of what they would do if elected, but he didn't succeed. He would answer the questions that were asked of him, but when it was Markus' turn, he would somehow bring the conversation back to Jacob being gay and not being in a popular sport. Finally the last minutes of the debate Jacob had enough.

"Markus, all through this debate you have stood here on this stage saying that I wasn't in any sports team here at school. You're right about that, I'm currently not on any sports team that you call sports team, but I was. I was on the track and field team and while I was on it, I broke a few records that never looked like they were going to be broken. What have you done these last couple of years on the football team except keep the bench warm? Not once have I seen you out there on the field playing, not even a single down to your credit."

The students cracked up laughing, making Markus turn all shades of red. He was about to say something that, if it wasn't for his friends out in the audience looking at him and with their eyes telling him to settle down, he might have lost the election the minute the words left his mouth. Taking every ounce of restraint in his body, he bit his tongue and just looked out to the students, waiting for them to settle back down in their seats.

Principal Michaels decided it was time to put an end to this debate since it wasn't going anywhere. He got up from his seat and walked over to the middle podium. As soon as he got to the podium, the students quieted down. He informed them that it was time for closing arguments and due to a coin toss, Markus was going to go first.

"Some of the things Jacob talked about here today I agree with, and some of the things he mentioned I don't. I agree there are some improvements that need to be made to this school, but it isn't the responsibility of us students to improve our cafeteria, library or anything else that needs to be done to bring this school back to what it once was. That falls on the shoulders of our Principal and those at the school district to get that done.

What we are responsible for doing is making each and every one of our programs work. Put together the greatest prom that has ever been put together. Make sure the food we want to have served in the cafeteria is being served. And most importantly we enjoy our high school years. Once they are gone we can't ever get them back." Like the times before, the jocks and the popular kids were the only ones that applauded Markus.

"If you don't want a stuffy old kid running things next year, elect me. If you want to have the greatest prom, pizza on Fridays and a year that you won't ever forget, elect me. If you want our homecoming to be the talk of the town and one that will be talked about for years, elect me. I'm your guy for that. I'm certainly not the guy that will be stuffy, by the book."

Markus yielded what time he had left to Jacob as he walked back behind his podium. As Jacob walked from behind his podium, he looked down at the ground shaking his head. Every student knew why he was shaking his head, but the jocks and popular kids didn't like it. It felt to them that Jacob was throwing a low blow to Markus, a punch he couldn't defend himself from.

"All the things Markus spoke about are all fine and dandy if we were still in middle school, but we aren't. We are in high school running for student council president. Yes it is a small post considering all the elected posts out there in the world, but it is a post that we all should, no scratch that, we MUST have the right man or woman running it.

I like the idea of having pizza on Fridays. I even like the idea of having a prom and homecoming that would be talked about for years to come, but why stop there? Why should we hold ourselves to those small things when we can do a lot more? Things that would not only be talked about for years to come but will be here until we are all long gone form this earth."

Jacob looked at Markus. "I don't know about you Markus, but I want my graduating class to be remembered as the class that actually did something. Not just having a kick ass prom, homecoming and instituting pizza Fridays. I want our class to be known as the class that actually changed this school for the better, not just did our time here and moved on." Jacob moved to the edge of the stage and looked out to the students that were staring back at him, hanging onto every word he was saying.

"Don't you guys want to be remembered as the students that actually fixed up this school, handing it to the next class better than it was handed to us? I'm telling you that if you give me a chance I can and will deliver on every promise I have made to each and every one of you. I know it is hard to believe, but I can make it reality.

Every group and team will get what they need to accomplish what they want to accomplish. No one sports team or group will be above the other, but at the same time I won't take from one to give to the other. The science club would need less funding than the football team does. Each group and team will get the funding they need so where they don't have to sell candy bars.

On top of that, I will do all the other things I have promised to do. I will make sure we have the top of the line computers, new text books and books in the library. While doing that, I will do everything I can do to fix up our school. Markus was right, that isn't our reasonability, but why should we run from it if we are able to do the job.

We have given those like Markus, the popular kids and jocks too many years in that seat and they haven't done thing. It is time that we, the regular students that outnumber the jocks and popular kids take this office and do what is right for all students concerned, not the same old same old groups that have always benefited from having their guy elected student council president.

Come Friday really think about what you want to be remembered for. If you want to be only remembered for just a kick ass prom, pizza Fridays and an awesome homecoming elect Markus, he is your man to deliver on small dreams. You want to make a real difference and be remembered as long as this school stands, elect me on Friday."

The student body jumped to their feet and started to chant `Jacob' as they applauded. The chants were getting so loud that no one could hear anything except the chants, not even the applause. Markus didn't understand after all he had said, the majority of students were still behind Jacob. He thought he would have at least moved some of them, but by the looks of it, he hadn't done a thing to tip the balance of votes in his favor.

Hesitantly, Markus joined Jacob in the middle of the stage and took his bow. When Jacob extended his hand, Markus accepted, but couldn't keep his mouth shut. He leaned in as he held onto Jacob's hand tightly and started to whisper. Due to Markus whispering, Jacob was barely able to make out what was being said.

"Don't think for a minute you have this election in the bag, because you don't. There are two more days before the voting starts and I plan to take full advantage of those two days. You on the other hand are stuck at home, unable to come to school. Without you here to speak on your behalf and fend off whatever I say, those idiots out there will start coming to my side." Jacob thought that Markus was out of his mind. "So good luck Jacob, you are going to need it. Friday when the votes are counted, I will come out on top."

"Markus I really don't believe so, but you go ahead and live in that fantasy world that you are living in while the rest of us live in reality." Jacob pulled his hand back. "Our classmates are a lot smarter than you make them out to be, trust me in that. No matter what you say, they will vote for the right person." Jacob turned his attention back to the students, but he remembered something. "Oh by the way, you only have one day before the voting take place. Today is Wednesday, so that leaves only tomorrow because everyone votes first period Friday. I think you need to go back to math class and learn how to add one plus one."

Jacob started to chuckle, making Markus even angrier. However, Markus was unable to say or do anything except stand there and keep his mouth shut. Even though every fiber in his body wanted to deck Jacob, but he didn't. He turned his attention to the students and waved as he thought how bad it will be if he loses to a non-jock, and a gay student at that.

As Jacob and Markus stood there on the stage taking in their fifteen minutes of fame, Jacob's security was standing at attention ready to do whatever might be needed make sure their client stays safe. They moved slowly onto the stage and surrounded Jacob. Before all the students had filed out of the gym, the security informed Jacob that they had to get him out of there for his own safety. Not wanting to be the first to leave the stage, Jacob understood.

He followed his security out to the main hall and met up with Principal Michaels on their way to his office. They didn't say a word to each other for fear that a student might hear what they were discussing and go and blab it all over the school. However, once they walked into the office, Principal Michaels broke the silence.

"Jacob, you did really well in the debate. No matter how much Markus tried to get under your skin, you didn't allow him to, I'm proud of you on that." Jacob felt different. He felt that he did let Markus under his skin several times, but he won't beat himself up for it. "Markus and the others backing him didn't see you coming. Because they didn't think you would even make it to the debate, they didn't prepare for you."

"Well sir to tell you the truth when I first got into this I didn't think I was going to back it this far, but boy those guys out there have proved all of us wrong on that point." Both Jacob and Michaels laughed. "Anyways since we are stuck here until the halls clear I would like to talk about something with you that came to my mind during the debate. Do you have a few minutes to spare to sit down and talk about an idea I have for the school?"

The way Jacob was being intrigued by Principal Michaels, he couldn't say no even though he had a mountain of work on his desk. He and Jacob made their way to the conference room alone. Before they started talking, Michaels made sure that the phones were not on speaker and there was no one at the door listening in. He had no idea how Markus found out about the Drivers' Ed program, but he wasn't about to take a chance on what they were going to talk about on getting out there for Markus or anyone to use.

While Jacob and Principal Michaels talked, Ralph was walking into the hotel to speak with Nancy. He was nervous since this would be the first time they would be talking alone. The other times Jacob has been there, but he wants to sit down and talk with his mother to try and remember things that he has either blocked or forgotten altogether.

When he walked in, the security agents recognized him as the son of the guy that beat up Jacob, so they held him at the door until they checked in with Nancy. Ralph really didn't blame them after what his father had done. So he didn't get mad, instead he stayed where he was asked to stay until Nancy was reached.

Only a few minutes had passed when Ralph saw his mother walking towards him. She had a smile on her face, which put Ralph at ease. Then when she reached him, she pulled him into a hug, which confirmed to him that she wasn't angry with him for what his father had done. Neither of them said a word, they just stood there hugging each other. After a minute or so hugging, Nancy let go reluctantly and broke the silence.

"I was thinking about you and your sister when I got the call that you were here to see me." Nancy smiled at her son as she guided him to the chairs in the lobby. "I have wanted to spend time with you. I want to catch up with what you have accomplished in your life since the last time I saw you. But I wanted you to make the decision when that was going to happen. Thank you for coming down to see me. Now I know I haven't lost you completely."

"Well, um..." Ralph scratched his head as he looked down at the floor. "The reason I came down was to, um, I guess do the same thing you want, and that is get to know you. There are so many memories in here..." Ralph tapped his head. "..and I want to know which of the memories are true and which of them are false. Hopefully as we talk, we will get to know each other again. What do you think?"

"I think that is a good idea. Just ask me what you want to know and I will answer everything you ask me honestly." Nancy smiled as she moved to the edge of her chair.

"I don't even know where to start. Some of the things Jacob told me, but he didn't want to really get into the heavy stuff. I think he was afraid that he might do more harm than good, but I really want to have answers on all the things I have been remembering." Nancy reached over and took her son's hands in hers and held them tight.

"The night my sister and I were taken I'm starting to remember, which I don't want to. What happened in that house that night is actually giving me nightmares now." Ralph started to get choked up. "The screams I heard coming from your room from my older sister I can't block out anymore since I now know those are true memories."

"Ralph you don't need to remember that night. I can't even imagine what you saw and heard, but whatever it was had to be horrible. Just let stay where it belongs, in the past! Let us move on and try and remember all the good we had before that night."

"I can't do that because it's haunting me now." Ralph turned away from Nancy to hide that he was getting misty eyes. "I sat there in the hallway on the floor with my head between my legs knowing what was happening to my sister in that room. I was afraid, but I was the guy of the house and I should have done something to help her. Even if that meant I lost my life, I should have gone in there and pulled that guy off of her."

Nancy tried once again to stop Ralph from talking about that night, but he wouldn't listen. She realized that he needed to let it out, so she listened to him knowing that what he was about to say was going to make her fall to pieces. She tried to imagine what had happened in that house, but each time she did, she couldn't and was thankful because she knew she wouldn't be able to handle knowing what her kids went through.

"When you left, we were so happy for you mom. You finally decided to do something for yourself, and we were not about to do anything to make you regret that. So we decided to behave and not give the babysitter any problems." Ralph started to tremble.

"It started out really good. We thought the babysitter you got for us was really cool since he let us watch what we wanted to, eat what we wanted to eat. Pretty much do whatever we want to do. We had no idea while we were watching the TV he was in your room going through things and preparing for what he had planned to do with my older sister.

About an hour and half after you left, he walked over to Diane and took her to her room." Nancy was confused with the name at first, but remembered it was her youngest daughter's name. "We thought it was weird because it wasn't Diane's bed time, but again we didn't say anything because we didn't want to make trouble. So we started watching TV again.

Then the babysitter came out and called me. I didn't know what to do, so I ignored him, which got him angry. The next time he called out my name, he yelled it. Once again I ignored him, which I regretted because he walked over to me and pulled me up from the floor by my arm. He dragged me to my room. As he was pulling me to my room, all I could think about was this guy was going to break my arm.

But when he threw me into my room, it wasn't broken, sore, but not broken. I thought it was over when he slammed my bedroom door, but a few minutes later he came back. He didn't look angry anymore, but he didn't look happy like he looked when you first left. I had no idea what he was thinking, but I didn't think much of it at the time because I was only eleven years old.

Then when he walked up to me and raised his hand, I ducked. I thought he was going to hit me, so I prepared for the hit, but I was wrong. The hit never came. Instead I felt his hands going up my legs very slowly. When he reached my thighs, I moved back onto my bed, but that didn't stop him. He pulled me back to the edge of my bed and started moving up and down my legs again. Every time he got close to my, you know, he stopped and went back down.

After a few minutes of doing that, he finally spoke. I will never forget the words that he said to me that night." Nancy knew her older daughter was raped, but had no idea that her son was molested. As she listened to her son, she got angrier and angrier with the guy that took her sons innocence from him. She kept thinking to herself that no child should go through what her son went through that night, no child should.

"Mom..." Ralph choked out with tears rolling down his cheeks. "He started to undo my belt. I tried to push him away, but he was too strong. I tried to get away from him, but before I could make it to my door, he grabbed a hold of me and slammed me back onto my bed. The third time I got away from him, he punched me in the face. I don't know how long I was out, but when I came to, he had my pants down around my ankles and was taking off my underwear.

I started screaming for help, but no one came. I tried to kick him, but I missed every time. No matter what I tried to do, he stopped me because he was stronger than me." At this point Ralph had a steady stream of tears rolling down his face along withNancy. "He pinned me down and ripped off my underwear. He started to play with..." Ralph pointed down to his private area.

"I tried to so hard to get away from him, but he had me. The more I struggled, the more rougher he got with me, so I stopped trying to get away from him. I just laid there crying out loud, begging him to stop. No matter how much I begged him, he didn't hear me. He kept playing with me, squeezing, you know, really hard that it hurt.

Then he flipped me over to my stomach and pushed my shirt up my back. I tried to look back to see what he was doing, but each time I tried, he slapped me on the back of my head. After the third time he slapped me, I kept my face against the mattress. He put one of his hands on my head, pushing me into the mattress. With his other hand I could hear him taking his belt off and then I could hear his zipper going down.

I tried so hard to get away. I didn't want him to do what he wanted to do with me..." Ralph stopped in mid-sentence to get control of his tears. "I don't know how much of his clothes he got off when I heard my bedroom door slamming open and my sisters voice yelling at the guy. When I finally turned around, I saw my sister on his back, hitting him and scratching at his face. He was trying everything he could to get her off, but she was putting up a fight until he slammed her against the wall several times.

She slid down the wall, out cold when he finally got her off of his back. He looked over at me and back over at my sister on the floor. I didn't know what he was thinking, but by the look on his face I knew it wasn't good, but I couldn't move. I just sat there with my underwear torn off and my pants at my ankles sobbing like a little kid."

"Son you were a little kid. You were only eleven years old when this happened, there wasn't anything that you could have done to stop him from doing what he was doing to you and what he then did to your sister. You were only eleven years old."

"I know mom, but I was the man of the house! I should have been able to do more than what I did that night instead of just sitting there crying as that guy tossed my sister over his shoulder like a rag doll and walk out of the room with her. It took her screams for me to snap out of my mind, but even then I didn't do anything to help her.

I slowly got up from my bed and pulled up my pants. Once I got my pants back on, I just stood there in the middle of my room looking at the wall for a few minutes. When I did finally move, I just walked out into the hall and slid down onto the floor next to my room, putting my head between my legs rocking back and forth as my bigger sister yelled out for help.

No matter how hard I tried to ignore the screams, I couldn't. They were so loud and they followed by cries that have been haunting me ever since Jacob told me who I was. I can't get those screams out of my head mom. I can't get the image of her laying there on your bed after he was done with her." Nancy was stunned! She didn't know that he saw his sister that night.

"The guy walked out with a smile on his face. He looked at me and waved me over, but I couldn't move. I just sat there with me head between my legs, trying to crawl up inside myself, but I couldn't. He walked over to me, pulled me up from the ground and walked me over to your room. He made me look at what he did to my sister."

Ralph couldn't go on. The images of that moment started to flash through his mind, causing him to lose it. Then the words the babysitter said to him came back to him, which made him fall apart even worse. Nancy tried to console her son, but she was as worse as he was, if not more. Twenty minutes passed before Ralph was able to continue, which Nancy wished he didn't.

"She was looking right at me. I didn't know if she was dead or alive because her eyes were open, but she wasn't moving at all. I thought she was pretending so he would leave her alone, but the more I looked, I realized that she wasn't pretending. All the blood around her told me that she was dead, but I didn't want to believe it.

Then the guy whispered to me that if I try anything, no matter how big or small it was, he will do the same thing he did to my older sister to Diane. I begged him to leave her alone. If he was planning to hurt someone else to hurt me, but all that got me was a smile and dragged back to my room and thrown onto my bed. I thought he was going to hurt me like he was doing before he was interrupted, but he just hit me on the side of my head and walked out, slamming the door.

I could hear him doing something in the living room, which I was glad because he wasn't in Diane's room hurting her." Ralph made eye contact with Nancy for the first time in almost an hour. "I don't know how much time passed. All I know was I couldn't fall asleep because I was worried for Diane. I wanted to be there for her, unlike how I wasn't for my older sister.

The guy returned with Diane in his hands. He waved me over, which I quickly got up and did what he asked me, which was pack a bag of clothes for me and one for Diane. I tried to take my time, hoping you will get home, but he caught on. He did something to Diane to get her to start crying and yelled out to me that if I didn't want him to hurt Diane anymore I better hurry up, so I did. I quickly packed me a bag and then grabbed everything that I thought Diane needed.

As soon as I walked into the living room, he pushed me to the door and then over to his car. He made me sit in his back seat holding Diane as he drove down that freeway by the Seven Eleven." Nancy knew which freeway Ralph was talking about. It led one direction, Greely, Colorado.

"I held onto Diane as tight as I could. The couple of times we stopped and he tried to take her from me, I didn't let him. Even when it was time to change her, I did it because I didn't want him to hurt her anymore. He let me, but at the time I didn't know why he. Now I do!" Nancy looked at Ralph with a confused look on her face. "It was less work for him to do."

The two talked about that night for over two hours. Between both of them sharing their feelings and fears, they were able to get through a lot of the haunting parts of that night that kept coming back to torment each of them. By the time they got done, Ralph didn't hear his older sister's screams anymore, which allowed him to relax a little more than he had been able to since Jacob told him what he had found about his past and who he truly is.

"Thank you, I really needed to talk to someone about that night." Ralph spoke for the first time since he started going over that night with a clear voice and no tears. "My parents are good people, but they don't know what I'm feeling. Whenever I have tried and talked to them about the things I was remembering, they would pass it off as if my mind playing tricks on me. Or they would send me to a shrink, who prescribed drugs, not really helping me through these emotions."

"Son, that night and every day after that night have haunted me. I wondered every second of every day what had happened to you and your sister. I hoped and prayed that you two were alive and with a nice family." Nancy took a deep breath before continuing. "Those prayers were answered when Jacob called me and asked me questions about that night.

I knew something was up, and then when his private detective showed up asking me for anything that might have yours and your sister's DNA on it, I knew for certain something was up. No matter how many times they tried to tell me that nothing was going on, I felt it in my gut that Jacob had found something that the police or detectives that were working the case were unable to find. A seventeen year kid was able to solve a five year old case that trained law enforcement officers were unable to do. That goes to show you if you know the right people, things get done."

Ralph smiled at his mother. "You're right on that one hundred percent. If we never moved down here and I never ran into Jacob, which brought up the memories of our friendship, we wouldn't be sitting here. More now than ever in the past I believe in fate because it was fate that that brought all of us back together."

Nancy whole heartily agreed with her son. They moved away from that horrible night and talked about other times, good times they had. The more they talked, the more memories started to flood back to Ralph of his childhood, which pushed the memory of that night further and further to the back. Before they knew it, they had talked for almost another hour.

It was the guys starting to come in that broke them away from their conversation. Ralph looked down at his watch and couldn't believe the time. He had promised Ethan that he was going to pick him up after school, and now he sees that won't happen. He quickly jumped to his feet, thanked his mother for everything and started making his way to the door. Nancy followed him out to the parking lot and over to car. As he got in, Nancy stood there talking to him.

"Ralph if you need anything, no matter what it is I'm here for you." Nancy closed the driver's door to Ralph's car. "I know all that has happened in the last several weeks has turned your life upside down. There isn't a doubt in my mind that your adopted parents and I don't want that for you. So don't think that I'm trying to take you away from them, because I'm not. You do what is in your heart, and I will be fine with it."

"I know that you're not trying to get in the middle of me and my adopted parents and I know that they know that too. Right now everyone that is involved in this has no idea whether they are coming or going. All of our worlds have been turned upside down. But that won't stop me from coming down here and getting to know my birth mother again. Who knows, if things go the way I hope they go, I might stay over a couple nights out of the week."

"I would love that Ralph, but I won't push it or rush you." Nancy leaned in and hugged her son. "You be careful out there and make sure you don't rush on your way to go and see Ethan." Ralph was surprised that his mother knew where he was going since he didn't say a word. "A mother knows everything about their kids by the looks on their faces. The look on your face when you looked down at your watch told me that you were supposed to be with Ethan."

Ralph thanked his mother once more and as he rolled up his window he told her that he loved her, which brought chills down Nancy's back. Not bad chills, no good ones. She never thought that she would ever hear those words come out of her kids' mouths again. Now having heard one of them say it she wants to hear it more...a lot more.

Nothing more exciting happened, that was until the guys walked into the hotel after school on Thursday. Before that, the school day was what everyone expected it to be after the debate the day before. Markus, the jocks and all those that support them were out in full swing trying to get those they knew for sure were going to vote for Jacob to change their minds. They used every tactic in the book, and by the end of the school day no one was for sure if they got anyone to change their mind on who they were going to vote for.

At times they were getting down right dirty with what they were saying. Not one of the guys and girls that were out there helping Markus to get votes cared how it looked when they used Jacob's sexuality against him. Some of the students actually listened, but many of them got disgusted when the conversation moved toward Jacob being gay.

One or the other of Jacob's friends, at one time or another throughout the day wanted to jump in and kick the butt of whoever was talking bad about their friend. It took the rest of the group to settle the person that wanted to jump up and pull down the guy or girl and beat the living hell out them. By the time the final bell rang, they were all laughing about what was going on.

Not one of them were surprised that Markus and his friends went as low as they did on the final day before the voting. When Jacob told them the night before of the warning he got from Markus after the debate, they were prepared for what was coming. They just wished that they were able to defend Jacob without looking like an ass kissers to him.

Thinking the worst of the day was behind them, they made their way back to the hotel to find out how wrong they were. When they walked in they found a middle age woman standing there no one knew except David. David started to make his way to his mother when his father stood up from the chair he was sitting in, everyone that lived in Jacob's house recognized him.

They hadn't seen David's dad since he got his appointment to the state supreme court. He looked even meaner than he did the first time they saw him, and that is saying a lot since the first and only time they saw him he was really getting on David. He didn't like that his son wanted to stay in El Paso and was making it as clear as possible to everyone that was in hearing distance of the conversation he was having with David at the time. They all remembered that it got so bad that they had to be broken apart and basically David's dad escorted out of the house.

All of them wanted to stay to make sure nothing was going to happen to David, but David wouldn't have it. He asked everyone to leave, and when they refused and told him why, he came back by looking over at the security. All of the guys got the hint that if anything went wrong, the security would jump in and stop it, so they headed up to their rooms.

As the others left David alone with his parents, he turned and made the rest of the way to his father. When he reached him, they shook hands and then David turned and greeted his mother with a hug. They did a little small talk, how are you feeling, how was the trip and things like that. However it didn't take long for David's dad to get to the reason they were there.

"I know son I promised you and Jacob the last time I was here that your mother and I were not going to ask you to move back home with us, but you have to admit things have changed since then." David looked at his father with a puzzled look on his face and asked him what has changed since the last time they talked. "Come on son, you're smarter than this. Do you really want your mother and me to go into the detail of what has changed?"

David nodded his head as he verbally said yes. "First, the house you and the others were living in has burned down to the ground by a former police chief that is out to get Jacob. What would have happened if you guys were in the house when it was set on fire? There is no way your mother and I could go on living after putting you in the ground.

Secondly, what happened to you downtown. I know you are still going to therapy on that, but I know if you were with us in Austin nothing like that would have happened. You would be safe down there without having to look over your back all time and being followed by armed guards all the time." David's father looked over to the security standing guard at the front door.

"This is not the way to live son. Jacob has to live like this because of his money and who he is, but not you. Your life is already hard as it is because you are gay. You shouldn't make it even worse by being friends with a guy like Jacob who goes around this town as if he owns it. I heard if he didn't push his weight around that the things that are happening to you guys would be..."

"Dad please don't go there because you know you are wrong. You know Jacob as well as I do and because of that you shouldn't believe what you are hearing. Jacob isn't pushing his weight around or rocking the boat with anyone in the police department or any other officials in this town. He wants to be left alone and that's it. It's the other people like the former police chief who are coming after Jacob. None of us knows why, but they are."

"Okay, okay son I will give you that, but let's talked about Jacob letting a gangster move into his house. I have seen that kid Alejandro Garcia's file and it's longer than my arm. On top of that, that kid tried to kill Jacob, but yet Jacob let him move in his house. What was going through Jacob's head when he let that happen son?"

"Dad, you don't know the whole story on why Jacob did what he did. Until you do, you shouldn't judge him for having a heart." David's dad asked him to tell him the story. "It's not my place, but I'm sure if you ask Jacob he will tell you whatever you want to know. Once you do hear the story you are going to feel foolish for thinking what you have about Jacob."

"All I know is what I can see in black in white and it isn't good. You shouldn't be around that gangster because your life is in danger. Even if he has turned his life around like so many I have heard say, his past will come back to haunt. When that happens, I don't want you anywhere around him because it's the innocent person that always gets hurt."

"I don't know what you want me to tell you dad, I really don't. Do you want me to say that everything you have said so far is right, okay it is. You are right that Jacob's house got burned down, that is no secret and who did it isn't one either. And yes, he's let a former gangster move into his, but it is his house to do whatever he wants to do. As far as what happened to me months ago downtown, we would never know if that wouldn't have happened if I moved up with you and mom. All we know is it did and I have to live with it, which is hard."

"Please son, your mother and I didn't come down here to argue with you or upset you. We came down here because we care about you and love you with all of our hearts. We can't stand by and let bad things continue to happen to you if we can keep it from happening like this past weekend. Once again I don't know what your mother and I would have done if you were the one in that truck under the semi. Living here with Jacob has brought you nothing but bad luck.

And there is school as well." David's dad looked over to his mother who was nodding her head and back over to him. "When you first met Jacob in the hospital you were a year ahead of him. Because of all your hard work, you were able to skip a grade, but now you are back to where you began, in the same grade as Jacob. He and the others here in this hotel are holding you back. You need to stop and think about that before you completely lose everything you have worked so hard for. If you don't stop your decline now, you won't be able to."

"Sweetie what you father is saying may sound mean, but you know it's the truth. We bent to let you stay here with an understanding that you will continue down the same track you were going when you lived at home. You're not even working at the hospital anymore in the field you have always wanted to work in. Everything you did before you met Jacob, you're not doing now."

"Mom, dad if me not working at the hospital is the problem, I will go back and start working there! It's just I'm working a job right now that pays me, unlike the hospital. All I get there is the training in a field that I don't know if I want to work in anymore. I'm not sure right now what I want to do except be a kid in high school with my boyfriend; a guy I love and he loves me." David looked up at the clock on the wall. "Talking about Tom, I need to go down and see him since he was the one that got pinned under the semi who is alive because of Jacob."

David started to walk away when his father called out to him to stop. "Son, we aren't saying Jacob is completely bad. What we are saying is that bad luck follows him and it's rubbing off on everyone around him. Tom wouldn't be in the hospital if you two didn't know Jacob. Because of that friendship, you guys were out there in new trucks showing off."

Mr. Fernandez tried to stop himself saying the last thing he said, but couldn't. He knew he stepped over the line with that and the look on his son's face confirmed that for him. No matter how hard he tried to take back what he had said, it was out there and his son wasn't hearing any excuses. After trying several times, he stopped and changed the subject.

"Why don't we just stop talking about this for tonight and pick it back up tomorrow. Your mother and I are staying at the Ramada at the airport. We won't be leaving until we get through to you that you need to come back with us." David just shook his head. "Son I'm giving you a courtesy that I don't have to give you since you are underage. Like or not, you have to listen to your mother and me and do what we say until you're eighteen. That isn't until another year."

"Dad I will listen to you and mom since you guys came all the way down here to talk to me, but if you think you are going to talk me into going back with you, your sadly mistaken. I won't leave here now when Tom needs me the most. Even when he doesn't, I'm not leaving here. So if you plan on taking me back against my will, you better come with more than just words."

David didn't let his father respond. He walked over to the elevator, and when his father attempted to follow him, he was stopped by one of the security agents. Mr. Fernandez tried to explain who he was and who David was to him, but the security agent wouldn't let him through since he wasn't cleared and it was obvious to him that he wasn't wanted.

After his parents left, David headed down to see Tom. Since everyone that had a car was gone, it was hard for him to get a ride. He didn't want to disturb Jacob and Dewayne, but when he ran out of options, he went to them. It was no surprise that Jacob didn't have a problem taking him. The only surprise was Dewayne when he told Jacob that he was going to be the one driving. It was the first time he saw anyone tell Jacob what to do.

On the way to the hospital, the conversation was general. Neither Jacob nor Dewayne asked David about his parents' visit or what was being said at school. They talked about what was going to happen as soon as everyone was back home. Jacob made it clear that he fully intends to follow through with his promise to get everyone a car, and that includes Tom.

When they got to the hospital, they went straight yup to Tom's room, but found him soundly asleep. His parents were there at his bedside and jumped up as soon as they saw the three of them walk in. Not even having to ask, they told them how Tom was doing and what kind of day he had, which wasn't good. Most of the day he was in pain, and there wasn't anything the nurses or Dr. Whitmore could do about it since he was at his limit on pain medication.

"What are the doctors saying as far as when Tom will be able to go home?"

"Jacob they don't even know if he will ever be able to go home. The kind of pain and the amount of pain he is in can only be handled through and IVs, which is here at the hospital. And if the day comes that he can leave here, they want to send him to Craig Hospital, in Littleton Colorado. That hospital specializes in spinal injuries like the one Tom has."

Jacob looked at Dewayne and then over at David. He could see the fear in his friend David's eyes. He doesn't think the fear is for David himself, but for Tom. Ever since they got back together, they have been inseparable. They have been joined at the hip and the only time they haven't been together is now that Tom has been in the hospital. David tries to spend every moment he can here at Tom's side.

"Well if the doctors think that is the best course of treatment for Tom, he should get it. At the end of the day, all we all want is for Tom to be able to walk again. If this Craig Hospital in Colorado can make that happen, he should go there and cost is not a factor. No matter how much it costs and if the insurance doesn't pay for it, I will."

"Jacob we know you will pay for anything Tom needs, but we don't think that will be necessary after tomorrow. The attorney you got for Tom has a meeting with the trucking company, or I should say their attorneys. Anyway, he told us that he was certain that everything was going to be taken care as of tomorrow, which includes all of Tom's medical bills for life."

Just then Tom opened his yes. He tried to smile, but the pain was too strong, which turned his smile into a frown. David quickly made his way to Tom's bedside and started to rub his forehead. The touch of David's hand did more for the pain going through than all the drugs being pumped into him were doing. After a few minutes of David being there, the pain wasn't as strong as it was when Tom first woke up.

"So what were you guys talking about?" This time when Tom smiled, he was actually able to complete the smile. "Let me guess, my mom and dad were bringing you guys update with all the news of the day." Jacob, Dewayne and David all nodded their heads. "Well let me make this absolutely clear here and now, there is no way I'm going to a hospital where none of my friends or family are close. You guys will help me more than any hospital can, no matter what they specialize in."

No one wanted to fight with Tom, so they all agreed with him and moved off the subject. As they talked about what was going on at school, Jacob was thinking about what he could do to bring the hospital to Tom. He not only agreed that Tom was right as far as having his family and friends around him, but he also agrees that he needs the best care possible for the injury he has. If that care is that hospital, he needs to find a way to get that care for Tom and at the same time have Tom's friends and family around him like he wants.

"Wow by the sounds of it Jacob you have the election in the bag!" Tom almost shouted, bringing Jacob out of his head. "Who knew that a person like you could actually unseat the jocks? Man they have to be wondering what the hell is going on." Tom's voice got lower as he looked down at his chest. "I wish I could be there tomorrow Jacob so I could vote for you and see you win. You are going to do awesome things for the school next year, I know it."

"Thank you Tom, but nothing is in the bag until the last vote is counted. From what I have heard about what was going on at school today, Markus and his friends might have succeeded on bringing this race to the point it might be too close to call until the last vote is counted. Whoever wins tomorrow is going to beat the other by just a handful of votes."

Tom hesitated to agree with Jacob, but he did. The more he thought about it, the more he saw what Jacob was saying was true. Markus and his guys not only are the popular kids at school that the other students look up to and want to be, but they have had the last week before the voting to say anything they wanted without Jacob being able to fire back. Not liking the thoughts he was having, but Tom does believe too many of the students are followers, not leaders. So they will follow the popular kids no matter they know that they are being fooled.

Jacob, Dewayne, David and Tom's parents stayed with Tom way past visiting hours. It took the nursing staff to ask them to leave four times for they finally left Tom. David put up a fight, but when the last nurse came in and told him that he had no choice but to leave, he tried to fight them, but he lost the fight since he wasn't immediate family.

All the way back to the hotel, Jacob could hear David mumbling to himself what the nurse told him in the back seat. He kept repeating to himself that the laws will change soon, the laws will change soon. Jacob knew what David meant by that. The nurse pushed David out of the room by telling him that same sex relationships aren't recognized in this state, at least not now. That got David mad along with everyone else in the room.

When they pulled up to the hotel, David walked in and went straight to the elevator. He forgot how slow Jacob is due to his injuries until he had pushed his floor button and the doors had shut. Realizing that Jacob and Dewayne weren't with him, he tried to stop the elevator, but it was too late, it had started to go up. Already feeling like crap, leaving Jacob and Dewayne on the first floor made him feel even worse. He made a mental note to apologize to them as soon as he sees them again as the elevator stopped and doors opened.

The next morning at breakfast the table was dead quiet. Before Jacob and Dewayne walked in, it was lively. However, when they saw Jacob, they stopped talking. Not because they were keeping a secret from him. They were just nervous for Jacob because the day has finally come that their fellow classmates are going to vote for student council.

Since Jacob was still unable to drive, he handed the keys to the truck to Chase, who was more than happy to sit behind the wheel of Jacob's truck. Once they got on the freeway, the conversation got lively again, but no one got near the subject of the election. Whenever it got close to that topic, almost at the same time everyone changed the subject.

Once they got through the check point a couple blocks away from the school, Chase didn't park in their normal parking spot. Instead he parked down below next to the building in the handicap parking for Jacob. Right beside them the security vehicles parked and they got out first to make sure everything was secure for Jacob.

The guys stayed back and waited for Jacob to get out of the truck so they could walk in together. Once they started their way into the building, every student they passed patted Jacob on the shoulder and told him that they were going to vote for him. By the time they reached the cafeteria, it felt like Jacob had the election in the bag, but Markus and his buddies were making one last ditch effort to get those eating breakfast to change their mind.

By their cheers and the way their fellow classmates in the cafeteria were acting, it looked like the tides have turned. Jacob and the others had no idea who was going to win this election. The only thing that was certain was in the next hour one of them was going to become the next student council president in the closet race this school as ever had.


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Not only did they stand up and applaud Jacob, but they refused to settle down for twenty or so minutes. If I was Markus I would have been worried there. I also would have been worried if I was in his shoes on how the debate was going. To me it didn't look like it was going his way no matter how hard he tried to bring the debate back over to him. It looked like the students saw which of the two would do more for them, but I wonder if they will vote that way.

I know what happened in this chapter with Ralph and his mother was a surprise, but I needed to start filling in the blank about what happened the night of his kidnapping and the years before that. In the chapters to come, you will learn a lot more about Ralph when he was young and the friendship he and Jacob had. However for now I will leave you with just those nights' events.

None of us would ever wish to be in Ralph's shoes, fiction or nonfiction. Not only was he kidnapped from his house, but he blames himself for the death of his oldest sister. Like his mother tried to tell him over and over again as they talked, he was only eleven years old when all that happened. There was no way an eleven year old kid could fend off an male adult. I really hope with the help of both parents, he is able to come to terms with what happened.

I also hope that Nancy eventually gets her kids back. I understand why she is moving the way she is dealing with the situation of her kids. She doesn't want to force something that might come back and bite her in the ass like what is happening with Ralph's adoptive father. I agree that she needs to let Ralph and Diane go on their own speed and decide what they want to do and where they want to live. But once again I hope it is with Nancy.

We got to see David's parents again in this chapter. Boy they don't understand their son at all, do they? I understand that they are concerned about him and want to keep him safe, but forcing him to go back to Austin with them isn't the answer. I really hope that they step back from that and let David stay, but who knows, I'm evil and I do evil things in my stories, LOL!

Poor Tom. I don't even know where to go with that poor guy except things is not going to get any easier any time soon. He is going to be a in a lot of pain and no matter how much pain killers they give him, he will always have the pain, at least at first. The only way out of that is by putting him under all the time, which they can, but I'm glad they don't. Tom needs to stay awake as much as he can so he can get his strength and start to recover.

Now what about that nurse and what she said to David. I'm surprised Jacob didn't say anything to her like she was crazy or demand to speak with her boss. It seems to me Jacob is getting mellower each time we see him. I hope not. Anyways it wasn't right for her to say what she said. She should have seen it was David's touch that got Tom out of pain better than all the medications. That alone should have been enough to let David stay.

Jacob's return back to school had to be something. His classmates had to be surprised to see him as much as they were the day of the debate. Many of them told him on his way to the cafeteria that they were going to vote for him, but once he got to the cafeteria he saw Markus and all the students in the cafeteria listening to him. You guys need to tune in the next chapter to find out who is going to win this. The winner might surprise you, so don't skip the next chapter.

As always I can go on and on about the open plots in the story! If I do that, I can actually write several more chapters. So many plots can take a turn at any time. You might think it is going to go one way, but is lands up going another. Do not miss anything, or you will be kicking yourself for it.

There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Stick around and keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}



What a good read this chapter was. It seems our esteemed author is still doing something right in his life to write such good stuff! Keep it up Jacob...whatever it is.

The debate was great. I think Jacob didn't dwell enough on Markus being a benchwarmer; a footballer in name only since he has no accomplishments to his credit. I think he could have made a much deeper impression had he dwelt on that a bit more.

The debate was not unlike our present political campaigns. Jacob was able to stand on his record whereas Markus has nothing on his `resume' to claim credit for. He has to resort to mudslinging to try and undermine his opponent's solid platform and verifiable accomplishments.

Ralph and Nancy sure had a deep talk. It's seems that Nancy was short on details of the night of the murder and kidnapping. Ralph sure filled in some blanks for her, probably blanks that would have been better left unanswered. The two shared pain and guilt. I've found the best way to get past something is to get the issues all out in the open. That's the first step to healing. It seems that when emotional baggage is kept in, it festers and takes on a life of its own that can overtake a person's life. Once the things being held in are released, they don't seem as bad as when they are held in. I'm glad the two shared their pain and I hope that this is a good solid first step in them finding the parent/child bond once again.

Isn't it enough that David has Tom on his mind? Then his parents come wanting to take him away from his life mate, his friends, school and basically throw his whole life into upheaval. If they push it too far, the dear judge (David's father) may get a refresher in Texas law. David is seventeen. They cannot compel him to move back in with them. Yes, they can cut off support, but at seventeen he can chose to not live at home. As a matter of fact, that is the case when a person is sixteen. At sixteen, in Texas a teen can leave home, but the parents can't bar the teen from returning home should the teen choose to do so. When a teen is seventeen, after they leave the home by their own choice, the parents can bar them from moving back in. Once again, by law, David's parents cannot compel him to move back home. This could make for a really exciting standoff, wouldn't you agree?

David also needs to have Tom name him (legally) as his Medical Power of Attorney. That nurse could then be told to "stuff it" and it would stick. I've been there, done that!

Until Next Time,

"Daddy" Rick