Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Edited By: "Daddy" Rick

Love Scenes By: "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 90


Jacob woke up Wednesday morning still tired from the night before. In fact when he got downstairs with Dewayne he saw all the guys were in as bad shape as he was, if not worse. They barely had the strength to keep their faces from falling into their breakfasts. With a chuckle, Jacob sat down and dug in to the plate of food that Marco put in front of him.

Before Marco left, he asked if he could speak with Jacob. Jacob looked up at the young man and wondered what he needed him to speak about. Having no idea what it was, Jacob agreed to speak with him before he left for school. Marco was happy with that, thanked him and headed back to the kitchen with every eye at the table looking at him.

As Jacob finished his breakfast and was about to get up to see what was on Marco's mind, Joey kneeled beside him asking what was going on. Jacob explained that Marco wanted to speak with him, but on what subject, he had no idea. Joey looked at him as confused as Jacob was when Marco asked to speak with him.

"Are you sure you don't know what Marco wants to speak with you about?" Jacob answered he was sure. "I don't understand if there is a problem with anything or anyone, he should be coming to me, not you. Maybe I should be part of the conversation between you guys so I can hear it firsthand if there is something wrong. What do you say?"

Jacob really didn't know what to say. First he was a little angry that Joey, a guy he lived with and called his boyfriend for years don't seem to trust him. Secondly, he felt if Marco had a problem with something as far as the hotel or anyone in the hotel he would go to Joey since Joey is his boss.

"Joey, with all due respect, if he needed you in the conversation, he would have gone to you and asked you to be part of it." That threw Joey off his feet. "If the conversation has anything to do with you as his boss, I will let you know immediately. You should know that by now about me." Jacob got up, with help from Joey and Dewayne. "Now I need to see what he wants quickly and then join the others outside to go to school." Joey nodded his head. "But there is something I do need to talk with you about, but we won't have time to talk about it now. Let's catch each other after school."

Once again Joey nodded his head as he turned to leave the restaurant. Jacob walked slowly to the kitchen, and when reached the door, Franseca was walking out. She held the door open for Jacob, and once he and Dewayne were inside, she let it close. Marco was at the sink doing the dishes when Jacob called out his name.

Stopping what he was doing Marco walked over to Jacob wiping his hands on a dry towel. "Thank you very much for coming to speak with me before you go to school." Marco pulled out a stool for Jacob to sit on. "There is something that has been on my mind that I thought I might actually have more time to speak with you about, but I have been hearing rumors that you and the rest of the guys that came with you might be leaving soon."

Jacob was surprised that Marco knew that he had spoken with his grandfather about moving into the Governor's old house. He had just had the conversation with his grandfather and hadn't told anyone except Dewayne. How Marco found out, Jacob couldn't figure it out. Putting his thoughts together before answering Marco, Macro quickly came back.

"I know that a lot of the guys out there don't know about your plans to move out, and I promise to keep it to myself, but I was wondering if it was true because it is, I need to ask you for a favor." That completely grabbed Jacob's undivided attention. "I would like to know if there is any room for me at the new house." Jacob asked him why he was asking.

"Well, um, um, you, um..." Marco started to stutter and brushing his right foot against his left leg. "You know that Chase and I are getting close, don't you." Jacob and Dewayne both nodded their heads at the same time. "Well I think the reason for that is that we are able to spend a lot of time together since he lives here at the hotel like I do. If he moves out, we aren't going to be able to spend a lot of time together because he has no way of getting down here."

That made a lot of sense to Jacob. Chase first doesn't have a car, and even if he lines up a ride to get down to see Marco, he would be too tired since he goes straight to work after school. And secondly, Chase is barely finding his true self. No one, including Chase himself, knows if he is going to end up with a girl or guy for the rest of his life. However, Jacob wants to make sure that nothing influences his decision in one way or the other.

"Look Marco right now Dewayne and I are the only ones that know about what my grandfather has done for us to get in a house until the new one is done. We have talked about it, and I think someone overheard us talking about it. Before I even go any further, I need you to promise me that you won't repeat what you have heard and anything we speak about here!"

Marco promised! "Good, well what you have been hearing is right. My grandfather has lined us up a house, which is the Governor's old house. Dewayne and I are going to go down this evening and look at it. If it is ready to be moved into, we will start moving into it on Sunday because the following weekend we will be leaving to Disneyland.

It is not a small house, but at the same time it isn't a big house like the one we lived in that burned down. We don't even have enough room for all those that lived with us, so there is no way we can add anyone else." Marco had a look of defeat on his face when Jacob said that no one else could go with them. "I'm sorry Marco, I wish it was possible, but it's just not."

Marco's gaze fell to the ground and never looked back up as he started to speak. "If Chase agrees to share his room with me, then could I then live with you guys? I will give you rent and money for any food I might eat. In fact, I won't eat there at all. I will just stay in Chase's room and you never go into any other room in the house. It would be as if I'm not there."

"Marco I wouldn't treat my worst enemy that way." Jacob looked at Dewayne for guidance. "In the rough outline on who is going where Chase will have his own room at the temporary house and the new house. If he agrees to let you stay in his room with him, not putting anyone else out, you can move into the house with the rest of us."

That perked Marco right up. He looked up for the first time since he looked down to the floor with a big grin on his face. The grin must have be catching because Dewayne slowly developed one and then Jacob. Before they knew, all three of them were standing there in the middle of the kitchen with big stupid grins across their faces.

"One other thing Marco..." The grin Marco had half disappeared. "If Chase does say yes to what you are going to ask him, you will be part of this family. Those that are part of my family don't live in the shadows. They go everywhere we all go, they do what we all do and most importantly they sit around the table together during meal times. You will be no different.

So I don't want to hear this bull that we won't even know that you are there. Or I won't hear this bull that you will pay me for the food you eat. I don't charge the other guys for food, I won't charge you. I never did that when I didn't have money, I surely won't do that now that I have a little bit of money. It's no good to have money if you can't share it with those you care about most in this world."

The full grin across Marco's face came back as he thanked Jacob and Dewayne. Jacob looked up at the clock and saw that he was running late. As fast as he could without hurting himself, he jumped off his chair and walked out to the parking lot with Dewayne at his side.

While Jacob and the guys rushed to school, Tom was at the hospital waking up to the first of several visitors he wasn't expecting. Just as the sun entered in his room, hitting on the face, Tom heard the door open. At first he thought it was David, so he quickly looked towards the door and when he saw it was only Dr. Whitmore, he turned away.

It wasn't that he didn't want to see the good doctor. It was that he was already missing David. He knew what day it was and knew where David was, but wanted to be with him and the guys. Being stuck in the hospital is driving him crazy and he just wants to get out there, which he knew is impossible. Boy was he right, in just a few minutes he was going to be given news that he didn't expect to get first thing in the morning.

Scooting up on his mattress until his back was against the wall, Tom rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes. After he felt he got whatever was there in his eyes out, he stretched out his arms trying to wake up the rest of his body. When he didn't feel anything below the waist, reality of what happened to him came crashing back down on him. Just like every other morning he wakes up and doesn't remember right away where he is and why he is there until he doesn't feel his legs.

Dr. Whitmore didn't say a word right away. He kept going over Tom's chart. After going over it several times, he finally put it down and turned his attention to his patient who was looked very scared and uncomfortable. With a smile on his face, Dr. Whitmore checked Tom's vitals, temperature and went through the same questions he always does before getting down to the real reason he made Tom his first visit of the day.

"Well Tom everything is going the way I hoped." Dr. Whitmore spoke in his soft voice as he put his pen back in his pocket. "Of course I had hoped by some miracle when I walked in here this morning that you would be walking, but I know we are way off from that happening." Dr. Whitmore playfully hit Tom on the shoulder, but Tom wasn't too much in a playful mood at that very moment.

"It was wrong of me to play like that, won't happen again." Dr. Whitmore pulled out several brochures from his pockets on the side of his jacket. "I thought maybe your parents and David were going to be here." Dr. Whitmore looked around in hopes he had missed those he was asking for, but he didn't see any of them.

"Sir, my parents actually went home for the first time since I have been here to get an actual full night's rest. David has missed way too much school being at my side, so we decided that he needed to go back to school or he won't graduate with me. So in other words, no one is here. If you need any of them here to tell me what you came to tell me, you will have to come back."

"No, not realty since you are seventeen and I'm going to be talking to you about your health anyways. There is really no need for them to be here. I just thought with what I have to tell you, you might take it better with one of them, if not all them here at your side." Tom started to freak out, and Dr. Whitmore could see that in his face. He quickly started to backpedal from the cliff he walked himself on, but it was too late. Tom was already too far gone to correct what he had done.

"Look Tom it isn't bad news. I just like it whenever I have to talk to a patient about something this important that they have family around to help the patient through it all. But you are a very strong young man and you don't have to..." The more Dr. Whitmore tried to talk his way out of the miswording he did, the more he made things worse. Then right as he was about to wait for someone to be with Tom when he gave the news he came in to give, his parents walked in.

"Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Dickerson, it is good to see you this morning.' Tom's parents both greeted Dr. Whitmore as they walked passed him to console their son. "As I was explaining to Tom here that I have some good news to tell him. I was asking for you guys and David everyone could be at Tom's side as I go through everything with him. It is going to be a lot and he isn't going to catch it all. You guys aren't either and that is why I have these brochures."

Dr. Whitmore handed the Dickerson's the brochures he pulled out of his pocket when he started to conversation with Tom. As they started to skim through them, Tom looked over and saw that it was a hospital that he has never seen before. Since he didn't recognize it, he knew the hospital wasn't here in El Paso, which means he will be asked to leave El Paso. That's something he didn't want to do since that meant leaving the guys and David behind.

"This hospital is something that Tom's doctor threw out there for Tom to think about, but now we are at the point we do need to discuss it. Tom is getting better each day, but this hospital isn't set up to do the kind of treatment Tom needs. In fact no hospital here in El Paso is. You could be transferred to a rehab hospital, but they won't give Tom anywhere near the care that he needs and will get at this hospital." Dr. Whitmore pointed to the hospital on the brochure.

"Now there are a few problems that we are trying to work out as far as sending Tom to this hospital. The first is money of course. I know Tom doesn't have the kind of insurance that will pay for something like this, which that shouldn't be a worry since Jacob has made it clear that he will pay for anything that Tom needs. So the money part of this isn't a problem.

Because money isn't a problem, I went ahead and placed a call to the hospital to see if there are any beds available and if they could send someone down here to explain more about the hospital to Tom, David and you guys." Dr. Whitmore leaned against the wall. "Now they do have several beds and they are sending someone down here to speak with you Tom. That person is scheduled to be here tomorrow sometime."

"Dr. Whitmore I'm very thankful for everything you have done for me from the surgery, getting the right surgeon to fix me up, to this, the hospital. But I wish you would have talked to me first before you called to see if anyone could come and talk with me. Because if you had done that, I would have told you not to do it! I won't leave here where David, my parents and friends are, sorry I won't do that. Without them I don't think I will make it through all this."

"Tom I understand your fears, but son you need to go down to Englewood, Colorado and take the bed that is available for you. I know you don't want to be stuck in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. I believe this hospital that specializes in the kind of injuries you have is the best place for you to be. With you wanting to walk again and this hospital, I can see that happening. It wouldn't surprise me that in a year from now you walk into my office."

Tom's parents handed Tom the brochures. "Dr. Whitmore you need to understand that without the support system my son has here with David, his friends, my wife and I, he won't get better. No matter how great the hospital is, Tom and any patient for that matter needs their support system around them. He won't be getting that over there. So is there any way we can get close to the same kind of care here so he can be around those that he needs?"

"Mr. Dickerson I'm afraid not. We don't get a lot of spinal injuries here, and those we do, the patients don't have the insurance or the money to go to a place like this. So they have no other choice but to take the level of care our city has to offer, but Tom doesn't. Since Tom here does have the means available to him and there is an open bed, I want to send him there so he can get the best care possible. Let's give him every tool we can to walk again."

Chad didn't object to what Dr. Whitmore said. He looked over to his wife, and then his son to see if they agreed with what had just been said. Neither of them gave him a clear indication that they do, so he was left wondering as he looked back at Dr. Whitmore.

"I don't want to push you guys into making a decision right now about this. Why don't you read the brochures I have given you, talk to the guy that is coming down to see you Tom and talk about this privately among yourselves. I will give you time to decide and won't ask about this subject again until you guys come to me and are ready to talk about it.

But before I close the book on it, let me make a couple of things clear to you all." Dr. Whitmore walked over to Tom and gently moved him forward. "If Tom doesn't start getting the needed therapy for this injury soon, he will, without any doubt, be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I'm not saying if he goes to Craig Hospital tomorrow, he will walk out of there in six months. No I'm simply saying that he has a better chance of doing that the sooner he goes there."

Dr. Whitmore lifted up Tom's shirt to show his parents what they have seen several times already. The swelling has gone down quite a bit, but the surgery site is still swollen and all shades of black, purple and red. They couldn't imagine their son walking again as Dr. Whitmore was saying, but there was no way they were going to say that out loud.

Gently Dr. Whitmore lowered Tom's shirt down and then lowered him back to the bed. "Craig Hospital can help Tom accomplish what he wants. I believe that is the only hospital that can do that. So when you guys discuss this among yourselves, keep that in mind. If you want Tom to have a good chance to walk again, he needs to go to this hospital. It is the only place I see that can happen, so let's not rob him of that chance because of fear."

The room went dead quiet, no one said a word. Dr. Whitmore felt he said all he could to try and get Tom to go to Craig Hospital and if he said anymore, he might push Tom to say no. So he didn't say another word. He thanked Tom and his parents for hearing him out before leaving to do his rounds. As he walked to his next patient's room, he prayed that Tom and his parents will make the wise choice and give Tom a fighting chance to walk again.

Back in the room Tom and his parents were going over what they had just discussed with Dr. Whitmore when his attorney walked through the door. Tom's biggest worry was money because they didn't want Jacob to be footing such a huge bill. However that concern would soon become nothing but a memory after they hear the news from the attorney.

With the help from his father, Tom moved himself into a sitting position with his back against the head of the bed. Since he wasn't dressed and was only in the hospital gown, Tom made sure the covers were tight around the bottom half of his body. He didn't flash his parents or the lawyer with things that are only for David to see and play with.

Thinking that caused Tom's dick to stir, which put a huge smile on his face. He looked up at his lawyer who was fumbling around with his briefcase. When he finally got it open, he pulled out a file as he sat down on the chair furthest away from Tom. No one cared as long as whatever he came in to talk about they would be able to hear and understand.

"Well good morning everyone!" Tom's attorney said as he looked at his watch. "Or should I say good afternoon since it just turned twelve." At the same time Tom and his parents said good afternoon. "I have with me your settlement paperwork that was finalized late yesterday afternoon." The attorney handed Tom's father a copy.

"Don't take what I'm about to ask wrong because we do really appreciate all the work you have done Mr. McQueen and it is free work, but I thought this was supposed to be done last Friday. At least that is what you had led us to believe with you having that huge meeting on Friday. You need to keep your clients informed if things are going to take longer than you projected them to. Since we didn't hear from you on Friday, we thought something had gone wrong and you were scrambling around trying to fix things."

"First Mr. Dickerson my service isn't free, I get paid for all the work I have been doing on this case. You may have not been footing the bill, but Jacob has. So don't think for a minute that I wasn't working on this case or delaying it because I wasn't getting paid." Chad tried to back step trying to explain to Mr. McQueen that he took what he said all wrong.

"Fine I might be reading too much into what you said. If I am, I'm sorry, let's just move on." Mr. McQueen wiped his nose with a Kleenex. "I'm sorry for not calling you to let you know that there was one more step in the process of finalizing the deal I made with the trucking company. Once the deal was struck, it had to be presented to a judge to get signed. In our case it was just a formality, but a requisite formality to make sure the trucking company will keep their word on everything in the agreement."

Chad, Teresa and Tom nodded their heads. "Not to bore you all with all the details on how things went, I made sure Tom will be taken care financially and medically for the rest of his life. No matter where the company is in twenty years, doors still open or closed, Tom is set as long as he is alive. A judge's signature on the paperwork insures that."

Mr. McQueen showed Tom and his parents the areas where the judge signed. "Now the short of it all Tom, you are going to be set for life. Starting immediately..." Mr. McQueen pulled out a check and handed it to Tom. "You were start getting paid a monthly check from the company in the amount of three thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars. That monthly amount will increase the beginning of every year by three percent. It will never decrease. I already explained why there is an increase every year the last time we talked."

Tom cleared his throat. "Um sir, I think there was the clerical error." Tom handed the check to his parents. When they saw it, their eyes jumped out of their heads. "If I'm supposed to get thirty seven hundred every month, someone made a major accounting error when they wrote this check. It is in the amount of four hundred and fifty three thousand, seven hundred and fifty."

"Good eye son, very good eye. I shot for a little more than I said with you the last time we talked. I felt that you needed a little cash to start your life again and they were encouraged to fork over that cash to get the bad press they were getting behind them. I went in asking for a little more, but a little less than you have on the check in mind. We settled on that amount."

Teresa handed her son back his check. "That is all fine and dandy, but will this big lump sum come back to haunt my son in the future? What I mean is will the trucking company somewhere down the road come at us and say that is it because they gave him this money now."

Mr. McQueen smiled as he instructed them to turn to page nine. "No ma'am, as you can see by the paperwork in your hands, the trucking company can never tell Tom that he won't receive any more money from them. This significant lump sum is addition to what Tom here is going to get for the rest of his life. They agreed with me that Tom needed money to change his life style due to how the accident left him. Even though the medical part of the deal pretty much pays for all that, I felt Tom needed a little extra to buy whatever else needed past medical care."

Chad and Teresa threw out several questions about the money, and Mr. McQueen answered every single one of them to their satisfaction. They were worried that once the insurance company finds out that Tom has all that money, they will skimp on things. Mr. McQueen made it clear that Tom won't pay for one thing, no matter what it is, when it comes to his medical needs. When he went into detail what he meant, that satisfied the Dickerson's.

Once they were walked through the medical part of the deal, Mr. McQueen went over how the money part was going to get paid out in the future. When he was finished going through all that, Tom and his parents were calmer about money issues for both the near future and the rest of Tom's life. Mr. McQueen made sure that Tom wouldn't ever worry about money at all.

When Mr. McQueen got up to leave, Tom called him back in. "I know you are a busy man and that Jacob was paying your fees, but I need to ask if you can take on another case without getting paid until you settle." That grabbed Mr. McQueen's attention. He sat back down and asked Tom to tell him more about the client and the case he wanted him to take.

"Well down the hall from here is a good friend of ours Thomas Juarez who was in my truck when we got into the accident. He was pinned inside with me, but was the first one taken out. Even though he was the first one taken out, he still was hurt badly. He needs a lawyer to do what you did for me. Can you help him out?"

"Tom I'm not going to promise that I can do the same thing I did for you. In fact I would like it if you don't tell him what I did for you so he doesn't expect the same amount." Tom promised. "Good, with that said, what I will do is talk with him and see from the talks what can be done. If the case looks like it can be won, I will take it on without payment until the case is either settled or the jury gives their verdict."

Tom liked the answer he got. He thanked Mr. McQueen for taking on the case as he wrote down Thomas room number. After giving the paper to his attorney, Mr. McQueen once again bid him good luck and good wishes as he walked out. He could hear Tom and his parents celebrating all the way to Thomas' room, which put a smile on his face.

As Mr. McQueen raised his hand to knock, he heard talking coming from the room. He debated whether to knock or come back at another time. He stood there for a few seconds with his fist in the air going over his schedule. Seeing that he didn't really didn't have any more free time the rest of the week, he decided to take his chances.

Lightly at first, Mr. McQueen knocked. When he didn't get an answer right away, he knocked again, but this time he knocked harder. As soon as he knocked the second time, the talking in the room stopped and he could hear someone walking towards the door. When it flew open, he saw a middle age women standing behind it who looked like she hasn't gotten sleep for days.

"Ma'am my name is Michael McQueen." He handed Thomas mother his card. "I'm an attorney and was asked to come down here to talk with your son."

With a big smile on her face, Thomas mother stepped aside and invited him in. "Good, it is about time one of you saw we had a case against those two young stupid kids." Mr. McQueen stopped in his tracks and asked who she was speaking about. "You know those rich brats Jacob Hernandez and Joey, um I think his last name is Alvarez."

"Hold on ma'am you want to sue Jacob Hernandez?" Thomas mom said yes while Thomas and his father yelled out no. "I'm sorry then I can't take this case. I'm Jacob's attorney who is helping out all those that were involved in the accident get what they deserve from the trucking company, not Jacob or Joey Alvarez for that matter."

"I'm sorry, Jacob sent you here!" Thomas mom yelled in disbelief. "That little snotty asshole is trying to save his own ass from getting sued. He knows we have a case against him and that is why he sent his own attorney to stop us. You tell him that won't work. We are going to sue him and when we are done, we are going to own everything he owns."

"Well ma'am I'm sorry to hear you feel that way but let me leave you with one thing to think about before I leave. If you choose to sue Jacob, you will be seeing me and ten other lawyers on the other side facing whatever attorney you hire. In fact I can promise you that this case will never make inside a court room or even a conference room for a settlement.

Once the attorney you hire hears what law firm Jacob has in his corner, they will drop the case and go running for the hills. We are not only the biggest in El Paso, but the biggest in the state. Whenever we go to court on behalf of our clients, we win. Then when we beat you, I will come back and take you for everything you are worth for slandering my client.

So before you even think about going any further with this lawsuit, really think about it. Talk to your lawyer and show him or her my card. When you see your lawyer's reaction when he or she sees my card, you will see that I'm telling the truth. Jacob Hernandez and his grandfather hired the best law firm in the state to protect them from people like you who see a cash machine in the sky. You will never get one red cent from him in a lawsuit."

Mr. McQueen turned to walk out of the room, but stopped and turned back around. "Just because you made me mad here, I'm going to go down and see Joey Alvarez and offer him my service for free if you sue him. There is no way I'm going to let you get a single penny off of those that are not at fault over what happened to your son. You need to go after the right people."

Mr. McQueen turned and walk out of the room mad for putting himself in that position. Normally a client is fielded and investigated way before he even lays eyes on them. The reason for that is to make sure what happened just now doesn't happen.

As he stood there waiting for the elevator to open, he felt a soft tap on his shoulders. He turned to see Thomas' father standing behind him. "Sir with all due respect we have no more to say to each other. If you and your family intend to follow through with your threat to sue Jacob, I need to get back to my office and inform him and Mr. Serna."

"Wait, please will you just wait and hear me out!" Mr. McQueen turned to walk onto the elevator that had just opened, but Thomas father placed his hand on his right arm. "What my wife did in there was wrong. She has been on this rampage since Thomas, our son got hurt. All that has brought her is pain and time in jail. Nothing good has come out of her rampages.

I just made that clear to her just right now, along with my son. We have no intention on suing Jacob Hernandez or Joey Alvarez. We agree with you sir that they are not at fault and shouldn't be blamed for all this. The one is to blame is the trucking company. If you are still willing to take them on for us, we would be honored to accept your help." Thomas father took a deep breath before continuing. "But before you do, I need to make it clear to you that we don't have any money. The only way you will get paid is if you win."

"Mr. Juarez I had no intention on billing you or your family when I walked in the door of your son's room earlier. All I wanted was to get what your son deserves from the right ones that should pay, not innocent parties like your wife wants to go after." The two of them walked over to the waiting area to get out of the way of those that were trying to get to the elevator.

"With that said, I must make this one thing very clear if I'm even going to talk with you and your son about the case." Thomas' father asked what it was, but before the words came out of Mr. McQueen's mouth he knew. "Your wife can't be anywhere near this. She can't be in the discussions, at any of the proceedings if it goes to court and most of all near me.

If she gets involved in any way of this case, or I find out that she is shopping around for an attorney to sue anyone else besides the ones that we are going to sue, I'm off the case. And if you think I won't find out that she is shopping around, think again. >From the outside person looking in it may look like we attorneys don't talk to each, but we do. So again if she gets involved in any way with this case or looks to sue another, you will be looking for another attorney."

Thomas' father thought about the demands that Mr. McQueen laid out and saw no problem with them at all. The one he knew was going to have a problem with them was his wife, but he didn't care anymore. She has screwed up so much already, and he isn't about to let her mess up any chance of his son getting money for what happened to him.

"Mr. McQueen you have yourself a deal. I will lay down the law with my wife and keep her in line. Once I do you don't have to worry about her, just my son. Get him what he deserves so he doesn't have to worry about any medical bills or any other costs after he gets out of the hospital. That is all I want, and I am sure that is all my son wants."

The two middle age men nodded on the deal before heading back to Thomas' room. When they reached the room, Mr. McQueen stood outside in the hall while Mr. Juarez went in and asked his wife to step out. He could hear her fighting with him, but then he heard something that he hadn't heard from Mr. Juarez since he met the couple. The guy raised his voice, not to yelling, but enough to make it clear he was the person calling the shots. Once he did that, Mrs. Juarez went quiet and listened to what he was saying. A few minutes later, she walked out.

Once she disappeared down the hall, Mr. McQueen walked in to a totally different atmosphere. Thomas and his father were pleasant and happy to see him. They sat down and got right down to business. By the time Mr. McQueen left, he was positive that he had another great case against the trucking company and he was going to be able to get Thomas the same deal or at least somewhere in the same ball park as he got Tom.

Meanwhile back at El Paso High, Ralph and his adopted parents walked into the old halls of El Paso High School to register Ralph for classes. They were stunned on how beautiful the old high school was. They have never seen anything like it before, the marble floors, the late nineteenth, early twentieth century look and the biggest thing to catch their eye, the size of the classes.

As they stood there in the middle of the main entrance transfixed on the how the school looked, they didn't see Principal Michaels walking towards them. It was until they heard his voice greeting them that they knew he was there. They turned their attention to the guy, introduced themselves and waited for instructions on what and where to go next.

"Welcome to the oldest school in El Paso, The Lady on The Hill." Principal Michaels started to walk with Ralph and his adopted parents right beside him. "She is the pearl of the city because she was built in the late eighteen hundreds and opened up in the early nineteen hundreds. Everything you see here is original and we plan to keep it that way.

From the day she opened her doors, she was called either Lady on The Hill or El Paso High School. Well except for one year when the Klu Klux Klan won the majority on the school board and renamed her Sam Houston High School, which only lasted a year before it was changed back to El Paso High due to the public uproar on the name change."

Principal Michaels continued to give Ralph and his adopted parents a history lesson on the old school. Even when they reached his office, he continued talking about the school's history. He took great pride of all the history the old school had and wanted everyone that attends it or visits it to know everything they could know about her. So no matter how much time it took him to go through everything, he kept going.

"Well that is pretty much the history of this old girl." Principal Michaels said with a chuckle as he looked at the paperwork that was handed to him by Ralph. "The little bit I know about the situation with you young man, it is out of the ordinary to say the least." Ralph agreed. "I have never been faced with something like this. In fact, I don't think any principal has, that I know of. So you are going to have to give me time to figure out what it the right course of action to take with this whole thing. I don't want to make the wrong decision."

"I certainly understand and agree with you sir, but I do ask one thing of you as you look through the paperwork I have handed you and think about the course of action you are going to take. You might think why you should let me repeat the rest of my junior year and senior year of high school since I already have my high school diploma. To that I would like you to keep in mind I was robbed a couple years of my youth, besides being with my real family."

"Again I have been briefed on what has brought you here today and let me say before we go any further how sorry I was to hear about what happened to you and your family. No family, no matter what type of family they are, deserves to go through what you and your family went through and is still going through right now. There are going to be a lot of rough seas ahead."

Ralph nodded his head as he leaned back in his seat. Principal Michaels didn't say another word; he just read Ralph's transcripts. He was on the fence as far as what to do with Ralph. The school board made it clear to him that it was his decision, but he knew if he made the wrong one, it was one more step for them to get rid of him as he has been hearing the last couple of weeks.

"Ralph you already graduated and started college. I don't understand why you are willing to chuck all that out the window and redo a year and half of high school. I understand that you were robbed a couple years of your youth, but coming back to high school won't give you those years back. Plus you won't learn anything new than you already know."

"By the sounds of it Principal Michaels you have already made up your mind." Ralph said angrily. "You are right. I might not learn anything more than I already know but shouldn't that be my decision? All through high school I felt out of place. I felt like I didn't belong in the classes I was in. And before you tell me every teenager feels that way, let me tell you that my feeling out of place is nothing like what those guys out there are feeling.

I want to come back and redo my last year and half so I can actually feel like I belong. I want to enjoy my high school years, unlike when I went through the first time. Principal Michaels, I need this in order to be able to ride out the rough seas as you said that are ahead of me. Please don't decide against this because you are the first to ever have to decide on it."

Principal Michaels put down the paperwork he was looking at and looked out of his window. He does his best thinking looking out of that window and always has come to the right decision. Ralph and his adopted parents sat there looking at the principal wondering what he was thinking, or if he was thinking at all. Where they were sitting, they couldn't figure out what he was doing.

"Everyone I have talked to has told me not to take the chance letting you into my high school. Trust me young Mr. Rawson, I have talked to the entire school board and several principals in the district to see what they would do if they were in my seat. They all said if they were the ones that were faced on making this decision, they would say no and use the copout that you already went through high school and got your diploma. The school board, well they are chickens and they wouldn't even say anything either way. They just said it was up to me."

Principal Michaels leaned forward on his desk, looking straight at Ralph. "One of the first things you will hear about me out there in those halls from my students and staff is that I don't follow or take the safe road. No matter how ugly it might get, I will always do the right thing. Your case shouldn't be any different no matter what everyone else has told me.

"Welcome to El Paso High School." Principal Michaels stood up extending his hand. Ralph quickly jumped up with a big smile across his face and accepted his principal's hand. "I'm going to do what I feel is right and that is to try and give you back some of your youth that was stolen from you. I won't compound the hurt and the wrong that was done to you by doing more wrong because of what others have told me.

So why don't you go on down the registrar's office and give them this form. They will print you out your schedule for the rest of the year and assign you a locker. Once you are done there, go to the book room and get all the books you are going to need and put them in the locker. Take a tour of the building, try and find your classes and be ready to start tomorrow, okay?"

With a grin from ear to ear, Ralph agreed with Principal Michaels as he shook his hand. He couldn't believe the guy was going to take a chance on him, but then he remembered what Jacob had told him about his new principal. He repeated what he was told by Jacob to Principal Michaels as he and his adopted parents made their way to the door.

"You know Jacob Hernandez?" Ralph turned and told Principal Michaels how he knew Jacob and from where. "That is very interesting to hear. He has never told me that he knows you, but why should he since your name has never come up in conversation." Michaels laughed. "He is a very good young man and I know our school is going to be a better school next year with him at the helm running the student council as its president."

Ralph agreed with him as he walked out looking for his parents. They were standing in the hallway waiting for him, but they didn't look happy at all, at least his father. His adopted mom looked happy for him, but Ralph didn't know if that was just and act. All he knew was that his father was against all this, even though he has said he was okay with it.

Ignoring his runaway brain, Ralph walked up to his parents and showed them the paperwork that Principal Michaels gave them. They both smiled and walked with him to the registrar's office talking about how different this high school was compared to the one he graduated from.

While Ralph was getting all the things he needed to get in order to start school the next day, Jacob was sitting in fifth period wanting to go outside with the rest of the cadets. The day was no different than any other day at school before the whole election thing happened. Yes a few students at breakfast in the cafeteria, lunch and between classes went up to Jacob and congratulated him, but in the most part things were getting back to normal. The jocks and rich kids stayed on their side of the cafeteria in their little groups, and the other groups stayed in their area as they always had. Jacob took note of that and promised to try and change that next year.

When fifth period rolled around, what happened there was the only surprise in Jacob's day. Colonel Pigeon wasn't acting like he normally does with Jacob. At first Jacob thought that the Colonel was sick or something like that, but as the period went on, he came to the realization that his instructor is trying really hard to change his attitude with him. Jacob was more than willing to accept that and wondered if it would ever happen.

Since things were a lot less stressful in ROTC class, Jacob didn't dread being thing like he has been feeling the last several months. He even enjoyed sitting down with Joey to show him how the newsletter was ran. Something he never thought he would enjoy doing not just with Joey, but for anyone for that matter. In his eyes by giving up something he created made him see that they were trying to strip of his duties and get rid of him once and for all, but not today.

Joey caught onto everything that he needed to know faster than Jacob thought he would. Yes they sat together the other day discussing the same thing, but still it surprised Jacob how fast Joey caught on. Since Joey learned everything as fast as he did, they were left with time to spare. They sat in silence at first, but that didn't last long.

"I have been meaning to talk with you about a couple of things outside of school Joey." Jacob broke the silence. "I don't know if you and Caleb have heard the talk around the hotel about the trip I'm putting together for the guys to Disneyland." Joey nodded his head. "I was wondering if you, Caleb and the others that you brought from New Mexico would like to join us. You all need a break from regular life as the rest of us, if not even more."

Joey had heard the rumors of the planned Disney trip that Jacob was putting together and was happy it was Disneyland, not Disneyworld. That is where he and Jacob went the year that they were trying to put their relationship back together. Jacob had moved out of their house on his own and they decided to take the trip to see if there was a future for them. Somehow through that trip, they rekindled the love they had for each other. Because of that, he felt Disneyworld was theirs and if Jacob would ever take anyone else there would hurt him a lot. Even though they were not together anymore and were in strong relationships with other guys, it would still hurt.

"Well it is kind of short notice don't you think?" Jacob nodded his head as Joey leaned forward and started jotted things down. "I think I can put things together to make it work. With most of the guys going, I really don't have to worry about having some there to run the hotel. Therefore, Sally could run the place by herself with the small amount of people that are going to be there."

"There you go, don't let anything keep you from going. You have the staff in place now that you could just get up and take a vacation with Caleb whenever you want to."

"I never thought about it that way when I was putting my staff together, but you are right. By having the staff I have in place Caleb and I can..." Joey stopped in midsentence because he remembered something that he was surprised that he had forgotten. "Wait a minute, before I give an answer, I need to talk to Caleb about it. He had plans for Spring Break to spend with his friends from Alamogordo. Plans that have been in place before I moved there! I need to see where those plans stand before I give you an answer either way."

Arturo walked up and jumped into the conversation. "If Joey here turns down your offer Jacob, I will be more than happy to take his seat on the trip." Arturo laughed, causing Jacob and Joey to laugh. Something they needed to break the tension between them. "I really hope you say no Joey so I can take your place and go with Jacob and the guys." Arturo lightly tapped Joey on his shoulder as he left them and headed to Colonel Pigeons office.

Jacob turned back and looked at Joey wondering what was going through his mind. It wasn't like when they were together he was able to read what was on his mind. That ability was long gone. Now he had to wait to hear from Joey to know what he was thinking. That's not bad since they rarely sit down one on one and talk about anything that needed an answer. Their conversation has gotten to the point that it is general like good friends, not old boyfriends.

Seeing that he was not going to get an answer on the vacation, Jacob changed the subject in order to get rid of the uncomfortable silence between him and Joey. "One other thing I would like to talk with you about before the period is over." Joey made eye contact with Jacob. "My grandfather was able to get us a house, not a big one, but still a house that can fit the most of us until the new house in complete. I was wondering..." Joey interrupted.

"Wait a minute Jacob, why do you feel you need to move out of the hotel? I thought everything was going well with all of us at the hotel. At least I am unaware of any problems that you or the others are having at the hotel with those that live there."

Jacob debated with himself if he wanted to go there. He knew if he did, it would bring their conversation into an uncivil tone, something he didn't want to do. However Joey wasn't leaving Jacob with a choice but to go there. He kept going on that there is no reason for him and the others to leave until the new house was done, but again Jacob didn't agree with that.

"Joey, I have heard from others that you and Alex aren't getting along at all." Joey stopped talking and just looked at Jacob with a disbelief look in his face. He had no idea that Jacob had found out about the arguments he and Alex have had, but then again he thought it shouldn't be a surprise since he has heard that Alex goes running to Jacob about everything.

"When I heard the rumors about your arguments with Alex, I went to him, but he told me that the rumors were untrue." Joey breathed in a sigh of relief. "I know that was a lie not only by the look on his face then, but the look on your face now. If you guys are unable to get along, eventually I'm going to get pulled into the middle of it. I don't want that to happen."

Joey tried to put Jacob's worries to rest by promising him that he would reach out to Alex and apologize to him. However, Jacob had his mind set on moving out. It wasn't just the problem between those two that that made Jacob's decision to move out, it was all sorts of other issues that if left on checked would boil over and cause a lot of arguments.

"Look Joey I can live with you two arguing. Well, no I can't. If the arguing kept going I would have gotten in the middle and sat you two down to try and reach a comprise on whatever has you two at odds. No there are a whole lot of other issues out there that is making our need to leave the hotel overdue and I think you know that." Joey nodded his head.

"The hotel is yours and my being there people have come to me to make a decision that you should be making. I don't want you to ever think I'm stepping on your toes. Plus there is the security issue out there. I know you had a run-in with my security just recently that didn't make you happy. Since they are my security and they're there to insure my safety, they won't change their procedures for anyone. That takes a lot of control of your hotel out of your hands, and that is something I'm trying to avoid at all costs.

You have changed a lot since you left me. I don't know if it was that place that changed you, or what your mother and uncle did to you, but you have become a person everyone around you respects and looks up to. With our prior relationship, me being around you over shadows all that great things you have accomplished.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sitting here trying to be all that, because I know I'm not. What I'm trying to get at is that our friends only remember how it was, me always being the grown up, and you always being the care free person. You are still care free, but you have become a grown up as well, which makes me proud. And I know if your mother would take off her blinders and look at the man you have become, she would be proud of you as well. I just want you to shine and get all the respect you deserve and have earned. With me being around all the time robs you of all that. Robs you of all the things you have accomplished."

Jacob reached over and wiped away the tears that started to roll down Joey's cheeks. "I will always love you no matter where we are in our lives. You were my first love and there is no replacing that. We both have moved on, but in order for you to continue to move on, I need to step out of your way. I need to let you shine like the star that you are. Please understand that Joey. I'm not saying these things or doing these things to hurt you. It is the opposite! I'm doing and saying these things right now because of the love I still have for you and the want for you to succeed on everything you try in your life."

Looking up at the clock on the wall Jacob knew any time now the company of cadets was going to march into the classroom. He looked back over at Joey and started to console him. Rubbing his back and reassuring him that nothing is going to change as far as where their friendship is going with him and the guys moving out. Just as Joey settled down and got control of his tears, the doors to the building flew open and the first cadet walked in.

Joey stood up, turned around and straightened himself up as the rest of the cadets marched in. The rest of the period, Joey and Jacob acted as if the talk they just had didn't happen. They left the building together talking about their trip to Disneyworld when the bell rang. When they reached the main building and had to separate, Joey promised Jacob that he will have an answer for him before the end of the week if he and the others were going to go. Jacob thanked him and made it clear that he was going to plan the trip as if he already gotten a positive answer back.

The last period of the day is always the longest one for Jacob, and today is no different. It dragged on to the point it felt like to Jacob it was eternity. Finally when the bell rang, he walked out as fast as his bandaged legs could take him. With help from Chase and a couple of his security agents, he got to his locker without anyone hitting him.

The others were already waiting for Jacob at his truck for almost five minutes when he got there, but they didn't say anything. They all jumped in, and headed home with Chase at the wheel. Jacob was unaccustomed to being the passenger in his own truck. He knows it won't last, but was afraid he was going to get used to being driven around.

When they drove up to the hotel, everyone in the truck was glued to a window. Sitting in the parking lot of the hotel were the cars and or trucks they wanted, but were unable to get because of what happened that day they would like to forget. When Chase put the truck in park, everyone jumped out and went running to the truck or car they knew was theirs because it was exactly as they described it to Jacob when he went around last week asking about their vehicle they wanted.

Jacob stood there looking at not just his friends, but his brothers as they looked with excitement and joy at their vehicles. Not soon after Jacob stepped out of the truck, Dewayne and Alex joined him in the parking lot. None of them said a word. They just looked on at their brothers.

As Alex scanned the parking lot looking for Matt, he saw a truck all by itself that looked a lot like the one he had in mind. He looked up at Jacob, who was just smiling down at him. Not believing his eyes, he looked back at the truck, and back at Jacob and again back at the truck. He couldn't believe that Jacob had actually gotten him the truck he wanted.

"Why don't you wheel yourself on over there and take a look at your truck my friend. Just make sure you don't strain yourself because if you hurt yourself any more than you already are, I won't be able to forgive myself." Alex looked up at Jacob, hesitant to leave him. "Dewayne I will be okay here leaning against the truck. Why don't you take our brother here over to his truck and help him take a look at it from the inside and out."

Before Alex could say a word, Dewayne walked behind his chair, took off the brakes and started to push him to his truck. Jacob stood there watching as his family was having a time of their lives looking at their vehicles. He felt good that he was able to finally fulfill the promise he made them weeks ago that led to a lot of grief and injuries.

As he looked on, he noticed David through the corner of his eye walking over to him. He turned his attention to him and saw that he wasn't as happy as the others. There wasn't a doubt in his mind what was making David unhappy, Tom. Not only his boyfriend isn't here to be with him to take out their new trucks, but it reminds him of what happened to Tom.

"I know David this may not feel right to you!" David nodded his head. "You are right, but you are wrong as well. I know Tom as well as you do and I know he wants you to have fun. Enjoy yourself and not hold yourself back on account of him. I'm not saying that you should go out partying and all that while he is sitting in a hospital bed. What I'm saying is that you should let yourself live and not be sad all the time for what is beyond our control."

David knew Jacob was right on everything he was saying, but he didn't want to allow himself to feel any joy without Tom at his side. Tom has been there for him through all the ups and down in his life since they had gotten together. He was there the worst day of his life. The day he was raped and Tom helped him through that day not leaving his side at all. However, here he is thinking about having fun without him at his side.

Jacob reached over and placed his hands on David's shoulders. "David, listen to me! Allow yourself to breath once in awhile. If you don't do that, you are going to end up in the bed in the room next to Tom with a nervous breakdown. Take it from someone who has felt several times very close to having a nervous breakdown. It isn't worth it!"

Without warning, Jacob stopped and just stared out to the distances. He was kicking himself for not wording what he wanted to say right for the second time today. First mistake was with Joey and now here he is screwing up what he wants to say to David. It sounds like he is telling him that Tom isn't worth worrying about, which it totally not what he is trying to get across.

Getting his thoughts together, Jacob started to back step and try and clarify what he was trying to say. "David I misstated what I was trying to say here with you. Please don't ever think I believe Tom isn't worth being thought of or worried about. He is my friend, no scratch that, he is my brother and I worry about him every second of every day. I worry about each and every one of you all the time. No I'm not saying that at all.

You are going to worry about Tom, and if you don't, everyone around you would think something is wrong with you. But you can worry about him and be there for him at the same time enjoy a little as well. This vehicle was promised to you and you should enjoy it. The one parked next to your vehicle is Tom's. When he gets out and is walking again, yes you heard me right, walking again, this truck will be waiting for him.

Take the truck and let yourself be happy for a few minutes. You need it more now than ever so you can go down and be with Tom whenever you want to. I know constantly asking for a ride is bothering you, but now you don't have to worry about that. Just do me a favor David..." Jacob looked straight in David's eyes with concern, worry and care in his eyes. "Please be very careful behind the wheel. Don't do anything stupid while you are out there and most importantly look out for the person in front of you, behind you and at your sides. As you have seen it is not your driving that you have to be careful about, it's everyone else's."

David promised Jacob as he leaned in and hugged him. "I don't know how you do it Jacob, I really don't know how. All the hell you have been through in your life so far and somehow you are able to stand here with a positive attitude." David broke the hug. "Thank you for my truck and on behalf of Tom thank you for his as well."

"There is no need for thanks David. As far as how I keep it together..." Jacob looked over at Dewayne who was with Alex looking at his truck. "You see that awesome man over there," pointing to Dewayne, "He is the reason I'm standing here insane with a positive attitude. If he wasn't at my side every step of the way, I can guarantee you I would be in the nut house by now. He is my anchor, my love, my whole life and there is nothing I won't do for him."

Since David felt the same way about Tom, he was able to see where Jacob was coming from. He kept looking back at his friend as he walked to his truck and got in. As he started it, he started to remember the first time met Jacob. It was in hospital the second time he was going through the scare of cancer and he was his nurse so to speak. A day doesn't go by that he regrets ever meeting the sick young man that wasn't supposed to walk out that hospital through the front doors.

All the way to the hospital that he worked once as a nurse's assistant, he thought about the times he worked in the hospital. He didn't understand with his past with the hospital why they are now giving him a hard time taking care of Tom. Not wanting to anger himself over something that had already been fixed, David pushed it to the back of his mind as he looked for a parking spot.

The whole way up in the elevator to Tom's floor, David thought about how he was going to tell Tom about the trucks. When the door opened and David got off the elevator, he still didn't know how to tell Tom that Jacob had gone out and bought them their trucks. So he decided to not say a word until he knew the mood Tom was in first.

No big surprise to David when he walked into Tom's room to find Tom in a very good mood. However there was something about this good mood was different from the others. Tom waved David over and when David reached the bed, Tom patted the mattress for David to sit down next to him. Before sitting down, David leaned in and gave Tom a kiss on the lips.

"I have something to show you, pumpkin." Tom said in a whisper as they broke the kiss. He reached over to the night stand, opened the drawer and pulled out the check that he was given earlier. When he handed the check to David, David almost fell off the bed. If it wasn't for Tom's fast reaction, David would have landed flat on his butt.

"This check can't be real!" Tom sat there with a big grin on his face nodding his head. "Come on you are pulling my leg, this can't be real, it's too big!"

"Trust me when I first was handed this check I had the same reaction, it couldn't be real or there was a mistake, but it is real." Tom started laughing as he pulled David into a hug. "That is all of our money to do with as we please. If we want our own house, we can get it. If we want to start our own business, we can do it. The only thing holding us back is our imaginations. That is not all. There is a lot more I need to tell you about this and several other things."

Tom told David all about the two meetings he had earlier in the day. He first told David all about how he came upon the check and everything else that followed it. David sat there hanging onto every word Tom was saying with excitement. That was until he went into the conversation that he had with Dr. Whitmore. As Tom went through what he was told, all that David could think was that he didn't want Tom to leave.

"I know what you are thinking and are feeling right now because I felt the same thing when I was given the news. I thought maybe by going to Dr. Hardens that I could get a rehab center here in El Paso like the one in Colorado, but he was the one that went to Dr. Whitmore and recommended for me to go to this Rehab center in Colorado."

"But Tom what am I going to do without you here? I mean I want to be at your side through all this. With you in a totally different state that makes it impossible for me to do that. There has to be a place like that here in El Paso or Las Cruces, there just has to be!' At this point David was yelling. "All we have to do it open the phone book and start calling."

"Hold on pumpkin, just hold on there before you go off the deep end." Tom pulled David to him and had David lay down. "I never said I made a decision yet on where I was going to go and do my rehab. I was waiting for you so we can discuss it together and make the decision together as the couple that we are. So let's just settle down and talk about this."

Taking a couple of deep breaths, David started to settle down. He and Tom sat there for over an hour weighing the pros and cons of doing his rehab in El Paso against doing his rehab in Colorado. When they were done, the pros outweighed the cons, which didn't make either of the boys happy. They didn't want to leave each other side, but at the same time they both wanted the best rehab possible, and that is in Colorado.

"Look David we got all this money. Why don't we take some of it for you to rent an apartment up there in Colorado. I'm sure you can transfer over to their schools without a problem. In fact, I know Principal Michaels will help you out on it because he has helped me out a lot since I have been in here. He got me a tutor and promised as long as I do what the tutor tells me to do, I will be able to still graduate with the rest of you guys."

They started talking about that idea, but quickly dismissed it because they knew the cost of it all was going to be too high. Even though Tom now has that huge sum of money, they agreed that they needed to spend it wisely like Jacob does with his money. That means they have to invest it right, which they agreed the best person to do that for them is Grandpa Al.

Meanwhile back at the hotel Davey kick started his first karate class. Gloria, Andy Sr. and even Principal Michaels showed up to show their support for Davey. As soon as the class started, Principal Michaels walked out looking for Jacob who he found sitting in the restaurant doing paperwork. He wanted to talk to Jacob about the cars that were delivered to the school, but Jacob had something else on his mind to talk to Michaels about.

After they greeted each other and Principal Michaels sat down, Jacob put a rough sketch of a building in front of him. "Sir the cafeteria in our school is no longer big enough to handle the student load. Even our library is way too small and out dated for our school. I would like to fix that by donating the money to build a new building that will in house those two rooms."

Principal Michaels looked closely at the drawing that was put in front of him. He was able to envision what Jacob was thinking and liked the idea. The only thing holding him back was the idea that Jacob was going to be the only one to give for the cost of the building. Something he has asked the school board time and time again to somehow raise, but they never did.

"The only thing I ask in return for donating the money is allowing me to name the building."

"Let me guess, you want it named after you." Jacob couldn't believe that Principal Michaels said those words and thought that little of him. Michaels couldn't believe it himself either. Before he realized what he was saying, it was too late. The words had already left his mouth and he couldn't bring them back. Trying to back step, Michaels tried to explain himself, but Jacob wouldn't let him. After thinking about it, he knew Principal Michaels didn't mean what he had said. It was a slip of the tongue like he had been doing all day long.

"Don't worry sir, I know you didn't mean what you just said." Principal Michaels relaxed back into his seat. "No I don't want to name the building after me, that wouldn't be right. I would though like to name the building after..."



{Welcome back one and all to another filled chapter of `Jacob Finding His Way'. Even though the chapter only went through a day, a lot happened. There are so many plots opened up in this saga, I just don't have enough time in the day to put them all in. So there is going to be times that a plot might not be spoken about in this saga, but in one of the others I write. So if you are not keeping up with all four of my stories, I highly recommend that you start doing so.

With that said, let me get to the summation of the chapter. I know I didn't pick up where I left off in the last chapter. Instead I started this chapter the next morning. I decided to put all the fun that was had at the bowling alley in `Beneath the Mask' next chapter. You all know by having everyone at the kitchen table for breakfast the next day nothing bad happened.

The chapter picked up as I said the next morning during breakfast where Marco asked to speak with Jacob. I wonder how many of you thought something bad was going to be said in that conversation when you read that it was going to happen. It kind of did, but at the end, Marco got what he wanted. Please drop me your comments on what you think. Did Jacob make the right decision regarding Marco on moving in? I like to hear from you guys on that and all the plots.

From there we went to the hospital where we spent most of the day. First, Tom got the news that he needs to go to Rehab in Colorado. I don't know about you guys, I really hope those two boys, Tom and David, make the right decision which is go to Colorado. If Tom has a chance to go to the best rehab hospital to help him walk again, he should take that opportunity.

After Dr. Whitmore left, Tom got some good news; no he got some great news. Mr. McQueen walked in and made Tom a very rich man. I hope again that the boys are true to their word at the end of the chapter that they wisely spend and invest their money. Just like the others that have come into good money, they decided on the right person to invest it, Al.

It looks like there is going to be another addition to Jacob's group at school, Jacob's old and ear friend Ralph. He is going to start attending El Paso High School again with Jacob, Ethan and all their old friends. Ethan there is a name we haven't heard for a while. Now that Ralph and him are going to be together all day at school, we are going to see a lot more of them. Maybe we might actually be witness to their first love scene, hint, hint Daddy Rick.

Joey and Jacob I think have come a long way since they broke up. They both hold each other in each other's hearts, but have been able to move on with another. Because of that, they are able to sit down and talk to one another as good friends. That is rare to find after two people like them break up. To many times couples are unable to put their former relationship behind them and come out on the other side as friends.

Jacob did a lot in this chapter. He talked a lot to several people that needed to be done. From the talk he had with Joey to his talk with David, you could see why everyone looks up to Jacob as their big brother. Jacob fulfills his promises like getting everyone their cars they wanted. That had to be a very exciting moment for all of them when they got their cars.

Finally the ending of the story, the naming of the building! First let's not get ahead of ourselves. Michaels hasn't said yes yet to the new building, but I don't see him turning it down, do you guys? The only question I have is who Jacob has in mind. I'm sure this cliffhanger you all are going to figure out and this time if you do, I have no plans on changing my mind.

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As always I can go on and on about the open plots in the story! If I do that, I can actually write several more chapters. So many plots can take a turn at any time. You might think it is going to go one way, but is lands up going another. Do not miss anything, or you will be kicking yourself for it. If I missed anything in my summation, my editor will hopefully go over it in his.

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