Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

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Love Scene By: "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 94


As Gloria and Andy Sr. disappeared off into the distance, all the others made their way to their vehicles in the church parking lot except the Governor and his family. They stood back and waited for their cars to be brought up front so they didn't become the story. It wasn't their day; it was Jacob's parents' day. No matter what, they were going to do everything they could in their power to keep it that way.

While everyone was making their way to the restaurant where they were all told to meet up, Jacob and the guys made a small detour along the way. They turned off to meet up with David and Tom at Providence Hospital. Today was the day that Tom and David were leaving for Colorado and they wanted to be there to send them off.

All of them have been feeling bad that they hadn't visited Tom as much as they would have liked to since the accident. They would wake up in the morning and tell themselves, today after school or after whatever they had planned for the day that they were going to stop by and visit with Tom, but something always came up. They were either invited to join others, or what they planned took longer than thought or simply they just got tired and didn't want to go anywhere else.

No matter what the reason was their plans had changed from going down to visit with Tom, they never did and they have been feeling bad about it. Now that he is leaving for Colorado, over eight hundred miles away, they for sure wouldn't be able to visit him. So there is no way they are going to not be there to give Tom and David the sendoff they deserve.

They were glad the ride to the hospital was short and why shouldn't it have been. Providence was only a few miles away from the church where Jacob's parents got married. On top of the short ride, they didn't have a problem finding a parking spot when they arrived. Just as they pulled into the parking lot, several vehicles were leaving, giving Jacob a front parking spot.

Before Dewayne came to a complete stop, the guys in the back had already opened their doors and started to step out. Dewayne quickly put the truck into park and hopped out to help his boyfriend out of the truck. By the time he got Jacob out, the guys had already made it to the front doors of the hospital. As Jacob and Dewayne looked on they couldn't help but laugh. They hadn't seen the guys so anxious to get somewhere in the whole time they have known them.

When they finally made it through the front doors of the hospital, the guys were stepping into the elevator. At the same time Jacob and Dewayne yelled out to wait for them, but it was too late. The elevator doors were closing, and even if the guys heard them, they couldn't keep the doors from shutting without hurting themselves.

When they got up to the floor where Tom was, the guys were waiting for them. With big smiles on their faces, they made their way down the hallway and walked into Tom's room yelling out his and David's names. The two guys looked up from what they were doing and smiled back at the guys, welcoming them, matching them smile for smile.

"Hey Tom how are you feeling my friend?" Jacob asked as he slowly sat down next to him on the bed. "By the looks of it, you're looking good. Whatever these guys are feeding you you're not leaving a crumb on the plate. Look at all this fat you have gained." Jacob reached over and started to squeeze Tom's side where he had put on a few pounds.

Tom couldn't help it but laugh as Jacob squeezed one of the sensitive spots on his body. He struggled to brush Jacob off, and after a few minutes, was able to. Once he did, it took him a few minutes to catch his breath. During that time, the other guys walked up to him and either gave him a slap on the back, a hug or a handshake as they greeted him with well wishes.

"Thanks for coming down guys, I really appreciate it!" Tom looked over at Jacob. "More so today since this is the day your parents are getting married." Jacob leaned over and pulled Tom into a hug. "You don't know how badly I wanted to be there with you guys. Man I hate being here in this bed and not out there having fun with you guys."

"Don't you get yourself all riled up man! All this isn't your fault." Jacob quickly jumped in pointing to Tom's lower body. "It's really no one's fault to tell you the truth. The truck driver that hit you is dead because he had a heart attack behind the wheel which caused him to cross over the median. We were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, that's all.

But that is neither here or there now!" Jacob cracked a smile. "We can't go back and stop ourselves from going out that day. Nor we can't stop ourselves from taking that test drive on the freeway. What we can do is make sure you have all the support you need to get better." All the guys agreed with Jacob. "There isn't one person in this room, in your family or who knows you doubts that you will come back walking again and playing football."

That got Tom to crack a smile. Before he was able to respond to Jacob, his parents walked into the room. They were surprised to see the room packed, but didn't say a thing since they knew everyone that was there. With smiles on their faces, which was masking they are actually a mess inside, they greeted the guys as they made their way past them to their son. Once they got to the bed, they leaned in, hugged and kissed Jacob before talking to their son.

"Son it's time to go, so say goodbye to your friends!"

Tom's father almost whispered as he leaned down to put on his son's shoes. Tom didn't want to disrespect his father, but he had no idea what he was talking about. First the guys in the room were not his friends, they were his family. And second, he wasn't going to say goodbye to them since they were coming down to see him off at the airport.

"Dad they are going to go with us to the airport." Tom's dad looked up with a confused look on his face. "I told you that some of the guys were coming down to see me off." Tom's father interjected,. "Well I thought only few of the guys were going to come since Jacob's parents were getting married today, but they all came."

At the same time Tom's parents congratulated Jacob on the good news. They heard about the wedding, but ever since the accident their lives have been work and the hospital. Everything else has fallen by the wayside; a lot had happened in a short period of time. From events that both of Tom's parents needed to attend to at work, but didn't since it was after hours, to family get togethers, they skipped they have been at their son's side.

"I know we should have told you before just showing up here Mr. and Mrs. Dickson, but we have been a little busy. Maybe not as busy as you guys, but busy still the same." Jacob spoke in his reassuring voice. "But there is no way this guy is going to leave town without us being there sending him off. He is family and family must be there for each other no matter what."

The Dickson's couldn't object to what Jacob said. Even if they could or wanted to, they just didn't have the time or wanted to take on that battle. They thanked the guys once again for coming and welcomed them to join them as they saw their son off at the airport.

With that, everyone pitched in to finish getting Tom ready to leave. David and Tom's parents got Tom dressed, while the guys finished packing whatever hadn't been packed. Just as they finished, the discharge nurse and her staff walked in with Tom's discharge papers, followed by a couple of EMT'S who were going to be taking Tom to the airport.

Once Tom and his parents signed all the forms that needed to be signed, the hospital staff walked out of the room, leaving just the EMT'S. As the discharge staff left, one of the EMT'S explained why they were there. They saw the confused looks on everyone's faces when they walked in and knew if they didn't explain why they were there, they were going to be answering questions all the way to the airport, and some of them several times.

"Okay guys we are going to be taking this young man to catch his plane." The EMT looked over Tom and shot him a smile. "Since he can't sit up in a chair right now, it is too dangerous for him to be taken in an automobile or any vehicle that he has to sit down in. That leaves him with only one mode of transportation; an ambulance."

Only a few of the guys didn't jump in and ask questions, but those that did ask their questions at the same time. "Wait a minute, wait just a minute! Let me at least answer a question before another one is asked." The EMT shouted over those that were shouting out questions. "I know you guys have a lot of questions and if you give me a chance to finish explaining things I will probably answer many, if not all the questions you all have."

The room went dead quiet, giving the EMT a chance to explain without having to yell over the others that were asking questions. "Thank you for giving me the floor sort of speak. As I was saying we will be taking Tom here to the airport for his safety. Once we get there..." The EMT went into complete detail on how things were going to be handled, not leaving a thing out. As he said, when he was done all the questions that were out there was answered.

Since there were no questions, the EMT'S went right to work on getting Tom moved from the hospital bed to the stretcher. Once he was completely secured, they made their way out of the room and down to the elevator, with everyone either on his side or behind him. Even when they got on the elevator, no one left or waited for another elevator. They all got on. When they got down to the ambulance bay, the EMT'S thought they were going to have a problem with Jacob and the guys, but were presently surprised when they didn't.

The guys didn't really say goodbye to Tom since they were going to follow the ambulance to the airport, but they consoled him. This is the first time he has been in a vehicle since the accident. Because of that, Tom was terrified. The guys could see that in his face and his body language that he didn't want to be in that box.

As the EMT'S were pushing him into the back of the ambulance, Tom started screaming and grabbing for whatever he could get his hands on. He grabbed on to the doors to the small cupboards that held all the EMT'S supplies. And when he couldn't hold his grasp on those, he grabbed onto the hoses of oxygen and the machines in the back of the ambulance.

Not wanting to hurt him or have their equipment damaged. One of the EMT'S recommended to pull him back out and give him something to calm him down since they couldn't get him more than halfway into the ambulance. David was the first to jump out and say something, followed by Tom's parents. Nobody was happy to hear that the EMT'S wanted to drug Tom up because they didn't want to deal with him.

"Wait just a damn minute, wait just a minute!" David jumped in front of the EMT'S, at the head of bed. He gently placed his hand on Tom's forehead, getting him to calm a little bit down. "You aren't going to give him shit to put him to sleep. Just give me a a minute to talk with him and I promise you he will be okay." The EMT'S looked at each other, and then their watches. "All I'm asking is for a few minutes. I promise you it will save in time because I know full well whatever you decide to give him will take at least twenty minutes if not longer to kick in!"

"Fine we will give you five minutes. But if you don't calm him down completely so we can get him back in the ambulance to drive him to the airport, we are going to give him something." David agreed. "He is all yours, the clock is ticking!"

As the EMT'S stepped back, David turned his attention back to Tom. He couldn't believe the fear he was seeing in his boyfriend's face. In all the time he has known Tom, he has never seen the guy scared of anything, at least until now. He was so scared, tears were rolling down his face, and he had soaked the blankets through and through with pee.

Softly David caressed Tom's forehead as he leaned down and started to whisper. "There is really nothing anyone can tell you to make you feel better. You are scared and no one can blame you. Hell, I'm still scared every time I get into a vehicle and I have been in one so much since the accident. This is your first time since the accident, so you are going to be scared. Nothing is going to stop that from happening.

But babe you need to summon up as much strength as you can to get into this ambulance. Because there is just no way I'm going to allow those asses back there to drug you up to a point that you are out the whole way to Colorado. I know you can do it. They don't think so because they think you are weak, but they don't know you. You're not weak plus I won't leave your side. I'll be here the whole time, holding onto you for dear life."

Trembling Tom reached out and wrapped his arms around David. "Please don't leave me, please!" He pleaded with David. "I won't be able to do this without you right at my side. There is just no way will I be able to get in there." Barely able to lift his head, Tom looked into the back of the ambulance. "It looks like a coffin to me, a portable coffin."

At this point tears started to build up in David's eyes, but he held them back. He knew he had to be strong for Tom. If he fell apart, who then will be there for his boyfriend to lean on? Without having to even been asked once, David didn't wait to be asked twice. He turned and waved the EMT'S over to help him get Tom into the back of the ambulance. Every inch the bed moved in, David moved along with it without breaking eye contact with him.

Once they had Tom in, they tried to remove David, but he refused to budge. On top of that, each time they asked, Tom would scream out to leave him alone. After a couple attempts, the EMT that seemed to be in charge told the others to leave David alone and closed the double doors before heading to the front to get in. Not even a minute later you could hear the engine of the ambulance and then it being put into gear to leave.

That was Jacob and the guys' cue to head to their truck. As they made their way as fast they could to the parking lot, no one said a word about what went on with Tom. Each of them were all thinking the same thing, but none of them wanted to be the first to open up that can of worms. They just kept their mouths shut as they climbed into the truck.

As Jacob and the guys raced to catch up with the ambulance, Derrick, or should be said now, Ralph had just walked back into his house from the wedding. He didn't feel like going to the lunch, so he decided to go home and rest for a while before heading out to the reception. However rest isn't what was in the cards for him when he walked into his house.

His father was sitting in the living room, lying in wait for him. Ralph didn't see him when he first walked in, but he heard him. At first, he thought his father was drunk by the way he was acting and yelling, but he knew that wasn't possible since his father didn't drink. It was just anger, but for what he didn't know because he couldn't understand a word his father was saying.

Instead of arguing with his father, asking questions or asking him to repeat himself, Ralph just stood there and let him yell. It took a few minutes for his father to realize that Ralph didn't understand what he was saying. However, when he did, he stopped yelling. He paced around the room for a minute or so before opening his mouth again.

"Son I don't understand your want to be over there at that hospital. Ever since you started hanging around those guys your life has been turned upside down. Hell, all of our lives have been turned upside down by that kid over there!" Ralph's father pointed in the general direction of the hotel. "That kid thinks he is so privileged because of the money that he never earned in his bank account. Since he thinks he is above all of us it empowers him to do whatever he wants to screw around with our lives like he has. Our lives are nothing but a game to him."

Ralph had to take a minute before replying to his father because if he would have immediately replied to him he would have said things that would have thrown him back into a frenzy. One thing he didn't want to do. Mainly because it will end up with both of them yelling at the top of their lungs not getting anything accomplished.

"Dad, you are way off base about Jacob and I'm not even going to go there since we have had this discussion many times already. But where I will go is to correct you on what you said as far as Jacob thinking he is above all of us because of the money he has. Jacob isn't like that and I will defend him on that point whenever someone thinks that of him."

Taking advantage of having to breath between sentences, Ralph gathered his thoughts before continuing. "He earned every red cent he has. You might not like how he got his money at first, but he built on it by his own sweat. Other kids his age would have taken that money and gone through it already, but not him. He invested it and now he has a business that will last him a lifetime and then some. A business that he can do good things with, which he has done a lot of already. So you can't stand there with a straight look on your face and say otherwise."

Hating it, Ralph's father agreed with him, but that didn't stop him from shooting Ralph an evil grin. "Yeah he built a business alright that will last him his lifetime, but once he dies it will die with him since he is gay and won't have any kids to pass it to." Ralph's father couldn't believe that word actually came out of his mouth, but it was too late. He saw the anger building in his son's face after he said the word gay and there was no going back from it. "The business will die with him, and that is a shame since that company looks like it is big."

It took every ounce of energy to keep from going off on his father, but he managed his anger. He was angry at his father for saying what he said, but now he knows his father's true feelings about his life style; he didn't like it. According to how his father thinks, everything he might build in his life will die with him or go to waste because he is gay just like Jacob. After hearing that, the same thing kept running through his mind. How sad his father's life must have been to this point to think the way he is thinking about the lifestyle his own son is living, and not by choice.

Knowing that if he didn't get out of that house at that very moment, he was going to blow up at his father and all the work he has done from the beginning and up to this point would have been in vain. Ralph turned to walk out, but his father reached out and grabbed his shoulder. Before he knew it, he was twisted around and thrown onto the couch.

"You don't turn your back on me and walk out when I'm talking to you. You have been doing that a lot lately and it will stop. You are going to show me the respect that have earned." Daryl yelled as he was holding Ralph down on the couch. "You will stop going over to that hotel visiting with those kids over there. Jacob is completely off limits as well as his friends. If I find out you visit that hotel or talk to Jacob or his friends I will show you a side of me that you have never seen before or will like."

Daryl released Ralph as he got up. "No son of mine, adopted or blood will ever show me the disrespect that you have been showing me the last couple of weeks. If you don't like the rules I have set out for you to follow, then get the hell on out. See if that rotten rich kid that you call your friend will take you in. Hell, see if your real mother will. Those two are exactly the same, only out for themselves and no one else."

That was it Ralph couldn't hold back anymore. "Have you ever stopped and listened to the words that come out of your mouth?" Ralph got up and went toe to toe with his father. "You are so way off base on Jacob, his friends and everyone else in that hotel it's sad. It's even sadder regarding your thinking about Jacob. Now I know your true feelings about me and my lifestyle. You hate it and I won't stay under this roof another minute with a bigot like you!"

This time when Ralph turned to walk away, he was too fast for his father. He made it all the way to the front door before he turned around to see if his father was following him. When he didn't see him, he thought his father had given up, but how wrong he was. Just after turning back around and taking a few more steps, he heard weird noises coming from the living room. Sounds like someone were gagging, which got Ralph really scared.

He turned around and quickly made his way back into the living room. When he reached his father, Daryl was on the floor throwing up. At first it didn't look like anything more than his father upsetting his stomach and throwing up his breakfast, but that quickly changed. The throw up turned to pure dark brown, almost dark red liquid, and that really scared Ralph. It scared him to a point that he fell to his knees and started to rub his father's back.

"Dad what is wrong?" Each passing second without an answer and the liquid coming out his father's mouth looked more and more like blood got Ralph even more worried. "Dad come on what is wrong? Tell me what you need me to do to help you!" Ralph now yelling, pleading for his father to respond to him, but he got nothing but gagging noise and silence. "Dad you need help here and tell me what you need me to do or I'm just going to call 911!"

Finally Daryl looked up at his son grasping for air. "Please call..." He couldn't finish his sentence because the urge to vomit over took him. Even though he was unable to get out his wishes, Ralph knew what he needed to do. He quickly got up and ran over to the phone. Quickly he dialed 911 and a few seconds later a female operator came over the line.

"Please I need you to send me an ambulance, my father can't stop vomiting." The operator quickly asked what was it that his father was vomiting. "At first it looked like what we had for breakfast, but that has changed to now a dark liquid that looks like blood." When the 911 operator came back with another question there was more concern on her voice. "I'm not sure ma'am that it is blood, but it really looks like it. Please send help, just send us help!"

"Son I have already dispatched EMT'S and a fire unit to your address. I need you to stay calm until they arrive. You father needs you more now than he has ever needed you. Go over to him and make sure he doesn't pass out or start choking on his own vomit. I will stay on the line with you until help arrives." Ralph thanked her as he walked back over to his father. "By the way do you have any dogs or family pets that might get in the way of the help that is coming?" Ralph quickly answered no. "Okay good then. If your father is taking any medicine make sure you gather it and have it ready for the EMT'S when they arrive."

Just as she finished asking Ralph to get his father's medicine ready he heard the sirens of the fire truck outside his house. He glanced up through the big living room window to confirm his suspicions'. Once he did, he told the operator that helped has arrived. She instructed him to meet them at the door before disconnecting the call.

Not wanting to leave his father on the floor for a second, Ralph knew he had no other choice. He got up and quickly made his way to the front door, unlocked it and walked out. Just as he stepped out onto the front stoop, a group of firemen were walking up the side walk with several big bags each. When they reached Ralph they asked where his father was. Without any hesitation he escorted the firemen into the house and over to Daryl.

One of the firemen put down his bag and kneeled down beside Daryl. "Sir, can you tell me when this started." Daryl couldn't even look up let alone answer the fireman's question. After asking another time, the fireman looked over at Ralph and asked him the same question.

"His been throwing up maybe for ten, maybe fifteen minutes now." That question was followed up by how long he has been vomiting blood. "That has been going on now for maybe five, eight minutes. At first it looked like he was vomiting up what we had for breakfast, but it quickly changed to what you guys are seeing now, blood."

The fireman turned his attention back to Daryl. Before doing anything else, he slipped on a pair of gloves. Once he had them on, he tilted Daryl's head into a safe position so that he wasn't going to choke on his own vomit. As he was doing that, one of the other firemen handed Daryl a bag to vomit in as the other started to get all the vitals. Just as they finished getting the vitals, the EMT'S walked into the house and took over.

Since time was of the essence, the firemen briefed the EMT'S on what they had found out so they didn't waste any time asking the same questions. Once they got fully briefed, the firemen got out of the way, letting the EMT'S do their jobs.

Even though Daryl vitals were taken just as the EMT'S walked in, they took their own readings before moving him. Once they got their readings, they quickly helped Daryl up from the ground and onto the stretcher. They didn't like what they were seeing in the readings, but didn't say anything until they were able to get more precise ones. The only way that was going to happen was getting him connected to their machines in the back of the ambulance.

Ralph knew something really bad was going on with his father. Not only because he wasn't getting any response to his questions from the EMT'S, but the looks on their faces said volumes. Volumes that said what is going on here is bad and they need to get this guy to a hospital. That is what Ralph's mind wondered to, which was getting him even more worried than he already was.

Finally after asking for the fifteenth time, one of the EMT'S tried to explain to Ralph what they were doing. "We need to get your dad into the ambulance so we can get better vital readings. If we get anywhere close to what we got here with our portables, we are going to need to rush him to the closest hospital. So please we are going to need you to stand back and let us do our jobs without any interruptions."

Even though he didn't like the way he was being talked to, Ralph let it go. He stepped aside and let the EMT'S take his father out to the ambulance so they could do their job. However, he was not going to let his father out of his sight, but knew he had to get a hold of his mother. So he took the house phone out with him. As he watched them work on his father, he called his mother at her job.

As soon as she heard Ralph's voice and the noise in the back ground, she knew something was wrong. At first, she thought it was Ralph, but that thought went away as Ralph tried to explain to her what was going on. He was all over the place, but she was able to get enough to put together what was going on, at least pretty close to it.

"Okay son you need to take a deep breath, stop what you are doing and take a deep breath right now." Ralph leaned over, placed his hands on his knees and did what his mother asked him to do before continuing the call with her. "Now you need to get as much information as you can from those that are working on your father without getting in the way. If they decide they need to take your father to the hospital, tell them to take him to Providence West. Don't let them take him to the county hospital or any other hospital but that one."

"Okay mother, but what if they tell me that they have no other choice but to take him to the county hospital or another closer one than Providence."

"Son the closet hospital to us is Memorial Providence Hospital. If your dad is really bad and they need to rush him to a hospital, they are going to have to take him to that one. So make sure they do that." Ralph could hear his mother shuffling papers as she talked. "I'm on my way. Until I get there, you are going to have to stay strong and be your father's voice, can you do that?" Almost in a whisper, Ralph answered yes. "Ralph you are going to need to be more forceful. I know this shouldn't have ended on your shoulders, but it has. You need to be the man your father and I know you are and make sure his wishes are met and that includes the hospital he likes."

"I will mom, I promise I will." Before they could say anything else to each other, the EMT that spoke with Ralph earlier climbed out of the ambulance. "Mom I'll have to call you back. The EMT guy is here now." Ralph's mother asked him not to hang up so she could listen in to what was being said. "Okay, but I need to talk this guy now, so please hold."

"Sir we have to get your father quickly to the hospital. His vitals are very low, which isn't good. I have to ask this question, but before I do I need to make it very clear if the answer I get doesn't suit the situation we will decide on the best course." Ralph shook his head. "Is there a hospital your father likes to go to or your family?" Ralph quickly said Providence. "Good that is the closet hospital and the one we would prefer to take him to."

No objection was made by either Ralph or his mother. Because of that, the EMT was able to turn his attention back to Daryl and the other EMT'S that were working on him. As he talked with his fellow EMT'S in the back of the ambulance, Ralph got back on the phone with his mother. He was trying to concentrate on both of the conversations, and was able to. Thankfully his mother let him go so he could concentrate on the EMT'S conversation and what they were doing to his father. Neither of them wanted to miss a thing.

However by the time Ralph and his mother hung up from each other, the EMT that seemed to be in charge had closed the double doors of the ambulance and started to make his way to the driver's seat. Ralph just stood there frozen for a few minutes, watching the ambulance pull away. When the sirens and lights were turned on, it snapped Ralph back to reality.

Meanwhile as Ralph's father was being rushed to Providence, Tom had left it already and had just arrived at El Paso International Airport. Shortly after his arrival, his parents, Jacob and the guys arrived. It took them a few minutes to find a parking spot, but once they did, they met up with Tom and David at the terminal where he was going to catch his flight.

At first no one said a word, but the silence didn't last long. In no time flat the guys started talking about everything under the sun. The conversation touched on the wedding, if the guys were going to go to the reception, all way to the rehab hospital in Colorado. They laughed, got sad and just plain old talked. When the flight was called, the guys slumped in their seats. None of them wanted the conversation to end, but knew they had no control over it.

One by one, the guys got up and said their goodbyes to Tom and then David, wishing them good luck. Jacob and Dewayne were the last to say their goodbyes. They waited their turn, and when the last of the guys walked away, Jacob and Dewayne walked over. At first it was general talk, call us as soon as you get there, make sure you do everything you are asked by the doctors, but the conversation quickly moved on to the subject that Jacob only spoken with David about.

"Look Tom I know you already have gotten your settlement and the trucking company that the guy that hit you worked for said they will pay for all you hospital bills. But if there is any delay on anything, you let me know. I will front you whatever you need, whatever you need!" Jacob's look on his face at that moment was a look that said "don't fuck with me on this". "Your health is more important than anything else. I don't want you to go without something that might set you back with your rehab because those idiots delay payment."

Jacob looked over at David. "You man, be careful over there, you hear me. Take care of this guy for us!" David promised Jacob he will do just that. "When you get down there a truck will be waiting for you at the rehab center. I have made arrangements with a fellow dealer in that area to have a truck waiting for you so you are not taking public transportation around a town you don't know. So please make sure you use it. I don't want to get a call one day that you got lost up there because you refused to use the truck and instead used public transport."

David couldn't help but giggle. He promised Jacob that he would use whatever vehicle he got for him after thanking him for the vehicle. After that, Jacob reassured the two guys to not hesitate to call him day or night with anything. Even if they just want to talk, he will be there for them. Just as he finished up what he wanted to say, several flight attendants walked out checking tickets for Tom. When they heard Tom's name being called, they waved the attendants over.

Although Jacob and guys didn't see it, Tom fell apart once again as they pushed his gurney down the long tunnel. This time David was unable to settle him down. After trying for over ten minutes, the flight attendants gave Tom only one choice, a shot. None of them liked it, but they all knew they had to get on this plane. So Tom reluctantly agreed, and within ten minutes after taking the shot he started to doze off.

Back in the airport Jacob and the guys hadn't left yet. They stood there at the window and watched the plane sitting there. At one point Jacob started to think something was wrong because how long it was taking them to pull away from the gate, but he tossed that negative thought out of his mind. Right when he did that, the aircraft started to pull away, causing the guys to get closer to the window. Once the plane started to move, it didn't take it long to disappear onto the runway. Until it disappeared, the guys stood there waving goodbye to their two good friends.

When they could no longer see the plane, they started their way out of the airport with heavy hearts. Each of them was feeling the same thing as they walked in silence. They felt like something was pulled out of their chests, leaving emptiness inside them. No one wanted to say it out loud for fear of being made fun of, but they were all feeling the same thing.

As Dewayne drove Jacob and the guys to the hotel for the reception, Ralph was in his personal hell at Providence Hospital. He had no idea how he got there, but he was there. The only thing he remembered from the drive to the hospital is getting behind the drivers wheel, but nothing else. Thanking his lucky stars that he didn't get into an accident and joining his father in a bed next to him, Ralph made his way to the information desk where he saw a nurse sitting.

Before saying a word, Ralph cleared his throat, grabbing the nurse's attention. He quickly explained to her what was going on before asking her if she could point him in the right direction on where they took his father. Not saying a word back to him, the nurse looked back to her screen as her hands started typing away. What was just seconds, it felt like hours for Ralph as he stood there trembling watching the nurse typing away on her computer.

"Young man I don't have any Daryl Rawson checked in at this hospital. Are you sure you are at the right hospital." Ralph snapped back at her yes. "Okay let me check once more." The nurse turned back to her screen and started typing away again. This time she took her time before she told Ralph anything. She wanted to make sure there was no mistake on the information she was giving the young man that was standing before her. "I see that he is on route to us, but he hasn't arrived yet. Because of that, I can't give you any more information than that."

Ralph was confused with her answer. Not only did the ambulance leave before him with sirens blaring, but they got a huge head start since he had to lock up his house. He shouldn't have been able to beat his father to the hospital, unless. His thoughts quickly went negative. Unless something went really wrong on the way and the ambulance had to either stop and do lifesaving measures or go to another hospital. Whatever the reason was, Ralph's stomach was in knots.

"I'm sorry ma'am but I don't understand. The ambulance that is bringing my dad here left way before I did from our house. They should already be here!" The nurse shrugged her shoulders. "Please tell me, please. My dad wasn't in good shape when he left the house, and now you are saying they aren't here yet."

"There is really nothing I can tell you than I already have young man. Your father is on route and should be here any moment now. Once they bring him through our doors, we are going to check him in, run immediate tests on him and then you will be allowed to go back and see him. Until then you need to go over there..." the nurse pointed to the seats in the waiting room, "and sit down with others and wait for someone to call you back."

Ralph didn't like the tone or the answer he got from the nurse, but knew he wasn't going to get anywhere with her by arguing. Taking the high road, he thanked her before turning around and making his way to the closest seat to the doors to the ER. He feared if he took a seat away from the ER doors he might miss the doctors calling for his father's family.

As he sat down his mind started to wander. Thought after thought leaked into his mind on what could have happened to his father on his way to the hospital and none were positive thoughts. Because of lack of information he got from the nurse that was all he could think. At one point he started to think that the ambulance did decide to take his father to another hospital, a trauma center because of the amount of time that has passed since he had gotten there.

Just as he got up to head to the pay phones, he saw through the corner of his eyes the nurse he talked to when he got there waving him over. The walk to her desk seemed like a death walk to Ralph. All he could think the whole way is the nurse was about to tell him that his father didn't make it and that is why he hadn't made it there yet. No matter how hard he tried to push those thoughts to the back of his mind, they kept creeping back up. So when the nurse told him not only his father had arrived, but was alive, he felt a calm come over him.

"I know this is a trying time for you young man, and you are handling it very well." The nurse for the first time tried to console Ralph. "But you can't lose it. Your father is depending on you to be strong. I know that shouldn't happen, but those are the cards that have been dealt to you. Stay strong not only for him, but for yourself as well because if you don't, you will end up in the bed next to him." Ralph thanked her as he fought back his tears. "Your father is in room three sixteen. You can go in and be with him, just get out of the way if the staff asks you to."

After thanking the nurse, Ralph promised her that he will stand aside whenever he is asked to. With that, the nurse felt comfortable enough to let the young kid back in the ER bays without an adult with him. As she sat back down in her seat, she pointed to the double doors that led into the ER and pressed the button that unlocked those doors.

Not meaning to, Ralph walked very slowly to the room his father was in. What should have taken a few minutes, took Ralph almost five minutes. When he did get to the room where is father was, he didn't go in immediately. He stood out in the hall trying to hear if anything was going on, but when he didn't hear any voices, he popped his head in. His father didn't see him, but he saw his father lying on his side, holding onto the bed rail as tight as he could.

It looked to Ralph that his father was in a lot pain, but the smile on Daryl's face made him think otherwise. After standing at the door way looking at his father for a couple of minutes, Ralph mustered up enough courage to step in. Before taking two steps into the room, Daryl saw him. At first he didn't say anything, just looked at his son with a weird grin on his face, which lasted less than a minute. He waved Ralph over and started to whisper.

"Son I hope I didn't pull you away from something you needed or wanted to do." Ralph quickly assured his father that he didn't. "If I did, I'm sorry. I swear I didn't plan on this to happen, it just did." Ralph quickly sat on the bed next to his father trying to put what he was feeling into words, but it wasn't coming out at all right. "I guess this was a message for us to stop fighting, what do you think son?" Daryl started to laugh as Ralph sat there trying to put together his thoughts. "I know I haven't said this much to you son, but I'm proud to be your father. You have made..."

"Dad you need to stop talking the way you are talking. It sounds like you are giving up, and I won't allow it." Ralph couldn't hold back the tears anymore. "You just ate something that isn't sitting well with you that is all. As soon as the doctors and nurses here run their test you will see I'm right on this. So stop talking like you are."

"Oh don't get me wrong son, I know this isn't the end of the line for me just yet. It's just the way we argued before all this happened, I needed to make it clear how I really feel about you. You have and your sister has been a godsend to me and your mother. The day you two came into our lives, we had a lot to look forward to." Daryl grabbed onto his lower stomach as he slowly turned from one side of the bed to the other. "You guys brought love, happiness and life into our house. The last two wasn't seen or heard in our home very often before you both came into our lives."

Once again Daryl clutched onto the lower part of his stomach as he flipped sides on his bed. This time Ralph could see in his father's face that he was in a lot of pain. Daryl tried to cover it up by joking, but it didn't fool Ralph at all. Ralph saw right through it and tried to help his father the best way as he could, but knew he was doing more harm than good.

Finally after the fourth time flipping from one side of the bed to the other, Ralph gave up asking his father if he was alright. Instead he went out to the nurses' station to try and get information on when someone was going to go in and see his father. The first nurse he talked to seemed to be lost, but the second one knew exactly what was going on with his father.

"Mr. Rawson has already been seen by the ER doctor. He ordered several tests and we have already taken blood to be tested. All we can do now is wait until the results of those tests come in before we can do anything else." The nurse reached out and softly patted Ralph's arm. "I know the waiting is the hardest part of all this, but that is all we can do right now. Trust me we are doing everything humanly possible and as fast as possible. Go back and be at your father's side. I will keep checking on him and you every ten, fifteen minutes."

Nodding his head, Ralph mouthed thank you to the nurse as he turned to make his way back to his father's room. When he stepped back in, his father was screaming out in pain. Ralph had no idea what to do or say at first. So he just walked over to his father and placed his hands on his father's shoulders to let him know he was there.

It didn't take Daryl long to realize his son was not only in the room but was the one comforting him. Not wanting his son to see him the way he was, he pushed down the pain that he was feeling and put on a mask of happiness, telling jokes. Ralph wasn't fooled, but he went along with it. The last thing he wanted was for his father to feel anymore uncomfortable than he already was feeling because he couldn't keep his son from worrying.

However the telling jokes and false front didn't last long. The pain was too much for Daryl and he couldn't keep hiding it. It got worse and worse as every second passed. Finally he couldn't hide it anymore. He started begging his son to get the doctor to give him something for the pain as he flipped around on the bed like a fish out of water.

No matter how he laid, the pain just got worse. It was getting so bad, Daryl started yelling at his son for help. Just as Ralph gave in and started to head out to get a nurse, several nurses ran in, almost giving him a heart attack. They were moving with urgency, not saying anything at all. When they finally spoke, it was to ask him to step out for a few minutes while they looked over his father. Reluctantly he did what they asked, looking back at his father every step of the way.

Not knowing what to do, Ralph just stood there outside his father's room in a daze. When his mind did work he was thinking nothing but negative thoughts. Thoughts like if the worse does happen before his mother arrives, what he will do, and on and on. The only time he wasn't thinking negative was when he was wondering where his mother was. Each time his mind wondered that, he looked up begging for his mother to come through the doors to help him.

It seemed like an eternity that he was standing there when one of the nurses finally walked out and asked him to step back in. Slowly he walked over to his father, but when he saw him, he started to freak out. He wasn't the same guy he left just few minutes earlier. There was a blank stare in his father's eyes, and he was no longer talking, just mumbling. Ralph could make out one or two words by the way his father's lips formed, but nothing more than that.

Looking up at the nurses, Ralph questioned them on what happened while he was gone. "Right now we really can't say until the doctor gets a chance to come in and look at your father. All we can say right now is it could be a number of things. His blood sugar level when he came in was in the five hundreds, which was way too high, so he could be in shock. Or his body is fighting some kind of infection and is shutting down in order to do that. Or at worse he had a stroke. We can't say anything for sure until the doctor comes in and takes a look at him."

After the nurse was done talking, Ralph was more confused than he was before her explanation. He wanted her or one of the other nurses to clarify a couple of things, but before he could ask any questions they walked out leaving him alone with his father.

Turning his attention back to his father, Ralph couldn't believe everything that has happened in such a few short hours. Just a couple of hours ago he was having a heated argument with him, and now here he is unable to say a word. Not only that, he looked like he wasn't there anymore. His eyes were open and looked like he was trying to talk, but nothing was coming out. Every so often he would be able to get his tongue out of his mouth, but nothing more than that.

Wanting his questions answered, Ralph walked up to the bed and grabbed a hold of both of his father's hands. "Dad if you can hear please, please squeeze my hands." It took a few seconds, but Daryl was able to squeeze both of his son's hands. "Good, very good! Now can you please try and turn to your left for me." It took a little longer for him to do that, but he did. "Awesome, now can you turn to the right for me." It took the same amount of time as it did for him to turn to the left for him to turn to the right. "Good now can you please move your right leg, then your left and wiggle your toes." A little longer than it took him to move his head, but he did it. "Great dad, really, you did great. Now just relax and we'll wait until the doctor comes."

A little relieved, Ralph pulled the chair as close to the bed as he could and sat down, not letting go of his father's left hand. He sat there talking to Daryl about how his first days at El Paso High have been to pass the time until the doctor came in. Every so often he could tell his father was asking for something, but he couldn't make it out. Both tried to communicate, but the message was lost. After several attempts, Ralph came up with a way of talking with his father.

He would ask general questions and if he was in the right ball park, his father would squeeze his hand once. If he was in the wrong ball park, his father would squeeze his hand twice. In other words, one squeeze for yes and two for no. The process worked for them. Ralph was able to understand his father and get him what he wanted.

This went on for almost thirty minutes until Daryl looked up at his son with a blank look. The look freaked Ralph out, but when he glanced down at his father's chest and didn't see it moving that got him jumping up, screaming out for help. Several nurses came running in and immediately went to work on Daryl, pushing Ralph out of the room.

Not even a minute later he heard one of the nurses in the room ordering the other to page a code blue. Once that page went out over the intercom, the room was swarmed with staff from every department in the hospital leaving Ralph thinking the worst once again. No one came out to tell him anything. All he knew was what he was seeing, which wasn't good.

Finally a few minutes after the code blue was called one of the doctors working on Daryl walked out. "I understand you are Mr. Rawson's son and the only family member here?" Ralph nodded his head. "Do you know you father's wishes?" Ralph had no idea what the doctor was asking him. "Do you know if your father wants us to do everything we can to keep him alive like putting him on machines and continuing chest compressions? Or does he want to be made comfortable and let nature take its course?"

It took few seconds, but Ralph informed the doctor to do whatever they could to keep his father alive. "Okay then we're going to do what we can to bring him back. Right now we are pumping his heart because he isn't doing it on his own. He also isn't breathing on his own so we're going to stick a breathing tube down his throat to breathe for him. If anything else comes up, we will use everything at our disposal to keep him alive until nothing works anymore."

Before Ralph could ask any questions or thank the doctor, the doctor went back into the room, leaving him once again all by himself standing in the hallway next to his father's room. He was able to hear everything that was going on in the room, and every so often he looked in, but couldn't see much. The few times he did see his father, it was his chest and the doctors pressing down on it. But as far as movement from his father there was none.

Ralph fell to his knees crying when he didn't see any movement of any kind from his father. His mind was blank, his body was numb. He felt like he was floating and not in a good way. The ground was shifting under his feet way too fast and he had no idea how to stop it or at least slow it down. One moment everything was fine, and the next his father is fighting for his life.

All of a sudden he felt hands on his shoulders. Looking up through blurry eyes he saw his mother standing above him with a concerned look on her face. Jumping to his feet, he pulled his mother as close to him as possible, wrapping his arms around her, crying. He hadn't cried like this since the night his life changed those many years ago. The night his older sister was raped and then murdered, and he and his younger sister were pulled away from the only life they knew.

Emily kind of knew what was going on by what she was seeing unfolding in the room where her husband was at. Although nothing has been said to her that her husband is fighting for his life, she knew. She felt it in her heart, but couldn't show it. Not with her son the way he is. And if the worse does happen here today, it will fall on her to be the strong one. That is the only way her family could get through this.

Neither of the two broke their hug. They stood there at the side of the hall by Daryl's room holding onto each other praying for the best outcome, Daryl being alive. So when the doctor did come out, they didn't see him at first. It wasn't until they heard him clear his throat that they knew someone was standing there trying to get their attention.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Rawson?" The doctor looked at Emily with a confused look on his face. When she nodded her head, the confused look disappeared. "Mrs. Rawson..." The doctor looked over at Ralph. At this point they broke their hug and were standing next to each other. "Ralph, Mr. Rawson was down almost for thirty minutes, but we did get his heart going. He isn't breathing completely on his own just yet, so we have him connected to a machine to help him out on that. For every breath he is taking, the machine is making three to four for him."

Taking a deep breath, the doctor moved closer to the wall, out of the way of the traffic going in and out of the room where Daryl was at. He started talking almost in a whisper, confusing both Emily and Ralph. "We are hoping that we can take him off all the machines in the next twenty four hours, but only he can make that happen. By what I have seen and heard from your son Mrs. Rawson, he is a strong man and if anyone can do it your husband will.

However there is another concern for us besides the machines that are helping him stay alive and that is the time he was down. For those thirty minutes there was no oxygen going to his brain. We were pumping his heart for him, which was getting blood to his vital organs, but nothing was getting up to the brain. So if he does come through this, there is still a long road ahead for him and all of you concerning his recovery."

"I'm sorry doctor, but I'm a little confused on all of what you are saying. Are you telling me and my son that if my husband does come through this, he might actually be a vegetable? I mean come on he fought to stay alive and then not to be the man he was before all this? That can't happen!"

"Right now I can't really answer that one way or another. Each person is different. So the outcome of him being impaired or not is on him. However with what I have seen in my career and what has been documented the chances of him not being impaired are very slim. He was down way too long and as I said in that time no oxygen or blood was getting to the brain. I don't want to lie to you and give you false hope, but I also want you guys to believe in him that he could be one of those that beat the odds."

Emily's knees snapped from under her, causing her to fall against her son. If it wasn't for Ralph's fast response and the doctor reaching out to grab her, she would have landed head first on the floor. As they held her up, a nurse came running up with a wheelchair. Slowly they moved her to the chair and as soon as they got her seated, a nurse handed her a cup of water.

"Give us a few more minutes to work on Mr. Rawson and then you guys can go in and see him. I have already called upstairs for a bed in the ICU, where he will be going. They are telling me it will only be an hour or so to have bed for him up there, but until then he will be monitored and watched over down here in the ER. I promise you we will keep doing everything we can to try and bring your husband out of this and back to his family."

The doctor walked off very slowly in case Emily or Ralph had a question, but they just stood there stunned. It took them a few minutes to get their bearings back, and when they did, they had to still wait for those that were working on Daryl to finish what they were doing. That took almost another hour and when they walked out the orderlies and a nurse from the ICU unit were there to take him up to his room.

Seeing that they were unable to sit with Daryl before the ICU nurses came down to get him, the ER doctor gave Emily and Ralph permission to go up with him. They stood outside the room waiting for them to bring Daryl out of the room. When they got the bed out, both Emily and Ralph were stunned by what they saw. The man lying there in that bed is not the man Emily married or Ralph's strong, independent foster father.

It wasn't the lack of movement coming from Daryl that shocked Emily and Ralph, it was so much more. Besides what they expected to see like the nurse pumping in air every few seconds to help him breathe, there was a lot more things they didn't think they were going to see. There was no color in his face or anywhere they saw skin. The way his chest all of a sudden went up and just fell was something they have never seen before. The sounds he was making each time air was released from his mouth were frightening.

Then he did something just as the elevator door opened to give both Emily and Ralph hope. He reached out for their hands. It looked like his eyes were barely cracked open and he was looking for them. At the same time they both reached out and grabbed one of his hands. Emily grabbed the right one, the one that he held up and Ralph the left as they walked onto the elevator.

They stood there in silence as the elevator made its way to the second floor having no control over their thoughts. Emily knew the chances of her husband coming out of this were very doubtful. She understood what the doctor was saying when he was explaining about the amount of time he was down. Ralph on the other hand believed that his father will walk out of there. He also understood what the doctor was saying when he was explaining the lack of oxygen and blood to the brain, but refused to give up hope.

Even though both of them were thinking differently, they both wanted Daryl to get through this and walk out of the hospital. Emily was thinking more logically than her son. Hope is a good thing, but she knew more than likely in just days she is going to be asked to make the hardest decision of her life. She might like have to take her husband off life support and watch him take his last breath; something she never thought would be asked of her.

As Emily and Ralph stood by Daryl's side as he was being taken up to the ICU, Jacob and the guys arrived back to the hotel for his parent's reception. None of them knew what was going on with Ralph, including his mother Nancy. All of them were still dressed up in what they were wearing at the church ready to dance the night away in happy bliss.

By the time everyone walked into the ballroom, at least almost everyone, they had someone at their side. One of the surprising couples there was Chase and Marco. The guys knew that they were an item, but no one else outside the hotel knew that. So when they walked in arm in arm, it surprised those that didn't know not only had Chase switched teams and he was in a serious relationship. However, when they saw how happy the two were together, they didn't give them being together a second thought.

The one that was surprised the most was Chase himself. He thought when he walked into the room and saw those that didn't know about him and Marco he would panic, but he didn't and instead he showed off his boyfriend to everyone he could. He was comfortable introducing Marco to his other friends and family as his boyfriend and that is the part he thought he would try and hide.

As the evening wore on, Chase got more and more comfortable showing the love he has for Marco. When the evening first started he wouldn't sit too close to him, hold his hands, go out on the dance floor or kiss Marco. However all that changed when he realized no one cared that not only didn't he bring a girl to the wedding, but that he was in love with a guy.

First he scooted closer and closer to Marco until their thighs were touching each other under the table. Then under the table they held hands, eventually they brought their hands from under the table to above the table. At that point Chase threw caution to the wind and kissed Marco for the first time in public. Their first kiss was quick that if you blinked you would have missed it, but the kisses afterward they held substantially longer.

Chase couldn't believe how comfortable he was showing his feelings. He thought when this day came he would be sweating like a pig and would chicken out. That just didn't happen and he was far from being even mildly concerned. He didn't have one drop of sweat anywhere on his body and he didn't care what people might say in the days that followed. He was madly in love with Marco and that love alone is letting him drop his guard.

He was doing things he was never able to do with any of the girls in his past. Yes he kissed them in public, but nowhere near with the passion he and Marco had. And yes he held hands with his past girlfriends, but once again it felt a lot different with Marco. He didn't feel like he had to hold his hand, he wanted to. When their hands came together it was like they were one. There were feelings and emotions going through his body that he never felt with his past girlfriends and wanted to feel over and over again once he felt them the first time.

Then when Marco got up and stretched out his hand asking if he would do him the honor of dancing with him, Chase didn't hesitate. He immediately said yes as he jumped up from his chair, letting Marco lead him to the dance floor. There were a few eyes on them, but neither of the guys cared. All they were thinking of was being with each other and nothing else.

The first song was a fast one, which they both enjoyed. However they both wanted a slower tune so they could be in each other's arms, and they didn't have to wait too long to get their wish. As the song ended the next one started to play and it was exactly what they wanted.

At first it was a little clumsy because they were both trying to lead, but it didn't take them long to get into sync. Chase soon melted into Marco's arms, letting him lead, something he never thought he would ever do. When he started to come to terms with being gay he thought he would be the more dominant in the relationship. He thought that included leading whenever he was out on a date with his boyfriend. However, tonight he didn't even give it a thought. The love that he has for Marco took over, allowing him to let go of all those worries and just be in his boyfriend's arms.

Neither of the two noticed the music changing over to a more upbeat tempo. In their heads both of them were hearing a different song being played, a slower one. They danced to their own beat. A few times they clashed with the others on the dance floor, but they were not knocked off their beat or brought out of their own little world. They kept dancing to the song playing in their heads in the corner of the dance floor in each other's arms.

For several hours they danced without a care in a world. The only thing that mattered to them was being with each other in each other's arms. There was no mistaking their love if you looked at them on the dance floor. They were each other's soul mate and it was visible to everyone there on and off the dance floor. It was as if they had been together all their lives.

When twelve o'clock rolled around, the music stopped as the wedding cake was rolled onto the dance floor. Gloria, Andy, the wedding party along with their close family and friends made their way behind the table. Together the newlyweds cut the cake and shared the first piece. Once everyone that wanted a piece of cake got some, the newlyweds called it a night.

Before exiting out of the ballroom, those that were not married were called out to the middle of the dance floor. Once everyone that wanted to be part of the tossing of the bouquet made their way to the center, Gloria started to turn around, and began her count down from three and then tossed it. It wasn't until it landed that those on the dance floor, Gloria, Andy and everyone else in the ballroom realized the air conditioner sent the bouquet in another direction.

It didn't go where it should have gone, but it landed in Chase's lap! At first no one knew where exactly it went until Chase stood up holding it in the air. The spotlight was shone on him, causing everyone in the ballroom to crack up laughing. He turned around, gave Marco a mock evil look before leaning down giving him a passionate kiss for everyone to see.

When they broke their kiss and Chase looked up, he was turning all shades of red, getting ah's and ooh's from those looking on. He wanted to go and hide at first, but when Marco reached out and grabbed his hand those thoughts faded away and he stopped blushing. The spotlight moved off them and back over to Gloria and Andy Sr. as they made their way out of the ballroom.

Once they walked out and disappeared, the music started to play again and almost everyone in the ballroom made their way back onto the dance floor. Chase and Marco used that as their chance to escape without being seen. Slowly they made their way through the sea of people, holding each other's hands. When they got outside the ballroom, they ran to the elevator.

When the door shut, they embraced each other. As they held the kiss, their hands started to roam all over each other's bodies. Neither of them stopped until they heard the ping from the elevator and the door started to open. Once it was completely open, the guys stepped out holding each other's hands. All the way to Chase's room they didn't let go of each other's hand and they didn't break their eye contact. They didn't care if they ran into anything. All they cared about was gazing into each other's eyes and seeing the love they have for one another.

As soon as they got into Chase's room, that all changed. Not only did they break eye contact for the first time since they got off the elevator, but they returned to what they were doing as they were making their way up to their room. Their lips met at the same time their hands started to roam around each other's bodies as they stood in the center of the room.

Just as it was on the dance floor, Marco took the lead. Earlier, any and all of Chase's reservations had melted away. Marco knew Chase was his. Now it was time to seal the deal, to make it real. Marco was not going to let this be rushed. This has to last.

Marco broke the kiss and stepped back just an inch. He raised his hands cradling Chase's face in his hands. "Chase, do you truly love me as much as I love you? Is this really what you want?"

"To answer your question in one word Marco, YES! I know I've been a royal pain in the ass with my being unable to figure out what's right for me. I love you, I know it. The feelings I have when I'm with you are deeper and stronger than any I've ever had in my entire past. This is real. This is right. It's what I want and what I need...I need your love in my life in every way. I know you love me. If you didn't you'd have sent me packing on my merry, confused way a long time ago. The only way you could have tolerated my indecision and my fears was through love. Your love for me has been something I have felt. It really gave you the patience to stick by me and let me come to this point in my own time and in my own way."

"Oh Chase, that is what I have been waiting to hear! Like you, I know this is right and yes I love you with every fiber of my being. I have been so afraid you wouldn't come to this point for whatever reasons you might have. Tonight, you made me proud. Chase, I have never felt the fantastic feelings I had dancing with you and showing the world that we are a team. I knew on the dance floor that we've made it. Now, I have to ask, are you sure you're really ready for what seems to be coming next?" Marco said with a lot of caring in his voice.

Marco loosened and removed Chase's tie and unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt. Chase smiled and reflected Marco's actions relieving him of his tie and opening his shirt about halfway down.

Marco gently moved Chase to the couch and sat him down. He then took a moment to take off his shoes and then sat down, turned to the side where he could see Chase fully. Chase took off his shoes and assumed the same position. Chase's face was flushed and he had that quizzical puppy look on his face. It was obvious that he was expecting the passion to be instant. When Chase directed him to the couch rather than the bed it confused him.

"Chase, I want to be absolutely sure that YOU are absolutely sure about this. This is a huge step for both of us. We don't know each other on an intimate level at all. I want us to go slow and easy. I want this to be beyond incredible for both of us and most especially, you."

Chase reached over and took hold of Marco's hand, brought it to his face and kissed it. His face was back to its' normal color and his eyes were sparkling.

"How did I ever deserve to end up with such a warm and caring guy? Marco, I'm not totally clueless. I know what's in the offing in a general way. I'll admit, I don't know how things are going to play out but I love you and I totally trust you. Just like the dancing earlier tonight, you take the lead. Marco, show me how this amazing love I feel is going to be taken to the next level."

With that, Marco got up and offered Chase his hand. Chase took his hand and Marco gently pulled him to his feet. The two began the process of slowly undressing each other. Shirts slid off shoulders and dropped to the floor; pants followed. Marco slid Chase's undershirt up and over his head. Chase responded in kind. The two were standing, facing each other in only their underwear; Marco in tight white briefs and Chase in form fitting boxers. The fronts of their underwear revealed both of their rising passion.

"Chase, let's take this real slow. We know each other and even love each other, but this is new territory. We need to get familiar and comfortable with each other a step at a time."

"I agree with that, Marco. What is the next step?"

"It's been awhile since we've showered. What would you say to breaking the ice sharing a shower?

A huge grin came over Chase's face and his eyes sparkled even more as he replied by slipping off his socks and put his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear. Marco caught the non-verbal message clear as a bell. He quickly removed his sock but rather than putting his thumbs into his underwear band, he stepped forward getting very close to Chase. He lifted Chase's thumbs out of his underwear band and put them on his own. He then reached over and placed his thumbs into Chase's underwear band and without hesitation, slipped them down over his butt and carefully extending them out so that Chase's fully erect cock wouldn't get caught. Chase followed suit move for move. As their underwear floated to the floor they both stepped out of them. They were looking deeply into each other's eyes. Marco reached behind Chase, cupped his buns and pulled him into full frontal contact.

"Are you sure Chase? Is this really right for you?"

Chase grinned widely, his eyes twinkling and he faced once again flushed. Chase pressed his package firmly into Marco's. "Do you really need to ask, Marco? Let's have an adventure in the shower. I want to get to know every bit of you."

Without another word, Marco led Chase into the bathroom and started the shower water. Chase was taking in the vision of the man he felt so deeply for in all his natural glory. He wanted to touch all he sees.

The water was just right and Marco stepped into the shower and took Chase's hand assisting him into the shower. The glass door was slid closed and the two new lovers stepped into the cascading warm water. They once again embraced and pressed their manhoods firmly together. Marco's hands were wandering up and down Chase's back and finally down to caress Chase's butt. Chase's was holding onto Marco as if were to save his life. Sensations of passion surged through every bit of his body. When Marco took his buns in hand, Chase immediately locked their lips together, both mouths open as their tongues introduced themselves to each other. Marco pulled on Chase's buns increasing the pressure on their meshed man parts as the kiss went to the ultimate level of passion. Their hips were grinding as nature took hold and increased the sensations.

When they broke the kiss, Marco smiled and Chase with look of complete love and devotion. He reached for the shower gel, placed a good sized amount in his right hand. He reached over and soaped up Chase's package, then did his own. He then reached back and pulled their hot and steely hard packages together. Again, the motion stared without a conscious thought. Chase was now exploring Marco's back and buns. He massaged the globes reveling in the firmness that was characteristic of male butts. The kissing went into a higher gear.

Marco felt Chase tense up and realized that he was on the edge. Marco was right with him so he increased the friction and movement. In just a moment, Chase's head went back and he let out a guttural growl. Marco felt the shudders going through Chase's body and the warmth of Chase's load shooting between them. That put Marco over the edge and he unloaded at nearly the same moment. Marco knew what was coming next and positioned himself to take Chase's weight if his knees buckled. Chase slumped a bit but held his footing.

The pair just stood locked together under the warm water for a few moments as breathing and heart rates began to normalize.

As soon as Chase came back to reality, he started apologizing for cumming so fast; not controlling it to make it last. Marco smiled, held Chase's face in his hands. "Oh Chase, that's how it needed to be. We both needed release to make what might come next last. You have nothing to apologize for. After all, in case you didn't notice I was right there with you."

Relief washed over Chase's face as he responded; "Marco, this is why you need to take the lead. You need to show me all the differences and wonders of being with you rather than what I've done in the past. If I had been that fast with a girl, she would have been more than just a bit disappointed."

Marco got the wash cloth and loaded it with gel. "Chase, shut up and assume the position!" Chase looked at him with his quizzical puppy look. Marco moved him around facing the back wall of the shower, placed his hands up at shoulder level against the wall then nudged Chase's feet apart. Once Chase was in the position, Marco started to firmly run the gelled wash cloth over Chase's shoulders and back. Chase moaned low indicating that this was working well for him. Marco washed Chase's back down to his hips then, with Chase still in the position, reached around and worked his chest, abs and armpits. Chase was loving the attention. It made him feel treasured and special. There was something very comforting. He wondered why Marco was seemingly avoiding contact with those special places but he didn't dwell on it. Next Marco knelt down and washed Chase's legs from crotch to ankles. When he got to the bottom of the left leg he lifted Chase's leg and bent it back, resting Chase's instep on his thigh. He then proceeded to firmly wash and massage the foot, even between the toes. He was careful to apply enough pressure on the bottom of the foot to ensure it didn't tickle. The left foot done, he did the same to the right. He then stood up and reloaded the wash cloth with gel. He then went to work on those special places he'd not done yet. Chase was still facing the wall so he took care of the backside of things first, then down to Chase's taint, that sweet, sensitive spot between the legs to just behind the sack. Chase stiffened up at the sensations and noted his feelings being touched where nobody had touched him since his days in diapers. It surprised him that the sensations were erotic and pleasant. Marco turned him so they were face to face. Instead of the washcloth, Marco gelled his hands and very thoroughly washed Chase's once again fully aroused package. Chase's eyes closed as he enjoyed Marco's ministrations.

Marco moved Chase under the water and rinsed him down. The only thing left was shampooing Chase's hair. Marco left Chase facing the shower stream standing behind him. Marco guided Chase's head under the water fully wetting his hair. He applied some shampoo and started washing Chase's hair and deeply massaging his scalp. Chase was purring with his head tilted back. After a few moments longer than necessary to do the job, Marco tilted Chase's head forward and rinsed his hair. Once he was finished with Chase, Marco quickly and efficiently got himself clean from head to toe taking only a couple minutes. Chase started to return the favor to Marco, but Marco gently and sweetly stopped him.

"Chase, tonight I want this to be all about you. I want to do as you suggested and take the lead here and make tonight the most wonderful of your life; a night you'll never forget. Will you allow me that?"

"Marco, I want you to feel as good as you're making me feel. I want to do all the wonderful things for you too!"

Marco proceeded to take care of the last details of getting himself clean and he grinned at Chase and simply said; "Next time, sweet guy, next time. Tonight is for me to make love to you and I don't mean just sexually. Making love is a lot more than just `doing it'. I want you to feel my love more than just sexually."

"Ok Marco, I'm putting myself in your hands. Just this shared shower has shown me things I never even imagined. I can't being to think what might be coming but I'm yours and I'm ready for whatever you have in mind."

The water was shut off and Marco got a towel and dried Chase from head to toe. He gave Chase the towel which he didn't bother to put around himself. He just draped it over his shoulder. Marco took a second towel and dried himself and did the same with his towel.

Chase was in wonder that he didn't feel the least bit of modesty. Chase got a new toothbrush from the vanity drawer and the two shared the vanity sink to brush their teeth.

Once done with all the bathroom items, Chase was guided back to the bed. Marco turned the bed down and Chase slid in first. Marco followed. The two were lying facing each other then moved to be in close contact. Marco's hand cupped Chase's butt and pulled them tightly together. He then rolled Chase onto his back and at the same time he rolled up on top of Chase. With their bodies in full contact, Marco gazed momentarily into Chase's eyes and saw the love and anticipation. Marco put his lips on Chase's and kissed him incredibly deeply. Chase responded to his every move. Marco broke the kiss and proceeded to kiss Chase's face working over to his ear, down onto his neck. He then moved down to Chase's chest. When he got to his right nipple, his tongue circled it then he locked his lips on the nipple and sucked a bit while his tongue ran over the firmly erect nub. This was a new sensation for Chase and he reacted by inhaling deeply and his hands grasping the bed linens.

Marco switched sides and evened out his attentions to Chase's nipples. He then moved to the center of Chase's chest and began to slowly lick and kiss is way southward. He got to Chase's abs and put a bit more intensity behind the kisses. As he was kissing Chase's abs slowly working toward his goal, his hand had Chase's cock gripped firmly slowly stroking him. He felt the wetness Chase was producing and spread the clear nectar over Chase's cockhead making it slick. Then, without a word, Marco took just the tip of Chase's cock between his lips. He ran his tongue around the tip as he applied suction. Chase's back arched and he growled. Marco backed off a bit and Chase settled back onto the bed.

Marco took hold of Chase's balls and sack then, without a bit of warning, he plunged down taking Chase's full length into his mouth and throat. Chase's back once again arched up and he let out a much louder sound...a combination of a growl and a moan.

Marco sensed that Chase was getting close to the edge so he stopped and moved back up to be face to face. Chase's eyes were still closed and Marco gently kissed him.

"Chase, are you OK?" Marco asked quietly. There was no reply except a grin that formed on Chase's face.

"I'll take that smile as a `yes'" Marco said with a chuckle, his hand still on Chase's balls, rubbing gently.

After a long moment Chase broke the silence; "Marco, if I had any doubts about this being what's right for me, they are long gone. I told you I know I'm in love with you and now I can't believe how deep that really goes. You are giving me feelings that I had no idea could happen. My only regret is how much time I wasted fighting my reality; not wanting what I am to be. I am happier than I have ever been in my life being here with you. The love I'm feeling from you is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Marco, I want it all with you. Nothing's off limits. I want you to make me totally yours."

"Are you saying you want to go all the way, Chase?" Chase's eyes were still closed and the grin widened and he nodded his head. "Chase, that's a huge step. I want you in that way very badly, but I don't want that to be rushed. Again, it's a huge step."

Chase's eyes opened, the grin was still there. As quick as a fox, Chase flipped over and got on top of Marco, pinned his arms down to the mattress. He leaned forward and kissed Marco with nearly desperate passion.

"I know it's a huge step, but it's what I want. I want to be yours in every way. I also realize that it's something that has to be worked up to; it doesn't just happen. So, lover, it seems you have your work cut out for you. Get me ready to go there. I have never wanted anything more."

Marco was totally awed by Chase's declaration of love and desire. "Babe, I will gladly work to get you ready and we will get there. Yes, it takes some time but I sense that it won't take long. Seeing as we are here in your room, there's certain things we need we don't have handy at the moment to start the process."

Chase got a wicked smile on his face. He leaned over Marco, opened the nightstand drawer and came back with a tube of KY. Still straddling Marco he waved the tube in front of Marco. "Ok, so what's your next excuse?" He set the KY down, reached over and got a towel that was still close by from their shower. He spread it out and rolled off Marco onto his back over the towel.

Marco didn't need to be told what to do. Chase's legs were spread wide, bent at the knees with his feet flat on the bed. He got some KY on his finger and applied it to Chase's rosebud. The coolness made Chase inhale deeply through his teeth. Marco massaged the treasure spot and found that Chase was relaxed. As he massaged he added a bit of pressure and found that there was very little resistance. He applied more lube and coated his finger. When he applied more pressure he felt Chase relax even further inviting him to go inside. Realizing that Chase was truly ready, he slid his finger in full length. Again, Chase sucked air in through his teeth and gripped the sheet in his hands. Once fully inside, Marco remained still for Chase to adjust to the sensations. He felt Chase relax more and then started moving in and out. He found Chase's love nut and made sure to involve it with every instroke. The first time he hit it solidly, Chase's back arched up. Marco noted that each time he massaged the hot spot Chase's cock leaked a huge flow of precum.

"MARCO! What the hell is that???" Chase exclaimed.

"That's your prostate, babe. Do you like that sensation?" Marco asked.


Marco slid his finger out and lubed up more and went to work adding a second finger. Once again Chase was relaxed and there was no real resistance, so he proceeded to go full depth with two fingers. Chase's eyes were closed again and he was growling in pleasure. Marco made sure to continue to stimulate the "G"-spot. Chase, almost instinctively, pulled his knees back toward his chest improving Marco's access. This made him relax and open even more. Marco added a third lubed finger and was about half way in when Chase spoke.

"Marco, it's time...I want YOU inside me. Fill me with your love, make me yours. It's time. Please, go for it. I need you NOW!"



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