Written by J.P.G.

{Jacob Finding His Way is partly fictional. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you're underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you're reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

Edited By: "Daddy" Rick

Love Scene By: "Daddy" Rick

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Chapter 96

No one moved an inch from where they were standing. Even though Daryl had already passed away, his family stood there looking at the lifeless body lying there before them. A man in his own way touched so many in the little part of the world he lived in. There was so much left unsaid and done between him and his adopted son and daughter. Items and subjects he wanted to talk with them about. Things about which he felt he owed them explanations, but now they won't be able to get those explanations from the source. It will be hearsay and nothing more than that.

Outside the ICU room, the staff stood quietly giving the family all the time they needed to say their final goodbyes. There was still a lot to do, but they weren't about to walk in and disturb the last time they will have with the man that was a husband, father, brother, sister and friend to those standing there around the bed keeping a vigil. However, little did they know those in that room was not looking at the man lying there with kind thoughts or memories.

Ralph had so many questions he wanted answered; questions that came up and were never asked during the last couple of months. Things that confused him about his sister's and his adoption and everything in-between like why didn't they ever question things that so obviously should have looked wrong. There had been two kids from the same parents coming up for adoption during the time when the exact same age of two kids kidnapped in a neighboring state and why didn't that raise any red flags? Now these questions and many more can only be answered by his adoptive mother who can now say anything since there isn't anyone there to contradict her version of the facts.

Don't get what Ralph is thinking wrong. He knows he could have ended up in a home with parents that were uncaring and hateful, unlike the one's he got; adoptive parents that were loving and caring, which he will always remember no matter what happens in the future. However, he needs to start thinking about that future because he isn't his sister's young age who has time on her side. He wishes he had more time but knows he doesn't.

Movements of those in the room beginning to walk out brought Ralph out of his thoughts. Blinking a couple of times to get his focus back, he looked around the room and saw almost half of the family that was there had already left. The half that was still in the room was getting set to leave, leaving only him, his sister and mother there with Daryl.

The three of them stood there in silence not looking at anything in particular. After a few minutes of silence, Ralph spoke first. "I really don't think dad would want us hanging out here with his lifeless body. He'd want us to get out of here and get things rolling as far as arranging his final arrangements." Daryl's mother looked up with tears in her eyes nodding her head. "I know what I just said sounds mean, but we all know dad wasn't the sad type and the kind of person that dwelled on something that he couldn't change."

"No son it didn't sound mean, not when you're speaking the truth." Emily wiped her tears away with her right hand and with her left she grabbed Dian's hand and started to escort her out of the room. "We do need to get the ball rolling so we can tell the family exactly when everything is going to be in regards to your father's funeral."

Ralph agreed as he walked out behind his mother and sister. Just as he reached the door to his father's ICU room, he turned around and looked at Daryl one last time. At first he stood there in silence, but before he knew it he was whispering to his father. What he said was not loud for anyone to hear, so it stayed between him and his father.

When he met up with his mother and sister, they were with the charge nurse of the ICU. She acknowledged Ralph and started over. "I was telling your mother and sister here how sorry we are for your loss. It is very hard to lose a loved one, and I know that personally because just a few months ago I lost someone very dear to my heart. I never wish that kind of hurt on anyone. It's something that a family member or those close to the one that just left this world can never get used to or easily get over." Ralph thanked the charge nurse for her kind words.

"I know none of you want to think of this right now, but it must be handled." The charge nurse opened the file that she had in her hands. "Has there been any discussion on what funeral home you want to use when a day like this comes?" Emily shook her head. "I understand this is something no one his age thought would happen to them, so the topic never was brought up."

"Not only that ma'am, but we are new in town. Back home my husband and I did touch on the subject when we lost my father, but when we moved up here we never discussed it. I think he would like to be taken home and put to rest there since we aren't from here."

"Well I don't really know how that works. All I know is a funeral home needs to be selected here in town so we can call and have your husband picked up. Once you decide exactly what you want to do, you can discuss it with that funeral home and see if it can be done. They are the ones that can really give you more details on things like that."

The charge nurse pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to Emily. "This is a list of all the funeral homes in town. We don't know their prices and we don't know who is better than whom. All we can say is they are certified and capable of handling a funeral. So why don't you and your family goes downstairs to the cafeteria, sit down and go over the list. Take your time! We will take care of Mr. Rawson up here for you while you decide which funeral home."

Emily scanned the sheet several times before thanking the charge nurse. She looked up at Ralph as she turned and started making her way to the exit. None of them said a word as they walked down the maze of hallways. When they reached the main waiting room they saw the entire family sitting there waiting for them. The minute the first family member saw them, he alerted the others and they all got up and met them in the walkway.

"We need to decide what funeral home we are going to use." Emily said in a soft voice as she looked down at the paper that was handed to her with all the funeral homes. "I really don't know what to do here. Daryl and I had discussed this a couple of times, but moving up here changes everything mainly because of you guys and the fact I plan to stay here now."

Daryl's oldest brother wrapped his arms around Emily and guided her to the elevator, followed by the rest of the family. No one said a word on their way down to the lobby and their walk to the empty cafeteria. Once they reached the entrance of the cafeteria the silence was broken. At first nothing was said about the funeral. Rather, the discussion surrounded the arrangements of the tables. It took a couple of minutes, but they moved enough tables together so the entire family was sitting at the same table so they could hear what was being said.

"I know the move made no sense to you, Ralph and Dian." Daryl's older brother was the first to break the silence once they were around the table. "One moment you guys were going to spend your life in the home and neighborhood that you started your married life in. Then the next moment Daryl walked in and said you guys were moving. He gave you a half-baked reason why, but it was not the truth and I'm sure you realized that the moment the words left his mouth."

"Yes I knew the reason he gave for the move wasn't the real reason. I figured when the time was right he would have told me, but he never got that chance. But I never questioned him because I love him and I would have gone to the ends of the earth with him if he asked me to."

"Exactly Emily, and there is no doubt in my mind he knew that. Every time we talked, either by phone or in person, he always talked about you. I'm pretty sure you know what he said so there is no reason for me to go into that here." Emily nodded her head. "He loved you, the kids and all he wanted in life was for you guys to be happy. By what I see he was successful with that."

Once again Emily nodded her head in agreement with what her older brother-in-law was saying. As he sat there talking, she kept wondering to herself why she always thought Daryl's family hated her. The way they are supporting her and the kids, she sees how wrong she was. His family never hated her. She just never gave them a chance to show her that they love her.

"With all that said, I think he would have liked to be put to rest here." That brought Emily out of her thoughts and back into the conversation. "After all, he picked up his family and moved you down here so he could be around his family. Never in a million years had he thought, or any of us for that matter thought he was going to pass away at such a young age. But that is neither here nor there; it's happened and we need to deal with the present. The present is where he should be put to rest and again I believe it should be here."

"I really don't know. I mean we haven't lived here that long and when we did talk about this subject we always told each other that we would like to be put to rest back home. But now I know that has changed since we made the move here to be closer to his family and the fact I plan to stay here. So I think here is the best place for his final resting place."

That put smiles on the faces of Daryl's family. "Thank you Emily, you're making the right decision so we can visit with him whenever we want." Daryl's brother reached over and pulled the sheet of paper with the funeral homes closer to him so he could see it clearly. "So let's see what choices we have here. If any of you have used any of these funeral homes, let us know what you thought about them, okay?"

One by one they went through the list. Every so often someone at the table interrupted to say that they either used the funeral home in the past, or they heard about it and gave their comments on it. However, they kept going back to one funeral home on the list, Perche's Funeral Home. Not only those that talked about it said it was a nice funeral home, but it wasn't expensive.

"Look I don't know how Daryl left his affairs, but if he left them the way I think he did, I think Emily you should use Perche's. It is cost efficient and those here at the table have nothing but good things to say about the place. That should say a lot and I know you agree with me. So what do you think?" Emily nodded her head in agreement. "Then it's settled, Perche's it is!"

Daryl's brother slapped the table lightly several times before getting up from his seat. Emily, Ralph and Dian followed, but the others stayed in their seats. They knew what was left to do didn't involve them. And those that didn't know and went to get up were gently pulled or held down to their seats. They sat there watching as Emily and the other three made their way to the elevator without saying a word to one another.

None of them spoke the entire way back up to the ICU floor or the walk to the nurse's center where the charge nurse was sitting. When they reached the nurse's station, Emily cleared her throat to attract the nurse's attention. As soon as she turned and saw the Rawson family standing there, the nurse tried to sound comforting, but knew she wasn't doing a very good job. The Rawson family was tired, and saw through her.

"Ma'am thanks you for being so patient with us and giving us the time to decide which funeral home to use." Emily spoke in a low voice that only those right next her could hear what she was saying. "We would like Perche's to be the funeral home. So where do we go from here to make that the final arrangements to get my husband over there?"

"You don't worry about all that! We take care of contacting them to come down to pick up Mr. Rawson. All I need you to do is sign these forms to give them permission to do so." The charge nurse pulled out several forms, filled in a couple of areas before handing them over to Emily to sign. "They will come down, get Mr. Rawson and take him to their facility. Tomorrow you contact them to make an appointment so you can go in and make all the arrangements."

"Thank once again ma'am, we really appreciate how much all the help you have given." Emily quickly signed where she needed to and then handed the papers back. "I have one last question if you don't mind." The charge nurse politely told Emily that she could ask as many questions as she wants. "Thanks, I just have one more. By any chance do you know how long it will take to get this all done?" The charge nurse looked at Emily with a confused look on her face. "The reason I'm asking is so I can let the others know roughly when the funeral will be, so if they need to get time off from work they have enough notice."

"No, no I understand the reason behind the question, it's just I don't have an answer to the question. It varies from one person to another and the reason behind that is what the family wants. If they want a viewing for family and friends to come in to say their final goodbyes, the rosary and then church that will more than likely happen within the next few days.

But what the family does afterwards is what makes the difference. If you decide to put him to rest in a casket, that can happen right after the church. However, if you decide to cremate him that is a totally different story! You guys can still have all that I said, I think, but after the church, they take him back and you won't see him again. About a week or so later you will get a call from the funeral home to go down and pick up his ashes.

Now don't quote me on anything I just said here. I can be completely wrong on everything. The best place to get the correct answers to your question is at the funeral home tomorrow. So I suggest that you tell your family that you will call them after your meeting at the funeral home with the information about the final arrangements."

Emily looked over at Ralph before turning her attention back to the charge nurse. "I won't hold your foot to the fire on that answer, but again thank you for giving me a ballpark picture." Emily took several steps forward and extended her hand. "Thank you and your staff for all the hard work you did for us. I only have one last request. Please tell those who come to pick up my husband to be careful with him. He might be nobody to them, but he was and still is the world to me, my kids and the rest of our family."

"Mrs. Rawson I promise you I will deliver the message to them, but I know there will be no need for it." The charge nurse took Emily's hand, shook it before going down the line shaking the others. "You all make sure you're careful on your way home and not to sound mean, but I really hope I don't see you again anytime in the future."

At first, Emily and the others were confused on the last statement the charge nurse said, but after a few seconds they realized what she really meant. She is a nurse in the ICU and if they see her again that means bad luck has visited them again. Not only that is something that none of them want, but none of them want to see the inside of this hospital or any hospital for a long time.

They walked out the same way they entered the ICU. The only difference on their way out, they stopped in to see Daryl one last time. When they got back to the cafeteria where the rest of the family were still sitting, they informed them that everything that needed to be done has been done and they will be notified as soon as they get more information.

With that, they all walked out of the hospital together, splitting up when they reached the parking lot. Before leaving the parking lot, they all said their goodbyes to each other. The last one left to say his goodbyes to Emily, Ralph and Dian was Daryl's brother who asked if he could join her tomorrow at the funeral home and she had no problem with him tagging along.

As Ralph and his family were heading home from a rough and very emotional evening, Tom, David and Tom's parents were ending their evening. Even though their evening wasn't anything compared to Ralph and his family's, it was emotional as well. Ever since the accident their lives have been one emotional rollercoaster ride.

Chad and Teresa, Tom's parents, have taken off a lot of time from work since that day, which they can't afford now that all their time off is without pay. Tom's parents haven't told their son, but Tom knew they were very close to running out of paid leave or already had reached that point. He tried to talk them out of going with him, but the first time he brought up the subject back in El Paso and how his parents reacted, he knew better not bring it up again.

After pulling money from an ATM before dinner, Chad and Teresa were forced to see what was right in front of them. If they don't return home and get back to work over the weekend, they are risking the chance of losing everything. So they took the evening meal to discuss their return back to El Paso. Even though they didn't want to leave their son, they knew they had no choice, but also knew with David at their son's side, he was going to be well taken care of.

Tom wanted his parents to stay with him and offered to pay the bills that were outstanding with his money, but his parents wouldn't hear of it. They put their foot down that he needed to save that money for his future. They made it clear that no matter what happened with him at the rehab center they want him to go to college so he had a degree behind him to work in a career that fits his wants and him as a person.

The back and forth of Chad and Teresa staying or leaving went on almost through the entire meal, by the time they got to dessert, it was settled. Nothing Tom would say or promise to do would change their final decision. Seeing that, he let it go. Instead of fighting, they spent the remainder of their meal talking about what was going to happen in the next couple of weeks.

By the time Chad and Teresa got up to leave, a schedule was made of when they were going to talk on the phone and when they were going to come back to see their son. Since Tom's parents were going to fly out early in the morning, this was going to be the last time Tom was going to see them for awhile, which hurt him. He felt an emptiness in his chest that he had never felt before.

That emptiness got worse when his parents finally left. David saw the look on Tom's face and didn't want to leave him like that. He walked Chad and Teresa to the lobby and along the way explained to them why he was not going back with them to the house. They understood and in fact they wanted him to stay with their son so he didn't feel abandoned.

After saying their goodbyes and making additional promises to talk every day, David headed back to Tom's room. When he walked in, he found Tom laying in his bed looking up at the ceiling with tears rolling down his face. David couldn't help it. He started to get all choked up too, but knew he shouldn't fall apart. He had to be the strong one so Tom could depend on him being there to lean on at times like this.

As quietly as he could, David closed the door before walking over to Tom's bed. Not wanting to spook his boyfriend, David gently sat on the edge of the bed, in the middle. For the first couple of minutes, neither of them said a word. They froze in the position and contemplated the unknown. The unknown to those that would be looking at them on the bed, but to both of them they were in their own world thinking of what lay before them in the days to come.

It was David who broke the silence, but when he did, he spoke in a soft soothing voice getting Tom's attention. "I know you're going to miss your parents. Hell I'm going to miss them probably as much as you're. Since the accident we have gotten even closer than we already were, and you know that was seemingly impossible." That got a smile from Tom. "There is no need for me to say this, but I'm going to say it anyway, I LOVE YOU!"

Without getting a response from Tom, David leaned in and gently kissed him on the lips. They held the kiss for over a minute and when they broke it, they lay there in each other's arms for a while without saying another word to each to each other. Instead they just looked up to the ceiling at the same spot while in their minds thinking the same thing.

"I won't sugar coat this for you. Instead I'm just going to come right out and say it so there is no misunderstanding at all on what I'm trying to get across." David gently put his left hand around Tom's face and started to turn it until they were looking into each other's eyes. He wanted to make sure Tom saw his eyes so he knew what he was saying he meant.

"At first it's going to be hard for us here, particularly for you because you're the one that is going to be going through hell getting those legs of yours to warm up! Not only that, we are also going to be going through this pretty much alone. Even though our family and friends want to be here and are wishing you the best, they're not here. They are in El Paso." David voice got more serious. "What I'm trying to get at is that we are going to need to lean on each other. Again, it's going to be more you leaning on me than the other way around. I want you to understand that I will be here for you no matter what is going on or what time of day it is."

Feeling like a fool, David stopped talking. What he wanted to say sounded a lot different in his head than what actually came out. It was close, but it came out all wrong. However, little did he know Tom got what he was trying to get across. From this point on it's only going to be the two of them and they are going to need to pull their strength from each other if they are going to make it through this and return back to El Paso better than they left.

"David I understand and agree with what you're saying here. Even though my parents haven't left yet, I already miss them because I won't be seeing them for at least several weeks from now. It's going to be only you and me and we are going to have to get through this together. We are going to have to be strong for each other.

With that said, I'm going to prove the doctors here are right, and those nay sayers back home who said I will never walk again wrong. When we get off the plane in El Paso, we are going to be walking side by side holding each other's hands. I promise you that!"

There was no doubt in David's mind that Tom was going to succeed on what he is saying there that evening. Ever since he has known him, when he sets his mind on getting something done, it gets done no matter how hard the task was. Even though this is the hardest task yet to date that Tom has taken up, David and all those that know him know he will get it done.

Neither of them said another word to each other. They didn't need to because they knew each other way too well that they were able to get across to one another everything they needed to without saying a word. By the time they had fallen asleep cuddled up in each other's arms, they understood and were ready for what was to come.

Just as they had fallen asleep, the alarm was going off in Jacob's room. It took every ounce of self discipline for Jacob not to hit the snooze button. He pulled himself out of bed and started waking up everyone else before returning to his room to get ready. When he walked into the bathroom, he found Dewayne at the sink brushing his teeth.

Dewayne being more a morning person than Jacob, smiled at him when he saw Jacob walking in, but Jacob didn't return the smile. He just nodded his head as he grabbed his toothbrush. In minutes they were done in the bathroom and had made their way back into their room to get dressed. By the time they made it downstairs, Jacob was more alive and in a better mood.

Taking the leadership role, Jacob directed traffic. As the others made their way down with their suitcases, Jacob pointed them to the door before allowing them to go into the kitchen to get something to drink or eat. Even then, he made it clear that time was a factor. The taxis were there and they had to get to the airport at least an hour before they were scheduled to leave.

Once everyone got everything they needed to get done in the house, they all met in the living room. When Jacob saw that everyone was there, he started to handout plane tickets as they walked out to get into one of the waiting taxis. It was hard for them to hold in their excitement the moment they got their plane ticket. They had talked about this day for months, but really didn't believe it was actually going to happen with everything that was going on until now.

The only delay Jacob didn't plan on was Alex. He had forgotten that Alex needed more time since he was still in a wheelchair. Getting in and out of cars was really hard for him and very time consuming as well. When he saw how much Alex was struggling, he kicked himself for not asking for a van. It would have made it a lot easier for his friend and less time consuming on their already tight schedule.

Pushing his frustration back, Jacob walked over and helped where he could with Alex. By the time he got to the car, Dewayne, Matt and several of the other guys were helping. The only thing left for Jacob to do was to pull the chair away, fold it up and place it in the trunk while Alex slid into the back seat of the taxi.

As soon as everyone was in the taxis, Jacob and Dewayne did one more check around the house making sure everything was secure. Still after their third check, Jacob didn't feel comfortable, but pushed the weird feelings he was getting about the house away. He locked the front door and ran with Dewayne at his side to the last taxi in the row waiting in front of their house.

The drive wasn't long to the airport, which helped to make up the little time that they had fallen behind on as they loaded up the taxis at the house. To help even more, Joey and his group were already at the airport when Jacob and his group arrived. They were standing on the curb and helped them unload their luggage once the taxis drove up and stopped.

Since El Paso International Airport wasn't as huge an airport like Dallas or Chicago, the curbside baggage check counters were closed due to the early morning hours. There weren't many planes leaving at two in morning. It didn't make much difference. With the odd hour there were no lines at the inside counters. The boys flew right through turning in their bags and heading up to their departure lounge. They pretty much had the airport to themselves.

Not having the issues that most travelers have checking in at an airport, when Jacob and the guys got to their waiting area, they had over an hour before their flight was due to be called. To make things a little worse for them, none of the stores were open at that time in the morning leaving them only a couple of things to do during their hour wait. They could just sit there in silence and stare out the window at the tarmac or they could talk to each other. Before they knew it, the hour flew by and their flight was called.

Several of the guys jumped up and ran to the ticket counter before Jacob or any of the others that knew the process could stop them. They got turned away from the counters immediately when they handed the flight attendants their tickets. They were loading first class, not their seats, and even when their row is called out, they load in order of seat number, leaving them in middle.

All of them were anxious to get to Disneyland and were almost jumping out of their shoes, but they patiently waited their turn. When their seat numbers were called out, they almost trampled each other on their way to the ticket counter. No one fell or got hurt, and everyone got through without being asked for additional information or documentation, even Alex.

During the walk down the long tunnel leading into the aircraft, Jacob couldn't help but think to himself how much things were different on this trip, yet, at the same time, the same. There were new guys on this trip than were on the trip they took almost a couple years ago to Disney World, but almost everyone from that first trip was on this one as well. However, there were big differences with the old group on this trip from the last.

Put aside that they were almost a couple years older than they were the last time they took a trip like this together. Also put aside all of them in their own little way have gone through their own personal hell in the last couple of years that has changed their lives forever. There are other subtle differences and major ones between those in the old group on this trip.

The major differences are plain to see, the couples. Jacob and Joey aren't together and they have new partners. Many thought that these two, two years ago, were going to pass the test of time, but now they aren't together anymore. Even though the last trip they were in the midst of one of their bigger fights working to get back together again, they all still thought they were going to make this time.

Also David is not with them on this trip, which many from the original group were saddened by. However, they understood why and wanted it that way. None of them wanted Tom to be alone in a city that he didn't know and in a place that he will be going through hell relearning how to walk again. Even though they wanted them on this trip, they also wanted Tom walking again more than anything else.

Some of them were thinking of the differences, but some of them weren't. Those that were, quickly pushed away the negative thoughts because they knew there was no use rehashing things that couldn't be changed. Instead, they decided to turn their attention to having the time of their lives on this trip.

As the plane made the climb above the skyline of El Paso, everyone looked out the nearest window to them. Some of them whispered to the ones next to them, while others talked loud enough for everyone to hear. They were so excited at beginning their Spring Break they didn't care what others thought of them and what they were saying that weren't part of their group.

It didn't take long for them to settle down into their seats and eventually fall asleep. Before they knew it, they were landing in Dallas where they were going to catch their final flight taking them to southern California. It took them a few minutes to fully wake up when they got off the plane in Dallas, but once they did, no one could settle them down.

Most of them toured the Dallas airport to pass the hour and half layover they had. Those that didn't sat at the gate where they were going to catch their next flight. Jacob and Joey were among the ones that stayed back at the gate, along with Dewayne and Caleb. The main reason Jacob and Joey stayed back was because they had already toured the Dallas airport the last time they came through. They knew all the stores would be closed, so they didn't want to aimlessly wander around the airport with no real purpose.


Caleb was the one that broke the silence. "I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to get Disneyland!" Caleb said with so much excitement in his voice that he almost fell out of his seat. "Do you think when we get there we can actually go to one of the parks like Magic Kingdom?"


Joey smiled at his boyfriend. "Who knows? I guess we will see when we get there!"


"Yeah we will have to see when we get there." Jacob jumped in. "Most of the guys might actually want to head straight to the rooms and get a couple hours of sleep in before doing anything else." That got everyone sitting there to laugh. "No, I think they will ignore the fact that they are dead on their feet and want to start having fun."


"That's no lie Jake!" Joey said between laughs. "You remember when we went to Disney World, we left about the same time and got there in the early morning hours. The minute we got off the plane we did go to our rooms, but to just shower, change and leave our luggage. We wanted to get out there and just have fun. We didn't feel tired until we got back to our rooms late that night, but boy when it hit us that night, it hit us. We were all out like a light until the alarm clock woke us up the next morning."


Jacob started laughing as images of the last trip started to flood back into his mind. The trip didn't start out with a bang since he and Joey were still working to patch things back together, but when it was all over, they had the time of their lives. It will be hard for any trip to measure up to that one, but all of them that went the last time plan to test that theory.


"You're right as always Joey, you're right!" Jacob spoke as he laughed. "That was one hell of a week. When we got back home, we needed a vacation after our vacation." Joey agreed. "If this holiday is anything like that last one, we'd better be prepared when we return to take a vacation from the one that we just got back from."


Dewayne and Caleb jumped into the conversation and agreed with Jacob. They are the odd men out when it comes down to the subject of the Disney World vacation. However that doesn't mean they can't speak on the subject. They have taken vacations before in the past with their family and friends, and when they returned they were more tired than when they left.


"Well I know you guys have awesome memories from the trip to Disney World, but this trip will blow that trip out of the water!" Dewayne said with a smile as he took Jacob's hand. "Even though they say Disneyland is smaller than Disney World, we are going to have more fun and do a shit-load more things this time around." Joey looked at Dewayne as if he was out of his mind. "I see you don't believe me, but wait and see. I'll prove it to you!"


Jacob leaned over and started kiss up the side of Dewayne's face. He didn't stop until he reached the hair line just below his ear. "You don't need to prove crap to no one..." He whispered in Dewayne's ear. "I don't give a damn if we are vacationing in a dumpster, as long as you and I are together that's all that matters to me. I love you! Those words or any for that fact could be said on how much I love you. So please..."


Dewayne turned and stopped Jacob in mid whisper by kissing him full on his lips. Joey and Caleb could only look on when it first happened, but quickly turned their faces to give them a little privacy, which didn't last long. Several of the guys that went touring the airport walked up and about ten feet behind them was the rest of the group.


Nothing was said when they saw Jacob and Dewayne kissing and in each other's arms because it was a sight that has become a normal one for them to see. When Jacob heard the guys talking behind him and Dewayne, he reluctantly broke the kiss and turned his attention to them. He was trying to think of somewhere to send them in the airport that they would like, but nothing came to mind. It was too early and simply nothing was open except a few eating joints.


For the remainder of their layover, they talked about the very first thing they were going to do when they got to Disneyland. Pretty much they all agreed on which part they wanted to visit first, which made Jacob and Joey happy. By them agreeing on where they wanted to go, neither one had to step in and be the bad guy to make the final decision.


The flight to California was the longer of the two. Once they were in the air at cruising altitude, almost everyone in Jacob and Joey's group had fallen asleep, except for Jacob and Joey. Both of them were worried about what was going to be waiting for them when they got home with their fresh new ventures they were getting into.


Jacob was surprised that Alex and Matt weren't awake along with with him and Joey. Those two just made the biggest purchase in their lives to date, but were sound asleep, which made Jacob feel good. Even though they had just bought a building with a vending company operating in the red, they were able to leave that baggage back in El Paso. Jacob knew he needed do the same thing and decided right there and then that he was going to leave his baggage back home and enjoy this vacation with Dewayne and his friends.


"Hey Jake are you awake?" Joey leaned over the isle whispering as he gently shook Jacob's shoulder. When Jacob turned and nodded, Joey leaned over even further. "I really hope I didn't upset Dewayne back in Dallas. What I said back there wasn't said in malice. I just..."


"I know and he knows you weren't poking at him or trying to start a fight." Jacob leaned over meeting Joey halfway whispering. "He knows you and I have history. Hell we have a lot of history that no one can wish away. So there will be times we as a group are going to be doing something that we've done before Dewayne and I were together. Not only he knows that, but he is completely cool about it all."


Jacob felt he was repeating himself, but he wanted to put Joey's mind at ease that he didn't cause any friction between him and Dewayne or anger Dewayne in anyway. They haven't been together for a long time yet, but Jacob has told Dewayne everything about him and Joey, leaving nothing out of the friendship, relationship and everything in-between him and his past lover.


"Cool I just thought I might have spoken out of turn." Even though the cabin was pretty dark, Jacob was able to see Joey smiling by the white of his teeth. "Now that somehow we have been able to piece together a friendship, I don't want to hurt it in anyway. That day when I destroyed everything between us, all I wanted was you back. I knew there was no way we would ever be able to be in relationship again, but I had hoped for what we have now."


"Look, I know I never showed my emotions when we were together and even more so now, but I'm glad also glad we are now friends. Just like you just said! I knew we would never be able to get over everything that happened that day that broke us apart and rekindle what we had, but I wished, just like you, for a friendship, which we have now. So don't worry about saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. If you step over the line, trust me, I'll let you know and I hope you'll let me know if I ever step over the line with you."


Joey nodded his head as he settled back into his seat. Although he told Jacob if they ever talked again after their break up, he only wanted a friendship, he was lying. That day when he and the guys walked into his hospital room after he was pulled out of the brain washing camp, he wanted a lot more with Jacob than a friendship. That made him feel like crap then and more so now that want has grown stronger since he has moved back to El Paso and is with Caleb.


After he and Joey talked and sat back in their seats, Jacob drifted off to sleep. He didn't wake up again until he heard the flight attendants voice over the intercom of the plane and the movement of Dewayne in his seat next to him. Wanting Dewayne's face to be the first face he saw when he woke up, he turned to his left and found his boyfriend staring back at him. As he leaned over, Jacob started to pull Dewayne into him and didn't stop until their lips touched. Not wanting to break the kiss, they held until they had no choice but to break it.


Due to their refusal to break their kiss, Jacob and Dewayne were the last to exit off the plane. After pulling their carryon luggage from the overhead bins, they started their way off the plane. When they reached the tunnel that led to airport, Jacob couldn't believe his eyes as he looked out the small square windows as he passed them.


LAX airport is so huge was the thought which kept crossing Jacob's mind. The only other airports he has seen come close to this size was the one in Dallas and the one at Disney World. The one back home had nothing on this airport. The El Paso International Airport could be placed inside LAX and still not even impede the flow of traffic that goes on in it on a daily basis.


Snapping out of his thoughts when he got to the exit of the tunnel, the entrance to the airport, Jacob looked around for the others. Immediately he found them all standing off to the side with the same stunned look on their faces as they looked around. Not wanting to look like a fish out of water, Jacob tried to hide the dumbfounded look, but was unsuccessful. When he realized he wasn't fooling the guys, he joined them in awe of the place as they made their way through to get their luggage and then catch their taxis to the hotel.


Unlike back home and in Dallas, LAX was alive with people rushing from one place to another. Since none of them has ever been to LAX, they got lost several times trying to get to where they needed to get their luggage. When they finally did find the baggage carousel not only was their luggage the only baggage still there, but they were more lost than when they first got off the plane. None of them had any idea how to find the exit of the airport.


Being the one that put this vacation together, Jacob felt he was responsible for everyone. On top of that, he knew if he didn't get his older brother Jeremy out of this crowd and soon, he was going to have a whole set of new problems on his hands that he didn't want. Jeremy was already getting agitated and about to lose it and everyone saw it in his face.


Thinking quickly on his feet, Jacob started to look around for a map of the airport and found one on the far wall from them. He put down his luggage and quickly made his way over to it to see exactly where they were. Doing a quick scan of the map, he not only figured out where they were, but was able to find their way out of the airport. The only thing Jacob saw that could get them lost again is if somehow they get turned around in the huge airport.


However, all the worries Jacob had about his older brother went away when he got back to the group. Alex has a way with Jeremy that no one outside Jacob and his grandfather have. While he was looking over the map, Alex was able to settle him down to the point that he wasn't about to lose it. Now they will be able to get through the airport without any worries that Jeremy was going to lose it and that other people that might be in the area would get hurt.


That concern got replaced with another though. Alex wasn't in his wheelchair anymore. He had gotten up and was now leaning on crutches beside Jeremy. Jacob wasn't sure if this was a good or a bad thing. The little bit that he knew about Alex's injuries, it was too soon for him to be standing and using crutches. Jacob thought it was worse being in a crowded airport that they had never been in or had any idea how to get through! There was no doubt in Jacob's mind if Alex didn't use his wheelchair, he would get hurt or at least be in a lot of pain by the time they got to their taxis.


He tried to talk his friend into using his wheelchair, but he quickly came to the conclusion that he was wasting his breath. Matt, Alex's little brothers and Franseca weren't able to talk Alex back into using his wheelchair so Jacob knew he had no chance. Seeing that his friend was as hard headed as he was, he surrendered and rejoined Dewayne to begin their way out of the airport.


As they made their way out, everyone was astonished by what they were seeing. This wasn't just an airport, it was a mini-city. From the shopping center to the food court a person could actually live in this airport and not go without. The only bad part of that is a person has to spend two to three times the amount on an item than they would normally spend in a store or the exact same restaurant outside the airport.


Since they were in no big hurry to get to the hotel, they stopped in as many stores as they could on the way out. With the prices being what they were, they didn't buy much, mainly small items like key chains, caps or shot glasses that had the LAX or Disneyland logos on them. Even those small items were marked up so high that between all the guys buying one or two of them, they spent over a hundred dollars by the time they made it to their taxis.


The entire way to their hotel, everyone was glued to a window. None of them wanted to miss a thing. They were all in awe at the size of the city and everything that was in it. Just like Dallas, Los Angles was so different from El Paso. The sky scrapers alone had the guys amazed at the place, then the sizes of the two cities. Let's just say even though they were in stunned at the size of everything, they didn't want to move to either of the two cities for fear of getting lost in them within seconds trying to get from one point to another.


Then when they pulled up to their hotel, they were again completely awestruck. Jacob went back and forth on which hotel he wanted to use when he started putting this trip together. The only thing that was written in stone was he wanted a hotel in Disneyland, not an outside hotel. It took him several weeks to bring his list down to two hotels, and another week to decide between them. He finally decided on Disneyland Hotel.


It was close between Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, but the latter wouldn't let him rent out an entire floor. Due to security for himself and eventually for the Governor's family, they needed an entire floor so their security wouldn't get in the way of the other guests. Plus he didn't want to be going between floors to get everyone together whenever it was time to leave for the day's events.


No surprise to Jacob, the hotel was everything it was advertised to be. As they got out of their taxis, they froze looking up at the huge, shiny hotel before them. It was pure glass, at least most of it was. The parts that weren't, were concrete, but it wasn't much concrete. The architecture was totally different than buildings back home. The entrance to the hotel had huge marble beams coming down, with fountains on the right and palm trees all the way around, plus round holes in the roof that looked like lights with water in them. It was a sight they weren't used to seeing.


When they finally got feeling back in their legs and started to move, they were left speechless by what they were looking at. The lobby put Joey's hotel's lobby to shame, but why shouldn't it? Joey's hotel wasn't formatted as an arrival experience for guests any longer, so he didn't put money into it, unlike this hotel has. By the looks of it they didn't spare a penny when it came down to the lobby.


Since there was no need for everyone to be in the line to get the room keys at the same time, everyone except Jacob, Joey and Alex stood back and started to explore the place. Between Pinocchio's Workshop, the huge Disney Gallery and everything in-between the guys didn't have enough time in each area. They just popped their heads in and took mental notes or told each other they had to make sure they came back and visited it again before they left next Sunday.


As the guys explored, Jacob, Joey and Alex were assessing the line. They didn't have to wait too long. It was running at a steady pace and before they knew it, they were next in line. When they were called up, the young lady behind the counter was really nice and courteous, but once she popped Jacob's name into the computer it was like they won the lottery.


Her voice got even more high pitch as she called over the manager. Immediately when he walked up, she pointed to her screen as she whispered in his ear. Within seconds, he was around the counter shaking Jacob's hand then Joey and Alex's. Not even a few minutes after that, ten staff members walked up and stood in a single line before the guys.


"The Disney Hotel and staff are honored that you chose to stay with us when we know you had a lot of other hotels to choose from." The manager had a huge smile on his face as he talked. "We have been preparing for your arrival, and hopefully we have everything to your liking. These staff members are assigned to your floor. I understand that they have been cleared by your security and by Governor Lopez's people as well."


Jacob looked over the staff members that were standing before him. There were a couple of hot guys among them, but in his mind not as hot as Dewayne. "Thank you sir, you didn't have to go to so much trouble." Jacob turned his attention away from the staff and back over to the manager. "More than likely we won't be spending a lot of time here during our stay."


"No matter how much time you and your family spend in the hotel, the staff here and anywhere else in the hotel are at your service. These ten will be on your floor during the day, and at night there will be five staff members that have also been cleared by security who will be able to handle any request or need that you, your family and Governor Lopez's family might have."


By the look on the manager's face and the tone of his voice there was no talking him out of the staff he has put together. Jacob thought it was too much, but caved in and stopped trying to talk him out of giving him the staff. Not only did he think it was too much, he felt that the staff members were just going to be sitting around most of the time when they could be used somewhere else in hotel. Now he knows how it feels to have the red carpet rolled out for him, his family and friends that is normally reserved for Hollywood types, politicians, and people like that.


"If you and your party are ready, I would like to take you up to your rooms." The manager looked back and forth from Jacob to Joey. "Don't worry about your luggage my staff will take care of it for you." The manager nodded at the staff members who were standing in a straight line. "So please follow me to the elevators and I will take you up to your rooms."


Jacob picked up the bag he carried on to the plane before looking around for the others. At first he didn't see any of them, but as they started to make their way to the banks of elevators. He spotted them coming towards him. They didn't see Jacob, Joey and Alex at first through the crowd, but as they got closer, they spotted Jacob waving at them to come on over.


Without hesitation, they moved quickly through the crowd and reached Jacob just as the elevator door opened. Not saying a word, they all crowded into the elevator and stood in silence as they made their way to the tenth floor. Once the door opened though, the peace and quiet was replaced with sounds from the guys. They knew their hotel was going to be nice, but never in their wildest dreams did they think it was going to be this nice.


Then they got a surprise they didn't think was going to happen when they walked off the elevator. They were greeted with the entire cast of characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and their friends Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Daisy Duck. The minute they stepped off the elevator, the characters surrounded them and in their character they began to chat with them. No matter the age, it not only put a smile on their face, it also got them to laugh.


As they made their way down the hallway, more of the characters appeared. By the time they reached the first room, characters that the guys had forgot about joined them, Scrooge McDuck, Louie, Huey, Dewey, Chip and Dale. Each of them were in character and made the guys laugh, making them feel alive, even though they hadn't gotten any real sleep in twenty four hours.


"Mr. Hernandez, each room..." Jacob interrupted the manager and asked him to not call him by his last name. "Okay, Jacob, the majority of the rooms on this floor have two queen size beds. The others have a king, which means you can only sleep a couple or one person. Since you have rented out the entire floor, there is no need for us to know who is in which room. You can assign the rooms as you wish, just put the allowed amount in each room."


Jacob nodded as he walked into the room the manager opened. This particular room was one with two queen size beds, but you could mistake them for king-size, they looked that huge. Above the beds was a painting of Disney World with fireworks going off. A night stand separating the beds, a couch on one side, and right across from that couch was another couch. Directly across the beds, in the middle was the T.V. built into the wall and right below it was a desk. Directly across from them, on the other side of the room was the bathroom which was another room entirely with his-and-her sinks (or his-and-his. ED) , a huge mirror above it and huge Mickey Mouse hands on each side holding the lights. The tub and shower could fit two comfortably without question, given some of the guys ideas of what to do with their alone time.


Just like Jacob, the others were awed by how nice the room was. Those that didn't go to Disney World with Jacob had never seen a room this nice before. Some of them tested out the beds, turned on the T.V., while others walked over to the huge window that gave them an awesome view of Disneyland. From where they were, they were able to see where they wanted to go first after they all had a chance to shower and change.


The manager patiently waited for Jacob and the others to look around the room he had just opened, but he didn't have all day. Not meaning to, his face showed his frustration as the minutes ticked away. It looked to him that none of them was going to be ready to move on any time soon and to make matters worse, Jacob picked up on it. He tapped Dewayne on the shoulder, tilt his head towards the manager to see if he was misreading his facial expression. Immediately Dewayne saw what Jacob picked up on and confirmed it to him.


"Well I know you're a very busy man, so why don't you just hand me over the key cards to the other rooms so you can get back to what you were doing before we arrived." Jacob said in a low voice as he walked over to the manager. "I can take it from here and as you can see it doesn't look like we are going to move out of this room any time soon."


"No sir I'm okay here." The manager realized that somehow he gave away his frustration. He didn't mean to and knew if he didn't fix this he might be eating crow. "Take all the time you need. My staff and I are here to serve you no matter what."


Jacob didn't buy what the manager just said, but his facial expression did change from frustration to worry. Not wanting to have the manager worry, he gave it another shot to let him know he didn't have to stick around, but the manager polity refused. Seeing that the manager was as determined as he was, Jacob gave in, but moved it along.


The manager walked Jacob and the others down the hall and showed them each room as they passed them. There were only minor differences between the first room and the rest of them on the floor. The view for one was different and the others were as subtle. Besides the size of the beds, queens and kings, the carpet color or the paintings in the room were different. Several of the rooms had adjoining doors and others could actually fit up to five people in them.


When they finally reached the end of the hall, the manager took his leave, along with the characters. Leaving only the ten staff members that were introduced to Jacob in the lobby holding their luggage. Jacob didn't want to keep them either, and he knew the guys were anxious to get out to start their vacation. So he quickly assigned rooms to each of them, leaving almost one side of the hall empty for Josh and his group to use when they arrive at the end of the week.


"Okay guys do whatever you need to do to refresh yourselves and meet back here in the hallway in an hour." Jacob yelled out to the guys as they grabbed their luggage from the staff member that was holding it. "If you find that you're too tired to go out, please come on over to Dewayne's and my room and let me know so we're not waiting on you."


All at once the guys said in one way or another that wasn't going to happen as they walked into their rooms, making Jacob laugh. He turned around and joined Dewayne in his room with only one thing on his mind, but he held back. Wanting their first time making love here in Disneyland to be special and long, he pushed his lust deep back down inside and joined him the bathroom to take a quick shower.


While Jacob and the guys were getting ready to head back out, back in El Paso Ralph was stumbling into the living room. He didn't get any sleep once he returned home with his mother and sister, but he wasn't the only one. Emily was unable to get any sleep as well. The only one out of three that did get some was Dian. No one felt it was wrong that she was able to fall asleep when they got home. She was still too young to really understand what was happening in her family. All she knew was something bad happened to her dad.


Ralph being half asleep, didn't notice his mother had company when he stumbled into the living room until it was too late. He already had taken a seat and was reaching out to the coffee table to get the remote to the T.V. when he saw his birth mother Nancy sitting across from him. It was as if he saw a ghost when he finally realized that Nancy was there because he almost hit the roof when he jumped out of his seat.


"Oh I'm sorry Ralph; I didn't mean to scare you!" Nancy said as she got up from her seat and made her way to her son to make sure he was okay. "I wanted to see how you, Dian and Emily were doing. It can't be easy after all that you guys have been through this last week. No one thought it was going to end up the way it did with Daryl."


"It's okay, I'm fine!" Ralph spoke in his soft voice as he tried to convey to both of his mothers with a reassuring look, but was failing miserably. "Really, I'm fine! I know it may not seem that way, but I am. The one that we all should be worried about is Dian."


"Son we are, trust me we are!" Emily spoke for the first time since Ralph entered the room. "She worries me just as much as you do. Your wellbeing has been the main topic of our conversation since Nancy arrived." Emily pointed back and forth from her and Nancy. "I know you say you're fine and I want to believe that, but that isn't what your face is telling me."


"What the hell do you mean my face is telling you? That doesn't make any sense at all!" Ralph quickly jumped to the offensive. "You don't know how I am feeling right now and don't try and sit there and pretend that you do. One minute dad was sitting right there where you're right now talking to me and then the next minute he was fighting for his life. Less than a week later he passed away. That just shouldn't have happened! Not a healthy man like he was."


"You're right son. That shouldn't have happened to him. I don't understand it myself and I won't try to pretend that I do. Just like you, I'm just as confused and angry by what happened to your father. It shouldn't have happened, but it did, but I believe that we will never get answers to most of the questions we have right now. So the only choice we have is to live like your dad would want us to live, not being angry and pissed off at the world."


"I never really had the chance to get to know Daryl, but the time I have been sitting here with Emily I got a pretty good idea of the kind of man he was." Nancy jumped in to try and calm the waters. "He was almost like your father Ralph. He was a man in love with life and all he wanted was for his kids to have everything they wanted and to live happy, with love in their lives, to be successful and be more than he ever was.


He never wanted you to be angry and hateful. He for sure didn't want you to be yelling at Emily here about something she had no control over." Nancy could see she was getting through to her son by the way he was starting to let his guard down and relaxing back into his seat. "You had no control over it either Ralph. So don't for a second think that you could have done anything differently to change the outcome of what happened. Don't you dare blame yourself for what happened in here that day between you two.


No matter if you knew that Daryl was going to get sick that day, you wouldn't have been able to stop it. I know this part may sound wrong, but I truly believe it. God has a reason for what happens to each of us. No matter what we try to do to keep death away, if God is calling you home, you will go home. That is where he is now, in peace, out of pain in Heaven."


Ralph knew everything that both of his mothers were saying was right. He didn't want his dad to be still here on earth in pain. No one deserves to live like that. At the same time, he would give anything to have his dad back, but the way he was before that ugly day. Or at least close to that, but not the way he was in that hospital bed, a vegetable.


He was lost in his thoughts until he heard his mother say Disneyland. He snapped out of it and asked his mother to repeat what she had just said. "Okay, Nancy and I feel that you should go and spend your Spring Break with your friends at Disneyland like you were planning. That is what your father would have wanted. He was actually excited for you when you asked us to go with your friends. All he wanted and finally was getting was for you to have a life outside the house. We all want you to have friends to hang out with and do things with."


"Come on mom, dad just passed away. It wouldn't be right for me to just take off and leave you and Dian here to fend on your own. If there was ever a time that we all need to be together is now, these next couple of days getting ready for dads funeral."


"No you're wrong son and I know if you let yourself think about what you just said you will see that you're wrong. The funeral isn't yours or your sister's job. Its mine! Your job is to yes, mourn for your father, but at the same time respect his wishes. He wants you guys to have a life that you will never look back on and wish you did something differently like he did. If you rob yourself of being a teenager now, you will regret it for the rest of your life."


"Mom you and Dian can't be left alone to deal with dad's funeral. And even if you can, there is no way I can be back in time for it. So no, I'm staying and there is nothing else you can say to get me to change my mind so stop trying to."


Emily could see she wasn't getting through to her son. In fact, she could see that she was making him angry, something she didn't set out to do. However, she wasn't about to give in so easily. Her son can't stay here for the next week because she knew all he was going to do if he did was mope around like he has been doing since his dad went into the hospital.


"Ralph before you came downstairs; I was at the funeral home making your father's arrangements. I found out that your father had already paid for everything, which stunned me. He bought a plot for him and me and what he wanted when this day came. He didn't want his body put out on display. He wants to be cremated and then for us to have the Rosary, the church service and then straight into the ground. Nothing fancy!


Since those are his wishes, I'm going to respect them. It is going to take at least a week and half before we can schedule the visitation, the Rosary and then the church. Something about the medical examiner and him needing to sign off on the cause of death that takes time and then getting him to Las Cruces to be cremated. Between the two it will take at least that week and half I mentioned earlier. So there is no need for all of us to be sitting around here doing nothing."


Not liking it, but agreeing with his mother, Ralph began to see where she was coming from. At the same time he didn't feel right to take off on his family. He wanted to be there even if all they were going to do for the next week was sit around doing nothing. Right now he felt they needed each other more than ever before.


"Mom I see where you're coming from, but..." Emily cut Ralph off. "I don't want to hear any more about it, damn it! Your father wanted you to go on the trip you're skipping out of right now because of what happened to him. He felt guilty that you lost years of your childhood. The day you came to us to inform us that you decided to go back to high school, he loved that you decided to try and get back some of the years that were stolen from you.


Your sister won't go through what you went through, thank God." Emily stood up and walked over to the window that faced the street. "Please Ralph don't let your father down. He wants you to be all you want to be. By taking back what was stolen from you, he and I felt was a great start. Don't take several steps back now because I promise you if you do this you will regret it. Not today, not tomorrow and maybe not in months, but eventually you will."


"The thing you don't seem understand is I won't leave you and my sister when you guys need me the most for anything." Ralph jumped up from his seat. "Even if you don't think so, the family will think I'm a spoiled little kid that went off to party with my friends instead of being home with my family. I won't have that. I'm not a spoiled little kid and I won't let anyone..."


"What, you won't let anyone talk about you?" Not meaning to, Emily started to yell as she turned to look her son in the eye. "Who cares what the family says about you? Who in the hell cares what anyone says about you? If you allow what others think about you and the decisions you make, son you're in for a very rough life. Never and I mean never will you make a decision that will make everyone happy. You need to learn that now so you don't make the mistakes your father and I have, always wanting others approval for what we want to do."


Before Emily could say another word, Ralph stormed out of the living room and out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Emily wanted to run after him, but Nancy stopped her explaining that he needed to come to his own decision on what he is going to do. If they kept trying to force him to do what was obvious at that moment he didn't want to do, he will go against it if not for just pride alone.


Reluctantly Emily agreed and stared out of the living room window at her son running down the street. He had no idea what he was doing. All he knew was he needed a person he trusted with his deepest and most private problems. So his body was on auto pilot and before he knew it, he was on Ethan's door step ringing the doorbell like a mad man.


When Ethan opened the door and saw someone on his doorstep that resembled his boyfriend, he was stunned. He knew what was going on in Ralph's life, but he had no idea that he was taking it so bad that now he looks like a shell of the man he used to be. He always believed that nothing would ever be able to break his boyfriend, at least until now.






{Welcome back one and all to another exciting chapter of `Jacob Finding His Way". I wanted to do a lot more in this chapter than I did, but as I wrote out the chapter I felt I owed it to my readers a well written chapter that begins their Disney vacation. This chapter was used to set up their Spring Break and now from this point forward it is going to be exciting, not drowned with so much detail about where they are. However, the chapter did have fireworks! I hope I was able to balance it out enough that you guys didn't tune out somewhere in the middle of this chapter.


Anyway enough of that, let's get to what this corner is all about, the summation of the chapter. Since it didn't cover a lot of days, only one, this corner should be short, but who knows I might get on my soap box, LOL.


It started where I left off in the last installment of this saga, at the hospital with Ralph, Emily and his sister at the bed side of Daryl. Again as I stated in the last chapter writer's corner that event actually happened in my recent life. So how I wrote out what happened after Daryl passed away actually did unfold the way I wrote in this chapter.


It took a little while for Ralph and the others get their feet back under them. When they did, they were faced with decisions that they had to make immediately. Since they were new in town, they needed to get more information on the funeral homes in town. So they joined the rest of the family and they discussed everything down in the cafeteria. After going back and forth, they came to decision on which funeral home to use. The one they chose actually is real and was used not only for my mother, but the woman that held a special spot in my heart that passed away almost two months after my mom did. It was once again a hard thing to write about, but once I did, I felt a little bit better afterwards.


After they decided which funeral home to use, they headed back up to the ICU to let the charge nurse know their decision. That night I can remember because I was there for my friend on August the sixth last year when he had to make that decision. They didn't move the body until that decision was made. Once it was, just like my friend and I did with his mother, Ralph, Emily and Dian said their final goodbyes to Daryl before leaving the ICU.


From there I headed over to Jacob and the guys in hopes to lighten the mood of the chapter. They were getting up to head to the airport to start their Spring Break at Disneyland. It took a few minutes to get everyone up and out the door, but not only did they do it, but when they got to the airport they had time to spare.


The flight wasn't long and most of them slept through it. Jacob, Joey, Dewayne and Caleb had a little talk on their layover in Dallas. I don't believe Joey was trying to make trouble between Jacob and Dewayne, but still I liked how Jacob handled the situation. He did it so slyly that he didn't offend anyone and he showed the deep love he has for Dewayne.


Now how Joey and his group got to the airport and other things between those characters you can catch in `Regrets and Heartaches'. Also a couple of plots were opened in this chapter but will finish in `Beneath the Mask'. So you guys can't miss the next installments of those stories because if you do, you won't get the conclusion on some of the plots.


Back to this story, when they finally did make it to LA and their hotel, they were all stunned, or at least some of them were. Jacob felt out of place with how he and the others were being treated. The red carpet was rolled out for them, something that has never happened to him. He has gotten so used to having to fight for everything, but not on this trip so far.


The ending, well what can I say about it but me being a total jerk with the cliffhanger again. I see where Emily is coming from and at the same time I see where Ralph is coming from. I just hope that Ethan is able to help him come to the right decision, which I hope it is to join the others down in Disneyland. However, you guys know me; I can take this so many different directions. Tune in to the next installment of this saga and my others for all the answers to all the open questions. Trust me you guys won't regret it at all.


It really feels like I'm leaving a lot out in my writer's corner. If I have Daddy Rick will put it in his editor's corner. I know at times the chapters I write slow down and only cover a day or two, and I'm thankful you guys stick with the stories. The only reason that happens is because there is so much going on in the story and I have no other choice but to do that. But whenever I can, I will speed up the timeline and cover a lot more time.

As always I can go on and on about the open plots in the story! If I do that, I can actually write several more chapters. So many plots can take a turn at any time. You might think it is going to go one way, but is lands up going another. Do not miss anything, or you will be kicking yourself for it.

There is a so much to answer in the chapters to come. Stick around and keep reading the future chapters, and enjoy! Please email me and let me know how I am doing at jacobmillertex@aol.com, Thanks!}


There's not a whole lot I can really comment on in this chapter. I'm glad we finally got to Spring Break and the Disney Land trip.

I think that Tom and David are being a bit overly emotional about Tom's parents departing back for El Paso. I can see where there might be some momentary angst, but, in the overall scope of things, this is Tom's "thing" to do and he has David by his side. It's not that Tom's parents don't matter. It's not that family isn't important. It is about a committed couple facing the challenges life dishes out. This is just a precursor to heading off to college and then, after college, making it on their own. The idea of being a couple is that each partner is there to run defense should the other run into a problem. It's a team thing. David started to put the proper focus on it; that he is there for Tom and that together, they will make it through and past this challenge. It's time to grow up and grow together as a couple. Yes, it's a bit early for them, but the fates have moved the clock up a bit.

A loved one's passing is never anything short of traumatic. It didn't help that Daryl's passing was completely unexpected and that Emily, as his wife, was totally blindsided. This isn't a rare thing when a person passes earlier in life and it is unexpected. There just doesn't seem to be a need to discuss final wishes and arrangements. To Daryl's credit, he had it all handled. It is a bit odd that Emily wasn't in the loop on this, however. Usually couples decide these things together.

Ralph is in a dark place right now. He's got a lot of conflict that was going prior to his dad's taking ill; matters that were unresolved in his mind. Now, add Daryl's unexpected death, it makes the emotional unrest all the worse. I respect Ralph for standing up to his perceived duty to his adopted mom and his sister. That is very commendable. Emily and Nancy have solid points regarding Daryl's thinking regarding Ralph and the fact that he can go to Disney Land and still be back in time for the actual funeral. Right now, Ralph isn't able to hear things that are opposed to his thinking. He's really done the right thing; extricate himself from the immediate problem and seek the counsel of a trusted person outside the immediate situation. I hope that Ethan can be who and what Ralph needs. If Ethan steps up and does what a partner does for his significant other in times of stress, it will go a long way to solidifying their budding relationship.

Now, I'm looking forward to the chapters of all the related stories and reading about the fun that Spring Break in California is going to provide.

Until Next Time,

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