Jacob's Life
Chapter 11
Written By: Justin Case
Edited By:   Ed
March 21, 2002
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The next few weeks seemed to fly by. I had healed from my injuries and returned back to school. Several kids asked me if it was true what they had heard about me, for the most part I just shrugged them off and said nothing. I guess I hoped it would all die down, as they certainly would find other things to interest their minds. I remember my first day back to school after the April vacation being in total fear. Luckily no physical threats came my way, and after a few days, except for the occasional insults it seemed everything was back to normal. Of course, the catcalls would always come from an anonymous source, somewhere out of a crowded room or hallway; I would hear a shout about me being a queer.

One day, about the middle of May, I was in the boys' room. I remember it was during my Art class, I had decided only to venture to the bathroom during class time, knowing they would be less crowded, bettering my odds for safety. I also felt the bathroom in the Art and Shop wing of Mayfield High was the safest, because it's removed from the rest of the school.

Usually on such occasions I would be alone in the bathroom. However this particular day as I was washing my hands, in walked my assailant. I felt my heart as it began to race in my chest, and fear seemed to envelop my body. I kept my eyes alert in case of another sudden violent attack from the oversized jock. I felt his cold hard stare on me as I tried to leave as casually as I could.

"Fucking faggot!" The words slid from his mouth and oozed with hatred.

I was trembling, I could feel my fingers shaking on the brushed chrome handle to the door as I pulled it towards me. I didn't look back to see his face, my biggest fear at that moment was that he would pull my body back into the room, and begin beating the shit out of me. I was in sheer terror as I walked through the door to the hallway. I walked back to the Art room as quickly as I could, the only sounds I heard were the echoes of my feet hitting on the tiled floor and my heart throbbing. I didn't feel safe again until I was back in the classroom.

I remember thinking to myself, if I had been caught making out with a girl or fingering one, I would be a hero of sorts. Instead, I was made to feel shame for my feelings and desires. The feelings and desires that I couldn't control, the ones that came naturally to me, my love for Champ and our expressions of that love were normal to us. At fourteen I was hopelessly in love with a twelve-year-old boy. I was so confused by it all, everything we're told said I was too young to know what love was, and loving another boy was a bad thing to do. But when I was with Champ it all felt so right.

It was a few days later, perhaps a week, when Champ told me with tears in his eyes his family was moving to Maine. The house the Morins had lived in, they had rented, the landlord wanted them out because of the fire. We found out a couple of days after the fire that it had been Gregory smoking in the garage that caused it. The Fire Marshal said a carelessly discarded cigarette probably had caused the blaze. Greg told Champ and me it was him that accidentally started the fire. Neither of us told the adults who had been smoking, nor did we tell anyone else. It didn't really matter who started it, the only thing that mattered was Champ was moving, and that seemed to rip me apart.

"When?" I asked him as we sat in his family room.

"When school gets out."

"We only have a few weeks until you're gone," I cried as I said it.

"I know, I hope it's after my birthday, I sure would like to be here when I turn thirteen, with all my friends. Oh, Jacob, what am I going to do? I've never even been to Maine. I won't know anyone, you won't be there."

As we sat on the couch together, I began to feel so alone. I wondered how I'd be able to survive without him. I thought about not having him to be with, not having him to talk to, but most of all I thought about how much I would miss his touch. We still had a few weeks, perhaps a month or so more of being together, I reasoned. I decided to cherish each and every minute we had left. I knew no matter how far he moved, we would never be apart forever. I knew one thing for certain; I would make sure Champ had the best birthday ever, before he moved away. I kept all these thoughts to myself, and looked him deeply in the eyes.

I wanted to hold him, I wanted to feel our bodies side by side, but we had no place to go. The whole Morin family was upstairs, and we couldn't chance being caught. I thought about how our times together were going to be over soon. I worried if when Champ moved, if he'd forget about me. I sat with him and wondered how we'd get to see each other, being so far away from one another.

"I wished we could go somewhere together," his sweet voice broke the silence.

"You mean like run away?"

"No, silly. I meant now, you know, and be alone." He winked at me as he hinted what he meant.

"Yeah, me too."

I leaned over and took his head into my hands and kissed him gently on the lips. I didn't want to stop, but knew I couldn't kiss him long for fear of being caught. I could smell his breath as I took my face away from his; it was clean and fresh. I felt my dick get hard in my pants and looked to see if his was too.

"We could go into the furnace room, no one ever goes in there," he reasoned with me.

"What if someone comes looking for us?"

"We'll tell them we were playing hide and seek."

I laughed as I said, "and we would be playing it too."

"Yeah, you can hide your dick in my mouth and I'll let you find mine," he mused.

A few minutes later we were alone in the furnace room, it was on the other side of the stairway and had a door which we closed. Champ had decided to turn off the light just in case anyone came. I guess he figured they wouldn't see us. I remember being totally excited by being in the pitch-black room with Champ, while other people were walking around upstairs.

I felt his body in the darkness as he hugged his little arms around my body. My cock was raging hard inside my loose fitting jeans and boxers. I felt his hand as it slipped below my waistband and grabbed for my penis. He wrapped his soft fleshy fingers around my cock and slowly pulled it up and down. I shoved my tongue deep into his mouth.

"Let's lie down on the floor, there's a piece of carpet over here," he said as he led me by the hand.

We were both lying down on our sides, facing each other. I kissed him again and again, as I ran my hand under his shirt and rubbed his smooth stomach and chest. Our kisses were long and passionate. He fumbled around a little with his right hand, I couldn't see him, but I knew he was struggling to undo my pants. Finally, he managed to get my belt undone, and my trousers opened so he had access to my cock. His hand felt so good as he rubbed my boner.

I slipped the hand I had under his shirt down his belly and under his waistband. I felt his little cock head all wet with pre-cum, as I brushed my hand against it. I used the juice in my hand as a lubricant as I jerked him lightly up and down. I pushed my hand down farther into his pants; I wanted to feel that place between his legs, under his balls and above his butt hole. That smooth part of his young body that hadn't grown any hair yet.

"Take my pants off, please, Jacob, I want to feel you on top of me."

I pulled my hand out from his pants and unbuckled his belt. Then I quickly unbuttoned his pants and placed both my hands on either side of his waist, he lifted himself off the floor a little and I slid his pants and underwear down his smooth hairless legs. I heard his little four-inch prick as it slapped against his belly after being caught in the waist of his boxers. I reached for his dick with my right hand, and pulled his ass closer towards me with my left hand. I felt him as he rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him. I wanted to pull my own pants down, but he didn't seem to want to wait.

He locked his lips on mine, as he hugged his arms around my body, and pumped his naked cock against the fabric of my pants. I could feel his hard little prick, as it rubbed against mine through my clothing. I pushed my pelvis up and down against his thrusts and heightened my excitement. I could feel my balls as they tensed with the impending orgasm. I was going to cum.

"Don't cum yet, Jacob. Let me know if you're going to," Champ whispered to me, as he stopped humping his body against mine.

"I'm close," I moaned quietly.

He pushed my body off of his, and I could tell he had sat up. I tried to picture him as I heard him taking his shirt off in the darkened room. I felt his nimble little fingers as they unbuttoned my shirt. My sensitive nipples brushed against the cotton when I raised my back off the floor so he could take the shirt off my body. I felt his hands on my skin as he slipped the pants down my legs; I lay on the floor naked next to him. Once we were both naked, he nestled his head into my neck and let his hands roam my body.

I held him tightly against me as I rubbed my pre-cum soaked dick against his. I loved the feeling of his little prick as he pumped it up and down against me. I wanted to have him in my mouth; I wanted to taste his clear boy juice. I hugged him tighter.

"I love you, Champ, I want to be your friend forever."

"I love you too, Jacob, and we will be friends forever."

He rolled around and pushed his face into my crotch. I felt his hands as he guided my cock into his mouth. His hot wet mouth sucked on my dick. I grabbed for his butt cheeks and pulled him closer to my mouth, so I could return the favor. I took his hard organ into my mouth and sucked it like it would be the last time.

I was nearing my climax again, he must have sensed it, because he moaned as if to say `go ahead'. I shoved my cock deeper into his mouth. I wanted to cum so bad. I felt his dick as it began to twitch against my tongue. Then I felt his stream of cum shoot into my mouth. I sucked on his prick until I knew he was spent. A few seconds or so later I felt my own cum as it rocketed into his mouth. Afterwards, we just lay on the piece of carpet for several minutes, locked together in an embrace where both our heads were at each other's cocks.


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